IE June Chat Transcript Online

The transcript from the June 8th chat is now available online. The chat was a lot of fun as we kept up with the frantic pace of answering the stream of questions in the hour available. Donuts, as usual, kept us going. Keep an eye on the chat schedule at for upcoming chats. We typically hold the IE chats on the second Thursday of every month.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for their feedback and we hope to see you at the next chat.


Comments (40)

  1. Ferdinand Marcos V. Grecia says:

    Why can’t i used the outlook to send email using my email account in hotmail? this error continue to appear in my screen (since the window for error detailed cannot attached nor copy here): " Sending reported error (0x800CCF6)): ‘The server responded ‘Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express require a subscription. Please sign up at’

    I don’t understand why i still need to sign up the fact that i have an email account in hotmail.

  2. Steve says:

    OMG I just told someone, "yeah, of course they fixed it in IE7, its so basic…" and then of course I checked…

    There is still no support for (CSS):


     /* special styles, only for checkboxes */


    This works in every other browser.  I thought this was one of the (top 10) fixes for IE7?…

    Seriously not amused.


  3. cao_zacarias says:

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  4. Steve says:

    DOUBLE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I laughed so hard, when I first saw the file dialog (for input elements of type="file") in Windows XP. (each and every version/service pack)

    It was obviously styled like Windows 95.  I pressume at some point, rather than referencing the dialog in Windows, it was embedded in the iexplore application/dll.

    I open up IE7, on XP, and IT IS STILL!!!! styled like is was in 1995.


    Way to snaz up the browser and make it look modern.

    Please tell me that this will be fixed by the next Beta.

  5. cao_zacarias says:

    Em Paredes de Coura, coração do alto Minho e terra de boas gentes, há muito de que falar. Para isso foi criado um blog.

  6. caoZacarias says:

    Em Paredes de Coura, coração do alto Minho e terra de boas gentes, há muito de que falar. Para isso foi criado um blog.

  7. Ron says:

    > If you can figure out what causes it, please file the bug and let us know. We’ll investigate. Thanks.

    Great response, not.

  8. Ed Schwebel says:

    IE7 seems to work ok with everything I do.  I do think it runs slower and I know that My Favorites is now to be avoided like the plague.  It is aweful.  Thankfully I have alternatives like roboform to get where I want to go.

  9. PatriotB says:

    Steve (second comment): I just checked out the file dialog (via the input type=file at  It’s using the XP style dialog (e.g. it has the places bar); the only thing missing is the XP visual style.  Not sure why this exists; it should be a small fix for the IE team.

    I also checked it out on Vista Beta 2.  It correctly uses a Vista-style dialog box (both Vista dialog layout, and Aero style).

  10. PatriotB says:

    Ron, what would you rather they say?  User says, "Hey, my browser does strange things, can you fix it?"  IE team says, "Yes we will fix it." ?

    Unfortuantely they need more info than that.  "Can you narrow it down to a specific scenario, that we can then try to reproduce on our machines?"  A bug needs clear instructions on how to reproduce.

    Ok, I will say that their wording is poor.  "figure out what causes it" implies that the user needs to do all the work.  The IE team will do the "figuring out of cause", but only if the user can narrow it down.

  11. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ferdinand: Some time ago, Hotmail changed such that only MSN Plus subscribers could use OE to sync.  Hotmail accounts which were hooked up with OE before that change were "grandfathered" in.  I believe the upcoming Windows Live Mail Desktop client allows an OE/Hotmail-style interaction.

  12. Steve says:

    @PatriotB: Yeah, I hope they get this fixed, it looks so amature at the moment.

    I presume that is related to the same visual glitch in the multi-tab view, where the scroll bar is Win9x style.

    @IE Team:

    Speaking of the file dialog, can you please tell the OS Team, to hurry up with the change to the file dialog* to include:

    a.) Personalized places {e.g. I Will Never visit my documents, but c:Dev or c:Data, or c:Projects I will visit hourly}

    b.) More than 5 places! This restriction is rediculous!***

    * Yes, we all know about the TweakUI tools that will awkwardly let you set the 5 places, we are talking beyond this limitation.

    *** See how AutoCAD did their dialog, they took what MS had, but added the ability to right-click and add new folders to the places bar, and better yet, remove places that were not needed. e.g. "My Computer"

  13. Marcella Smith says:

    IE7 runs slow, and is unstable. I followed

    your directions the other day and save myself

    from crashing, I don’t have time in my life for this mess!

    At times IE7 does not respond the way

    I am use to my computer responding.

    And strangely since installed, I cann’t find

    ‘My Computer’ anywhere.

    I am not a computer buff, just someone who got

    sent this download in the email from Microsoft.

    I dont understand most of your lingo, I want my old

    IE6 back,

    this one quacks.

    Please release me from this SLOW running plague and let me go on with my life…

    how do I get IE 6 back without losing all my files??????

  14. marc says:

    @Marcella Smith

    >>Please release me from this SLOW

    >>running plague and let me go on with my life…

    i release you:

  15. Steve says:


    (wipes coffee from keyboard)

    Hehehehe… good one.

    It does solve the problem, but convincing some that the (Internet != the blue e) is very tricky.

    Most folks I know, use Firefox now, but they will consider moving back to IE, if it catches up nicely.

    Firefox will always be the developers choice, for its robust tools, options, and standards compliance, but for the average Joe/Jane that just surfs over to or, I hope that IE7 will be all they need.

    Eagerly waiting to deprecate IE6,


  16. @Steve

    +1! I agree, concur, and like your viewpoint on the matter. Firefox is for the small few that either: 1 – need an advanced, secure browser for an earlier version of Windows, or 2 – a developer who wants to check cross-browser compatibility. Otherwise, down with foxes, up with E’s.

    Good job, IETeam! Keep up the good work!

  17. Fduch says:


    After I wrote about IE7 hunging and ruining all tabs, it indeed hung.

    Why did you do this to me? They were important pages I don’t know how to get to now. WHY?

    Do I have to wait until august only to find out all old bugs and miriad of new ones?

    P.S. I wish IETeam good luck. for I’m worried that there is someone evil. Maybe some team member is a secret FireFox lover. Beware.

  18. hidden planet says:

    Howdie! Would just like to say that i got Vista Beta 2 and now use that as my only OS, and i’m finding it stable as u like. Obvious compatibility issues with odd programs aside obviously.

    Once the inevitable performance tweaking takes place it will be one hell of an OS. Also, IE7+ (lol) works like a charm. I must have a rare, non crashing copy as i have no problems with the beta whatsoever.

    Thanking you all muchly 🙂

  19. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Fduch: IE7 binaries are code-reviewed by multiple people and digitally signed to prevent tampering.

    You should run an antivirus program and an antispyware program.  It sounds like you might have infected your machine with something that’s causing you problems in other applications.

  20. Uche [MSFT] says:


    To get back to IE6 go to Control Panel and Add/remove programs. You should see IE7 Beta 2

  21. Fduch says:

    Hmmm Eric. You really have a point. Now I understand why people ignore me. They think I have some sort of malware. Thanks for clarification.

    But my system is fresh and doesn’t have virus/spyware/ets. And yes, it’s updated to newest patches. IE7 is th only program that works THAT bad.

  22. webbe says:

    I haven’t had a single problem and I’ve been using IE7 at work and home over a month!

    IE7 is my favorite browser – thanks MS!

    Oh… not a MS problem but when I use IE7 I can’t upload images to eBay..

    They tell me to reinstall IE6, I tell them – I just won’t upload images! Can’t go back now…

  23. Fduch says:

    webbe try going to this page and scroll to the bottom.

    Still not seeing any problem?

  24. Dave says:

    Seems like there might be a problem with codepage detection in XML pages written in Russian.  Not exactly the end of the world.

  25. Fduch says:

    Dave are you telling me you don’t see this hell? bug 19.png

  26. Dave says:

    Sure, I see the same thing.  But it’s not exactly the end of the world that XML pages written in Russian don’t render correctly.  

    They call these "bugs".  Welcome to beta-testing.

  27. willem says:

    Bij deze wil ik alleen maar kwijt dat ik met windows vista beta2 geen problemen ervaar.

    wat ik wel mis is dat windowsXP overzichtelijker is dan vista, daar bedoel ik mee het configuratiescherm.

    proficiat verders met dit programma.

    Willem Bras

  28. Steve says:

    @IE Dev Toolbar team

    It would be SOOOOOOO cool if you could add the ability to watch DOM events… / variables etc.

    E.g. When trying to determine what keyCode is generated when pressing a particular key, such a tool would be great. (I know cause in Firefox, I just did it, without breaking a sweat)

    Oh well, time to write a function…

  29. Steve says:

    Saw this on slashdot… any comments from the MSIE team?

    From Interview/Article:


    > About Microsoft…

    > by Chabil Ha’


    > With MS’s next browser release (IE 7), you mentioned in other

    > interviews that their decision to not supprt CSS2 was more a political

    > decision than a mechanical one. Aside from their obvious desire to

    > dominate the world, what politics do you think are in play that make

    > them not want to conform to the standard, and what do you think would

    > change that landscape so that they would have some initiative to

    > fully support it?

    Great question. It’s quite clear that Microsoft has the resources and talent to support CSS2 fully in IE and that plenty of people have reminded them why this is important. So, why don’t they do it? The fundamental reason, I believe, is that standards don’t benefit monopolists. Accepted, well-functioning, standards lower the barrier of entry to a market, and is therefore a threat to a monopolist.

    From that perspective, it makes sense to leave CSS2 half-implemented. You can claim support (and many journalists will believe you), and you also ensure that no-one can use the unimplemented (or worse: buggily implemented) features of the standard. The only way to change the equation is to remind Microsoft how embarrassing it is to offer a sub-standard browser. And to use better browsers.

    Another reason for not making a IE too good is that it will compete with Windows. A modern browser is an application platform; the combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and DOM allows developers to target the web instead of Windows, Linux, or Mac.


  30. Cogo2112 says:

    The only problems I have seen with Vista is that Media player is a little buggy with my DVR/PVR that runs great on my XPS. I appreciate and am surprised that they incorporated Media Player with Vista since  usally you have to purchase a machine with the Media Center installed on it. BitComet along with with Google talk seems to have some issues running on this current format. Other than that this appears to be a good Beta version.

  31. Sam says:

    Microsoft expressed commitment to standards and the competing goals (e.g. shipping on time) here on the IE Blog many times before.  

    The real question is why a guy from Opera is to be believed when he’s stating such things as "facts"?  

    Opera builds a neat little browser, but it’s pretty obvious from their miniscule market share and their other publicity stunts (remember when their CEO pretended to swim to England or some such nonesense?) that they’re just trying to get mentioned in the press. Making inflammatory statements is one way to do that.

  32. Markus [MSFT] says:


    I tried the following selector:

    <style type="text/css">








    <input type="checkbox">Test


    and it worked like a charm. Did you use the strict doc type? What special styles for checkboxes were you using?


    — Markus

  33. Tom says:

    We are using a 4gig computer and Vista realy smokes. Twice as fast as Windows xp pro.  And yes it has some problems but I am shure Microsoft will get them all fixed. Face it it is the best they have ever came up with. Here is too ya MS chears and have a good one

  34. earl says:

    help me please

  35. IEBlog says:

    Hi everybody, Max here. I posted before about &quot;A New Look for IE” back when we released the beta 2 preview,…

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