August IE Expert Zone Chat

Here’s a quick reminder to tell you that members of the IE team will be online for an Expert Zone chat this coming Thursday, August 10th at 10:00AM PDT (5:00PM GMT). A transcript will be published after the chat. You can also browse through the transcripts of other recently held chats.

These chats are lots of fun and we hope you will join us for the chat if you can. See you all on Thursday!

Uche Enuha
Program Manager

Comments (13)

  1. elsonjunior0110 says:

    Very good! 🙂

  2. Evan says:

    Ok so the beta 3 is out, so why is it not available for vista beta versions?, the reason I installed the beta was to test it, however seeing as the obvious faults in the browser are causing non responsive pages everywhere, and at the same time I’m trying to determine if the video software, the rendering problem’s or vista’s inability due to it being an incomplete package is the problem, I’m really struggling to supply you guy’s with accurate feed back because of the fact that any one of these issues cauld be causing the browser to hang. I apologize if i’ve posted this comment to the wrong area, also I’m not complaining I understand these are beta releases, correct me if i’m wrong that the vista IE7 is not much different to the XPSP2 version of IE7, with a few exeptions.  

  3. Rudin says:

    IE 7 is good for me

  4. Brandon says:

    Any chance, we can queue up questions on this blog post, to start the chat off?

    If so, here’s my starting questions:

    1.) "IE7 development is locked down" Can you elaborate on what this means?  Is it just the rendering engine? just the GUI components, just the Chrome? or does this mean that you are no longer fixing issues, unless they are critical crash causing bugs?

    2.) When is the IE7 Feedback site going to be fixed? IE7 users can not upload files, Non-IE users can upload files, but are served up response pages that are not correct, resulting in many duplicates, and ***Most Important*** when any user/developer logging issues and with attachments, they are not visible to any other developers logging in.  Therefore, we can not duplicate or verify bugs correctly, nor provide simplified test cases, or spot (visually from screenshots) what the cause of a bug / glitch might be.

    3.) Since we keep hearing that lots of stuff is being bumped from IE7 to a "later release", how about showing us a roadmap, of:

    a.) When the various features are expected (e.g. the next release, or an even later one)

    b.) Timelines.  Ok, for reasons we can’t fathom, button elements won’t be fixed in IE7, but are they due in IE8? when are we expecting IE8? 12mo. after IE7 release? (e.g. Q4 2007?)

    4.) Will there be a 7.5?, will 7.x or 8.x upgrades happen automatically? e.g. (AU)

    5.) Does the roadmap for IE include XP? or is IE7 the end of the road for XP?

  5. Fiery Kitsune says:

    We shouldn’t give the team to prepare PR-loaded answers… They need to be quick on their toes…

    (BTW, I’ll hopefully be able to make this chat.)

  6. Liu Zhe says:

    I love IE se7en very much!

  7. dgarozzo says:

    Not sure if this is a bug in IE7, but in IE6, the "+/-" string in the title bar causes problems. When IE6 sees this string, it rips out all of the "+" characters in the HTML, causing javascript errors and more. Create this html page and see for yourself.







    var scrInclude = "today " + Date() + "+ / -";

    document.write( scrInclude );




  8. eran says:

    how do I contact IE pros to help us resolve a security update that bascially took down our company, and our clients companies overnight, as it seems to interfere with Javascript we are using.

  9. betabite says:

    hyperlinked text usealy turn purple after clicked on. in the new ie, when in new tab, those visited hyperlinks do NOT turn purple and this disturbs me. please fix!!



  10. John says:

    why can opera and firefox browsers- just let you type in a site like yahoo or msn or just the name of any site you want.  Where as IE 7 beta 3 still must have a com or org or whatever behind the name As well as IE 7 in Windows Vista I hope Windows changes this because going to msn search is a hassle- if you just type in a name of a site–I guess we need pratice typing

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