Google and Release Customized IE7

I’m happy to note that Google and have recently released customized versions of IE7. These versions have been tailored by the two companies to provide the best experience with IE7 for their users. Like Yahoo!,, and others, they used the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) to create these versions; this toolkit is available to all developers who want to create their own versions of IE as well as for corporations to help with configuration and deployment.

You can download these versions here:


Tony Chor
Group Program Manager

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  1. Derek says:

    Can the IE team at least commit to making a lame copy of Firebug, five years after it comes out, in the Microsoft Way.

  2. Microsoft have made mention of the ‘IE7 optimized for Google‘ which was recently brought to my attention through a posting on Blake’s blog.

    Yahoo was the first company I spotted doing this, also USAtoday and also have their own..

  3. bremeski says:

    I love Google and I use it for everything, so don’t get me wrong here please. But this one is weak. Setting the home page to google/ig, making Google the default search engine (who hasn’t already done that?), and lastly, giving us a toolbar with a second search edit box while we can’t even get rid of the one that is already in IE7? Who are they kidding? Am I missing something here? Please tell me I am.

  4. Dave says:

    The Google download is 16MB. Is it a full IE7 plus Google toolbar, or is it just an add-in that configures some settings? What happens if I install it and I already have IE7?

  5. KeithCash says:

    Great lets down load and find out what happens.  Live on the edge a litte.

    Hope it does not mess anything up???

  6. Sterling says:

    Do not download the Google Toolbar version of IE7  The new version (v4) of the latter sucks.  Browse on other to the Google Toolbar on Google Groups and read all the complaints.

    Trust me, you’re better off with just IE7 and using the search box in the browser.

  7. steve_web says:

    funny… just overheard some "less techy" folks in a cafe talking…

    "Oh you should try the new IE7 optimized for Yahoo… it saves all your sites so they open at once in little mini screens"

    Funny thing is, anyone that wasn’t stuck with IE6, would know this is nothing new… I am amazed every day at how many people do not know that there are several browsers better than IE6 out there (including IE7 of course).  just shocks me how many people have no idea about them.

    then again, if Google has started promoting this, I would expect a landslide of installs soon.

  8. Adam says:

    will this update be available on Window Update or Microsoft Update soon?

    Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB928089)

    Brief Description

    This update resolves a performance issue with the Phishing Filter.

  9. @bremeski

    >lastly, giving us a toolbar with a second search edit box while we can’t even get rid of the one that is already in IE7?

    You can get rid of the one in IE7 by editing the group policies.

    I have written a command-line tool to make customization of IE easier, see

    QLaunch.exe searchbox=no


  10. hAl says:

    Why doesn’t not offer a tailor made version.

  11. どうも、Googleカスタマイズ版IE7がリリースされたもようです。 Down…

  12. Unrealguy69 says:

    You can get rid of the IE7 search box here

  13. Aedrin says:


    "(who hasn’t already done that?)"

    Me? I prefer using MSN/Live search.


    "I am amazed every day at how many people do not know that there are several browsers better than IE6 out there"

    Most people don’t even know what CSS, RSS and whatnot are. This is why Microsoft also updated their UI, added security stuff, and other things. If you just upgrade things in the background (like most of FF2), people won’t understand the need for an update. If someone asks you, why update from FF1.5 to 2, what would you say? Oh, it has a spell checker? Most people don’t even bother with that. Spell checkers are for word processing.

  14. mike says:

    I am sorry but I disagree with Aedrin. The spell checker in FF2 is an extremely useful tool, especially for anyone who post comments on blogs such as this. I am not going to go to the bother of opening up a word processor (which I don’t have) just to check a short post.

  15. Tim says:

    I don’t trust any of these organizations in releasing a customized version of IE7. What safe guards are in place to ensure these versions don’t contain spyware or even a rootkit? No thanks. I’ll continue to get Microsoft software directly from the horse’s mouth, thank you! And leave the customization and extras to my own discretion!

    A second point, doesn’t this go against what Microsoft has always tried to teach us, to only obtain their products and security patches directly from them?

  16. jun says:

    Google releasing a custom IE7 seems as pointless as Microsoft making IE7. Nobody goes with Windows over Mac or Linux because of IE. You could ship it with Firefox and most users wouldn’t even notice as long as the desktop icon remained the blue e.

  17. Harry says:

    I down loaded Ex 7 12-14-06.

    I find favorites a lot harder to use. You have to create a new file before saving and is more difficult to put in new subject area. It just seems to show up randomly and is hard to find. The other favorites was more user friendly.

    Also when moving a file in Ex 7 favorites the screen goes blank and creates an error and shuts down windows. The tool bar is just clutered up with Google icons.I think the old tool bar was a lot more useful.

  18. googeria says:

    I do not like Google and I will not download their silly toolbar…

  19. Adam says:

    the update below is not available on Microsoft Update at all.

    Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB928089)

  20. Robin says:

    To Googeria: However, Google is the leader in search engine technology and most used SE in present day. Google toolbar is not silly, it is very useful utilite.

  21. goose says:

    Microsoft is the ONLY company to be trusted to not give the user spyware and adware! And root-kits!

    Even tho these customisations are unquestionably useful to people EVERYWHERE, I will have to pass on them, as tempting as they are.

    Only Microsoft can guarantee security.

  22. jun says:

    "Microsoft is the ONLY company to be trusted to not give the user spyware and adware! And root-kits!" — goose

    LOL.  So what exactly do you call activex? It was Microsoft who invented the very technology that enables websites to install software on your PC without your knowledge, and they integrated it into (drum roll) INTERNET EXPLORER…which is coincidentally the very program we are discussing.

  23. David Wrixon says:

    Well if you look at the Auction site in China, the only people not selling Vista is Microsoft!

  24. Sterling says:


    I agree with you, the Google toolbar isn’t silly but useful.  And Google is my default seach engine in IE7  However, the latest version of the GTb is somewhat disaster.  I, and others, have said that the previous version, version 3, was better than the current one (4)  This is indeed true.

    That’s one of the reasons why I think people shouldn’t download the customized Google version of IE7

  25. says:


    Ignor goose, he’s trying to get you all wound up on a "goose chase".

    Just read some of the posts… they are quite funny, and best of all, some "fanboys" have chimed in supporting his comments.

  26. Nikita says:

    Respekt author for such article. I do not like Google and I will not download their silly toolbar Thank you!  

  27. Chad Lupkes says:

    I just tried to download the Google IE7, and it didn’t even show up as an available program after a reboot.  I’m going to try from the main microsoft site and see if that works.

  28. Fduch says:

    Can anyone save this jpg?

    I tried many times, but it’s always saves it as bmp.

    Sometimes IE7 even saves animated GIFs in bmp format. I still wonder how IE team managed to do this…

  29. Damit says:

    Sorry for taking this thread off-topic, but I looked into the gallery.php link the previous commenter posted. It seems something’s wrong with it (at least on my end) so perhaps that’s why IE gets confused. text/html for an image?

    HTTP request sent, awaiting response…

     HTTP/1.1 200 OK

     Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 01:45:23 GMT

     Server: Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) PHP/4.3.8

     X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.8

     Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT

     Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0

     Pragma: no-cache

     Content-Type: text/html

     Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=c90f3efd26d751ff27b707367345f2b8; path=/

     Connection: Close

    Length: unspecified [text/html]

  30. Fduch says:

    Yes, the content type is bad.

    But I still wonder why .bmp?

    Why not .html then?

    The problem is that IE cannot save the original data.

    BTW I sometimes get this untitled.bmp on good servers. Ctrl+F5 5 times nearly always helps.

  31. Stephen says:

    This is offtopic, but I figure this is as good a place as any to make such a request – can you put a JavaScript/JScript debugger in your DevToolBar? The main reason I use Firefox to help debug is that has such a tool. The other tools in the DevToolBar are great, but incomplete without a JavaScript/JScript debugger.

  32. Roland says:


    I want to create my own Toolbar, is how can I find out how ro do this?

    Is there resources on the MSDN forums?

    Can anyone let me know where to find out how to develop your own toolbars

  33. Pradeep says:

    Can buttons like

    "+ My Yahoo"

    "+ My MSN"

    "+ My Google"

    "Bloglines" etc.

    be added to RSS button. When I click on the small triangle beside the RSS button, all these should appears, similar to the search box.

    This way we can get away with the clutter on lot of webpages like this(

  34. Jay says:

    I find it somewhat amusing the the Web.De link also is promoting Firefox right next to it 😛 (Likewise Google themselves hardly support IE with their ‘get firefox’ buttons).

  35. Google is a hype says:

    I don’t get this?

    Whey would IE GPM promote version of IE that would promote Google search and everything google?

    It is like handing over market share to google from Live which inspite of all its prowress is having a hard time disloding loyal googlers?

    Am I missing somethings here?

  36. flycover says:

    there is an plugin called IE7Pro could customize IE7 :

    1. Add super Drag Drop

    2. Support open new tab from address bar

    3. Set agent identification.

    4. Close/Open tab when double left click.

    5. Block ads.

    6. Switch proxy.

  37. steve_web says:

    Automatic Updates (AU) YET AGAIN!! is still changing default email client.

    This is not funny anymore.

    Talk to your Outlook/Express Team, and get them to fix their code ASAP!

  38. steve_web says:

    @flycover: re:ie7pro

    Your mini feature list sounds interesting, but your site does not provide any screenshots, or detailed info on what is in your extension.

    What is "super" drag n drop? does this allow me to drag tabs from one window to another?

    Does the close tab feature allow me to close the first tab?

    Details please.  These days, without some details as to what the product actually does, there is a real confidence issue in installing extensions on IE.  we’ve been burned before.

  39. Annie C says:

    I HATE IE7 and would love to get rid of it. Very "unfriendly" — I want my old browser back.

  40. joetest says:

    Uninstall IE7 if you dont like it.

  41. Frank L. says:

    The IE 7 may be stupendous , but it is making it impossible to use my HPDirector for scanning without some modification.

  42. diy says:

    using Microsoft version IE 7.

    IE 7 Memory usage very high when using IE 7 for 1-2 hours. I might be the phishing filter protection that is causing this to happen.

  43. max says:

    There is a nice behavior that other browsers have, when you have a hyperlink with an href of "" (blank), that I think IE should mimic.

    In other browsers, it serves as a direct link back to the same page.  The great thing about it, is that the developer need not know, or care, what the current page is, the browser just returns to the same page.

    In IE, it seems to redirect to the current page’s "root" directory.  Which, on mis-configured systems, exposes a directory listing, or some other sort of error.

    Likewise, if the ability to request a directory listing is desired, the old "host:port/path/subpath/?" still works, and is generally recommended.


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