Installation Changes in IE7 Release Candidate

Hi everyone,

I’d like to point out a few changes we made to the installation process for the Release Candidate that we think you’ll like. 

Installation of the Release Candidate will automatically remove any previous version of IE7. 

If installation detects a previous version of IE7, it begins uninstall for you so you don’t have to dig through ‘Add/Remove Programs’.  After uninstall completes and the machine restarts, installation begins automatically and reboots the machine immediately when finished.  This happens after login but before the desktop appears so although the process still requires two reboots, they are part of a single setup process rather than two separate user actions and interruptions.  Naturally, we’d like to eliminate at least one (and really both) of the reboots but given our current installer technology and the dependencies other OS components have on IE binaries that unfortunately won’t happen for IE7. 

If installation of the Release Candidate can’t remove the previous version of IE7, you can upgrade anyway.

In previous releases, if a disk cleaner tool or the user removed the backup directory, it was impossible to upgrade to the latest release.  The Release Candidate, however, will upgrade in-place in this situation.  You will still be unable to get back to IE6 (we can’t put back the old files if they’ve been deleted) but you’ll be able to use the latest version of IE7.

Instances of installation failing because of registry key permissions will decrease even more.

Since we learned the breadth of this problem after the first public release in January, we’ve continually made changes in this area and have seen the problem occur less frequently in each release.  There will still be some situations where installation can’t fix a registry key’s permissions (for example, permissions are corrupt to the point where the user can’t change them manually in the registry editor), but these should be rare.

Thank you for trying IE7 and please keep reporting any issues!

John Hrvatin
Program Manager

Comments (66)
  1. G.T. says:

    I do declare that it is crashing 🙂

    Win 2003 Sp1 / IE 7 RC1

    The instruction at "0x0007465" referenced memory at "0x0007465". The memory could not be "read"

    Now, how can I install back beta 2 🙂 ?

    Open your email using Outlook web mail (exchange 2003), open a new email, close the browser, and the crash is there.

  2. G.T. – I cannot repro your problem using my Exchange 2003 OWA server and IE7RC1 on XPSP2. I suggest you file the specific details of your bug (environment, add-ons installed, repro steps, etc) at our bug reporting site at Someone will take a look from there.

    My #1 thought is always badly behaved add-ons. I suggest you turn off add-ons via Manage Add-Ons until you find the culprit. Also, be sure you’re reporting the crash via Dr. Watson (the "you just crashed, would you like to report it?" utility). We’ll be watching the RC1 crashes for trends so be sure you submit the data!

  3. Matt says:

    Only visual chager from beta 3 is bigger search bar? Right? I only noticed that.

  4. Fduch says:

    I easyly crashed it with QuickTabs button 🙂

  5. Fduch says:


    5 minutes passed

    I browed a pair of pages on Connect and it already froze with 100% CPU.

    MS id being fun

  6. Jeff says:

    Does this changes mean that when the Final version is release i will not have to uninstall the IE 7.0 RC1 first then install the Final version? or does not have to worry about uninstalling IE 7.0 RC1? Will IE 7.0 RC1 user receive Automatic Update of Final version of IE 7.0?

  7. Soum says:

    I keep Indexing service disabled. But on installing IE7 RC1 (xpsp2 x86) (autouninstalled ie7b3) it auto-started. Did the installer do this?

  8. Just wanted to quickly point out that using underlined text for NON-LINKS is confusing to end users.  Yup.  They’ll figure out its not a link, but not until after they’ve moused over it thinking its a link.  I know ‘Bold’ is so ‘Office 95’ but you should probably use that for section headers in your blog post.

  9. As lots of people have already reported, the IE team released IE7 RC1 today. They also pointed out changes…

  10. As lots of people have already reported, the IE team released IE7 RC1 today. They also pointed out changes…

  11. Mike Liddekee says:

    My install over b3 did not go smoothly.  i seem to have lost tabbed browsing, my feeds section is gone, and i seem even to be unable to open links in new windows.  rebooting was no help.  HELP!!!

  12. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mike: Is the Search box still there? If you click Help|About, what version do you have installed?  It sounds like you’ve got IE6 installed at the moment.

  13. Morpheus3k says:

    I can’t install the RC1! If I try to uninstall the beta 3 the Setup stops at "Running Process Before Uninstall". If I let the rc1-setup try to uninstall the beta 3, it doesn’t do anything – just stopping :-S! How can I change the behavior of the rc1-setup to upgrade without uninstalling the beta 3?


  14. Dan says:

    IE7RC1 did not uninstall IE7B3, however it DID screw up explorer.exe (it refused to run at all, it killed itself shortly after launching).

    I had to uninstall IE7B1 and THEN IE7B3, and then I rebooted and nothing had changed.  A System Restore later and things were still screwed up… I had IE6 now (when IE7B3 had been installed at that Restore Point) and any attempt to navigate hung it.

    I tried to uninstall IE7B3 again, but because System Restore only backs up binary files, the uninstaller complained that it’s IE6 backup files were gone, so I couldn’t uninstall.

    I did a System Restore to earlier, and then I had what seemed to be IE7 without tabs.  I just ran IE7RC1 installer one last time and then everything seems to be working now (I checked the IE UA just in case).

    I almost had to reinstall Windows though AGAIN (the last time I had to was when I forgot to uninstall Beta 2 before installing Beta 3).

  15. Tom says:

    I been having a problem using the Tab button, everytime i click on it, it closes IE7  before i can type in the address bar, can you guys help me?

  16. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Tom: Does the problem still occur when you start IE without addons?  See for details on no-addons mode.

  17. As you probably know by now, Dean Hachamovitch announced this morning that Internet Explorer…

  18. Bebo says:

    Hi im having problems installing IE7 RC1. When I finished installing IE7 rc1 I restarted my pc and when i loged on to my pc a couple of popups appers saying that normaliz.dll is missing which screwed up explorer.exe. I had to restart my pc in safe more until the pop ups appered again.

    My PC could not load. So I tried opening Task Manger using the keyborad shortcuts and I clicked new task. I was finding the normaliz.dll files until I founded with the IE7 beta 3 files. A pop opened up, I clicked  the open with button. then I browsed to find explorer.exe. then click ok. and my pc was restored. But I had to uninstalled RC1 of IE7 and ie6 was returned. Is there a fix for the normaliz.dll issure? A comment would be great thanks!

  19. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Bebo: It would be helpful to understand exactly what the messages in question said.  It sounds like you’ve upgraded from Beta3 to RC1?  Was the problem after the first reboot (removing Beta3) or the second (after RC1 upgrade).

    If you have the normaliz.dll files, but they’re not in the system directory, move them there.

  20. Bebo says:

    @EricLaw: It says explorer.exe on the title bar and it says

    normaliz.dll is missing and then windows xp dosent start up. I uninstalled IE7 beta 3 manually because i didnt knew RC1 would remove it. I had to remove RC1 to restore my PC, now I have IE 6 sp2. And why does normaliz.dll has to go to the Windows folder?

  21. Chet says:

    Is is possible to set up the search bar to open a new window or tab?

    That was the deal breaker for me in the previous versions, it drove me nuts.

  22. Lewis McCullen says:

    Installed RC1.  Mail works, LAN connection works, but no Internet connection.  I’m posting this from my laptop on the wireless connection.  ipconfig looks the same.  Rebooted already 5 times.

  23. ARR says:

    Just Instaled te IE7 RC and the browser has a serious bug with FLASH LINKS.

    All links with target="_Blank" property don´t open in a new window!!!

    The new page load at same window. It even worse with iframe banners because target URL became boxed in iframe.

  24. ARR says:

    I´m a web developer and develop websites with IIS 5.1 on windows XP.

    With the new IE7 there´s a long delay (about 10 to 15 seconds) to resolve the hostname when I type in tollbar "http://localhost&quot; or "http://<My Machine Name>".

    If I type it´s OK. The browser loads the site instantly.

    The developer team needs to take a look ay this.


  25. Bebo says:

    @EricLaw: My PC is fixed and I now have IE7 RC1. I put the normaliz.dll in the Windows folder and its fine Thanks

  26. Hossein says:

    I develop Asp.NET application using VS 2005 and I found out that the pages styles are not working properly. for example all drop down list are half height or if you use panel and tables they are overlapping in IE 7.0. If anyone from microsoft developer team intreasted to fix this on their final release I would be more than happy to send them screenshot.

    I also noticed some site like Godaddy web email interface doesn’t work on IE? (it keep kicking you out and ask you again for password).



  27. Parson says:

    If you have explorer.exe problem you have to manually install:




    from the update folder

  28. GREG TURAY says:

    I tried IE7RC1 and it disabled my ports to connect within IE, Mail worked, but IM would not connect either.  Had to uninstall RC1 and reinstall Beta 3 to get IE connections again.

    This is an unstable product in my book.

  29. Phil Pursglove says:

    Hi guys,

    I installed RC1 over the top of Beta3, but now I need to regress to IE6. There’s no listing at all for IE in Add/Remove Programs – how do I uninstall?


  30. TED says:

    IE 7 RC1 is not Support CSS":before, :after" and q tag Yet.

  31. TED says:

    Oh Tab Interface…

    Why Cannot Close Inactive Tab?

    It’s not Useful

  32. Bebo says:

    @Phil Try using system restore to go back to a day when RC1 wasnt installed

  33. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @TED: Middle-click the inactive tab to close it.

  34. @home says:

    After installing IE7RC1 over B3 I get the Ie6 look, checking the verions from the help about says correct 7.0.5700.6 but no tabs and the menu, icons etc are IE6 looking not IE&

  35. @home says:

    After installing IE7RC1 over B3 I get the Ie6 look, checking the verions from the help about says correct 7.0.5700.6 but no tabs and the menu, icons etc are IE6 looking not IE7

  36. @home says:

    I did an uninstall, got back to IE6 normal and checked it was that version and then did a new install of RC1 – all seems OK now.

  37. Andrew says:

    I lost the icon for IE on my desktop on the new install and can’t find where to go to add it back.

  38. bushywhacker says:

    Tabs?  Are there no tabs for multiple instances of IE like Beta 3 had?  If so, they’re gone in my new install.  If they’re gone I’ll just go back to Beta 3.  Let me know if I’m missing something…

  39. bushywhacker says:

    Nevermind…I’m just impatient.  They’re there now.

  40. don perry says:

    i had 3 users on 1 computer

    had no problem with IE7-RC1 with 2 users

    the program flashes briefly , then crashes when i am logged under the 3rd user

    i have installed it on 2 other computers with no problems

  41. Greg Barkey says:

    I tried to install IE7-RC1 over beta 3 4 times. no luck, failed to install, went to trouble shooter icon placed by failed install. NOTHING I TRIED WORKED! So now I’m back to IE6, I can’t even get the betas to install. I give up! You have just managed to create another Firefox convert. Thanks for showing me the light.

  42. RDA2 says:

    Stupid bug that has been present since beta 1 still exists in RC1.  If a custom sound scheme exists on the PC, the installation hangs and will not complete.  I have to kill it, switch to the default Windows sound scheme, then install.  Please fix this for RC2, it’s really annoying.  Also, why can’t I move the damn menu bars around?  I want to change size/position of the address bar, search bar, etc., similar to how I can in Firefox.

  43. pip says:


    you can’t access to system restore if explorer is not loaded due the missing dll

  44. austin266 says:

    I dont know why everyone is having problems with the RC1. I just installed it on both my cps overlapping the beta3 and both cps are working better than before.The video seems better I dont know why my cpu resourses dont seem to be to bad 5 to 40.It looks a lot like vista IE but not the cpu eater.I had vista on and did areinstall 2 months ago it ate my cpu to 100% went back to xp. This is the best my cp has run in a while. I didnt install the kit before installing the rc1 maybe that help. good luck all.  

  45. Max says:

    IE7 BEta 3 and RC 1 still try to download webpage which use perl (.pl) instead of open in it window

    try this

    note : I use Windows 2003 Server SP1

  46. Diego says:

    The program flashes briefly and then crashes. I can’t uninstall it because in Add/Remove Programs the "Windows Internet Explorer 7" is showing, but no button to change or remove is seen… So I can’t go back neither to IE6 nor IE7 Beta 2 (which was the one I had before)… It’s really disgusting…

  47. Matt says:

    I am one of the rare people who cant install IE7 RC 1 cause of registory keys, but when i downloaded  the bata 3 a while back i did not have that problem.

  48. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Max: Do you have the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration package installed?

    The server doesn’t appear to be respecting the HTTP RFCs.  It’s returning GZIP’d content in response to all queries, including HTTP1.0 requests with no Accept-Encoding header.

  49. John Hrvatin [MSFT] says:

    RDA2 –

    Did install hang while removing a previous version of IE7?  As you pointed out, previous releases hung during uninstall if you had a custom sound scheme.  We fixed that for RC so you shouldn’t have the same problem when uninstalling RC.  However, installing RC automatically removes previous versions which had the bug.



  50. Phil Pursglove says:

    @Bebo System Restore worked a treat, took the RC off and left me with IE6 🙂

    Never needed to use System Restore before, I’m well impressed!

  51. Max says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT] : thanks for your answer

    I think I found some solution for (or maybe also some other website which didn’t respecting the HTTP RFCs)

    my solution :

    Tools -> Internet Option -> Advanced -> check "Use HTTP 1.1" and "Use HTTP 1.1 trough proxy connection"

    I found it at :‘t_access_the_website_/

    note : my IE7 using proxy server (port 8080)

  52. Tom says:

    @ EricLaw i tried it without add-ons now it work but how do you keep add-ons with adding new tabs, so it doesn’t happen again?

  53. Ian C says:

    Unable to install IE7 RC1. Process hangs on "uninstalling previous version". Have left for hours but no progress.

    Have IE7 Beta2 installed. Also unable to uninstall that in Control Panel. In software removal wizard goes to "Inspecting current configuration" then wizard disappears – program not removed.

    Have tried other options to remove manually e.g Run "%windir%$NtUninstallie7bet2p$spuninstspuninst.exe". Same thing happens.

  54. Greg says:

    @ Ian C

    Look in task manager and stop any regsvr32.exe processes that are running.  Your uninstall should then unhang itself.

  55. Um, I have a question regarding the automatic updates on Sat. the 2nd of Sept.  Did they change the settings for IE7 RC-1 in any way?  My browser was acting very strangely…opening new windows after error messages, etc…I had to reinstall IE7 after cleaning and checking my computer just in case it was a hijack…seemed unlikely since I have a firewall.  Everything looked different at the top of my browser even thought the "about" still said same version number.  Very odd indeed!  Since reinstalling IE7 RC-1, I’m back on track…


  56. Adam says:

    I got very frustrated by the IE7 RC1 installer – which recommended that I check for updates and download the latest malicious software removal tool, then froze on the next screen.

  57. "You must restart your computer to finish installing IE. Setup will continue after you restart. [Restart later] [Restart now (recommended)]" – I choose [Restart Later].

    "It is strongly recommended that you choose ‘restart now’ to allow setup to finish. Are you sure you want to restart later ? [Yes] [No]"

    What is the point in asking me a question and then disbelieving me ?

    I’m almost expecting to click [Yes] and be presented with another box saying "You’re wrong. Restarting now."

  58. cc says:

    IE7 RC1 crashes on some video webpages.  Why.

  59. Marc Gravell says:

    Like others, installed over IE7B3; now stuck with an IE6 interface (although "About" displays some 7RC1 info).

    All the betas installed cleanly, and then RC1 is kaput! great job ;-p

    ***PLEASE*** somebody believe that this is happening and fix it

  60. Marc Gravell says:

    After multiple (3 or 4  – I lost count) reboots / trials (with no other changes), it is finally running with the IE7 interface… something freaky in the installer… perhaps a few "actually, I know I’ve just restarted twice, but would you mind awfully if we did it again?" messages needed perhaps?

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