Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 for Windows XP (and more) Now Available

This morning we released IE7 Beta 3 for Windows XP. This version includes improvements in reliability, compatibility, security, and a few end user features. Give it a try at

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some changes to IE7. Beta 3 returns the email button to the toolbar customize dialog (one of the most requested features), and enables reordering of tabs by dragging them to the left or right. In this version you can also scroll horizontally while zooming.  To improve the RSS experience, IE7 now allows you to update all your RSS feeds on-demand as well as mark them all “READ”.

Beta 3 also contains all the security fixes addressed in the June IE security bulletin, so we encourage all Beta 2 users to upgrade to Beta 3.

Please remember to uninstall any previous IE7 builds before installing this one. IE7 Beta 3 runs on Windows XP SP2, Windows XP x64, and Windows Server 2003 SP1. This beta does not install on Windows Vista Beta 2; a new version of IE7+ in Windows Vista will be available with the next public Windows Vista release soon. IE7 still replaces IE6; if you’re a developer and need to have both IE6 and IE7 on a single machine, I recommend Microsoft Virtual PC (here’s a link to their 45-day free trial version) or Chris Wilson’s post on the subject.

As with Beta 2, we’ll release German, Finnish, Arabic, and Japanese versions in the next few weeks.

I’m looking forward to reading the feedback - positive and negative - as it comes in. I also want to encourage developers, web developers, designers, and IT Pros to use Readiness Toolkit to help you deliver the best possible experience to your sites’ IE7 visitors.

Today’s release is the final beta for IE7. Our next steps are the Release Candidates followed by general availability in the second half of the year.

Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager

Comments (244)

  1. JVILLAGA says:

    Nice…especially tab ordering!

  2. Usuario says:

    As with Beta 2, we’ll release German, Finnish, Arabic, and Japanese versions in the next few weeks.


    No Spanish version??

  3. Manip says:

    You also added CTRL-A (Select all) to the address bar and search box! … Love you guys! Thanks πŸ˜€

  4. jace says:

    Since about a week ago, I have to click on the favorites icon 3 times, to get the favorites center to open, after I launch the browser.

    I uninstalled Beta 2, installed Beta 3, and still have the same problem.

    Also, when feeds update, and are bolded in the feeds listing, my feeds icon in the favorites center doesn’t display a star.

    Both of these problems started happening about a week ago.

    Is there some way I can reset something to get this to work again?


  5. jace says:

    I just realized that these problems seem to coincide with when I installed the new version of Windows Live Messenger, 8.0.

    WLM 8.0 also crashes frequently with an error referencing ieframe.dll.


  6. I’m proud to announce that we released the beta 3 release of IE7. We fixed a ton of bugs, incorporated changes based on beta feedback, and continued to improve our security. You can read more about the release on the IE blog and get the new version here.

  7. jace says:

    Great job on the Refresh All, and the favorites center that Does Not Close when I middle click a link, I really appreciate these additions.

    Just one more favor, Please set Internet Explorer to automatically decide how to open pop-ups, By Default!!

    This is such a useful feature!!

    Thanks again.

  8. Brandon Clinger says:

    The speed is wonderful. I hope there are more performance improvements that can be squeezed out, but this is definitely a big step since beta 2!

  9. Okay, I nearly pissed myself when playing with the dragging and dropping of tabs. Nothing like having a feature get added that you didn’t even know you couldn’t live without! THANK YOU!

  10. game kid says:

    "You also added CTRL-A (Select all) to the address bar and search box!"

    That alone is cause to cry with joy.

  11. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Beta 3 also should make downloads up to 4GB in size much more reliable.  In IE6, downloads over 2GB didn’t quite work right.  

    Please let me know if you see any problems with downloads in the 2-4GB range.  


  12. Ram says:

    This is the first time having bad experience with IE Beta… After installing whenever i open IE, it takes in 100% of CPU, may be due to some add-on, but in no-add on mode works fine. I had disabled all non-microsoft add-ons, but still the same result. So the only way to work is in no-add on mode.!!!!

  13. Ram, disable all of your add-ons (open the Internet Options dialog from control panel, go to the "Programs" tab, and hit the "manage add-ons" dialog) and then slowly re-enable them one by one until you find the culprit.


  14. Raul says:

    does not install πŸ™ ok beta 2 installed fine for me and worked fine, so i uninstalled beta 2 and tried to install this one but it doesn’t not install at all. it says it’s installing IE core and such and then it shows a screen that says IE could not install. this makes me a little mad cause how can i test the beta if i can’t even install it.

  15. Travis says:

    I can’t install because of a registry problem with the HKCRmailto key and HKLMSOFTWAREClassesmailto being corrupt in the registry. I can’t open them, delete them. etc. I get an error when i try. Any suggestions?

  16. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Travis: In the registry, right-click on the keys and ensure that the Administrators group has FULL CONTROL on these keys.

    @Raul: The ie7b3.log file in the C:windows directory likely explains what failed.

  17. Travis says:

    I cannot access the key. It gives me an error when i click on it or when i try to delete it. It must be corrupt or something.

  18. KerryF says:

    DOES NOT INSTALL.  I followed the directions to uninstal Beta 2 (which installed just fine).  This is a 3 week old Dell.  Beta 3 will NOT install.  

  19. The Internet Explore Team announced on their blog the availability of the next beta version of the Internet…

  20. KerryF says:

    Failed install.  Details from ie7beta3.log:

    59.734: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USwininet.dll.mui

    59.906: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: d:5cdbbf8b6d7c03e1263aad81de

    59.906: Num Ticks for Copying files : 13969

    65.875: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5

    65.875: INF_REGISTRY Failed

    65.875: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed

    65.922: Access is denied.

    65.922: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Select ‘OK’ to undo the changes that have been made.

    65.922: Starting process:  C:WINDOWSie7beta3spuninstspuninst.exe /~ -q -z

    91.718: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2.  This rollback requires a reboot.

    91.718: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly.

    91.718: Update.exe extended error code = 0x5

  21. Raul says:

    does not install for me as i mentioned, here is my log as to why and i don’t get it….

    0.563: 2006/06/29 13:00:48.546 (local)

    0.563: c:29402a6b91a429caea1bupdateupdate.exe (version

    0.641: Hotfix started with following command line: /quiet /norestart /er /log:C:WINDOWS

    8.391: IECUSTOM: Scanning for proper registry permissions…

    10.313: IECUSTOM: Scanning for proper registry permissions…

    10.719: IECUSTOM: Scanning for proper registry permissions…

    11.094: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKCRgopher

    11.094: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKCRgopher

    11.094: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKCRgopher

    11.235: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKLMSOFTWAREClassesgopher

    11.235: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKLMSOFTWAREClassesgopher

    11.235: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKLMSOFTWAREClassesgopher

    11.297: IECUSTOM: Backing up registry permissions…

    11.297: IECUSTOM: Finished backing up registry permissions…

    11.297: IECUSTOM: Setting new registry permissions…

    11.297: IECUSTOM: Key is still unwriteable HKLMSOFTWAREClassesgopher

    11.297: IECUSTOM: Finished setting new registry permissions…

    11.297: IECUSTOM: An error occured verifying registry permissions. ERROR: 0x80004005

    11.297: DoInstallation: CustomizeCall Failed: 0x3f5

    11.313: IECUSTOM: Restoring registry permissions…

    11.313: IECUSTOM: Finished restoring registry permissions…

    11.328: The configuration registry key could not be written.

    11.328: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    11.328: Update.exe extended error code = 0x3f5

  22. Matty says:

    The new RSS feature: IE7 now allows you to update all your RSS feeds on-demand as well as mark them all β€œREAD”.

    I don’t see those options, where might they be?


  23. Oneda says:

    O Beta 3 da próxima versão do Internet Explorer foi liberado para download. Essa parece ser a última…

  24. Marcelo says:

    I’ve installed but it didn’t work here. When I click on the IE logo the screen blinks and nothing happens… πŸ™

    I’m using IE 6 again.

  25. Jeff says:

    For all those who get failed installs with no registry problems, I had that problem too until I disabled my antivirus, spysweeper and unchecked downloading updates. I had to do the same for beta 2.

  26. game kid says:

    Somehow works for me.

    I like how (some) buttons show destination URLs when hovered over.  Add it to the focus (TAB) event too.

  27. Marcelo – I bet you’ve got a plug-in that doesn’t play nicely with IE7. You should have run IE7 in no add-ons mode (available from start.all programs.accessories.system tools) and verified that IE7 runs when no plugins (like toolbars) are running. Then you could have used manage add-ons to disable the plug-ins one by one until you found the culprit that was causing IE7 to fail to load. Then you could have looked for an update to that plug-in. Just sayin’.

  28. game kid says:

    BUG:  Right-click on a saved Web page or archive, the default option shows as "opennew" instead of "Open" or "Open in New Window".

    (Submitted to Microsoft Connect also.)

  29. Steve says:

    So I guess this means, that although August 2006 was slated as the Beta 3 date, there was a descision to give up on making all the needed fixes.

    Guess that’s why there has been no responses on the IE7 Feedback site, because, well, none of the feedback is actually going to be used.

    There’s an excelent post on PPK about the massive amounts of broken JavaScript, DOM, and CSS in IE7 Beta2… its not like you guys haven’t known that there has been serious omitions thus far in the fixing of IE6, and now IE7.

    So, I guess we have to wait till IE8 now… and since IE7 final is slated for 2007, that would make IE8 at least 2008.

    So, again we all ask, come IE8, in 2008+… are we going to see support for DOM Methods like setAttribute()*, addEventListener(), and prototyping on the DOMElements*????

    * = uhm, yeah, we are talking full support, not partial, including Namespaces, and it has to work on all elements, not some… not with non-standards attributes like ‘accessKey’ etc.

    Severely disapointed.

  30. Darren says:

    Are we allowed to use IE7 Beta 3 in a live production network? I cannot wait until the Release Candidate.

  31. Roland says:

    Runs fantastic and super fast!

    Great job, guys!

    Love the new look of third-party toolbars (borders etc.)


    (Regular IE chat participant)

  32. Nocturnal says:

    My only two gripes are: hasn’t been fixed yet.

    And I recall reading on the Connect site when people were suggesting to re-order tabs that it this feature would be implemented in future releases of IE, i.e. IE8 and not 7.

    If this is the case, is there any possible way to include the feature to middle click on a folder within the Links toolbar and have them open in a group of tabs?  This is the ONLY thing missing and I have seen this requested quite a few times on the Connect site.  Please?

  33. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Raul: Run Regedit.  Right-click HKCRgopher, and change permissions to give Administrators Full Control.  Setup should be successful.

    @GameKid: I believe this is already fixed in the latest builds.  Thanks!

    @Steve: No one from Microsoft ever said that August was the Beta-3 date.  

    We’re looking very closely at Connect feedback.  There are some internal snafus around ensuring that the public bugs get updated with our comments, but rest assured that every bug gets looked at.  We’ve taken a large number of changes from CONNECT.

    We will be looking at the JScript changes you’re asking for in a future release.


  34. Frank Becker says:

    I didn’t think it would ever happen, but… IE7b3 made me switch back from Firefox. It’s fast, stable, and not as much a resource hog as Firefox is.

    Good work, MS!

  35. Microsoft today released Beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7. The main changes are around the user interface,…

  36. Scott says:

    Is it possible to have an option to promote a tab to a new window… or "open tab in a new window"?  Sometimes I have multiple pages open in different tabs and I’d just rather have them in separate windows so I could float them next to each other.

  37. I see that the IE Team at Microsoft have released Beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7 to the general public.I…

  38. Here is a screenshot of the forthcoming FreeTextBox4. We’ll have a preview release next week.

  39. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Scott, simply hit CTRL+N or File | New Window to open the current tab in a new window.

  40. Upanisad says:

    I have a request for a feature in the RC versions: mouse gestures! I’m so used to have them in Opera and Firefox that I click right mouse button and move left to get back even in IE… I takes me a second to realize it isn’t supported on the Microsoft browser! What a pity!

    I’ve found a free plug-in, but why not build it inside IE? It shouldn’t be complicated at all!

  41. jace says:


    The "opennew" bug happens on my system with Beta 3 installed as well, so I don’t think it’s fixed.

  42. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Upanisad: The IE team first concentrates on features that only the product team can uniquely provide (e.g. great tabs that integrate into all scenarios) or are super-commonly requested or used (e.g. the search box).  

    Mouse gestures (I love them, btw) are not a commonly used/requested feature and it’s possible to build awesome plugins that support gestures (e.g. the project on  Thus, in cases like this, we are more likely to work on enhancing support for plugins in general, rather than building specific ones that only a small subset of users are likely to use.

  43. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jace: The fix is in the RC1 builds that are not public.

  44. jace says:

    Disk Cleanup borked by Beta 3.

    XP’s Disk Cleanup tool is messed up after installing Beta 3.

    Instead of showing "Downloaded Program Files" at the top of the list, it shows:


    The button on the lower right is also messed up, it says:


    When I uninstall IE 7 Beta 3, it goes back to normal.

  45. jace says:


    Thanks for clarifying πŸ™‚

  46.  Not sure when it happened, but I have become completely dependent on IE7. As I mentioned early today,…

  47. Dao says:

    > We will be looking at the JScript changes you’re asking for in a future release.

    No JScript, please. He was asking for JavaScript. πŸ™‚

  48. Nocturnal says:


    Is there anyway you’d be able to address my previous comment?  It’s regarding a bug that was reported in connect and then closed due to it being fixed yet it is still not fixed in IE7 Beta 3.

    Also I do believe that the feature request of being able to open up a group of tabs from a folder on the Links toolbar has been requested quite frequently.

    Thank you Eric!

  49. rodtempleton says:

    Having same issue that I had with beta 2 (public), but not beta 2 (preview) – as soon as it tries to open multiple tabs, it crashes.  Internet Options in Control Panel allowed me to set it to open only one tab.  It still crashes (which didn’t happen in beta 2 public).  So, now it’s completely unusable.  

    Here is the crash information:

    AppName: iexplore.exe

    AppVer: 7.0.5450.4

    AppStamp: 449be0cd

    ModName: mshtml.dll

    ModVer: 7.0.5450.4

    ModStamp: 449c16c7

    fDebug: 0

    Offset: 000f1f0f

    Not sure if this would be helpful to anyone or not, but would really like to give this a shot.

  50. @Nocturnal – I responded in the comments to my post as well, but thought I’d repeat here.  The entry that Filiz made was in error – we haven’t fixed this yet internally, but we do know of the bug.  You can reorder favourites in the links toolbar if you go into the "links" folder in the favourites center and do it there.  It’s unfortunately unlikely that we will fix the bug of being able to manipulate them directly from the links bar for IE7.

  51. Leonard L. Cooper says:

    I like Microsoft Soft weaire

  52. Chrix [MSFT] says:

    @ Matty

    The new RSS improvements are detailed over at the RSS team blog:

  53. Nocturnal says:


    Here is what I am talking about: – this is where you said to make the changes. – this is where the changes should have taken place but it does not matter where I try to reorder the links, it doesn’t affect the Link’s toolbar sub-folders.

  54. KerryF says:

    Once bitten, twice shy.

    Waisted about 6 hours today thanks to this beta not installing.  Never had a problem with a piece of Microsoft software before this.  I’m finally back to IE6 because I could not even do a restore point back to IE7, Beta 2 because all text in any of the menu items was missing.  For now I’ll use IE6 and FireFox until IE7 SP1 is out.

  55. n00b says:

    Good work guys, just one question for now: I just upgraded from IE6 and was wondering if it’s okay to install the Developer Toolbar refresh from March, or if we need to wait for a new version that targets Beta 3. Thanks!

  56. andr3 says:

    I’d really like to see IE7 set focus on the address bar after opening a net tab. It’s a UI behaviour users have picked up with other browsers and since you’ve kept the key shortcuts and many other feature, it’d be nice to add this little candy.

    Not sure if this has been suggested in the past, but if so, I do apologize. πŸ™‚

  57. andr3 says:

    ops.. by "net", I mean a "new tab". Sorry.

  58. n00b says:

    andr3: The behavior that you describe is what I get after installing Beta 3. Whether I hit CTRL-T or click on the New Tab button, when it opens up a new tab, the focus is on the address bar with "about:Tabs" highlighted and waiting to be typed over.

    What behavior are you getting?

  59. Michael Madsen says:

    I had the same problem as KerryF. To install, I had to enter Safe Mode with networking and install from there – although, when rebooting normally, half of the stuff that was supposed to start up, didn’t – including my firewall and WLAN utility – so I had to reboot once more after that.

    However, it does works as it should after this long task.

  60. S.K. says:

    Hmmm …. so you can’t combine tabs into one screen and scroll them both side by side? That would be quite an interesting feature, actually. Right-clicking my tab and seeing a "Combine With …" button for the various other tabs I have open. Don’t know if it would work well for more than two tabs, but I think it would work nice for two. Then people wouldn’t have to worry about opening up a new window all the time.

    *shrug* Just a thought ….

  61. babakm says:

    For the record, I get te same log entries as KerryF above.  XP home admin account with every other program turned off.  The troubleshooting guide is no help.  The end of the log file is:

    200.281: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USurlmon.dll.mui

    200.328: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USwebcheck.dll.mui

    200.375: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USWinFXDocObj.exe.mui

    200.406: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USwininet.dll.mui

    200.594: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: e:18cca5205a8250aea6

    200.594: Num Ticks for Copying files : 43813

    206.297: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5

    206.297: INF_REGISTRY Failed

    206.297: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed

    206.485: Access is denied.

    206.485: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Select ‘OK’ to undo the changes that have been made.

    206.485: Starting process:  C:WINDOWSie7beta3spuninstspuninst.exe /~ -q -z

    265.344: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2.  This rollback requires a reboot.

    265.344: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly.

    265.344: Update.exe extended error code = 0x5

  62. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @rodtempleton: Crash on new tab is typically caused by an outdated version of Google Desktop Search.

    @andr3: Opening a new tab should put focus in the address bar by default.  Are you seeing something different?

    @S.K.: This is an interesting suggestion that comes up from time to time.  We call it "Tab pinning" but we won’t get to it for IE7, I’m afraid.

  63. PatriotB says:

    Ha!  Guess this proves all those "August" people wrong!  Great job, IE team!

  64. cooperpx says:

    Looks great. Even seems fast under vmware! The solid line makes me accept the menu bar where it is now.  Nearly all my reported issues are resolved too. wtg.

  65. Good work, guys! One of my new developers mentioned to me today that he’d just installed the IE7 Beta and was quite happy.

  66. zhang shuo says:

    i wanna select tabs when the mouse is moved onto them:D

  67. treego says:

    IE7 Beta 3 does not work here.  Instructions that MS-MVP gave me at microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general have been fruitless.  I was just fine upgrading IE through IE7 Beta 2.  IE7 Beta 3 has me stumped.

  68. Having told everyone that Beta 3 is available for download, I was a little short on details.

    The IE…

  69. Jens C. says:

    Does Control-L finally set the focus to the URL entry field (like all the other browsers on this planet) instead of opening a total useless window ?

  70. Lex says:

    I don’t think mouse gestures should be in IE I think they should be in Vista as a whole.

    Personally I use "Stroke it" which works system wide and is pretty responsive and very powerful.

  71. seanxwang says:

    in some forums containing the photos, I can ONLY view half of a photo instead of the whole one.

  72. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jens C.: Control L brings up the "Open" dialog, as it has done for ~10 years.  

    Alt+D sets focus to the address bar, as it always has, and as it does in SeaMonkey, Firefox, etc.

  73. Jens C. says:

    Alt+D not on my system  (DE-XP)  ?!

    CONTROL-L … Well yeah it brings up the "Open" dialog which is imho totally useless (*hint*hint* CONTROL-O does the same?)

    ALT-D & CONTROL-L works in Firefox & friends.

  74. Dao says:

    min/max-width/height is finally working with images. Superb.

    As promised by Markus, a float bug is fixed, too. But there still is a problem with my :hover menu, as you can see here when moving the mouse:

  75. chris says:


    in address bar, after i type IDN and Ctrl+enter Key do not work properly…

    ascii domains work fine… but Internationalized domain names only has such bug that was not last beta2.

  76. Over at Microsoft’s IEBlog, General Manager Dean Hachamovitch yesterday announced the availability of Internet Explorer Beta 3:
    This morning we released IE7 Beta 3 for Windows XP. This version includes improvements in reliability, compatibility,..

  77. user says:

    please make it customisable with background colors and pictures

  78. Steve says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]

    Ok, we keep hearing that you are listening, and that the bugs are being viewed, but to date, most (90%) of the bugs I have submitted, have been untouched.

    Some have been there for over 9 weeks.

    Let me repeat that, cause this is why we are complaining.

    My bugs have not been addressed, validated, or even looked at in some cases, for OVER TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They were not fixed in IE7 Beta 3, and since this is the "last" beta, before the final public release, I don’t expect them to get done before IE7 is out.

    From all the posts we’ve seen on this blog, there has only been some minor CSS fixes.

    Over 5 years, and that’s the extent of the bug fixes.


    We’re glad you tightened up security, we are glad you finally have tabs (even though they are implemented in the strangest way imaginable), and that XMLHTTPRequest is now native, but otherwise… nada?

    Not a single fix for all the broken DOM issues…

    Methods, Properties, Support, etc.


    "We hear you", "we know you want IE to adhere better to the Web Standards", "We want freedom to inovate"…

    Sorry folks, you had over 5 years to inovate… 5 years to make a browser that supports the DOM.  5 years to include a JS Debugger.  5 years to support PNG! (trolls go home, gamma is still messed up), 5 Years to have a proper public bug reporting system (trolls go home, you can’t see what target a feature is assigned to, and your bugs don’t get updated, you can’t search by date, you can’t view attachments, you can’t see more than 25 bugs on a page, you can’t track by RSS, you can’t get email updates on watches, etc.), 5 years to fix IE’s <CAPCASE TAGS WITH INVALID=ATTRIBUTES> bugs, 5 years to fix the <button> tag, 5 years to fix the <select> tag (trolls go home, there were bugs beyond the z-order), 5 years to fix the new window spawning a clone bug, 5 years to fix the button rendering bug, 5 years to fix the JS favorite length bug, 5 years to fix the browser dimensions returned in JS to properly account for toolbar height, 5 years to fix the prompt dialog, 5 years to fix the printing bugs, 5 years to fix the selecting behaviour in the address bar, 5 years to fix favorites management, 5 years to provide a better view source tool (don’t give us that, we don’t know which tool to use stuff… just render it to a new window, with syntax highlighting, its childs play), 5 years to fix the CSS image popularity theft bug, 5 years to fix the frame reloading cursor bug, 5 years to fix the <textarea> rendering bug (scrollbars showing when not needed)…


  79. rodtempleton says:

    @rodtempleton: Crash on new tab is typically caused by an outdated version of Google Desktop Search.

    Eric: This worked.  Updated to latest Google Desktop and problem is gone.  Many thanks.

  80. Gareth says:

    The icons on the left hand side of the tabs are displaying incorrectly for me, ie when I’m on the BBC homepage it’s showing the icon for another website.

  81. rodtempleton says:

    The only other gripe that I’ve found since installing beta 3 is the tendency of the Links toolbar to automatically hide itself.  I check under View -> Toolbars, and it is still enabled, but completely hidden.  Turning it off and then re-enabling it, puts it on the extreme right where I can drag it over again.  The toolbar is locked, but I’m at a loss as to why this might be happening.

  82. From the IE blog, IE7 Beta 3 has been released.&amp;nbsp;

    I popped it on my machine last night.&amp;nbsp; So…

  83. Christopher Vaughan [MSFT] – "

    Marcelo – I bet you’ve got a plug-in that doesn’t play nicely with IE7."


    Christopher I had the same problem as Marcelo… (and I have seen 3 or 4 posts from others with smae issue) I tried your suggestion and it did not help.  

    What happens is when I launch the browser it appears for a fraction of a second and then closes.  I had to revert back to IE6.  I tried the upgrade twice with the same result.

    I was using IE7 Beta 2 for months without any issues…

    Help Me Please

  84. Ian says:

    Steve, do you feel better now?  

    Everyone who reads this blog knows that the "new" IE team has only existed for about a year and half or so.  IE7 is a huge leap forward, and yet you give them no credit.

    It’s been noted in comments that they’re having some delays in writing back to some of the bugs in Connect even though they’re reading them… but if your bugs are as worthless as I suspect from your rant, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one bothers to write back to you.  Why don’t you post the URLs to your bugs so others can validate them?

  85. Nik says:

    Good job guys!

    One annoying thing that’s IE7 only is that I used to use Alt + D to get to the address bar then TAB it to the search field in IE 6 and still do in FireFox. Now in IE7, I need to tab twice because the Refresh and Stop button is in the way. I have no idea who else out there use this feature (Alt + D), but to me it is invaluable.

    A couple of post talked about their liking of the CTRL + A selecting entire address bar feature, I think this can readily be done with Alt + D regardless where the focus (where the mouse last left clicked) is.

    Again, good job guys!

  86. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Nik: Our accessibility folks had us put the buttons into the tab order to make IE easier to use for keyboard-only users.  However, there’s a great workaround: Use CTRL+E to jump directly to the search box.

  87. Padraic says:

    From what I see, I like the new improvements, but I think that they’ve at least added some new problems.

    I like the new Office 2006 style buttons, but they seem out of place with the rest of the buttons using the old style.  I can understand that the back, forward and favorites buttons should stand out, but the menu buttons and command bar buttons just look terrible when they’re set up differently from the go/reload, stop and search buttons.

    I don’t like the command bar personally.  I can’t turn it off as an option, and if I try to remove all the buttons from the command bar, it simply repopulates it with a default set the next time I open IE7.  So instead, I’ve got it set up with one button, that I rarely use.  Incidentally, that one button is the encoding button, and unfortunatly, nine times out of ten, the encoding button doesn’t work.  Most of the time when I attempt to use the encoding button to change the encoding for a web page it doesn’t bother to change it.  It appears as though it only wants to change to a select set for a given web page.  Perhaps the encodings it finds most likely to be correct, though I am usually using it because IE couldn’t find the correct encoding in the first place.  I may be wrong, but my expectations with the encoding button is that it should work like the View>Encoding menu.  They look the same to me, so I would expect similar functionality.

    Given the choice, I would probably prefer to simply turn off the command bar and save the space for more tabs, but the encoding button does have it’s uses some days.

    Also, I suspect I have some bad registry setting somewhere, as the toolbar background seems to be set for something resembling transparent, and black for most of the tab bar.  But it would be nice if something would fix that when I install IE7.  I’m assuming it’s rather localized, since my friend, with a new XP install, doesn’t have this problem.

    The tabs setup still seems to feature the same odd method of opening new tabs.  If I open a handful of tabs from a page, the first one opens to the right of the base page, then the second one to the right of that.  But if I go off and play with one of the new pages, then come back to the first page and open more new tabs, they pop-up right next to the originating page again, instead of continuing at the end of the list of pages opened by the first page.  Perhaps a diagram would better explain this…

    Start with a page                     [P1]

    Open a new page                       [P1][P2]

    Open a second new page                [P1][P2][P3]

    Do some stuff

    Come back and open another new page   [P1][P4][P2][P3]

    Open another new page                 [P1][P4][P5][P2][P3]

    I can kind of see that this mechanism makes sense, but I since I can remember that I opened a series of pages from a page, I expect new pages from that page to follow the trend created by the first pages.

    Another oddity I’ve noticed, is that I can set IE7 to force new windows to open in new tabs.  I can also set several search engines to open results in new windows.  In my mind this should force each result I click on to create a new tab.  Instead, I find that IE7 will reuse the tab that was created by the first popup from that domain.  This is exceedingly annoying when it insists on changing a tab in a window that I’m not currently looking at.  It would seem to be more sensible to have all popups get their own tab, as I would expect each new popup to have it’s own window if the popup to new tab feature were not enabled.

    I wonder about the add-ons management some days as well.  I see a delete button to remove add-ons, but it never seems to be an available option to use.  Also I think it might be nice to enable certain add-ons for one time use, without having to enable the add-on, restart IE7, and disable the add-on when finished.  A good example of this is Flash, the majority of sites I visit, either don’t use Flash, or use it as a new way to create popup ads to annoy visitors, so in general I’d like to disable Flash.  However, I occasionally find myself at a site that has a legitimate use for Flash, and it can be a pain to re-enable it to view a single site.  Perhaps a bar similar to the one for file downloads, and ActiveX controls would be applicable to this situation.  If the user has disabled a given add-on, and a site wishes to employ that add-on, the bar could pop-down offering the user a chance to enable to the add-on for that site, or visit only.

    Overall, I think that the IE team has done a good job thus far with the betas, though obviously I think that there’s more work to be done here.  I think that if the silly authentication picture thing gets fixed then I’ll have little reason to fight with the OS incompatibilities of Firefox anymore.  And of course, I’d also like to see more standards compatibility.

  88. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Padraic: When you say "authentication picture", can you elaborate on what you’re referring to?  The bug described here: is fixed if that’s what you’re asking about?

  89. Nik says:

    No big deal, but is it just my computer or the Open Folder option from the finished download dialogue fails to perform?

  90. Padraic says:


    Yes, that was the one I was referring to.  I’m glad to hear that it has been fixed now.

  91. Nik says:

    Do you think it possible to enable in the search bar the CTRL + Backspace function to backspace by word? Now if I do CTRL + Backspace, it gives me a rectangular character. I just this is a very nice function in all other places in Windows.

  92. Nik says:

    the highlighting is off when one searches for text on a page that is magnified. Think this can be fixed?

    Another thing about the magnifying tool: say I am reading Wikipedia, I care more about the text than the pictures, and I don’t really like reading small font, if I enlarge the page by CTRL + + or CTRL + mouse scroll up, IE enlarges the pictures too, which doesn’t cause much trouble except the horizontal length of the page is also increased, I had to really scroll horizontally to view the text or I have to compromise by not enlarging the page too much. Any chance that the final product may offer two kinds of page zooming?

    Finally, is there a reason why the page zooming using CTRL + mouse wheel has been reversed, i.e., IE6: CTRL + mouse wheel down to enlarge/mouse wheel up to shrink; IE7: the reverse.

  93. John Tome says:

    WHAT HAPPENED?? I just upgraded IE7 beta-2 to beta-3. It now takes 10-15 seconds to load. I’m going back to IE-6 until this is fixed, or dumping IE entirely.    

  94. TechBlog says:

    Microsoft has released beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7, and you can get it here. As you’d expect from a third beta, it’s got a bunch of bug fixes, but there are also some changes to the way it looks….

  95. John Tome says:

    I HATE IT…HATE IT… HATE IT!  Now "Delete Temporary Internet Files" deletes ALL web site FAVICONS πŸ™

    My desktop is a mass of bland-looking squares which I’m forced to read text to find the desired shortcut.  

  96. Does anyone have a list of all the html and css1/2/3 that is NOT by internet explorer 6  and/or 7?

    It would make my work as web developer so much more easy.

    Martin T

  97. yanawara says:

    En mis navegaciones diarias,&amp;nbsp;por pura casudalidad fui dando a un sitio perfecto para conseguir los mp3 con descarga quieres alguna cancion un single . y no la haz conseguido date una vuelta por;nbsp;alli en dicha

  98. "Restore Tabs" not Active in Beta 2 & 3?

  99. velkymx says:

    Microsoft has released another beta of their highly anticipated browser Internet Explorer 7. We took it around the track.

    Full Review at:

  100. seanxwang says:

    I have upgraded my browser to the latest version IE7 beta 3 for a week, it works very well, sleeker UI, Faster speed of opening the pages, easier to operate etc..but yet the only problem i have is that I can ONLY view half of a photo when i open a forum that contains the photos. i think that this bug would be that hard to be fixed by you guys..thanks!

  101. Janiv Ratson says:

    Hello guys,

    You have got to improve the Add to Favorite mechanism.

    It is very non user friendly to add a new web site to the favorite list.

    I would have replaced the folders combo box with a tree control or something else.

    I have many folders in my favorite, and it really hard for me to locate the folder I want to add the web site to.


    Janiv Ratson.

    ratsonjaniv @

  102. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Seanxwang: Which forums are you referring to?  It seems likely that they may have a bug on their side.  

  103. Aaron says:


    I have successfully uninstalled IE7 Beta 2 (not preview or anything, simply Beta 2) in order to install IE7 Beta 3. But when ever I try to run the IE7BETA3-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe, it restarts my computer. When I start it back up (my computer) it says that windows is recovering from a critical error or something along those lines.

    Any idea why this is happning? As soon as I double click the setup: IE7BETA3-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe, my computer crashes/restarts. Before this, I had successfully installed IE7 Beta 2, with no setup errors at all, suddenly for IE7 Beta 3, there are setup error.

    Another note is, the file IE7BETA3-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe, has ‘no’ setup icon, its just one of the dos command prompt window icons, its as if the image icon is broken.

    Here is a image:

    I am running a Windows XP Pro 5.1 Service Pack 2 Build 2600

    Please help!

  104. Ernest says:

    Beta 3 is corrupted .. installation problems with registry permissions .. its no problem, few clicks and we can go (in beta isnt it so horrible) … but i have one problem or bug or error on my installation of IE 7 Beta 3 !

    Its not running !!

    After instalation i cant open nothing…

    after clicking to shortcut i have error with "Cant open this page bla bla bla bla" (forwarding to IE7 first page with setting )

    when i want to open another page … by shell or by address box in explorer … IE crash and windows show me debug dialog ..

    funny right ? πŸ™‚

    so, i am on Beta 2 now and its work good

  105. Sal says:

    Excellent, Installed perfectly, less cpu usage than firefox, the only problem I am having is that the bar where the tabs are located as well as around the address bar and between the rightside buttons the blueish color of the interface doesnt continue. Rather adopts the black background of my desktop. Tried uninstalling and installing and updating Java but no fix. Just to let you know.

    Besides that, excellent product.

  106. Freetochat says:

    I have installed IE7 b3, however it has caused a conflict in Outlook Today (Outlook 2002).  All links are now not working.

  107. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Aaron: Reboots are generally an indication of hardware problems (either disk or memory).  Please scan your harddisk for errors and run a memory diagnostic ( to rule these out as the problem.

  108. Sal says:



    Anyone has any recommendation on my IE7 issue explained in my previous post.



  109. I missed this due to my mostly disconnected state during the weekend, but on Friday (our time) we released…

  110. Steve says:


    Many have been posted here before, and in the chats, but here are a few.

    Keep in mind, I have been keeping notes in a spreadsheet, of over 56 separate bugs (no dups in the system as of yet) however, I’m not going to enter another, until this system is taken seriously by the MS team.

    PS For starters, how about re-adding the Feedback link to this blog?  It was a handy jumping point for those of us already here.

    DOMNodeInserted not supported:

    Favorite length too short:

    DOM Strings returned, not correct:

    DOM setAttribute not fully supported:

    Zooming/Scaling messes up the UI chrome:

    prompt dialog, has sadly not been fixed since it was first implemented.  It looks like my 13 year old kid coded it, in 2min in VB. (and is why it is broken)

    And, to add to the list…

    Prototyping the DOM, not supported

    CSS Selectors… wow, where to begin the lack of support there…

    As for the "worth" of my bugs, maybe you didn’t read my "rant", but keep in mind, that there are several thousand people that need to code content for the web / applications every day.  We spend a very long time, trying to get workarounds for all the IE bugs.

    What ticks us off, to the point that we rant on this blog, is that this is IT!… this is our only forum, to complain about the lack of effort, in fixing the hundreds of minor things wrong with this browser.  Ok, fine, "this" team has only had a year to put IE back into the game, but there are minor things, you would have thought they could have done while sipping their coffee.

    E.g. The file selection dialog, that gets popped up from an <input type="file"/> tag.  Why on earth, does this still show the Windows 95 chrome? My calendar puts that at.. hmmm, 10 years old!

    Ditto for the "quick tabs" scroll bar!

    Basically what it boils down to, is the simple fact that IE was only put back into development because Firefox, and Opera were starting to give users, and developers a way better option.   What the market always complains about, is that with the Monopoly that MS has, they didn’t need to develop (or so they thought) for 5 years on this, thus, ZERO inovation, zero improvments.

    What we developers know, is that once IE7 ships, and IE almost gets caught up to the other browsers on the market, they will then sit back again, and do nothing.

    The infuriating part, is that we, the developers of the world, *could* do a HECK of a lot more exciting, unique and quite honestly, gob smackingly amazing development, if IE7 supported some of the basic features within the DOM/CSS world.  However since we have to keep supporting IE (due to market monopoly dominance), we are stuck to tone-down our development, to accomodate the lowest common denominator.

    Do you have any idea what could be created, if things like:

    HTMLInputElement.prototype….. was supported?

    Anyway, sorry my rant bothered you Ian, but for those of us that deal with this stuff every day, letting the IE team know, that they are 2 suits short of a deck on this delivery, and the commitment to the Feedback site, (the first and only public bug-tracking system MS has ventured into for the browser), is the __ONLY__ way that they will know that they are missing the mark.

    When folks jump on this Blog, saying "This is great, best browser ever, please, please, please ship it soon!" It is extremely misleading, as those of us that know, know that it isn’t ready, it is not complete, and the attention to detail just isn’t there yet.

  111. Ah, you changed those nasty icons! thanx! When I first got beta 2, I wondered why would those icons need to have those irrelevant bacground colors, and now I see that this has been the question of many people! Thank you for listening to them.

    And about the menus, I believe this is Windows Vista’s effect on all Microsoft products, damn it! Where are the menus?! I usually get lost in the interface of new Microsoft products like Windows Defender and now, Internet Explorer! You have changed everything. Though, I’ll get used to them after a while, but menus were good! (I mean, I wanted them above all other contents of my window, but now they are lower.)

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  112. I forgot. I have a suggestion: Why don’t you people at Microsoft and more specifically IE team start writing a download manager program to ship with IE? Traditionally, the download managers of web browsers have been very weak compared to those 3rd party programs. I liked Firefox’s download manager because of it’s simple and beautiful way of handling downloads, compared to that of IE. But that is not enough. I’m now using Internet Download Accelerator V5.0, but I’d be happy if I got a Microsoft product, perfectly matched with IE with extreme management and speed capabilities. This would be a great advantage over Firefox, isn’t it?!

  113. Shaun says:

    Steve– This is good stuff, but they do distinguish between a feature request and a bug.  

    The QT scrollbar thing looks fine to me, and does it really matter that the xp upload dialog isn’t purty?  how often do you see that anyway?  note: Looks fine on Vista….

    I’m not much of a webdev… What things could you do if "HTMLInputElement.prototype" was supported?

    Ehsan– I saw a registry key to put the menus at the top…

    In the chats, MS said they didn’t have time to write a download manager for 7 but they’d think about it later… as you know, there are plugins that work in 6 and 7.

  114. Stephen says:

    I see all that feedback about respecting the system ClearType setting has been ignored.

    There were plenty of suggestions in the old thread about ways to handle it, so that most people are informed simply about the feature and can easily switch it on system-wide, without introducing app-specific ClearType settings.

    ClearType is a great feature, but the IE specific setting is the wrong way to go about it, and I can’t figure out why Microsoft would want to do it this way.

  115. Wictor Wilen says:

    Beta 3 is available for Internet Explorer 7. Some nice improvments have been made since beta 2:


  116. G-Master says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve installed IE 7 beta 3 and I notice that some posts in the desktop screenshot thread (at neowin + other sites) are not clickable. I can hover an image and I see the link to deviantart / imageshack, but when I click on the link nothing happens. I have to right-click and choose ‘open link in new tab’ to see the deviantart / imageshack page.

    Does anybody else have this problem or did you come up with a solution? Help is appreciated !!

  117. 1-Menus on top! Oooh yeah! Thanks for that registry entry, Shaun.

    But I just wondered, if it is possible to re-position the menus using a registry entry, why on earth didn’t you let me drag the menu bar there? Isn’t it against Microsoft principles of UI design?!

    2-I recently found something like a bug:

    I remove the Command Bar buttons using "Customize Command Bar" menu item, and the next time I start IE they’re just back there!

    3-I still believe your graphics designer could create icons for Refresh, Stop and Search buttons that would fit better with standard Back and Forward buttons (which are recently appearing everywhere on any Microsoft product-Thanks to Vista.)

    The buttons appear very "flat" compared to Back and Forward buttons, which are much like two attractive, glossy spheres.

    4-Tabs appear a little ugly when Windows is set to use its classic appearance. The selected tab’s colors makes the tab appear round, and that doesn’t match with the rest of the interface.

    5-Again, in classic view, the Back and Forward buttons are well pushed into the form but Refresh, Stop and Search buttons don’t have that harmony.

    6-The History icon in the drop-down menu beside the Forward button has jagged edges. A smoother icon would be better.

    And there are no other problems in the UI. Thank you dear IE team.

  118. Mafuyu says:

    I can’t install IE7 Beta 3 because of a corrupt mailto key in the registry (hklmsoftwareclassesmailto)…has anyone figured out how to solve this problem yet?

  119. Niko says:


    it would be nice if you could help me out with this problem:

    After installing Beta3 (it worked just fine while running Beta2) I get the following error when I try to run an external program that relies on an ActiveX-Control:

    "One or more

    ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either: 1) Your current

    security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or 2) You

    have blocked a publisher of one of the controls As a result, the page may

    not display correctly."

    I tried setting my IE-Security-Settings to low (i.e. Custom Level) and changed a reg-key so that the "My Computer" tab is displayed again as a Security Zone (and I enabled running ActiveX-Controls there), but the error persists.

    Other browser-related ActiveX-Controls like Acrobat work fine.

    Thanks for your help,


  120. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ehsan: 1> Dragging the command bars around takes a LOT of code and if we had more time, we probably would have spent it on other things like "Find on page".  We hope to offer more customizability for a future release, but for now, I’m hosting the regkey that Shaun pointed out for advanced users who like menus on top.

    2> This is an unfortunate limitation in the current code.  You can’t get rid of the command bar even by removing the commands from it.  Again, something for the next version.

    @Mafuyu: Did you try right-clicking on the registry key to ensure that Administrators have Full Control permissions?

    @Niko: What external program are you using?  What control are you trying to use?

  121. Niko says:


    thanks for your reply.

    It’s a german program called "StampIt", it prints out stamps on a label printer. It uses a browser control as an interface (the program "forms" are stored as htmls in the app-folder) but it uses a lot of own dlls which IE is apparantly prohibiting it from running…weird! I’ve had the same error with other (unrelated) programs, where the program itself runs fine, but when it gets to a function that requires running an ActiveX it gives out the error mentioned above.

    It probably is something that the program-manufacturers can provide a patch for once the IE final comes out, so I wouldnt worry too much about it if I were you :-)! But as I said, it worked fine with Beta2, now with Beta3, it obviously doesn’t.



  122. Datalogen says:

    I’m using the IE ActiveX called Inet. With IE6, using international characters like æ, ø and å worked fine, but the IE7 version just strips these characters.

    Example VB code:

    With Inet1

     .URL = "æøå-file.txt&quot;

     .UserName = "user"

     .Password = "secret"

     .Execute , "GET"

    End With

    Using ngrep to view the server request, the first line looks as follows:

    IE6: "GET /my-æøå-file.txt HTTP/1.1"

    IE7: "GET /my–file.txt HTTP/1.1"

    I don’t know any standards suppressing international characters – does anyone know if this is a bug or a new W3C standard compliance?

    Best regards,


  123. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    DataLogen: Is the ActiveX control you’re using written by a third-party company?  It would be interesting to see what flags and options they are passing into WinINET and whether they are calling the Unicode ("W") versions of the functions.  

    I suspect the issue here is that the newer version of WinINET is assuming that inbound characters are UTF-8 encoded, while in the past IE6 was using ANSI.

    If you can’t set the codepage on the WinINET handle using an InternetSetOption, one alternative is to convert your filename to %-encoded UTF-8 before passing it into WinINET.

  124. phil says:

    Internet exploer 7 beta 3 will not install. It just does nothing when it gets to the bit where it says installing core compents. when i use control, alt, del, to end it, it comes up with some wininet error. and now i cant even install and older internet explorer. or use msn messenger. please help. ie 7 beta 2 installed fine. i uninstalled it before trying to install ie 7 beta 3. please help.

  125. Tom says:

    Ever since I downloaded IE 7.0, my blog and evryones else’s at MSN Spaces take a long time to load.  Is this an IE problem or a Space problem?

  126. Danhole says:

    When i enter any data into the search box it allows me to type two maybee three letters,

    then IE crashes and i have to end the task.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    the Computer it is on is a brand new install of XP pro with all the latest service packs.

    I have tried removing ie7 and reinstalling it but this doesnt help.

    Thanks for any advice


  127. Richard M says:

    It’s great to see that from a home-user perspective that sites running the Internet Zone always have visible URLs (even in popups) and the general idiot-proofing which should help combat phishing.

    It’s a real pain, though, for my company’s application which we deliver to our clients via the Internet. We’ve gone to pains to try and make it look-and-feel more like a windows application than a web site.

    So, by the looks of the beta, we’ll be telling our clients to add our site to the trusted site list which will keep them from seeing address bars on all of our dialogs and user interface. My question is, is there a way we can programatically detect whether our site is a trusted site (on the client-side) so we can warn our users that they need to add us to the trusted site list?

  128. Eduardo Valencia says:

    Great imporvments and great works

    @ErickLaw [MSFT]

    Just a Quick Question

    When you say "next version" can you tell us ,what’s the cycle of build release,or better said, how often new builds will be released?,and if  improvments that won’t make it to IE7 final,will be added in newer builds,or a new whole entire version,Exmaple IE8?

    The dev world can’t wait until IE8 too far from here

    Sorry for my poor english,hope is understood

    Eduardo Valencia

  129. Dave says:

    I don’t seem to be able to access the system tray while in full-screen mode.  Also the browser auto hides in full-screen mode, is there any way to disable this?

    Is there any way I can eliminate the browser’s title bar.  In IE 6 and Firefox the full-screen mode eliminated the title bar which left only the address bar and tab bar in Firefox, and in IE 6 the full-screen mode used only one half inch of the top of the monitor.  Will future versions include this fix?

    I’ve been using IE 7 beta 3 four less than two days and already I have found two programs that no longer function properly (Logitechs Mouse Ware WebWheel and Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition program version 8.1) both of which function properly with Firefox and IE 6.  I use both these programs quite a bit  The fact that I can’t use NaturallySpeaking in IE 7 is enough to make me use another browser.

    It seems you have taken a step backward in the end users ability to customize the browser to his or her specific needs or wants.  You went from IE 6 which was fully customizable to IE 7 which is your way or no way.  If you can auto hide the whole browser (whether we want to auto hide or not in full-screen mode) why then would you take away the auto hide for the favorites menu and give us something that needs to be clicked on every time you want to use it?

    While I’m not prepared to give up on IE 7.   I believe Firefox will be my default browser for the foreseeable future.  I hope I didn’t sound like a whiny little crybaby but I had high hopes for IE 7 after all this time.  And I have no doubt that sometime in the near future IE 7 will be my default browser like its predecessors have been in years past.

  130. Mark says:

    The tabbed browsing is total, well, BS.  It doesn’t work at all… when I open up a tab, many times I can’t enter a new URL to go to, no matter what website I want to visit, it won’t work.

    Also, many many times it’s impossible to close a tab, so I have to close the entire Internet Explorer to close any tabs…

  131. Luis Camino says:

    is it just me or what i thought it was a beta 2 bug is still present in beta 3?


    makes me sick to have to install firefox just for google.

    and by the way, windows live search is desperately slow.

  132. Larry J says:

    @ Eric Law

    The funny thing is that once IE7 is out, the most downloaded and shared file on the net for the next few months, will be a registry key to fix the toolbar positioning that ie7 broke.

    Can this not be added as a feature in the options?

    As an IT admin, I don’t really want everyone and their cousin to start launching *.reg files to fix bugs.  It doesn’t set a good precedent for secure networks.

    I also agree with the others, that Clear Type should definately be turned off.  I’ve installed the Beta on 12 PCs for users to check it out, and test our applications and the first thing they all complained about was the Fuzzy Text.  What was very anoying is that we never set this to be on, and it was turned off in Windows.

    Now I wonder, will there be an admin pack that will allow us to fix all these mistakes when we install across the network?

    01.) Change Clear Type to off.

    02.) Apply Registry fix to put the menu where it belongs.

    03.) ETC.

    Regarding 2: I read here that the incorrect placement of the menu bar at the bottom was on purpose!  Something about the URL bar had to be on top?  This makes no sense at all, nor does the argument that it is to prevent rampant spread of viruses and spyware and adware and fishing problems that occur in Internet Explorer.  I can not see how the placement of the URL, causes the user to trust or not trust a site.  I am okay with the idea to have it purmanantly turned on but it should always be below the menu, and be below the navigation buttons.

    We also noticed that the browser will sometimes self-destruct for no apparent reason, just completely shutting down.  There does not appear to be any reason or action to cause it other than waiting.

  133. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mark: If you’re having problems with tabbed browsing, you may have an outdated plugin (e.g. Google desktop) that you need to update.

    @Eduardo: When I say "next version", I’m referring to the next significant release (e.g. IE8).

    @RichardM: There’s no mechanism using just HTML/Script to detect the zone that you’re running in.  ActiveX controls can detect the zone, however.

  134. Jake says:

    this is a home computer. How do i restrict limited account from turning off phishing filters using the gpedit.msc? which one do i use Computer configuration or User configuration? i want to make sure i’m doing it correctly.

  135. Datalogen says:

    @EricLaw: Thanks for your suggestions. What I did was to write a function to %-encode the URL. This solved the problem, and it now works fine with both IE6 and IE7. (And there were no third parties involved here, just me and the WinINET ActiveX.)

  136. Harry says:

    New bug?

    Divs in absolute position with width=auto can be larger than the window (and larger than in beta 2 or Firefox).

  137. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @LarryJ: IT admins will use group policy to deploy configuration options.  The IE Administrators kit allows you to set the IE options for your organization as desired.

    If you’re finding that IE closes without warning, the most likely culprit is a buggy plugin.  Try running IE in No Add-ons mode.

  138. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Datalogen: Where did the "WinINET ActiveX" you’re referring to came from?  WinINET is not natively an ActiveX control.

    Did this ship with a previous version of VB, or was it a third-party component?

  139. Datalogen says:

    @EricLaw: In my VB6 project I have a reference to "Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 6.0 (SP4)" in %SYSTEMROOT%System32MSINET.OCX. My file version is I believe your guess that it shipped with VB6 is true.

  140. Tim says:

    IE7 is great. But the installation of Beta3 failed (Setup says: Installtion did not complete, pleas resart…). Beta2 works fine.

    I have adminrights and i turned off antivirus and firewall.

    Can someone help me?

    Here an extraction of the log file:

    00:48.188: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> >[BEGIN]——————————

    00:48.235: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> SKIP[FALSE]>>Looking for skip clauses

    00:48.313: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> SKIP[FALSE]>> Adding [FALSE] Condition: !_psdStateData->GetIsInitSuccessful()

    00:48.360: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> SKIP[FALSE]>> Adding [FALSE] Condition: !g_pApp->GetState()->GetResultCouldInstallPreIEProg()

    00:48.391: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> SKIP[FALSE]>> Adding [FALSE] Condition: g_pApp->GetState()->GetOptIEAKMode()==IEAK_BRANDING

    00:48.438: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> SKIP[FALSE]>>Result: RUNNING This Phase

    00:48.485: INFO:    Released Package Installer Mutex

    00:48.531: INFO:    |Inst. IE         >>> Waiting for Internet Explorer installation to complete…

    00:48.578: INFO:    Process 2360 created for ‘update.exe /quiet /norestart /er  /log:C:WINDOWS’, starting in path ‘e:9272d649f17818f88037e6update’

    00:54.469: INFO:    Process ‘update.exe /quiet /norestart /er  /log:C:WINDOWS’ exited with exit code 1013

    00:54.516: INFO:    Acquired Package Installer Mutex

    00:54.547: ERROR:   |Inst. IE         >>> Internet Explorer installation completed with errors, exitresult=0x00000000, exitcode=0x000003f5

  141. Brian says:

    I had IE7 Beta 2, and it worked just fine. I uninstalled it and tried to install Beta 3, multiple times, but no go. The problem IS NOT covered by the trouble shooting link the installer puts on the desktop. Here’s the log:

    168.187: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: c:7a4f54337dc06bbac92765

    168.203: Num Ticks for Copying files : 30422

    181.531: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5

    181.531: INF_REGISTRY Failed

    181.531: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed

    184.594: Access is denied.

    184.797: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Select ‘OK’ to undo the changes that have been made.

    188.094: Starting process:  C:WINDOWSie7beta3spuninstspuninst.exe /~ -q -z

    274.265: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2.  This rollback requires a reboot.

    274.281: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly.

    274.281: Update.exe extended error code = 0x5

    The errors the trouble shooter asks me to look for are NOT there.

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated…

  142. Dan says:

    Do i have to uninstall IE 7 beta 3 before Installing Window XP Security Updates?

    I read on the release notes that i have to uninstall IE 7.0 beta then install Window XP updates is the note referring to user who upgrade to Window XP home from Window XP pro.

  143. Aaron says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]:

    Hey, The problem is that this only happnes with the IE7 Installer, nothing else, everything else seems to be running perfectly fine o.O

    Though I’ll try your suggestion and run those scans.

  144. Steve says:

    Here’s an interesting one…  Operationally, it seems to work fine, but when I close the browser, Windows won’t repaint whatever was under the window.  So I end up with an "image" artifact of the browser that sticks around for several minutes.  It’s never happened with any other browser aside from several IE7 betas…

    Thoughts, anyone?

  145. Matt says:

    So far i am lucky to not have any of the problems said by some of the other testers around here.

  146. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Dan: You can install WindowsUpdates with IE7 installed; just do not upgrade the OS (E.g. don’t install Pro over home, or Vista over XP).

  147. Roxanne says:

    Beta 2 had a fix for supporting Wells Fargo’s web page is there a fix for Beta 3. I am having trouble finding it.

  148. Manny says:

    the small notification balloon on status bar that warn us that add-on is disabled are no longer showing instead it’s showing the manage add-on icon on status bar. I would like to see the notification balloon and could the notification balloon stay longer, so user can see it, it is to fast.

    able to view feeds on top of the tabs just like the links and menu bar.

  149. EDW says:

    IE 7 beta 3 is great, but still has a ill effect on the solicit assistance for remote access. The solicit assistance will not run.

  150. Tan Nguyen says:

    I don’t know has everyone posted this blogs before, but today I want to post that :

    – Some software using online registration or online activation can’t register or activate after install IE7 (such as : Corel Grahic Suite X3).

    – Some software using Live Update or Background Update can’t update and show "No connection. Please check your Internet setting and/or firewall…" after install IE7.

    These problem appeared on IE7 beta2, I hope that it will fix on beta3, but now, it wasn’t fixed on beta3.

    Yes, I hope agains, it will fix on the next beta or Candidate Release of IE7.

  151. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @EDW: The bug on requesting Remote Assistance from the Help Center is still active in our system; we’re working on it.

    @Roxanne: The WellsFargo fix shouldn’t be needed shortly, but for now, you can tweak your user-agent header using

  152. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Tan Nguyen: We just fixed some of the issues around HttpOpenRequestW this week, which should resolve some of the problems with the updaters for these applications.  Please give them a try in RC1.

  153. Nick says:


    I am using a barcode-scanner to enter item numbers in my online-shop. The scanner is connected via a PS/2-bridge. It worked fine in Beta2, but now it just enters the first digits in the desired field and the cursor then jumps directly to the address bar and continues to enter the remaining digits of the item number there, which is really annoying.

    Thanks for you help,


  154. Mike says:

    @Martin Tilsted

    Unfortunately no.  The list of MSIE CSS bugs and omitions is quite large, and hard to compile, since many of the CSS features are only partially supported.

    e.g. float: left; works in most situations, but there are some that don’t.



       Oh how nice it would be if this type of selector actually worked






    The good news, is that they have apparently fixed some of the more anoying ones.

    min-width, max-width, min-height, max-height apparently work.  I’ve yet to fully test this, but I certainly hope it is fixed.

    opacity: 0.5;

    /* haven’t checked this one yet */

    border-radius: 5px;

    /* It would be super cool if IE would start supporting the good stuff.  I’m tired of all my interfaces looking super sweet in every browser, except IE */

    -ie-border-radius: 5px;

    /* would be much better than no support */


  155. Manny says:

    some HP image software no longer work when installing IE 7.0 beta 3.

    HP Director (Hpqdirec.exe) which is part of HP photo & imaging 2.0/3.0, Image zone and comes preloaded with 2004 HP computer no longer work and also use for HP Photosmart 7760 printer. I try to open HP Director but it won’t show the application but i see the process running on background. I hope you check this out because i think HP no longer provide updates for this software.

  156. emi says:

    IE 7.0 Beta 3 having a hard time showing some image on website, i see those outdated ugly red x icon.

  157. danny boy says:

    ie7beta3 seems like a pixie in a world of magic less merlins and wizards. after several isolated instances from clients unable to install ie7beta3. the magic appeared back as fast as they thought it was gone. its seems, zone alarm must be uninstalled before ie7beta3 will install on their computers. huh? it seems to work so hey, the magic is working. keep it up. some thing to do with permissions being locked by zone alarm.

  158. Paul L says:

    failed (again).  I disabled all defenses. Unchecked updates (required updates were apparently still done).  Followed the advice of kb917925.  

    Following the instructions for the log, "iecustom:key is still unwriteable" did not show up.  The install failed at the very last step "finalizing" flashed on the screen 1/2 second.  

    Log does show:

    54.799: in function testvolatileflag, line 11873, regopenkeyex failed with error 0x2

    54.799: in function testvolatileflag, line 11905, regopenkeyex failed with error 0x2

    54.799:  doinstallation: cleanpfr failed: 0x2

    The following few lines seem to deal with setting up uninstall, though this is only 1/2 way through the log.  

    Is there a correct way to install this thing?  Thank you.

  159. Cali says:

    Userenv warning is now occasionally appearing on event viewer when i installed IE 7.0 beta 3, i check event viewer and it does show that the first userenv warning started on  June 29. I have 5 log of this warning now and I know that before i did not have any Userenv warning on event viewer because i have User Profile Hive Cleanup Service installed and event viewer completely shows it.

    userenv warning log.

    Windows cannot unload your classes registry file – it is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.

  160. Mike Simon says:

    I’m running windows XP sp2 and IE7 beta 3.  I tried to open ftp in IE and (as in previous released of IE7) it referred me to opening an explorer window and trying it there.  So I did that (as I have in previous releases) but this time it opened up an IE7 window with an the same error telling me to open up windows explorer.  I closed ie7b3 completely and opened windows explorer and typed in ftp://<; and it opened ie7 again with the error that told me to open explorer again.

    This is a major problem for anyone who uses windows’ ftp features.  I have to say I REALLY miss the ability to do this through IE.  It’s one of those things where I’ve learned to do it since something like ie4.  Being able to drag into one tab and then check the code in another would have been – shall we say – super dope.  

    But for now, I’m just mentioning this to you so you can fix it up before the release. πŸ™‚

  161. tony peter says:

    i have windows xp home and when i open internet exporer beta 3 i get a blank wondow  were i cant do anything and other programs wont open a window at all and when i got to task manager in procceses theres 2 iexplorer tasks and i have to end one of them to get it working

    plz help me i really like using internet explorer

  162. Graham says:

    I had a problem with .swf files not working. I thought beta3 would solve it. It didn’t, but Restoring Advanced Settings did.

    Now I have a problem with my girlfriends profile page (on the same domain as mine).

    In the lower panel the 1st 2 gif files refuse to load (white box with red x). If I rightclick properties and get the image link and paste it into a new tab it loads fine. Go back to original tab and right click and select show picture – that works too.

    But if I then refresh, it doesnt load.

    If you follow the link to the website she got the gifs from, they dont work there either.

    Is it a security setting I can change or is it a bug?

  163. Graham says:

    Forgot to mention that a friend with IE7 beta3 has the same issue, but my girlfriend has ie6 and it works fine.

  164. Padraic says:

    I wrote most of this post and went to look at the Change Search Defaults dialog box and it briefly flashed the search engine list before selecting the entry adjacent to the button and whisking me off to that page.  I hit back and tried it again, and it proceeded to repeat the same bit.  Both times I had single clicked on the pull down button normally, and I seem to remember having this problem once or twice before, though not more than that I think.  I was also dismayed to find that, even after the first time, my entire entry had been erased.  I thought I remembered IE saving unsubmitted input box information.  If not, I think it certainly should.  There’s more than enough things that can make a user go to a different page before the user has finished inputting all the information into a form.  

    Having reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything, I can say that the problems I experienced earlier were with the factory installed copy of WinBlinds that didn’t completely understand how to skin the UI.  So much of the UI looks a bit nicer now.  However, the three different types of buttons still look rather odd.  Even more so now that I see that Office 2007 has updated the styling for its buttons as well.  So the go/reload, stop and search buttons no longer match that type either.  I do, however, notice that the tabs and the quick tabs buttons aren’t integrated with the XP theming system.  Given that Microsoft seems to be about the only company that actually pays attention to the theming system, this seems a rather depressing turn of events.  If the UI designers are intent on making the UI stand out from the rest of the system, then at least make the design coherent, and have none of it respect the users choices —  a la Office 2007.  As it stands it just looks rather silly.  Blue tabs with the olive green color scheme anyone?

    The drag & drop schema seems rather odd to me.  I’ve always thought that it was odd that I couldn’t drop a link onto the main portion of IE and expect it to load the corresponding webpage.  IE7 has, if anything, made even odder choices in this regard.  I’m still unable to drop a link into the middle of an existing page.  Dropping a link onto the status bar works just fine still.  I find I can sucessfully drop a link anywhere on the tab bar though, including onto the favorites icons and the toolbar icons.  This strikes me as rather odd.  I would expect to be able to drop a link onto the tabs, but I also expect it to open the link in the tab that I’m pointing at.  The current schema simply loads the link into the current tab, which is rarely what I want.  Likewise I would expect dropping a link onto the new tab icon to open a new tab and direct it to the corresponding page.  And if anything, I would expect dropping a link onto the favorites icons to allow me to add that website to my list of favorites.  The last oddity here is that I can’t drop a link into the address bar.  If I was trying to think of a place to drop a link, the address bar would be the first place I’d think to try, but it doesn’t work.  Given the extent to which drag & drop has been implemented in other Microsoft products it seems odd that IE is one of the few places that doesn’t seem to use it very effectively.

    Having the new — seperate — favorites button seems like a rather odd choice to me.  I think it took me a month or two before I discovered what it was in beta 2.  I suspect it will be easier with the new icon and will become normal in the years to come, but for now it seems rather odd that it wasn’t integrated with the favorites, since they have always been in the same pull down menu.

    The menus, I think, were a good choice overall.  I obviously disagree with some of the more vocal authors on this page and others.  I too originally found it terribly odd to not have the menu bar on the screen and even when I forced it to display found it odd to not have it at the top.  After a week or two of this, I decided that I really did want my browser UI to take up as little space as possible, so I decided to give the new look a try and turned the menu back off.  Having used IE7 for a few months now, I can say that I don’t miss the menu bar at all.  I’ve found that I need the menu bar for three things, Internet Options — because I can’t seem to remember that I can get to it easily through the control panel — Windows Update — I have yet to find a place I like better for that — and the encoding menu — because the toolbar button doesn’t work.  Generally I find that I don’t access the menu bar for a few days at a time, then I need to use the encoding menu several times for a page or two.  Looking through the list of options available in the menu, I don’t think I’ve ever used half of them and the rest I’ve probably used only once or twice in my life.  Now I do expect that each user will have a different subset of options that he or she uses frequently, however the most common of these are already supported as toolbar buttons and other shortcuts.  And I also found that having to push the alt key to make the menu bar pop up for the brief period that I needed to access it for didn’t get in the way of using the menu at all.  I do remember turning the menu bar on and off until I found out about the alt key though.  I think that the menu bar is going to be something that the majority of users will not miss terribly after they’ve had some time to adjust to the new look.  For the rest of the users that still want to have the familiar address bar at the top, why not add an option to the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog box?  This seems like it should be a simple way to allow the users who prefer the old method to have their menu bar where they prefer it, but still let the rest of us gradually forget about the old ugly menu bars that have haunted us for so many years.

    What I have disliked the most about using Firefox for the last couple of years, is its insistancy to not integrate itself with the OS as much as possible.  Particularly I find that this presents it self in the form of the file download dialog boxes.  Now, in general, I do want to decide what to do with each individual file that I request to download, but there are one or two file types that I prefer to always open themselves.  Both browsers have a box to check or uncheck to tell the browser to always do the subsequently selected option for the given file extension.  In the past, Firefox has steadfastly refused to heed that request when I’ve made it, with the occasional exception.  IE on the other hand has nicely paid attention and happily followed my previous instructions.  Now with IE7, IE seems to be somewhere in the middle.  It appears that if I am sent directly to the file that it does still follow my previous instructions, however when I’m directed to the file through some site’s "mystical" file obfuscation methods it has trouble recognizing it and promptly asks what it should do.  It does not show the little check box asking if I want it to contine to do the following command.  I assume that this is a direct result of the obscure methods webmasters go to in order to avoid direct linking and other such things, but it ends up being an annoyance for the rest of us.  It would be nice if the system could check what the actual file or final file extension is instead of simply looking at the given web address which is what it seems like it currently does.

    I’m not entirely sure on this following point but it appears as though it is taking place.  The new icon and method for auto-resized pictures is nice and being able to readily resize a webpage is nice, but they don’t seem to work together.  If I have a large image and IE resizes it to fit the screen it appears to use the shrunken version in subsequent reduce and enlarge operations instead of utilizing the original image again.  I can see that this method probably saves some computational effort, but it can also lead to inaccuracies in the image.  It would be nicer if it could do the operation from the original image at least some of the time.

    I’m also annoyed that the webpage zoom function also magnifies the dead space on the edge of the document.  It’s just filler space because my window was originally too large for the page, I don’t need it to be enlarged any.  I’d expect it to just go away since the page no longer fits in my window.

    The new search bar is one of my favorite elements of the design, though it still sorely lacking in some regards.  Through countless hours spent extracting the search requst elements, I have come up with 43 search engines that I have added to my list.  In all but two cases these search engines work flawlessly.  The first case is with A9 and having switched to using Windows Live for the underlying search engine doesn’t seem to have fixed their problem.  Their problem seems to lie within the method IE7 uses for transfering the search strings.  All the other search engines happily parse out the + signs that IE7 places between words and consider them as spaces instead.  A9 continues to treat them as +s and sends back bad results.  This could easily be considered simply a bad implementation by Amazon, except that few search engines seem able to come to much of a concensus about exactly what each of the various symbols mean when entered in a search string.  So specifying that each word entered into the search box in IE7 needs a + seems like a rather bad choice to have made.  Leaving the string exactly as the user specifies would seem a much more sensible choice.  The other search engine I have trouble with doesn’t seem to like the method of passing the non-ASCII unicode characters, but as this seems to work fine for the rest of the search engines, I suspect it’s a local problem.

    As I go to look at the Change Search Defaults dialog box, I am presented with the problem I mentioned at the top again.  At closer inspection it appears that the list of search engines is being rendered over the pull down button and if I move the mouse before releasing the button, it detects a late release as a selection of the highlighted entry.  I am gladdened by my earlier decision to rewrite this in Notepad…

    The search engine list has two rather glaring obmissions.  The first is a method by which to sort the entries in the list.  There is the additional parameter that can be specified in the registy to specifically order the entries.  Good for people who like to randomly fiddle with their registry.  Very bad option for everyone else.  I would think that simple up and down arrows in the Change Search Defaults dialog box would suffice for this, though a nicer method would obviously be preferable.  An alphabetical sort does not seem like it would be of much help here.  The other thing I find with 43 search engines in my list is that I need a way to categorize them.  I don’t have 43 different Googles and Windows Lives, and I don’t expect anyone else will either.  So being able to add and move seperators around would be very useful.  An entry of "—————–" simply is not the most asthetic option here.

    It would appear as though the phishing filter has been changed at some point since I first used IE7.  It originally seemed to insist on checking the quality of the site before it would load the page, it now does its check in tandem with the page load.  The prior setup resulted in long wait times for some domains, and I subsequently turned it off.  I’m glad to see that I can use this feature.

    I have to admit, I’ve never really liked the find on page feature in IE.  I don’t have to use it much, but it is clumsy and always finds a way to sit on top of the text it just found.  I do like the method that Firefox uses in adding a small popup bar to the bottom of the page so that it stays out of the way.  And it has wrap around too.  Though both of the search functions have the nasty habit of leaving the newly found text very close to the edge of the screen when it is forced to scroll the window.  It would be nice if the highlighted text were at least a few lines into the page so that the text could be viewed in context without having to scroll up or down.  Alternatively, centering the selected text could be an option.

    I too would enjoy something of a downloader feature added, though I’d be happy if IE could resume broken downloads reliably.  I get the feeling that it can resume anything that’s still in the cache, but most times if I need something resumed it was too big to fit in the cache to begin with.

    I think it would be nice to be able to specify popup blocker setting by domain as well as having the default.  I’ve recently found a site that insists on creating a popup anytime I click anywhere on the page.  IE opens these popups, since I did click to get them, but I’d like to just tell that site that it doesn’t get popups no matter what.

    I’ve also noticed a new trend in using div sections to create in-page popups.  These tend to be even more obnoxious than the old kind in that they almost always have non-standard design and can’t be moved out of the way.  It would be nice if the popup blocker could take care of those as well, or at least the unsolicited ones.

    Of course, I must include the ubiquitous request for more standards compliance.  If nothing else I’m tired of old boring rectangular box tables.  I’m not sure what I’d do if I had circular tables, but I’m sure I could find something.

    Incidentally, I think it would be nice if this comment box were wider.

    And thanks for actually reading all these comments that we post.

  165. Padraic says:

    I just noticed that while Windows Update has the popup box on the screen that I’m unable to view any other tabs in that IE window.  I suspect that there’s similar behavior with other dialog boxes and it would be nice if that were changed.  I would expect to be able to access the other tabs, even if one page wants to have a dialog box.

  166. tom says:

    same problem as marcelo. i’ve tried running in no plug-in mode, doesn’t work. beta 2 worked fine with the exception of a few sites.

    I’ve installed but it didn’t work here. When I click on the IE logo the screen blinks and nothing happens… πŸ™

  167. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Tom: Try this:

    START | Run | CMD.exe

    cd program filesInternet explorer

    regsvr32 ieproxy.dll


  168. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Graham: Regarding the broken images on

    Microsoft Fiddler indicates that the reason these don’t load is that the server is blocking the use of these images when they’re requested as a part of the page.  Specifically, they’re looking at a HTTP header called a Referer (which shows the page asking for the image) and if they don’t like it, they don’t give you the file.

    The only fix for this is to copy the images to your own server instead of using the server’s bandwidth.

  169. Ramesh says:

    Fix for Disk Cleanup issue is available here.

    Disk Cleanup shows incorrect description and button text for Downloaded Program Files hander, after installing Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3

  170. Tom says:

    Eric, it works. Thanks!

    @Tom: Try this:

    START | Run | CMD.exe

    cd program filesInternet explorer

    regsvr32 ieproxy.dll


  171. Here is a screenshot of the forthcoming FreeTextBox4. We’ll have a preview release next week.

  172. Thorsten says:

    With IE7 Beta3 I have a problem with Javascript under an normal user account without admin-rights . The statusbar says failure on site. For example on the It´s not possible to save the settings. Any suggestions?

  173. Brian says:

    When I installed IE 7 Beta 3, it killed drag-and-drop FTP in Windows.  

    It says go to page and "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer".  Then I do that and it says "This FTP site cannot be viewed in Windows Explorer."  My old way of going through Network Places, no longer works now in beta 3 (it worked in beta 2) either because it seems tied to the new IE – it gives exactly the same message even though there is no "Page" button to click on in explorer.

    I absolutely loved using explorer to drag and drop ftp.  Please fix – for now I have to either go back to earlier IE version or get another ftp program.  I miss the old windows drag-and-drop…

  174. rtk says:

    I very much enjoy the new toolbar layout. Brilliant! Also the new streamlining is excellent.

  175. IEBlog says:

    The IE team is proud to announce the availability of Arabic, Finnish, German and Japanese versions of…

  176. Richard says:

    Sorry but when will the IE7 Beta 3 be ready for Vista Beta 2, don’t the two compliment each other ? or you have to do a complete re-write for Vista or you need a compile machine which is already compiling the next Vista build ?

  177. Dan K. says:

    Just Downloaded IE 7 Beta 3 Ver. From Beta 2 and I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a good job I like the changes that you are doing. The new Beta Versions are a hundred times better than IE 6. I Have not had any Issue’s or problems yet with the Beta’s! Thanks for all your hard work!  

  178. akar2000 says:

    Did I something wrong or I really can not move Command Bar from right bottom corner?

    Top set of controls (back, forward, URL etc) are also not customizable/movable?

    Thank you.

  179. chipTM says:

    So, i get the following error:

    89.297: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: c:2706a96a4ac2fe17342b0ca6407161df

    89.297: Num Ticks for Copying files : 21657

    97.593: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5

    97.593: INF_REGISTRY Failed

    97.593: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed

    97.687: Access is denied.

    97.703: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Select ‘OK’ to undo the changes that have been made.

    97.703: Starting process:  C:WINDOWSie7beta3spuninstspuninst.exe /~ -q -z

    151.797: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2.  This rollback requires a reboot.

    151.797: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly.

    151.797: Update.exe extended error code = 0x5


    Any clues or fixes for this yet?  I see at least three other people who are having this problem.

    All spyware scanners and AV have been disabled.

    This is crazy, this beta is more buggy than beta 1!

  180. dustbin1uk says:

    ftp access does not work. I log into my ftp server and get a read only view. Click the option to open in explorer and get a "ftp site cannot be viewed in explorer" message.

    Also now I cannot use windows explorer as an alternative as it just opens in IE7 straight away.

  181. Mike says:

    IE 7.0 beta 3 performance has drop, webpage now is loading very slow and i now constantly see the black clock icon on the lower left corner it wasn’t like that before when i first installed it. IE 7.0. Performance optimization would really help.

  182. Matt says:

    Mike is right about IE 7 Beta 3’s performance dropping and the more i used it the more it dropped.I also noticed that when you go my computer and go to Local Disk (c:) and when you go to Documents and Settings and look for the cookies folder it is not there any longer. Why is the Cookies folder gone? Oh another thing i noticed is that when i clean my pc i get "@C:WindowsSystem32occache.dll,-…" and i also got "WSsystem32occ" on the lower right.Also When I uninstall IE 7 Beta 3, it goes back to normal. So you need to fix these problems before the Main Release of IE 7.

  183. Graham says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]

    Thanks for enlightening me on what is going on.

    Maybe I should get a hold of this MS Fiddler?

    Does that mean that IE7 gives more information than IE6 on the referrer? Since the same images work fine on IE6. Or does IE6 not give the referral information?

    Just interested.

  184. Mikey says:

    Matt is right I also notice some of those issues. glad that i’m not the only one who notice those issues. thanks for posting it again. So you need to fix these problems before the Main Release of IE 7.

  185. Ralph says:

    Having fixed all the permissions stuff and disabled ZoneAlarm and tried safe mode, it’s official I give up!  I see many posts of this same problem but no solutions…abridged log follows…

    116.859: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.

    116.859: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USoccache.dll.mui

    116.906: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.

    116.906: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USurlmon.dll.mui

    116.906: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.

    116.906: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USwebcheck.dll.mui

    116.906: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.

    116.906: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USWinFXDocObj.exe.mui

    116.968: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.

    116.968: Copied file:  C:WINDOWSsystem32en-USwininet.dll.mui

    117.281: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: f:500d60ca246ae4f6c5

    117.281: Num Ticks for Copying files : 17719

    117.609: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5

    117.609: INF_REGISTRY Failed

    117.609: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed

    117.671: Access is denied.

    117.671: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Select ‘OK’ to undo the changes that have been made.

    117.671: Starting process:  C:WINDOWSie7beta3spuninstspuninst.exe /~ -q -z

    154.484: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2.  This rollback requires a reboot.

    154.484: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly.

    154.484: Update.exe extended error code = 0x5

  186. Nancy McCord says:

    I was loving IE 7 beta 2 and loving IE, then I downloaded beta 3 and have had nothing but problems.  I can not print from Outlook — give an IEframe message error???, my Adobe products did not seem to like IE, my system was constantly crashing, my computer would get totally hung and have to be rebooted 3 to 4 times a day.

    I was so sad that I had to unload it and go back to IE 6.  What happened in this version?  I am running XP Pro and Office 2003.  Whatever you changed, my system does not like it.  I would like to go back to beta 2, but truthfully I am so scared now to mess up my system that I don’t dare.  I am already thinking about formatting my hard drive as I am still fighting with the remnants of IE 7 beta 3.

    Terrible :0( Mark me disappointed.  No more beta testing for me.

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  188. The RC1 build includes improvements in performance, stability, security, and application compatibility….

  189. Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version

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