RSS Platform Beta 3 Changes

Are you developing on the Windows RSS Platform? If so, you may want to check out the post on some improvements on the RSS team blog.  Most notably the RSS Platform is now API complete. This means that, barring any serious bug that we must fix, applications written against the Beta 3 API will run unmodified against the final RTM release of the platform. Check them out.

Walter VonKoch
Program Manager

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  1. microzila says:

    wonderfull makeing great headway …glad you pointed that out …thanks

  2. Rachel says:

    OT, I downloaded IE7 Beta 3 today for my work computer and now I can’t get on the internet at all.  I get error message after error message.  I tried doing a system restore to before I downloaded it but it could not restore to that point.  I can’t go back to my old explorer because I downloaded the newest version and the setup won’t even start.

    At this point there’s only two things left for me to try that I can think of… 1. download IE7 B3 to a cd and try re-downloading it onto my system in hopes of somehow fixing whatever went wrong or wiping my hard drive and reinstalling my system… but if you have any other ideas I’m interested in hearing them!  As it is, until I find out what went so wonky, I am not downloading IE7 onto my home pc.

  3. Rachel says:

    Also, I tried the whole, "uninstall" IE7 B3, but everytime I hit the change/remove button, my computer shuts down.

  4. Ethan says:

    Hey ieblog guys, is Beta 3 the final publice Beta/RC before RTM? It would be nice to get an RC1. Thanks!

  5. Todd says:


    No, this is the last beta, but there will be several RC’s, since the current bug list is quite large.  They won’t be adding new features, but they will be making an effort to reduce the memory leaks, the crashes, and the bugs that break all of the old behaviors in IE6.

    Latest insider estimates are late, late Q4 or pushing until Q1 2007 to ensure stability before releasing, since it is currently far from ready.

  6. CindySoSweet says:

    Finally able to open a page and have it stay open.  But god forbid I hit to open a new tab.  Closes everything right up.  UgHzzz.

  7. Henk says:

    Quote by CindySoSweet: Finally able to open a page and have it stay open. "why not open a new tab" I think both ways are up to the user, because they have a d.m. job.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. hAl says:


    Did you try sstarting IE7 without addon’s ??

  10. Rachel says:

    Re: hAl

    Yes, that’s the only way I can open a page (still get an error message)and be able to click on anything.  If I don’t start IE7 without add-ons I get the error message and I can’t click on ANYTHING.

  11. dammie says:

    hallo wie gehts deir den so möchten sie das syestem mir geen ja danke

  12. hAl says:

    Rachel, you might be wel advised to at least check your addons in the "Manage Add-ons" options options area and switch them on one by one to find out which add-on’s migth be to blame for (a part) of your problems and try to either update them to a newer version or remove them alltogether.

  13. roy smith says:

    tried to download 3 times unsuccessfully and I’m not willing to try to edit the registry with all the cautions listed and that Microsoft won’t help if it doesn’t work. Why didn’t you lieve us alone with Beta 2 until Beta 3 works? Are you deliberately trying to suggest we go to Apple?

  14. John Hrvatin [MSFT] says:

    Hi Rachel,

    You can try booting into safe mode, opening a command prompt (Start->Run: cmd.exe), and runing this command:


    That should let you uninstall Beta 3.



  15. TheViewMaster says:

    OT: Internet Options —> Advanced —>

    [] Open New Windows Full Screen.



  16. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ethan: I will confirm Todd’s assertion that there is a public RC that will be forthcoming.  (Everything else in his remarks is speculative.)

  17. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ethan: I will confirm Todd’s assertion that there is a public RC that will be forthcoming.  (Everything else in his remarks is speculative.)

  18. Rachel says:

    Good news. I went into the program John H. suggested and discovered that if I changed one of the settings under the compatibility tab (which strangely enough doesn’t pop up on my home computer otherwise I could tell you which setting it was, cause I don’t remember now), the uninstall program worked just fine.  Now I’m back to good old IE6.  Thanks for all the help! 🙂

  19. Robert Deehl says:

    Thank you so very much. This is great. I think It is a wonderful improvement.

  20. GCruick says:

    Why o Why don’t you support W3C standards?

    Please make our life better and support a open standard web

  21. Apple says:

    Im changing to apple soon. im sick of windows.

  22. Mariusz Oles says:

    If IE7 hungs up, You should go Start > Internet Explorer (internet properties) and then programs > manage add-ons and disable all java plug-in. If it there is not better then go like before except programs, go advanced and reset internet explorer settings. This should work.

  23. betabite says:

    hyperlinked text usealy turn purple after clicked on. in the new ie, when in new tab, those visited hyperlinks do NOT turn purple and this disturbs me. please fix!!



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