Chinese and Hebrew IE7 Released

We released three additional language versions of Windows Internet Explorer 7 – Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Hebrew. This adds to the list of previously released language versions in Arabic, Finnish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Korean and Spanish. Download language versions of Windows Internet Explorer 7 here

More language versions of Internet Explorer 7 will be available over the next few months.

Mary Hoffman
Program Manager

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  1. yuan says:

    o,the size of the software is increasing bigger more bigger, can you develop occupying less system resources, but it can do more functions of the software?Be considered to contribute to the world energy savings.

  2. Erwin Ried says:

    In spanish, IE installer creates a folder called "Accessorios" in start menu for "Add-ins disabled mode" shortcut. The correct name for that folder is "Accesorios".

    By the ways, when will be fixed the EOLAS problems?

  3. ie7 says:

    IE7 runs very slowly on my computer, especially when opening a new tab for browsing.

    I don’t know why Opera can run so fast and Opera has almost all functions that IE7 can provide.

  4. DonauYa says:

    I can’t find the Simplified Chinese version.

  5. William Tan says:

    This is the single-most important news in the history of IDN simply because the percentage of Chinese IDN users is simply massive!

    For examples IDNs in chinese (中文域名例子), see


    "Ditch the xn--!"

  6. 出国留学 says:

    Chinese and Hebrew IE7 Released

    yes,i know!

  7. David Wrixon says:

    This appears to be the second Phantom Launch of Simplified Chinese. I have been to where I would expect the download and it just is not there. Is this some kind of very amusing joke or does the right not know what the left is doing?

  8. David Wrixon says:

    You guys must be having a laugh. You launched Japanese before Simplified Chinese and now you have prioritised Taiwan over the PRC. Have you guys any ideas of how this might look in Beijing?

  9. XemiT says:

    Some corporations don’t follow the steps of Microsft, such as China Construction Back. The online bank cannot install the certification and finish the operation on IE7. So I think it is the responsibility of Microsoft to accerlate the developing of new software compatible with IE7.

  10. David Wrixon says:

    Actually it has been released, just not where this blog would have led us to believe! You have had it straight from the horses arse.

    URL copied to Clipboard

  11. Chinese says:

    I downloaded ie7 this morning,I think ie7 is very good.But the new font 雅黑 of ie7 and office2007 is not accustomed.

  12. a says:

    Actually they did release IE7, they just named it Hong Kong on the download list.

  13. luc says:

    IE7 is very fast on my very old PC

  14. TMaster says:

    *** offtopic ***

    Perhaps it’s a good idea to do a blog post about persistence in Internet Explorer that does not use cookies? And if there have been any changes in behavior since IE5 (which is the version of Internet Explorer that seems to be covered by most articles regarding non-cookie persistence)? I’m also curious about whether it can be disabled or not.

    A helpful page can be found here:

  15. __hAl__ says:

    @David Wrixon

    I guess Japanese customers pay a lot more money than Chinese. Micrsoft might also have more history in Japan and that might also include moretranslational capacity. Chinese also probably causes extra problem as it has several version some of which are reasonably complex and that makes fast translations even less easy.

    It is likely that Chinese versions will always be amongst the last to be released just because of the needed work.

  16. om19 says:


  17. doctor-koala says:

    Dear team software IE 7,

    Congratulation for IE 7 is very excellente navigation!

    Just one problem for development webpage.

    My problem CSS :

    ///Position: fixed//// no correctly show

    the scroll block isn’t move…


    Thank you a french boy.

  18. ttt says:



  19. Jabin says:


  20. xfile says:

    @David Wrixon

    >You guys must be having a laugh. >You launched Japanese before >Simplified Chinese and now you have >prioritised Taiwan over the PRC. >Have you guys any ideas of how this >might look in Beijing?

    Do you work for Beijing government or one of those foreigners trying to beg for a job there?

    What is your intensions for bringing political concerns into a product release?

  21. SE says:

    Howcome the Swedish version is so late this time?

  22. shine India says:

    IE 7 nice navigational feautures! but still some bugs ……..

  23. ttt says:



  24. pradeep says:

    Could you provide an option to search from multiple search providers at the same time from the IE search box?

    Let results from each search provider open in a new tab.

    A check box beside each search provider should do.

  25. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @TMaster: The non-cookie persistence features haven’t materially changed since IE5.

    The only meaningful difference is that the "Delete Browsing History" feature will now delete the UserData store.

  26. Admini says:

    I checked the new version of IE7 in hebrew – works fine!.

    This version also (like IE7 en) affected the

    bug of the 100% CPU.


    when you move (only move) the mouse fast on the messages on the forum – IE uses 100% CPU.

    On Quirks mode – all OK

    IE6 – OK

    FF – OK

  27. I’m trying to test the "attribute selector" of CSS2 in IE7, it still does not works…



    <style type="text/css">

    input[type="text"] {

    border: 1px solid black;

    color: white;

    background-color: gray;


    input[type="password"] {

    border: 1px dashed red;

    background-color: #FFCCCC;


    input[type="checkbox"] {

    width: 40px;

    height: 20px;


    input[type="radio"] {

    width: 32px;

    height: 32px;


    input[type="file"] {

    color: white;

    background-color: orange;





    name: <input type="text" name="ms_passport" value="test"/><br/>

    password: <input type="password" name="password" value="test"/><br/>

    hobbies: <input type="checkbox" name="hobby" value="game"/>game, <input type="checkbox" name="hobby" value="sport"/>sports, <input type="checkbox" name="hobby" value="cooking"/>cooking<br/>

    os: <input type="radio" name="os_type" id="win2000"/>win2000, <input type="radio" name="os_type" id="winXP"/>winXP, <input type="radio" name="os_type" id="winVista"/>Vista<br/>

    upload photo: <input type="file" name="photo"/>



  28. TMaster says:

    Thank you, Eric.

    I do have a few additional questions, though, if you don’t mind.

    1) "userDatapersists page state and information within an XML store, a hierarchical data structure." – Where is this stored? In the UserData folder? And with which button in the "Delete Browsing History" would it be removed?

    2) How does the user control which sites can use XML stores? Or is this not enabled by default for the Internet Zone?

    3) Is there a way to prevent persistence in your Favorites or even in general?

    *** offtopic once more ***

    I’m sorry for not reporting this to the newsgroup, but I’m having an issue using tabs when combined with the Google Toolbar ActiveX: If I want to have the "Open in new tab" context menu option, I have to disable the googletoolbar3.dll "Toolbar" add-on. I’m using an up-to-date IE7 English/XP Home SP2 Dutch. Is this a known problem?

    I figure you’ll want to tell me Google needs to fix their DLL, but I don’t think it’s that simple; how is it possible an add-on can remove Internet Explorer functionality?! I thought it was a plug-in, but apparently there can be a plug-out as well…

  29. TMaster says:

    Update to the Google Toolbar issue:

    I just installed a new version, and my "open in new tab" item re-appeared, however, I still stand behind what I said earlier today.

  30. Aedrin says:


    The doctype is XHTML 1.0, did you see what kind of junk is in that source?

    This is probably one of the worst markups I’ve seen, and it’s not even made by Dreamweaver.

    Result:   Failed validation, 5355 errors

    No wonder it eats CPU in certain situations. Actually, it’s a miracle other browsers can handle that junk.

  31. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @TMaster: IE has a very powerful plugin model that enables significant customization of the browser.  One aspect of that is the ability to customize the context menu.

    UserData is stored in the C:documents and settingsUSERNAMEuserdata folder.  I believe it’s deleted in all of the cases where Cookies are deleted.  The ability to persist userdata is a Zone specific setting (not per-site) and you can control its availability using the Tools/Internet Options/Security/Customize list of settings.

  32. JS says:

    Off-topic, but noticed that a really annoying bug has been carried over from IE6 to IE7, which means I still have to make a special style-sheet for IE7.

    IE has a bug when calculating the window size as related to block-level elements with margin: auto and fixed widths.

    An example: a page with a centered div with a width of 772 pixels. You want a white column stretching from top to bottom of the page, regardless of content height, so you put a 772 pixel white strip as a body background-image, with repeat-y set to true, and placed in the center.

    Depending on the size of the browser window, a div with a 772 px width and margin: auto will either appear centered over the background image (which is correct), or it will be shifted by 1 pixel to the left or right. It seems that IE miscalculates rounded values, resulting in incorrect margin sizes.

    This is extremely frustrating for designers, and pretty unnecessary since Mozilla and Safari have both apparently figured out how to avoid this.

  33. Billy says:

    Where is Chinese Simplified version? I can’t find it.

  34. miniplayer says:

    It would be nice if you guys added a right click menu item to the refresh button which would "Refresh All" open tabs.  

  35. Aedrin says:

    "This is extremely frustrating for designers, and pretty unnecessary since Mozilla and Safari have both apparently figured out how to avoid this."

    They’ve figured out how to decide between rounding up or down?

    This is something that is either standardized or it isn’t. Until it isn’t, no one has figured it out.

    Mozilla/Safari != Standard

  36. Danny S says:

    "They’ve figured out how to decide between rounding up or down?"

    Well, there’s always mathematical logic to argue with. 1.4 results in 1 and 1.5 in 2. Wether IE or the others is making the mistake – I don’t know.

    Arguing with experience, I’d guess IE’s making the mistake. However that’s not proven yet (for me).

  37. TMaster says:

    Thank you for your response, Eric.

    I do have to say I disagree with Internet Explorer allowing the removal of context menu items. "Open in new tab" is an option important to Internet Explorer and should not be removable – though I think allowing items to be added is a good idea (which is available already).

    Perhaps it’s interesting to note that when the Google Toolbar managed to remove the "open in new tab" option, the context menu switched to Dutch, while it’s back to English now that the option has returned (due to the Toolbar update). Also, I found out the options that were previously added by the Google Toolbar have disappeared – I guess they received some bug reports and decided to disable it entirely – not that I mind.

  38. Alberto says:

    IE7 is truly slower than Ie6. That ‘conneting’ thing takes several seconds, which IE6 didn’t. It can be enough to make it as slow as Firefox to load.

    Why such a bad new ‘feature’ in such good product? You may jeopardize the whole effort just because of that. Next fix should be focused all on that…

    A guy who loves IE is talking here. It’s slow at loading. It’s a fact. 🙁

  39. Saturn says:

    Certainly IE a great browser, but IMHO version 6 is more friendly to user than new IE7.

  40. David Wrixon says:

    Perhaps the Muppeteers at Microsoft should consider how damaging the hold up on AU is going to be in China, in light of the fact that Yahoo.CN has a link to their own version of IE7, right there at the Top of their Homepage.

    Now wonder MSN Search is about to become a foot note in history. Or perhaps you might think that it is a good think that Yahoo gets to have its own tool bar on a high percentage of the IE7 versions out there?

  41. Steve says:

    Oh, i have installed IE7 on my home PC, Windows XP SP2 simplified Chinese version, unfortunately, the IE7 can NOT be started! I clicked the icon and nothing happened!

    I followed the KB926449, but nothing listed on that KB works.

    I checked the system event log but nothing found. It just totally does not work on my machine. I have to use the firefox to post this complain. Anyone can tell me how to get some error message output from ie7? or except the KB926449, i can find anything else?

  42. rc says:


    "IE7 is truly slower than Ie6. That ‘conneting’ thing takes several seconds, which IE6 didn’t."

    IE 3 is much faster, why don’t you use it?

  43. Steve says:

    OK! I found the problem! I found if the psapi.dll in the Internet Explorer directory will make my IE 7 start failed without any messages!

    My psapi.dll in the Internet Explorer directory is 14848 bytes, 4.0.1371.1, Process Status Helper. I guess this dll file is too old and I found the same psapi.dll in system32 directory and the version is 5.1.2600.2180. I guess this is a dll conflict but the IE 7 installer does not detect.

  44. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Steve: Correct, PSAPI.dll should not exist outside of your system32 directory.  This is a common problem, and it’s listed up at

  45. Guess says:

    Download IE 7 zh-tw but can’t work

    platform : XPSP2

    At first I used IE7 Eng release version

    but after I uninstall IE7 Eng .

    I already download the file IE7-WindowsXP-x86-cht.exe many times , and then double click this file , it start to extract the file , but then

    nothing happen … So I try to use the previous

    IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe but it doesn’t work either …..

    I change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlNlsLocale and


    to 0409 and 000000409

    but it doesn’t work …

    which means that I can’t install IE 7

    what is wrong ? Thank You

  46. JS says:

    "This is something that is either standardized or it isn’t. Until it isn’t, no one has figured it out."

    That makes no sense.

    The bug works like this: if the window size is an odd number of pixels, then when the browser calculates the sizes for each side of a margin: auto; block it’s rounding up both numbers, which results in a size that is bigger than the window. In that instance, one side should be bigger than the other by 1 pixel.

    Again, it’s been solved in both Firefox and Safari. Surely those bright geniuses at MSFT can puzzle it out.

    I find it hard to believe that you think calculating a size that is *NOT* the same as the window size could be considered correct behavior.

  47. goose says:

    Chinese and Hebrew users around the world, rejoice! Welcome to the party! The world’s best browser for you. You may now upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 for the highest security! Your countries will be much safer with Genuine Microsoft software.

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