Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now

Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version from

We listened carefully to feedback from many sources (including this blog) and worked hard to deliver a safer browser that makes everyday tasks easier. When I first posted publicly about IE7, I wrote that we would go further to defend users from phishing and malicious software. The Phishing Filter and the architectural work in IE7 around networking and ActiveX opt-in will help keep users more secure. IE7 also delivers a much easier browsing experience with features like tabbed browsing (especially with QuickTabs), shrink-to-fit printing, an easily customizable search box, and a new design that leaves more screen real estate for the web site you’re viewing. IE7’s CSS improvements are incredibly important for developers as many of you have made quite clear. I also think IE7’s RSS experience and platform are important, powerful, and innovative.

In addition to our release of IE7, Yahoo! has a customized version of the browser available today and over the next few days partners such as and USA TODAY will offer their own customized versions. These versions will tailor the user experience with specific toolbars, additional search engines, favorites, and RSS feeds.

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback as we developed and fine-tuned Internet Explorer 7. Over the 20 months since Bill Gates first announced our commitment to deliver IE7,  we released five betas and a release candidate to millions of users worldwide. With each release, your feedback helped us make IE7 better. Your contributions, ideas, and direct comments were crucial in helping us prioritize and focus our work. I can’t imagine delivering this product without the tremendous cooperation we enjoyed from so many of you as well as developers and partners.

That said, we’re not done. Even as we put the finishing touches on Windows Vista and release all the remaining language versions of IE7, we have already started work on the next versions of Internet Explorer. We’ll post more here soon about our plans for the product and our plans for listening to you.


Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager

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  1. William J. Edney says:

    Dean –

    Let me be amongst the first to congratulate you and your team for their extremely hard work in this release. Something that often goes unmentioned, but is very important, is the release of JScript 5.7, which has seen some significant performance improvements.

    Thanks to all of your team for all fixes and performance improvements. Looking forward to much more frequent releases!!


    – Bill

  2. Lidador says:

    Great to know! Finally. IDN Domains will rock now!

  3. I have a test computer with english Windows XP Pro+MUI installed, and right after I’ve installed Internet Explorer 7, the MUI is always in english everywhere in Windows.

    Will there be an MUI update for Corporation before this is widely distributed ? It’s going to be a puzzle if it’s not.

  4. apostolos.tsakpinis says:

    Now that you took that off your backs ( I can’t imagine what a burden that was… ), you should take your time to carefully plan, develop and deliver the much needed – incremental, hopefully yearly – upgrades.

    Now is the time to pay even more attention to web developers and to the needs of web users. You made a good start, but lots more need to be done. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

  5. Mike says:

    It seems like scrolling is still messed up.  Some samples: (yes, really)

    The scrolling is much less choppy in IE6.

    Is this an IE7 issue, or an issue with the websites?

  6. Roland says:

    Thank you for your hard work!

    IE7 really rocks – the speed of the RTM build is incredible!

    As an IE add-on developer, IE is our platform that we rely on. We especially appreciate the backward-compatibility for add-ons you achieved in IE7 (toolbars should remain tab-compatible etc.).

    Looking forward to an even better IE8…

  7. Richard Hay says:

    Congratulations on getting this out the door – great work!

  8. Ron says:


    Good work on keeping it mostly backwards-compatible and fixing a number of old bugs, I still think it’s only half way there though.

  9. Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now IE 7 just released Microsoft’s IE Team today released…

  10. PeteL's Blog says:

    I’ll update later tonight, but I want to get this out there now! Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available

  11. Jerry says:

    Thank you and your team for all of your hard work.

  12. game kid says:

    The Web needs this.

    At least, the Web needs anything that improves over IE6.

    –oh, and finally, transparent PNGs on an IE.

  13. JSeibel says:

    Congrats team!  Software development is hard work.  Thanks for striving to make Internet Explorer a better browsing experience!

  14. anon says:

    Congratulations on the IE7 release.

    As IE makes up well more than the majority of the browser market, this is a great advancement for all. In particular it raises the minimum requirements for developers as well. I welcome IE7, and eagerly look forward to IE8.

  15. Dean Hachamovitch has just announced – well, you know the rest.

  16. Mabsterama says:

    On Windows XP at least. Read the announcement on the IE Team Blog. It doesn’t seem to be on Microsoft

  17. Thanks. Now we can throw out Dean Edwards ie7.js (at least in IE7) 😉

  18. L-A-N-C-E-R says:

    Hi IE7 is great, i’ve been using it since beta1, just one thing with the final build install, it turned off my quick launch toolbar, when i turned it back on, the shortcuts were reordered, slightly annoying, but good work on the release.

  19. Michael Ritche says:

    Congratulations on finishing IE7! It’s looking great.

  20. TechBlog says:

    As had been rumored, today’s the day Microsoft is releasing Internet Explorer 7′ finished version. You can get it at the IE home page. But it’s not coming to you via Windows Update, as outlined in my column this…

  21. Mikey says:

    Internet Explorer 7.0 will not work with Army Web sites with AKO enabled and SSL.  

     if i go to, i got error message below

    There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

    The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.  

     We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.  

     Click here to close this webpage.  

     Continue to this website (not recommended).  

        More information

  22. James says:

    New version of JScript? When were you planning on telling us this?  We have been begging for new JavaScript and DOM support for ages!

    Thanks for being so transparent. NOT.

  23. Xaviar says:

    Yes, now that it is out, you need to focus on one thing and one thing only.

    Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!, Developers!

    I hate to be so childish with this, but it is essential that you realize how important this is.  If you don’t know, ask Balmer.

  24. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mikey: The USArmy site is using a self-signed digital certificate.  To prevent spoofing, self-signed certificates are not trusted.  This hasn’t changed since IE6, though in IE6 we showed a popup warning instead of the full-page warning.  You can simply click through the warning page if you’d like, or you can choose to trust the self-signed certificate by clicking the View Certificates link in the "Certificate Error" button after you continue to the site.

    @James: The changes to the JScript.dll are bugfixes and performance improvements only.  The language itself has not changed.

  25. Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now

    Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version from

    We listened carefully to feedback from many sources (including

  26. James S. says:

    Congratulations!  I look forward to a bright future for IE.

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  28. Ben Buchanan says:

    I think the best thing about this post is "we have already started work on the next versions of Internet Explorer"….

    Thanks and keep it up, all! 🙂

  29. David says:

    Tabs, a simpler UI, "security"… it makes you wonder who is following who here. Mozilla certainly isn’t one known to follow, that’s for sure.

  30. Mayank Sekhsaria says:

    I just wanted to let you all know, I downloaded it and am currently using it. What do I feel – its nothing short of AMAZING! Great stuff guys!

    – Mayank

  31. Tony "Wolfman" says:

    Where can I get the adms for IE7? Will the gps for IE6 work on IE 7? I like the new version we really need it those tabs

  32. Tonight Microsoft has released the RTM version of IE7 for Windows XP. You can read about it here , and

  33. Will says:

    David: You’re saying Mozilla "isn’t known to follow"?  What, are you kidding?  Read what the Firefox founders have to say about that.  (Hint: Everyone follows, everyone leads.  it’s the nature of the game)

  34. Tony "Wolfman" says:

    Stop complaining if you do not like the product do not get it. Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, opera, maxthon can be set as your default browser. If you do not like Windows get an apple or Linux I myself use UBUNTU and XP Pro (and Win 2K3 R2 at work)I like both (Will prefer Vista when it’s out) so STOP crying ghoshhh!!

  35. Matt says:

    Yay, IE is now almost capable of what other browsers have been doing for years! Go MS "developers!" You guys really hit those CSS bugs on the head! Plus that intuitive interface, wow!

    Micrsoft: We do what others do, only five years later, with less quality, and claim that we innovated!

  36. Kevin Cawley says:

    Way to go Dean and team… nice work.  I am digging tabbed browsing and especially RSS integration.  Congrats!

  37. David says:

    Will: The proof is not in what the founders of Mozilla have said, but in the pudding, the final product.

    Ask any web developer and most will tell you about their frustrations of IE’s lack of compliance against W3C’s web standards.  Firefox among with many other browsers have had these standards well before todays release of IE7.

    Just one more example of who is following who here.

  38. IEBlog : Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now Windows XP SP2 와 Windows 2003 Server SP1용 Internet

  39. infopath1 says:

    Congratulations from the InfoPath team! IE7 is awesome – thanks for a great release!


  40. cpher says:


    JScript != Javascript

  41. Alex says:

    After upgrading to IE7 Windows update stopped working on Server 2003 (error 0x8DDD0001). Uninstalling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration seems to help.

  42. eDefence says:

    Thanks for the update. We all look forward to a safer browsing experience for our users. Hopefully IE 7.0 delivers. The price is right.

  43. JD on EP says:

    Evolutionary rate: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 was released today. It’s, uh, for Windows. Mozilla Firefox is due for a major rev soon now too. The last major rev of IE was in August 2001, about the time that Mozilla was taking over from Netscape Navigator,

  44. B-eep-log says:

    IEBlog : Internet Explorer 7 for Windows…

  45. I installed the new version and now Links won’t open from emails using Outlook Express…just gives me a new balnk tab without even an error message.

  46. I figured out how to get the OE email links to open.  Go to Start, Set Program Access and Defaults, Custom, then choose IE as your browser and OE as email and click OK at bottom.  Apparently this resets the default programs and it works fine now.

  47. pinto says:

    @Tony "Wolfman",

    Your solution ("if you don’t like it, use something else") works only if you are a user.  Developers are usually forced to cater to the least common denominator when building web apps.  Any web application that will be released to the general public has to work properly in the least sophisticated browser in general use.  

    Before today, the bottom of the browser barrel was IE6.  Now it’s IE7*.  This is a HUGE improvement for web devs, but it is certainly worth noting that IE7 is still significantly behind its major competitors with regard to the latest and greatest web standards and features.

    Allow me to join the chorus of others on congratulating the IE team on a great job, while politely reminding them that we anxiously await any further improvements that they might be able to provide.  

    *Well, IE7 would be the bottom of the barrel if IE6 wasn’t still around.  There’s no IE7 for Win2K, and Win2K is still in pretty wide circulation.  For me personally, this means that my apps will still have to work in IE6.

  48. steveraney says:

    I am disappointed that even the released IE7 still crashes Money 2007 when it tries to upload. Don’t the IE people talk to Microsoft Money people at Microsoft? I can’t understand why teh LATEST versions of each product fails to work with each other…

  49. sudhakar_ms says:

    Installation was smooth. I can see some improvement in performance too. Thanks for the efforts.

  50. Tom says:

    Thank you! I was waiting for this a long time.

  51. rxbbx says:

    Installation went quickly and easy.. Thnx for this release..


  52. Brian Sexton says:

    Congratulations on getting Internet Explorer 7 released.  I don’t love it (e.g., its interface still feels clunky to me, its CSS support is still disappointingly short of what other browsers offer, it still has nearly useless warning messages about supposed page errors, its installer seems to have reverted the Flash Player plug-in from version to version [only in IE; Firefox and Opera still report], it does not seem capable of installing Flash Player 9 via the page to which your own IE add-ons site links [from] and it froze up [complete with the "Not Responding" message in the title bar] once already within the first few pages I tried on a page ), but it is good to see progress.  I hope to see more soon.

  53. Brian Sexton says:

    Oops . . . that "on a page " above was supposed to be something like "on a page that other browsers, including IE 6, render without difficulty, error, or even warning or any kind".

  54. Dave Bost says:

    While taking a few years off of new development, the IE team suddenly realized that Browser Wars II was

  55. I’ve already posted my congratulations and overall thoughts in regards to this release, so with that, the official release announcement from Dean Hachamovitch, IEBlog : Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now Today we released Internet Explorer

  56. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Brian Sexton: Please provide URLs for places where you’re seeing errors only in IE7?

  57. Brian Sexton says:

    You can save the Flash Player installer and run it locally to enable IE 7 to run Flash content properly (aside from the extra-click step, obviously).  I just did so by using Firefox, but here is the current URL (subject to change, obviously) for users who are unable to install Flash Player 9 via Adobe’s download page at

    Regarding the crash I mentioned in my first post about this announcement, it was on a page with Flash 7 content (when Internet Explorer 7 had only Flash installed, which I did not then yet realize) and it happened after I clicked on the Flash content to activate it.  (Before that, the content area was visible, but it appeared to be corrupt, although I suppose that was the fault of the ancient version of Flash Player).  So . . . update Flash after you update Internet Explorer and hopefully, that sort of crash will not happen to you.

  58. Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now For those of you who haven’t heard yet, we’re going

  59. Stan Suan says:

    Windows 2000 Pro SP4 is not going to supported? Any technical reasons why not, besides EOL for Windows 2000?

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Kelly White says:

    First Post ! Well, not quite. From the IE Blog : Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP.

  61. PeteL's Blog says:

    Wow, lots of stuff going on. It’s 12:20am, and I need some sleep here soon, but I’m back from the IE

  62. Jon says:

    Stan, they announced Win2k wasn’t getting IE7 well over a year ago.  IE7 uses new APIs only available on later OSes.  Also, as you say, Win2k is out of mainstream support.

  63. Arjan says:

    Is it somehow possible to run IE6 stand alone and have IE7 installed, so you can test in both environments (because of the css changes)??

  64. Microsoft released the final version of their Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. Visit the IE website:

  65. Anon says:

    Congratulations, have downloaded & installed at home, I think it’s looking great.

    Personally I prefer IE UI over Firefox, but I too would like to be able to customise the toolbar. Oh well, maybe in IE7.5 in 6 months time? 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  66. Mike says:

    Installed IE7 and it does not work, I simply have a blank page with in the address bar. Tried changing this url and no other sites will load. I thought it could be that I had the IE developer toolbar installed so I uninstalled the toolbar and IE7 and did the installation again. It still does not work! I had previously installed a beta version a while back, maybe that is part of the problem?

  67. Liz says:

    I experienced the same problem as Mike (post: Thursday, October 19, 2006 5:15 AM by Mike)… did NOT have the IE developer toolbar open; did not have any of the beta versions open either.  No way to get help, it just hangs.

  68. Gerry Tucker says:

    Can I assume that the download servers are just REAL busy or have been taken down?  Because I just get 404 errors when I follow the download link.

  69. Ian Ringrose says:

    I need an easy way to test the web sites I develop with IE7, however as most of our customers will be on IE6 for a long time, I can’t install IE7 on my main PC.

    Can you please provide a package the makes use of Microsoft SoftGrid or otherwise that lets me quickly run IE7 on my PC without having to loose the ability to run IE6.  

    (Virtual PC is a bit of a pain to set up, by the time I have install a copy of XP in it, and got XP activated etc.)

    Ian Ringrose

    (email address on website)

  70. Joe says:

    Any chance of a list of changes since the last RC?

  71. Great work to the team – I helped a bit with one single RSS problem, but they were quick to track it down and fix it.

    Now, when are you going to fully fix the CSS engine?

    A site that looks fine on a PC using Firefox, Opera, Netscape and on a Mac in Safari, will NOT render correctly using IE7.

    If you are going to pick your first update to release, then may it please be to fix CSS?

    Michael Bailey

  72. MrBester says:

    @Ian Ringrose

    Utilise the "multiple versions of IE on one machine" trick detailed at: (or go to and download the zips you want, unpack them in their own directories and make shortcuts)

  73. laurent says:

    And here comes the nightmare 🙁

  74. Ward-o-blog says:

    In the latest epic landmark in the browser wars — the shift from everyone in the world using Internet Explorer to some other browser — Internet Explorer 7 has gone from beta to final way ahead of Mozilla Firefox 2.0’s…

  75. goose says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    IE7, I have been dreaming about it! I know we have the BEST possible browser available backed by a company that is the ONLY company that really cares about our security and GOOD online experience!!!

    I am in awe at the IE team of GENIUSES programming into the late (early?) hours under the guidance of the most excellent Super Geniuses of our time.

    They say good things take time and THIS PROVES IT!!!!!! IE7; I will install it everywhere!~

    INSTANTLY I will be safe from all the badware on the net!!!

    Thank YOU!!!! I am throwing away all my other browsers and browsing with IE only! In honour of the supergeniuses that made this possible! Microsoft makes the standards, so move over everyone else!!!!!!

    Glassy tabs and antiphish for one and all!!!!!

  76. Paul Morriss says:

    If you go to the MS UK site then only RC1 is available.

  77. Congratulations!

    As an add-on developer I especially appreciate that you have done so much to ensure backwards compatibility with existing add-ons. I look forward to updates and additions to the IE platform and improved extensibility in the future.

    Greetings from Austria, Vienna.

  78. Oneda says:

    Após cinco versões Beta e um Release Candidate, o IE 7 para Windows XP foi oficialmente

  79. You blink and about a gazillion people blog about it first – damn me for spending the morning learning

  80. Mike says:

    More screen real estate? Can’t say that I agree. In IE6 I could push the address bar, Google toolbar and IE buttons all onto the one line of my 1920px wide monitor.

    In IE7 I have to have the address bar above, the Google toolbar in the middle and the tab / button bar below.

    You could say that the file menu has gone, but if you press alt it briefly reappears.

    The new layout is okay, but it’s certainly not an improvement on the screen real estate from IE6, just as Office 2007’s Ribbon takes up three lines again in what I could put on one in 2003.

  81. Where can I find a good comparison of the new IE and Firefox 2.0?

    Congratulations on this major update.

  82. AdPulp says:

    Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for Microsoft’s Iternet Explorer uses his blog to talk about the firm’s first major browser update since 2001. Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version

  83. Steve says:

    IE7 roxors! Great work, IE team. There’s definitely room for improvement in future releases, but this is a fantastic start.

  84. WangDong says:


    INSTANTLY I will be safe from all the badware on the net!!


    Oooookay! And how are things on your planet?

    Well good on ya for getting around to this! A bit late to the party but hey… MSoft can afford it 🙂 My vote was lost to Firefox years ago however!

    And I think we all need to remember that developing for PC with all the varied hardware is very hard. It’s all but impossible to develop a binary that will work for ALL the different combinations of hardware out there. I think this is why theres all these predictions of consoles, with thier standardised hardware, taking over during the next decade. I mean I plugged a USB keyboard into my XBOX 360 the other day, it worked no problem…

  85. Brant says:

    Congratulations on the release! As a web developer who has been frustrated by IE6’s rendering/css bugs for a long time, I can’t say this strongly enough: Please, PLEASE don’t make us wait another five years for the next one.

  86. Alex Rudloff says:

    I’m more scared than excited. If supporting IE7 means we have to break support for IE6, or introduce another handful of awful hacks — uptake on this is going to be pretty slow.

  87. Terrill Dent says:


    IE7, both the beta and final version cause my version of Dreamweaver (8) to forget FTP connection information. That means that every time I switch "sites" or open the program fresh I have to re-enter FTP Username and Passwords before I can upload.  This is becoming a real neiussance.  Any ideas on how to correct it?


  88. Pete says:

    Has the date been set when IE 7 is to be pushed out via Automatic Updates?

  89. Dan says:

    OH, you’re killing me, Smalls!  That whole first paragraph is basically the guy saying "We spent lots and lots of time trying to catch up to Firefox (and other, "good" browsers)."

    Funny how they’ve still failed miserably.

    And to those of you that think IE6’s rendering problems are gone, just wait until you look at your work in IE7.  I think you’ll be…less than overwhelmed with joy.

  90. anon says:

    upgrading from ie6 to ie7 made my text extremely blurry and fuzzy.  what can i do to get my text visibility back?

  91. Pete says:

    Has the date been set when IE 7 is to be pushed out via Automatic Updates?

  92. William Tan says:

    I’ve been using IE7 RC1 for quite some time now and have been very impressed with the way it handles IDN, especially with respect to the mixed-script detection stuff.

    To see some real-world example IDNs in action go to http://IDNSearch.Net/

  93. Chris Hester says:

    Go to Tools, Options, Advanced, Multimedia and untick "Always use ClearType for HTML".

  94. Nick Hanson says:

    Congrats on shipping and thanks to you and your team for the hard work. I look forward to the large steps forward in both security and standards compliance (though there is still much work to be done) as well as the new rss support. I still think the UI looks like complete crap though.

  95. What a pleasant surprise. Longer I work in IT, the more I come to appreciate everything that Microsoft has done for the world.

  96. Rick says:

    Why, o why is it so difficult to make a browser that is compliant with standards? IE7 still doesn’t have the full CSS specification, still doesn’t render the Acid2 test as it should…. I went to Firefox back in the day’s when it was still called Firebird, and I am not intending to switch back to IE. Sorry guy’s, you’ve missed the train. And if I look at the improvements you’ve made in all those years of IE6, I am wondering if you will ever catch up again. And get me right, I think IE is the worst piece of junk that has even been programmed (correct that, we still have Frontpage too 🙂 ), but my customers use it, so I have to make my webapps complient with it. So a better IE makes my day a bit sunnier.

  97. William Tan says:

    I’ve been using IE7 RC1 for quite some time now and have been very impressed with the way it handles IDN, especially with respect to the mixed-script detection stuff.

    To see some real-world example IDNs in action go to http://IDNSearch.Net/

  98. Mike says:

    Regarding my earlier post about slow scrolling, it only happens on pages with a search box and button.  If I uncheck ‘Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in web pages’, everything is fine.  Once that option is checked, pages with a search box and button are very choppy when you scroll.  And ideas why this happens?

  99. Aedrin says:

    To all those who wish to complain about IE7’s standards support, or anything else that ‘other browsers handle fine’.

    Save it for your own blog. You’re never going to be happy. Comparing FireFox to IE7 is comparing apples and oranges. FireFox isn’t used by hundreds of applications, or by an OS. The complexity and development needed by FireFox is a lot less than IE. IE has its own rendering engine while FireFox borrows an existing one.

    Please, just stop comparing them. You’re just making yourself look like a fool by doing it.

  100. WizbangTech says:

    According to IEBlog, we got the Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. And by "we," I mean "ya’ll," as I don’t use Windows XP, but have fun with that. I’ll be over here on my Mac, trying desperately how to…

  101. Erik says:

    Copy paste of quite some features of the current Firefox… Probably IE will be behind quite fast again… Firefox improves its functionality by the day. MS IE only by the several years…

  102. dr.happy says:

    One of the most interesting aspects of the IE vs. Firefox battle is the development of the ecosystem of extensions or add-ons. Right now firefox had a great advantage in this space but you can see microsoft trying to catch up.

    Microsoft has a interesting partner in Trailfire, a recommended download for IE7. See link:

    But this extension is also available for firefox. See link:

    I think the ecosystem for firefox and IE will decide who wins this battle. What do you think?

  103. I’ve been using the following to test my client sites in IE7:

    I’ve been able to remotely test my sites and my client sites in IE7 while keeping my own machine on IE6 until I feel confident enough to upgrade.  

    Congrats to IE on the release – looking forward to future developement.


  104. Lance Fisher says:

    Good job, guys!

  105. Dave Stanley says:

    IE7 Run Once locked up the system, now whenever I open a new session I am directed to:

    Which does nothing.  Any work around.  Since the run once froze it did not allow me to choose my search engine or perform any of the requested functions.

  106. DylanE says:

    As reported on TechWeb and other places on May 3rd after install of IE 7 links in Outlook 2003 messages are dead with default browser other than IE 7.  Is there any fix to this yet?

  107. Late yesterday afternoon, Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP….

  108. Zaphod says:

    Guys, IE 7 restarted my machine TWO times during the installation and overall it took about 10 minutes. Firefox requires no restarts and only takes couple minutes to install.

    You can say you only do it once when you install it. True. But even more true is that installation creates the first impression of a product and if installation is slow and needs two restarts, the product itself is probably crap if you look just beneath the skin. No?

  109. If you’re running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 you can now download the release version of Internet

  110. techsdc1 says:

    I have admin rights on my windows xp system,but iam not able to reset the security zones.Its disabled for me.

    Any solution for this?..

  111. Jim Liu says:

    Right after installed IE7 (from RC) and rebooted, the system got messed up. The first thing I noticed is that there’re 4 updates available via AU. When I update them, I got svchost.exe crash (tried twice).

    Now trying to use system restore to get back to IE 7 RC.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  112. I’d like to install IE7 for testing purposes

  113. Mike says:

    If IE7 appears to hang, it’s because it’s trying to open the "first-run/run-once" page.

    I guess that webserver is sort of overloaded right now 😉

  114. Mike says:

    Jim Liu, I would have advised you not to install beta software on a production machine.

    I suggest uninstalling IE7 RC, back to IE6, and then installing IE7 RTM.

    If that doesn’t work, reinstall Windows.

  115. chris says:

    i found the Yahoo! IE 7 version this blog was referring to.

  116. tuscan5 says:

    I have installed IE7. in internet options on the advanced tab I can see a black exclamation mark with a yellow background beside "phishing filter," with turned on automatic website checking. does anyone know anything about this, please?

  117. UnexpectedBill says:

    Congratulations on the release. I’m surprised and impressed at the same time that it’s come out so soon after the last expert zone chat.

    I hope that the new IE7 does make good on its promises of enhanced security. Windows XP SP2 offered improvements, but it wasn’t the whole answer all by itself. In my line of work I still see XPSP2 PCs that have been run over by garbageware of many types.

    The only thing that is really bad news about this is that users of previous Windows versions won’t have any of the benefits. I can see the reasons behind not supporting Windows 98, NT and 95…but why was Windows 2000 left out in the cold here? It’s still quite a viable operating system and widely used. IE7 is a critical security update as much as it is an improved browser.

    I bring this up because you mention "listening to you" in your posting…and the request for a backport was made by many and yet it never came to be.

    But…overall, congratulations on the release!

  118. Jim Liu says:

    I tried installing IE7 on other PC (also upgrading from RC). It went flawlessly this time. I think it’s because I got Symantec Antivirus and Windows Defender running on the previous PC and I disabled them on the latter PC.

  119. Jim Liu says:

    Mike, thanks for the help. But I think the problem is caused by either Symantec Antivirus of Windows Defender. I also managed to solve the problem by running a system restore (though it said the restore was incomplete, but it solved everything. MS rocks). I guess disabling AV and Anti-Malware is important this time.

  120. Brian J. Bartlett, 536569 says:

    Began the rollout here and I am experiencing the same problem, repeatedly, as Dave Stanley on the Windows XP machines.  It tests just fine in a VM (VMServer) environment but just sits there in a bare metal one, something I did not test (my users/clients would kill me and I refuse to use XP myself).  I’m really crossing my fingers for my WS2003EE deployment here as that’s what I use for my workstation.

  121. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @techsdc1: The "reset security zones" button is disabled if all security zones are set to the default settings.

    @Terrill Dent: The DreamWeaver team reported that they fixed the "forgotten FTP passwords" issue in their 8.0.2 release.

  122. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @UnexpectedBill: Yes, we heard the concern about Win2k support from many directions.  We want the best version of IE available on as many platforms as possible.  Unfortunately, IE7 relies on improved security and international features only available in Windows XP and later.  Brining those changes down to Win2k isn’t something we could really get away with, particularly since Win2K is now in extended support mode only (

  123. I’m deliberately late in blogging this since I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping the gun, but doesn’t

  124. With today’s release of Internet Explorer 7, I would be remiss if I didn’t inform anyone who hasn’t yet…

  125. Nick says:

    oh come on. firefox is better by a ton.

  126. Dan says:

    Jim Liu: There’s a bug in the Windows Update code.  See for a suggestion on how to fix it.

  127. trafficdomainer says:

    I tried typing Thai IDNs (e.g. http://www.สินเชื่อ.com) with IE7, it didn’t prompt me to add Thai language.  Neither did it prompt me for Chinese (eg. http://www.上海酒店.com) However, it did prompt me when I tried browsing an Arabic domain name (eg.http://www.طبيبي.com).  Is this a bug that entering domain names in certain language such as Arbic prompts you to add the language but not Thai or Chinese?  Kindly advise and please let me know when you think this can be fixed.

  128. Our friends from the Internet Explorer team are celebrating a major milestone – the release of Internet

  129. says:

    OK cool delighted to see IE 7 finally out of the woods. But for a while I have still to work with IE

  130. Nidonocu says:

    Congrats on the release! Looking forward to more posts here and future updates. 🙂

  131. Congrats on great release. Keep up the good work, and of xourse, we are already looking forward to IE 8 🙂

  132. Tino Zijdel says:


    "The complexity and development needed by FireFox is a lot less than IE. IE has its own rendering engine while FireFox borrows an existing one."

    You just made yourself look like a fool; where does Firefox ‘borrow’ it’s renderengine from? Wouldn’t that be the Gecko-engine built from scratch by the Mozilla foundation (of which Firefox is a product) after Netscape gave up?

    I’d say that Trident is more ‘borrowed’ since IE is originally based on Mosaic which was only licensed by Microsoft from Spyglass in the time of the browser wars.

  133. Adam says:

    I must say I am extremely dissapointed. I have always been an avid IE fan. I have never had a need for any other browser. But now I feel I must look for an alternative. I, the user, should be able to customize the look and feel of the browser to however I feel most comfortable. I was able to do this in IE6. So what if I want to fill 1/3 of my screen with different tool bars and what not, it’s my choice. I do not want to do this, because I like to keep things nice and simple, but I do like the menu bar as I have been accustomed to it over the last 16 years, and I would like to have it in it’s proper place in the upper left corner ABOVE the address bar.

  134. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Adam, et all: You can put the menu bar at the top if you’d like.  See

    @trafficdomainer: Please elaborate?  What languages are you currently configured to accept?  (What’s the Accept-Language header your browser sends when you visit

  135. Nate says:

    Eric, the ability to shuffle the address bar around should not be a "tweak". The last thing I want to do is download someone’s patch so I can move it (even if you are part of the development team).

    FYI, you’re about to get a flood of disgruntled users looking for their menu bar.

  136. Lot’s of others have already posted on this and I’m late to the party, so I’ll be a pointer for those

  137. says:

    If you don't like critics on Microsoft don't read further!rant>Well it has been a long time

  138. Mike says:

    Scrolling is still laggy. I can’t believe you didn’t fix this. It’s a show stopper for me if I can’t scroll.

  139. peter says:

    I would like to say i am very impressed with IE7 as with IE6 i rarely used it.

    I mainly used Firefox

    At the momment i am mainly using IE7 since i downloaded it yesterday.

    I think you are on a winner here. (Well Done Microsoft)

    Cheers petre

  140. Dan says:

    Nate– That’s a registry key, not a patch.  Click the link, restart IE, and you’re done.  Not rocket science. 🙂

  141. Chris H says:

    Good to see the final release, but I’m a little lost as to what’s going on when I try to downlod it …

    Using IE 7 RC 1, if I click the link above, click download and then on the download button for the XP SP 2 version, I am taken to ‘‘ which is then blocked as it is in my IE restricted sites list!

    When I try and download in Firefox, it works as expected, giving me a download from

    Can anyone explain what ‘’ has to do with the IE 7 download site?


  142. Somewhat ironically, I’m probably the last person in the blogosphere to report that Internet Explorer 7 is finally done and available! Whew. (You can get it here.) It always feels good to release a new product (I’ve shipped dozens of products at Microsoft

  143. Marien says:

    Why ain’t there a possibilty to have ie7 run as a stand alone version. Since i’m a web developer i need to have ie6 as well, i’m aware of the evolt standalone versions.But that’s not the real deal(javscript errors and the like) And i tried this:

    But this way ie6 gets screwed up… Why can’t there be a developer version????? I don’t need all the fancy stuff i just want to check if my html renders well!!!!

  144. Ant Onaf says:

    I have been using IE7 since it was released in beta mode.  I am happy to see that it is now fully released.  Congratulations.  I have always chose IE as my browser of choice and now IE7 increases my liking of the application.  The RSS feeds is a nice addition.  Maybe you can consider (public and/or LAN) social bookmarking so all IE users can easily share their bookmarks, like within a public folder under favorites, which is available to all internet users or optional to allow it to only LAN users.

  145. Nate says:

    Dan, it still can be considered a patch because it’s not actually built into the software.

    A lot users aren’t confident enough to mess with their registries (and for good reason). I hope you guys build this into the browser before you send it out via Automatic Updates.

    Another suggestion is the ability to change the size/order of the navigation buttons. I like being able to squeeze my Home, Print, and Feed buttons onto the address/navigation bar.

  146. Matt says:

    I installed IE 7 and am using it right now.The scrolling is just as it was on IE6 on my pc. As for the ones who said it was not may have an older pc that is about 5 or 6 years old.That or there computer has a virus.

    Great job on IE 7 microsoft.Now only if you will make free Virus protection for everyone’s computers.I hope that IE 8 has a way to get rid of the extra search box on the right if you don’t want it.

  147. cj says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]: it’s really great that we are able to move things around, but the method to do it seems very… hacky.  downloading/installing a registry tweak grates on me.

    i’m one of those people who crams everything (toolbars, menu bar, addres bar, go button) on one line at the top so i can maximize my viewing height.  ie7 is definitely a turn-off for me in that department.  one line.  that’s it.

    if i can say so without negating how strongly i feel about being able to move toolbars, i think you guys have taken a nice steps towards better css support.  i still won’t use ie for several reasons (including the movability of the toolbars) but at least i see hope at the end of the (long) tunnel when i’m coding pages.

    ps: cleartype is awful to read on high resolutions.  YUCK.

  148. As most of you probably already know IE7 is now released and available for download. See the IE blog

  149. Albatross! says:

    …but I wanted to mention that I’m speaking next week at the Ajax Experience conference – both my usual

  150. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @ChrisH: I suspect you’ve got in your restricted sites zone as an adblocking measure.  Unfortunately, is also a high-volume traffic redirector/hit counter, and we redirect through it for IE7 downloads.  You’ll have to temporarily remove it from the restricted zone in order to navigate to the IE7 installer.  After you’ve downloaded the installer from, you can put it back if you’d like.

    @cj/Nate: Registry tweaks activate functionality in the browser.  If you don’t want to use the registry editor, you can use the Group Policy editor (START | RUN | gpedit.msc) and configure the IE Settings under User Configuration Administrative Templates Internet Explorer.  

    Yes, it would absolutely be better to have more customizability features built into the browser UI, and yes, we’re taking that feedback into the design of IE8.  

  151. Sudhakar says:

    18 months for this.  It is totally unusable.  Installation is a pain (turning of antivirus?  Requiring a restart?  Installation took 20 minutes for a browser…it takes 30 minutes to install an operating system common.  After all that the new interface is hideous, and worst of all you cannot change the look back to IE6.  There is no option that allows the Menu bar to be docked at the top.    Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9.0 are far, far superior to IE 7.  And while IE 7 is probably more secure than IE 6, it is far less use friendly, and i doubt it will be anywhere near Opera is security.  HINT to to Internet Explorer Team, you market share is going to drop much faster because the average person wont be able to use it, and the advanced user wont be able to tweak it.  IE fails miserably when it comes to the consumer, just like it fails the acid browser test.

  152. P Puk says:

    I love IE7.

    ’till now, for every hour of standards-compliant webcoding, I could charge 4 extra hours to work around bugs in IE/6.

    Today, I can offer my customers three choices: I can make it work either in IE/6 (4 extra hours) or in IE/7 (4 extra hours) or in both (16 extra hours).

    Building a business on bugs. Keep the garbage coming, Microsoft!

  153. Tom says:

    According to IEBlog, we got the Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. And by "we," I mean "ya’ll," as I don’t use Windows XP, but have fun with that. I’ll be over here on my Mac, trying desperately how to…

  154. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Sudhakar: You can put the menu bar on top if you’d like with just one registry tweak.  That and others are here:

    Restarts are annoying.  Unfortunately, there was no way around it; IE7 upgrades fundamental Windows architectural components, and these can’t be replaced while running.  This is an area that we’ll be looking at for a future release.

    IE7 presents significantly less attack surface as compared to IE6 and hence it’s much more secure.  IE7 on Vista will be even more secure, thanks to Protected Mode.

  155. Andrew says:

    Yep it is true, good job guys you are even faster than Firefox!

  156. Public Defender Stuff (the news service for the Public Defender Investigator Network) updates their Guide to Every PD Blog, which now includes over 30 links. Looks like it’s time for me to go back and update my blogroll, and add some sites…

  157. Bill Norris says:

    Well well well – its here. But it doesnt work. Every time I open ie7(from the desktop icon or quicklaunch) it opens then closes. I had to use a link on my desktop to open ie then went and downloaded firefox. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  158. John says:

    Wow! This is all sounding pretty cool!

    From what I’ve heard, it’s almost as good as the old version of Firefox!

  159. kashif says:

    please i am download the internet explorer could not setup start please internet exolorer genuine install and internet explorer start

  160. Coward says:

    I can’t believe y’all did so much work, but didn’t bother finishing support for HTML … how about the Q element, you guys???

    Maybe you can do that as a hotfix someday (oh, and for IE6, too)

  161. Tom D. says:

    Not sure what is with the current ad-centric trend at Microsoft, but I’ll be holding off on downloading the final release of IE7 until Microsoft removes the "" pass-through.

    Please ignore all those who are giving you trouble regarding so-called "standards".  IE *is* the standard, like it or not.

  162. zooplah says:

    @Tom D:  So the standard is to only be able to do about half of what is possible in other browsers?  After all, the last innovation the IE team had was colored scrollbars.

  163. littlegiant says:

    Speaking of rendering issues, I noticed that all the labels for the comments inputs on this page are cut off on the left. This section of the page renders fine in Firefox however… :o)

    As for the IE 7 interface, I find it horribly counterintuitive. I think that the average user is going to have a litter of kittens about installing registry tweaks just to get their File menu bars back on top (where it’s supposed to be). What the hell were you guys thinking? Okay save space but the File menu bar is sacred ground for any Windows user interface.

    I’d also like to mention that as a web developer, I like to have the Google toolbar installed in order to see the PageRank meter (which is of debatable significance, yes, but nevertheless…). This obliged me to have TWO search boxes cluttering up the browser chrome until I found the registry tweak to disable the search box. Both the File menu bar positioning and the option to show/hide the search box should be built in to the browser.

    Also, put the dang Home and Refresh buttons back where they belong! My workflow is completely messed up on account of this. I’m seriously considering rolling back to IE 6 and just having some kind of standalone version of IE 7 installed.

    Huge disappointment. :o(

  164. bug says:

    Would Internet Explorer 8 need to be released before toolbar customization is brought back, or would this be able to come in a update/hotfix prior to that?

  165. Spitgray says:

    "IE7 flash issue"

    Ok Guys

    Here is the one the worked for me:

    1. If you have non-working flash currently installed procede to step 3

    2. If not, install the flash player from the adobe web site:

    3. After installing the non-working flash player, I use CrapCleaner –

    4. Once you open the Crap Cleaner software, click the "Applications tab and uncheck everything except for the "Multimedia" and the "Macromedia Flash" boxes.

    5. Click the "Run Cleaner" button to delete any left out registry of previous installations of players.

    6. This should get it working, but if not, run this file: patch

    …seems to repair problem with registry key changed by antivirus / antispyware software.

    ….I know it was long, but this is what worked for me….

    Good Luck

  166. I found this commercial for the Internet Explorer Version 7 to be a little repetitive. You’ll find yourself intrigued and laughing at some of the things the red headed man in the commercial does but eventually find yourself wondering when it will end.

  167. Ve says:

    MSDeveloper team: either do things right or don’t do them at all. Throw away garbage code and start from scratch. That’s what sane people do.

    On the other hand, I guess that’s not really an option for you, guys. It only took you like 2 years to do something resembling a nailpolish release (um, like, tabs and … ummm … that RSS thing and … ummmmm … bzzzt … we’re, like, fine, yeah, m’kay).

    So, whatever it is that you (are trying to) do, please stop doing it. Do us all a favor.

    Just let that IE disgrace die quietly and rest in peace (presumably on managers’ desktops).

  168. Pete says:

    I’m still wondering why I now have several problems with my pages using IE7 final, that I didn’t have in the RC. Grrrrrr……

  169. Rudo says:

    I Installed IE7 is very good, but tha files .CHM don’t work after install the Realese Version.

    Someone know anything about this bug?

  170. Steve D says:

    Hey guys, it’s been a long wait and I’ve come across some problems, but whatever else comes about, IE7 is definitely an improvement over IE6.

    As a web developer, yes, I have gripes. Yes, I’ve seen issues with rendering. Yes, I’ve been reading about the IE/OE mhtml issue. I will still be using FF as my main browser.

    But I’m still grateful that you guys have put in the effort to release a marked improvement over IE6.

    Thanks. It was way too long to wait.

  171. IEBlog says:

    Just in case you missed it somehow, we released IE7 last Wednesday . In the first four days over three

  172. Jeff B says:

    Looks good, shame it doesn’t really seem to offer anything that Firefox wasn’t already providing. Anyone who knows both browsers well see anything to recommend IE 7 over FF 1.5??

    Note, this is not an invitation to start flaming, rather a serious question looking for serious, thoughtful answers

  173. psc says:

    IE7 , still buggy, will not stop me from using FireFox as my browser of choice. How long do we think it will be before the first of many bug fixes and patches need to be issued ? time will tell…

  174. pcklp says:

    >>>> Yep it is true, good job guys you are even faster than Firefox!

    LOL ! some people are SO gullible !!

    it may be faster than FireFox.. but so what if it does not work. It is still NOT w3C standards complaint.  5 years in the making, and this browser still does deliver a standard browsign experience that FireFox, Opera, and even Netscape 8 have done so for years now.

    Developers will still loath it. The public still gets an inferior product.

  175. OneSeventeen says:

    As an avid Firefox user, I can definitely say that IE7 is a huge step in the right direction.  I’ve upgraded all my PC’s with IE7, and will hopefully be moving all of our users to IE7 at work after I’ve tested it some more.

    I still use Firefox myself, and encourage others to use Firefox, but those who won’t upgrade to IE7 just because they hate IE6 don’t make sense to me… if you don’t like IE6 then upgrade!

    This is a great product and once again a step in the right direction.  I’ll be using it for at least a week straight to see what I think of it, but already I like it, and adjustable margins in print preview are awesome!  Can we expect this as a common dialog in Vista?

  176. Den lnge ventede version 7 af Microsofts browser Internet Explorer er nu blevet frigivet, om end kun p engelsk. Man kan lse om den p IEBlog og den kan downloades fra Den nye version skulle vre sikrere og mere brugerven

  177. shirster says:

    how nice… installed ie7 and all it does is keep crashing…

  178. User says:

    I don’t understand… is it difficult to make possibility to add "History" button near all buttons? Even Firefox have such. It is uncomfortable anytime use to Ctrl+H or browse through menu to enable “History” panel many times in a day. Even more… Microsoft could make slim vertical “auto hide” tabs on the left side of the screen (History, Feeds, Favorites) which could expand on mouse over.

  179. Bruce Tingle says:

    Our brand new website, for which we paid big bucks, looks terrible with IE7. The website was coded by a professional development firm and worked perfectly with IE6 and Firefox. IE7 distorts the pages. I am now spending all of my time making sure our employees can’t install IE7. My wife’s company (> 10,00 employees) has already banned IE7 and has warned people to not install it our their home PCs. They also use SAP which doesn’t work with IE7. This is a disaster! How could Microsoft make so many mistakes with this?

  180. Suspect says:

    Bruce: What’s the URL?  Just because you "paid big bucks" for it doesn’t mean that it’s valid HTML.  

    Since IE7 has been available in public beta and RC for many months now, you should probably go talk to the "professional development firm" about why they need to give you your big bucks back.

  181. I’ve had a number of people ask me about Internet Explorer 7, which was released last week . It is currently

  182. PeteL's Blog says:

    Wow, what a week it’s been. It’s funny, I remember when Keith moved upstairs to marketing, I watched

  183. Alcarne says:

    When I install IE7 beta2 it causes Outlook 2003 to hang and it stops responding! Anyone else have this issue?

  184. tom says:

    Installed IE 7…….restarted the box and clicked the link…… a screen that said ‘connecting’…..and that’s where she died.

    Finally had to use the system restore to get back to a point I could get online.

    I’m sure it’s me,….but what happened?

  185. David D says:

    Pleeeeese!, can you tell me how to move the refresh and stop buttons to the left of the address bar?

    From usability point of view this is the wrong place for it as it requires the user to move their mouse from the left of the page to right when using the back and forward buttons and typing in addresses. It also goes against the design rules that you have already defined in previous versions. You have split up all the browser control buttons into three completly different locations; Back & forward buttons are top left, refresh and stop are now top right and the home button for reasons only known to yourselves is now bottom right.

    Can someone tell me how this improves my user experience?

  186. According to the Register, Microsoft is finally releasing Internet Explorer 7. Needless to say, I will be sticking with Firefox, which has had for a long time all of the features that IE7 will have. Update (10/29/06): Surprise! It seems that the n

  187. chuck trier says:

    Wish ie7 would display what is local

    to mhtml before trying to get info

    from various links in mhtml since

    connection to the internet is not reliable.

    To state this another way. Most folks saving

    pages will just let ie7 save as an .mht.

    If the internet isn’t working, you can’t

    read what is there, even tho it would be

    nice to just read the text portions of an .mht.

    Am able to  read .mht in Word Perfect 10, but

    need a filter to filter out all the links

    and mime content of the .mht file.

    Checking, "work off-line," to read .mht

    text didn’t work either. In ie7, it just

    refused to try to display .mht file and

    did not inform me what happened so I did

    not know why it didn’t do anything.

    A lot of stuff most of us save are text

    files to refer to later.  It surely would

    help to have an .mht filter to just retrieve

    the text on the page.  It would help when

    we forget to use another method to save

    the .mht file and it gets saved in .mht

    format. Internet connections are not always


  188. Stewart says:

    Disappointing.  Still last in the pack – way behind Safari, Opera and Firefox.  

    Slow start up time, slow rendering.  Disappointing.

    Verdict:  Must try harder.  No innovation.  

  189. IEBlog says:

    Since we announced the release of IE7, we’ve noticed many questions and discussion about how well the

  190. Kelly Ford from Microsoft chimes in on the IE Blog all about the current state of screen readers with

  191. SSiTE News says:

    Since we announced the release of IE7, we’ve noticed many questions and discussion about how well the program works with various screen readers and screen enlargers on the net. We wanted to provide the latest information we have from the various manufacturers

  192. IEBlog says:

    As you may have seen on the Windows Vista blog , we released Windows Vista to manufacturing today! Wahoo!!!

  193. Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP .NET Framework 3.0 Office System

  194. Dear National Australia Bank, I am one of your customers. I’ve banked with you for the past 15 years.

  195. says:

    Just Hot off the press !! Almost a year ago, we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. Since then

  196. Δημοσιεύτηκε στο weblog της ομάδας ανάπτυξης του Internet Explorer ότι είναι πλέον διαθέσιμη η έκδοση

  197. Gary Sherman says:

    It’s that time of year again – time to renew our Microsoft Partner Certification. I hate this process.

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