Thanks for a Great 2006!

On behalf of the IE team, I want to thank you all for a super 2006! This was a busy year for us culminating in the release of IE7 and Windows Vista. The IE Blog has been a busy place too; we made 184 posts and received 11,729 comments so far this year! We really appreciate your help in making IE7 better and the blog a rich and interesting community. We look forward to a fun and productive 2007 with you.

Happy Holidays!

Tony Chor
Group Program Manager

Comments (79)

  1. Lynn says:

    You guys did a goo job.

    Say, when can we talk abot IE 8?

    (Just teasing. Maybe …)


  2. goose says:

    I have been enjoying webbing like it’s 1999!

    It has been super busy here too, making up for deficiencies in those blasted alternative browsers. Life was much easier with just IE. Oh well, we can hope for a better 2007 with IE7 dominance!

  3. Corrine says:

    The best to each of you as well.  Thanks to the team for all the hard work that went into providing a more secure browser.  

    Now if you could come up with an "anti-click" mechanism that would activate when a user ignores all other warnings and still attempts to download an infected file . . .



    MVP Windows Security

  4. Alex says:

    Hi guys!

    Congratulations with this busy year with the release of IE 7. Now, time to move on to IE 8 πŸ™‚

    I have a suggestion too: make a seperate website where you gather suggestions, and try to implement the most requested features.

    Happy holidays and a happy 2007!


  5. Neil says:

    Is microsofts’ "Browser Shield" ever going to see the "light of day" ??

    From what I saw about it on the microsft website if it were included with IE7 no other browser would ever be used !

  6. Matt says:

    Happy 2007 Microsoft thanks for listening to our suggestions and taking the best suggestions and adding them.I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.If you are like me you will be playing with your new video game system.If it is an X-box 360 or a Playstation 3 or even a Nintendo Wii.You will be playing it with your kids if they ask you to.Any way thanks again for IE 7 Microsoft.

  7. Phylyp says:


    Have a great Christmas and a grand start to the new year.

    Christmas may be 3 days away, but it felt like Christmas when IE7, WMP11 and Windows Defender were all released within a week!

    Now, on to the real Christmas.

  8. Christophe says:

    Hello everyone,

    Greating of the IE7 French Support from Netherlands. It’s a pleasure to work for IE7, and Microsoft of course.

    Merry Christmas to all and long life to IE7 πŸ˜‰

  9. Happy holidays and a happy new year 2007!

    Greetings from Vienna, Austria!


  10. Happy Holidays to you too, Tony and to IE Team. Thanks for IE7 πŸ˜‰

  11. rc says:

    But IE Developer Toolbar has not been updated…

  12. Tom says:

     When are you going to make it so we can move the refresh button?

     Seems to be a lot of patting yourself on the back for a product a lot of users complain about.

  13. Thomas Tallyce says:

    Well done on your work this year.

    Any stats (% usage) available yet on takeup of IE7?

  14. Jared says:

    Thank for your hard work and your blog. I really enjoy the new IE7. Now if we could just get adjustable/movable tabs built into the next OS. I love that feature, thanks for that one.


    I have logged this issue in microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general but no response.

    SearchURL that uses file: scheme is not working in ie7

    I have several searchURL keys defined under

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerSearchUrl

    Any keyword that uses the file:/// is not recognized in the Address bar and

    it is performing the default google search. This is not happening with http

    url. This was working fine in ie6.

    E.g. for file URL is


    instead of running the file:/// when i type mysearch 1 in the address bar it

    tries to run


  16. steve_web says:


    So, next year (2007) is when the public bug tracking site will be up?

    We’d like to hear some details on when this is coming back online (either as it was, or (preferred) in a new incarnation).

    As it stands right now, we have no feedback on the progress of all the bugs we submitted, and no information on target releases, or even if a bug has been evaluated, is being worked on, or is being dumped in the "By Design" bin of horrors.

    I’ve come across a pile of new bugs, and well, ever since IE7 final, we have nowhere to submit/track/test them.

    PS my most recent favorite, is that "copied" CSS styles (cssText), are not parsed the same as the original.   If your original, has prop:value;_prop:value; the copied style, will use _prop, even though the original is smart enough to use prop.  Which is real annoying, because the _prop was only used to deal with the horrible CSS support in IE6… which is fixed to a degree in IE7, except… if you want to copy styles…


  17. steve_web says:


    "When are you going to make it so we can move the refresh button?"


    I still want to pound my head against my desk, every time I have to scroll 3/4+ the way across the screen to click those buttons.


  18. @steve_web,

    My suggestions: IE Tab (Firefox Add-on):

    πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas

  19. cooperpx says:

    @ Tony & the rest of the IE Team: Happy Holidays and New Year!

    I would echo Alex & steve_web. I too would very much like to see your new year’s resolution to restore the connect feedback site (or something similar).

    I need somewhere to authoritatively report the fact that PNGs with any kind of transparency gets printed as a 2 bit image. Sending emails directly to random IE developer is not okay. πŸ˜‰

  20. Ying Jin says:

    Hi, I appreciate your guys good work in 2006.

    I downloaded the VPC image for IE6 the other day. My host machine is connecting to network through wireless connection(Belkin 802.11 g card). How can I turn on the wireless connection on IE6 VPC?

    Thank you very much


  21. joef says:

    Just want to say thanks for IE7.

    You added a feature which I sorely needed in previous versions. I didn’t even know it was in IE7 until the other night.

    I download large files from file sharing sites. These files are 50 – 100 MB and take a few minutes to bring down. So I usually do other things like type notes, etc. Well, if I get distracted the download will complete and begin saving the temp file to the real folder. The problem is that the Cancel button has the focus and as I continue typing I will hit Space or Enter and wind up canceling my download!!

    This is very frustrating.

    It happened again using IE7 and instead of Cancelling the download – I got a dialog box asking me if I really wanted to Cancel it. AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!

    Much appreciated.


  22. Thomas Daniels says:

    Thank your very much as well.

    You took well care of your old horse (IE). I hope we’ll se many more improvements in IE 8.0 (or is it still called "Next"? ;)). Hope we get some interesting news about that very soon!

    By the way, I’ve noticed Chris Wilson hasn’t updated his blog for over a month now. Is he alright?

    I wish you a merry christmas and a very happy new year πŸ™‚

  23. Francesco Velasquez says:

    ****THANK YOU SO MUCH***** I am glad to be part of your team, You guys did an awesome job. !!! Merry Christmas and a prosper Ner Year !!! all the best.

  24. Vern Buis says:

    After we installed IE7, several users began to report sporatic loss of responsiveness, slowness, delays, characters they typed showing up on the screen after several seconds of delay, clicking on links and icons producing no results.  These symptoms affected other applications–not just IE7.  After a few weeks of struggling to find the culprit, it finally happened to me.  I popped up task manager and found CTFMON.EXE using 99% of CPU.  Disabling this process seems to have solved all of these issues.  See KB 282599 for further info.

    Keywords:  hang hangs slow slowness hesitation loss of focus delay delays  

  25. Rasheed says:

    Yeah whatever man, I still think IE7 stinks, it´s hardly an improvement and no exciting new features like instant-back, Fit to Width, no option to put tabs on bottom. Thanks for nothing!

  26. DonutFinn says:

    Thanks and congratulations for a great year. Can’t wait till IE8.

  27. Gary says:

    I don’t see any difference between IE6 and IE7.  IE7 keeps crashing all the time when I try to watch ANY yahoo or CNN video files.  First you watch 30 sec commercial and then IE crashes.  I guess according to MS standards it is "by design".  It is really sad that for so many years MS can’t make the product stable enough.  Can’t wait to see IE7 service pack 1 then service pack 2, patches, more patches and then IE 8.0 with the same end result.  Oh, forgot to mention the IE7 UI is just horrible, I guess all the great usability experts are working somewhere else now.

  28. Frank B Cerzor says:

    Gary have you ever thought that the problem might be something else on your computer (Media Player maybe?), rather than going in all guns blazing and blaming IE?

    CNN video works fine on my IE7 setup, and has always worked fine with IE6. And i’m pretty sure it works with most people who view the site.

  29. Mark says:

    Gary, the problem is that you have a buggy old version of the Macromedia Flash ActiveX control.  Go to and get the latest version (uncheck the Yahoo toolbar if you don’t want that).

  30. Happy Christmas, and congratulations on a very productive year!

  31. Carl Oberg says:

    I think 7 stinks it keeps crashing no refresh button no Outlook express button. If I could find my back to 6 I would so. I don’t have a CD for 6 or I would uninstall 7 and revert to 6 a lot less trouble!!

  32. Don’t pat yourself on the back yet…!  I’ve downloaded the IE7 package at Microsoft’s recommendation and now IE will open the initial window but then freezes with nothing inside the window.  I need to power off and on to get the system back.  I then start IE7 with add-ons disabled and it seems to come up OK…

    How do I fix this…?

    If this isn’t the place to ask the question, please pass this on to the proper source…


    George Garrett

    Huntington Beach, CA  

  33. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Carl: If you use the Control Panel to Remove IE7, IE6 is automatically restored.  However, you can restore the mail button and prevent the hangs by following the steps at

    @George: Your best bet is to disable all of your toolbars and browser extensions and re-enable them one-by-one until you find the culprit.  Then, check with the manufacturer of the buggy plugin for a new version.

  34. misto says:

    i think ie7 is better than ie6!

    thanks so much for you works!

  35. Joey says:

    Once again, security in IE is a laughing game.

    "The browser flaw is particularly troubling because it potentially means that Web users could become infected with malicious software simply by visiting a booby-trapped site."

    There should be no way, that anything in the Web Browser, can gain elevated priveleges! No "signed" activeX, no nothing!

    The ABSOLUTE worst a web page should do, is DOS your browser (3 finger salute time), due to some sort of infinite script.

    Now, lets see, what was that site that everyone is talking about.. oh here it is..

  36. Akira says:

    I think it would be nice if you’ll implement another favorites button into the command bar, which behaves like "Favorites" on the menubar. Besides, I want to hide the default two bookmark icons.


  37. doc0tis says:

    I find it ironic that many people here are rah-rah about IE7 and immediatly ask about IE8. What does IE7 not handle your current requirements? It’s a brand new product!! Why should user’s already be asking for a new version? This reflects poorly on the product. I have not personally used IE7, I, as a rule, don’t use a MS product until the first SP has come out, it saves many headaches.

    @Thomas: regarding your question on Stats.

    As of Dec 27, 2006 the World Wide Web Consortium has published results through November.

    IE7   7.1%

    IE6   49.9%

    IE5   2.9%

    FireFox   29.9%


  38. Marcus Thompson says:

    > What does IE7 not handle your current requirements?

    A lot of HTML (q, longdesc, anyone?), CSS (Level 1: inherit-keyword, Level 2: generated content) and JavaScript (getElementById() recognizes the name-Attribut [and thats from me who’s rarely using JS]).

    And theres much more.

    > As of Dec 27, 2006 the World Wide Web Consortium has published results through November.

    That’s not the W3C. The only official website of the W3C is

    W3Schools is just kind of a Fansite. but it’s nice to see the 4 percentage point jumt of IE7 πŸ™‚

    @ others

    Why are we talking about that anyway? The Blog topic is "Thanks for a Great 2006!". Can’t you just be nice and accept that the developers did a good job even when there’s much left to do?

  39. Akira says:

    > Can’t you just be nice and accept that the developers did a good job even when there’s much left to do?

    Because a many of people don’t satisfied with it. The biggest problem of IE7 is that (as you know) sometimes IE7 doesn’t draw anything in the page and we need to reload a whole page when it occurs. It’s terrible – what do you think if it heppens during net shopping? It seems to be not perfectly fixed yet.

    The second problem is the lack of customizability. I don’t say that default UI is crappy or something, but a many of people I know prefer classic IE6 interface and hope to use IE6-like UI also in IE7.

    I don’t say that IE7 is totally useless, but I think IE6 is still better at least for now. I’m looking forward to the next release, though. Hope this two things will be solved and improved.

  40. Lucian Naie says:

    Happy new year guys!


    You should be aware that IE7 is far behind Mozilla 2.0. Take a good holiday break, get back and make this "nice try" browser work properly. I love doing things in IE but with this version I’m forced to use Firefox all the time because IE tabbing is such a bad joke.

    What’s wrong guys? You can’t do a tabbed browsed to work smooth as Firefox used to, by some time? Come on!

    Kind regards!

  41. rc says:

    Despite all troubles, Internet Explorer is the most popular browser in the world, and will stay the same for years. It is the only reality that infuriates Firefox’s fans, so they become pathetic aggressive.

  42. lol says:

    i think ie6 is better than ie7

    thanks so much for you works!

    Defective product!

  43. William says:

    So, there seems to have been almost no testing of Active Document Servers under IE7, cause we have found like 6+ bugs already related to using Active Document Servers.  But even lamer, the WinInet Send/Receive timeouts were set to 30seconds in IE7.  Anytime anyone makes a general purpose network timeout < 2 minutes they have made a major mistake.  Our product can work around this by resetting the timeout, and you can do registry settings, but that is so wrong.

  44. jason says:

    well done folks – hard work i bet but the results are great !!!

  45. Marcus Thompson says:

    @ Akira:

    I can completely understand you. However I have to see it from another point of view as well. There have also been improovements to the rendering mechanism, although it’s compareable to the UI improvements.

    This isn’t satisfying, however it’s the best they could do the last 1 1/2 years I think. Repsect is needed. Anger as well, but not at the time of christmas.

    > You should be aware that IE7 is far behind Mozilla 2.0.

    You mean Firefox 2?

    Guess what, they are aware of that. It’s been stated many times in this blog.

    Hovever working in IE is a real pain, because of so many factors, most important backward compatibility.

    They wont start a new Rendering Engine because of this. They also won’t start a entierly new Browser (where backward compatibility wouldn’t be neccesary). But at least they’re trying, there’s always hope.

    > It is the only reality that infuriates Firefox’s fans, so they become pathetic aggressive.

    Well, -real- Firefox fans know that Mozilla only wants about 10% market share to show presence. A ray of hope for webstandards at least for me (not to forget Opera and alle the *nix Browsers).

    I’m not angry at MS because they got thi highest marketing share. I’m somewhat angry they didn’t update their Browser rendering in 3 years.

  46. * sigh * says:

    Can you fix windows update.  If I say I don’t want to update to IE7, please don’t keep asking me every couple of weeks. For me, it’s a browser with a broken GUI.  No sites require IE7 and thankfully only a steadily diminishing handful still require IE6 these days.  

  47. Akira says:

    >Anger as well, but not at the time of christmas.

    Ahh yes, you’re right. A happy new year every guys and girls.

  48. Joe Manders says:

    I love IE7 !

    Thanks MS you guys rock

  49. Adam Martin says:

    IE7 = CRASH… This update takes longer to access pages. I have more dropped pages & Computer IE "Freeze-Ups" with IE7 that any other explorer program. Now I have to deal with 80 Computers and personnel in my office that don’t know the first thing about a program, and they know this program is flawed. I am for the process of upgrading for a better tomorrow, but to set here and read about all you guys patting each other on the back on a job "Well done". Well, you got another thing coming. This software release was too early! I know there are people in your organization that feel the same. So again, thanks for making my life hell. I’ve made more excuses for your IE7 than I’d like to Share. MICROSOFT HAS GOTTEN LAZY. Give Me my IE6 Back.

  50. Rasheed says:

    Btw, can you also at least fix the "copy – paste" problem in IE. On some sites you can not select just one line of text (everything will get selected), it´s really annoying.  

    And don´t forget about:

    – Instant back (like in Opera)

    – Fit page to Width (like in Opera)

    – Option to put tabs on bottom (give more GUI customization options!)

    – Reduce resource usage (if that´s possible)

    – Fix all the stability problems that people are complaining about.

  51. rox says:

    Hopefully you are taking some R&R before 2007 hits.

    I use Find on This Page all the time and would appreciate if I could set that to be the Default for the Search feature? I have some physical limitations and try to use the mouse as much as possible. So contol F is not a good option for me. I would really jsut like to add the magnifying glass button on the toolbar, customize my toolbar, but it is not available there either.  this is one item that really annoys me.

    I got used to the look and feel of the new IE7 but I still miss being able to quickly use the Find On This Page. I used to be able to do this on "automatic" scroll exactly where it was on the drop down menu.

    I am also sorry to let you know that IE7 crashes on me all the time. I have been trying various things but nothing works. I jsut disabled every single ADD On I have, and I don’t really have all that many, I am not that reative, and I also disabled to check for phishing. It is very annoying it continues to crash on me, especially on webpages that are dynamicly built, like message boards. It crashes all the time on Message Boards. My Home Page is Google News and if I click on too many news articles in a new tab, well. Crash.

    It also ahs run away memory problems, it sucks up my whole CPU running usage, and I have to use Control Alt Delete to kill it.

    I like it better than the other versions of IE but it works the worst of all the versions. I am going to go a little longer, I jsut disabled every Add on, and if i cna’t get it to work I am gong to have to change to Firefox. So in 2007 I hope you can fix some of these problems.

  52. Will says:

    @Rox: You should consider installing one of the great find-as-you-type add-ons.  See

    As for crashes, it’s extremely likely that you either have a buggy application (e.g. an old version of Google desktop), and old plugin (e.g. older version of Flash) or bad memory in your computer.  What "module" does the crash report say had a problem?

    @Lucian Naie: You’ve yet to say anything concrete about IE’s tabs.  What do you think is wrong with them?

    @Adam: If IE7 is crashing, chances are very good that you’ve got a buggy plugin.  See

    @William: The timeout-setting API is there for a reason.  Your idea that "2 minutes" is the magic number lacks any sort of justification.

    @doc0tis– Nice try, but those figures do not constitute an interesting sample.  The quote on the page you link to is very appropriate:

    "First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure."

    Mark Twain

  53. Angel says:

    Now lets make 2007 even better and fix IE7. It sucks. No skins, I can’t move 1/2 of the top menus/toolbars. IT DOES NOT SAVE SPACE ITS EATING TONS OF SCREEN SPACE. I did 100% better with IE6. I would down grade and may yet but sooner or later I need the latest version for flash, java or something. I think you guys really missed again. I used to get everying button I needed in 2 lines. Now I use 3 and the buttons I really need are all over the place.

    How about an update in 2007 to move my buttons and customize. that was this browsers greatest feature. I’d use firefox but the newbie in the house has the easy and convenient browser.

    PS Send this on to anyone else who might give a damn and fix it.

  54. It&#8217;ll already be 2007 in Australia as I write this, but we&#8217;ve still got over 12 hours to go in the UK. Wherever you are in the world have a great new year and let&#8217;s hope 2007 is another interesting year in the browser space.

    One of th..

  55. JustMe says:

    Help please, I have media center xp, cannot install ie 7.

    I think I have a problem with permissions in the registry.

    I did some things a time back to secure my system, many have screwed it up.

    sure wanted ie 7

    Help if you can.

  56. Frank Domoney says:


    I have just upgraded to IE7 and have been looking at Helena Cobban’s blog Just World News

    Partway down the page the content is blanked out Just level with JWN golden oldies.

    It doesnt happen in IE6 or in Firefox so we supect it is a feature of IE7.  It would be awfully nice if you would remove it and automatically update my IE7.

    Another user repoirts the same problem and she is migrating to Firefox.

  57. Paddy, says:

    Why do you people use IE7? The tabs are slow in loading, Firefox’s tabs come up straight away. The default theme gives only space for one tab (in 800X600 dimensions) in the tab bar. Firefox devotes an entire line to the tabs, allowing more space before overcrowding.

    You also need to give the option to choose if the tab toolbar is on permenantly or if it disappears when there is only one tab open, like the ‘quick tab’ button. The missing Menu Bar (which can be shown through options) should go ABOVE the address bar in order to show its separation from the tabs below.

    I hate the favourites/history idea, which disappears if you click off screen or delete a site. I have to click to pin the menu after clicking the favourites button.

    IE needs more customability so that toolbars can be placed anywhere. Otherwise, IE will lose popularity and users. Apparently, around 40% of people in Germany have switched and over 20% of people in Europe. This product is not a good product life extension to the IE brand, market share is declining. Maybe in a few years, IE will become a Netscape Classic, FF the IE and FF will be the most targetted browser. But Firefox has and will gain more users in the short term, though IE have slowed the move for the less in the know users in the long term, maybe 6-12 months from now.

    Conclusion: IE needs IE8 fast…and it better be good.

  58. TMaster says:

    @ Corrine

    Yeah, that could be fun. Let’s call it WEEP (We Electrically Enhance Pain), after WSYP (We Share Your Pain).

    WSYP can be found here:

    WEEP will attempt to educate the user; every time the antivirus application notifies the Windows API of a virus/spyware application being detected, Windows sends two Evil Bits to the user’s chair, and this will in turn treat the user in the same way WSYP treats the Microsoft programmer ultimately responsible for a bug in their software.

    I bet it’ll be effective in lowering spyware infection rates, although I suspect Linux would quickly gain marketshare after WEEP would be required by Blackcomb/Vienna.

    Happy new year everyone! πŸ˜‰

  59. Carlos says:

    When is SP1 coming out for IE7?  I don’t want to download IE7 until all these problems are be fixed!  janvier? february?


  60. Xepol says:

    I would say that the whole IE7 process has been very satisfying over all.  Many of us felt we were clearly listened to, and I hope as the team looks forward to IE8 that this process continues.

    As you do look forward to IE8 over the next year, however, I do have a few bugs to put in your ear…

    When Win95 first came out, threading was heavily marketed particularilly in the first version of IE.  I find, now, however, that IE seems to get little to no benefits whatsoever from threading.

    Rather than being about to read most pages as they load, pages tend to not display until everything has loaded.

    This seems to be particularilly clear with pages that have scripting.  Often you’ll get the background bitmap and then the page takes FOREVER to show anything at all ( is a perfect example) – near as I can tell, once scripting is found, the page isn’t rendered at all until every last byte is in of the page and all the scripts.  As scripting is becoming increasingly prevalent, this is becoming increasingly annoying.

    Another similar issue are Tabs. Tabs are a great tool, but if one of the pages uses an activeX control (adobe, flash, video players), every tab dies when an activex tab blocks.  The microsoft player is a perfect example of this.  Just try loading on a tab and switching to another tab as it loads.  Get it just as the activex component is initializing, and everything locks dead.  Close the video page, same deal.  At times, this is almost enough to drive me back to seperate windows (acrobat can be very problematic here too)

    Finally, in page search.  I’m sorry, but the inpage search STINKS.  It hasn’t been updated since IE 1 when the code was lifted out of notepad.  The Live Toolbar never really got this right, and when I last tried it, it would not render any page in its "preview" mode.  Even if it did work, however, I still would not use it.  I once again refer you to how the google toolbar does in page search.  I encourage the IE team to build something like that directly into the browser itself.  A little window that sides down from the top, or up from the bottom perhaps.

    Maybe the Live toolbar people could add it to their product, but that brings up another problem entirely – many third party toolbars slow down the browser startup.  Live is a perfect example as the slow down is VERY noticable (try starting IE with and without the toolbar, you’ll see what I mean).  Google also adds a slowdown, albeit a less severe one, but now that I’ve noticed it, I would also like to ditch the google toolbar (I have the search window in the top right after all).

    It would be nice to do efficent, effective in page searchs without having to add any third party toolbars (even from MS).

    Give it some thought.

  61. IE team, I congratulate you on your excellent browser. You kept me on the edge of my seat this year waiting for IE7 to release, and never failed to provide great features.

    I look forward to seeing what you will produce in 2007!

  62. Jim Gatos says:

    I Love IE 7 and am finally glad to see THIS tabbed browser out!  Is there anything like

    1. Foxmarks (both for Favorites AND Feed Syncing)

    2. ForecastFox

    3. and DownThemAll out there for IE7? Free? I absolutely REFUSE to pay for something I can presently presently use for free. Also, a VideoDownloader clone?



  63. zuneone says:

    I love IE7 + thanks everyone at Microsoft.  The only thing I can think to add is a way to refresh all tabs at the same time.

    This would be nice.

  64. Aedrin says:

    "PS my most recent favorite, is that "copied" CSS styles (cssText), are not parsed the same as the original.   If your original, has prop:value;_prop:value; the copied style, will use _prop, even though the original is smart enough to use prop.  Which is real annoying, because the _prop was only used to deal with the horrible CSS support in IE6… which is fixed to a degree in IE7, except… if you want to copy styles…"

    This has been your most hilarious "bug report" up until now. You are asking for trash to be evaluated correctly.

    Solution: Don’t use hacks.

    "I still want to pound my head against my desk, every time I have to scroll 3/4+ the way across the screen to click those buttons."

    That F5 key is about 1-2 inches from your letters.

    "As of Dec 27, 2006 the World Wide Web Consortium has published results through November.

    IE7   7.1%

    IE6   49.9%

    IE5   2.9%

    FireFox   29.9%"

    Wrong stats, these are for "web developer" oriented sites. More realistic results:

    "You should be aware that IE7 is far behind Mozilla 2.0"

    Just amusing.

    I assume you mean FireFox 2.0 (as Mozilla is not a product). FireFox also has to catch up on certain things still. I shouldn’t have 200 MB of memory for 2 sites open after a day of use.

  65. steve_web says:


    To refresh all tabs at once, right click on a tab, and choose "refresh all".

    Note however, that any tabs loading up complex Active-X objects, or any flash, video, etc. will temporarily freeze things while loading, and you won’t be able to switch tabs.

    PS Oh, and don’t do this if one of your tabs is an order screen/confirmation (depending on the site), as you may send in a duplicate request… to transfer money, pay a bill, order  something etc.  This can be fairly catastrophic if you were planing to right click and choose "refresh" but your mouse went those 2 extra pixels and chose "refresh all".

    I’d give you the BUG ID# to track this bug in Feedback, but the bug tracking system was taken down after the final release. (cough, cough, cough… we’re still waiting for it to come back up Microsoft)

  66. Aedrin says:

    "I’d give you the BUG ID# to track this bug in Feedback"

    What bug? You just described a fully functional feature and you want to submit a bug for it? You’re just reaching now. (Considering you ignored my comments, indicating you must not have a proper answer)

  67. steve_web says:


    "That F5 key is about 1-2 inches from your letters."

    Yes, but if I have my left hand on the keyboard, and my right hand on the mouse (apparently a pretty common configuration)… if I want to do a hard reload (e.g. hold SHIFT/CTRL + reload) then as I place my left "pinky" on CTRL… reaching F5 without releasing my right hand from the mouse, is darn near impossible, without contorting my left hand.

    repeating the above several times, with left hand on keyboard, and right hand on mouse, is very easy… *IF* the refresh icon, were in a convenient place.

    As for the latest CSS bug/quirk I mentioned…

    Re: "This has been your most hilarious ‘bug report’ up until now. You are asking for trash to be evaluated correctly"

    I think you are missing the point.  As we all know, CSS is not *fixed* in IE7, it is just "better".  There are still several broken aspects, for which, hacking will continue to be commonplace.

    I could make 3 or 4 separate CSS stylesheets to overcome the different quirks in each version of IE, (using CC’s to choose which to apply), however I have no intention of duplicating dozens of different style declarations… tweaking each for each version of IE.

    What I noted, was that hack was fixed in IE7, so that it would actually use the correct prop value, and ignore the underscore version. (this was good), however, since we are still supporting the legacy IE6 browsers, the underscore hack is used to ensure that IE6 behaves.  Fine… but, if you are using JavaScript, to copy styles (hmmm, I hear that Web2.0/AJAX uses a bit of JavaScript), that the  desired behaviour above, falls apart in copied styles.

    E.g. The MS developers fixed the underscore hack in IE7, at parsing time, to ignore the underscore props, but, they didn’t change the code that stores those properties in a CSS style declaration, and thus, when that info is later requested, the developer will get the wrong info.  Generally, this is referred to as the "quick’n dirty fix" versus what we had hoped for, a "real browser fix".

  68. Steve says:

    "I assume you mean FireFox 2.0 (as Mozilla is not a product). FireFox also has to catch up on certain things still. I shouldn’t have 200 MB of memory for 2 sites open after a day of use."

    Agreed. I find Firefox and its memory leaks most annoying. I tend to open a lot of tabs (between 10 and 15) at a time, which IE7 has no problem doing.  Doing it in Firefox 2.0 after a while of use causes some very annoying memory related issues (such as no longer being able to select an unselected tab, or the browser context menu not appearing). These can only be solved by restarting the browser – very irritating.

  69. Daniel says:

    After upgrading to IE7 i see the browser page is changed to and the browser will not revert back to the old homepage until users clicked ‘save setting’ button. I see many novice users confused by this and they keep the for ever.

    I will suggest after certain days (say 5 days) IE7 should automatically revert back to the old homepage.

    BTB, happy new year to the entire IE7 team and congrats for a project well done.

  70. Paul says:

    Has Microsoft ever actually built an XHTML / CSS2 layout controlled website / application and tested it with IE7?

    Us web developers are trying to build advanced web based applications and move the web forward – using in many cases your brilliant .NET framework – however your browser cannot support what we are trying to do with it.

    You minimize the toolbar to maximize screen space, but then you leave div tables out of your standards support…. how are we supposed to correctly utilize the space as we want as we would in firefox (static toolbar on side, adaptable width main body) – without sacrificing flexibility (ie. using table controlled layout). Don’t think "use client side scripting uuuuuhhh" either – that is just wrong.

    You say you listened to web developers – which ones? People using FrontPage or something!? – how come nearly everything I can 100% count on with FireFox does not work properly in IE7? Ooh  but you have tabs now… wow….

    I have posted and watched many of your official blog sites, but for some reason you ignored all the really important cries for help πŸ™‚ The only real thing you have given us whatever:hover is pretty much used for cosmetic user interface feedback purposes.

    Is the money this entire planet gives you not enough to spend a week or so improving standards support?

    Lets hope with your 2007 you are planning on releasing a compulsory service pack for IE7 that brings it up to speed with some of the other browsers out there.

    We are ALL… REALLY… REALLY sick of your browser making our lives hard. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix it.

  71. @Paul,

    "how come nearly everything I can 100% count on with FireFox does not work properly in IE7?"

    Firefox never has had the pressure to be as secure as IE, nor will it ever. So until Firefox has the world’s most brilliant hackers pitted against it, or until you are responsible for securing a browser with over 70% market share, please refrain from talking about something you know little about.

    "not enough to spend a week or so improving standards support"

    Do you honestly think security comes from a week of programming? Open-source programmers do ‘quick fixes’ in a week – that’s why it takes a full year to release version 0.0.1 for most open-source projects. When something’s done professionaly, it takes time. This comes from a programmer who does more than web design.

  72. Paul says:

    @Wraith Daquell

    Mind your splatter.

    I have been developing enterprise level network based client server applications for over 15 years – not to mention desktop apps – C / C++ / Java / .NET / Oracle / SQL Server / mySQL db’s the list goes on. Credit card transaction merchant server software, writing software to hook into real banking systems.

    Applications requiring the tightest security requirements – and yes – data that every hacker would love to get their hands on.

    You think I sit around in Photoshop all day or something? You think I write 3 page websites for corner stores?

    Wake up – server-side centric web apps. are the most efficient way of writing globally accessible applications to a wide range of clients. This is why I am concerned as to standards implementations.

    Oh yes – and by the way – what have they taken with IE7? Would that be… oh yes… it was time. Re-skinning their "professionally written" IE6 engine with a few improvements. In fact – why do they need time going by your reasoning – it was already professionally written and secure.

    You have no clue – i’d get that M$ tattoo removed and wake up to reality.

  73. cooperpx says:

    @ Paul

    Microsoft’s channel 10. Check it out… it’s a step in the right direction.

    If your interest is somewhat piqued, check out this video about channel 10 on channel 9:

    "Is the money this entire planet gives you not enough to spend a week or so improving standards support?"

    Wraith Daquell’s reply is was informative and lacked personal attacks. As a vetran, you know full well that the trident engine (which is fairly aged and complex) took eons more than that to fix the host of layout fixes in IE7 with the current set of resources they have.

    As to the web developer’s they listened to, that’d be the foremost people on the industry actively providing workaround documentation for IE 6’s specific flaws including reproductions. I’m sure they hated ‘having to put their pencils down’.

    From what I can tell from the chats, videos, and blog posts … they give it their all … and deserve a Happy new year!

  74. Arieta says:

    I’m only an amateur web developer but I can tell that I can easily write code that looks pixel-exact on both Firefox and IE7.

    For IE6 and Firefox – only after a hour of hacking or so.

    So yea, IE7 IS much improved. And considering that they had to fix 5+ years of bugs (security and otherwise), and STILL managed to come up with a ton of new features and improved rendering, while also maintaining backwards compatibility, I can say that the IE team did a fairly good job.

    Sure, it has some bugs, but which browser doesnt. The Firefox 1.0 builds were total disasters with a lot of rendering bugs too. But over time, FF improved. IE is now under developement again, so it will be improved the same way (hopefully).

  75. Aedrin says:

    "if I want to do a hard reload (e.g. hold SHIFT/CTRL + reload) then as I place my left "pinky" on CTRL… reaching F5 without releasing my right hand from the mouse, is darn near impossible, without contorting my left hand."

    I do it all day long and it works fine for me. And if using F5 is a little bit too far away, then there’s always Ctrl+Shift+R.

    "I think you are missing the point.  As we all know, CSS is not *fixed* in IE7, it is just "better".  There are still several broken aspects, for which, hacking will continue to be commonplace."

    Hacks are just shortcuts however for real solutions. Just like that ‘quick’n dirty fix’, they’re not a ‘real browser fix’.

  76. Ensign Joe says:

    ie7 rocks, but there’s no download manager πŸ™

    And the user interface is not customizable, not even a bit πŸ™

    I have installed Firefox 2, but this browser sucks. It’s slow and … AAAARGH  I hate it :-9

    I’ll use IE from now till ever

  77. Shiny says:

    I love IE7!  Is there a place to post ideas/requests for features?  For example, I think you should be able to right-click the back button and open the previous page in a new tab.

  78. Marcus Thompson says:

    @Ensign Joe

    Just FYI, there are more browsers than IE and FF, for some people, Opera is the very star on the browser-sky, try it. Won’t hurt you, would it?

  79. dtreuter says:

    Is anything being done to address the seemingly glaring oversight that IE 7 ignores the disabled="disabled" property on select box options?

    Am I missing something here? This is a W3C standard, is it not?

    Sorry for tagging this onto an unrelated thread, but I wasn’t sure how else to get a response. Thanks.

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