Uninstalling IE7 Beta Releases

We’ve noticed questions/comments/confusion about uninstalling IE7 so I wanted to highlight one of our FAQs and add a little more detail.

Uninstalling IE7 will leave you with a fully-functional IE6 and allow you to install the latest release, IE7 Beta 3, which we recommend for all IE7 beta users so they benefit from the latest bug fixes and security updates.

To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, Beta 2 Preview, or Beta 1:

  • Click "Start", and then click "Control Panel"
  • Click "Add or Remove Programs"
  • Scroll down to "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2" or "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview", select it, and then click "Change/Remove".
  • If not found, check "Show Updates" at the top of the dialog box, scroll down the list to "Windows XP - Software Updates", select "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview" or "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1" and then click "Change/Remove".

To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3:

  • Click “Start,” and then click “Control Panel.”
  • Click “Add or Remove Programs.”
  • Scroll down to "Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3", select it, and then click "Change/Remove".

If you still can’t uninstall, read on…

Note: %windir% is your Windows directory and usually located at C:Windows

  • “I can’t find any IE7 entry in Add/Remove Programs. What should I do?”
    • You can run the uninstaller directly using the commands below.  Each is for a different beta release so only one will work. Note that to see these folders, you need ‘view hidden folders’ enabled.

IE 7 Release

Uninstall Command

Beta 3


Beta 2


Beta 2 Preview from March


Beta 2 Preview from January


Beta 1


  • “I don’t have those folders (%windir%$NtUninstallie7-----$ or %windir%ie7beta3).  What now?”
    • Open %windir%ie7*.log (not ie7*_main.log) and look for a line something like this:
                  time_stamp: CreateUninstall = 1,Directory = C:WINDOWS$NtUninstallie7-----$
    • If found, the uninstall folder was created but later deleted.
      • Please tell us what happened. Did you delete it to free disk space? Do you run a tool that might delete it? Something else? We know there are some cleaner tools that remove the uninstall directory. We’re working with the vendors to have their tools updated and we changed our directory name in Beta 3 to prevent this problem in the future.
      • Call product support (1-866-876-4926)
    • If you have a line like this:
                  time_stamp: CreateUninstall = 0…

      • Please tell us right away. Did you reinstall Beta 3 or is this in a Beta 2 log?
      • Call product support (1-866-876-4926)
  • "I'm told I need to be the same user to uninstall but I am the same user."
    • Add this key to the registry:

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

      [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet Explorer]

      Alternatively, you can take the indented section above, paste it into a text file, and save it as a .reg file. Run the .reg file and then try uninstalling.

  • “I get a warning about other programs that may not work after removing IE7. What’s the warning all about?”
    • The dialog contains a list of programs that may not work after uninstalling IE7.  The purpose is to prevent out-of-order uninstall of related programs. If a dependent program is left on the system without its prerequisite, it may stop functioning, require reinstallation, or even cause your system to stop working properly if it is an OS component. The details of this are described in KB 823836.

      While this warning is important, especially if for some reason you’re uninstalling security updates or hotfixes, I want to clarify that the programs listed are everything you've installed since installing IE7.  The uninstaller doesn't have a way to detect what updates are actually related so it lists everything.  That's why an unrelated application like Windows Live Messenger may appear in the list depending on the installation order.

Thanks for trying IE7 and please continue to report your problems and file bugs by following these instructions

John Hrvatin
Program Manager

Comments (115)

  1. Jazper says:

    Like to find out software compatibility with MSN Explorer 9.2 and Media Center 2005.

  2. Dave says:

    "If found, the uninstall folder was created but later deleted."

    I know this is the case for one of my systems where Beta 1 is installed, I think it was CCleaner that I used to remove patches more than a few months old. How do I recover from that?

  3. Jazper, I run MCE 2005 at home and have been running IE7B3 on it for a while with no problems. I don’t know about MSN Explorer 9.2 personally, though.


  4. Microsoft has just released Internet Explorer 7 – Beta 3.  The IE homepage has yet to be updated,…

  5. The Internet Explore Team announced on their blog the availability of the next beta version of the Internet…

  6. Felix says:

    I need help!

    I can’t uninstall IE Beta 1. I looked in a/r programs with "show updates" on but I couldn’t find it. I,also, tried your run commands but thst didn’t work. The error was that the folder is unavaliable. Can you help me unistall it?

  7. David Walker says:

    You say HOW to uninstall IE7 beta 3, but it’s certainly not clear WHETHER we are supposed to uninstall IE7 beta 2 before we install IE7 beta 3.

    For example, the "Thank you for downloading" page at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyou.aspx?familyId=4c1a8fbe-fb6a-47ac-867d-bb1f17e477ee&displayLang=en&oRef=&Hash=J4JPVT4 says "To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location."

    We probably don’t want to do that if we haven’t uninstalled IE7 beta 2 yet, right?  You might not WANT users to "run this program from its current location" if they are using IE7 beta 2 to download IE7 beta 3.

    And I suspect this is a common state of affairs.

    The Support page at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/support/default.mspx also says HOW to uninstall and has buried in one of the answers, the fact that you should uninstall the other IE7 betas first.  But it should be clearer!


    David Walker

  8. CyberOps says:

    It would be nice if you guys also make it possible for Windows Vista Beta 2 preview users to upgrade to the new IE7 Beta 3

  9. Pradeep says:

    I have IE7 Beta 2 preview. However I manually deleted uninstall folder to clear up the space.

    Now I am in a state where I can not install IE7 Beta 3 because it says "You already have IE 7 installed". Help…

  10. Felix says:

    Umm… Hello…Microoosoooft…Need Help here ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jazper says:

    If I uninstall IE 7.0 beta 3 will it return me to the Lastest IE 6.0 with all the patches.

  12. Microtoby says:

    my state same as Pradeep.

    I manually deleted the uninstall folder…

  13. Kelly says:

    Like a lot of people, I delete those uninstall folders a few weeks after installing an update once I’m sure there are no conflicts. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to uninstall IE7 by doing this. It’d be nice if someone replied with a workaround since there are obviously plenty of other people in the same boat.

  14. Nicola says:

    Like a lot of people, I delete those uninstall folders a few weeks after installing an update once I’m sure there are no conflicts. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to uninstall IE7 by doing this. It’d be nice if someone replied with a workaround since there are obviously plenty of other people in the same boat

    here the same problem I hope theres a nice guy from Microsoft who can help us

  15.  Not sure when it happened, but I have become completely dependent on IE7. As I mentioned early today,…

  16. Murali says:

    Having uninstalling issues with IE7 Beta2., and would like to uninstall and update to IE7 Beta 3.

    Tried these methods

    1. I cant find any IE7 entry in Add/Remove Programs.

    2. I dont have those folders (%windir%$NtUninstallie7–$ or %windir%ie7beta3)

    In ie7bet2p.log I have this:

    9.516: CreateUninstall = 1,Directory = C:WINDOWS$NtUninstallie7bet2p$

    Called product support no 1-8666-876-4926 and created a case no SRX060629604443

    (took ~45 mins of wait time, before getting to any person) IE support groups then transferred me to Full Support and then my call got disconnected., as I was talking to someone in XP support.

    Tried calling 866-876-4926 again., and this took another 45 mins.  Representative their quickly checked on case and then said will have to transfer to tech team.  Another rep took call and another wait later, this rep says he is in XP group and they dont have any training with IE7, they only support IE6. He wants to transfer me back to IE7 group.

    Had enough fun for the day!

  17. Peewitsol says:

    Ok, here goes nothing.

    I installed IE7 B2 on a Win Xp SP2 machine & after a few weks deleted the uninstall folders too…… ??

    Tried to uninstall Beta2 via the Add/Remove and reinstall IE6  ??  result nothing!, no browser as IE6 is still seeing IE7 B2 as an upgrade already installed.

    Workaround is easy………….. reinstall Windows Xp SP2….. as long as you have saved/backed up your files.

    So because I’m a sadist ๐Ÿ˜‰ I reinstalled Beta 2 just fer the fun of it again but this time did not delete the uninstall folders.

    Tried an uninstall of IE7 B2 again??………. ermmmmmmmm…….. same problem??… duh? No browser again  of any description sooooooooo it was a complete reinstall of Windows Xp SP2 again…… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Now yah, want me to test Beta 3 ?????????

    Not on your nelly…… and when the full version comes out……… I’m gonna have to think hard about installing it.

  18. denny says:

    Ok guys at MSFT listen to the customer PLEASE!

    IE should be like other software, can be installed and uninstalled as needed.

    even a beta should allow versioning to work

    if each build has a higher number then a new build should be able to install over the old one.

    telling folks that they ither need pss on the phone or to re-load the OS is total garbage!

    there has to be a way to "Unload" IE 7 and reload IE6 with a simple download of an app that knows what dll’s to unregister and how to re-download the IE 6 cabs / dll’s

    XP and MSFT made big news of "self healing installs" that could be fixed.

    who forgot that??

    why assume that the user is going to leave hundereds of folder in the windos folder and not decide to "cleanup" some space??

    seems like a total F*** up to me.

  19. Rick says:

    Ok I too deleted my un-install files, but managed to find a way to proceed.

    Copy the un-install directory off another machine that had IE 7.0 Beta 2 installed then run spuninst manually.  Worked like a charm.

  20. tiwahu says:

    โ€œExplorer.exe cannot run because Normaliz.dll was not foundโ€

    I experienced this issue on the uninstall (beta 2)/install (beta 3).  Luckily, I was able to find the missing DLL and put it where it belongs.  I performed steps similar to: <http://www.flashict.net/uninstalling-internet-explorer-7-beta-2/&gt;.  IE7 beta 3 (and the rest of my system) is running fine now.  Hope this helps someone else…

  21. sarathc says:

    What a heck? can’t IE Setup detect beta 2 and upgrade to beta 3? This is a foolish installer I think

  22. MasumX says:

    I’m not sure why MS products comes with some foolish bugs like this one


    The bug appears when you try to select how you want the icons to appear.. Home, Edit, etc

  23. Musum you bozo says:

    Musum, it’s standard behavior for a cascade, when there’s no room along the edge of the screen to draw that way. I just booted Adobe Reader, moved it way over to the right of the screen, and dropped the File menu. DIgital Editions flew out to the left even though the arrow points right.

    Feel free to criticize bad design if this happens by default. But from the image you slid the toolbar handle over and added chose Show All Text Labels… this is your own doing.

  24. Karsten says:

    I cant stand it. Deinstalling the IE7B2 and installung IE7B3, this a minor update.

    Why the hell isnt there an update function?

    Also didnt you compare your IE with FF and Opera. They are better than your new product.

    And your change in personal and releases shows very deep problems, I am guessing hard: "Critical"?

  25. Ray Reed says:

    Hi, well, I uninstalled Beta 2 without issue, there were of course many "hooks" into other apps but nothing that wasn’t automatically cleaned up by the uninstaller whith made me quite happy. I also downloaded Beta 3 and it uninstalled just as well. I’m running the Beta Office 2007 Pro Plus as well. I had to back of to IE6 again because Stamps.com won’t play at all without exception with IE7. (just a note, they really need to put that on their support site). I backed off to 6 and was instantly re-egister the app to the new drive. Their app is obviously dependent upon IE to drive it. No big deal. All in all I have to say I really like what you’ve done, and even though it’s VERY complex with it’s optional underpinnings, I’m sure those will work well in time.

    I also understand you can’t upgrade create and upgrade path for a target which moves many times a day, so, If all the uninstalls work as cleanly as the last couple. Hat’s off to you.

    Good Job, Highest Regards.

    Ray Reed

    The Reed Ranch

  26. Blake says:

    Ok I have same issues CCleaner smoked my uninstall Dir.  I just pulled down IE7BETA2-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe  Tryed to reinstall it hoping to get lucky.  Nope Still screwed.  Come On Microsoft.  Quit giving money to worthless third world countries and pay someone to fix my freeking internet before I use FireFox Exclusivly.  Bill I have faith in you get me a fix.

  27. eshcorp says:

    >>Ok I too deleted my un-install files, but

    >>managed to find a way to proceed.


    >>Copy the un-install directory off another

    >>machine that had IE 7.0 Beta 2 installed

    >>then run spuninst manually.  Worked like a


    Some of us don’t have other machines, can you please upload the uninstall directory for beta 2 somewhere and give us the links?

  28. chris says:


    in address bar, after i type IDN and Ctrl+enter Key do not work properly…

    ascii domains work fine… but Internationalized domain names only has such bug that was not last beta2.

  29. Full of I.T. says:

    Beta 3 is now available

    You may be thinking to yourself..

    &amp;ldquo;So what?&amp;nbsp; A few bug fixes&amp;hellip;&amp;rdquo;…

  30. Karthik Narayan says:

    I uninstalled Beta 2 as suggested by you guys using add/remove programs. Running XP SP2.

    When I try to install Beta 3, it tells me that IE7 beta is already installed.

    Also, Beta 2 is still there, I am able to use it.

    Additionally, the spuninst.exe file is missing from the directory.

    Any suggestions ?

  31. Steve says:

    One minor note, for the installer/un-installer crew.

    When un-installing IE7Beta2, IE 6 is left, with the Icon for IE7 (the one with the goofy yellow swoosh)

    You’ll want to make sure this is cleaned up for IE7 Final, such that users that need to downgrade for compatibility reasons, won’t be left with traces of IE7.

  32. Jon says:

    IE7 Beta 2 is not on my Add/Remove list (even with Updates selected). Also there is not folder containing a spuninst.exe file. I have spent a whole day trying to uninstall the thing but it seems impossible. I would like to try Beta 3. Can someone help?

  33. Tony Bryant says:

    I went to uninstall IE7 Beta 2 so I could install Beta 3. After it uninstalled and rebooted the machine, I could not log on (FYI – we are on a Novell Network). At first I thought I was not getting a login box at all, but come to find out it was just taken a really long time. When I entered my user name and password I received the following message:

    "A required network service has not started. Please check your error log for details."

    When I looked at the System Event Log, I found the following:

    Event Type:   Error

    Event Source:   Service Control Manager

    Event Category:   None

    Event ID:   7000


    The Novell NetWare Resource Manager service failed to start due to the

    following error:

    The system cannot find the file specified.

    After digging around in the registry I discovered that the "Novell NetWare Resource Manager service" is a file called resmgr.sys that should be in the system32Netware folder, but when I went to that folder the file was not there. Some how uninstalling IE7 deleted/corrupted the file. I copied the file from another machine and restarted the PC and everything was back to normal.

  34. Blake says:

    >Some of us don’t have other machines, can you >please upload the uninstall directory for >beta 2 somewhere and give us the links?

    Eshcorp  Only issue is there are a couple diffrent versions of Beta 2 Uninstall folders.  Not sure if any will work or you must have correct version.   A friend is sending me a copy of the first beta 2 uninstall folder but I belive I have the march version of beta 2 .  Anyone know how to verify which version of Beta 2 you have installed?  Version numbers???

  35. eshcorp says:

    Version numbers are identical as far as I know.

    BTW, will deleting registry keys change anything?

  36. Zhen says:

    I just tried this way, and it works.

    Simply delete the folder "Program FilesInternet Explorer" and then install ie7beta3. If you want to be safe, rename it. (I deleted it anyway, cos I know it’s gonna work.:p)

    But winxp won’t let you delete/rename the folder, so probably you would like to use this software first: Unlocker… it’s free.


    After you install the unlocker, right click on the folder "Program FilesInternet Explorer" and then choose "Unlocker"… Now you can delete/rename it.

    But btw, beta3 is not that fancy, indeed. Almost the same as beta2…

    Read more about the unlocker, here:



  37. Zhen says:

    By thw way, my method of installing beta3 may HAVE SIDE EFFECTS! Use it at your own risk!!!


  38. Pradeep says:

    Wow, method suggested by Zhen works. Install "Unlocker" first and rename Internet Explorer folder. Start the installation of IE 7 Beta 3 Now.

    BTW do this on your own risk!!!

  39. NuTTz says:

    Hmmm…not much solutions in these threads…

    Here goes – also was running b2 and nicely followed the ‘detailed’ instructions do upgrading to b3 (refer web site ;-).  Didn’t do anything funcky (i.e. delete any files/folders/etc) and…. uninstall DOES NOT WORK FOR IE!

    Going back to IE6 gives you a browser that just doesn’t work (e.g. blanks, hangs, etc). – tying to install b3 know… ๐Ÿ˜‰ i.e. Nothing works

    Yipee!!! this is BETA! – What i don’t is that b2 worked well.  i haven’t found one person i know that can get b3 working. Perhaps it’s just us. -sure-

  40. Microtoby says:

    Thanks for Zhen, your method works perfect.

  41. Melvin says:

    Have tried both methods, but when I try to uninstall a message appears saying

    "Uninstall could not find the SPUNINST.INF file"

    the SPUNINST.INF file in the folder is 0kb, and when I open it, it is empty.


  42. TechBlog says:

    Microsoft has released beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7, and you can get it here. As you’d expect from a third beta, it’s got a bunch of bug fixes, but there are also some changes to the way it looks….

  43. Kelly says:

    Thanks Zhen for your advice, it worked perfectly. (Big sarcastic thanks to MS who offered no input.)

    This nonsense is the consequence of their ridiculous decision to so tightly integrate IE into the OS. In addition to the security nightmare it brought on it also makes for these kinds of installing and uninstalling problems that wouldn’t be around if it were a simpler stand-alone app. Thank goodness they’re fnally learning their lesson and moving away from this mistake in Vista.

    I must say that although IE7 is lightyears ahead of IE6 (which wasn’t hard to do considering how ancient and neglected that browser is) it still pales in comparison to other modern browsers and offers nothing that will make me switch back permanently. It will, however, be less painful to use on those rare occasions when I need it.

  44. David says:

    I’m tired of IE. I use now Firefox.

  45. IEhater says:

    IE is a pain in the arse. I use Opera but Firefox  is great too.

    bye bye IE.

  46. Dave says:

    Kelly, Microsoft can’t "recommend" a workaround which might totally break your system.  Is your hard disk so small that you think it’s a good idea to go around deleting files in the windows folder?

  47. G Graham says:

    Minor problems when uninstalling IE 7 (Beta  2).  Error message normaliz.dll cannot be found.  Luckily I run a dual OS and ran a temporary setup on my alternate OS.  Normaliz.dll was found in the temp folder.  Copy this file to the system32 folder and reboot and works ok.  Shouldn’t have to go to this length though.

  48. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @G Graham: If something is looking for normaliz.dll, it means that IE wasn’t fully uninstalled.  Can you post the version # of wininet.dll from the system32 folder?

  49. Melvin says:

    Evan: thanks for the folder, it did the job!

  50. Kelly says:

    Dave, First of all the difficulties with this uninstall that people are having is a direct result of Microsoft’s poorly designed software. It should have a simple install, uninstall routine like ALL software and not rely on the update folder nonsense.

    Second, yes Microsoft should offer a fix since deleting update uninstall folders is not something Microsoft says not to do. For instance if you leave the XP SP2 update folder it takes up hundreds of megabytes. Regardless of how big my hard drive is, I don’t like clutter lying around. Especially not with Windows which is flaky enough as it is.

    But this is moot anyway, since IE7 is the same half-effort that Microsoft has been offering for the past five years. As many people have already commented, it doesn’t come close to Firefox or Opera. It’s a catch-up effort at best since MS chose to abandon its users and let it stagnate after they thought they "won" the browser war against Netscape.

  51. Aquaduck says:


    Thanks for the file. It worked great, I just unzipped into a folder and ran spuninst.exe, rebooted and then was able to install the new version. I have always found it odd that Microsoft either does not monitor their own blog for big issues so they can provide timely answers or maybe they didnt know a good solution for this one so they lurked quietly.

    Thanks again,

  52. Gil says:

    I am having the same trouble, and don’t quite know what is going on!


                 Windswept Kerries

  53. Dan Dautrich says:

    I nuked the uninstall directory along with a few others during a routine cleanup after I was sure the updates weren’t causing any obvious problems (I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to uninstall it when the next beta or full release was released).  All I did to get Beta 3 to install over Beta 2 was rename iexplore.exe and the installer was happy.  Thankfully, no odd side-effects have shown up so far, but I’m making sure to keep that uninstall directory around this time!

  54. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Aquaduck: The IE Team monitors the blog quite closely.  Unfortunately, in the event that the user has deleted the uninstall directory, there’s no easy workaround we can provide for this.  Fixing this problem requires that you have the correct uninstall bits in the correct location, which means there are dozens of possible configurations at the least.  We simply cannot offer a "workaround" that might leave the user’s system unbootable.  

    We made changes in the Beta-3 install such that the uninstall folder is less likely to be mistakenly removed, but there’s only so much we can do to accomodate users who delete files out from under us.

  55. G Graham says:

    normaliz.dll problem.The version number for the  wininet.dll on my system is 7.0.5450.4. Hope this helps.

  56. Shaun says:

    G Graham: You still have the IE7 WinINET on your system so thats why it’s looking for Normaliz.dll…. that soundz like a bug you should file.

  57. NuTTz says:

    Thanks "The IE Team [that] monitors the blog quite closely" – I still feel the real issue at the heart of this thread (for those that did not delete the uninstall) is that IE7b2 does not uninstall well.

    It leaves you with a broken IE6.

    Then when you try to install b3 it gives you and error.

  58. Stefan says:

    Well… I’ve had about every error there could possibly be… Since Windows didn’t work quite well, I tried to recover my pc with the XP SP2 cd. Everything seemed to work again after that except IE. Apparently, the cd placed IE6 on top of IE7, so when trying to start IE, I got a error that it couldn’t find something.

    I tried some uninstall tips on this page which seemed to work (the %windir%$NtUninstallie7beta2$spuninstspuninst.exe one). I got my IE6 back, but a few things didn’t work anymore such as the homepage (constantly get about:blank instead of Google) and I couldn’t access the Internet Options.

    So I tried reinstalling IE7 which didn’t work since it was already installed… Eventually, it did install, but then I got the error "internet explorer beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly" and my pc rebooted. When booted I still got IE6 but with the Internet Options of IE7…

    Then I tried uninstalling IE7 again using the command again and got this (the — represent the popup windows):

    entry is invalid

    the  was not uninstalled     (empty space??)

    couldn’t load c:windowssystem32msfeeds.dll

    Copied that file to program filesinternet explorer and finally got this:

    can’t find given procedure

    Soo.. Does anyone have more suggestions to get IE6 or IE7 back?



    PS: The popup windows were mostly in Dutch, so they may be different in the English version.

    PPS: Does Windows Live Messenger need IE to sign in? Since it doesn’t sign in anymore.

  59. Stefan says:

    Just restarted my pc and now, when I start IE, I get the same message again which I had in the beginning (first part of my previous post): "Could not find entrypoint of procedure InternetGetSecurityInfoByURLW in DLL-file WININET.dll" (translated). Does anyone know how to fix this?

  60. Neal says:

    I have this same entry ""Could not find entrypoint of procedure InternetGetSecurityInfoByURLW in DLL-file WININET.dll", my Avant browser will not work anymore either.

    Please help?

  61. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Neal: The "cannot find entry point" means that you have the IE6 version of WinINET.dll but the IE7 version of MSHTML.  Unfortunately, I don’t know any easy way to get out of that state once you’re in it.

  62. Jammer says:

    Scrap IE7 and Internet Explorer!

  63. Stefan says:

    @EricLaw: What if I copy that file from my other pc (which has IE7 installed) to my laptop aswell as the ‘program files/internet explorer’ folder? Could that work? TIA

  64. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Unfortunately, I suspect that attempts to overwrite WinINET will fail, due to the file being in use.  

  65. Stefan says:

    Just tried it and can’t overwrite it. I can rename it, but then the file is copied back. Also tried the program called ‘Unlocker’. It does take longer to copy the file back when using that program, but I’m still not fast enough and I don’t think a batch file will be fast enough either (and if it did work, I think the file will probably be replaced anyway).

    The file was used by quite a lot of programs (svchost, explorer, 2 dll’s and some other programs). MSN Messenger also seems to use this file (it was also listed there), so this is probably why MSN doesn’t work anymore either (Error code 80004005). I tried closing all other programs which used WinINET, but it sill gets replaced (probably by Explorer). I don’t know if it’s possible to replace the file when closing the Explorer in the task manager (the last window stays open and since I use a other file manager, it might be possible). Will have to try this.

  66. Luke says:

    I had the same issue on trying to uninstall ie7 b2. (thx ccleaner) the unlocker program works great in getting around the ms ie7 b2 to b3 U/I issue

    Download and Save ie7 b3 to your machine, then install unlocker, then unlock /program files/ie

    Install ie7 b3.

    Now my ie7b 3 installed, working fine. It has reappeared in C.P./A/R programs too.

    You can adjust ccleaner to not remove it next time!

    thank you Zhen!


  67. Keith says:

    Beta 2 is listed in the add/remove programs but part way through the uninstall I get the message:

    setup cannot copy the file iesupp.chm. Ensure that the location is correct or change it and insert ‘Windows NT Service Pack Uninstall Directory’ in the drive you specify.

    Any thoughts.

  68. RGB says:

    Please who is "EVAN" and what solution did he post? It seems like he uploaded a folder that we all deleted and it had the spuninst.exe in it. Can anyone post this solution?

  69. Zhen says:

    @Stefan, et al:

    If you don’t mind, try this method:

    Use dos command ‘copy’ to overwrite the wininet.dll in a cmd window (Start/Run/cmd.exe), like

    C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32>copy wininet7.dll wininet.dll

    When you are asked "overwrite?(Y/N)", say yes.

    Here wininet7.dll is the one (wininet.dll) you get from ie7beta3 pack.


    It works at my computer (xp sp2, ie7beta3). I replaced my wininet.dll from IE7bt3(700ish kb) by the one from IE6(600ish kb), successfully.

    Then as expected, I got a bunch of errors from all kinds of software, including adobe reader… then i copied it back.:)

    Hope this will help… but do you know if it’s the only file that need to be replaced? I guess EricLaw is the very expert to ask.:)

    Many thanks to those who tried my method of installing beta3… my friends! But again, at your own risk!!!:p


  70. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried it, but still no luck (it doesn’t have access to overwrite is since it’s in use). I think only wininet.dll has to be replaced (and the original files of ie6 when putting back the ie6 wininet. not 100% sure about this, but I copy them aswell just in case). I compared the registry settings of ie7 with ie6. the only difference is that there are some more keys as far as I can see.

  71. rolety says:

    Uninstall IE7 is hard to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Zhen says:


    Hold on~~~

    You are right! I did what i described last night, but without a restart! I just tried it again this morning. I replaced my wininet.dll from IE7bt3(743 kb) by the one from IE6(641 kb), successfully. Then I restarted my computer. Now I got the same message as yours, and I can’t overwrite the file either! — I have to use other computers to talk to you!:)

    I’ll let you know as soon as I solve the problem. Thanks for your trust!:)


  73. Stefan says:

    ;). Must be something weird with the new wininet.dll… I downloaded a Windows LiveCD today and booted off of it and I could replace the dll. Now I don’t get the previous error anymore and IE6 seems to be working (except for the startpage).

    But when I try to install IE7 B3 again, I get the error "Access denied", "Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete. Select OK to undo the changes that have been made.". When I click OK, it apparently removes some stuff (although all files in program filesinternet explorer are still there) and reboots.

    Seems the installation can’t replace some files either which are needed for IE7.

    Trying to import registry settings from a pc which is running IE7B3 and copy (hopefully) all  files needed to my pc through the LiveCD right now. Hopefully we’ll find a way to do this ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Ricardo says:

    This is what I get for installing a Beta version.

    I had hope (glint in eyes) that Microsoft had grown in support efficiency.

    I’m sadly dissapointed.

    No more betas for me.

    Thanks, Microsoft.


  75. Thanks to many suggestions here, I was able to uninstall and reinstall to Beta3 – but I encountered a bug that although it may affect only a few people, I thought it bore recording here for other searchers.

    If you installed the "JYBE" plugin in a previous IE, you need to uninstall it immediately.  It causes some really bad lock ups and hangs, and since the company is pratically out of business (free servers were taken down in January) it’s useless anyway.

    Took me awhile and 3 computers to figure this one out, but since I disabled (and subsequently uninstalled) the add-on, things have been happy around here.

    If you’re experiencing wierd behavior, take my advice and disable all NON-MS add-ons, reboot and add them back one by one until you find the offending addon.

  76. Stefan says:

    Well… I don’t think I’ll be able to help find a solution anymore. I screwed up big time… I was ‘playing’ with the registry to get IE7 to install properly, but I made some changes which actually made it worse. So I wanted to put back the backup I made. Stupid me imported a backup of my other pc (and I disabled the restore points to save space)…  So none of the programs worked anymore, explorer kept crashing, parts of windows didn’t function etc. So I had to reinstall windows (and about 400+ programs)… On the bright side, windows is fast as hell now. On the downside, I forgot to backup my emails with all registration keys for a lot of my programs… Great…

    IE7 beta 3 works perfectly now though ;). Like it better than beta 2 (icons look nicer to).

    PS: I should really become a OS tester. Seems like I can make any OS crash within a week… I’ve spectacularly crashed Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OSX and Suse about a million times with twice as much different errors… Oh, and I crashed someone elses Mac today. The one from my boss…

  77. Joris says:

    Gent’s followed all troubleshooting steps but am still coming up with the below installation error. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    104.063: Num Ticks for Copying files : 24860

    104.969: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5

    104.969: INF_REGISTRY Failed

    104.969: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed

    105.000: Access is denied.

    105.031: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Select ‘OK’ to undo the changes that have been made.

    105.031: Starting process:  C:WINDOWSie7beta3spuninstspuninst.exe /~ -q -z

    158.031: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2.  This rollback requires a reboot.

    158.047: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

  78. Jase says:

    Hrmmm, seems like IE 6 has also screwed up now and System restore won’t work.

  79. Frédéric says:

    I can’t uninstall beta 2. It says it can’t find SPUNINST.LOG.

  80. Oran says:

    I just wanted to let you know that main the reason I uninstall IE7 is to revert back to the IE7 release from January.  I’ve tried every beta and CTP since then, and they have all crashed on me within minutes, with the exception of this June 29 Beta 3 which takes somewhere under an hour to crash.  I’m sorry, but I like to open lots of windows and leave them open.  Six months ago you screwed up that "feature" and haven’t fixed it since, despite multiple releases and two bumps up in beta status (2 and 3).  Now I install the latest betas just long enough to get a crash, send a dump report off to you, and revert back to January.  Please please PLEASE, bring back the stability in your next release!

  81. Zhen says:

    I am really sorry to see ie7 ruined so many computers…:)

    But I just figured out the way to replace system files, like wininet.dll — in case it’s still helpful to someone. Although my ie crashes from time to time, I am still struggling and eager to learn new tricks. I simply believe in Prof Walter Lewin’s famous saying that knowledge adds, knowledge never subtracts.

    Stop mamaing…:p

    The method is simple, really. Just rename the file first(which is allowed… i know it’s strange), then copy (or say overwrite). Still in a command window(Start/Run/cmd.exe), do the following:

    C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32>ren wininet.dll wininet.bak

    C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32>copy wininet7.dll wininet.dll

    1 file(s) copied

    That’s it!

    If you do it slowly (but not tooooooo slow please), you will be asked, Overwrite (Y/N)? just say yes. This time, it won’t be a problem.

    I tried this back and forth for several times. It works on my computer. Winxp sp2, ie7beta3 with wininet.dll(743kb), a file (wininet.dll) from ie6(641kb), as I mentioned above and in previous notes.

    Sorry for being late, my friends! Good luck to everybody, especially to Stefan! — I envy you are using a new winxp now! — Oh, I hope my Miss Laptopia didn’t hear my last words.:)

    And again, use this trick at you own risk!:)


  82. Stefan says:

    Thanks Zhen! I’m gonna need it ;). Reinstalled all drivers and the most important apps, but still have to reinstall about 250 other apps… And have to try to get my registration codes back…

    Some additional info on Zhen’s method: I tried this before I had to reinstall Windows, but some process kept placing it back. It was nearly impossible to copy the file. Make sure NO programs are running which MIGHT use IE to connect to the internet/intranet!

    If you still can’t replace it, then open Notepad and place this inside:

    ren wininet.dll wininet.bak

    copy wininet7.dll wininet.dll

    Save it as winreplace.bat (make sure to have ‘.bat’ at the end of the filename and not ‘.bat.txt’) and copy it to C:WINDOWSsystem32 and doubleclick winreplace.bat. This should work since it’s much faster than having to type it in manually in a DOS prompt (since on some systems the file will get replaced almost immediatly by explorer.exe. the time needed to replace wininet.dll with a batch file is shorter than when explorer.exe replaces it). This worked on a other computer and IE7 worked aswell.

    Just one warning: DON’T try to uninstall IE7 after you’ve done this, since things will be much worse than before (at least.. on my other pc). Good luck everyone!

  83. Stefan says:

    Oops… It should be this:

    ren wininet.dll wininet.bak

    copy wininet7.dll wininet.dll /y

    Added /y just in case (so it doesn’t ask you to overwrite the file if needed. it replaces it automatically)

  84. Frédéric says:

    I finally used the unlocker. Thanks for the tip. I then renamed the directory from Program Files and later moved backed the files which were missing. I also deleted the Uninstall folder for beta 2, but am not sure if there are other things to delete.

  85. Anderson says:

    1. I cant find any IE7 entry in Add/Remove Programs.

    2. I dont have those folders (%windir%$NtUninstallie7–$ or %windir%ie7beta2)

    3. I don’t have the log file!

    I only have the main log files. (ie7beta2_main.log and ie7beta3_main.log)

    What should I do to uninstall my IE 7 Beta 2.

  86. Jace says:

    let say i uninstall IE 7.0 beta 3 later on will this effect any of the patch or hotfixes that was installed July 11 xp updates or hotfixes. Will i need to reinstall the xp updates or hotfixes again?

  87. e6sthomas@hotmail.com says:

    I want to uninstall IE beta2 to get beta3, but I cannot find the uninstall file, because I used CCleaner to clean my hard drive (it removes winodws update uninstallers).  Is there a way to get it back, or to get it from a different computer?  PLEASE HELP ME!!! THANK YOU IF YOU DO!!!

  88. IEBlog says:

    The IE team is proud to announce the availability of Arabic, Finnish, German and Japanese versions of…

  89. Greg says:

    i am having the exact same problem as

    Anderson and e6sthomas@hotmail.com. Does anyone know how to fix this so we can uninstall Beta 2?

  90. Greg says:

    i am having the exact same problem as Anderson and e6sthomas@hotmail.com. Does anyone know how to fix this  so we can uninstall Beta 2?

  91. U says:

    well done.

    ccleaner did the damage and it is a good thing because it exposes your software to be getting worse.

    A simple uninstall link using a regular windows installer package would have worked but you did what you do best and I don’t know what that is.

  92. Jason Gohlke says:

    As Kelly wrote:

    "But this is moot anyway, since IE7 is the same half-effort that Microsoft has been offering for the past five years. As many people have already commented, it doesn’t come close to Firefox or Opera. It’s a catch-up effort at best since MS chose to abandon its users and let it stagnate after they thought they "won" the browser war against Netscape."

    I completely agree. Unfortunately, it is not entirely moot for those of us who design for the web… since IE comes with Windows, and people use it.

  93. alan says:

    what a waste of time 3 days and im still no where ccleaner deleated the files if i have to do a total re install i wont be a ginnie pig of any more trials

  94. Dennis Murphy says:

    I had beta 2 installed and was trying to get rid of it today before reading any of this.  Am having issues with many websites.  I thought installing beta 3 might fix it.  I did this however without uninstalling.  Had the same problems.  So then I read this and put in the command to uninstall beta 3.  It took and looked like it was going to work.  It forced the computer to reboot.  When it did, Internet Explorer was still there. I tried the same command again…but this time it did not recognize it.  I tried commands for beta 2 thinking maybe that version was still on there…nothing.  So I dont know what to do know.  Did installing 3 over 2 prevent me from ever getting rid of this crappy program?  Where do I go from here…anyone?????

  95. Is anyone else worried about whether to upgrade to the latest version (Beta 3) of Internet Explorer?…

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