IE7 Feedback and Support

Hello, my name is Kellie, I am a Lead Program Manager on the IE Team.  First and foremost, the IE team would like to thank everyone in the community who contributed feedback to the IE7 release.  You guys rock!  This release was the first time we used the Microsoft Connect site to collect feedback for the public beta. We learned a lot of lessons from this feedback program, and we intend to make it better next time around.  We received an overwhelming response from you and your efforts provided great ideas and drove important bug fixes. IE7 is now live, but this is not the end… The IE team is looking forward to the next version, and we are dedicated to listening to your ideas in the next beta release.  We appreciate your support!

Now that you have downloaded IE7, getting any help you may need is easy.  The Internet Explorer7 support page is an excellent resource for assistance.  Here you will find a list of FAQs, contact information for phone support and links to Microsoft discussion groups.  In addition, Web Developers can visit  The Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Center for the latest information on IE Web Development or to participate in the IE Web Development forum.  Now that we have shipped, the IE feedback site is temporarily closed, but look for it to reopen in the future. 

We encourage you to take full advantage of the support channels when needing help with IE7. Thanks again for all of your help!

Kellie Eickmeyer
Lead Program Manager

edit: Adjusted link to support page

Comments (128)

  1. David William Wrixon says:

    Yes, please get all those different language version out by Auto Update as soon as humanly possible. The World has waited long enough!

  2. JFK says:

    Your support page link points to a dev box

  3. I appreciate the effort making IE7 a better browser, but now this is only an end-user release. For a corporate PC with MUI, it seems to be more problems, because the MUI isn’t applied after the IE7 installation.

    Will there be a new MUI pack version released or an update ? We really need to have MUI packs functional for our users which speak english or french only, and we’d like to deploy IE7 as soon as it is ready.

  4. Bill says:

    One thing that I have noticed that Firefox does that your browser apparently does not is that in Firefox I can drag and drop a web link onto a blank tab and the link will open in that tab. For some dumb reason, when I try this in IE7, no matter how many blank tabs I have open, the original tab from which the link came is the tab that always opens the new page, not any of the blank tabs that I try to drop it on. This is counter, I believe, to what one should expect. Why does this not work?

  5. Nocturnal says:

    When you guys say future beta releases, are there going to be patches to IE7 or will this be IE8?

  6. superrcat says:

    Biggest pain ever:

    The navigation controls are separated by the address bar.


    If you have a wide screen, click the back or forward button and then want to stop or reload the page, you have to move the mouse a considerable distance to click. (A keyboard is not always available for shortcuts…think during a presentation).

    Now think about doing a demo where you are making changes to a website and have to hit back and refresh several times…

    Why it is even a bigger pain:

    I could live with this ‘default’ layout, but users are not allow to reposition the button locations within IE 7. I can not move the refresh and stop button from their current location. I can do this in Firefox and even in Safari on a Mac, why can’t I do this in IE if the default layout does not work for me?

  7. Alex Klimov says:

    Will you release IE7 with some critical issues? :/

    Bug, I’m talking about, was posted to It wasn’t marked as "accepted" or "invalid", but just disappeared with the whole "Internet Explorer" section from this site.

    The problem is: some kind of aspx pages do NOT work undo IE7 (IE6 or FireFox works fine). The reason why it happens: some inputs are MISSED when you post form back to the server (checked with the fiddler tool). "__EventValidation" is one of them, so site just will crush, when you try to post form back.

    This bug appeared on some specific pages, but once it appeared – it reproduce with no problems.

    You can reproduce this bug: just download this archive, run it on some server and go to /EShop/Checkout.aspx page.

    This sample is a little sophisticated. However I cannot cut any more piece – when you change HTML of this page a little, it’ll work fine again (!). So it seems to be a big problem with IE7 html processing.

    Hope it will be solved before IE7 installations replace IE6 all over the world.

  8. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Alex Klimov: I’m very interested in seeing a live repro URL for your issue.  Please send me a URL.  (ericlaw at microsoft).

    While it doesn’t sound like this is the same issue, the most common problem with webforms is when you mistakenly nest one form inside of another.  HTML specifications don’t permit this, and IE fails to post.

  9. Raj says:

    When will IE 7 be pushed out in an autoupdate to all users?

  10. Alex Klimov says:

    Problem page url:

     You could check with fiddler tool that IE7 does not send __EVENTVALIDATION field back to the server. But IE6 or FireFox does.

  11. TW says:

    Is it possible to slipstream IE7 into Windows installation source?

  12. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Alex: The reason this page doesn’t work is that your .ASPX page has a bug in it.  The onSubmit attribute points to a script event handler, not a HREF.

    Your HTML form declaration is:

     onsubmit="javascript:return WebForm_OnSubmit();"

    This is incorrect.  It should read:

     onsubmit="return WebForm_OnSubmit();"

    I removed the extraneous "Javascript:" using Fiddler’s editing capability.  Now the data is submitted and the server returns the string "Works".

    Thanks for the URL!

  13. Mike Dimmick says:

    @Bill: Yes, this annoys me too. I think there’s a suggestion over on Connect about this missing feature, but it was postponed for this release. The earliest I would expect to see it would be the next major release – it’s not the kind of thing that would appear in a service pack, I suspect.

    Hopefully MS will revert to the pre-IE6 release schedule of releasing a new version every 18 months or so.

  14. Great job.

    I just downloaded the latest IE7 and it appears that the CSS bug "Absolutely Buggy II" is not fixed by this final release, although the IE blog claims it to be fixed.



  15. hAl says:

    Gratis IE team for finally getting past 6.

    To this comment:

    "Hopefully MS will revert to the pre-IE6 release schedule of releasing a new version every 18 months or so."

    I would like to add that as you are ctching up ground still and have a lot of open issues I would suggest you add a quick userexperience/minor rendering release next for IE8 within the year which adds more user feaure like downloadmanager and extensibility and for rendering mainly some fixes for remaining bugs and then a major rendering release for IE9 where remaining major rendering CSS 2.1 issues are resolved and also more CSS 3 rendering is looked at.

  16. Ray says:

    The address bar just doesn’t work for me. Entering an address in it and pressing enter doesn’t take me to the address. Pressing the go button doesn’t work either.

    I couldn’t find any information about this on any news group or support page.

  17. Alex Klimov says:

    @EricLaw: This just doesn’t solve the problem :/

    I added simple filter for output from this site, that simply replace

    javascript:return WebForm_OnSubmit();


    return WebForm_OnSubmit();

    But the problem persists:

    p.s. This kind of form generate standard 2.0 control HtmlForm, so it should be a correct way to render html, right?

  18. IE7 final still suffers from the MADD bug (Magical Act of Disappearing Divs). The bug completely cripples IE7 in regards to the latest (and final) clientside layout which will be supported by browsers as far back as Opera 5 and Netscape 4. It is the equivalent of body:hover {display: none;}. Did you actually visit the URL I sent you Eric? The GUI also -still- sucks more then a black hole and the file menu is still off by default further adding to Microsoft’s inability to be consistent.

    All this wait for display: nothing;. It’s also way past time for :focus. Let’s hope Vista DRASTICALLY before it repeats IE7’s shortcomings.

  19. When I use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down – IE7 continues scrolling!!!

    Is there a fix for this as it’s extremely annoying.

    Many thanks


  20. Joe says:

    @superrcat: Just use backspace and F5. I know you said a keyboard isn’t always available, but seriously, that’s only during a presentation. And if you’re debugging websites during a presentation… well, good luck.

  21. Marco B. says:

    I just installed IE7 but it won’t start. The mouse cursor briefly turns into an hourglass, but other than that, nothing happens. No errors, no entry in the taskmanager. Really weird. Tried deinstall, reboot, install, reboot, resetting options, etc. to no avail. Clicking on a html-file gives an error (Windows cannot find file…")

    Any thoughts?

  22. hAl says:

    @Marco B

    Start without addon’s !!

  23. Andrew Jackson says:


    Just downloaded. Very nice.

    1. When you remove everything from the ‘Command Bar’ and close IE7 and restart it, the default command bar items come back. Deliberate?

    2.  –

    says HTTP_ACCEPT headers sent by IE7 include xbitmap, but IE7 release notes say XBM support has been removed. If it isn’t an accepted data type, why send a header saying that it is?

  24. G.T. says:

    We heard that there is a lot of work done on printing, can you please show us an example of how to change the printer settings in the HTML page using css.

  25. goose says:

    I like the internet explorer support page very much!!!

    I am glad IE7 is out so I can protect me and my family from BADWARE!!!!

    I trust Microsoft and I know they value my safety online!! They have NEVER let me down!

  26. Roy Arellano says:

    Okay, I’m starying to enjoy IE7.0. I

    m understanding it. One thing, can we please remove the lock on the address bar, I hate it at the top, I’d rather see it under the main menu (file, edit, view, etc.). Or atleast let it be movable like other menus….


  27. Michel Azevedo says:

    How can i change print settings ?!?

    How can i change the Print Size default from "Shrink to fit" to "100%" ????!!!!

  28. Duelund says:

    Just downloaded IE7 – Love it!

    But I can’t get AutoComplete to work (Forms/Password). If I uninstall (back to IE6) everythings work fine.

  29. rich says:

    "When will IE 7 be pushed out in an autoupdate to all users?"


    Really, it’s pretty lousy not to let people know this basic fact.

    We need to know how much time we have to apply IE7 fixes to web sites that work in everything but IE7.

    Perhaps if you’d spent more time fixing the CSS support we wouldn’t be in this position…

  30. hAl says:

    [quote]We heard that there is a lot of work done on printing, can you please show us an example of how to change the printer settings in the HTML page using css[/quote]

    Actually most pages print now perfectly fine without the use of CSS. This is one of the best features about IE7.

  31. TW says:

    Is it possible to slipstream IE7?

  32. Re: "users are not allow[ed] to reposition the [top menu] button locations" comment above.

    That UI problem might well be the biggest reason I won’t be using IE7.

    C’mon Microsoft! IE7’s competitors don’t have a problem letting users control how their top menu area is arraigned. A defacto standard has been in place for what? Years?

    How utterly GOOFY is it to see the address bar above the menu bar? How thoroughly FRUSTRATING is it to find out one cannot move and/or dock these sections at all?

    Why would a user want to do that? Hmmm, maybe just to make the browser conform to the user’s browsing behavior and habits.

    With IE7 Microsoft is basically telling me, my browsing behavior and habits don’t matter. If you’re gonna use IE7, you’re gonna do it our way. We’re Microsoft and we’re in control here! We know best!

    Well, my response is pretty simple. I chose not to use. I decline. Uninstall. Ugghhh.  

  33. Michel Azevedo says:

    IE7 don’t leave me change default print size, it’s wrong!!

    Its not configurable, not documented, nothing…

    Firefox its great!!

    Anyone can tell me why ????

  34. Adam says:

    I just installed IE 7 and one of the first things I did was access web outlook on exchange 2003.  When clicking reply on an email and sending it, IE crashes.  I investigated further and it turns out that the mime activex control is causing the problem.  After I disabled this control, I can send email.  This seems like a bug which should have been caught in testing since exchange is a microsoft product.

  35. MrBester says:

    "Actually most pages print now perfectly fine without the use of CSS. This is one of the best features about IE7."

    Whilst that is (mainly) true (I do like the adjustable margins feature in the Print Preview), the whole point of print stylesheets is to provide a hardcopy output that doesn’t necessarily include all the visual furniture you get on a web page.

    An example is a the common three column layout; menu, content, sidebar. Which is the most important of those? The content. The particular page the user is on is most important to the user because they chose to navigate there. If they want a printout, they want the content on that page not the menu.

    This also is a far better alternative to all those horrible "printer friendly" links that litter the net as it is a lot easier to maintain than two distinct versions of the same page.

  36. Bob says:

    IE7 changes my start button and task bar to classic windows format.  


  37. Ehsan says:

    So you finally released IE7. But, I’m afraid a number of issues remain unsolved.

    I’m kinda user interface fan, and I realize that there are serious problems in this area where Microsoft used to act very well. Actually, I learned from MS how these things should be, and I’m becoming disappointed with the stuff I’m seeing in IE.


    This one is serious!

    2-Have you realized that when moving from one tab to another, the menu bar kind of ‘stretches’? it becomes wider, and the menu titles are repositioned to move toward the center of the menu bar(vertically.) It gives the user some sort of instability feeling. It kept me wondering that, in programming world, such things don’t happen accidentally, you know, unless there is a serious problem lying in there that can not be solved. is that the case?!

    3-Have you taken a look at the UI in Windows Classic style?! What was wrong with a normal tab control that you decided to paint the active tab that way? It doesn’t look so beautiful.

    4-I didn’t have the opportunity to test it, but I hope you fixed the bug where I couldn’t remove those extra(newly added) buttons (like RSS Feed, Print, etc.) from the toolbar. I remember when I chose to remove them, they were back the next time I ran IE!

    I’m confused at the way IE works, because these issues were so normal and obvious that they should have been fixed from the beginning, before even the first beta came out.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  38. Daniel says:

    **Bug — Cannot customize toolbar**

    It fails when I try to customize toolbar either by "Tools–>Toolbars–>Customize" or "Customize Command Bar–>Add or Remove Commands".

    A dialog flash and disapper immediately…

  39. Sleestack says:

    Wow!  How did this get through beta testing?  Under the hood, things seem fine.  Fast renders, nice new security features.  That stuff, is very welcom.  But the UI?!  Man, it stinks.  As superrcat noted, the navigation features are all spread around.  That’s not nice to the user.  As Ehsan pointed out, the menu bar placement is equally troubling.  If you go full screen, the icons practically disappear off to the right side of the screen.  What’s wrong with clustering your icons together?  It’s an accepted UI convention that happens to work.  At least give the users the flexibility (like Firefox), to move stuff around if the default layout produces this much pain.

  40. Dave Stanley says:

    IE7 Run Once locked up the system, now whenever I open a new session I am directed to:

    Which does nothing.  Any work around.  Since the run once froze it did not allow me to choose my search engine or perform any of the requested functions.

  41. Stephen says:

    I like IE7 a lot.  It does not however work with OWA when the S/MIME control is being used.

  42. Gerald Mahlmeister says:

    Have I missed something about the Tab Design, it seems hard coded. Not everyone is using Luna blue. My menu color is white and it is almost impossible to read anything on a lightblue background.

    Is there any way to change the tab layout? Or the other way round, why does it not use the current windows theme????

    Have you ever tried to use e.g. olive design?

  43. Xigam says:

    Thank GOD!

    You can do this and move the file->edit to the top  where it has been all my life.

    Bringing the Menus to the Top in IE7

    In the IE7 Beta 2 Preview the UI element that hosts menus and 3rd party toolbars is located between the navigation bar and tabs. However, in this release there’s a registry key which you can set to move this to the top of the window instead:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbarWebBrowser]


    You can also turn off the menu auto-hide functionality by checking Tools -> Toolbars -> Classic Menus from the Command Bar.

  44. Xigam says:

    Humm.. one of my posts went missing..

    Anyway.. How can I unlock or rearrage the top toolbar? My back, forward, address, refresh, home and stop buttons are all in the wrong place.

    It seems locked.. I don’t care if I have to edit the registery.. I just want to be able to have


    Why can’t I do that?

    Where did my other post go? It was honest.

  45. Dave Stanley says:

    Must have been a Server issue, finally found the page allowed me to correct the issue and is working fine now

  46. AJX says:

    The only thing that is missing now is the final version of Window Defender which add extra security protection to IE7.

  47. Xigam says:

    they say, 3rd times a charm!


    I cannot adjust the top menu bar.

    Also, the forward, back, reload, home and stop buttons all over the damn place. I need them all together. The way it is now is very unfriendly.

    I’m a ASP.NET/C# programmer. I use IE every day. I really love the dev bar. I started using Firefox about 2 months ago. Learned to love tabs, which I thought were stupid before I used them. Really been looking forward to IE7 release so that I might use them in IE. (since most of our corporate site works best with IE).

    Between the navigation buttons in IE7 being apart and not being able to customize the top toolbar, I’m about ready to rewrite a ton of javascript to not have to use it and be able to have tabs too.

    I cannot believe that someone let this thing out the door with the top line uncustomizable.

    I just want to be able to put my buttons close together and arrage the toolbar any way that *I* want it.

    Is there a 3rd party replacement toolbar for IE out that I can use?

  48. athelu says:


    IE7 will be made available via windows update starting November 1st.

  49. Bill says:

    I installed IE7 this morning and have been troubleshooting all day.  A search does not reveal my problem as being experienced by others though it sounds like a problem previously experienced with older versions of IE.  IE7 crashes as soon as it is opened and an error message says a problem encountered and needs to close.  The contents of the report say mshtml.dll is the problem and there is an offset code of 000c4c9e.  I’m running XP Pro with SP2.  What should I do?

  50. Mark says:

    What is the data structure of

    HCCUSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbarIT7Layout

    ??? Can I use it to turn off / move adjust my browser UI? I have been looking all over with no luck.

    I don’t understand.. Why can’t I make this simple settings change.. It hurts so much the way it is now. I LOVE the developer bar. I just CANNOT use the browser with the navigation buttons spread all over my 24" screen!


  51. Annie says:

    Where do the OpenSearch XML files get stored on your local machine?

  52. swiftouch says:

    Why when I uncheck Lock the Toolbars, move them around recheck Lock the Toolbars, and after closing and reopening IE7, the toolbars are on separate levels. This aint kosher people.

  53. gobo says:

    Where is super drag & drop? With Super drag n drop  you can open new links by simply dragging and dropping the link on the page.You could also highlight a work and drag it and it opens a new tab. I use this feature more than anything.

    Ditto on not being able to customize. How about skins?

    where are the mouse gestures?

    well back to maxthon.

  54. Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis says:

    "Now that we have shipped, the IE feedback site is temporarily closed, but look for it to reopen in the future."

    Why has Microsoft taken down – the collective effort of its technical userbase to catalog IE7’s bugs – just when it’s needed most (as sites break during its deployment)? When you say it will "reopen", will the suggestions people have made still be on the system when it returns, or will we have to resubmit them? Where are people supposed to send bug reports and suggestions in the meantime? How are they supposed to know such reports/suggestions haven’t already been made, or to indicate their support for them being fixed or implemented?

    A community forum cannot replace a proper bug tracker.

  55. Dan says:

    Information on the following IE7 page states that  CSS properties with a preceeding underscore will be ignored by IE7.

    This seemed to be the case one (or more) for the IE7 betas but the RC and the first version both seem to act upon properties with the underscore.

    Is this going to remain the case (and is the following info just out of date) or will underscore hacks cease to work at some time in the future?

  56. Dan,

    Can you provide an example?



  57. Tino Zijdel says:

    @Alex Klimov: you have 2 more cases where the javascript: pseudo-protocol is used in an eventhandler (onclick).

    Now I’m wondering 2 things:

    a) is it really ASP.Net that is generating this kind of invalid eventhandlers?

    b) is this really broken in IE7 since all other browsers and IE < 7 do accept it (or basically just ignore the invalid pseudo-protocol) – unfortunately I can’t test it myself at the moment (win2k)

    if either a) and b) are true than that’s bad, if both are true than that’s really bad. Either way this will break websites; I have seen this invalid use of the javascript: psuedo-prototcol  in eventhandlers a lot in the wild.

  58. Mark W says:

    Have uninstalled IE 7 already as the UI setup is terrible. I suspect thousands if not millions of users will do the same after installing it.How hard is it to write code to make all toolbars customizable both in terms of content and also how they are positioned?

  59. Linxinglu says:


  60. Mark G says:

    Seems I’m not alone in my distaste for the new UI on Internet Explorer. It’s the elephant in the room that Microsoft refuses to recognize is there. They explain it has to be this way because of Vista, but maybe it will be changed in IE8. Because the new UI in Vista also disappoints me, I’ve decided my organization won’t be adopting either. (IE7 Blocker has already been applied to AD Group Policy.) I hope IE8 gives us the ability to customize the toolbars layout once again and the ability to remove the Search utility. To the developers I say, get working on 8 already because I aint using 7.

  61. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Tino: I was mistaken before.  The problem is that his server is returning extremely broken content (two complete HTML pages in a single HTTP response with a blob of nulls in the middle).  The fact that cleaning up the handler fixed it was an unrelated side effect.

    @Adam: The update is live at:

    The associated KB, 924334 is also live at:

    Important Note (this is also mentioned in the KB)

    After this Hotfix is applied to the server, end users who have an S/MIME control installed on the client machines need to re-install the control from the Options dialog in OWA.

  62. Tony says:

    Where can I get the adms for IE7? hopefully before Novemebr 1st…I need to start testing my GPs.

    please e-mail link to flyboy30030"at"


  63. marishalev says:


    Maybe you can help me to address the problem or advice who should be contacted regarding the issue we had with IE7.

    There seems to be some confusion wither IE is affected by the Vector Markup Language (VML) vulnerability. The bulletin MS06-055 itself states that XP SP2 is affected, and you need to download the update. But you try to install the update on some XP SP2 machines running IE 7, it won’t install. Can it be somehow clarified in the bulletin so people will quit asking me about it.

  64. marishalev says:


    Maybe you can help me to address the problem or advice who should be contacted regarding the issue we had with IE7.

    There seems to be some confusion wither IE is affected by the Vector Markup Language (VML) vulnerability. The bulletin MS06-055 itself states that XP SP2 is affected, and you need to download the update. But you try to install the update on some XP SP2 machines running IE 7, it won’t install. Can it be somehow clarified in the bulletin so people will quit asking me about it.

    Marina Levshteyn

    marina @

  65. David says:

    I cannot adjust the top menu bar.

    Buttons all over the place.

    I don’t need the Search utilty.

    And I want the freedom to customize the toolbars layout.

    What the hell is wrong with you people???

    You guys are smart as hell but can’t make a kick ass browser?

    And with the billions of dollars that MS earns???

    come on

    I’m going back to IE6.

  66. Max says:

    i have installed the final release of ie7. it sometimes can not connect to my dialup connection. when i type url and enter, it should display dialup window but show the animated circle in tab-bar and do not display any connection window. it work again when i do a restart! any idea?

  67. Max says:

    just note that it works again when I restart the windows not ie!

    "i have installed the final release of ie7. it sometimes can not connect to my dialup connection. when i type url and enter, it should display dialup window but show the animated circle in tab-bar and do not display any connection window. it work again when i do a restart! any idea?"

  68. marishalev,

    The VML vulnerability is not present in IE7 so the update does nto apply there. You should not be seeing a prompt to install that update on IE7 machines.



  69. steve says:

    the ordered list on the left renders incorrectly in ie7 on xp and vista. renders correctly in ie5

  70. Ehsan says:

    I’m not sure if you care about this one (since you don’t seem to care about many of the problems) but when I have more than 1 tab connecting to web sites, when I try to change tabs, IE hangs and then responds after a while. Sometimes it just hangs the system entirely (uses too much CPU) and I have to close it by Task Manager.

    I’m using AMD Athlon 1.5 GHZ and 512 MBs of RAM, and I think thats enough for a web browser. So the problem must be somewhere in IE.

    With the other issues I’ve encountered using IE7, I don’t think it was a good time to release IE. It has some obvious problems and should have remained under beta testing and debugging for some more time.

    Now, you have to make service packs for it and I think it is a little soon for that.

  71. Adam says:

    Search Discovery is added feature for a reason no need to display big sign.

    Some Website like decided to annoy some people by adding sign if user want to add search on Internet Explorer even when it is already added and set to default(this happen everytime i delete browsing history).Can a website be coded to not show this sign/ad if the user already have it in instant search or IE to not show this signs.

  72. marishalev says:


    Thank you for a quick reply!

    We have the following situation. Our company is using in-house application that checks if all needed MS  patches are installed before user can VPN into the system. The application runs at the background, without user interaction.  The rules that are used to check if the MS patch is installed are based on MS security bulletin. MS06-055 clearly states that if you have Windows XP SP2 then you need to install the update. So the rule was created prior the release of IE7 and now we ran into the situation when all users that have IE7 on XP SP2 are getting the warning that they have to install MS06-055 update and in fact the update can not be installed. That’s why it would’ve been helpful for MS to clarify the update MS06-055. They had the clarification for Windows 2K SP4 and XP SP1there:

    "Affected Software:

    For information about the specific security update for your affected software, click the appropriate link:

    Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 for Windows XP Service Pack 1 (all versions)

    Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (all versions)

    Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 4 on Windows 2000 (all versions)"

    And this is the line for affected software Windows XP SP2

    "Windows XP Service Pack 2 (all versions)

    That means now that we have to go through all rules we created prior IE7 (MS06-001 – MS06-067 in our case) and test by hand if the rule affects users with IE7 installed? Shouldn’t it be somehow reflected in the Microsoft security bulletin itself?

    I hope I was clear in my explanation of our situation

  73. Japzer says:

    just got a question on the "open in new tab" option… correct me if i’m wrong but this was supposed to open on the same window or the current browser. But unfortunately, it will open on another window unlike the previous IE version (which was superb to me).

    Can someone tell me what’s going on?

  74. iggy says:

    It seems to sure crash a lot… it also seemed to effect my Outlook settings when installed. i had to go back and reset the passwords.


  75. Tino Zijdel says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]: Good to know that the problem was not actually in the javascript: pseudo-protocol in the eventhandlers.

    Only question that remains is if this (putting javascript pseudo-protocols in eventhandlers) is actually the doing of the .NET framework? If it is then you’ve got some really incompetent people working on .NET…

  76. Alex Klimov says:

    @Tino Zijdel and EricLaw: with non-doubling html output problem persists. You can check it at:

    Also, in this example I removed pseudo-protocol from "Continue" button to check your assumption.

    Tino, answer to your both questions is "yes".

    "a) is it really ASP.Net that is generating this kind of invalid eventhandlers?"

    For example, look with Reflector into Page.ClientOnSubmitEvent property (System.Web assembly).

    "b) is this really broken in IE7 since all other browsers and IE < 7 do accept it (or basically just ignore the invalid pseudo-protocol) – unfortunately I can’t test it myself at the moment (win2k)"

    Yes, it’s broken only in IE7 RC1 (win2k3) (beta has this bug too). Other browsers work fine.

    So it seems to be a really big problem.

    I’d love to be wrong and found eventually critical mistake in this page, but I just can’t find why this page doesn’t work. If you change html of this page: style, or remove unnecessary <tr> – it’ll begin work again. I don’t see any logic in this behavior.

  77. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Adam: Yes, a search site can tell if the user has installed its search provider (see  This is a relatively new API, so I suspect that many sites aren’t yet using it.

    @Japzer: Please provide a step-by-step repro of where "Open in new tab" isn’t working for you.

    @Alex: Your server is still returning incorrect HTTP output.  There are 27,712 trailing null bytes after your HTML page.  (I’m curious about how you managed to do this?) After I remove the trailing nulls with Fiddler, your page reports that it "works".

  78. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Tino Zijdel: <<is actually the doing of the .NET framework? If it is then you’ve got some really incompetent people>>

    I’m not an HTML expert, but I believe this is an attempt to deal with the fact that Intrinsic Event attributes are interpreted as being written in the language specified by the Content-Script-Type (see

    However, ASPNET event handlers are always written Javascript, which isn’t necessarily the language specified for Content-Script-Type.

    I wasn’t able to find any RFCs covering this (I didn’t look too hard, but given that all of the browsers appear to support it, it may be a de facto standard).

    In real world usage, I suspect this distinction is pretty much academic because of Javascript’s overwhelming dominance as the client scripting language of choice.

  79. Alex Klimov says:

    @Eric: Could look carefully please: your proxing tool really catch "null tail" when it comes to IE7, or IE7 somehow strangely interprets this html and adds this kind of tail?

    The reasion is: other browsers do not show this tail. Fiddler (version shows server response as normal html with just six br’s at the end (even when it was sent to IE7).

    And, you must be right, all broken pages has "null tail" in IE7. And when I change static html a little (remove empty <tr> tags in the header), and page begin to work – it has no additional nulls. So it is a problem how IE7 process some kind of html elements on this page, isn’t it?

  80. Alex Klimov says:

    Guys, it is our bug with our filter (working for image-url rewriting). Sometimes its output contains "null tails". May be IE7 shouldn’t have such problems with content of this kind, but it’s not look like IE7 critical bug now. Thanks for your attention. And special thanks to Eric Lawrence.

    I’ll try to fix it, remove null tail and write here result.

  81. Alex Klimov says:

    Well, it was fixed, tested and now works fine in IE7 too.

    The problem was: filter was based upon MemoryStream. When filtering output was big enough – MemoryStream doubled its buffer and fill it with nulls. A lot of them wasn’t replaced with real value, but we sent them to output too. And IE7 crushed with this kind of page.

    And now, gents, please take a look at this problem at following point: could it be a potential security issue? It seems that null at the end of the page means a lot for IE7. This even changes its behavior. Could here be a problem with buffer overflow, accessing to unmanaged memory and the same staff?

  82. Tino Zijdel says:

    @EricLaw: I did some more digging into the javascript: subject and it seems that only IE uses it as an event-language selector wereas all other browser will treat it (correctly) as a label.

    The HTML specification does specify that documents must have a Content-Script-Type declaration (either as an HTTP header or as a META-element) to declare the scripting engine to be used for intrinsic events, but this has never been implemented in IE where javascript (or better: jscript) just seems to be considered the default scripting engine. Other browservendors have followed that behavior for compatibility and I do expect that future recommendations (WA1.0 perhaps) will update on that issue following current implementations making Content-Script-Type optional and take javascript as the default scripting engine.

    To illustrate IE’s behavior:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Script-Type" content="text/vbscript">

    <a href="#" onclick="MsgBox(‘Hello World!’)">Hello World?</a>

    doesn’t work in IE; the script is considered to be javascript

    <a href="#" onclick="vbscript:MsgBox(‘Hello World!’)">Hello World?</a>

    works in IE (obviously not in other browsers)

    <a href="#" onclick="javascript:while(true){break javascript;};alert(‘Hello World!’)">Hello World?</a>

    gives an error in IE: Label not found, works in other browsers

    So basically using javascript: in an eventhandler is in itself not invalid since it can be considered script (a label). It’s just the way that IE uses it that is not according to specifications. When ASP.NET is using this in eventhandlers this can be considered IE-propriety which by sheer coincidence doesn’t fault on other browsers. Therefor you may say that this is bad practice and gives a bad example.

    I apologize about the ‘incompetence’ remark I made; it’s just that I get annoyed when frameworks produce bad code.

  83. Adam says:

    Is it normal for the CPU usage to go up to 60% when scrolling on the webpage? I notice that it’s using too much memory also. I look at IE7 newsgroup and some people also notice this issues.

  84. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Alex Klimov: It’s not likely that there’s anything exploitable here.  At the worst, you seem to be able to create a DOM which "loses" elements.  If you find otherwise, please notify

  85. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Alex Klimov: Just so you know, to see the tail nulls in Fiddler, you must use the Hex response inspector.  They don’t show in the text inspector (null bytes signify end-of-string)

  86. Alex Klimov says:

    @EricLaw: Yes, I got it 🙂 I actually used TextView at the first experiments.

  87. Steve says:

    In favourites why do you no longer have ‘send to’ when you right click something that you have sent to favourites. How do you put something on desktop

  88. Stadi says:

    Whenever I open IE7 or open a new tab, IE is "connecting…" for about a second. Where does it connect to and why? It’s really frustrating to wait for the tab to be ready.

    Maxthon, Opera and even Firefox open a new tab right after you press the new tab button, there’s no connecting happening there. Please make IE7 like that.

  89. MarkH says:

    Well I tried IE7, only to become highly frustrated with the fact that one is denied the ability to customise the Address Bar.  I want to shrink the Address field, get rid of the search bar, put my links in it’s place, and move the the stop button next the back/forward buttons.  I have found the registry hack to turn off the search bar, but what’s the point when I can’t stick anything else on the Address bar?  

    I can customise the Address bar in IE6 and Firefox,  so who’s bright idea was it to remove that functionality in IE7?  

    I can’t beleive that this was to help prevent malware taking over the address bar, because some tweaking can be done via the registry.  So why not give users the option via the menus.  

    I strongly beleive that more users are going to switch to Firefox because of this.

  90. John Hrvatin [MSFT] says:

    Tony –

    The ADM file for IE7, inetres.adm, is included with IE7 and installed as part of IE7 installation.  



  91. THis has been documented at and other sites. However, it has gone unoticed since RC1.


    WMP10 (or 11)

    Instlal IE7

    Cover art embedded into file (mp3 or wma)

    Covert art (album view) under MCE works fine (Album ARt Fixer or just ripping under WMP)

    While the cover art works FINE inside of WMP10/11, when you PLAY the track itself you get a black cover art image.

    Uninstall / rollback to ie6 fixes this problem.

    Any help I can give ….



  92. IE7 has resulted in fuzzy, out-of-focus text that I cannot get rid of. How to I get back to IE6?


  93. Matt says:

    Covert art showing up as a black box in media center. Each album has it’s own folder "Artist – Album". Inside each folder is the cover art titled "Folder.jpg", also used iTunes to embed the jpg in the MP3’s. Not sure why album listing shows album cover but playing mp3’s shows up as black box

  94. Ken P says:

    I am also having the Black Box problem with MP3s in media center.  FYI – it also happens using an XBOX 360 as an extender.  UGGHHH!!!

  95. The Black cover art goes away if you rollback to ie6 🙂

    Seriously, many many people have been hammering this issue since Beta/RC1/RC2. We cannot get ANYONE at MS to take this seriously. I really really wish they could see the problem and test it.

  96. Max says:

    I have the dialup problem, yet. IE7 do not show me connection dialogbox when I try to refresh or view a website. it just show animated circle in tab-bar. I have to restart my computer to slove it! after 2-3 times connection, I loss the dialogbox again!


    This will prevent the automaitic upgrade next month for MCE owners to IE7. I do not want my cover art to all turn black and this seems to be a complicated issue – or I am sure it would have been fixed through all the betas and RC.

    So it looks like IE7 simply breaks MCE. MS should state that IE7 is NOT for MCE machines.

  98. Christophe Van Oyen says:

    IE 7.0 Messes up printing of HTML formatted e-mails from Outlook 2003.

    All those mails arfe scaled so tiny because of the auto resize feature improving printing from explorer.

    This alone is more of apain to me, then any possible improvement IE 7.0 migh offer.

    I need to print mails daily, I do not need to print websites daily.

    I am no forced to do constant cut and paste to word, to get a print of a mail and I then loose the header which prints from Outlook.

    A real mess, will a quick service pack fix this ?

  99. marcos says:

    why i can not put the tools bar where i want? in ie6 i can put all of then in horizontal way. but now they are not move. this is make crazy.

  100. Ed Geniza says:

    Has anyone else had a problem when clicking the New Tab and then IE7 completely turns off?  Then I have to start a new session.

  101. Simon says:

    Has anyone noticed this bug:

    If a select element has a percentage width set in its style its width shrinks when you swap elements with .swapNode()

    try this code:


    <script language="javascript">

    function doClick()






    <select id="s" size=10 style="min-width:100%">














    <button onClick="doClick()">Click Me</button>



  102. Simon says:

    sorry should be width not min-width:


    <script language="javascript">

    function doClick()






    <select id="s" size=10 style="width:100%">














    <button onClick="doClick()">Click Me</button>



  103. CUB says:

    Can I be the only one who HATES the new IE7 Beta?  Trying to close a single TAB in IE7 is like playing Russian Roulette. 90% of the time when i attempt to close one single TAB it blows away absolutely everything. You may have 4 windows with 7 tabs each open and the whole damn thing disappears without warning. Is there a fix for this?

  104. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @CUB: This is likely caused by a buggy plugin.  See for tips.

  105. Duelund says:

    When selecting "Open pop-ups in a new tab" and "Open new tabs next to the current tab", the the pop-up opens in a tab to the right. When closing that pop-up tab, the active tab should be the one to the left (the previous active tab), not the one to the right of the closed pop-up tab.

  106. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Duelund: Click the "Use most recent order when switching tabs" option on the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced dialog.

  107. edithejedi says:

    @Ed Geniza: Disable the add-on for vtsqp.dll.  Should run perfectly.

  108. Eric,

    Have you been able to reproduce the MCE2005 cover art bug? Again, you can browse the folders fine (and see the artwork) but when you play the a song the cover art goes black

  109. Simon says:

    Hey Eric,

    Have you had a chance to try the amazing width reducing select box yet?

    It seems that the rate at which it thins is proportional to the width percentage. width=10% disappears very quickly, width=100% more slowly.

  110. Andy says:

    I loaded IE 7 and I have no toolbars or tabs.  Just the one bar at the top.  What do I do to fix this?

  111. Duelund says:

    EricLaw wrote:

    "@Duelund: Click the "Use most recent order when switching tabs" option on the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced dialog. "

    Thank you, that worked.

  112. Bob Paul says:

    No matter what I do, I cannot get IE 7 to open to the home page I have assigned.  Goes to blanl blue page with "error on page" at bottom

  113. M Snyder says:

    When you post a form via script:

    <form name="myform" action="file.asp" target="_blank">

    <input type="text" name="somefield"></input>




    A new window opens. On the new window if you add

    a window.close() method to anything you get a security error. Error does not occur in IE6 or below. Is this by design or a bug???

  114. Nick Sabaoausky says:

    RSS: is there any way to have an "Alarm" on certain sites when an rss updates? Kind of like an Outlook alarm. I think it would be very useful.

  115. Aaron says:

    Hi, I just noticed some extra disk activity that has been happening since upgrading to IE7.  I ran filemon and watched it for a few minutes and IE7 appears to be polling the file

    C:Documents and settingsAaronlocal settingsapplication dataurltraceblocked domains.txt

    once every second.  Is this normal?

    I thought it might be related to the MS Research addon MSR Strider URL Tracer so I disabled it but it still polls once a second.

  116. EB says:

    I dont like the back arrow button. It is too small and too high up on the window. This should be larger.

    Im surprised nobody has created mouse over back buttons on the far right and far left sides of the browser screen. Scrolling all the way to the top each time to go back is too much mouse movement.

  117. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Aaron: As far as I know, this isn’t part of IE.  Try running IE without addons ( and see if this file is still consulted.

    @EB: Many people don’t actually click on the back button in the window, because there are many other ways to go back…

    Many mice have a built-in back button.

    On the keyboard, backspace or CTRL+LEFT goes back.  

    My favorite tweak is the mouse gestures plugin (see which allows you to go back by holding the right mouse button and dragging left, or by clicking the right-button and then the left-button.

  118. Ken says:

    I tried to run my application after installed IE7. One of my web page using Visio classid = clsid:E4615FA3-23B0-4976-BD3E-D611DDBE330E is not working anymore. It hit a script error: Class not registered. This page is working in IE5 previosly. Can anyone help?

  119. Mikko says:

    I am posting this bug report here because I couldn’t find any other route for reporting bugs in IE7. Also posted to microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general and

    BUG: IE7 mistakes two clicks on a SELECT element as a double-click

    To reproduce:

    Open the test HTML page at the bottom of this post with IE7, and do the following:

    1. Click the SELECT element with the mouse to open the drop-down list.

    2. Type the letter ‘s’ to move selection to the "Second choice" item.

    3. Click the SELECT element again to close the drop-down list.

    Perform the above steps quickly enough, and observe the following:

    4. The SELECT element reads "Second choice", but if you click it again to open the list, you see that "First choice" is still selected in the list. Also, the value of the SELECT element is still the first item (you can verify this by clicking the Show value button).

    This behaviour probably happens because IE7 mistakes the two clicks on the SELECT element as a double-click even when there is other input between the clicks. If you have trouble reproducing the steps, try increasing the double-click time in Control Panel.

    This bug causes severe problems for users who use the above combination (click+letter+click) to use SELECT boxes. The users see the value changing correctly, but when they try to save the page, the new value will not be saved! Depending on application, this may have severe consequences.

    Work-arounds: None found.

    This bug was reproduced in the released version of IE7 (7.0.5730.11).

    This bug doesn’t exist in IE 6.0.

    Test HTML follows.





    function showval() {

    var el=document.all(‘sel’);

    alert(‘Currently selected: ‘+el.options[el.selectedIndex].text);





    <SELECT NAME="sel">

    <OPTION VALUE="1">First choice

    <OPTION VALUE="2">Second choice



    <BUTTON ONCLICK="showval();">Show value</BUTTON>


  120. Tommy White says:


    1.) back and forward buttons too small and just look out of place.

    2.) so far the only place I noticed that you can tell if a page is loading or not is on the tab which is annoying since all past browsers have a marker in the top right..

    3.) I like the quick tab previews, cool eye candy.

    4.) I guess you can probably customize more of the top part of the browser but by default it looks lacking and generic.

    From a quick glance that’s just what I see, MY opinions.


    Did ie6 get replaced on install of ie7 and if so is it possible to reinstall 6?  From a web development view I would like both.

  121. Jim Tom Polk says:

    How do I move the back an forht buttons – heck, to customize the top bar. I have had my browser buttons set one way in all my browsers, to the right of the address bar:





    –then, depending on the browser, I have had things like new tab or new window button to the left of the address bar.

    The browser seems pretty nice, but I’ve gotten used to being able to customize things the way I want.

    Also, any idea on how to put the menu back where it is supposed to be – I don’t like to think, and if I want use a UI, I want things where things are in all my other applications.

    This is definitely in the right direction, except for the lack of ability to customize things, which I’ve been used to in IE6, FireFox and Opera.


    Jim Tom Polk

  122. Alex Arian says:

    Since I downloaded IE7 I keep getting the a box opening with the following message:

    "SmartBridge Alerts:  MotiveSB.exe – Entry Point Not Found

    The proceedure entry point Get ProcessImage File Name W could not be located in th dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL"

    This opens each time I go online and the only option I have is to close it.  I can’t find any other info about it.  

    What is it?  Is it necessary and if so how do I reinstall it?  If it’s not necessary how do I get rid of it?

    I’m usng XP Pro – SP2

    I’d appreciat anybody’s help.  Thanks.

  123. Bear says:

    I gotta say that I’m disappointed in the much-hyped IE7.  Under the hood, it is still much like IE6, with the same cryptic security zones configuration, the same seven tabs, etc., only with a less-flexible "skin" that doesn’t allow me to consolidate the button and menu bars onto the same line and simply moves everything around.

    With the exception of the phishing filter, I see nothing here to get excited about and I’m totally TORQUED about the new skin.  I don’t know who your product focus groups are, but I’m willing to bet that they aren’t people who live in the browser every day.  =^P

  124. woshiBT says:

    I upgraded my IE to 7.0 recently. I like it a lot. The only problem is that the TABBED browsing function does not work with my Dell 600m computer, where Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) has been installed. Everytime I clicked the "new tab" button, the whole browser was just shut down and disappeared.  No error msgs pop up. FYI, I am meanwhile using Netscape Browser…

  125. Aaron says:

    I started IE8 with no addins and you were right this file wasn’t polled every second as before.  I then went and started normally and checked the addins loaded.  Before I disabled on the MS research addins but overlooked another component of the MSR Strider URL Tracer called urltrace.dll disabling that and restarting IE7 stopped the polling.  Looks like I need to go and find the MS Research blog!  Thanks for the suggestion Eric.


  126. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Alex Arian: You should search your harddisk for PSAPI.DLL and rename any copies that are not in the Windows System folder to something like PSAPI.OLD.

    The problem is that some software is shipping older versions of PSAPI that are not compatible with current software.  On XP and above, PSAPI is a system dll and does not need to be redistributed.

    We’re working with software vendors to get them to stop installing this file.

  127. iecompat says:

    When will IE 7 be get in to windows update??

  128. UK Media Center User says:

    THis has been documented at and other sites. However, it has gone unoticed since RC1.


    WMP10 (or 11)

    Instlal IE7

    Cover art embedded into file (mp3 or wma)

    Covert art (album view) under MCE works fine (Album ARt Fixer or just ripping under WMP)

    While the cover art works FINE inside of WMP10/11, when you PLAY the track itself you get a black cover art image.

    Uninstall / rollback to ie6 fixes this problem.

    Any help I can give ….




    Clean machine with no previous betas and only the RTM and all security updates and patches.

    How the hell did this pass testing ????? damn noticeable !!!!!!!! proves testing ISNT being done properly, and as people reported this on Beta, proof the program managers dont listen.

    Also had experience of the latter with Media Player 11 bugs with cover art (on a clean test machine). Despite posting numerous program manager blogs nothing was done for RTM or Vista version!

    Dreadful; truly dreadful. I normally defend a lot of MS stuff but this is appalling.

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