IE7 Worldwide Distribution by Automatic Updates

We have received a bunch of questions about the Automatic Updates (AU) distribution process for IE7 and the worldwide rollout over AU. Here are some facts that hope will answer some of those questions.

Prior to starting general AU distribution to IE6 users, IE7 was available via the IE site for several weeks. This brought IE7 to a wider range of users than the beta and enabled us to watch for any issues. The initial rollout went well and we continue to monitor customer feedback through many channels.

We have now slowly started general AU distribution of IE7 in English, and this will continue over the next few months. For localized versions, we plan to follow this same approach of first releasing to the IE site followed by AU distribution several weeks later. A number of already-released European languages are next to start AU distribution and customers using these languages should be ready by November 15th.

Don’t be surprised if you see AU distribute new updates for Windows in November, but don’t see IE7. The rate of delivery and when IE7 reaches you will be based on several factors including the release of other higher priority updates and support call volume. You may have IE7 delivered by AU at any time over the next few months. Of course you can go to the Windows Update website and get it whenever you wish.

Finally, the other big question I am seeing is about the rollout schedule for Japan. Specifically, why isn’t the Japanese market receiving IE7 via AU until this spring? The Japanese market faced unique challenges due to their highly decentralized IT organizations. Our customers and partners in Japan told us this added to the time required to get ready for IE7. We listened to them and decided to hold off AU distribution in Japan until further readiness activities could be completed. Simply put, Japan faced challenges that we did not see in the North American or European markets. In the mean time users in all markets can download IE7 in all the languages we’ve released.

We recently posted Readiness Dates by language on TechNet.

One last thing, I want to reiterate that users will not be forced to accept IE7 nor will we silently install IE7. As we’ve blogged before, users will see a dialog box offering IE7. Users can choose “Install”, “Don’t Install”, or “Ask me later”.

Tony Chor
Group Program Manager

Comments (46)

  1. Does anyone know if the same registry key works for disabling the automatic deployment of IE7 on the localized versions? We a have a free utility that enables, or disables for the user and want to make sure it works on these versions of IE.

  2. John Farrar says:

    I agree not to force users to install a new version of the browser. It feels misleading though when it appears as a "priority" or "urgent" update. Users will fear not updating. IE7 is a great work with only ECMA 4 compliant scripting missing. Congradulations ona work that leaves me with only two issues. Considering all IE7 does you have done an amazing job!

  3. hmmm says:

    hmmm…ie7…open a couple embeded movies in 2 tabs…and it crashes after a few seconds(ram changed twice)…

    open a new internet explorer process or maybe even 3…it runs them without a problem.

    when is that getting fixed

  4. MikeWalshHelsinki says:

    The problem as I see it is with it being defined as a Critical Install.

    It isn’t and shouldn’t be marked as such.

    Normal users will install critical updates even if they don’t need to and it may be risky for them.


    As an example of the "risk" aspect, I have in fact a problem that I didn’t have with the Betas. Often when I startup IE7 (with a pre-set 6 tabs including one that requires authentication) it starts loading the first tab (which is displayed) but then the IE process zooms up to 100% usage and stays there (and all the tabs are showing "Connecting To" and clicking anywhere gives beeps).

    Delete the process and re-start and it loads OK.

  5. mith. says:

    i have a problem seeing some pictures since i have downloaded IE 7. some pictures are blocked with a X on top corner. clicked ‘show picture’ but nothing happens. is there a way to fix it? please.

  6. David Wrixon says:

    I just don’t buy these lame excuses for not releasing the Far East Languages.

    If Japan has a de-centralised IT structure then decision can be made at a local level. This means that some people will update and others won’t. If they don’t have centralised control, then there is unlikely to consistency of approach anyway.

    Installing blockers through-out a large organisation like this is trivial. Windows allows you to remotely install this. The blocker can also be distributed throughout the organisation by email.

    Basically, what you are saying is that it is High Priority for those that and Low Priority for those that don’t. As you never even provided basic navigation funtionality for Japanese or Chinese in IE6, it was clearly much more important to these languages than English. Not only have you not provided it on AU, but you have not publicly explained the significance of the upgrade properly, prefering to rattle on about a lot of trivia.

    So are we now about to get confirmation that China is also has a lot less Centralised Control than America? Or are you going to be even more imaginative in your excuses this time?

    The bottom line is you are prioritising those countries where Firefox is perceived as the greatest threat. It is also abutdantly clear that the US Government regards control of the Internet as key to its trade policy. We in Britain, however, resent the common American practice of charging us the same in pounds as Americans pay in dollars for electronic downloads. It is bad enough when such discrimination relates to physical product, but when you are charged much more for something that is downloaded on the the basis of geographical location, all the US arguments about freedom on the Internet are clealy propoganda with no basis in fact!

    Frankly, it would severe you right if they all just get hold of a cracked version of Vista.

  7. Where’s the British English version?

    Surely you aren’t presuming that an entire nation is content with putting up with the incorrect localised version, with its inherent spelling issues?

  8. Mark McNally says:

    Since the release of IE7 I have made several attempts to install it onto my home computer, several BSOD’s and one system restore later I am still unable to install it. The log keeps telling that it is unable to install to write to a particular reg key, I have checkde the permissions there and am also logged in as an administrator, I have disabed my anti-spyware, including Windows Defender, as well my anti-virus(AVG) and also my firewall (Zone-alarm), but still no joy……….

    And here here to Fraser Pearce, it’s bad enough many can’t spell properly as it is without you encouraging them

  9. Clare Smyl says:


    Just installed IE7 and have jerky scrolling on every webpage – THIS IS HIGHLY IRRITATING.

  10. William Tan says:

    This is a piece of excellent news for the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) community.

    Already there are thousands of multilingual domain names in use today, some by very high profile companies.

    Check out http://IDNSearch.NET/ for a showcase of real life IDN examples.

  11. Sandi says:

    Mark McNally

    Experience has shown us that you have to *uninstall* ZoneAlarm, not just disable it.

  12. Erwin Ried says:

    Too registry problems, toolbar & plugin incompatibilities, Outlook & Office problems, desktop icons problems, just see this:

    By the way IE7 is far away better than IE6, near the hanging FF2… and its working very well for me.

  13. hAl says:

    @Mark McNally

    With Zonealarm on your computer anything can happen !!

  14. luc says:



    German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic


    Italian, Dutch, Russian, Sweden, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew


    Turkish, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, ELL


    Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

    Calendar Year Q2 2007

  15. vista says:

    Why is it, that with some add-ins installed (e.g. the Quero toolbar) buttons in the IE7 interface that were messed up by the length bug (rendering goes all whack) are fixed!!??

    If the fix is so simple, that an add-in, can fix this by accident, why can’t MS fix this ASAP?

    If nothing else, if you fix it in the chrome of the browser, the rendering bug (of the same) on web pages, at least *looks* like it might not be MS’s fault.

    …and if this fix (to the chrome), can also fix the HTML issue, that would be awesome.

  16. Mark McNally says:

    But I don’t wanna have to uninstall :-(, lol.

  17. Ron says:

    Is anybody seeing a problem with having too many windows open? When I have several windows open, IE7 will refuse to open a new window, right click is disabled, etc. Once i clse a window, I can open a new one, but it seems to get smaller and smaller. For example, have 8 windows open, try to open the 9th, can’t do it…close a couple of windows, and it works again. Then in a few minutes I can’t open the 8th window…then the 7th…then the 6th. It’s very annoying and I can’t find anything written about it anywhere. Thoughts? Only started to happen on install of ie7, and is happening on two computers.

  18. Aedrin says:

    "Frankly, it would severe you right if they all just get hold of a cracked version of Vista."

    You seriously think companies will install an illegal version of Vista and risk their entire business? Right…

    They already told you that the customers they refer to are decentralized, as in you can’t install something remotely.

  19. Gary Strait says:

    Installed IE7 on home PC with no problems.  Installed on work PC and IE7 will only display security warnings.  When I try to go any sites IE crashes.  Using XP.  Anybody have thoughts?

  20. AC says:

    @Fraser Pearce

    "Surely you aren’t presuming that an entire nation is content with putting up with the incorrect localised version, with its inherent spelling issues?"

    They aren’t. That’s why the British version wasn’t.

  21. I don’t know if this problem has been posted already somethere …

    IE ignores position definitions for anchors in a website. See:

  22. Fiery Kitsune says:

    IETeam, how do you respond to the "styleVista" hack for Windows XP’s IE7?

  23. E Queen says:

    What is wrong with 7? All day long I have gotten call after call that no one can use their company web sites.

    PDF files wont open, images wont display

    forms wont accept data.

    I am forced to issue a mutli company

    memo to turn off auto updates until

    this buggy version is corrected.

    Why do you continue to deliver things

    that do not function correctly with

    the capital you have?

    What is R&D doing out there folks?

    These web sites are not coded wrong either.

    Thank you – EQ

  24. Aedrin says:

    "These web sites are not coded wrong either."

    That’s a bold statement.

  25. Finally updated to internet explorer 7.0 today and just noticed that the 32 bit version is default on the desktop again! I was relieved when I saw the beta version installed the 64 bit version as default for the desktop. Is macromedia’s flash that strong of a player?

  26. I installed me7 on nov.12 and have not been able to print as printer spooler service is not running. In fact my printer is no longer on the printer faxes folder  Have tried to restart this through Computer manager without success. I’ve since removed me7 and also am unable to use restore as all points previous to nov12 are not there . Great upgrade!!!

  27. Adam says:

    My wife was tricked into downloading this so called upgrade. IE 7 is horrible. Now I have to go through the trouble of removing it and adding IE 6 back. I’m considering a switch to NetScape or another browser. That’s how much I’ve hated my first day with this lousy product.

  28. hAl says:

    I suspect you will get hundreds more angry people over the AU of IE7.

    There must be tons of add-ins that wreck havoc with IE7 but probably also a ton of spyware programs and other malware that people are unaware that are running on their computers.

    The fact that so much people complain one installations of IE7 shows that many of those issues suurounding 3rd party software or malware aren’t solved properly yet.

  29. TMaster says:

    I’m saddened so many people are seeing issues. Sure, I have had issues during the betas, but nothing as severe as people here seem to be experiencing.

    Adam, if I were you, I’d try customizing IE first, you might be able to change it so that you’ll like it better (disabling tabbed browsing?)

    Ron, I’ve seen your issue in IE6, but only when I was *very* low on available memory – could this be an issue? Perhaps increasing the size of your pagefile would help?

    Out of sheer curiosity, in what way are automatic updates going to affect me? I’m using a Dutch version of XPSP2, using an English IE7, and I’m not feeling the need to switch languages. Will I see an automatic update for the Dutch version, even though I’ve manually installed the English one?

  30. AggieDebi says:

    we have discovered that the HP Director software does not work after installing IE7.  i tested it again today (11-15-06) and the issue still exists.  our accounting staff are required to scan documents daily, so i am prohibited from download IE7 until this issue is fixed.  anybody see a resolution coming soon?

    you can email me at or call me at 979-862-1014.



  31. Shawn says:

    Firefox is, in my opinion, inferior to IE 6. Why did Microsoft follow THEIR lead and turn IE 7 into a faux Firefox? The home page screen is now almost indistingushable from Firefox’s at first glance. I hate IE 7. From the links for favorites, etc being pictures instead of words to the cheap imitative nature of it. Wish I knew how to get rid of IE 7 and reinstall IE 6. I am not a pro– but is this easy enough to do?

    If so, pls e mail me at Thanks!

  32. Wayne says:

    AU ran when I shut down my PC last night (14th Nov 2006).  Tonight, I boot up and the first thing I see is two exceptions in svchost.  I can’t run AU manually, my sound card is disabled/driver corrupted and my taskbar is corrupted/colours all messed up.  Don’t you love Miscrosoft?  I’m seriously considering turning off AU.

  33. Rich says:

    If only there would be some intelligent people posting here. Stop bashing microsoft… it isn’t their fault your machine is all messed up. Learn to use your machine first, and you will do a whole lot better.

    Their software didn’t mess you up. All the spyware, and the hacks and cracks you have been playing with messed it up.

    I like this quote: "My wife was tricked into downloading this so called upgrade."

    Maybe she should learn how to use a computer before clicking yes to everything? Blame her, not microsoft. Lots of people (most of them actually know what they are doing…) like IE7 and welcome it.


    "I’m considering a switch to NetScape or another browser."

    You probably should. Make sure it has training wheels, and keep your wife away from it.

    Maybe a fisher price learning machine would be best for you.

    Bunch of whiny crybabies…

    Keep up the good work IE7 Team!

  34. K Arsenault says:

    First let me say that I’m not Windows, IE or anything else that works properly. but thank God there is an uninstall option for IE7!

    This interface has to be the most horrific counter-intuitive piece of useless cutesy application interface Microsoft has ever produced, IMHO. Icons that are oversized, menu bars that aren’t at the top, buttons that out of logical sequence, tabs the size of billboards … In and of itself, that would be tolerable if it could be customized in any reasonable extent but it can’t. You may have fixed some rendering issues but the UI suffered greatly.

    I think I’m going to change my default to Firefox. This is just too far ou it left field for comfort.

  35. Les says:

    I agree with Rich about spyware, hacks and cracks. I had so much bad stuff on my machine I finally ran Registry Toolkit and 99% of my problems went away. If Microsoft doesn’t do it for you, use something else.

  36. Alica says:

    Thanks for the updated AU release timeline, but I still wonder when will you ship IE7 in Chinese for manual download. Regarding east asian languages, Japanese and Korean versions of IE7 have been released by now, left Chinese alone.

  37. zzz says:

    There’s definetely something wrong with scrolling and CPU usage on some pages with heavy animated image content.

    The frames per second of animated images are not stable, sometimes they go fast sometimes really slow. This is with only IE7 running in clean Vista and no addons running.

  38. Joseph salim says:

    after upgrade to IE7 Icons change to a blue

    " e " ???  And HP scanner director software will not work ??

  39. There’s definetely something wrong with scrolling and CPU usage on some pages with heavy animated image content.

    The frames per second of animated images are not stable, sometimes they go fast sometimes really slow. This is with only IE7 running in clean Vista and no addons running.

  40. David Wrixon says: … uage_tools

    It would seem that Microsoft is just out of touch with the Political and Market situation in China!

  41. Rick Wilcox says:

    The only complaint I have about IE7: During installation there is a point when it appears the install process has crashed. There is no cursor activity or other indication it is busy doing something.

     Every piece of software has a learning curve, once I started down the back side of the curve I was very impressed with the features now provided with IE7. The one feature I use most is the dev toolbar. I used to be a big ford fan but after I tried a chevy I havent looked back.

    PS: Learn how to use a computer, Then Learn the software, Then complain about it.

  42. Jyrki says:

    The Finnish version of IE7 came to my WSUS3b2 today, and it was auto-approved for installation to clients. The big surprise was that the WSUS-install was _not_ silent as stated, but instead asked the user to agree EULA, disable antivirus and validate the Windows – things that a corporate end user should never be asked or encouraged to do.

    Had no such problems with the English version that came earlier.

    Has anyone else had this or is there something wrong with my wsus?

    Immediately declined IE7 for now and waiting for a better behaving install. I’m not very pleased with this kind of releases!

  43. http says:

    What I don’t understand is why MS pushes IE7 when it’s not fully finished yet. I have IE6 on XP English with two MUI packs (spanish and german) installed. Those users now have the english UI in IE7 and have difficulties to use IE. Why not wait with the automatic update until the MUI packs are finished? And why does it take so long to finish those MUIs if the texts are available (fully localized versions of IE7 are finished!)? I don’t understand those decisions.

  44. David Wrixon says:

    Perhaps Microsoft would explain why they attended a joint launch of IE7 in China with CNNiC the Chinese Registrar, when they have not launch the Chinese Version of the product. Furthermore, they might explain they decided to point their new IDN address ( 微软.CN)to their English Home Page rather than their Chinese Homepage. I have been watching Microsoft for months, and I have to say, that I comprehend nothing.

  45. Donna Buenaventura says:

    Please see

    The said blocker was gone.  User need to re-activate the value to block it.

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