IE6 and IE7 Running on a Single Machine

Many of you have asked how to run IE6 and IE7 in a side by side environment. As Chris Wilson blogged about early this year, it’s unfortunately not so easy to do. There are workarounds, but they are unsupported and don’t necessarily work the same way as IE6 or IE7 would work when installed properly….


Flash Player 9 Update

Congratulations Adobe Flash team on shipping the Flash Player 9 update on Tuesday! This Flash update serves as a model implementation for how browser extensions can work with Protected Mode to keep users safe. As most of you already know, on Windows Vista, IE7 includes a special feature called Protected Mode where the IE process…


IE+JavaScript Performance Recommendations Part 2: JavaScript Code Inefficiencies

Hello again, this is Peter Gurevich, Performance PM for IE. We have gotten a lot of good feedback from our first post on IE + JavaScript Performance Recommendations so I am eager to hear what you think of our second installment. This is the first of two posts concerning inefficiencies in Javascript code itself. JScript Code Inefficiencies…


IE November 2006 Security Update Now Available

The IE cumulative November 2006 security update is now available via Windows Update. Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update and I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already. This update addresses 2 security issues: 2 remote code execution vulnerabilities. For more information on…


More Thoughts on Measuring Anti-Phishing Accuracy

Some of you may have seen stories comparing IE7’s anti-phishing accuracy with our competitors, citing different studies than the one I blogged about earlier that showed IE7’s Phishing Filter had the best overall accuracy. Paul Robichaux, from 3Sharp (the company that ran the study I cited), provides his initial take on this other study here….


How I’ll Judge IE7 Security

As an engineer, I’m proud of the protections we delivered by finishing IE7 but I want to set your expectations that we didn’t and, never will, reach perfection. There have been a few posts on ways to steal data or spoof URLs in IE7 but they really don’t detract from a very simple truth: IE7…


Update Released for Some Versions of MSXML

We want you to know that some IE7 and Windows Vista users will need today’s security update for MSXML even though by default Windows XP and Windows Vista are not affected. Many applications install and use versions 4 and the original version 6 of the control as a part of the XML Core Services. The…


IE7 Worldwide Distribution by Automatic Updates

We have received a bunch of questions about the Automatic Updates (AU) distribution process for IE7 and the worldwide rollout over AU. Here are some facts that hope will answer some of those questions. Prior to starting general AU distribution to IE6 users, IE7 was available via the IE site for several weeks. This brought…


Windows Vista is Out The Door!

As you may have seen on the Windows Vista blog, we released Windows Vista to manufacturing today! Wahoo!!! IE7 in Windows Vista is mostly the same as the IE7 for XP we released a few weeks ago (in fact, we have a single code base for both.) There are a few additional benefits in IE7…


IE7 and Various Screen Readers and Screen Enlargers

Since we announced the release of IE7, we’ve noticed many questions and discussion about how well the program works with various screen readers and screen enlargers on the net. We wanted to provide the latest information we have from the various manufacturers of these products and answer some concerns around automatic updates. IE7 and Automatic…