Update Released for Some Versions of MSXML

We want you to know that some IE7 and Windows Vista users will need today’s security update for MSXML even though by default Windows XP and Windows Vista are not affected.

Many applications install and use versions 4 and the original version 6 of the control as a part of the XML Core Services. The most common versions of MSXML don’t require any update such as MSXML3 and the version of MSXML6 installed with Windows Vista.

Rob Franco
Lead Program Manager

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  1. GT says:

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-071

    I just installed Microsoft XML Core Services (928088) security update and i notice that this update created a new folder on my C: drive  with this folder name 8d8de6cb1135336f4c00……so on. Can i delete the folder or is that folder needed?

  2. IEBlog says:

    The IE cumulative November 2006 security update is now available via Windows Update . Alternatively,

  3. Fduch says:

    is it intentional that this page doesn’t load in IE7?


  4. Other browsers fail too says:

    Intention… NO! Fails in Firefox, IE6.0.2900.2180, & Opera 9.02

  5. Fduch says:

    @Other browsers fail too


    I suspected the same.

    Wondering why they did such page..

  6. Ivo says:

    how can I use the new version of xmlhttp in javascript ?

    Thx A Lot

  7. Ivo,

    Take a look at the reference at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/properties/xmlhttprequest.asp to get you started. The previous blog post about native XMLHttpRequest at http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2006/01/23/516393.aspx may also help.



  8. Réjean says:

    S’cuse my english, I’m a "Frog" !  😉

    Congrulations for the integration of RSS in IE7 !

    But, why didn’t IE7 recognize OPML files?

    That would be very practical to import rss lists in IE7.

  9. macbirdie says:

    All IE7s I have do import OPML feed lists.

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