Keyboard Changes in Beta 3

Hello, this is Kelly Ford, a test lead on the IE team and a big keyboard user of Internet Explorer.

In an earlier post, Aaron Sauve provided The Keyboard Lover’s Guide to IE. The IE community has given us quality feedback on our keyboard model during the beta cycle, and in beta 3, we have tried to bring more predictability and consistency with earlier IE versions in response to this feedback. In beta 3, we have made some changes in hotkey assignments, added some new hotkeys, and changed keyboard behavior on web pages back to match earlier versions of the browser in most cases.

Bringing Back Menu Hotkeys
In beta 3, we’ve reverted hotkeys so that the hotkeys used to access menus remain the same from previous versions of IE. Specifically, this means that Alt+a will once again access the classic favorites menu, Alt+t the tools menu and Alt+h the help menu.

New Hotkeys
We’ve added several new hotkeys in this beta. Here’s a list of what has been done:




Activate the Home button on the Command bar


Activate the feeds button on the Command bar.


Activate the Tools button on the Command bar.


Activate the Help button on the Command bar.


Open the Favorites Center set to display favorites.


Bring up a list of open tabs.

Changes in Hotkey Behavior for the Favorites Center
We have changed the way hotkeys for favorites, history and feeds work when accessing the Favorites Center. Ctrl plus the appropriate key (i for favorites, h for history and j for feeds) will open the Favorites Center set to the view indicated by the hotkey. Ctrl+Shift and the appropriate hotkey will open the Favorites Center in pinned mode. A second press of the same Ctrl+Shift hotkey combination will close the Favorites Center when in pinned mode.

Giving Keyboard Control to Web Pages
We’ve heard from many web developers and users about keyboard behavior in IE7 with respect to web pages and applications that specify hotkeys. Beta 3 gives priority back to web pages for all keyboard assignments with the exception of Alt+d. This will set focus to the Address bar, even if you use it as an AccessKey in a web page. This will address situations where AccessKeys like Alt+p were going to the Page menu on the Command bar or Ctrl+q was opening Quick Tabs instead of marking e-mail as read in Outlook Web Access.

Staying in Touch
Feedback from the IE community is very helpful to us. Please let us know your thoughts on the keyboard behavior in beta 3. Also, we have an online help topic that lists all of our IE shortcut keys.

Kelly Ford
Test Lead

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  1.     Hello, this is Kelly Ford, a test lead on the IE team and a big keyboard user of Internet Explorer….

  2. Zhen says:

    Could we have a shortcut to switch to the next tab? like Ctrl+Right Arrow?



  3. game kid says:

    "Could we have a shortcut to switch to the next tab? like Ctrl+Right Arrow?"

    You’d have to settle for Ctrl+TAB (and Ctrl+Shift+TAB for the reverse direction) for now.

  4. MohdAli says:

    I have a problem with Beta3, Alt+Shift isn’t switching language anymore. It was working in Beta2.


  5. Aloha! Kelly Ford!

    YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! I *Like* The NEW Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Hardware – The Ultimate Keyboard:

    I’m DEFINITELY Going To BUY 1!

    However, I’m More of a "Right Click" Person.

    When Can We Start Talking About "UpDating" The Windows Vista/IE, "Right Click" Menu???

    …As I Believe That, The "Orb", As Seen In Action Here:

    The Orb Menu makes an appearence

    …IS, In Fact, The Beginnings of The NEW Windows Vista/IE, "Right Click" Menu!


  6. Dileepa P says:

    Hey guys – I tried installing IE7B3. The installation hangs when "Installing Windows Internet Explorer Core Components…". The progress bar keeps going from left to right forever and nothing happens. I force killed update.exe (after 30 minutes of waiting) and installation proceeded to fail. Setup asked me to restart Windows. I did. Now IE is broken. System Restore failed and I am stuck with a half broken system! Any solution to my problem?

    WinXP SP2.

    Had installed IE7B2. Uninstalled it. Rebooted the machine and started the IE7B3 setup.

  7. Ray says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *continues laughing maniacally*, i have installed IE7b3, while i was viewing this RSS Feed, i tried out the new keyboard shortcut ‘Alt-M’ and, instead of bringing up the ‘Home Menu’ it instead turned the ‘tick’ on and off for ‘Mark feed as Read’.

    Perhaps the IE team could *actually* ensure that they aren’t using the shortcuts for other things at the same time.

  8. The hotkeys make absolutely no sense! There is no or extremely little logic with the letter schemes.

    Alt+H – Activate the [H]ome button on the Command bar

    Alt+F – Activate the [f]eeds button on the Command bar.

    Alt+T – Activate the [T]ools button on the Command bar.

    Alt+H – Activate the [H]elp button on the Command bar.

    Alt+F – Open the [F]avorites Center set to display favorites.

    Shift+T – Bring up a list of open tabs.

    To digress for a moment, what are the access keys for IE? I recall Firefox uses Alt+, and Opera has an interesting setup…

    It would be good to see consistency between all browsers. I would imagine Ctrl+ would be the wisest choice for keyboard commands.  Why does CTRL + W close a tab?  Home and Help…well F1 is the universal help button so I suppose ALT+H would be more appropriately assigned to Home.

    Where is the file menu? This is a rhetorical question of course. What is the logic of having the address bar above the file menu.  In a top to bottom left to right language like English you’re saying the site I’m at has more rights to the browser then the user’s ability to control it? The file menu should always appear and by default at the very top of the GUI (but with the ability to move it as you please).  Here not only is it in the wrong place by default you can’t do anything with it but curse.  The pop action when you press ALT is cool but the File menu needs to be on by default.  Why do there need to be two help menus?

    It’s apparent the GUI isn’t going to change drastically from it’s unusably minimalistic design. What is worse is that it’s limited customizability is comparable to Konquerer’s horrid GUI in the fact that toolbars can’t be moved, and items are stuck to only the toolbars they are designed for.  This inconsistency and the other downfalls ~KILL~ IE’s usage for power users and takes users running around in the jungle with IE6 and dumps them 2,000 miles from anything in the middle of a desert with completely new setup.

    The keyboard looks cool, but after Windows boots and I hit ALT+F4 will it try to shutdown windows or perform some media function that already has it’s own key? The F-lock was the absolute worst thing to happen to the keyboard ever, even more so then caps.

    I could go on and on but to get to the point I hope for the world’s sake that IE’s GUI is as alien to Vista as common sense is to IE7’s GUI.  I’m really not trying to be rude but I can’t take an educated guess at who you folks talked to about messing up the GUI this badly.

  9. KFord [MSFT] says:

    @MohdAli: I can reproduce the issue with alt+shift not switching input languages and we have a bug tracking the issue.  Thanks for the report.

    @Ray: You are correct that on the one page view of a feed alt+m does mark a feed as read.  We are discussing alternatives to that key as well as the alt+l key used on one page view to set focus on the All link.

    @John A. Bilicki III:  IE uses alt+ the key defined in the HTML as the access key for access keys on web pages.  In adding the hotkeys for IE7, we tried to keep as many keys the same as earlier versions while providing keyboard access to the new functionality.  Feedback from earlier betas told us that users wanted the menu access keys they’ve used from earlier versions to remain the same.

  10. John S. says:

    All I want for Christmas is IE to select the Location…ahem….Address Bar when I hit Ctrl-L like Opera, Firefox (and similar to Safari, but with command instead of control)

  11. Ray says:

    @John S – ALT+D will give you the address bar, and it has been that way ever since IE4 (maybe earlier versions too).

    Please don’t let IE become like Office was before the 2007beta, i remember in Office 2000 always having problems trying to create macros because Office had too many access keys. If IE ends up being like that then people will never use them in their webpages because IE will get all confused like…

  12. jer says:

    Was IE 7 beta 3 tested on XP limited account? Are there any restriction when running IE 7 beta 3 on limited account.

  13. Mitch 74 says:

    Note: I file bugs here, because every time I report a bug following the ‘official’ channel, it is ignored.

    Regression: have a look on the above link (or that one:, using IE7B2 and IE7B3; B2 looks correct, B3 is atrocious.

    Check your brand new CSS parser again, it’s already broken.

  14. CyberOps says:

    It would be nice if there was also a beta 3 for Windows Vista Beta 2 public beta version because those friendly people such as myself who are testing this would also like to upgrade to the beta 3 of IE7

  15. TechBlog says:

    Microsoft has released beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7, and you can get it here. As you’d expect from a third beta, it’s got a bunch of bug fixes, but there are also some changes to the way it looks….

  16. iColin says:

    It would be cool if you could drag a tab and drop as link onto links bar…

  17. Miguel Ch. says:

    I ve been looking forward to seeing the tab thing in action, but sorry to say, its not good. Opera is much better than IE7, and Firefox much better than these 2 combined. It just takes too much memory to run, plus its slow as hell. And i hate the user interfase. But well this is a huge step for Microsoft in the busines of IB( Internet Browser ). Well keep up the good work. Try to make IE 7  Beta 3 an open source. That would show |33ts that microsoft isnt who we think. OPEN SOURCE IE7.

    Good luck coding!

  18. Jeff says:

    I -really- don’t get why so many people have so many problems with the UI. Everything you need for everyday browsing (and -only- what you need for everyday browsing) is right there. Everything else is still as accessible as it always was. It works fine.

  19. srlevine1 says:

    Win XP/SP2 Current – Office 2007 beta installed.

    1st dialog to turn on anti-phishing filter does not allow a mouse click or keyboard entry to enter data. Canceling the install – error message reads that the program is awaiting a response from the user. Because the keyboard and mouse are locked with respect to that anti-phishing dialog were are at a catch-22. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Beta 2 performed flawlessly.

  20. Drew says:

    I dislike how the new "read mail" button opens your mail in a different window. I can’t get it to open in a new tab, which would make much more sense!

  21. iColin says:

    Ok, I see the drag from link editbox to linkbar…

    How about a map data cache that could be emptied independently of web temp files for sites like "Google Earth" and "Windows Live Local".

    (Thanks for tabbed browser – I like it)

  22. hgyorgy says:

    f5 – refresh

    any refresh button?

  23. Gil says:

    Hello Folks,

      Very dissatisfied with IEbeta also it will not recognize some of my E-mails and had blockings I did not want on yahoo, I disconnected it, So far Win Vista is doing a great job for me, Only had it 2 Days


  24. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @jer: IE7 should work fine on regular user accounts in Windows XP.

  25. Dennis says:

    Since I regularly use shift+alt to change my input languages, I’m going to hold off downloading this for now. Was so looking forward to this too…

    Anyway, what I think should’ve been done (’cause it looks like it wasn’t) was to make a list of all existing shortcuts before creating all those new ones.

  26. @John A. Bilicki III

    "toolbars can’t be moved, and items are stuck to only the toolbars they are designed for.  This inconsistency and the other downfalls ~KILL~ IE’s usage for power users…"

    I happen to be an extreme power user… and I like it.

    Way to go, IETeam! Beta3’s working well for me.

  27. Kevin Daly says:

    Some anglocentrism seems to have crept into the keyboard shortcuts, and apparently inadvertently:if I type ALT+23(anything) the favourites thingy pops up – and if I type ALT+24(anything) the cursor jumps to the address bar. This is unfortunate, since it prevents me from typing accented vowels common in many languages.

  28. I can confirm that IE7 beta 3 works just fine under a regular user account on XP SP2. IE7+ beta 2 works just fine under a regular user account on Vista.

  29. hmmm says:

    Ok IE Guys….could you please stop forcing the new interface down our throats…it’s disgusting.

    Stop reinventing the wheel…you had it RIGHT the first time.

    And stop using the excuse that the toolbar is in a fixed place to stop spyware from moving 10 years this hasn’t happened to me ONCE.

    The freaking toolbar belongs IN THE TOP.NOT BELLOW THE URL BAR BUT ABOVE IT.

    If the file and other menus don’t appear(through an option or smth) on top in the final version…i’m just gonna start using firefox like everyone else.And i’m going to install it on every client machine i get my hands on.

    Because when one wants the FILE MENU he expects it to be on TOP like in EVERY OTHER (microsoft and NON microsoft) program in windows.

    SO FOR THE BLOODY 1000000 TIME just make it go where it’s supposed to be.I mean do you REALLY think people are so freaking clever that they won’t be pissed off when the ONLY program on the OS that doesn’t respect the standard is internet explorer.Let me tell you…no they won’t.People are stupid.

    As for me…i liked it the way it was before and this is just horrible wrong and should be repaired ASAP(i infact consider it a BUG)

  30. mocax says:

    still waiting for drag/drop text into search box…

    And drag drop text-that-resemble-url into url box…

    Well, at least ctrl+A now works in both boxes 🙂

  31. Stello says:

    O..k… I assume this is what’s messed with my umlauts – I live in Ireland, and use a local keyboard, but I type lots of Finnish as well, and as there are no Scandinavian umlauts on an Irish keyboard, I’m used to making them like this:

    å = Alt + 134

    ä = Alt + 132

    ö = Alt + 148

    Å = Alt + 143

    Ä = Alt + 142

    Ö = Alt + 153

    After installing Beta 3, I find these umlauts are not working in IE anymore. Instead, I might get other menus and such..

    If anyone has ideas on how to get my umlauts back, please follow my link and leave a comment on my related blog topic. I’ve had these umlauts in my finger memory for several years, so if I can’t get them working in IE again (with the same number combos), I’m going to have to switch to another browser, which I wouldn’t really want to do.

  32. Ridin says:

    Improve the performance and stability of quick tabs.  sometimes it’s using too much memory when i use quick tabs.

  33. Peter says:

    @Wraith Daquell

    "I happen to be an extreme power user… and I like it. "

    Excuse me?! What?! Are you serious?!

    Obviously, you are _NOT_ a power user. _ANY_ power user, already uses Firefox (or Opera), and for good reason.  Those "power" users, in a "MS only" shop, will tell you how they pine for the power of a real web browser.

    Lets look at this for a moment, shall we?

    1.) You can not move toolbars.

    – Is this a power feature? heck no!… with my 1600×1200 screen size, it means there is a massive void, of unused space in the middle of my toolbars, and I _STILL_ have to use up 3+ rows to display everything I need.

    2.) Still can’t have decent length JavaScript favletes/bookmarklets. (knock knock, 1995 calling, they want their browser back). Oh, and if you don’t know what a favlete/bookmarklet is, you have re-_PROVED_ that you are not a power user.

    3.) Still can’t properly select a "chunk" of a URI, in the Address bar.  So, any attempt to do real, power navigation, is out the window.

    4.) Every new window, incorrectly spawns a copy of the original window.  This bug was filed by many, including myself, in 1996.  Here we are, a decade later, and it still isn’t fixed.

    5.) Can you view the source, quickly and easily in a context sensitive, syntax highlighted window, so that you can navigate around some n00bs coding errors?… that silence means no.

    6.) Do you have access to the best darn web developer toolbar on the market? nope, its called Web Developer, and it only works in Firefox.

    7.) Do you have access to the best JavaScript debugger? (OMG… that one is just too funny, debuggin in IE, what was I thinking!)… For starters, there isn’t even a console, and then there isn’t anything like Firebug in IE.

    8.) Does your browser support Greasemonkey?

    9.) Does your browser support DOM Element Prototyping?

    10.) Does your browser have a reputation as a safe browser, free from Active-X threats, cosmic cursor nightmares and the dreaded "active-scripting"?

    If you want to say that IE is your favorite browser, and that you think it is "da bomb", then by all means go for it.  However, trying to tell anyone here, that you are a power user, and you think the interface, and tools provided are great, indicates that you don’t have any significant knowledge in this arena at all.


  34. I missed this due to my mostly disconnected state during the weekend, but on Friday (our time) we released…

  35. toodou says:

    please see this web =====>

    u will find the problem with ie7

  36. oracleonline says:

    rss feeds won’t change to "read" status even after i red them and i have to use "mark as read" manually. why?

  37. Shaun says:

    Peter commits the fallacy of assuming that everyone is like him.  With probably half a billion web users out there, this is pretty arrogant…

    #1: Funny, I can move the toolbars that I care about.  It’s not as easy as it ought to be, but they’re up-front about it.

    #2: Given that you can do an entire XMLHTTP debugger in IE’s bookmarklets, I’m not sure I buy this.  What kind of code are you trying to use?  Write a toolbar button or menu extension instead.

    #3: Selecting text works fine for me.  Maybe you should practice using the mouse?  MS ships solitaire to help you learn to use the mouse.

    #4: That’s a feature, not a bug.  People keep asking that they make the tabs work the same way.

    #5: Only "noobs" haven’t hooked up a source editor like Notepad2 or the IE Web Developer Accessories.  Or heck, use Fiddler and really look at your traffic.

    #6: "Favorites" are like opinions which are like [etc]– everyone’s got one.

    #7: It’s called Microsoft Visual Studio Web Developer.  It’s excellent.

    #8: Greasemonkey?  The thing with the horrible security hole that they had to rush to patch?  There are at least two IE versions that are GreaseMonkey compatible.

    #9: Nope.  And yet millions and millions of people still manage to build web applications (e.g. Gmail) that work just fine without them.  Just because someone invents a feature doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

    #10: They fixed ActiveX with XPSP2, and Protected Mode shows innovation that Firefox is unlikely to match.  Buffer overflow in FF and you’re owned.  Not so in Protected Mode IE7 on Vista.

  38. Wictor Wilen says:

    Beta 3 is available for Internet Explorer 7. Some nice improvments have been made since beta 2:


  39. Richard says:

    Keyboard shortcuts for various UI tasks are very useful. But when I’m browsing, most of my time is spent within the web page itself and IE offers very limited keyboard navigation of a webpage.

    I can tab through links in the page, in the order they are specified in the html. This is very awkward to use. I might have scrolled to the bottom of the page and see a link I want to follow. Hitting "tab" takes me right back to the top of the page and the first link. Aargh!

    I really like Opera’s approach, whereby shift and the arrow keys allow you to move around the links currently visible within the browser’s viewport.

    IE is really awkward to use for those of us who struggle to use a pointing device. More keyboard support for in-page navigation would be an absolute godsend.

  40. Phil says:

    How about making the keys customizeable?  Maybe people do want to use ALT+I for favorites, but like another poster said earlier on in the thread, that makes no sense.  CTRL+F makes more sense (obviously ALT+F for file menu).

    Oh, and for the file-menu-above-or-below-the-address-bar flamewar, I move the address bar to the right side of the menu.  So there 🙂

    Amazing how something like keyboard shortcuts can generate such a flame war about things which have nothing to do with keyboards… to paraphrase Mr T, I pity da Microsoft fool who posts to this blog because they always get ripped a new one by somebody!!!


  41. AC says:


    One does not need to be a Web Developer in order to be a Power User, so most of your reasons are pointless. Simplicity is best.

    Try to look at things from outside of your little bubble. Thanks for playing!

  42. Dude says:

    I don’t know where else to submit these suggestions so I’ll stick them here:

    1. I’d like to open multiple links in seperate tabs at once. I have a Link folder with all my webmail accounts, another for all my morning news reading, etc. I want to open each group at once.

    2. Firefox page search is still much more convenient that IE. You should add that.

    3. Why doesn’t the address bar disappear in full screen mode? I’m probably doing something wrong. It used to work.

  43. Steve Walker says:


    "I’d like to open multiple links in seperate tabs at once." Go to Favorites in the Favorites Center, right click on your folder and choose "Open in Tab Group".

    @ IE Team – great update!

  44. david says:

    A shame this isn’t available for Vista Beta 2. I’m right now downloading firefox because of the unusability of IE7. I have the horrible flickering image problems, and even on this page Iexplore.exe is having CPU spikes causing me to miss letters as I type and keep going back and retyping.

    A shame, I like it otherwise 🙁

  45. KFord [MSFT] says:

    @Kevin Daly: I have entered a bug to address the regression in keyboard behavior when using alt+numpad combinations to enter characters.

    @Richard: Enhancing keyboard navigation within web ppages at this point in the IE7 cycle is not something we can address but is something we can explore for a future version of IE.

  46. Jeroen says:

    This thing is NOTHING but Firefox!


    search box

    zoom button for pictures… blablabla

  47. TheViewMaster says:

    @KFord [MSFT]

    Had Not IE7 Beta 3, "BROKEN" Full Screen Navigation, I Woulda Requested That,…

    …A "Check Box" Be Added To Internet Options==>Advanced==>Browsing==>

    # Open All Windows In Full Screen Mode

    But, As It Is Now, w/IE7 Beta 3, It Doesn’t Matter, As Full Screen Navigation Is "BROKEN"! 🙁

    On a Side Note, I’ve NEVER EVEN LOOK’d@FireFox Or Any Of Those Other Browsers…

    I’m A "Loyal" Microsoft IE User!

    But, You Are Going "BACKWARDS", DeGrading IE7 Beta 3, "Full Screen" Windows Navigation!

    I Can’t Begin To Tell How Disappointed & Disgusted I Am About This! …(The EXTRA "Clicks"/WORK It Means!)

    UnFortunately, Apparently, You Folks Jus’Don’t Know Any Better!


  48. codemastr says:


    1.) As EricLaw has said, there are registry settings to handle this (something power users can deal with)

    2.) I’d like some proof of this..

    3.) I can select chunks just fine. Are you sure you know how Windows mouse handling works?

    4.) I like that it does this.

    5.) Can you view the source in a manner that quickly allows you to edit it when you’re working on your own site? No, because Firefox is still stuck in the 1950s, pre-computer area when documents (paper documents that is) were read only. IE on the other hand opens it in notepad by default, which allows me to quickly make changes to my website and view them in IE.

    6.) It’s your opinion that the FF dev bar is the best. I like the IE bar.

    7.) I do have access to the best debugger, it’s called Visual Studio .NET. Since IE uses ActiveScript (something you complain about) I can use any ActiveScript capable debugger including VS.NET, which is, almost without question, the best IDE available.

    8.) Why would I want it to? Greasemonkey relies on websites being static content. Guess what? They change! You add code to a website, website changes, your code stops working. Yeah sounds great!

    9.) Seems to work just fine without it. I’ve used dozens of great webapps.

    10.) Firefox has a reputation as a safe browser? Huh, what are all those security updates they keep releasing all about? You might hate ActiveX and ActiveScripting, and you can go turn them off if you like. I like both features myself. ActiveX is a great technology when you build intranet based web apps, something FF just can’t match.

    It’s all a matter of opinion. The sooner you realize that, the less dumb you’ll sound when you make such vast over generalizations.

  49. drew says:

    I recently updated to Internet Explorer Beta 3… and ever since then my website has been impossible to update. The words and text boxes and such are scattered, usually at the bottom of the screen, beyond where the scroll bar can take me.

    This is quite disappointing. Are the Office Live team and IE 7 team aware of this/planning to work it out sometime soon? Thanks again, since Mozilla isn’t supported yet, I guess I have no choice but to rollback IE which is definitely sad.

  50. drew says:

    sorry if this wasn’t clear, i just copied the same post I made over at Office Live’s blog. I am using the new "Office Live" Beta program.


    Is there a workaround to my issue? I already downloaded and added to the registry the supposed "fix" from the IE site for pages not displaying properly in IE7.

  51. Mark says:

    Not really related to this blog post, but nonetheless I wanted to bring up memory consumption as an area for investigation.

    I opened around 10 to 12 tabs and the IE process’s memory usage went up to 250MBs.  Surely thats too much?

    Secondly, after I had closed all but one tab it went down to 120MBs.  Surely thats not enough of a release of memory?

    With all the memory-hogs we have running these days (VS.NET, SQL Server 2005, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Word, Outlook, etc), we really dont need our browser using this much memory!

    I’ve only been using it for a week or so, but so far I’ve been quite impressed.

  52. ray says:

    quick tabs and menu bar should switch keyboard shorcuts.  quick tabs (alt) and Menu bar (ctrl+Q)

  53. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Drew: What website software are you using?  Is it the Office Live site?  Can you provide a URL please?

  54. Tino Zijdel says:

    Am I really the first here to suggest that maybe the shortcut keys should be configurable by the user?

  55. papa says:

    Where is my frickin built in download manager.  Can you guys not build one. Oh I get it you’re never going to reach firefox’s status. 9a little motivation) If you want  to impress me you’re going to have to make one by the time you ship out. You can’t call yourself a good browser without a frickin download manager, flock, opera, firefox. any bells ringin.

    To Hakamovich (sorry bout the spelling.)

    fix this and ill move back to ie.

  56. ray says:

    I notice that Temporary Internet File Folder is no longer showing on Window Explorer Documents and SettingsrayLocal Setting even when selecting show hidden files and folders.  Am I right or wrong and will my Antispyware/antivirus able to scan this folders?

  57. James says:

    I can’t fin anywhere else to report this.  I just upgraded from beta 2 to beta 3 and now when i have russian or korean characters in my URL (to post to another page)they all show up as ??????? in the database, which i gather to mean it is losing the utf encoding.  It still works in firefox and it was working in beta 2.  Needless to say I’ll have to use beta 2(if i can) or go back to 6(boo)

    My encoding settings are the same as before.

  58. codemastr says:

    "Can you guys not build one. Oh I get it you’re never going to reach firefox’s status"

    And when they do add it, it may satisfy you, but you’ll then see a dozen "IE just stole this idea from Firefox" posts. Either way, they lose.

  59. Drew says:

    I am using Office Live Basic, from the Office Live site. I do not use frontpage or anything external.

  60. rex says:

    can we remove all the download feeds content without having to delete the feeds shorcut on favorite center? just like deleting all browsing history.

    Also when i mouse over the feed it keep showing the update time even when i have the automatic feeds turn off. is it normal for the feed to display the update time?

  61. rex says:

    when log in with Limited Account on the internet properties, program tabs, email i can not choose hotmail or outlook email at all because it always goes back to msn.

  62. Dark Jaguar says:

    I’ve enjoyed the past improvements so far, but I do have one major update I would like.  Basically full per-site customizing of security settings.  4 security catagories just doesn’t really do much good these days.

    What would be preferable is simply a button to save settings on my computer on a per-site basis.  I’d still use universal settings for most sites, but now and then I might want to allow all pop-ups on one site and not allow any at all on another.  This already exists in the pop-up blocker, but while there is an "allow" list there isn’t a "disallowed" list.  Rather than two lists, it would be more user friendly to have one big list with radio buttons for various settings.  So, one site can have everything allowed, one can have none at all allowed, and one can have "standard blocking" of a few but not all pop-ups (my normal setting anyway actually).  This would go for cookies as well.  Nothing too big here.

    But, here’s the kicker.  The same absolute per-site controls would be great for handling of all plugins.  The idea is simple.  I would actually prefer to surf the net with the Flash plugin defaulted to "off" without having to enable it each time I go to a web site where I want it on ( for example).  So, in the same "custom site security settings" dialog box, I would be able to go into the add-on manager and pick what I want enable and disabled for this specific site.  Specific site settings overriding default settings, of course.

    Basically, all these individual per site customisations should be accessed from one single menu rather than spread around in various menus hidden in the interface.

  63. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Dark Jaguar: Per-site options are something we’re looking at for future versions.  There are compelling arguments both for and against this feature, but it’s definitely a request we’ve heard from time to time.

  64. Tom says:

    Yay, the old, dithered downloading animation has finally been updated!

    Now al you need to do is update the mid-90s image/document properties dialog icons 🙂


  65. I have a glitch. When I click on the Messenger icon on the new Explorer it opens an old Messenger program, not the Windows Live Messenger which I use. I can’t find the old Messenger program to uninstall it. When I go to Add/Delete programs it does not show up.

    Is there a way to set the default Messenger program with the new Explorer? I haven’t found a way.


  66. Drew says:

    I am growing increasingly frustrated. I have found a way to update my page with Office Live Beta’s website.

    Every single time I open the site editor, or make a change to my page and reload it, I have to maximize and restore the windows again and again to make it so the text and zones lineup and are not offscreen. This is so annoying, as it means to update one subspage of the website the screen can need to be maximized and toyed with over 20 times in 10 mins.

  67. Drew says:

    I am growing increasingly frustrated. I have found a way to update my page with Office Live Beta’s website.

    Every single time I open the site editor, or make a change to my page and reload it, I have to maximize and restore the windows again and again to make it so the text and zones lineup and are not offscreen. This is so annoying, as it means to update one subspage of the website the screen can need to be maximized and toyed with over 20 times in 10 mins.

  68. Justy says:

    I like IE 7 I’ve been using beta 2 version in vista beta. One thing I did learn. When I’m either on winxp or vista. My macros don’t work. If I use a old version of IE 6 macros work fine. I’m still trying to figure out what changed here. Or is there something that can be turned off or on in security options? I guess it’s not a big concern being not everyone uses macros.

  69. relmer says:

    Why doesn’t Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn change the active tab (like ctrl-tab)?  This is a standard windows accelerator that works in every other tabbed app on the planet.

  70. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Relmer: You wouldn’t happen to be an ex-Excel developer who ran a BBS in MD back in the day, would you?  If so, wow, small world!  

    I’ll file a bug about the CTRL+Paging keys.

  71. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Justy: What sort of "macros" are you using?  

  72. Dark Jaguar says:


    I’m intersted in the arguments against including full per-site security options.

    And one other extra.  That lovely new security bar that appears every now and then when a site wants to install something is nice, but it isn’t very informative.  Providing basic detail on the feature is nice, but for those who want technical knowledge of exactly what the site is trying to do, the "explain" option just doesn’t cut it.  Any way you could add a "advanced details" option that provides greater detail than "the site is trying to do something bad"?  I exxagerate, but my point is that if the bar suddenly pops up saying "your security settings are low, click here to fix them", I would like to know exactly what it intends on changing.

  73. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Per-site security options are fundamentally a lot like ACLs within the file system (although, arguably they’re more complicated, since you have dozens to hundreds of options instead of read/write/execute and a few others).  

    ACLs are great, because they’re granular, and they let you set up your system "just so."

    But there are a lot of downsides.  You have to write a huge amount of code if you want to make the system manageable (E.g. groups/zones, inheritence, etc).  If the settings are intricate and hig-value, there’s a strong desire to come up with a roaming mechanism, otherwise each user must start over on each machine.  Corporations will want the ability to manage the settings, while users will want the ability to change them freely.  Etc.

    In general, the vast majority of users don’t have any idea what to do with this power, and if they are forced to interact with settings at this level of granularity, they typically want a completely different UI than the power-users want.  

    Again, that’s not to say we’re not thinking about the space, but it’s a very very tricky balance to work out.

  74. Alexis says:

    PLEASE fix the css issue. all universities today use css. I can’t access my university stuff on ie 7beta3. this sucks

    I’ve been using firefox as it uses it better.

  75. ammm says:

    to the guy that said power users use firefox.

    u’re an ass…yes?

    firefox is to web browsing as real player is to media players.

    it blows.move on.

    firefox embraces standards?…have you ever developed an actual page for firefox?

    it has the buggiest implementation out there.

    even opera is better.

  76. david says:

    It drives me nuts that ctrl h is not "Home", but rather "History". I am certain that people use home much more than history, and will look for a keyboard shortcut for it much sooner than they will look for a shortcut for history.

    It also drives me nuts that ctrl n still opens a new window rather than a new tab. I can understand backwards compatibility, but it should at least be a configurable option. Maybe it is and i just don’t know.

    And lastly a little off topic, but my most important critique of IE beta 2 and 3 – it is infinitely slower loading and rendering than firefox. I realize that this is still beta, but perf is absolutely attrocious and searching this blog for the word "performance" I found no instance… can you at least be up front with the public that the performance WILL be improved to be at least as fast if not faster than competitors? I will not use IE if it is more sluggish than firefox. Who cares about the keyboard nav stuff, make it FAST!

  77. AC says:


    Why would it drive you nuts that ctrl+h isn’t Home? Shouldn’t it drive you nuts that the "Home" key by itself isnt Home, and that you have to hit alt+Home for it?

  78. Astha says:

    Hey Kelly,

    Thanks for the easy to understand entry about keyboard navigation- really helpful!

  79. David says:


    The home key should obviously go to the top of the page like any typical application. Alt-* is not an option because Alt shortcuts access menu items (e.g. alt-H would be the Help menu.)

    Now you could make an argument for ctrl-home to go home, but honestly the home key is placed far away from the default positioning of your fingertips and it would be far more convenient to have a ctrl-* shortcut thats more accessible for such a common operation. Ctrl-h seems to me the most logical design. But ctrl-h both in firefox and IE open History. I do use history, but not as often as I go hunting for the home icon. And with IE7 moving the position of the home icon on the toolbar, things have only gotten worse. 🙂

    Intuitively I press alt h to go home and am always surprised when i get history.

  80. David says:


    The home key should obviously go to the top of the page like any typical application. Alt-* is not an option because Alt shortcuts access menu items (e.g. alt-H would be the Help menu.)

    Now you could make an argument for ctrl-home to go home, but honestly the home key is placed far away from the default positioning of your fingertips and it would be far more convenient to have a ctrl-* shortcut thats more accessible for such a common operation. Ctrl-h seems to me the most logical design. But ctrl-h both in firefox and IE open History. I do use history, but not as often as I go hunting for the home icon. And with IE7 moving the position of the home icon on the toolbar, things have only gotten worse. 🙂

    Intuitively I press ctrl h to go home and am always surprised when i get history.

  81. Dark Jaguar says:

    I’m surprised you use "home" as often as you do.  Personally my home page is about:blank to speed up browser load time by a large margin (I do this in any browser I use as default behavior, I don’t have a single page I can think of that I always want displayed).  I use history far more than "home".  Also, there are two control buttons.  It doesn’t seem that much of a stretch to use ctrl-home with the left control button and the home key.

    Inheritance and groups make sense, after all it would be great if sites within a certain domain also had, by default, the settings I applied to the "root" page.  I can see the problem there.  Roaming mechanisms…  Hmm, well the only thing I would ever need would be to "export" it as a file that I could just e-mail as an attachment to myself and load on another machine (same as I do with my bookmarks), but I can see businesses wanting a wide distribution model.  I’m sure that could come later though.  And yeah, if in a business setting, just make such per site alterations an "administrator level" thing.  That would be great for other security reasons anyway (in an ideal situation where I didn’t always run an admin account as my main account).  Don’t want undesired software doing things to that little list.

    It is very true that most users wouldn’t know what on earth they just got themselves into.  That’s why such a thing would basically be in addition to the existing system as opposed to replacing it outright, with the advanced one overriding any settings in the normal "catagory" system.  Another "simple and advanced" menu alternative.  The vast majority of users really don’t even know about the existance of the security settings you already have, from my own experience trying to fix various user’s machines.

    I’m glad you are considering it and I hope you are able to work it in there, because of all the security options I’d love to have, that is at the very top of my list of "desirables".

    As a semantics thing, I much prefer "bookmarks" to the phrase "favorites".  I bookmark a number of sites with content I would hardly consider "my favorite".  This is VERY minor, I’m just saying that when I bookmark a news story about deaths in Iran, that’s not a "favorite" to me, and probably not most people, unless they happen to enjoy human suffering.

  82. Dark Jaguar says:

    Oh yes, I thought I’d add one note.  If you suddenly changed "favorites" to "bookmarks", I doubt that even one user would be completely lost as to what on earth happened to their interweby shortcuts.

  83. Talking to others who have upgraded to Build 5456 of Vista, it is clearly better than the Original Beta…

  84. David says:


    I tend to for some reason put my points in order from least to greatest, I have to stop doing that. Lack of an intuitive home keyboard shortcut is irritating but I probably used the wrong language to describe my level of irritation. 😉 Performance of the application in general is my biggest concern by far.

    I think all of my shortcut key navigation concerns would be aleviated if I could simply customize the keyboard navigation myself via a Customize… menu. Then there’s nothing for me or anyone to complain about, we could just remap. 🙂 (and while we’re at it, roam my settings too so I don’t have to reconfigure every time! 🙂

  85. @Peter

    Er… just read what Shaun and codemastr said. I couldn’t have put it better meself.

    And though I may not be a full-blown, 50 certificationed, Ph.D. power user, I cut my teeth on an Apple II, wore DOS for diapers, and schooled on Windows 95 and Red Hat Linux. Firefox has some compelling features, as does Opera. If you want a clone, go with Firefox. I’m not going to flame you or Microsoft over that.

    But as for me and my house, we shall use IE.

  86. DJ says:


    My debate classes actually indicated "least to greatest" order is the best way to go because you end strong and that’s what sticks in their minds.  No need to stop doing that.

    At any rate, customizing the keyboard settings is indeed a great idea.  I’ll be honest.  For some reason when I type in various message boards (or blogs), every now and then I’ll accidently hit some key combo that has some unexpected effect that I tend not to be able to replicate.  I’ll accidently press the "back" combo or the "refresh" combo for example.  This is VERY annoying as the data I just typed in is now, in almost all situations, completely wiped.

    As I only really use combos like focus changing and copy/paste commands when surfing, and maybe a quick "history tab" pull, I could do with the ability to shut off the rest of them to prevent just such an occurance from  happening altogether.  I’ll say it right now, the worst offender is the accidental tab out of the message box followed quickly by pressing "enter".  I suppose with that in mind I’m not the best to comment on most default settings, but count me in for full customization of that too.

  87. Mike Pritchard says:

    I’m not much of an hotkey user. I like the way the keys are layed out in office 2007. When you push alt it lists the different keys in relation to the menus. For people that don’t use them or would like to learn them that may be a good way to start.

  88. Marcus says:

    Can anyone help resolve the issue of losing the ALT + 132, 134, 142 etc. shortcuts for Swedish and other characters in IE7 Beta 3?

  89. Chaals says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I specified the recent improvements on Opera’s accesskey functionality (see for a rough description), but think that we already had the right basic approach – one that has been implemented in tools other than browsers, such as screen readers and so on, and is much better than the apparently advisory text in the specification, which was followed by Mozilla and Microsoft to the letter.

    Essentially, having browser controls that can be overwritten by a web page is not very helpful. In particular, if users don’t know that a given key command has been overridden they are being set up for at least some surprises, and in the worst possible imaginable case a phishing attack (although there are other requirements to open that kind of hole).

    When you localise a system, you can do one of two things:

    either force all languages to use the same key for system/browser commands, whatever the name of it in their local language, which makes them harder to remember, or you have different reserved keys in different languages.

    If you do the latter (my memory is that windows does), then for any person using a localised version of the browser to access a page written for another language and carefully avoiding the keys Windows/IE users rely on to control their browser, they will avoid the commands their expected users rely on. However, users from a different language (and many people need to be multilingual) will end up being suprised all over again, because their common shortcuts aren’t avoided, until web authors quickly realise that there are even more keys that are effectively reserved.

    This problem is the single reason I am given, again and again and again, for not including accesskeys on websites (or for hating them, instead of recognising their value).

    Any chance of changing the accesskey implementation so it actually lets web authors design for keyboard support without having to surprise users, or put big explanations up for the vast majority who don’t use or care about accesskeys in the first place?


    Chaals –

  90. chris says:

    all the curios people that wandered how Windows Vista Ultimate was going to look and also skipped the warning of not putting Vista on there primary computer(s) who later discovered that Microsoft Will not support the downloaded beta version nor, the CD ver. of vista because windows will deactivate it next year (evn though the beta is better than Win XP sp1 and 2)was just wandering if 1. will you (Microsoft)make another that will be supported next summer/ June for the customers and the people that bypassed your warning so the beta testers won’t feel left out of the real features that will be aquired in the actual vista so we the people who have the beta won’t sit next to a deactivated computer while the consumers sit next to something that the beta testers been wanting to get there hands on for 2 yrs ( it was announced in 05 and will come out in the summer of 07) and 2. will the ie7 be on the Win. Vista also since the IE7 thing originated off of the beta (Vista)because you guys are leaving the curios out probably wanting the people to stop being curios and be satisfied with what we already have telling us to stop being curios of how the next gen. OS is going to look on the web and on our desktop stopping us from getting the next os and its latest iexplorer. if i don’t see the latest internet explorer for vista X86 or X64 than this confirms that this is what you’re telling me  

  91. Shouldn’t the title be

    (: ?thgiR-ot-tfeL

  92. Oops, wrong post. (/embarrassed)

  93. @Chris says:

    I’m not entirely sure what most of your post was asking, but yes, Windows Vista (both x86 and x64) have IE7 built-in.

  94. Microsoft recently announced some stuff about how they would handle <a href="" target="_blank">accesskey and keyboard shortcuts in IE7</a> (so being opinionated in

  95. KFord [MSFT] says:

    @david: We have a hotkey to go to your home page today.  This is alt+home.  I realize you are asking for ctrl+h but did at least want to let you know about the key we have today.

    @Marcus: The bug around not being able to enter characters with alt+numpad combinations has been fixed in internal builds.  I don’t know of a solution that will help you with beta 3 to work around this bug.

  96. Brillie says:

    Yeb, J stands for FEED.

  97. sam redman says:

    I am running IE 7 Beta 3, but right clicking on a link does not provide the "Open in new tab" option. Is this a bug? Is there a work-around?

  98. speedy_2 says:

    Am I the only one for whom ALT-F4 stopped working? I installed the German IE7 beta 3 today. Beta 2 had been uninstalled before. Whenever I press ALT-F4 the menu of the home button in the toolbar drops down, but the IE window doesn’t close. This worked fine in beta 2. (btw, pressing ALT-F3 drops down the print menu in the toolbar. I don’t know what happened in beta 2.).

  99. Marcus says:

    @ KFord.  Phew!  I can wait.  Nice to read that it is considered a bug and that it has been fixed.  Thanks for coming back to me.

  100. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Sam Redman: Typically, when the "Open in tab" option is missing, it’s because you have an older non-IE7-aware version of a toolbar (e.g. MSN or Google) that overrides the menu.  If you start IE in no-addons mode, do you find the problem goes away?

  101. John says:

    I just installed Norton Internet Security 2006 on my Win XP Pro P4 computer and am getting an error message when I open the AntiSpam section.  The error message reads:

    Internet Explorer Script Error

    Line:  15

    Char:  1

    Error:  Object expected

    Code:  0

    URL:  res://C:ProgramsCommon DataSymantec SharedAntiSpamas.Res.LOC/nasstatus.htm

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    Yes  No

    After searching the Symantec Database, I tried re-installing the MS Scripting Host 5.6 but that didn’t solve the problem.  I tried de-installing and re-installing NIS but that also didn’t work.  The AntiSpam section of NIS shows all parts in the status of "Refreshing" but it seems to be stuck there.  Does anyone know of a possible solution?



  102. Nick says:

    Can IE7 be set up so that after right clicking on a link, pressing ‘t’ opens it in a new tab, and ‘w’ opens it in a new window, a la Firefox?


  103. Since we now know that Internet Explorer 7.0 is coming out this week I thought I would post to links

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