Last Expert Zone Chat Before We Ship IE

We wanted to give you guys one last chat session before we ship IE. So if you can, you should join us for the chat this Thursday, October 12th at 10.00AM PDT (5.00GMT) otherwise you can catch all the action in the transcript.


Uche Enuha
Program Manager

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  1. Omar Perez says:

    Are the RSS and all the others rendering problems fixed? before you all ship another beta as full version….

  2. Dan Wolff says:

    Have you had a chance to fix the vbscript IE object.  None of our scipts that use the object work anymore.  They worked with beta but with the release canidate they quite working.

  3. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Dan Wolff: I’d love to hear more about the issue you’ve encountered.  Can you please provide repro steps?

  4. Joe Edwards says:

    I discovered (and reported) a layout bug a while back, but it still hasn’t been fixed.  I posted an example here:

  5. John says:

    Slashdot is indicating that IE7 will be pushed to users tomorrow.  Will you be giving a firm launch date as to not dump this on unsuspecting admin teams?

  6. bob yasa says:

    thx folks, candidate & final tech 424 MB fixed the printer and attachment recognition which helped in seizing the corr selected print pref. any news on reaching to the attachments in quick print as a group?

    let it roll!

  7. Dan Wolff says:

    Here is a sample script that I wrote

    Set objExplorer = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

    objExplorer.Navigate "about:blank"

    objExplorer.Toolbar = 0

    objExplorer.StatusBar = 1

    objExplorer.Width = 600

    objExplorer.Height = 400

    objExplorer.Left = 300

    objExplorer.Top = 150

    objExplorer.Visible = 1

    Do While (objExplorer.Busy)


    Set iedoc = objExplorer.Document


    iedoc.Writeln "<html><head><title>Untitled</title></head>"

    iedoc.Writeln "<body STYLE=" & Chr(34) & "font:14 pt arial; color:white; Filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(GradientType=0, StartColorStr=’#000000′, EndColorStr=’#FFFF33′);" & Chr(34) & ">"

    iedoc.Writeln "<font size = 10 color =silver>"

    iedoc.Writeln "<table><tr><td>" = "Wait"

    iedoc.Writeln "</b></font></td></tr></table>"

    WScript.Sleep 2000 = "default"

    The statement Set iedoc = objExplorer.Document doesn’t appear to be valid.  It doesn’t error but anytime I reference iedoc it doesn’t accept any of the commands, and I get an error on the IEDOC.BODY.STYLE.CURSOR lines.  This script should create an IE window with a yellow to black gradient background.  The html code works because if I create an html page using the same code it looks like the page I am trying to create.  This is just one of the things we are doing with the InternetExplorer.Application in vbscripts we also use it to keep track of script progress and we have created a timer that will reboot a pc after the time limit has expired.  All of our problems seem to relate to not being able to talk to the IE window that is created in the first part of the script.

    Thanks for responding, judging from comments that I have received on forum posts about this subject I am not the only one experiencing these problems



  8. Aedrin says:


    Slashdot is often wrong in its "news". People like to misread things to make Microsoft look bad.

  9. Kelson says:

    Aedrin: On top of that, the article Slashdot linked to in this case was already wrong.  The article looked at the previous post here and concluded IE7 was going to be shipped with this month’s patches.  Whoever submitted it to Slashdot looked that that, saw "shipped tomorrow" and "automatic updates" and concluded it was going to be pushed out automatically on Tuesday.

    There’s a lot of "No, it’s not" comments on the discussion.

  10. Aedrin says:

    I hadn’t read the linked article.

    Besides the No it’s not, there’s the typical anti-Microsoft comments too. Just like the previous post on this blog, it’s mostly people whining about nothing.

  11. Ben.Martin says:

    PLEASE!!!! Don’t push IE as a critical update.  This is like pushing a service pack as a critical update.  At least give us a week to turn off automatic update for all of our clients.  Your partners are begging you!

  12. Adam says:

    Maybe if Microsoft actually gave a solid date to their customers, then Slashdot wouldn’t have to try and guess at it.

    Ever consider maybe their is a reason for all of the "anti-microsoft" comments??

  13. David H. Hagen says:

    Has the favorite folder problem that prevents the folders from being opened at times been fixed?  I’m still experiencing it and I see there are still reports of it on the web.

  14. Jeff says:

    Adam, regardless of wether there’s a reason or not, the SlashDot crowd will -always- invent some reason to go on an anti-Microsoft crusade. Even if MS implements a long requested feature, there’ll be accusations of stealing from Apple, or whatever. Most of the discussions there have no point whatsoever.

  15. matt says:

    @Ben.Martin, Microsoft provided information on how to block IE7 over three months ago.

  16. Aedrin says:

    I don’t see why IE being a critical update is a bad thing.

    Besides the fact that the update includes a prompt as to whether people really want to upgrade, there is no reason not to upgrade unless you are using legacy code.

    And if you are, shame on you. You’ve had several months to update! 😉

    I’m glad that there are other people who see the problem with Slashdot.

  17. Jim Adams says:

    RSS feeds in Favorites can be dragged to the Links toolbar, changing the mouse pointer to an insertion pointer.  However, they can’t be inserted (bug).  Ideally, they would display from Links as a pulldown menu similar to FF.

  18. George says:

    As a microsoft fan i am concerned with the decision to install IE7 thro automatic updates in just few weeks after the final release.

    I would like MS to wait atleast 3-6 months after the final release for automatic mass distribution. You may never know what kind of issues will come up with IE7 in a real user environment and this 3-6 months time delay will help you to stabilize the software with necessary updates.

    Pushing IE7 automatically without waiting is a major PR disaster waiting to happen.

  19. Thomas Tallyce says:

    I support getting IE7 out the door soon. People have had months to try out IE7, and some stats sites seem to suggest usage is already 1% or so.

  20. Ron Grandmaison says:

    I tried a couple of the Beta versions and did not like them at all.  I went back to IE6.

  21. goose says:

    push IE out the door!! I want the new glassy effects! Oh god, thank you for the glassy effects and tabs! I also think the ergonomics are far better than in version 6 and releases before that. I also hear you’ve fixed 4 year-old CSS bugs! Only Microsoft has the manpower to innovate like this.

    Firefox doesn’t even have a New Tab button by default! Is that innovation? Those Firefox guys seem to be afraid to show a New Tab button in their default install. Insane!! Your user interface people MUST be laughing at those poor tree-huggers. I know I am.

    Bring on the IE7; I can’t wait for the web to be safer and more bug-free! This open source stuff really let me down. They claim standards but I can’t even watch videos on some sites!!! Thank you for fixing things for us!@!!

  22. John says:

    What word would you like us to use, in the chat, to replace swearing?

    I will be posting "****ing ****!" a fair bit by the sounds of it.  This is NOT a quality, tested product, and it is NOT ready for release to ANYONE beyond a development crowd.

    I want a firm date!!!!!!!!!! on when this garbage is being rolled out, I need to know when to have our blocker installed, and have a backup plan for all of our customers that will encounter DOS because of bugs.

    What the **** happened to all the talk of a December release?  We were all quite happy with that target, it gave you guys time to fix your bugs, and time for us to fix our code to match your final release!

    Where the **** is RC2? RC3?  I can’t believe you are dumping RC1 on the planet. What a joke!

  23. Sam says:

    Yes – a joke. I just had to add target attributes to all of the links in my navigation frame because IE7 did not pick up the target specified in the <base> tag. Definetly not ready for prime time!

  24. gigglesworth says:

    > @Ben.Martin, Microsoft provided information on > how to block IE7 over three months ago.

    Unfortunately, most users don’t read MS TechNet or the MSDN blog and are probably unaware that a major-upgrade is coming.

    Normal users do not behave like developers. Do not expect them to look in obscure places for tips like this.

  25. Steve says:

    Real Simple.

    Fix this bug.

    "Allow Command Bar To Be Moved Like Other Toolbar Add-ons"

    (all toolbars should be moveable without registry hacking!)

    Rating: 4.89 out of 5.00

    46 votes

    Validation: 24/0 (yes/no)

    This speaks volumes about how pathetic it is that the toolbars are not moveable.

    a.) Put the file menu, at the top, by default. PERIOD.

    b.) Move the reload/stop buttons back to the left of the address bar. PERIOD.

    Come on, this isn’t rocket science. EVERYONE on this blog and the chats has complained about this.  We expected to see it fixed in a later Beta/RC, but apparently there won’t be one. FIX  IT ASAP.

    (for those that want to vote for this, please log in, and let MS know how important it is to not mess with a users toolbars, and wreck 10 years of navigation.


  26. Steve says:

    Here’s another:

    "Navigation Bars Should Be Optional and Moveable"


  27. duke3d says:


    WIE7 FINAL , a t’il un gestionnaire de telechargement comme "Down Them All" ?

    merci et a+

  28. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Sam: It sounds like your BASE tag is misplaced.  Standards require that your BASE tag is in the HEAD.  And beware of implicit body; see for more info.

  29. William says:

    Are any more bugs being fixed before release?  I still have ~4 active bugs in the feedback system, several of which break stuff for Active Document Servers that try to live in IE7.  

  30. says:

    All your IDN base are belong to us. We waited 5 years for MS to get with it and support internationalized domain names. We have the names. You have IE7 supporting them. Lets roll it out already. I cant want for those millions of Chinese to typein my domains and make me rich. Thank you for your attention.

  31. Duse says:


    IE7 is a lot better and safer than IE6, so I don’t find any valid reason to block IE7. Only your stupid mind thought that!

  32. Billy John says:

    Has anyone fixed the Norton antispam bug yet? The scripts don’t work. That needs to be fixed in the end product.

  33. Saurav says:

    This is a problem i face in IE 7 RC1 only, don’t know why, I am using it with Outlook 2003 here, & if there is a like mail address anywhere in a webpage, clicking on it, opens a lot of Windows of IE7, more then 40 sometimes & the system crawls

  34. Flash says:

    I think the IE team should make a list of known bugs upon release of IE7. This would give the developers and IT managers time to arrange suitable tools and corrections made to websites and legacy systems.

    I know there is a toolkit but a list of bugs would be more useful.

  35. Bert says:


    > (for those that want to vote for this,please

    > log in, and let MS know how important it is > to not mess with a users toolbars, and wreck > 10 years of navigation.

    10 Years?!?  Exactly.  Don’t you think it might be time for a change?  There might be a better way?  I can bet the the most used areas on a browser are exactly the ones which are shown on IE7’s main interface by default.  

    Welcome to the year 2006 please join us, and perhaps we can get rid of years of mindless File, Edit, View, Banana,…,Tools,…Help just for the sake of maintaining the status quo.

    Are you seriously in the computer industry?  One which is constantly innovating?  Dynamic?  Exciting?  I’m sure there’s a babbage engine knocking around somewhere for your to carry on your neolithic computing experience.

    @Other naysayers.

    Now your’e complaining about IE7 shipping?  Look back at your past entries you guys were whining that IE7 needed to be shipped to fix the world ending catastrophe of IE6.  Also it needed to be shipped now because Firefox was whipping it and if MS had any chance of success then it had to be released NOW at your say so.

    Spin forward a few months and it’s time for release and now you all complain it’s too early!

    @ Naysayers redux

    Why does there have to be an RC1, RC2, RC3,…?  When a product is ready to ship it will ship.  That might be from on RC or several it doesn’t matter.  Remember the RTM will have fixes beyond that of the RC’s.

  36. Jon says:


    "They claim standards but I can’t even watch videos on some sites!!! Thank you for fixing things for us!@!!"

    Unfortunately, it’s the web developers that aren’t adhering to standards for watching your videos.  Cross-browser functionality is what developers typically strive for.  The sites that are "IE only" or "FF only" are just shooting themselves in the foot.

    Frankly, I’m glad that we’ll start seeing some rendering similarities in both FF and IE.  It will make testing far simpler.  Too bad there are still people using IE 5.5 out there 🙁

  37. TechBlog says:

    Will: As I wrote last week, support ends today for Windows XP Service Pack 1. No more security patches for you if you’re living in the past. Upgrade or die. Won’t: Don’t expect to see a critical update of Internet…

  38. Isotoma says:

    With the fast approaching release of IE7 (possibly even this Thursday it’s worth having a look at the changes they’ve made to their CSS support. There’s been lots of complaining that they are still not achieving standards compliance, but this…

  39. Michael W says:

    Some websites on the web are a big problem for ie7 . I I’m agreeing with you all , I think they should have wated at least another month till all the small bugs where fixed .Microsoft you are going to fast with your program. Please take a breth and slow down

  40. Rimbaud says:

    Cool, where do I download the source?

  41. David William Wrixon says:

    @Michael W

    <<I think they should have wated at least another month till all the small bugs where fixed .Microsoft you are going to fast with your program. Please take a breth and slow down>>

    Your beginning to sound like a Safety Marshal in a Snail Race. They are already 3 years late providing IDN support for the World’s default browser. The economic damage that is being caused as a consequence is immeasureable!

    IE7 may not be completely polished, but compared with IE6 it is a Rolls Royce with a few mud splatters being compared with a home made go-cart with a wheel missing.

    If people are ready for this release, then frankly they never would have been. No software has ever been more needed or more delayed or indeed more anticipated. Have you just woken form hibernation?

  42. Aedrin says:

    "mindless File, Edit, View, Banana"

    This made me chuckle.

    I think the problem is that people have gotten stuck into their cozy little situation. People who use IE know where all their little buttons are and know all the little details. People who develop also for IE know most of the little bugs and features they have to work with/around.

    Now suddenly there is a new release, it is as though an earthquake is going to shake their country cottage. This obviously wakes people up and they will complain. No one wants to move out of their country cottage.

  43. xfile says:

    There are 4 types of naysayers:

    (1) Those say No to everything and everyone including to what they said 30 seconds ago

    (2) Those say No to everything and anything of MS (PS: "MS" can be replaced by the name of any person or company)

    (3) Those say No to anything that will increase their workloads with or without proper justifications

    (4) Those say No to anything with a high degree of uncertainty because they don’t know if they have enough contingency plans for unexpected scenarios.

    As a computer enthusiastic, I wholly welcome the birth of IE 7 as any other programs.  But as an owner of several e-comm sites, I might be falling into the type 4.

    We should know better that it doesn’t matter for which type of naysayer you’re, IE 7 will be released as scheduled.  And for type 1-3, it’s really boring to read your messages.

  44. Aedrin says:

    There are a lot of people who fall into category 1-3.

    I think that people just need to understand that not everything can happen at once.

    This is an upgrade to what is available and any upgrade is welcome.

    Any upgrade also comes with its problems (such as websites no longer working). But this is inherit to such a dynamic process and should be accepted and worked with.

  45. Can you provide us with information on what classification IE7 will have in WSUS?

  46. Tony says:

    When I select Send Link by E-mail … the experience is still modal, ie. Outlook launches with the URL in the body, but I can’t switch back to the web page to capture any additional text that I might want to send with the message.  Is this by design or can it be made modeless?

  47. George says:

    Another thing i noticed with IE7 is if i click the  "Set Homepage" link from a website the dialog appear looks different. It basically offers to set the site as the only homepage or to set it as a tab homepage.

    In my opinion this will confuse most users . Remember most mainstream users cannot even tell the difference between a address bar and a search box!

    So i think you guys should consider going back to the old or atleast select the "set the page as only homepage" as default with the "yes" button enabled( that is clickable).

  48. John Savage says:

    I am not a web developer or a computer nerd, just one of the millions of normal people who use IE to browse the web. I have been using IE7 since beta 3, now on RC1 and have encountered few problems with it. Judging by the literacy (or lack of it) by some of the contributers to this blog I am not surprised that some web sites don’t work with IE7.

  49. Norm says:


    I think you are missing the point.

    In IE6, I could move my toolbars anywhere I wanted.

    In IE7, I am told where they are going to go, and I have no choice.  More anoyingly, they are placed EXACTLY where I DO NOT want them.

    That is the point.

    IE7 is not inovating the future of GUI chrome design here.  They experimented, it failed, but we have yet to see them reverse the error, and with a pending release date of this month, we are HIGHLY concerned, especially since we have not been informed of what changes have/will take place between the RC1 we have now, and the final version.  If this is fixed, please accept my/our appologies.

  50. robert says:

    I agree with the above. I am an average computer user.

    Once I downloaded IE7, I couldn’t move the toolbars anywhere, couldn’t get them consolidated on one line as I can with IE6, then promptly remove IE7 from my computer.

    The developers need to make the toolbars all moveable and able to be consolidated as many people like having more screen space and less toolbar space in normal windows. I also enjoy the google toolbar (probably blasphemy on this website) and there was no way to remove the then redundant search box.

  51. will says:

    Not that I’m an avid Slashdot reader (I rarely go there), but there are thousands of users there with the anti-MS attitude.  Surely, that many people can’t be entirely wrong and discarded as lunatics.

    I’m just eager for IE7 to be released so that we can sit back and watch half the internet break due to *html css hacks and what not.

  52. Bill says:

    Will the new version support RSS stylesheets? The previous beta versions have ignored stylesheets that current existing browsers support. The intent to make the RSS user experience better has    created a hijacked sensation for sites which have   implemented their own styling. The microsoft styling is great for sites without style information, but terrible for sites that want control over their own look and feel.  

  53. JK says:


    1/3 of Americans think that 9/11 was an "inside job". Still think that a lot of people agreeing on a point of view implies that they’re correct?

  54. Bert says:


    > IE7 is not inovating the future of GUI

    > chrome design here.  They experimented, it

    > failed, but we have yet to see them reverse > the error

    It failed?  Really?  Wow!  I must have missed that bit.

    If it really had failed then MS would have reversed it.  The new interface is different, it might not be to everyone’s taste but I think that one thing MS does is research its UI changes.  Sure, perhaps sometimes things aren’t 100% perfect and they get refined but do we really want to go back to the same looking applications?  Firefox is great, but it looks like a Linux application from 10 years ago.

  55. I didn’t liked the new UI at first too. But now I’m loving it! It is far more comfortable.

  56. Ben Jones says:

    Just installed IE7, I want to move the stop and refresh buttons next to the back and forward… why? because thats what I want… though I cant find a way to do it!!!!

  57. Jim says:

    I read somewhere that locking the buttons on the toolbar was thought necessary as an anti-phishing measure.  But the cure is worse than the disease insofar as I am concerned.  I use Firefox anyway.

  58. John says:

    fyi, a statcounter app is not working properly in IE7… seems like the code is good, just that IE7 isn’t displaying it correctly.; try it in IE7 and see what the issue might be.

  59. John says:

    and re: Slashdot is a site that a lot of MS users read; why not provide them a firm date as a way to inform your customer base?  I’m sure your transparency would possibly mitigate some of the anti-MS sentiments you describe.

  60. Michael W says:

    Let me set the record streat . The new Microsoft Ie7 full vertion will not be on for live updates till October 18,2006

  61. Mark says:

    I have been using RC1 for a while. I like it. No problem at all.

    PS: I usually use firefox but am not using it anymore since I have found that ie7 is so much better.

  62. Gregg says:

    I will still be using Firefox 🙂

  63. Aedrin says:

    "Not that I’m an avid Slashdot reader (I rarely go there), but there are thousands of users there with the anti-MS attitude.  Surely, that many people can’t be entirely wrong and discarded as lunatics."

    Not lunatics, bandwagon jumpers. People will follow the general public because it is popular.

    "Once I downloaded IE7, I couldn’t move the toolbars anywhere, couldn’t get them consolidated on one line as I can with IE6, then promptly remove IE7 from my computer."

    This is exactly the problem. People do not give it a chance. They try it for a few minutes, and remove it right away.

    They most likely didn’t have the time required to make them customizable, especially considering the interface is a big part of Windows Vista.

    Besides, I see nothing bad about the interface. So you can’t move a button here or there. Most non power users don’t really care, as long as they know how to use it. And power users use keyboard shortcuts.

  64. Mark says:


    How long have you been using IE7? I am using it for nearly 9 hours a day.

    Use it, and you will like it.

  65. will says:


    The difference is that 9/11 conspiracies are seldom based on solid evidence/facts or a track record of mistakes and shortcomings, but rather a bunch of coincidences and theories.

  66. Gregg says:

    Funny, I could not get it to load on my iBook 🙁


  67. I mistakenly downloaded IE 7. Now I can not download pictures on pages, the tab menu, is extremely slow. And I don’t like it, in particular.

     Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, preventing pictures on webpages, from downloading. yes I have turned off everything I can think of, and lowered security to the floor. I even turned the tv off, and put the beer away. it didn’t help. HELP

  68. Ian Muir says:

    To summarize the comments here for those who don’t want to read everything. They fall into one of the following:

    – I’ve got an obscure bug in 6 year old code that affects 0.00003% of websites. Please delay the release because I believe the IE7 code should be changed to fit my personal needs.

    – Microsoft is evil. I have proof that Bill Gates tried to assasinate the president of Botswana. Anything they do is evil, that’s why I’m reading and commenting their blog every day.

    – We understand that all software has some bugs, including our beloved Firefox, so please release IE7 soon. It’s a vast improvement over IE6. Please make it an automatic update because it will take 4 years to propogate if you don’t.

  69. Zach Gelnett says:

    Ok, I really like the direction you’re going with IE and the features you’ve added but I do think there are a couple of issues (that might have been covered elsewhere but thought I’d bring them up anyway):

    1) When you are doing windowsupdate (as in the download/install is happening) you are unable to access the main IE window which includes other tabs.  Truthfully, I’d like to be able to fire off windows update and then forget about it while I do other stuff and the update continues in the background.  This is quite annoying.

    2) I’d really like to have an rss reader that’s similar to the firefox live bookmarks.  I do like the new rss reader in IE7 but an ability to just download the titles and then select which ones you want to view would be great.

    3) The way the search works in firefox where the string is highlighted as it’s found is quite nice and it would be great if this were an option in IE7

    4) In line spell check.  As it is I am a horrid speller so I copy whatever text I type into a Word document to use the spell checker there then paste it back into the textbox I’m working with.  Would it be too difficult to add in-line spell checking for textboxes to IE, even as an add-on?

    Overall (regardless if the above items are addressed or not) IE7 is great and I’ll be recommending it to my friends.  Thanks for this update.

  70. Tama says:

    How about fixing the ‘Overflow Auto and Position Relative’ bug! This bug makes at least one of our web apps (which work fine in every other browser including ie6) unusable!

    See here for more details (not my site).

  71. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John: Can you elaborate on how exactly the StatCounter app isn’t working?  The "Demo" page there looks fine.

    @Zach Gelnett: Thanks for the feedback.  With regard to your questions:

    1> Yes, this is an unfortunate limitation with modality. On Vista, it’s not a problem because WindowsUpdate runs as its own application.

    2> This is a cool idea.  It’s possible to make a plugin that behaves this way.  I’m not aware of any that are available yet, but I expect we’ll see them before long.

    3> Check out the Inline Search addon I link to at  It provides a very good search experience.  We’re looking at building in this sort of functionality for a future version of IE.

    4> Spell check is available via the IESpell addon.  Again, see or check out for this and many other addons.

    Thanks all!

  72. NASA_dude says:

    Firefox provides the ability to launch the browser and open several tabs simultaneously through the command line:

    firefox.exe -new-window "||"

    In the above example a new Firefox window will open with 3 tabs going to ebay, microsoft and google.  This greatly

    simplifies our employees access to our intranet portal(s) by providing one .VBS or .BAT file on the desktop of our

    corporate users.  This is much simpler than having several individual shortcuts for our employees.  I have looked but

    have not asked.  Will IE7 will have this ability?

    I really hope this is added (or if functionality is already existing I would like to see documentation and updated list

    of command line options in IE7).

    I know you can setup IE7 to open multiple tabs as your "homepage" however, I need to be able to have several desktop

    links, .vbs, or .bat files on my users desktops to launch the Intranet(s), partner sites, etc.  Running the "partner

    sites" shortcut should launch one window with several tabs each going to our partner sites.

    Microsoft is the king of accessability and this feature is needed as it’s entirely about accessability.

    This is a much needed, accessability based feature that should be easy to add and require minimal QA effort.

    We continue to use and support your products because as a company, you continue to listen.


  73. Mike says:

    Office Update does not work in IE 7. It can’t load the active x.

  74. Aedrin says:


    "How about fixing the ‘Overflow Auto and Position Relative’ bug! This bug makes at least one of our web apps (which work fine in every other browser including ie6) unusable!"

    I don’t see what is wrong on your "bug report"? The only difference is that in IE the div is set slightly lower. The contents of the div and everything else looks exactly the same.

    Besides that, why not fix the -single- website instead of pushing back the release of IE7?

    FF1.5 and IE6.0

  75. Mark says:

    I have just discovered that IE7 resolves Chinese and Japanese domain names (domain name appeared in their native language).  How cool this is!! I am suprised that this new feature is not mentioned in the IE7 introduction.

  76. Pontificate.Maximus says:

    The form at the bottom of this page is cut off on the left hand side. The width of what is cut off is the same as the padding to the left of the comments. But it looks okay in Firefox.

    As a web developer, I welcome the vastly improved CSS support in IE7, for sure. But I think the web will be a very interesting place for awhile if it is pushed out as an automatic update.

    The alternative, however, is yet another browser version to contend with. I’m all in favor of wiping IE <= 6 off the map completely.

  77. Pontificate.Maximus says:

    Now that I’ve posted my first message, the form here looks fine.

  78. John Hansen says:

    While it’s far from perfect, it’s a start, and it’s much better than previous versions.

    That said, the user interface is a shock. Please consider allowing better customization of button/toolbar placement for future versions.

    Thanks for an good job overall!

  79. Jobo says:

    For me, what interests me is the ability to customize the browser and allow the power user to have access to advanced preferences.  So I would have like to have seen:

    -advanced cache preferences (like Opera: # minutes/hours/days cached for documents/images/other)

    -a history mechanism where the browser can display INSTANTLY where you have been, rather than re-checking the internet and re-downloading some of the same stuff (plus new advertisements) you have just seen.

    -fix the cache so that we won’t see "gurus" recommending a 50 MB cache max because the index gets broken.  If I want a functioning 1000 MB cache I should be able to have it.  After all, I’ve got lots of HDD room.

    -a "toggle javacript" button on the toolbar or on a right-click menu.

    -web accessories (images list, etc.) built in.

    -bug reporting/feature suggestions built in (without having to sign up for something)

    -retain complete toolbar customization ability

    -paste and go.

    How many of these suggestions, most of which were previously suggested, will make it into IE7 final?  I am hoping: more than zero.

  80. Butz Yung says:

    Some questions and bug reports:

    1. Will "Direct Animation" be re-enabled in the final release of IE7? I know that all DLLs to support Direct Animation have been removed in IE7 RC1 (security reasons?).

    2. There are some bugs in IE7 RC1 regarding the rendering of ActiveX HTML tags (<OBJECT></OBJECT)>). Using the following codes as an example (this is a Direct Animation control, which is NOT supported on IE7 beta),

    <OBJECT ID=Seq style="display:none"


    <div id=no_Seq style="display:none"></div>

    <script language="JavaScript" src="../seq.js"></script>



    – "Seq" can still be found in the DOM tree, which is abnormal since a failed control is supposed to be empty (as in IE6 and Firefox).

    – Any scripts inside a failed control are NOT run. This problem also occurs in IE6 but on Firefox, they are run properly.

    – Any HTML objects inside a failed control are NOT found in the DOM tree (ie. document.getElementById("no_Seq") return nothing in IE7 for the above codes), though they are rendered and visible.

  81. Jason says:

    I really like the QuickTabs feature, but I don’t like how it disappears when the focus goes elsewhere. On my dual screen system I’d like to keep the QuickTabs view open on one monitor while I work on the other – being able to see all my thumbnails and quickly jump to them on the other screen.

    Perhaps a simple option in the Tabs preferences for "Hide when not focus" can give users the option?

  82. Uche[MSFT] says:

    @Jason: We will be looking at making the Quick tabs view stick even when not in focus in the next release

  83. Lee says:

    Bug Report — I think

    On this page,, an image in the center column (book cover – The Fallacy of Campaing Finance Reform) doesn’t render correctly — it gets cut in half — and all of the links in both sidebars below that broken image break.

    The page renders fine in IE6 and in other browsers

  84. Tama says:

    @Aedrin: The relatively positioned box (red border) shouldn’t leave it’s parent container and it should scroll when the parent container scrolls. Try scrolling in ie6 or firefox then in ie7 and you’ll see what I mean (

  85. Lee says:

    @Lee (me):  Moving the image — essentialy giving it a "float:right;" instead of a "float:left;" fixed everything.  All of the links began working, and the image displayed correctly.

    I’ve got no idea why, though.

    My apologies if this isn’t the correct forum for this kind of thing.

  86. luc says:

    I like the current position of stop/go and refresh buttons.

  87. Ali says:

    In IE 7.0 even RC1 we have problem with saving pages of non english address for exampel if i save below link and wanna see it in offline mode some unrelated charachter shown.

  88. Ron says:

    About the relative position bug:

    IE6 handles that page in Quirks mode because of the XML line above the doctype. The bug only triggers in standards compliance mode, which is what IE7 attempts to use.

    Some people may not notice the bug depending on what version of IE they’re using.

  89. Bob Dowding says:

    I have read in a number of places that you will need to uninstall RC1 in order to install the Final Version of IE7.Any truth to this or just more speculation?

  90. Chris H says:

    …regarding this bug, (weather or not this is the correct CSS method), removing ‘position: relative;’ from the ‘#relative’ code will make IE 7 play ball.

    Although, if you reload the link, the whole ‘scrollArea’ <div> jumps down the page.

  91. Baowoulf says:

    Bob I would probably guess so. Multiple versions of it might cause problems. But didn’t previous versions of the IE7 beta automatically uninstall older versions of the beta before installing themselves?

    Or am I thinking of a different beta like Vista or something?

  92. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Bob Dowding: The final IE7 installer will uninstall RC1 for you, reboot, and install the final build.

  93. Chris says:

    I’m just a user (webmaster) and have been using IE7 through the beta’s to the RC1.  I think its great and see no reason for a dissaster after release( there’s a few bugs but nothing that stops me working). I have a question about the search box, when you search using live should this auto pick up your location and bring back results for your location?

    I can’t wait for IE7 to destroy that Google scum!

  94. Steve says:

    I just do not understand how they can release this with such a basic flaw as the toolbar issue.  Not being able to move the elements the way you like.  This has to be fixed before a lot of users will update to 7.0

  95. Joeseph says:

    @luc.  I got $20 says you are not a Web Developer!

    If you ever have to reload/stop a page regularly, you’ll find the placement of the reload/stop buttons to be most anoying.  They are definately in the wrong spot.

    Hey, has anyone release an addon yet, to fix the positioning of the buttons/toolbars?

    I want the file menu back at the top where it belongs, I don’t want the command bar at all, or the favorites/add favorites icons, and I want the reload/stop icons moved back where they belong on the left, and the (splitter?) between the address and the search bar (google), i want resizable.

    If someone has made this addon, and it is free, please post the URL.  I’m sure there are lots of people waiting for this one!!!!

  96. Reese says:

    Has the transcript been posted yet?

  97. CloneZero says:

    It is interesting that so many folks have so many small concerns that they want M$ to address.  Folks IE7 is very late in coming out and the IE7 team has done a great job of catching up and has managed to innovate along the way.  It is true that toolbars have taken a step back, but you know M$ has it’s own agenda and concerns.  They are a company not a public trust.   As for the weenies who say “I’m not going to use IE7,” well good, we in the business sector don’t really care.  We care about standards, security, extensibility, predictability, and stability.  We don’t care about toys (well except power toys & add-ons), skins, videos, or all that jazz.  

    If you are a FireFox or iMac user, honestly, why are you here?  If you find a problem log the bug, and move on.  If you just want to make wisecracks, go play at your local bar, so folks can teach you some manners.  Please be solution orientated, if you have nothing constructive to say, BE QUITE!  

    It is unfortunate that many of you are behind on fixing your sites, and feel like IE7 is going to be pushed out TOMORROW!  Well, it’s not, so you have time to organize.  If your clients are whining about having to pay money to FIX their site, well isn’t it about time.  It’s just like Y2K folks, suck it up, do the work & get your clients to pay for it.  That is the business we are all in isn’t it!?  I’m in the same boat & still have some client issues to work out, but if your making millions from your site you can spare the cash.

    The IE7 team has done an amazing job of freshening up the browser work & feel, and trying their best to accommodate user needs & wishes.  In addition, to say that this is not finished software, even RC1, is ridicules and shows a lack of perspective. I’m sure the feature list of the product could fill volumes, let alone what their bug list must be.  Of course there are bug in this product, there are bugs in almost every product that has ever shipped.  They will get fixed or hacked some time soon.  The internet supports hundreds of billions of dollars of business and although M$ has been a little coy about the release date it will be out within 2 weeks, and adoption will be very high four weeks later.  

    Let’s move forward so in IE8 we can get really good CSS support & XHTML!  Goodness knows I want to play with some new technology on websites.  The internet has never been perfect, and the web is even less so because it is so much more complicated.  Eric Law, I assume, has build a marvelous team that are about to ship their first product, and then will get to stay together and do some marvelous thing with IE8.  If I was there I would want to ship this BEAST and move on the cool stuff waiting.  Why slow them down with piddly stuff, when this code has been feature complete for months?  Pat them on the back and tell them to amaze use with the next browser.  I’m just happy I have a new browser to try on now.  

    Thanks IE7 team!


  98. John Negus says:

    Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the 64bit version of IE7 on a 64bit computer but still leave the 32bit version working?

  99. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John Negus: Can you elaborate on why you’d want to do this?  There are a few cases where 64bit IE needs to launch (namely, when it’s instantiated via COM from a 64bit application).


  100. Bruce Shaffer says:

    So the big question remains: when does this ship?

  101. Baowoulf says:

    October 18 off the website. November 2 for Windows Update and Automatic Update. The best estimates I could find atm. Microsoft hasn’t released any official date yet.

    But I’d rather they take the extra time to work on it instead of releasing a product with bugs anyways.

  102. Keith Knutsson says:

    Transcript was great. Wish I caught the live one.


    Keith Knutsson

  103. Ryan says:

    If I cannot find a way to customize the browser (cough, kill the command bar, move the cancel and refresh) I will gladly move on to a product that will allow me to do so.

    Other than better controling Windows security Im not sure why Microsoft would want to support a product they give away for free and gain no direct profit from, and sometimes it shows(long refresh cycle, user interface).

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