IE7 Installation and Anti-Malware Applications

A few people have asked why we recommend temporarily disabling anti-virus or anti-spyware applications (which I’ll refer to together as anti-malware) prior to installing IE7, so here’s a little insight to the situation.

Along with copying IE7 files to your system, IE7’s setup writes a large number of registry keys.  A common way anti-malware applications protect your computer is by preventing writes to certain registry keys used by IE.  Any registry key write that fails during setup will cause setup to fail and rollback changes.  We work around the problem in most instances by checking permissions at the beginning of setup, but many anti-malware programs monitor the key rather than change permissions.  Therefore, setup thinks it has access when it starts, but then fails when it later attempts to write the key.

The majority of users likely haven’t seen any such problems even with anti-malware enabled because we work with third-party vendors to identify IE7 setup as ‘safe’ based on something like digital signatures or file hashes.  While this could lead us to remove the recommendation to disable anti-malware apps, we’ve decided to leave it in setup because a number of factors may still cause some customers to have this problem.  Specifically:

  • With all the anti-malware apps available, we don’t want to assume all of them work just because we haven’t heard of a problem yet.
  • Even anti-malware apps we’ve tested sometimes require the latest definition updates.  If a user doesn’t have the latest definitions, he or she may still hit a problem even though we consider the issue resolved.
  • Failed installation is an awful user experience so we take every step to reduce the chances of setup failing.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

John Hrvatin
Program Manager

Comments (110)
  1. Dave says:

    ZoneAlarm will prevent the successful installation of IE7, FYI.

  2. Bill says:

    Really appreciate it if someone can tell me why after I installed, I do not have the command bar visible and cannot right click anywhere to find it. There is only back and forward buttons, and there is no home button or anything like that. Why has this happened? Please help me.

  3. John Hrvatin [MSFT] says:

    Hi Dave,

    What version of ZoneAlarm do you have?  



  4. Jamie says:

    When IE7 is distributed via Automatic Updates and ready for user to install. does the IE7 Welcome Screen explain that it is recommended to turn off Antivirus and Antispyware for successful installation? I already know this information but most people is not aware of this and will install it without turning off antivirus and antispyware.

    the welcome screen image on this link does not tell us at all to turn off protection although it say Final Welcome screen is in draft form and still subject to change. The link for more information is useless since majority of people will immediately install it without reading it first.

  5. dcuk7 says:

    @ Bill

    You need to run the xmllitesetup file to get the tabs to work.  Check the following link:

    On a side issue, I have discovered a bug with IE7 RC1 and Visual Studio 2005.  When I use the style builder on a tag and set some properties (font color, font size, for example) they apply to the tag ok.  If I go into the style builder again on the same tag, none of the fields for styles I previously applied are filled in (i.e. there is no font color or size specified).  In effect, the style builder does not ‘read in’ the existing CSS.

    This did not happen in BETA 3 (and its not the same as the BETA 2 FEATURE_CSS_DATA_RESPECTS_XSS_ZONE_SETTING_KB912120) issue.  I’ll submit this via Connect.  Hopefully you guys can sort it before IE7 goes gold.

  6. Thank you for this useful information

  7. Arieta says:

    Bill: the Xmllite setup is included and executes when you install IE7 the normal way.

    However, if you installed IE7 by extracting the installer contents and running the update.exe or iesetup.exe (forgot which) from the /update/ folder, then the xmllite setup will not be installed.

    Just launch it manually from the same /update/ folder and you’ll be fine.

  8. Shelly says:

    I think someone already mentioned it but i wanted to re state that a change log of some kind between rc1 and the final release version is CRITICAL for us to ensure we know what is coming.

  9. Michael says:

    when will the IE7 RTM be released 🙂

  10. Michael W says:

    The full release date is set for October 18

  11. Charlotte says:

    When using IE7, pages stay old – stays there even after a few days have passed until refreshed or clearing browser history!  This has become annoying, any clue why this is happening.  How can this be fixed.  THX

  12. shajiby says:

    even when i disabled my Kaspersky, i still could not install ie7…

  13. Before installing IE7 make sure you have disabled your antivirus and antimalware protection on your computer.

  14. ADAXL says:

    @Michael W

    Where does it say that the release date is 18 October? Is this in any way official?

  15. Robb McCune says:

    I installed the RC with spysweeper enterprise  and AV10 (managed) via scripting with a 3rd party app (kaseya) and have no issues. I am looking at rolling this update out to over 1000 users and 100’s of servers. I just dont see the scalability of this update and that is hugely disapointing from sysadmin point of view. To try and coordinate more then a small office to get this update under your guidelines is unresonable.

  16. cupsdell says:

    If you are going to require that anti-malware software be disabled to install IE7, you should shut down Internet access during installation so that malware cannot sneak in.

  17. luca says:

    Is it safe keep on MS Windows Defender during IE7 installation?

  18. Jon says:

    I have an issue where in RC1, my IE7 overflows its cache constantly.  I have tried deleting the content.ie5 folder numerous times and I almost never had this problem with IE6.  My cache size is set to 64.  I tried changing the size to another number to force a change but it still overflows.  Any ideas on that?  

    And btw, I have ZoneAlarm Pro and IE7 RC1, Beta 1 and 2 both installed correctly.  I have version 6.5.737.00 and it is the AntiSpyware edition.

  19. Karen Adams says:

    I am using IE7 Beta 1 and am really missing the icon link to Send mail. I never need to read mail from the Command bar because I do all the sorting of my incoming mail on my internet provider’s server.

    Please make the "Send mail" icon a part of the final IE7 version.

  20. JRosenfeld says:

    @ Karen Adams

    The send mail icon is on the command toolbar. If it is not visible, right click on the toolbar, click customize command bar, add or remove commands; you can add it there.

  21. Hi – I’ve had no issues with corporate McAfee …

    As an idea, I’d recommend that as part of the IE 7 installation process, a message box appear at the beginning of the install process to warn users to disable any Firewall, AV, or other security products.  

    Good luck to you all and I’m looking forward to the official version.

    Kind Regards, Harry

  22. Niteshade says:

    I installed all Beta and RC versions of IE7 with no problems at home with OneCare running and at work with Trend Micro’s Officescan.

  23. Fduch says:


    If it won’t be fixed in RTM I’ll definitely call it racism.

  24. Christian says:

    Please help! (mobilkom Austria) is the austrian vodafone-partner!

    check out this site:

    if i open this page my ie7 rc1 crashes with the following message: "Runtime Error! Program: C:ProgrammeInternet Exploreriexplore.exe abnormal program termination"

    ie7 is killed!!!!

  25. Steve says:

    New bug in IE Feedback.

    Users can no longer "re-activate" a bug.

    This means as soon as the "sweeper" comes in and sets all bugs to closed, they can’t be re-opened for still existing issues/bugs.

    In the chat today, it was indicated to "keep sending in the feedback"… well, here you go.

    The feedback also needs super-moderators, so users with trusted stats, can re-open older bugs that the originator is unaware was accidentaly closed before full review.  Currently we need to submit duplicate bug reports, which doesn’t help anyone.

  26. Fduch says:

    BTW Have you ever seen anybody deeply connected with IE developement in the "Top Validators" list on connect? I haven’t. That brings some thoughts…

  27. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Christian: Typically, such runtime errors are evidence of buggy plugins.  See for tips.

    @Fduch: Several testers have already confirmed here that this issue doesn’t reproduce.  What system locale are you using?

    @Jon:What do you mean when you say that your cache "overflows"?

    @Charlotte: What is your setting for Tools | Internet Options | Browsing History | Settings for the "Check for newer versions of stored pages" option?

    @ADAXL: Michael is speculating on the release date.  No official release date has been announced.

  28. goose says:

    Microsoft prevents spyware to start with, so I don’t know why anybody would want anti-spyware/ anti-malware applications installed to begin with! Microsoft Internet Explorer = best defence against spyware.

    I have never heard of someone getting spyware from Internet Explorer, ever. Opera and Firefox and Safari? ALL THE TIME. They are all made by smaller companies that don’t have the experience or funds to fight the nasties on the web. But Microsoft takes care of us.

    I am sure IE7 will be even more secure. Plus is has glassy tabs and fixes CSS bugs. The fixes only came years later because Microsoft tests and tests and tests to make sure the user experience is 100% all the time.

  29. taxidermist says:

    [quote]Thursday, October 12, 2006 2:59 PM by Christian


    if i open this page my ie7 rc1 crashes with the following message: "Runtime Error! Program: C:ProgrammeInternet Exploreriexplore.exe abnormal program termination"

    ie7 is killed!!!!


    It killed my Firefox too, after giving some warning of an invalid signature. The JAVA applet is causing the problem.

  30. yahia says:


    It is mlaybe off-topic, but I’m always wondering why the IE7 setup file is so big, and takes so long to setup, while best featureful browsers have a very light setup.

  31. Fduch says:


    >@Fduch: Several testers have already confirmed here that this issue doesn’t reproduce.  What system locale are you using?


    There are only positive validations! On connect site and in this blog.

    And validating comment by scalo:

    > Entered by scalo on 24.09.2006 at 11:29

    yes, when renamed to ألف.mht the page is totally broken and wrong displayed

    And he’s not just some random guy. Look he indicates that Arabic letters don’t work too.

    I have 2 languages installed – English and Russian. I also have "hieroglyphs support" installed.

    The problem is that IE7 somehow stops recognising .mht as MIME-encoded format and opens it as HTML.

    I provided example here on IEblog, but I can repost it.

  32. Fduch says:

    @Eric: Does this look good for you?

    When I rename files so that the path contains only english letter they work fine.

  33. Jon says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]:

    What I meant was that it goes over its allotted cache size.  For example, my cache size is set to be a max of 64, but currently is 84 MB and I’ve seen it hit over 100 MB before.

  34. Fduch says:

    @Eric: Look at this side by side comparison of saved website:

    @goose: *thumbs up* 😉

    @taxidermist: Yes IE7 crashes on that site. Bear with it. You got IE7 for free so they don’t owe you anything.

    @Jon: you can also try to download large file (like Windows Vista iso) and look how heawy your cache dir will become.

  35. Richard G says:

    Just wanted to post a great resource link for Administrators regarding the Automatic Update for IE7.

    For those Admins, that want control over when it is released on their network (i.e. to control incompatible applications, and Internet/Intranet sites)

    This tool, from IntelliAdmin, will allow mass blocking of the IE7 AU.

    Once the initial release has gone out and fixes and patches/workarounds have been developed, Admins can then remove the block, and allow the download of IE7.x.

  36. Jane [MSFT] says:


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The problem you were experiencing with the IE Feedback site has now been resolved. Please re-activate the issues you submitted if they are still ocurring on RC1.

  37. Tony Su says:

    Uh, maybe if not today then maybe sometime MS should create a solution that enables a mass rollout. I can imagine the pain if a large organization were to roll out IE7 to large number of desktops and <every> one of those desktops has to be touched to disable or uninstall anti-malware apps.

    Or, is this kind of effort not considered worthwhile because of the restrictions to such apps in 64-bit Vista?

    You’d think that MS would be able to co-operate with every known anti-malware vendor in advance so that each would submit a script that would be included in a MS install that would enable an app like IE7 to install with zero administration. Vendors should be highly motivated to provide that kind of co-operation to avoid pain to their customers.


  38. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jon: The cache isn’t strict about sizing; the scavenger runs to trim the cache to below the minimum size, but for performance reasons, the scavenger isn’t constantly run.  In general, it’s best to simply let it manage the size of the cache.

    @Richard: The AutoUpdate blocker tool you’re referring to is provided by Microsoft.  We discuss the tool here:

  39. Fduch says:

    What about my issue, Eric?

    Don’t you see it the way I see it here ?

  40. EricLaw [MSFT] says:



    Random factoid: MHT parsing is actually implemented by Outlook Express, not IE.

  41. Either have an up front message about this or even better if the installer detects that the install has failed to simply show a list of solutions and to ask the user if they would like to retry installing IE7.

  42. Fduch says:


    Thanks for info. I’ll uninstall IE7 tomorrow to see what will happen.

  43. PatriotB says:

    @Tony Su: I’d imagine that since IE7 uses the standard Windows package installer (update.exe) that it can be rolled out via adminstrative tools like WSUS and SMS.

    Otherwise, the IEAK may offer additional options.

  44. =jon= says:

    Ahi, Ahi, Ahi Guys!!!

    I’m testing my with IE7 RC1 on Windows XP HOME… There are still some problem with CSS!!!!!!


    Have a good day

  45. when i had IE7 RC1 instill i would get a lot of site’s not showing at all, even if they was up or not. i tested i had netscape instill and use FireFox to double check this they was all up?

    i am back to IE6 for now totally updated as will.

    thinking maybe there was some bug some one made up to block sites from showing up at all.

    anyways i back to normal now with IE6, i may try later down the road again in 90days to see how it doing. LOVE IE 6 don’t care much for the lay out IE7 or the (url site checker) filter to much to bugging for my taste i disable it.

    i like the old style lay out, be sweet if we had skins to use for it give it life, i hate the windows 2000 old theme layout of it. flat color.

    make it skin able be a sweet extra think about it ok 😉

  46. Glenn Monte says:

    EI 7 seem to be blocking me from accessing my file on my computer (Intranet).

    I’ll be doing my MSCE 70-270 exams in a few days time, and so I use a simulation programme

    running on EI 6 to get prepared for the exams. Yesterday I thought it wise to try

    the new EI 7 RC 1 and was at first glad to see the new features it had. Rather unfortunate

    it did not allow me to run my MSCE 70-270 simulation programme anymore. It kept blocking

    my ActiveX

    On the toolbar I get this message everytime

    "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage

    from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click

    here for options".

    When I right-mouse-click on the banner to Allow blocked content like I’m used to

    when running EI 6, it still wouldn’t let me run my programm.

    I’ve tried ajusting the EI 7 setting even to to lowest level and yet it is still blocking

    my access.

    Could this be a bug in the EI 7?

    I need any help


  47. Xepol says:

    Repeated reboost are also an awful user experince.  The IE team has GOT to figure out a way to update IE without rebooting, it simply isn’t a good experience, even to have to reboot once, let alone 2 or 3 times.

    If the shell used a proxy object instead of the IE control directly, this could be a MUCH simpler process and even allow for multiple versions side by side, with the version of your choice integrated into the shell.

  48. Andrea Baron says:

    Am I missing something or IE 7 was supposed to improve CSS handling?

    Maybe something has been done, but it’s still a VERY LONG WAY to go.

    For example: why do border:1px dotted #000 still doesn’t appear correct? And I still have lot of problems with lists.

    In the readiness kit you just say to remove the hacks used to hide things to IE because they don’t work now. Fortunately I started using conditional comments from the start… Now I can have 3 stylesheets, 1 for all ie (, 1 for ie < 7 ( and one for 5.x ( As you can see in the first link, that’s STILL needed to make my website work correctly in IE 7.

    I, and many many many other developers, hope to see Firefox escalate to the top of the browser usage statistics, or that IE 8 will be released in months, or better, that these and the other bugs still in IE 7 will be resolved before releasing to the public and via Windows Update.

    Have a nice day.

  49. john doe says:

    Why can’t Microsoft provide an official release date?   Is this a state secret to get a leg up on competitors?

    Other companies that rely on your *platform* need  release dates for planning purposes.

    Who’s running Microsoft these days anyways?

    For crying out loud — publish a release date and stick to it.  Otherwise, this release is going to be a stinking mess.

  50. Fduch says:

    Windows Automatic Updates is cool feature. It resets your PC without saving your Word documents while you are in the bathroom. Very fun.

  51. I had ie 6 everything worked well. I down loaded ie7and now nothing works. I can not use Internet explorer nor ATT/Yahoo. I just get error messages.

    Now I can not uninstall ie7. I have tried everything. I called Microsoft techs and they can’t uninstall it either. They are working on it and hopefully will call back with a solution. I just want ie 6 back.

    ie7 even made my system restore not work. That Microsoft was able to fix.

    Currently I feel ie7 is the worst most damaging program Microsoft produced. My computer hates it. If you can help me that would be great. I do want to douplicate any effort Microsofts techs are working on but it has been a week and no solution.

    Help, Pete Wolff

  52. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Glenn Monte: If you click Tools | Internet Options | Advanced and scroll down to the security section, try checking the "Allow active content to run in files on my computer" checkbox.  Be sure to unset that option after you’re done.

    @Xepol: Unfortunately, it’s more than just the IE object; WinINET is used throughout Windows and hence it’s very difficult to achieve no reboots for that component.  We’re looking into it.

    @Peter H Wolff: We can’t help you unless you at least tell us what the error messages say.

  53. ihope 1E7and Anti-malwarebe the best

  54. IfeeliIE7 will be the most when ineed some help to fix any problem

  55. hAl says:

    Some sites are reporting that as a gestuure to the European commission involving negotiations on the Vista releasde we will now have a question asked during the IE6 => IE7 upgrade about what searchpage we would like to use.

    A) Is this true ?

    B) If true how can I get my own search engine on a possible list of options that people can select from ? 😉

    C) How much money is handed to the EC by Google ? 😉

  56. Cecil Ward says:

    Concerning IE7 setup’s checks on writing to registry keys. I really hope IE7 reads back the registry keys written to, and checks at a later stage that the writes have actually happened? If some evil application is actually monitoring and "repairing" their state, then that’s the only way to handle this, surely. As mentioned in the article, checking permissions or checking for write error returns is not good enough.

  57. Joe says:

    I can’t download IE7. I’m using Firefox right now, and when i click download, it says the it says "server not found". and then when i try it using IE, nothing happens when i click download. please help.

  58. Sentinel6 says:

    I would like to suggest a small feature request… Pause/Resume option in download dialog.

  59. Fduch says:


    >I would like to suggest a small feature request… Pause/Resume option in download dialog.

    You call it "a small feature"?? It was being developed inside Microsoft for many years. I even saw rather unstable beta of this feature back in 2004 (in Longhorn 4074 if I remember corrextly). But they scrapped the Vista code and accidently deleted the feature. So give them about 8 years to reimplement and test it. You don’t want untested beta quality feature in RTM, do you?

  60. Sergio Freire says:

    Hi MS guys,

    I think its important to solve the crash issue.  My Firefox does NOT crash when opening nor I consider it normal to crash even when the applet signature is bad.


    its not a plugin problem since my IE 7.0.5700.6 is also without any plugins and is crashing at the moment.


    Sergio Freire


    @Christian: Typically, such runtime errors are evidence of buggy plugins.  See for tips.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006 2:59 PM by Christian


    if i open this page my ie7 rc1 crashes with the following message: "Runtime Error! Program: C:ProgrammeInternet Exploreriexplore.exe abnormal program termination"

    ie7 is killed!!!!

    It killed my Firefox too, after giving some warning of an invalid signature. The JAVA applet is causing the problem.


  61. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Sergio Freire: I’m not sure I understand your comment.  

    You say that you’ve got no plugins installed, but you also mention an applet on this site?  Java is a plugin, so if you’re seeing an applet, you’ve got plugins enabled.  Have you ensured that you’re running the latest version of the Java plugin?

  62. sara kim says:

    I believed that ie7 would be released 18th October.

    But some newspapers say that ie7 will be released whthin 27th October.

    when will ie7 be released?

  63. Jacob says:

    I thought I read here that previously set default search engines would be transfered over when installing IE7?

    I most definately had GOOGLE as my default search engine, yet when I installed IE7rc 1 I had livesearch as my default?

    What is livesearch, I did not pick this search engine at all.

  64. I saw this and because IE is coming soon, thought you might like to read this! IE7 Installation and Anti-Malware

  65. Aedrin says:

    I wonder why people get so freaked out about a different default search engine. Besides the fact that both Google and Live search both function equally, I don’t think very many people actually changed IE’s default search engine.

    The Google toolbar does not constitute the default search engine, FYI.

    Even if it does change your default search engine, it is easy to change it back. I should start commenting on FireFox blogs that they don’t offer Live search as a choice in a default install. ‘They’re abusing their position!’

  66. Robert B says:

    Want to go back to IE6. Cannot use copy and paste between MS Words and Outlook. Also could not install Nortons 2007 AntiVirus or uninstall Symantec’s programs. How do I go back to IE6

  67. Vilius says:

    Robert B: go to add/remove programs windows and remove internet explorer 7.

  68. Sergio Freire says:


    a) Im running the java plugin from Sun, version 1.5.0_b6, which is not the very very latest (which I think its at version 1.5.0_b8) but its not a very old one as you can see.

    When I said I got no plugins, I meant that I have no special plugins installed. If you just try to open the URL you’ll see this problem ocurring very easily. Its not the JVM that crashes but IE is crashing as another person also reported.

    b) Also, as I am a developer for a Telco and we do a lot of web apps, I also read that the CSS support is not very compliant in IE7.. People complain on CSS (I think first version) and about CSS2 (and maybe CSS3?).. whats the status of these?

    c) what about the acid2 test? Have you tested IE7 against this test from  "Web Standards Project"? I guess you know this but if you want a fully compliant browser you should try to clean it as much as possible, as we do in telecommunications software everyday. The minimum we do pursuing compliance isnt lost time, its time won. Please see bellow:


    Sergio Freire


    @Sergio Freire: I’m not sure I understand your comment.  

    You say that you’ve got no plugins installed, but you also mention an applet on this site?  Java is a plugin, so if you’re seeing an applet, you’ve got plugins enabled.  Have you ensured that you’re running the latest version of the Java plugin?


  69. John K says:

    Every button I press in IE7 produces the same error window: "The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL". The name of the window is McAfee Auto Update: UpdaterUI.exe – ENTRY Point Not Found. I thought I disabled it when I installed RC, wven went back and uninstalled McAfee 8, reinstalled RC, reinstalled McAfee with same error. Only way it goes away is if McAfee is completely uninstalled. Which I cannot do. Any idea why this is?

  70. Fduch says:

    @Sergio Freire

    Asking stupid questions dowsn’t make you look good.

  71. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @JohnK: It’s likely that some other piece of software on your system has dropped an older version of PSAPI.dll.  

    You may be able to resolve this problem by doing a file search for PSAPI.dll and renaming older versions (e.g. to psapi.bak) that are not in the System32 directory.

  72. PatriotB says:

    @john doe: "Why can’t Microsoft provide an official release date?   Is this a state secret to get a leg up on competitors?"

    Because if something is found at the last minute, and the release slips by a few days, they don’t want to have egg on their face.  Releasing a whole new version isn’t as easy as, for example, the monthly security updates, and the last thing you want to do is say, "oops, sorry, we were going to release it today, now it’s gonna be Thursday.  Oops, now it’s next Monday."

    But, you may ask, what about previous versions of Windows?  Pretty much all software products have had launch dates set quite a bit in advance, why not IE7?  The difference is that IE7 is going to be released as a web download.  It’s not like there’s stores to stock up, launch events to plan.  The IE7 release is more analogous to the "RTM" date for Vista–there is no date announced to the public, because it may change.  Surely there are internal targets, just like surely the IE team has had an internal target for the IE7 release date.

    "Other companies that rely on your *platform* need  release dates for planning purposes."

    For quite a while, they’ve said 4th quarter of this year.  Which means that those companies should be planning on it being as early in the 4th quarter as it could be.  Several weeks ago, they said it would be this October; as soon as that was announced, you should be ready for it to arrive at any time.  Also, they’ve indicated that the "blocker tool", should you want to use it, should be set in place by November 1.

  73. @Christian, taxidermist, Sergio Freire, EricLaw

    A1 is the biggest mobile telco provider in Austria.

    Yesterday, I have tested the Web site, in IE7 RC1 too and I can confirm that it is the Java applet that crashes IE7, but not IE6 or other browsers.

    I have installed the latest JRE from (JRE 5.0 Update 6).

  74. Serious says:

    We need a release date.

    Enterprises and any large scale company can’t have a surprise rollout of this magnitude.

    Please give us a date to work with.  Both for the available download, and the automatic updates download.

    This is a critical IT issue, not a game, nor a competition on release dates with Mozilla Firefox 2.0

    On this issue, has the media been informed (beyond the tech crowd) that this new software is on the way, and that it may break critical applications, and it will affect end-user browsing (both in good ways, and bad).

  75. Jack says:


    "For quite a while, they’ve said 4th quarter of this year.  Which means that those companies should be planning on it being as early in the 4th quarter as it could be."

    Yes, you are correct, however you are missing one very important point.  There are several bugs in IE7, and changes that have been taking place between Beta 1, 2, 3 and RC1.

    Most of us, were expecting an RC2 (and or RC3) to fix all the issues in RC1 before it is released.  As developers, we were not going to waste a lot of time on adjusting our code to work with a moving target.  We expected after RC2, or RC3, to hear, "yup, were happy with this one (excluding any last minute security fixes), we recommend developing/testing final sites/solutions/applications against this RC, as if it were the final.  We plan to ship on [date]"

    However this never happened.  We were all shell shocked that this version (RC1) was the one that was actually going to be shipped to customers, unpolished, chock full of bugs, UI issues out the wazoo, and next to no CSS improvements.

    I accept the last one, a total lack of CSS improvements, but the UI?!

    Nuff said. I guess "Developers, developers,developers, Developers" doesn’t apply in 2006.

  76. james, bark says:

    NEW YORK: Microsoft Corp. will launch the latest version of its Internet Explorer, IE7, the company revealed at the recent Digital Life conference.

    Microsoft said IE7, Version 1.0 will be released Wednesday, which will be followed by Windows Update and Automatic Updates availability on 2 November.

  77. Aedrin says:


    A proper development department understands software development and its problems.

    Second, if you were organized you would’ve made it work with Beta1. Then as Beta2 came out, you would’ve tested with that. As you go through the releases the amount of fixes needed should be relatively small, unless it was poorly organized code of course.

    This ‘unpolished, chock full of bugs, UI issues out the wazoo, and next to no CSS improvements’ is of course the required IE bashing. I believe the phrase is, ‘2000 called, it wants it IE bashing back’.

    People never appreciate anything. I’m glad Microsoft kept with the program, and didn’t listen to all these "developers" (used lightly) complaining about changes. Changes happen, if they didn’t we’d be all in the stone age. If you can’t accept changes, you’re not very dynamic.

  78. ieblog says:

    @John K

    Please send an email to the IE Blog with the specific version of McAfee you are running (suite name, specific version number, any updates) so that we may further investigate.


  79. pcampbell says:

    We have a Windows Service that launches a java program and then waits for the java program to terminate so that it can stop the service.  This worked fine until we installed IE7.  Now the service starts with no errors but immediately detects that the java.exe program has terminated and so stops the service.  There are no errors logged in any of the event logs.

    How can our service coexist with IE7.  The automatic rollout of IE7 stands to break virtually all of our customers!

  80. MrBester says:

    "if you were organized you would’ve made it work with Beta1. Then as Beta2 came out, you would’ve tested with that"

    @Aedrin: Not a chance in hell. It’s not my job to check every public build of a beta program to see if a site that works everywhere else doesn’t work in it.

    "I’m glad Microsoft kept with the program"

    What programme would that be? The one where IE is sidelined and stagnates for years until some decent competition comes along, or the programme that consistently produces a web browser that doesn’t consider adhering to the very standards that were incorporated by the W3C group that the same company was part of in 1999?

    If it works, fantastic. If it doesn’t, the backlash is going to be immense. I *really* wouldn’t want to be an IE dev right now on the eve of deployment…

  81. john doe says:

    BS. Microsoft could provide a reasonable release date.  If they are planning on having it downloadable tomorrow then they could have simply moved that date out 7 more days and given developers/ISVs an actual release date and said "THe GM is ready.  Its baking.  It will be made availabe on date XXXXX".

    As it is, we get more info from random news sites.  Thats why I’m upset.  Release dates are leaked to news sites but can’t be given to ISVs.

  82. Thomas Tallyce says:

    Posts to this blog have slowed recently, and that has usually indicated a release about to happen!

  83. Aedrin says:

    "It’s not my job to check every public build of a beta program to see if a site that works everywhere else doesn’t work in it."

    It’s not your job to test -your own- product on the most popular framework?


  84. MrBester says:


    "It’s not your job to test -your own- product on the most popular framework?"

    Not if it’s a) NOT the most popular framework (there’s a hell of a lot more Win2K installations still out there which aren’t affected) and b) when it’s still beta, as in not finalised and therefore likely to change.

    My product DOES work right now. Perhaps you think I ought to do unpaid testing for an unfinished product (and also on an unfinished platform)? Why don’t you do it and save me the bother?

  85. hAl says:

    "(there’s a hell of a lot more Win2K installations still out there which aren’t affected)"


    Less than 15% of clientinstallations is w2k now.

  86. Keith Knutsson says:

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    Keith Knutsson

  87. Walter Prout says:

    Why is it so hard from an End-User’s point, to research problems that one encounters in useing microsoft products, ie ; IE7 RC1 ?

    Case in point here, I have been useing the Nivida Firewall with network control program which is a WEB-Based configuration with IE6, I have had no problems until I installed IE7 RC1 and then I had to change my firewall settings through the web-based nivida program and got an error that I was not connected, needless to say, I had to Reformat and Install XP Pro once again.

    I am a Loyal Microsoft Customer and when problems crop up like this, The very first thing I do is research this through MS. We end-users need 1 ( ONE ) place where we can go and get help in solving problems. I really hate going to other forums at differant web sites and posting anything because people like me can’t explain what the problem is we are having and WE get FLAMED cause we dont know any better.

    Am not the type of person that Gets on the band-wagon full bore then jump ship at the first sight of a problem, I have to see what everyone else experiences with software before I concider useing it.

    Just give us End-Users somewhere to research and give feedback so we can all work togeather.

  88. MrBester says:

    "Less than 15% of clientinstallations is w2k now."

    75%+ of *my* clients installations is W2K, with no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

  89. name required says:

    What’s with the toolbar fascism? Jesus Christ you people at Microsoft know how to screw up what is otherwise a very good upgrade by insisting on implementing rubbish like this.

    Unlocking the toolbars; what mighty power of customisation you have bestowed upon me. You have allowed me the breathtaking ability to push the icon bar right to the right…

  90. Kurbli says:

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  91. John K. says:

    ieblog: thank you. I sent a message to the blog along with my McAfee version. Strange thing is it does not happen at the office, where I use the exact same configuration. I had RC1 installed there too. If I could get by without anti-virus I would, but will have to stop using IE until I can get a fix for this issue.

  92. The first run screen for IE7 has been reworked as you will see from the graphic below. Note that the

  93. Sometimes IE7 will be stuck at the Welcome page ( ) that appears

  94. IE 7 Next User says:

    How to remove the welcome screen,

  95. Roger says:

    With F-secure, installation of IE7 was no problem at all!

  96. ARP says:

    Tried to install it to Windows Server 2003 SP 1 & used the IE7 vesion for Windows Server 2003… I keep getting CONSTANT failure, even when adding myself running as Administrator & FULL RIGHTS to all registry hives & keys, AND also for all files/folders on disk.

    I cannot figure out why this is happening. I turned of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition client VPTray.exe & services for it, still "no dice"

  97. One of the Microsoft MVPs, Robear Dyer, put together a great list of sites for info and questions about

  98. Davy-D says:

    I installed the IE 7 package via Microsoft Updates with not problems that I have found so far.

    I did not disable my AVG 7 antivirus software or my Zone Alarm firewall v.6.5.737.000


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  101. carol says:

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  102. Tim Long says:

    Ive just had a bad experience with Internet Explorer 7 and I’ve learned a number of important things

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