IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 – Now Available

We’re happy to announce the availability of a new beta of the IE Developer Toolbar. Along with all the features available previously this release contains some new features to improve the usability and help web designers troubleshoot issues on their pages.
User Interface Update. You’ll notice some changes to the user interface. There is now a single button On/Off Toggle Button for IE Command Bar on the IE command bar that allows the user to quickly toggle on and off the bottom panel which then gives easy access to all the features. After discussions with a number of web developers we decided that having the menus only available in the bottom panel made sense for most scenarios, so the toolbar at the top has been removed to avoid duplication of commands and the loss of screen real estate that entails. We’ve also slightly reorganized the menus for the panel to make it easier to find functionality.Developer Toolbar Menu

There is now quick access to the most commonly used features through toolbar buttons at the left for “Select Element by Click”, “Refresh”,  “Clear Browser Cache”  and “View Element Source” (a new feature we’ll get to shortly. “Select Element by Click” is possibly the most commonly used function allowing you to hover over the page and select an element and this was previously under a menu.

Style Tracer. A useful new feature is the style tracer which allows you to locate exactly where and in which style sheet a rule is set that is effecting a particular element. In the screenshot below you can see that we have selected an element and the current style of the element shows that the font size is 11px.

Developer Toolbar Style Trace

One of the challenges when troubleshooting web pages is finding exactly where in the style hierarchy that font size has been set. With this version of the IE Developer toolbar we can now right click on the current style being displayed and select “Trace Style” which will then bring up the window in the screenshot below with the source of the style sheet and highlighting the rule that is in this case specifying that TD elements have a font size of 11px.

Developer Toolbar Style Trace

You’ll also find an option off the View menu for “CSS Selector Matches”. This will result in a window appearing that reports on all the CSS rules defined along with how many times they have effect on the page. This can be useful if you wish to optimize your style sheets so that only the rules that are needed are actually defined. 

View Source. Another new feature is the ability to view the source of the original page, currently rendered version of the page or the selected element from the View menu. You can also choose to view the source of the selected element combined with the styles that currently are affecting it. In the screenshot below you can see that the source for the element we highlighted previously has been combined with the style rules that affect it so that you can save the source and recreate just that portion of the page.

Developer Toolbar View Source

You’ll see that the source in these windows is colored for the syntax. In the installation directory for the toolbar at Program FilesMicrosoftInternet Explorer Developer Toolbar you’ll find a vs_styles.css files where you can edit the values for the colors if you wish to adjust them.  

We appreciate feedback on this latest beta both here and on the wiki on channel 9. One issue we are aware of is that it is necessary to logoff and then logon on Windows Vista for the toolbar to become functional, we expect to address that in a future update.

There’s lots more we hope to provide for the developer toolbar in future versions and all your ideas are welcome.

Dave Massy
Senior Program Manager

Edit: January 12, 2007
We've just refreshed the download of the toolbar to address the issue some people were seeing where the Style Tracer was not working. If you have an earlier version installed, please uninstall and download the latest version. We really appreciate your feedback so far. Thanks - Dave

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  1. We just released beta 3 of the developer toolbar. Key changes are outlined in this post on the team blog

  2. wow wow wow says:

    Wow! someone pinch me.. view source in MSIE?!

    Late, but much appreciated!

  3. John says:

    Just a quick one. Does IE "mess" with the source code, or is that a pure copy of what was read in?

    Im asking because when I view the source of Channel 9, most of it is lower case tags, but the view source screen shot shows that 1999 looking UPPERCASE TAG SOUP that IE generates.

  4. Fernando Tubio says:

    Trace Style doesn’t appear to do anything on my installation unless I misunderstood how it is supposed to work. I first selected an element on a page with a pair of linked style sheets, then I clicked on a style attribute in the right side pane labeled ‘Current Style’ followed by ‘Trace Style’ from the context menu. Also, CSS Selector matches in the View menu doesn’t display any additional windows either. This is on IE6 by the way.

  5. Thanks Dave.  I know this is off-topic, but can you give me some idea when we’ll start hearing about the next version of IE?

  6. Jason Cox says:

    Any chance of a version for IE x64?

  7. Jason Grundy says:

    Great tool – finally bridging some of the gaps between what is available in IE and in the extensions that exist for Firefox. I agree with Fernando however about Trace Style from the Current Style pane and CSS Selector Matches from the View menu – they don’t appear to do anything.

  8. Domdom says:

    SInce I installed it I get plenty of errors like:

    Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method

    It appears to be on line 701 of a script (it fails when accessing the SetQuirksMode method in the ParseDoc function… I use final IE7.

  9. Jeffrey Zhao says:


  10. Vaughan says:

    I uninstalled beta 2 and installed beta 3, and now I get the error of "An unhandled exception (”selectorFactory’ is null or not an object’) occured in iexplore.exe [3272]. THis is from the JIT Debugger.

    I am running XP SP2, plus VS2002/2003/2005. Beta 2 works fine with no problems.


  11. Roman Rudenko says:

    First of all, please either make the installer remove previous versions of IE Developer Toolbar, or inform the users about the need to remove previous versions on the download page. Just running the installer left me with a Beta 2/3 mongrel that crashes on clicking any button. Uninstalling both and installing Beta 3 again fixed the issue, but the whole problem could be avoided if you either uninstalled old versions or told users to do that.

    Second, CSS selector matches does not seem to work on my machine (plain old XP SP2, IE6, no fancy stuff). It simply does nothing (other than removing the radio selection icon from View/Source menu items). I tested it on this very blog page by trying to find where is font size specified for comment bodies. By the way, it would be nice if you would allow one to see all the rulesets that apply to a single element. That way, one could see not just why something works, but also what rulesets be removed without modifying look of current element. FF DOM Inspector does have this feature, and it has been quite useful in the past.

    Finally, could you please rename the Outline/Positioned Objects submenu? First of all, saying "Elements" instead of "Objects" would be more consistent with standards and terminology that you already use. Second, floats (available as option inside that submenu) are not positioned. Positioned element = something with non-static position (per CSS spec). Saying "Out of Flow Elements" does not work either, as relatively positioned elements are in-flow. How about "Floated and Positioned Elements"? Yes, this is cumbersome, but more correct than current wording.

  12. Wictor Wilen says:

    The IEBlog announced that the IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 is available now. It contains some nice updates such as new interface with an icon in the command bar for easy access to the DOM Explorer and…

  13. The latest version of the developer toolbar is available here. I really like it a lot because it takes

  14. Shaun Newman says:

    Erm… Don’t suppose you could post some documentation on exactly how the Trace Style functionality should work? Like Fernando’s comment I too see nothing happening when I try the Trace Style functionality.  Tried on both IE6 on Win 2k3 and IE7 on XPSP2.

    Otherwise I think the New Beta is a big improvement.

    I installed straight over my previous Beta 2 installation without seeing any errors or issues on both platforms mentioned above.


  15. steve_web says:

    Although "you" may prefer to have only 1 icon for the dev tools, I don’t.  Exposing the whole tree view at the bottom messes with my viewed page size and kinda defeats the whole purpose of "inspecting" things.

    Please bring back an option to keep icons on the toolbar in the top chrome.

  16. Hans says:

    I don’t like  it that the toolbar at the top has been removed .

    90% of the time when i use the toolbar i just want to outline my divs or disable script or css.

    I need to click on a button on the top tollbar now, the big screen on the bottom opens, i select outline div, close the big bottom screen to see everything. Then i need the ruler and again i click on the button on the top tollbar, the big screen on the bottom opens, i select tools, show ruler, close the big bottom screen to see everything.

    It’s to much… please give the top menu back… I don’t like the only bottom option…

  17. steve_web says:

    Bugs/missing features:

    1.) John is right, unless you view the true source option, IE messes with the DOM, generating a whole WHACK OF UGLY TAGS.  All tags are forced uppercase, attributes appear to stay lower/untouched.  I must give credit though for the quotes not being stripped on attributes… get the JScript team some of your code please.

    2.) Highlighting in the view source leaves trace selections.

    3.) Need a keyboard shortcut for view source.  CTRL+U would be very nice.

    4.) Argghhh back on the view source DOM options… all of the CSS properties are FORCED UPPER CASE TOO, what the ?!?!?!?

    5.) Still no tools to check for title attributes on images.

    6.) Trace Style doesn’t work at all (sounded cool though)

    7.) Wrong chrome on the attribute name drop down.

    8.) Ditto for Find Element dialog

    9.) Er… make that all dialogs

  18. Chris says:

    Neither Trace Styles or CSS Selector Matches did anything for me. Great to have a new toolbar though!

    Can you make it so the icon can fit on the main IE7 toolbars? It is off a side menu at the moment. I cannot seem to drag the toolbars there left to show all of the hidden icons.

    Big filesizes on those example images guys! 24-bit PNGs eh? I’ve compressed larger photos full of detail using a high-quality JPG mode and got them to less than 200Kb. The first image is 747Kb, over 3 times that size! Yet it has a lot of flat colour. Using 8-bit PNG, GIF or JPG would result in much smaller files. There’s also a lot of compression used, which looks rough, especially around the brown text.

  19. Chris says:

    Ah wait, sorry, just found the toolbars were locked! I’ve now expanded them to show all the icons.

  20. Sushovan says:

    Firstly, system info: I am on Windows Vista RC2 on IE7, and have not done any Windows Updates that affect IE, (except maybe MSXML SP2)

    OK: Now on clicking on any item in the DOM Tree’s property panes: "Attributes" and "Current Styles", I hear a "ping" of the system sound. Right clicking on the style and choosing "Trace Style" has no effect whatsoever.

    Also, suppose I am creating a local HTML file, and testing it in IE. I have no other internet explorer window open. When I ask IE Dev Toolbar to validate "Local HTML", it opens a new window (as it should for Internet Zone in Windows Vista), but that window has two tabs open. One of them ends up saying "This document cannot be validated because".. the protocol is not supported. (The protocol is showing up empty). The other tab correctly validates the page. If I close any tab during the loading process, the other tab invariably shows up "Cannot validate.."

    The same is true for Local CSS validation as well. This behaviour cannot be reproduced if a seperate IE7 Window in the Internet Zone is open.

    Whew. Hope this gets noticed and fixed. Hope What I said above was clear.

  21. Shaun Newman says:

    Answer for steve_web regarding the single button and request for having the full toolbar back:

    In IE choose:

    View > Toolbars > Developer Toolbar

    Is this what you want?

    Also it’s possible to ‘detach’ the whole developer bar when it appears at the bottom of the IE Window using the icon on the top right of the extra window, handy if you are fortunate enough to have a dual screen setup.

  22. Gerard van der Land says:

    The problem of the new CSS-functionality not working or causing unhandled exceptions is related to SelectorObjectAPI.dll, which is a COM-object that won’t register with REGSVR32 (which the installer does not report).

    I looked at this DLL with Dependency Walker, and noticed that it is missing a dependency module: DWMAPI.DLL, which is a Windows Vista DLL!

    However, registering this COM-object on Windows Vista also doesn’t work. With Depency Walker I first noted that it couldn’t find msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll (even though these are present in WinSxS), but when I copied those files to the toolbar-directory, I got dependency warnings with IEFRAME.DLL and SHLWAPI.DLL.

    Apparently the installation has not been tested on a clean Windows XP or Windows Vista machine?

    Please also make sure that the installer will either uninstall the old version(s), do a proper upgrade, or warn that you should manually uninstall the old version first.

  23. Chris H says:

    Sorry for sounding like a dunce, but this "single button on the IE command bar", I can’t see it anywhere! What part of IE is deemed the "IE command bar"?

    Any chance of a screen shot pointing out where I should be seeing it?


    – Chris

  24. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  25. kevin says:

    The "vs_styles.css" is *NOT* in my install directory!

    Can it be downloaded? I would really like to change it.

    Especially if IE7 supports the CSS text-transform property, as I could then fix the BUG with the UPPER CASE tag garbage. 😉

    thanks kev

  26. steve_web says:

    Thanks Gerard! That explains all the trouble we’ve been having!  Waiting… for Beta 4!

    cheers, steve

  27. steve_web says:

    @Chris H.

    A few steps are required.

    1.) Re-start IE7 (it won’t show up until you do)

    2.) On restart, on your tab row, there are icons to the right of the tab.  If you see the icon, you’re in business, if not, right-click on a blank spot on any of your toolbars, and choose "Customize Command Bar" > "Add or remove commands".  In the dialog, add the dev toolbar icon, (transfer from the left list, to the right list).


  28. John S. says:

    Here are my requests…

    – Definitely need to stop install if previous version still exists or just remove it.

    – Bring back menu bar option in IE7 OR add to right click menu on the page

    – Fix case mangling when viewing source

    – Move ‘Resize’ back to a top-level menu

    – The menu names are inconsistent. Some are verbs, some are nouns. E.g. If you want to disable images, don’t go to Disable, go to Images. But if you want to outline images, go to Outline.

    Trace Style and CSS Selector Matches work fine for me (IE7/WinXP SP2)

  29. Dave says:

    No crashes yet here, IE7/XP. I installed over the last beta without uninstalling. The toolbar option still exists for me. The only thing that had me confused was that I had to unlock the toolbars and drag the main toolbar over to be able to see the new developer toolbar blue arrow icon.

    I still want a profiler. And a pony.

  30. Shaun Newman says:

    Correction to my previous answer for steve_web Ignore my ‘View > Toolbars > Developer Toolbar’ suggestion. after clicking on one of the buttons that appears I realised it is there only because I had not removed the previous version.  Error central everytime I clicked on a button… Doh!

    I echo everyone elses sentiment, although this is Beta it may be a good idea to eliminate silly errors so that we can get round to reporting real issues.

  31. Masiosare says:

    If you gonna copy something, do it well.

    You already copied the dom inspector, the css functionality from firebug. You just miss the console, script section, the xmlhttprequest section, the profiler, the net section from firebug beta1.

    keep trying… 🙂

  32. Gerard van der Land says:

    @Chris H: one of my co-workers also did not have the button on the Command Bar after uninstalling beta 2 and installing beta 3. You could try and add it like steve_web suggested. Another possibility is that not the entire Command Bar is visible, in which case there will be a >> button which shows the remaining buttons in a drop-down menu, where you might find the "IE Developer Toolbar" button. Finally, you can also enable the IE Developer Toolbar using the "Explorer Bar" entry on the View menu (Alt-V E), where is should be listed as "IE DOM Explorer".

  33. Michael Stuart says:

    I had to uninstall beta 3 and go back to beta 2.  It was just too buggy.  The feature I use the most, which is the ‘Select element by click’ just did not work as expected.  Also, my dynamically-created elements would not appear in the DOM tree.  I like the new features that have been added, but I’ll have to wait until the bugs get fixed.

  34. Eidolon says:

    It looks great, but i TOTALLY agree with the people before… PLEASE PLEASE put back the basic toolbar menu-items in a regular toolbar at the top of the window. the dom explorer is nice and all, but i dont want to see that most of the time, and would prefer to keep it closed to save real-estate, even at a 1400x resolution. But i still want the toolbar items. They should be in a toolbar by themselves at the top – like BETA 2 had.

    PLEASE restore that. PLEASE, pretty please.

    Putting it at the bottom also completely supplants the "inline-find" toolbar that i always keep open down there (which is only a nice 20px high or so). Having to have the DOM explorer open just to get the toolbar is a killer. I want to be able to use the commands from the toolbar without losing a ton of real-estate to the dom explorer.

  35. Arjan says:

    My IE7 crashes when I click on the ‘Select element by click’ button.

    Other things seems to do it.

  36. IEBlog : IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 – Now Available IE Developer Toolbar의 3번째 베타가 나왔습니다. 약간의 UI 향상,

  37. Chris H says:

    Ah, something simple, usually is 🙂 Thank you "steve_web" and "Gerard van der Land".

    – Chris

  38. fr says:

    IE has just dissapeared on me several times today with no warning/message or even the usual windows error reporting dialog.  It’s between this toolbar or a windows update causing it as the only things that have changed today.

  39. I give up.  If only IE add-ons were as easy to install as Firefox plugins.

    Attempt 1) Installed, but the Developer Toolbar option was greyed out.

    Attempt 2) After reading some other comments, I Uninstalled all versions of Devleper toolbar.  Reinstalled beta 3 version.  Now nothing shows up, not even the greyed out option. Rebooted, still nothing.

  40. More info if you’re curious: Running IE 7 on XP pro.

  41. Fabian says:

    Maybe I’m blind but I can’t seem to find a live editing feature for HTML or CSS code, or is this not available?

  42. Finally found it (I guess I didn’t give up after all).  The download page says this:


    After installing the Developer Toolbar, open the View menu and then use the Toolbar menu to display or hide the Developer Toolbar."

    But, it’s not in the View–>Toolbar menu.  It’s in the View–>Explorer Bar and was off screen in the command bar. Maybe the download page instructions are for an older version.

  43. Jason says:

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle visibility of the bottom panel? I couldn’t find anything with a quick Google search.

  44. Andy says:

    Me too…

    DomDom wrote:

    "SInce I installed it I get plenty of errors like:

    Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method

    It appears to be on line 701 of a script (it fails when accessing the SetQuirksMode method in the ParseDoc function… I use final IE7."

  45. Garry Trinder says:

    Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (32-bit IE 7)

    After installing, I get the button in IE’s Command bar, but clicking it does nothing. I’ve tried logging off/on, restarting, and reinstalling, but so far no joy. I’ve had no other version of the Dev Toolbar installed previously.

  46. I Hate It says:

    I get a JS error on every page load. MS debugger indicates on the following line of code…

    var collSelectors = selectorFactory.createSelectorCollection();

  47. Dave Massy says:

    Thanks for all the feedback so far. We have identified an issue where the new style tracer functionality is not working for all installs. We are working to address that as soon as we can. Watch here for an update when we have a fix available.

    To be sure of a good install it is necessary to uninstall any existing installations of the developer toolbar before installing a new build.

    If you are seeing other problems please let us know the browser version, Operating System version and any necessary steps to reproduce the issue.



  48. mir says:

    nothing appears when I click IEDT button on toolbar 🙁

  49. IEBlog announces that Microsoft has released the 3rd beta of the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. The biggest update seems to be to the CSS interface with the ‘Style Tracer’ to show what styles are being applied to the currently se…

  50. ronda says:

    please just add what we need to perform all items in my searches so we can get stated wth a proffitable partnership and developementr of a bett program and software utilization

  51. 三洋伺服 says:

    My IE7 crashes when I click on the ‘Select element by click’ button.

    Other things seems to do it.

  52. Ingo Chao says:

    – How do I overwrite an existing z-index of integer value with ‘auto’?

    beta 2 and 3 do not accept ‘auto’.

  53. Monisha says:

    What have you changed in tabbed browsing? I can open another page on the same window from a webpage. But i cannot link to another tab in the SAME WINDOW from my google alerts on hotmail!

  54. Seb Frost says:

    To those of you that are finding that the "click on element" button crashes IE, I presume you’ve made the same mistake I did.

    You did not uninstall beta 2 first, and then tried to use the "select element by click" button on the top toolbar.  If you ignore the top toolbar and instead use the one at the bottom with the dom explorer you’ll have no such problem.

    What you really need to do is uninstall both beta 2 and beta 3 and then reinstall afresh.

    Unfortunately this still doesn’t fix the "css selector matches" and "trace style" functionality.

    Also I need to echo the sentiments of those above, and say that losing the top toolbar is DEFINITELY a mistake.  95% of my usage is just disabling scripts and validating the page.

  55. A new release of the IE Developer Toolbar is available here .

  56. Frank Westerik says:

    If the new toolbar buttons (that allow access to the most commonly used features) remain invisible (leaving an empty space at the left side of the menu) this is probably caused by McAfee Virusscan’s buffer overflow protection.

    To disable this, right click on the McAfee icon in your windows taskbar (the little shield on the right) and select "VirusScan console". Here you can disable buffer overflow protection.

    Are these buttons in fact causing a buffer overflow? Or is this a bug in McAfee?

  57. Matthias Zahn says:

    I found many eventid 32 and 59 with source "SidebySide" in my eventlog after starting the IE7 (XP SP2 German).

    description for 59:

    Resolve Partial Assembly ist für Microsoft.VC80.CRT fehlgeschlagen. Referenzfehlermeldung: Die referenzierte Assemblierung ist nicht auf dem Computer installiert.

    description for 32

    Abhängige Assemblierung "Microsoft.VC80.CRT" konnte nicht gefunden werden. "Last Error": Die referenzierte Assemblierung ist nicht auf dem Computer installiert.

  58. hAl says:

    Not exactly a flawles release.

    I’ll wait for a stable version

  59. Mark J. Miller says:

    Are there any plans to include javascript tools like the firefox debugger?

  60. Roger Explosion says:

    Yeah, I am getting the JS error on every page load as well –


    selectorFactory is null or not an object

    var collSelectors = selectorFactory.createSelectorCollection();


    IE Version – 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519

    Windows Version-

    Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

    The first time I installed the toolbar I installed over the top of beta 2, then read this page. I then uninstalled 3, then 2, then reinstalled 3 to no avail, same problem still.


  61. Second Explosion says:

    Same error, same configuration, same instalation steps as "Roger Explosion"

    selectorFactory is null or not an object

    var collSelectors = selectorFactory.createSelectorCollection();


    IE Version – 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519

    Windows Version- Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

    @Mark J Miller – Have a look here, maybe you find it useful:

    Script Debugger

  62. Yuko says:

    An unhandled exception ("selectorFactory’ is not null or an object’) occurred in iexplorer.exe

    XP SP2, IE7

    Removed beta2, beta3, fresh beta3.

  63. AlexM says:

    Couple of things that I liked were: new separate buttons for "Select Element by Click" and "Clear browser cache". View source code is better that it used to be.

    I have the same problem as "I hate it" has: breaks on this line because selectorFactory object is null.

    var collSelectors = selectorFactory.createSelectorCollection();

    It shows up for every page I access in IE, but it looks like that DMassy has confirmed it.

    As many before me, I would also like to have devToolBar to uninstall the old version, and would like to have old toolbar as part of IE toolbar.

    It would also be nice to have "Clear browser cache" to do that without confirmation. This is the tool for developers, I know what I am going to do. Who cares about cache and needs a warning about it????

    And correct spelling errors on wiki: "in teh right pain" – this is where it all started.


  64. colin says:

    same error as others:

    IE6, XP SP2

    removed previous versions of toolbar

    upon opening any page:

    iexplorer.exe Script program :359, in the SelectorParser() constructor:

    selectorFacotry is null or not an object

  65. DH says:

    Please add a javascript console object that lets me do these things:

     console.log(message); // so i don’t have to dismiss hundreds of alert() dialog boxes

     console.trace(); // dump stack trace

    as well as many other things already available in FireBug

    In fact, just copying FireBug as-is would be great. Thanks.

  66. Alex says:

    I’ve just downloaded the toolbar and installed it, but when I click on the little button on my toolbar… nothing happens.

    I’m running on Windows Vista (RTM, Dutch, MSDN AA), using the included Internet Explorer 7. I also use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.

  67. ollie says:

    Can someone please explain to a simple Mac user how to uninstall IE Developer toolbars 2+3. Cheers

  68. says:

    Can you add a function like the ‘Load Time Analyzer’ pulgin for FireFox? I want to profile the page load time but could not find a proper tool. Thanks

  69. Tom says:

    It doesn’t appear as a toolbar at all.

    I found the dom inspector using instructions from a previous poster, but the toolbar isn’t there!

    Maybe it’s because I used the registry fix to put the menu items back where they belong? That’s the only customisation of this browser that I have performed.

  70. Alex says:

    Mm, never mind my first question… after a reboot it worked.

  71. IE Developer ToolBarがIE Blogで公開されたそうな。

  72. Kurbli says:

    Ígéretes megoldásnak tűnik. Kíváncsi leszek, hogy a konkurrens Gran Paradiso mivel rukkol elő. We’re

  73. Henk Tiggelaar says:

    "Just a quick one. Does IE "mess" with the source code, or is that a pure copy of what was read in?

    Im asking because when I view the source of Channel 9, most of it is lower case tags, but the view source screen shot shows that 1999 looking UPPERCASE TAG SOUP that IE generates."

    Actually, UPPERCASE is what the W3C uses and it is as valid as lowercase HTML. And tag soup has nothing to do with casing.

  74. I Hate It says:

    Was getting errors as indicated in my comment above after installing on top of v2.

    Uninstalled v1,v2,and v3; re-installed v3; still see error JS error on every page load.

  75. Dave Massy says:

    We’ve just refreshed the download of the toolbar to address the issue some people were seeing where the Style Tracer was not working.

    If you have an earlier version installed please uninstall and download the latest version.

    We really appreciate all the feedback so far.



  76. Style Tracer says:

    I have version number 1.00.2109.0 and style tracer still doesnt work.

    Nothing comes up when I click on "Trace Style".

    I am using internet explorer 6.0.2900 sp2 on winxp.

  77. Dave Massy says:

    Please uninstall and redownload the new bits if Style Tracer is not working regardless of version.



  78. PLachaine says:

    Very nice and appreciate that it’s free, however, most of the time, I much prefer having an actual toolbar where it was before. Granted, in beta 2, it didn’t work well on IE7 because I kept having to remove the toolbar and put it back again every time I restarted the browser, but I would have preferred to see that fixed than eliminated. The IE DOM Explorer format just occupies too much display real estate when I really only need access to the toolbar itself (like when I only want to test different sizes of IE window, for example).

  79. Fernando Tubio says:

    I was going to report that Style Tracer and CSS Selector Matches are still not working for me with the refreshed bits, but now I realized that it doesn’t work with my regular user account. However, it does work with an administrator account (maybe the previous version did too, I didn’t check).

    In any case it would be nice if you could upgrade the bits again to remove this limitation.


  80. Style Tracer says:

    I fixed the Style Tracer and CSS Selector Matches!

    Uninstalling Beta2 and downloading the new Beta 3(version 1.00.2109.0) did not work.

    Then I looked in the events viewer and saw the following error:

    Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.CRT could not be found and Last Error was The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

    So I copied all the files in the C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VCredistx86Microsoft.VC80.CRT folder to the IEDevToolBar folder in C:Program FilesMicrosoftInternet Explorer Developer Toolbar.

    Also, I had to modify the version in the Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest file from 8.0.50608.0 to 8.0.50727.762.

    Althought this fixed the nonfunctioning Style Tracer and Css Selector Matches, I’m not sure if it would impact other applications negatively (having Microsoft.VC80.CRT in 2 different folder).  Nor do I know why there is this problem in the first place.

  81. Ronn says:

    After ignorantly installing B3 over the top of B2 and then uninstalling both, then reinstalling B3, it simply refuses appear in IE6.

    What do I do now?

  82. I've been using the IE Developer Toolbar to debug styling problems in Community Server skins. It's

  83. mark says:

    Until it actually lets you work on the CSS in real time, like the web dev. Ff ext., it’s just a fun toy…

    Sorry but IE is the least able of all browsers to understand CSS…

    If I didn’t have to hack all my designs to get them to work in IE my life would be a lot easier…

  84. Yuko says:

    I just installed the refreshed version.  XP SP2, IE7.

    I have VS2005 installed.  Most pages I visit bring up the JIT debugger:

    An unhandled exeption (‘Object doesn’t support thsi property or method’) occurred in iexplore

    r [2596]

    So it still seems broken.  Beta2 worked.

  85. Ricky says:

    @Henk Tiggelaar

    Actually, it is tag soup, because that isn’t what was sent in.

    That said, we’re all moving towards XHTML (and have been for SEVEN (7) years! and in XHTML, all tags and attributes are in lower case:

    Not only is it a heck of a lot easier to type, but looks much cleaner, doesn’t look like you wrote your code before 1998 using a WYSIWYG editor.

    Since this was out in 2000, you might want to brush up on your specs!

    (and, since this was about Microsoft’s Toolbar doing the wrong thing, they too have known for years; Silly rabbit! UPPERCASE tags are for kids!

  86. rdean says:

    Wow, it’s like Firebug for IE.  Cool.

  87. Shane Perran says:

    Great Job Guys,

    In large structure websites, or intranet sites having some of these features is incredibly important.

    In the case of SharePoint Customization, with 100’s of class spread across many style sheets "Trace Style", is fantastic.

    Matching styles, equally important and awesome to see.

    Perhaps in a future release you can consider a "preview" window, and the ability to add properties to CSS selectors and such to see a preview of "how it will look, if changed".

    Great Job, keep it up!

  88. Irgendwas muss ich falsch machen 😉 Das schlafe ich das halbe Wochenende durch, ärgere mich über das

  89. IEBlog : IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 – Now Available より。 Internet Explorer Developer ToolbarのBeta 3がリリースされています。以前は、日本語のデータが文字化けしていた記憶がありますが、Beta

  90. veridicus says:

    Nice marketing.  Talking about "great new features" with no reference to where you got the ideas for them.  Congratulations to firefox and its extension developers for great developer tools.  Does Microsoft have even one blog that’s not used purely for marketing?  At least give credit when it’s due.

  91. Ron says:

    I downloaded the latest version and replaced the last install with it. I still don’t see any signs of the extension in IE6 on WinXP SP2.

    I tried disabling and re-enabling the toolbar in the extension manager but it has no effect after restarting the browser.

  92. I’m confused. There’s an awful lot of really good people at MS, namely <a href="">Raymond</a&gt; and <a href="">Micahel</a&gt;.

    Beta 1,2,3 or not, is this not QA’ed at all? Is there no reusable component to uninstall applications across the teams in the company? We’re not asking you to roll out your own for the purposes of a beta release, but after these many years producing desktop apps I’d imagine some components were simply available as standard plugins.


  93. michaud says:

    Every bit helps.

    What i would like:

    in the source viewers:

    – normal key control (page up, page down, home, end)

    – an inline search kind of thing

  94. Fernando Tubio says:

    Pseudo-elements seem to confuse the style tracer functionality. For example, given the following styles applied to an element,

    #foo {



    #foo:first-letter {



    If the element is selected, the current style pane will show a value of ‘yellow’ for the color attribute. But tracing the style will highlight the rule corresponding to the pseudo-element with a value of ‘red’.

    In fact, pseudo-elements don’t appear to be exposed at all by the toolbar’s UI. It would be great if they could also be made available for inspection.

  95. Poul Erik says:

    IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 Crash when Exit IE6. Instruction at 0x050c3666 reference memory at 0x7de7418c. Memory could not read. Has anyone a suggestion?

  96. spugbrap says:

    I’ve still been unable to get beta 3 to work, despite keeping up with the comments, here, and checking out the channel9 wiki and such.

    At first, I had the same problem that Vaughan (and others) reported here, where I would get a script error on every page (or sometimes multiple on a single page, presumably due to [i]frames), regarding selectorFactory.

    Now, after numerous uninstalls/reboots/reinstalls, and a download/install of the latest copy of the installer, I’m getting the issue that Domdom (and others) reported here, regarding SetQuirksMode (again, it happens on every page load).

    I’ve also been having error events show up in my Event Viewer:System log. the same ones reported here by Matthias Zahn (and others).

    I was doing just fine with the beta 2 toolbar before.

    My version info:

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600

    Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519CO.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Version 1.00.2109.0

    Looking forward to using this thing, once these issues get straightened out! Thanks!

  97. Richard says:

    The "Trace Style" function is a GREAT idea, but it’s way too slow, and converting the CSS makes it less useful than it could be.

    I’d also add my vote for putting the toolbar menus back.

  98. AlexM says:

    The same problem as Domdom has but with IE6 on Win2003:

    IE 6.0.3790.1830.

    It looks like it is not able to find SetQuirksMode() method. Script error comes up on every web page access. I will have to go back to beta 2.

  99. Aedrin says:

    "Nice marketing.  Talking about "great new features" with no reference to where you got the ideas for them.  Congratulations to firefox and its extension developers for great developer tools.  Does Microsoft have even one blog that’s not used purely for marketing?  At least give credit when it’s due."

    Since when do you have to announce where a feature’s idea came from?

    If that were the case, no program would be released because they’d spend years researching who came up with the original for something.

    And FireFox didn’t develop Firebug, nor the Web Developer Toolbar. Other people did.

    The fact that no one has done this yet for IE doesn’t incur any blame on Microsoft. It merely means that people like to bash Microsoft and expect them to do everything that Mozilla doesn’t even do.

  100. BadPauly says:

    "My IE7 crashes when I click on the ‘Select element by click’ button."

    This appears to only happen if the "View Dom" isn’t selected.

    Maybe something for the next version, either fix, or have it open the "View Dom" first.

  101. James Park says:

    There is JScript Runtime Error as follows.

       function ParseDoc(doc)


           var aRules = GatherRulesFromDoc(doc);

           collSelectors = parser.Parse(aRules);

           // Set quirks mode if necessary

           if("BackCompat" == doc.compatMode)


               for(var i = 0; i < collSelectors.Count; i++)


    Error ==>                collSelectors.item(i).SetQuirksMode(true);




  102. someone who would love the following FIXED says:


    Each time IE7 is opened, the value of the "Width" entry in registry key

    HKU*user*SoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerLinksExplorer

    automatically increments by 1 !!

    Stop this crazyness.

    Also, please make IE7 remember the previous PIN STATUS after the FAVORITE

    CENTER is closed.

    Each time favorite center is closed then reopen, it will be back to

    non-pined state regardless if it was pinned before or not. IMO it should be

    remembered! It’s annoying when you want to use PINNED all the time to have to set it manually.

  103. Ian Haynes says:

    My vote too for bringing the proper toolbar menus back. I’ve reverted to V2 because the lower window just gets in the way.

  104. J.D. says:

    When I install the IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 and attempt to close IE or a tab, I get the following … "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in iexplore.exe [2640]." When I uninstall IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 everything works fine … Any ideas!?!?

  105. Dan says:

    Sounds like a useful tool, shame it doesn’t work!!

    I get lots of "object doesn’t support this propery" errors on my W2K IE6 machine.

    I guess it is a BETA after all.  Where can I get beta 2 if that is a bit more stable?

  106. Andrew says:

    Wow Firebug for IE!!  This is great.  P.S. anyone who is using Firebug download the latest version from the Firebug website and not through the extensions browser in Firefox as it is much better.

    BTW I received an error the first time I tried to use the DevToolBar, but after an IE restart it appears to be working fine.

  107. Dan Avni says:

    the toolbar crashes everytime i try to use the "Select element by click" if the browser has a page with frames. on Beta 2 the toolbar did not crash when the page had frames but when the mouse was over an element the blue border appeared on the wrong location. any chance of getting these bugs fixed

  108. JCH says:

    Anybody know where I can find the PRIOR vers?

    I want Beta TWO, not 3, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere…all links thus far are either dead or point back to beta 3!

    It makes NO sense whatsoever to not have a prior vers available when later vers still may have some bugs!

    I’ve got vers 1 and having some issues that I think were fixed in ver 2, but as I’m limited to IE6 (W2K), that vers would be fine for me.

    So if anyone knows where to find it, please post a decent clue, ok? Thanks!

  109. PeteL's Blog says:

    We had a great chat today, thanks to everyone who came out, and to Chris, Markus, Alex and Dave who were

  110. Chuong says:

    Dont see any solution to solve the problem Error ==>                collSelectors.item(i).SetQuirksMode(true);

  111. Bob Yu says:

    I also have the collSelectors.item problem on IE 6. Could anybody post me a link to IE toolbar beta 2 or email me a copy at bob.yu at Thanks.

  112. Chris says:

    Well, it took a while to find it, but the IE Developer Toolbar (Beta 2 and Beta 3) causes IE 7 to render an "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" error when one attempts to close either a window or tab.  This appears to be due to an incompatibility with Norton Internet Security 2007.  A fix would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  113. Dan Walker says:

    Followed the directions for IE7 as indicated on the download page. Unstalled previous toolbars, restarted Windows XP as instructed. Customized Toolbar to put the Dev Bar icon on my toolbar. Everything works great, including the CSS Selector Matches and Style Tracer. You would think from reading these comments that nothing worked. Just follow the directions and you’ll be fine.

  114. shane perran says:

    Few things I’ve notices:

    1) Beta2 seems to display just the icons on the top toolbar (View, Toolbars >).  After un-installing Beta2 I no longer have the explorer bar under toolbars, only exporer bar. (The icons up top are very useful.

    2) Like everyone else the trace styles and CSS selector matches do nothing.  Even after un-installing all versions, and re-installing the refresh.  I’m looking very forward to both of these options.

    It would nice to display the path/name of the style sheet the class you are inpecting.

  115. shane perran says:

    I noticed several people make a comment which I myself also made recently about the toolbars inability to do ‘real-time’ rendering of the change you are going to make.

    Just to clarify, this functionality already exists.  The thing to note here is it’s somewhat unintuative.

    While you are seeing the properties of your selectors in the 3rd (far right) column, you actually make property changes and see them in real time in the 2nd (middle) column.

  116. Dan says:

    I just spent two hours trying to get the new beta to work. With the next beta, UNINSTALL the old version first, and then FORCE the new icon to show up. Come on.

    You completely changed the interface in a very non-intuitive way.

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  117. Ron says:

    Please specify your OS and IE versions when you get problems, it helps.

  118. Chris says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Ron.  Here you go:

    OS = Windows XP Pro. SP 2

    IE = 7.0.5730.11

    NIS = Norton Internet Security 2007

  119. says:

    Pues eso, Microsoft &quot;acaba&quot; de sacar una Developer Toolbar para Internet Explorer, similar a la que ya existía para Firefox. Ni que decir tiene su gran utilidad para desarrolladores web.

  120. El Bruno says:

    Buenas hace ya una pila de tiempo; esto es en mi épocas de problemas constantes con los Spaces de Msn

  121. El Bruno says:

    Buenas hace ya una pila de tiempo; esto es en mi épocas de problemas constantes con los Spaces de Msn

  122. Tatis says:

    Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Permite explorar el DOM de cualquier p&aacute;gina Web Localizar

  123. says:

    For anyone who didn’t know, Beta3 of the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is available for download

  124. Antes de continuar, dejenme aclarar que no me refiero a ese tipo de consolación, así que espero no haberlos decepcionado. Ya lo he dicho antes, que para cualquier persona involucrada con diseño web Firebug es simplemente milagroso. Una de esas…

  125. jerry says:

    WEB开发调试利器:Firebug 和 Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.

  126. Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar è unatoolbar per IE6 e IE7 molto comoda per chi deve lavorare ad

  127. web output says:

    Wie mir Jens gerade über ICQ zusteckte, ist die die Beta der neuen Internet Explorer Web Accessibility Toolbar 2.0 erschienen.Neben einigen Neuerunge wie z.B. Starter-Buttons für Firefox und Opera gibt es vor allem ein herausragendes neues Feature: Di

  128. Prinzipiell bin ich ja seit kurzem der Ansicht alle IE’s kleiner gleich 6 beim Webdesign nicht mehr zu unterstützen, zumindest was irgendwelche extra Hacks anbelangt. Die IE6-Nutzer sollen ruhig sehen, dass ihr Browser Mist ist und einfach auf eine "zeit

  129. The new IE Developer Toolbar is out and it has a cool new feature that I have been wanting for quite

  130. frogman says:


  131. I got chance to attend Dallas ASP.NET UG and came to know about IE Developer tool.It is great a great

  132. Tools says:

    FireFox users have a wealth of free browser addons that really help make the browser a strong development and debugging tool. Unbfortunately those nifty FireFox addons aren’t always helpful when a pa …

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