Yahoo! ships customized IE7 beta 2

We often talk with our partners about all the ways they can take advantage of the extensibility in IE7. Today, Yahoo! released something new and (I think) pretty cool. “Internet Explorer 7 optimized by Yahoo!” presets the homepage and search to Yahoo properties. Of course, users can easily change the settings just as they can with the standard version that we ship. The Yahoo! version of IE7 is available now on the Yahoo site.

Yahoo! used the beta version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) to customize IE7 to meet their needs. The IEAK is available to all developers and partners who want to create their own customized versions of IE7, as well as IT pros who want to use it to ease enterprise deployment. You can download it from the Microsoft Technet site.


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  1. Thomas Tallyce says:

    Am I alone at feeling increasingly uneasy at the way that a Beta product is being distributed ever more widely, especially when Beta2 is clearly still buggy and Beta 3 is still on its way?

  2. Troy Campbell says:

    If beta 2 notifies you to the final version then it would be a great strategy to pushing IE7 out to as many users as possible.

  3. Anon says:

    Thomas, have you logged bugs or sent feedback about what you think is buggy? IE7 beta 2 has been working for me just fine in production.

  4. Ray Barbieri says:

    Too bad Yahoo’s new Mail interface (BETA) doesn’t work with IE7.  They block users.  Apparently, the script doesn’t allow for newer versions of a browser.

  5. Viper says:

    Thomas, do you use any of google’s services???  Almost all of them are Beta and have been for a very long time.  I have IE7 Beta 2 installed in production with no troubles.

  6. Mark says:

    Another attempt by companies to lure less knowledgage users to their side, next thing we know, people will be saying yahoo made IE7.

  7. Francis says:

    >Today Yahoo! released something new and (I think)

    >pretty cool. β€œInternet Explorer 7 optimized by Yahoo!”

    "Something new?" Are you joking? I remember IE4 optimized/customized by various ISPs all over the world.

    You’re only reinventing stuff that all browsers (even netscape!) already has, please stop wasting space on internet morons!

  8. joe magnus says:

    Better they use Yahoo search than Google I say!!

    Course MSN is best and that is what we all should be using.

  9. Shaun Burks says:

    Heh heh heh… Google’s case gets more and more ridiculous.

  10. chuck says:

    like all else , watch and see

  11. Francis: IEAK has been around a long time, as you say.  What is new, is having a major search competitor with larger market share promote IE and set their search defaults.  Also, Firefox doesn’t have the same level of customization available yet.  Some improvements to customizability are on the slate for FF 2.0 and beyond.

    Ray: Y! mail known issue; it’s being worked on.

  12. Ron says:

    "Also, Firefox doesn’t have the same level of customization available yet."

    Do you want to start some sort of flamewar or something? I have more fire than you. πŸ˜› Firefox definately doesn’t have the same level of customisation as IE, it has a hell of a lot more.

    I can’t believe on the Yahoo page they say that IE has "a new sleek design", look at the thing, look at it!

  13. none says:

    Ron, get a life

  14. W3C says:

    Just want to say that Yahoo’s markup of that page is completely horrible. They’re still using FONT tags of all things….

  15. Yahoo’s new look is ok, but yeah even Microsoft’s frontpage only has two validation errors in comparison.  It appears that there are two jobs people can have no clue at what they are doing at still keep, Web design and commander in cheif! Pick your own examples of course, but you know what I mean…

    What Firefox extensions I’m using and why…

    Adblock Plus – If I want to buy it I’ll go looking for it myself.

    Keyconfig – When I hit backspace it’s to erase an error, not my post by navigating back a page!

    Menu Editor – Tools menu items alphabetically with a bar and then Options at the end.

    Tab X – Because I’m finally happy to have a Gecko 1.8 stable and so there is no need to run nightlys of Firefox 2.0.

    User Agent Switcher – Testing local serverside scripts with retard browsers who think they are like Gecko yet aren’t (*cough Safari *cough*).

    Web Developer – A silver bullet with no acceptable alternatives.

    There are still some head banging bugs in IE 7 that I haven’t been able to figure out fixes for on my site (the most noticable is the sidebar that appears below the content div).

    IE7 brings IE in general up to Safari’s level, still some MAJOR bugs floating about (Safari does NOT accept cookies created clientside (via JavaScript for example) and so I consider it a major issue browser.  With a few more layout bugs fixed and support for application/xhtml+xml IE would meet Web 2.0 specs but we can wait for IE 8 assumming it’s not going to take another five years.

    Rendering wise Opera 9 (if all the corrected bugs that keep reappearing completely disapear in it’s first public release) would be the first good browser (without any rendering errors on Acid 2 or on my site) of all the browsers.  We’ll have to wait for Firefox 3 for the 1.9 Gecko rendering engine but unless the Mozilla team gets their butts moving on a few bugs I’ll still keep it labeled as a minor issue browser (though best ~IF~ customized for minimal usability.

    No browser has a good GUI.  Only Firefox has the potential for a minimally usuable GUI that is actually useful.  Opera needs some more work.  The new version of IE has a horrid GUI.  I recently tried Konquerer and well, I’d rather use IE7, though while it shares the same rendering engine (KHTML) as Safari it does not suffer from the same cookie hating bug as it’s Mac sister browser.

    Which brings me to a question; if there are so many browser choices out there that are superior to IE (in my opinion based on both rendering engine and GUI points) why is Microsoft bothering with Internet Explorer at all?  Initially it was to kill off Netscape Incorporated and it did it’s job but now that I’ve thought of it if IE were allowed to age like Netscape 4 did then as newer technologies were released sites would be forced to force users to use better browsers.  But then again Microsoft is pushing MSN search so if there was no MSN search what reason does Microsoft have to bother to update IE?

    Oblivion looks awesome yet still kicks my new 7900GT’s butt.  Yet I’m sure the development team that worked on it was nothing compared to the time and resources Microsoft has at it’s disposal.  So why then the rush to finish IE?  Also what will be the differences between Beta 2 and the final product that has not been released in Beta 2 (that will be appearing in XP)…or are Vista features all that are being worked on at this point?

    The most important question on my mind is, when will we see IE8…or what will it take for IE8 to roll in to production?

  16. Ron says:

    John, I’ve seen you around here a bit talking about design and what not, however your site is the only site I’ve ever viewed where it’s easier to use when the stylesheet(s) is turned off.

    I would believe you if I hadn’t seen your site.

  17. Internet Explorer 7 is now the second program that can not install on my computer, the first is World of Warcraft.

    I’m a power user, and I adhore the program files dumping grounds, in it’s place I have a media directory in which everything has it’s proper place.  The registry keys were all properly replaced and all programs except WOW and IE7 install fine (though the program files directory still gets junk dumped in to it so I make a specific sub-folder called junk, so I never install in the "program files" directory.

    Please fix this bug for the final release.

  18. First the info for the team and then my reply to Ron.

    Found a troubleshooting internet shortcut though it did not help me out (I had to reinstall windows after upgrading my motherboard and video card).


    0.531: Condition succeeded for section NoSort.Test.IE7Beta2Installed.Section in Line 1 of PreRequisite

    0.531: Unexpected Error While Executing Line 2 ( NoSort.Test.IE7Installed.Section ) of PreRequisite

    0.531: Internet Explorer 7 Setup canceled.

    0.531: Update.exe extended error code = 0xf00d

    Any tableless site will do that with proper division of content and style.  However regular surfers people will not disable stylesheets, plus it’s my personal site that I experiment with by pushing my personal knowledge of the subject as far as I can (regardless of if they are supported by everything, though not technologies with no support at all).  So with all due respect while your point is valid I simply don’t concern myself with it.  The same with those who complain they can’t use it with IE6, I’m a student learning web design (to boot, on my own as my college does not actually care about the degree) and so it’s a (my abilities) technological bleeding edge sort of site. πŸ˜‰

    A question though Ron, how do you consider it eaasier to use with the stylesheets turned off?  Feel free to reply via email or IM me please, I don’t want to dominate the blog or anything.

  19. Dao says:

    > Also, Firefox doesn’t have the same level of customization available yet.

    Hehe, that’s funny. πŸ˜‰

  20. Fiery Kitsune says:

    To anyone that says Firefox lacks the customization kit that IE7 has, please silence yourselves…

    Firefox 1.5 CCK (Client Customization Kit) Wizard goes above and beyond what Microsoft offers…

    The Firefox 1.5 CCK can be used to create an extension that customizes Firefox. It allows the following customizations:

       * Add identifer to the user agent string

       * Change the default home page and startup override home page

       * Change the title bar text

       * Change the animated logo

       * Change the web page and tooltip used for the animated logo

       * Add a help menu item that links to a web page

       * Provide sites for which popups and XPInstalls are allowed by default

       * Preinstall browser plug-ins

       * Preinstall search engines

       * Add folders, bookmarks and live bookmarks to the personal toolbar

       * Add folders, bookmarks and live bookmarks to the bookmarks folder

       * Set default preferences

       * Lock preferences

       * Add registry keys (Windows only)

       * Add certificates (See NOTE below)

       * Set default proxy configurations

       * Package other XPIs with your distribution

       * Disable about:config

  21. Frank Becker says:

    Regarding the Yahoo! Mail Beta: They seem to have fixed the compatibility issues with IE7b2 – it works fine here.

  22. Dao says:

    By the way, John A. Bilicki III … your site is also broken for me using the Firefox trunk. Nothing but a solid blue viewport. I suspect you’re doing some evil browser detection (looking for Firefox instead of Gecko?).

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060609 Minefield/3.0a1 ID:2006060904 [cairo]

    Oh, and after disabling the stylesheet, entering the site and re-enabling css … well, the menu is not visible. And besides it doesn’t look like a "technological bleeding edge sort of site" to me. Sorry. πŸ˜‰

  23. John A. Bilicki III says:

    Keyword: Trunk, IoI. I noticed what you said. I no longer follow trunk builds as I did before Gecko 1.8 saw the light of day with regular surfers (overflow div bug in Gecko 1.7x and older does not allow scrolling (though I now have a specific fix implemented)). Yes I do sniff browsers to some extent but intelligently! (Did you not notice my aggravated pun at Safari’s UA?) I can ~feel~ faked useragents both in my access log and in my stats like 7.0 earthquakes while standing directly on the top of the volcano itself, the programming though is another issue altogether. Opera 9 (kind-of-beta?) renders my site about as good as it will get (some bugs go on and off between their builds). IE is ok except for one major bug…I haven’t figured it out yet or reproduced it (I make heavy use of borders, margins, padding, positioning, etc) but I will (once IE7 becomes official) implement an IECCSS fix. BTW; tested with 20060609. They are getting close to passing acid2 (woot)…though I’d like to see some other more common place bugs fixed and the Mozilla team needs to fix bugs from last century before wandering in to new technologies people will hardly use anytime soon. Add "/home/home-news.php" after my domain name and the page will "work" in the trunk I tested btw.

    An oddity; AOL webmail does not work with Firefox though it will with Opera and IE. Again Firefox has the best (potential) GUI (initially unsuably minimalistic), Opera the best rendering engine. If IE8 isn’t rushed (but does not take forever) it could really fire up the competition (in a way such as ATI versus nVidia) though with more competitors. I simply wish for the best surfing experience for my friends, my visitors, and myself and advocate whatever options I think are best, or at least acceptable at that time.

    The real web 2.0 is already here partially as application/xhtml+xml and the remaining 2.0 is composed of CSS3. It’s time we put 12 year old kids illegally downloading HTML editors out of business and regained the professionalism of our realm. The AXX mime forces integrity and CSS3 (when finished and implemented) the ability to truly master our art. Until then I’ll just tinker with PHP and MySQL for the time being. I can’t code for squat but waiting for CSS3 is like being forced to sit next to your wife at the movie of her life and you have been ready to make a pit stop since the previews!

    Yahoo is an interesting company. It’s not afraid to try new things and I think it’s modestly successful about most of it’s projects. Microsoft is sort of a catch up company though they (besides Windows) have made things I found to be more useful in certain aspects then other companies, my only real issue is that they have a tendency to really mess up successful products (f-lock on keyboards, I may have not returned it if it was a small but physical switch, and Alt+F3 doesn’t close windows). Saitek’s red Eclipse keyboard is the only one that is wired and has the perfect key layout yet lacks multimedia keys (internet/media controls)…and I’ve searched through hundreds of keyboards. Netscape 8, wouldn’t touch AOL’s bloatware with a 20 foot titanium rod passing through four wormholes! SeaMonkey is eh, not so bad.

    The key to a successful product is ~usable~ minimalism, regardless of who is creating the product. Firefox has lots of great features but unsavvy computer users would rather put their hands in a barrel of snakes then click on any button without a label.

    Windows itself is full of great tools but it’s unorganized, bloated, and gathers dust quicker then a computer from the movie House of a Thousand Cats! (disclaimer: no movie has that name, please also do not make a movie with that name!) My programs menu in the start menu has Games, Internet, Multimedia, Office, Startup, and System versus 300 menus each for a single program and an uninstall shortcut (that is excess in and of itself) but as an advanced user I’m able to take advantage of the product. This is where Google’s success kicks in, it does the job exactly to how the user would prefer it the first time, without the clutter, and the options (if they so choose to) are there but not in their face. There is still a downside to Google for example. I just do ~NOT~ see techniques being used in my logs except in the rarest of cases, and that includes quoted phrases or using – to get rid of the -dip when you do a search for AMD or Intel. No matter how popular Google has become it’s advanced tools see limited use even though people are much more able then not to use them if they were to become aware of them. The Live site takes a positive step towards usable minimalism (and I say that while at their site in Firefox to give credit where credit is due versus AOL’s lame excuse for webmail in example). It lets people choose what they want and gives access to additional content by making minimal but useful suggestions that slowly earn the visitor’s comfort. Give me some fancy scientific tools and I’ll end up zapping myself. Give me a scientist with fancy scientific tools and maybe we’ll play catch up with Heron (History channel, great inventor, Heron of Alexandria, our Industrial Revolution took way too long).

  24. rharrison97 says:

    Any suggestions?  I downloaded IE7.0 beta 1 a couple of months ago.  I would now like to move to Beta 2 (which requires me to 1st uninstall beta 1).  The problem is that IE7.0 beta 1 does not show up in "Add Remove Programs" with "Show Updates Clicked".

    This means that I am stuck.  I have no way to go forward to IE7.0 Beta 2 or back to IE6.0.

    Any suggestiosn would be much apprecited.

  25. Dao says:

    @John A. Bilicki III

    > Keyword: Trunk, IoI.

    How’s the trunk "IoI"? I don’t get it.

    > Yes I do sniff browsers to some extent but intelligently!

    Sniffing for "Firefox" instead of "Gecko" is anything but intelligent. You know, there’s a number of Gecko browsers (Firefox, SeaMonkey, Camino, Flock, Netscape, Epiphany …), and same Gecko rv means same rendering abilities.

    > I make heavy use of borders, margins, padding, positioning, etc

    Wow, that’s absolutely extraordinary.

    > They are getting close to passing acid2 (woot).

    Firefox passes Acid2 on the reflow branch.

    > though I’d like to see some other more common place bugs fixed and the Mozilla team needs to fix bugs from last century before wandering in to new technologies people will hardly use anytime soon.

    What the hell are you talking about?

    > Add "/home/home-news.php" after my domain name and the page will "work" in the trunk I tested btw.

    As I said, I manageded to enter your site anyway.

  26. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @rharrison97: RE: Uninstalling Beta-1.  

    If you don’t see Beta-1 in the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" applet after checking the "Show Updates" box and scrolling down to the updates under Microsoft Windows, you may need to launch the uninstaller manually.  Look for the spuninst.exe file under C:windows$ntuninstalie7b1 or similar folder.

  27. good says:

    Compared to the level customisation provided by firefox, IE 7 beta 2 is relatively hardly anywhere near "customisable". But it is good to see Microsoft doesn’t force people to use MSN search and opens up the market to competitors.

    I don’t care about this really. All I hope is that IE 7 includes "default download manager option" to allow my download manager to completely takes over the role of IE’s built-in download dialogue. I think IE 7 lacks only this feature to be usable as a modern browser.

  28. Fduch says:

    Please can anyone confirm this:

    Go to

    and scroll to the bottom

    IE7 should lag a lot and you should see some weird growing font/style discrepancies.

    Can some official also try it and confirm?

  29. scott says:

    People use IE7 in production? Obviously no clue about stability. Never put a Beta in production (unless you are a 2-3 person mom/pop shop).. πŸ˜›

  30. yahootoolbar says:

    I’ve had yahoo tool bar for a while now. Last week I downloaded ie7 beta and it has been working fine with yahoo.

    two problems with ie7 beta.  one being width of address bar at top of screen and it takes 4 lines of space at top of screen.  Yahoo tool bar before I downloaded ie7 beta had only 3 as I removed tabs line.

    so now I see there is this optimized version of yahoo tool bar for ie7 beta.

    I downloaded yahoo optimized and my question is.

    if I remove ie7 beta, reboot then install yahoo optimized version will I have option to remove tabs line and is their some chance search bar to left of address bar will be gone so i can shrink address bar width and replace empty space created with links buttons?


  31. yahootoolbar says:


    ie 7 beta search is to right of address bar.

  32. yahootoolbar says:

    say yourself effort.

    yahoo optimized ie7 beta does not remove search bar to right of address bar in ie7 beta and no way to remove tab row as in yahoo tool bar with ie6.

  33. Hodolomax says:

    IE7 beta 2 is not stable version.It has Lots of bugs. Some lagging problems with tabs.And some scripting bugs. for example I can’t modfiy my msn space and I can’t submit photos to deviantart web pages. πŸ™ bad bata program. Google betas is the best

  34. John A. Bilicki III says:

    @ Dao

    > How’s the trunk "IoI"? I don’t get it.

    It’s a trunk, alpha, not even Beta, of course things are going to break.

    >Sniffing for "Firefox" instead of "Gecko" is anything but intelligent. You know, there’s a number of Gecko browsers (Firefox, SeaMonkey, Camino, Flock, Netscape, Epiphany …), and same Gecko rv means same rendering abilities.

    The would be absolutely extraordinary if I hadn’t been doing that for two years already.

    >Firefox passes Acid2 on the reflow branch.

    Reflow branch? I beleive I mentioned I don’t follow production of Mozilla products as closely as I used to on this very page.

    >What the hell are you talking about?

    Really old bugs that the Mozilla team isn’t bothering to fix that are holding the browser and rendering engine back.

    Nice site btw Dao, I’ll add you to my list of A.X.X. supporting sites.

  35. Neil says:

    @ joe magnus

    MSN is the best?! When did this blog become the comedy channel?

    Anyone that has used the ‘Net as a research tool, for the past 5 years, knows you missed the boat.

    If you want the latest celebrity gossip, 10 ways to change your man, fix your car, get a date, or BBQ chicken, then yes, MSN will give you want you want.

    But for those of us, that use Google, or Yahoo, or Ask, or Alta-Vista, etc. to search for meaningful stuff… like "How do you workaround the IE PNG Alpha transparency bug?" or "Where does JScript fall short of, or deviate from the ECMAScript specs?"

    We all know, that MSN is NOT the place to go.


  36. Mike Diack says:

    Shipping IE 7 beta is daft.

    There is a major issue – documented in the release notes for IE7 beta 2, that is not yet fixed, whereby failing to uninstall IE7 before reinstalling/repairing Windows (i.e. without doing a reformat), will leave your Internet Explorer non functional (you’ll see messages about missing entry points in some DLLs), when you’ve completed the reinstall of Windows.

    I got caught by the bug before I’d read about it, and it basically leaves you with a non functioning Internet Explorer. I can’t believe therefore that Yahoo have shipped a system that EASILY allows users to get in this state!

  37. Eduardo Valencia says:

    How the heck we haven’t beta 2 on spanish,why MS keeps excluding the spanish community!

  38. Duke says:


    Internet Explorer won’t display my menu’s in site’s anymore ! What is wrong ? Is it your fault ?

    You should get hover effect ant submenu must appair.


  39. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Eduardo: Microsoft betas are localized into a variety of worldwide languages.  

    We don’t choose which languages to localize to based on how many users there will be (or how much we like the language), but rather based on what’s hardest or most likely to cause bugs.  

    For instance, we localize to Japanese early to ensure that we handle complex character sets correctly.  We do German early because German text is very long and likely to find any problems we have where text is too long to fit in the UI.  We do Arabic to ensure that Right-to-left text works as expected.  

    Fear not, we’re going to have a great IE7 release in Spanish!

  40. Steve says:

    I recall there was a mis-guided "innovation" in MSIE a while back, called:


    which enable the creation of a chromeless popup.

    It was of course, abused to death by spammers, advertizers, phishers, hackers and the like…

    I know IE has typical popup blocking enabled (/available), however, I want to know, has this innovation mistake^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H feature been removed in IE7?

    PS, if the sarcasm isn’t obvious, I hope to God that the "feature" has been removed.

  41. Ben says:

    Google is the best … far better than Microsoft and Yahoo. Firefox is also the best browser.. i have done many many tests. The only thing microsoft does right is Windows.

  42. Dao says:

    @John A. Bilicki III

    > It’s a trunk, alpha, not even Beta, of course things are going to break.

    The builds are not even close to alpha. Nevertheless, there are only few rendering problems because of the switch to Cairo and most nightlies are stable (in fact, the trunk is my daily browser, and I’m a quite heavy user …).

    But I have to apologise: There was a recent regression with the stacking order of absolutely positioned elements. It was fixed after three days and your website does work now. That was bad luck.

    > Reflow branch? I beleive I mentioned I don’t follow production of Mozilla products as closely as I used to on this very page.

    That’s why I’m telling you.

    > Really old bugs that the Mozilla team isn’t bothering to fix that are holding the browser and rendering engine back.

    Of course there are bugs, also ancient ones, but I don’t think they are holding things back largely.

    > Nice site btw Dao, I’ll add you to my list of A.X.X. supporting sites.

    What’s A.X.X.?

  43. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Steve: Window.popup still exists (e.g. this page still works).

    That being said, security restrictions were imposed in XPSP2 (or earlier?) that make it so that this method is no longer any more interesting than any of the other myriad DHTML layering methods that exist in all browsers.  You can’t use this method to overdraw the IE frame or other applications.

  44.  Le portail américain a publié une version bêta customisée du navigateur de Microsoft: le moteur…

  45. Mike says:

    First, THANK you for doing whatever you did to fix problems with connecting to banks.  It was great to not have to uninstall to check my balance πŸ™‚

    Second,  congrats on the win with Yahoo.  

    It IS a little odd they’d be distributing a beta, but as long as their customers know it’s a beta, it’s probably going to be ok.

    Third, I know it’s kind of late in the game, but the autocomplete/password stuff is still a little buggy.  Sometimes it doesn’t complete on tab or click.  

    Anyone working on this?

  46. jkhghghnbhfgc




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  49. Wes says:

    I love IE 7 Beta 2. I just install Windows Vista Beta 2 as well and I love it. Of course there may be bugs still but I haven’t found any yet with either program and Windows Vista is a huge improvement. I went to MAC when XP came out. Vista doesn’t replace my MAC but it serves as a filler when I am at work. Vista has actually taken a lot of things from OS X and made them windows. For one the Widgets are a part of Vista as well as voice narrater. The look is amazing like OS X, but it still does focus on work tasking as Windows is known for.

  50. Although Yahoo! and Google have already released an "optimized" version of Windows Internet Explorer

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