Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0 Beta

In my last blog

I mentioned how important compatibility is, for example, you might see
a certificate error page and would like to know what the problem with the
website digital certificate is. In order to help you get ready for IE7, the IE
team released a small

that can be used to find compatibility issues when using IE7 beta

I am happy to announce that Microsoft has released a beta of the fully
featured compatibility tool, the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0
Beta.  This new toolkit will cover all the IE 7 logging that the previously
released tool had.  Some of the other highlights include

  • ACT 5.0 will identify compatibility issues when using
    Windows Vista and IE7, for example, what applications are having problems
    with User Account Control (UAC), a new Windows Vista feature.
  • Richer UI experience
  • ACT 5.0 will have agents that can be installed on
    individual machines which will upload all the compatibility data from
    individual machines to a central location for analysis, grouping, reporting
  • Once an issue has been identified ACT 5.0 will have
    help available on how to resolve a particular issue or workaround it.
  • ISV partners and customers using ACT 5.0 will be able
    to post comments to the new Online Application Community where they can
    share their information about application compatibility testing and upload
    results to share.
  • ACT 5.0 can also be used on Window XP SP2 to help
    identify compatibility issues when using IE7.


to read more about Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 Beta and sign
up for beta program.  The temporary tool created by the IE team will stop
working on May 26th 2006.



Comments (11)

  1. Hey says:

    I have heard that Windows Vista will have virtual features or something that will promise to make Applications more compatible. If so, why do we still need the kit?

  2. Ron says:

    "The temporary tool created by the IE team will stop working on May 26th 2006."


  3. Keith Darby says:

    Hope Microsoft will use it on there ‘Microsoft Partner Program’ registration page which doesn’t work with IE7

  4. Robert says:


    Is there a plan for a Beta 3 release?

  5. ricochet says:

    I followed the link and it said that the software is still in Beta. Can I download it and use it with IE7 Beta 2 on Windows XP + SP2?

    What all applications/build environments does this pack support?

  6. ieblog says:

    @ricochet: Yes, you can use the kit with Ie7 Beta2 on XPSP2. Visit to read more about the applications/build environments supported by this pack.

    -Anurag Jain [MSFT]

  7. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Robert: Yes, there will be an IE7 Beta3.

  8. Helge says:

    How about somebody release a web standards compability toolkit, and you guys could check the new version of IE against that.

    That would be great:)

  9. Steven Hardman says:

    I hope a major focus of IE7 as it matures is web standards compliancy.  This will make or break whether my company uses IE or Firefox.  Firefox isn’t fully Acid2 compliant but it seems to be farther along than IE7 Beta 2.

  10. IEBlog says:

    I previously blogged about the availability of the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0, a tool that

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