Thank you, Al

Hello everybody,

My name is Anurag Jain and I am a Program Manager on the IE team. I am also involved in the sustained engineering efforts to support IE6, and chances are that I might have spoken to some of you on the phone. I would like to thank Al for the great work he has done here, both with the IE blog and his other duties, and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

I hope everyone is enjoying the second beta of IE7. Keep sending us your feedback!

- Anurag

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  1. Hey Anurag,

    I hope you have a nice time moderating this blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ieblog says:


    Thanks! I am looking forward to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Anurag Jain [MSFT]

  3. Scott says:

    Anurag, can you maybe demystify the term "Program Manager"? Seems like a lot of people on the IE7 team have this title.

  4. Verdefruto says:

    Welcome, Anurag.

  5. Verdefruto says:

    Hi, Anurag.

  6. Verdefruto says:

    Ooops ! I’m looking behind. Sorry.

  7. Max Watson says:

    Not sure if this is the place to post – but the latest update to IE7 BETA 2 has messed up the Header/Footing links on Wikipedia and Wikicities. Neither rows of links hold their right/center/left justification – but they displayed correctly in the previous BETA 2 version. Has html/page loading been tweeked – if so it might need revising :-

  8. cha young says:

    ie7’s address bar acts too slow(sometime i have to wait more than 4 seconds) for showing history list when i start type-in any letter or letters.

  9. Hope we aren’t too chaotic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Sean says:

    Tony Chor made a post about the organization of the IE team a while back:

  11. Sandi says:

    Hey there Anurag – t’is nice to see a familiar face take over from Al – still using that desktop graphic? ;o)

  12. Mike S says:

    Firefox has suffered from periodic freezing ever since I downloaded IE7 Beta 2. What could be the issue here? I like to use both.

  13. Microsoft Fan says:

    Hopefully, new blood will save IE. Currently, even IE 7 beta 2 is not good enough, compared with other competitors. Unless IE 7 takes 99% of browser market again, the whole windows live online service will suffer huge loss as Google and Yahoo can always support all browsers consistenly well, not so for

  14. i hope this is the place to post this?but here it is ……….,im useng ie7 bata 2,and my antimaleware keeps picking up on four or five of your cookies as high risk tracking cookies just wanted to know what that is about.if you could tell me i would be very greatfull??

  15. PatriotB says:

    Scott – I remember reading an IE employee commenting about the perception that IE has a lot of program managers.  I think they said that there are more developers, as well as more testers, than PMs, but that blogging falls under the umbrella of the type of stuff that PMs do so that is why they post more than the other people.

  16. AdamWysokinski says:

    Hello Anurag,

    1) There should be an option to prevent IE from opening new windows, when there is one already opened and use new tabs instead. I have tabs, I donโ€™t need new windows. Itโ€™s the most frustrating โ€œbugโ€ for me.

    2) Opening new tabs is a bit slowly. Please, make it faster.

    3) An option to force IE to open maximized, regardless of the way it was started (as Windows Update, Inbox from Live Messenger etc.), is absolutely necessary.

    4) The last thing that comes to my mind right now โ€“ middle mouse button doesnโ€™t work with links on, therefore it can be used to open search results on new tabs. Fix it, please, itโ€™s very annoying.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. Serious Sam says:

    Hi there,

    just a couple of minor suggestions/comments, I’ve come up with recently

    1.  Firstly, with the address bar behaviour can get a little odd at times.  For a start, there seems to still be an issue that’s transferred over from IE 6, which is that when a page is loading and you have the address bar opened up it”l automatically close it up.  Sorry I don’t have a better description of it than that, but that’s litterally what it does.  It may sound minor, but it can get quite irritating at times and I see no reason for it – you should be able to navigate between addresses, regardless of anything else that is going on.  Is there any word on whether this will be sorted out for the final release/next beta.

    2.  Another point with the address bar, is that this time, when you load a page that has a text box/bar, instead of IE 6, which would usually move the cursor into that box, which I felt was pretty intuitive, letting you start typing away immediatly, IE 7 seems to keep the URL highlighted.  Again, I know this might sound like a minor thing, but I have found several times where I’ve loaded a page with a text bar and just instinctively started typing, as I would have in IE 6, only to find I’ve just over written the address.  If you’re not already doing so, please consider changing thia back to the original IE 6 system.

    3.  The last point I have with the address bar, are those little symbols, that it seems to the left of the address.  I think they’re cool, but my only point with them, is that sometimes they seem to be slow in changing.  By that I mean you can be navigating around the net, but it’ll still be showing up the icon for a site you left quite a while back and the only way you can get it to change is by physically hitting the down arrow.  Again, I know nit picking, maybe, but just remember it is in the little things as much as anything else.

    4.  My last point is just another suggestion for the quick tabs/sligy thing.  How obout giving users the ability to change the way these are displayed, in the form of ‘grid’ (defualt), or ‘list’, in the same way that many search engines now allow you to do with some of their search results, such as video.  This I feel would be really cool, as it would allow people to view the the tabs in the way that they feel most comfortable with.


  18. Martin Payne says:

    โ€œMy name is Anurag Jain and I am a Program Manager on the IE team.โ€

    When I read this, I had sudden images of Windows 3.1 in my head! ;o)

  19. Ankit Jain says:

    hi anurag, hope u enjoy being moderator and this is also a minor problem like when opeining a new tab, i feel it should open with your homepage and not aboutblank.

  20. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ankit: The option to use your homepage as the new tab has been added; check Tools |Internet Options | Tabs | Settings.  It may be in later builds.

    @AdamWysokinski: For issue #1, see tabs settings as described to Ankit.  For #4, this is a known issue we’re looking at.

  21. Serious Sam says:

    Oooops, sorry just realised that on my final point (no. 4), where I meant to say ‘slidy’, I put ‘sligy’, lol (I once again renew my call to have some kind of a preview option for any blog posts here – with a spell checker, lol).  Anyways, just another suggestion: I think it would be cool to have the text within the tab you’re currently in set to bold, as this would help make it easier to identify the tab you are in at a glance.

  22. Bill says:

    Had to get rid of IE 7, it stopped opening the box when i replied to emails on Outlook web.  There was a grey box and a small white one with a red cross innit.


    Look forward to final version, till then I am using the fire foxx

  23. J. D. Sands says:

    Where is the E-Mail button on the new tool bar? I can’t find a way to check Outlook without going directly to desktop and activating Outlook from there.

  24. David says:

    I am trying to uninstall IE7 and reinstall IE 6 since my online banking will not work with IE 7, but I can’t get it to uninstall…..can I get some help please?

  25. cooperpx says:

    Welcome Anurag!

  26. Gene says:

    Cleartype should NOT be enabled by default! The only thing thing i’ve liked that other browsers don’t have is the Quick Tabs feature. Control tabs still only cycles, no mouse gestures, can’t hide/move the favourites buttons or the command bar, uses more memory than FF and Opera, etc etc. I honestly wanted to like IE7, I wanted something light and fast with useful features, instead it’s IE6 with a slightly refined interface. The biggest disappointment by miles though is that IE7 is barely any better at rendering pages than the joke that was IE6. Seriously, do you think it’s acceptable that MS release a browser with such poor rendering compatability that it’s beaten in tests by Opera 6 which was released in 2001!! I think MS has been extremely lazy in making IE7, with it’s vast resources of talented programmers I expected IE7 to be great, sadly it’s not even adequate. The IE Team have a very long way to go.

  27. Derek says:

    I just downloaded IE7 and I love the new look, and it was pretty easy to figure out all the buttons. I thinks it’s pretty user friendly and haven’t encountered any problems yet!

  28. AdamWysokinski says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT] about issue #1: I know this option and I have it set to: "Always open links in a new tab in the current window". However, it does not work all the times โ€“ there were several different situations when it failed. Unfortunately, right now I can recall only one of them โ€“ Windows Update, which always opens a new window.

  29. John says:

    Why does IE7 not let me move the address bar? I think it is unlikely that phishers will try to fool someone who has moved their toolbar, it’s not really a priority target…

    And BTW, I thought the way Al left was very funny… you can catch the flamewar with MSN (and Dare Obasanjo) at

  30. ieblog says:

    Hey all – just because we have a new moderator doesn’t mean we’ll let folks swear & be abusive in comments. Adults can convey their meaning without swearing – try it! And then just maybe your comments won’t be deleted.

    -Christopher [MSFT]

  31. Alejandro Barreto says:

    IE Beta 2 does not respond to the IBM Fingerprint Reader and software. It does not accept the software’s input into text fields — it doesn’t do anything.

  32. Nathan Guteras says:

    Trouble with IE7 requesting daily that Flash player from Adobe be installed. It is already installed.

    Also what about Section 508 accomedations?

    I teach and technology issues like

    and your porduct. Does IE7 meet these guidelines? When I adopt software and hardware at my sschool I have to conider all the needs of all the users.

  33. AdamWysokinski says:

    I’m not sure whether this one was mentioned before, but what I do miss so much, is a shortcut (ctrl+s) for saving web pages. Please, save my time and add this little one. I don’t want to be bothered with clicking through menus.

  34. Pat says:

    Why are they so hard to find after an upgrade? Most end users will be very frustrated by this.

  35. daigorho says:

    Re-ordering of feeds inside the "star" button is not working…. ๐Ÿ™

  36. Student says:

    Al, could you tell to the team to allow for the standard keyboard language switch by Ctrl+Shift and Alt+Shift? For some reason IE7 blocks it, which is a bag.

  37. Suren says:

    finally, internet explorer for server 2003!! phew. now, i am downloading it and i dont want nothing that will use up my virtual memory. i dont like that at all. well, i will tell you back what happens and how it reacts with other programs.


  38. Serious Sam says:

    Hi guys,

    I wasn’t really sure where I should report this to, but I decided that here was probably the safest bet.

    I think I’ve found what might be a weird little glitch/rendering thingy, and I was just wondering if you you guys were aware of it/could confirm.

    I’ve taken a specific link, but I’ve found it seems to happen on most of the articles on the site:  Basically, the glitch seems to happen when you move your cursor over main body of text in the article, which then turns white just like the background, making it unreadable.

    Anywasys, not sure what this is, or if it’s just me, but I figure I may as well mention it.  Hope it helps.


  39. Noah says:

    I notice that in the new IE7, we cannot create or edit MSN space photos. I think there is a bug inside, which prevents us from doing so. But in IE6, we can do it.


  41. William says:

    ok when I try to copy and past something in IE7 Beta2 it chrashes! I Can copy from but I can’t past to.. for exp. Say I wanted to copy something I typed up in Corel WordPerfect and past it in a blog or whatever. It crashes… This really really needs to be fixed and has forced me to switch over to fire fox for a lot of posting of things online!!

  42. Hubert says:

    I find the IE 7.0 has a problem with the site"". I often meet a lot of problem like the page can’t be opened.but I check my computer and the notwork is running correctly.And I use other browser having not this problem.I think if you prevent the user using the or not.

  43. Serhan ALKAYA says:

    IE7 Beta2 is unbeliavable, especially auto hiding toolbar in full screen mode is superb improvement. Thanks to all developers…

  44. Leledoct says:

    I’m using IE7 B2 ENG (1033, I guess) on a localized version of Win XP Pro SP2 (1040, Italian. By the way: no problems of cohabitation at all). (So, sorry for my english but I’m italian and I’m trying to do my best).

    No major problems so far, just a couple of observations.

    1. The toolbar on the right is not adjustable and this could be ok, but the last menu icon (Help) is ”out of screen” , replaced by the ”more” symbol (the >> ). I switched various screen resolutions, and still no help icon so it seems screen resolution is not the problem. I can understand the help nenu is likely the less used, but I also notice that the space used by the ”more icon” (>>) is more or less the same space that would be used by the help icon.

    2. I’ve got a time-billed ADSL connection, because flat ADSL in Italy is still way too expensive for a college student; I *really* would like a subscribed RSS feed refresh at the first opening of the browser instead of having to manually click 10-12 lines one by one to force a feed refresh; I’ve set the feed refresh time at its minimum of 15 minutes but I don’t see the reason I should wait 15 minutes… And a nice little audio thing when one or more of the subscribed feeds has updated contents (so you can acknowledge it without having to open the feeds pane) would be great.

    Anyway, nice work so far. Considered it’s still a beta, not a final release, not even a RC for that matter, it’s way better than IE6 final… ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Serious Sam: We’re looking at making the current tab a bit more visually prominent.

    @Bill: You’ll want to make sure that the DHTML editing control is enabled in Tools | Manage Addons.

    @David: Use to spoof your bank site into letting you use IE7.

    @JD: The mail button was removed, but we’re looking at bringing it back for a later build.  For now, you can simply add the mail button to the QuickLaunch toolbar on the system taskbar.

  46. Kevin says:

    I tried IE7 beta 2 yesterday and was really impressed. Regardless how hot is the war between different browsers, I always stick to IE.

    I found a problem with IE7 beta 2 that when I tried to get access to my bank online sevice (java-driven), it worked for the first time I logon, but after that I got no more luck to make it work. I kept being informed the browser was not java-enabled, but actually it was.

    Finally I found out a way to solve the problem that I cleared all cookies then it worked, however just for once. Everytime I wanted to access the service, I had to clear cookies. And that does bring me a lot of inconvenience.

    And, this is it. Hope it is of help for you.

  47. Serious Sam says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the response on the tab thingy, making the one that you are currently in stand out more will definitely make things easier for the user.  In addition, really sorry if this comes across as badgering, but any news on the other points on my list (the address bar stuff)?

    Also, have you had time to take a look at the link I supplied, since I remember the website working perfectly in IE 6?

    In addition, I’ve just also come up with a few more suggestions/ideas that I hope you guys will find useful:

    1.  Couple of last thoughts on the tabs.  What I think would be cool is maybe changing the ‘tabs list’ feature, to ‘manage tabs’, which would bring together all the various generic options (as well as the tabs list in the form of an outward arrow) for controlling all the tabs you currently have open as a group.  For example, it could contain the ‘refresh all’, ‘close other tabs’, maybe even some basic arrangement options etc.  I feel that something like this would help make managing large groups of tabs even easier.

    In addition, I would also like to have some kind of facility to make all the icon menus in that row ‘collapsable’/or minimised.  That way, if I chose to, I could dedicate the whole row to the tabs and access the various menus in the same way as we currently do the help function.

    2.  When it comes to the new zooming functions, I’m not sure if you’re planning on including any of these options (or if you already have and I’ve just missed them, lol), but how about including the ability for users to change the default level of zoom (and of course text size as well) when the first come into IE 7.  In addition, with the zoom thing at the bottom right of the screen, as well as being able to control the zoom levels by simply tapping the % indicator, how’s about making the magnifying glass icon separate. This will mean that when a user presses it, the cursor changes to the magnifier, and will allow the user to change the zoom ‘on screen’.  I believe that many other programmes have a similar feature.  In addition, are there any plans to allow users to change the size of IE 7’s new toolbar?

    While I personally like the new smaller size and have no real problems seeing any of icons or text in the menus, I’m sure there are many people who aren’t quite as fortunate and may find distinguishing between icons a strain.  I therefore feel it’s the right thing to do to include some resizing options, even if they’re something similar to the text: Standard, small, large.

    3.  I’m also a little mystified as to why, given the significance of the phising filter as a new security feature, why the options for it seem to have been dumped within the advanced tab (down near the bottom no less.  Now I’m not sure if this is a typical response, but as an ‘average user’, I’ve never really given the stuff in the advanced tab anything more than a passing glance, so it took me quite a while to figure out where the options for the filter where.  I personally would have thought you’d have been trying to make the phising filter as discoverable as possible, by maybe putting it within one of the other existing tabs, so therefore everyone would know it’s there and present.

    Another thing I’m not sure about, is the initial message about enabling the filter.  I know why you’re making it an opt in feature, due to concerns over privacy and all that, but I have to say, that when I was first presented with that message, I got no felt sense of ‘danger’.  By that I mean, the initial message went something like (and I’m only going by memory her) ‘Phising filter checks for websites impersonating others….’ or word to that effect.  Now if I had known nothing about phising, I would probably have said ‘so?..’.  I’m sure there’s a better description in that link of ‘how does the phising filter protect me, but not everyoneโ€™s going to read that, so a simple thing to do would be a little follow up on that initial message: ‘Phising filter checks for fake websites that intend to steal your personal for the purpose of identity theft, do you wish to autamically, etc, etc…  A message like that would instantly leave everyone in no doubt about the dangers of phising and would probably encourage more people to switch on the filter.  This strong language should also be consistently followed though on any subsequent phising related message, to really drive home to the user the dangers associated with the scam.

    Once again really sorry for the long post, but I just seem to getting lots of ideas at the moment and like that there is somewhere to voice them.  Anyways, keep up the good work guys, you’re well on the way to releasing a great browser.


  48. Summer Fang says:

    When I try to open a new page in a tab, it gone!

    I can’t believe Microsoft will release such kind of a beta 2 version!

  49. Eduardo Valencia says:

    hi anurag

    Few suggestion for present/future

    1  Open tabs more quickly,it’s very slow on beta 2!

    2. Link opens me a new window,i don’t want more windows opened,i want it all(and i mean all) on other tabs.

    3. My pc is slow,IE struggles when opening,and it opens by frames sometimes,We need it to consume less resoucrces!

    3 In further release add a download manager

    4. Full CSS support in the future!

    5. I want to customize the position of my toolbars,including the tabs bar (if it has any).

    6. Display a Java icon somwhere in the status bar to show that java is running,this could nbe applicable to other apps of course

  50. lasseandersen says:

    I found a little rendering error on pages with CSS. I dont know where the problem lies, but i have a html/php site where some tables are ‘controlled’ by CSS – and the height of the tables just dont seem to act after what it should, and how it does in IE6. Im not so technical, just thought you might want to have a look at it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great work anyway, i really like the new overall feeling of IE. Like alot other already have said, i however hope, that the Tabs would work faster. There are some delays right now which seems pretty frustating..

    And oh, make the little "favourites" star open up the favourites center already pinned to the side if that was how you closed it last time. Or something like that, i like my favourites bar to be "permanently" pinned to the side as default.

    Uh oh, just a last thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Its rather frustating that you cant upon a page with the ‘auto-login’ function as you could in some older versions of IE. For instance: .. Its probably because of security issues that it has been disabled, but could you at least make an option to put it back on again.

    Thanks – hope you could use my comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Mike says:

    I am unable to access the ftp server for my internet service provider in order to update my web page with IE7. I am running IE 6 on another computer I have networked with this one I have to use. I never had any problems with IE 6 on this machine either. Did not have this problem until I upgraded to IE7 Beta 2

    Please let me know if there is something I can do to correct this. You may reach me at

  52. Geoff says:

    Don’t know if this is such a big deal for anyone else but I would like to see my RSS feeds viewable from a drop down menu like "tools" or so. With the first few news articles from each……..kind of in the form from


    Been using IE7 Beta 2 for a while and seems to work grand for me……..very nice!

  53. Montana says:

    I _REALLY_ miss the built in FTP client from previous versions. Wasn’t the best out there, but it had the perfect integration and I knew that it would be there on any computer I needed to use.

    P L E A S E  add FTP support back in!

  54. thilen says:

    there is a problem with ie7 and microsoft works

    whenever i try to copy and paste something to MICROSOFT WORKS it says i’ve selected too much data and asked me to re-copy and paste a little amount

    but i tried to copy and paste ONE word and it still said the same thing..

    is there a way to fix this?

  55. Z says:

    I am thinking about going with dial up because it is a great deal.

  56. james says:

    I downloaded IE 7 and found it to be an unmitigated disaster. Fine features have been left behind and copy cat features added. It serves as a very good advertisement for Fire Fox and Opera, that not only have these features, but they work!!!The tabbing is very slow and lacks the versatility of other browsers. It even crashes with a simple attempt to copy and paste.  

    The inability to have favorites open as a default is a step backwards.

    The browser crashed every single time I opened it within approx 30 seconds and one minute. The buttons are awkward and the refresh button is virtually invisible. I can hardly believe that this browser is Microsoft’s best shot after all these years. It is my hope that Microsoft listens carefully to all the bug reports. It is not even close to being ready. I removed the browser.The best of luck to the team.

    IE 6 is MUCH better. I sincerely hope I never have to use IE 7, if the finished product even resembles the beta. Think more than twice before downloading this before it progresses from the beta stage, unless you want to spend half your time online sending bug reports. It’s full of them!  I really hope the final product is significantly different. I have already sent about 7 bug reports during the hour I had it on my PC.

    To leave this post on an upnote, I was very grateful that Microsoft made is so easy to remove.

    All the best,


  57. ricochet rabid says:

    Hi Anurag!

    Welcome and all the best.

    I’m also new to this blog.

    ‘ve switched to IE7 myself and finding it quite useful in office ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. IE7.0ๅฎžๅœจๆ˜ฏๅคช้…ทไบ†!!!!


    this edition of ie is so cool that i cannot help delete the maxthon….

    in my opinion,  ie7.0 is the best browser of the world now…


    from china

  59. susan says:


    I saw the prompt to download your IE7beta 2 and decided to go for it.. now having run it a couple of days, I am still not able to get rid of the first page that asks to turn the "pishing " well as choosing langauge etc…

    This page does not want to leave, is it coming up everytime I load the browser. I can surf and go wherever I want, but it does not seem to want to stop loading..

    I have tried to clean it up with everything I have..( internet tools, delete cookies..etc) the next thing is to uninstall it.

    Before I do that.. I was hoping you might have run into this issue and could give me some ideas.

    Any suggestions please send to


    Susan Wells

  60. KipTempest says:


    Just installed IE7 Beta2 the other day and noticed that emails that are HTML are rendered differently than rich text/ plain text. The same goes for websites. I think this is to do with a font setting eg cleartype or something, but my notebook doesnt support this feature well, as i tend to go kind of blind trying to read things. How can i fix this? or must i uninstall IE7?



  61. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Summer: "When I try to open a new page in a tab, it gone!"

    Do you have the Google Desktop Search product installed?  There’s a compatibility bug that causes a crash on new tabs.

    @lasseandersen: You can reenable the password functionality if you’d like by using a registry key:  Or if you’re doing this from your desktop or a command line, you can use WebCreds.exe, a little tool I wrote a while ago.  See

    @Mike, @Montana: FTP Folder view is actually provided by Windows Explorer.  Simply open a Windows Explorer window and type in your FTP address.  

    FTP will work in "HTML View" in IE, but there are a few bugs left to work out.  

  62. calm down jimmy! says:

    @JIMMY KILGORE – woah calm down!! If you save your document frequently and back up then that would protect you from errors.

    And if you’re using Word then there are autorecovery files as well which should contain your work.

    Yelling and screaming won’t achieve anything.

  63. ieblog says:

    Please remember that comments containing abusive language will be deleted.

  64. ieblog says:

    @Sandi: Hi Sandi! I am using a different desktop graphic right now, but that one still remains one of my favorites. I do go back to it every once in a while.

  65. Peter Gurevich [MS] says:

    Kip you issue is definitely cause by ClearType being turned on by default when you install IE7.  You can turn CLearType renderin in IE off in the internect control panel.  For more info, please take a look at our ClearType Blog post


  66. BuffaloPearson says:

    Hello, IE7 Team!

      I have been having an issue with the latest version of IE7; I use the P2P network for Morpheus, and yes I paid for it. However, ever since upgrading to this latest version of IE I have many troubles downloading and listening to my music. Whenever I click on a downloaded song I automatically get a pop-up IE window that directs me to a file under Program Files/Morpheus/skindata/etc. I have asked the Morpheus helpdesk about this and they say it is a glitch within IE7. It doesn’t "play nice" with websites such as this. I am really getting familiar with the latest version of IE and have found it rather enjoyable. Is there a fix that I can do to allow downloads from this site? I don’t want to have to rollback to the previous version of IE or find another browser to use with this download site.

    Thanks for all your hard-work. So far, aside from this issue, I like what you have done with IE.

  67. Jacob says:

    It would be nice to have some kind of status indicator while a rss feed is loading.

  68. thilen says:

    can someone please tell me how to fix the problem with microsoft works ๐Ÿ™‚ (copy and paste funtion not working)

    and also when we want to opean a new tab  by clicking on he  "new tab"  or "ctrl +T" it opens as a blank page. it would’ve been nice if it opeans our home page..

  69. james says:

    Hi 1E 7 developers!

    "Do you have the Google Desktop Search product installed?  There’s a compatibility bug that causes a crash on new tabs."

    Ok, that would be an element in my own case… crashing with tabs open as well as copy and paste.

    Is it possible for MS to make

    IE 7 more friendly to services such as Google desktop? In fact,it would have been great if this browser were more friendly with other ones. For example, in Fire Fox, you have the "view this page in IE" function. I like this because I need to use more than one browser to test web pages. I also have had some problems signing into to MSN on anything other than IE. I was also hoping that IE would allow Front Page, Office 2003 to be useable with other browsers. I honestly think the days of one browser only may be past. Certainly, if the bug which makes IE 7 compatible with GDT is not fixed, many users will not want to use the MS browser.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I’m no enemy of MS. I have never used another OS on my own PCs. I DO think that at this point in time it is absolutely crucial that people like you, Al, take note of these issues. The incompatibility with Google could easily be interpreted as an attempt to steer users away from non MS services.This is widely rumored and a *friendly* browser would go a long way to dispel that.

    I hope this was of some help. and thank for the ‘head’s up’ on the Google desktop search incompatibility.


  70. AJ says:

    I am working with our companys intranet site, http://companyweb/default.aspx, and the .pdf links that worked with I.E. 6 no longer work. When I click the .pdf link to open adobe acrobat 6.0 standard it opens a blank page in I.E.7??


  71. SteveU says:

    You would have a lot more feedback if Microsoft Connect was easier to use. the home page takes you nowhere and it is difficult to find the IE 7 location.

    I installed IE 7 on Media Center 2005. It crashes every 2 minutes. I am using firefox for the time being but I would like to go back to IE 6 if possible without reinstalling Media Center, a 2 day proposition given the drivers and software installed.


  72. Timoran says:

    May I ask where to send feedback? All I have ever found in IE7 to report bugs in the beta is the same worthless general Microsoft Product Feedback form. I’ve been using that form to report this bug since IE6 and it’s still in IE7.

    IE7 doesn’t remember the state of my window as maximized. If I open a link in a new window it opens as a restored window, not maximized, no matter how many times I maximize my main window. Same if I open an e-mail link.

  73. Lim Jun Jie says:

    I would like to suggest the ability to drag tabs from one browser to another. When a appilcation opens up another window, I found that I still have to browse the Internet using two separate window; and that’s no difference from IE6. So, with the capability of dragging tabs, I will be able to browse everything within one window. This will definitely make IE7 stand out amongst the rest.

  74. PatriotB says:

    James: "Certainly, if the bug which makes IE 7 compatible with GDT is not fixed, many users will not want to use the MS browser."

    Just in case it isn’t clear, the bug is in Google’s code, not IE7.  I have read somewhere that Google is working on a fix.

  75. Ashul Shah says:

    I have been using IE7 for quite some time now, and thought the new release, uninstall, install is a bit annoying – you expect that from Beta versions.

    Overall my experience has been great – RSS could do with a notification that it is going to get updated – there seems to be a lag..

    The developer toolbar works a treat and it would be nice to see some more firefox type extensions written for IE7

  76. Alessandro says:

    I have had problem with ieframe.dll

    I have had to unistall IE7 and after reinstall it

  77. shawn says:

    Been using IE7 for awhile. I like it so far.

    Everything works great and is pretty fast.

    I find that most of my problems are minor annoyances. They are as follows.

    I hope some of the annoyances are because of beta and not permanent.

    I noticed that the find dialog box opens in the top right corner, i think it should in the middle where it used too be or follow windows standard dialog box rules, i dont even see it up there.

    The new toolbar handling is rediculous. Why is anything locked, everything should be movable. Keep everything off the tab row if necessary.

    The address bar row is annoying, why cant it be modified ? I run widescreen resolutions and my address bar is 1000px wide, its a waste of space. Id like to move some toolbars up there.

    The command bar, why is it locked to the tab row? And why cant it be adjusted to more than 5 or so icons wide?

    Also the removal of location.href replacement breaks some extensions.

    Some bookmarlets cannot be dragged to the links bar.

    Is history still jacked up? I am still seeing inconsistant favicon behavior and back behavior.

    I noticed the history launcher located in the forward drop down, so i began to use that to launch it ( as opposed to the favorite icon then switch tabs, which is retarded, actually they are both retarded, wheres my history toolbar icon or my edit icon. serisouly fix the toolbars. )

    Anyway the drop down is only active if you actually have a page in history for that session, so you cant open IE then click that to get to history you have to first navigate somewhere. If your going to stick an icon at the bottom of that menu, then it should always be available.

    If settings are set to open new page in new tab then CTRL+N should open in a tab not a new IE instance. Or provide a new hotkey for that. A duplicate tab functionality lets say.

    And is css before and after elements still not supported ?

    I shouldnt have posted this here probably, but the beta tool is a pain.

  78. matt says:

    Some people would say that all of the new features in Internet Explorer have been copied from firefox and opera. Out of interest, what do you say to that?

  79. Thanks, Good to hear and looking forward to it.

    Keep up the good work!


  80. I see several posts of people saying ClearType shouldn’t be enabled by default.

    I have to admit, even though I love ClearType, I agree it shouldn’t be on by default.

    Fist it’s good to let people chose if they like it or not, some people are more annoyed by the slight color changes it introduces.

    Second, enabling it in IE will not benefit users for their other applications, they’ll think it is an IE only feature and search for a similar setting in other applications, but won’t realise ALL other applications uses the system-wide setting in their display properties.

    I believe the perfect fix would be to go though the ActiveX and HTML-based ClearType tuner when IE is first open after install, the code is ready and available from the typography team, it would let users know AND experience ClearType before making their decision, AND would enable ClearType system-wide!

  81. Adam says:

    IE 7.0

    This browser is still a long way from being ready.  In my opinion after an extended period from 6 to 7 the features should be more versitle not more restricted.  For one FTP access via the web is restricted, which stinks.  There are also issues with speed of the tab browsing.  There are also some user firendly issues that I feel are going to initially restrict some things for the average user.  I already uninstalled it and went back to 6.0, hopefully some of these issues can be worked out

  82. Sam says:

    Welcome Anurag.

    I noticed a bug in IE7Beta2. The favorites page will not open in fullscreen mode. It doesn’t hamper my browsing, but it can be very annoying. Thank you, IE7 seems to be a much better browser than my other ones, even with the glitches.

  83. J. Kaszycki says:

    The Microsoft decision to offer $100 per bug found by their developers in Vista will certainly make the IE team quite rich !

  84. Alex says:

    : )

    You can call me al….

  85. Fduch says:

    LOL me too.

    In fact all Fduchs (and there are a few of them) are either Alexeis or Alexanders.

  86. > You would have a lot more feedback if Microsoft Connect was easier to use

    … and the feedback would be more representative of "real customers."

  87. Fduch says:

    …And if it was more visible.

    Try creating feedback item and then look for it in the list of issues. You won’t see it. You can only find it using search. That’s one of the causes of vote system not working good enough.

  88. Jesse says:

    indian working for microsoft as a program manager, how ideal.

    Well all I have to say is that Internet Beta is a little slow, but the layout is great , only if it consumed less ram like firefox itd be my favorite browser to use

  89. Fduch says:

    Only if it didn’t leak GDI and RAM, and slow down PC and hung and make 100% CPU and…. And if it could just load and save webpages…

  90. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @thilen: You can make new tabs open to your homepage using Tools | Internet Options | General | Tab Settings.

  91. Arun says:

    IE 7 is not compatible with mercury products yet. I was trying to run Mercury Load Runner on my laptop which requires IE but it kept crashing and froze my system. U guys need to fix this problem….

  92. Matt says:

    I would actually like to see a feature come to Internet Explorer 7 that hasnt been released in any other browser that I know of…Allow us to view 2+ tabs cascading horizontally/vertically…in the same window. If you dont know what I mean just take to browser windows make each cover 1 half of the screen.

    That would be awsome ๐Ÿ˜€

  93. Scott Pritchett says:

    Hi, I understood that the Uninstall for IE7 was under the Add/Remove programs when you Show Updates, however I don’t see anything related to it. Is there a link to the Unistall procedure? Or can one be provided?


    It’s looking good though, bit slow on start up.

  94. Sankar says:

    I am having problems in IE 7 Beta ie when we open a new tab very rarely but atleast once a day the entire Internet explorer without any user action. It is frustating if some e-mails have been typed but not dispatched

  95. Sankar says:

    Basically I am referring to an involuntary shutdown of IE 7 Beta without any user action it happens when we open an new tab, it occurs randomly .   I use Norton Internet Security 2006 and our virus protection is upto date. Is there a flaw in the browser. This problem never occurs when we open a new window, but only when we open a new tab

  96. john brandt says:

    I believe the "speed issue" that several have spoken about is related to the "phishing" checker. I have disabled/turned it off and IE7 runs much faster. It was particularly annoying/slow when posting to blogs as it was constantly trying to check every letter/character entered.

    Let me put in my plug to either enlarge the direction arrows and/or move the favorites away from the arrows. I keep hitting the wrong buttons.

    Keep up the good work

  97. Scott says:

    Since I installed 7 Beta I have lost most access to video.  When I try to look at a video on CNN or the Washington Post or the NY Times I get nothing.  On occasion Windows Media Player will open and give me a message that I need to be commected to the Internet.  I have a cable connection that is open all the time so this message makes no sense.  The only change I have made is to install IE 7.  Why have I lost my video capabilities?

  98. Mike Mitchell says:

    The text search for current page is still as annoying as ever (chk out firefox which carries out the search as you type in the value.. much much easier to use, no additional dialog box to wrestle with ).  Other than that.. I’m happy happy happy.  Nice work!

  99. Pete says:

    I’d like to say that I have been using IE7 Beta for several weeks and LOVE it.  My only complaint is that I prefer a larger search box and don’t need all that big of an address bar.  

    Can you guys put a slider in similar to the one in IE6?  Especially if I am running at higher resolutions it seems silly to have such a small search box.  I frequently copy large blocks of text into the search (ex. program debug errors) and need to edit a bit of the error to make it more genaric.  

    Also I had no idea until yesterday by pressing the ALT key you get the classic menu to pop-up – too cool!!!

  100. jerryguinn says:

    I’ve read about many of the problems others are having — I’m experiencing only one … The Google Calendar will not display in the IE7b2 version. The Google message says that at this time, IE7 is not supported. That’s the only problem; otherwise, it’s a great improvement. I particularly like the feature which shrinks web pages to fit the printed page. Keep up the good work.

  101. Fduch says:

    It took much more time for you to delete my post about bugs in IE7 this time. Have your skills dulled?

  102. rochette says:

    Here’s a list of Search Providers for IE 7.

  103. muller says:

    1.Internet Option -> Security ,internet and intranet … all "Custom"

    plese default setting is safety setting.

    (internet ->middle-high,intranet->middle-low,…) -> right click -> New Tab Open

    Open page is active.(I change TabSetting then OK)

    3.this link click

    <a href="; target="_blank">Microsoft</a>

    IE7Beta2 is new window open.

    I hope new tab open.(I change TabSetting then OK)

  104. SteveU says:

    I have been unable to uninstall ie 7 on Media Center. I have looked for the uninstall tool on my system and it is not there.

    IE 7 is not in Add/Remove Programs.

    Where can I turn for uninstall guidance.



  105. LS says:

    Some of the favicons in my links bar are getting mixed up. E.g. wrong icon appearing. Is this a known bug?

  106. Springstone says:

    WOW. Very nice, at least this beta installed ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to agree with many others, than the performance is terrible. I appreciate that its a beta, and really hope that performance has been sacrificed for debugging purposes.

    My thoughts summed up: performance terrible, massive memory usage, tabs are extremely slow, lack of download manager (and resume downloads), speed (SIGH), is SLOW!!!, full CSS support.

    All the same nice to see something new. Keep it up, I’m sure the end result will be great!

  107. Hobo says:

    When using OWA (Exchange 2003 W/SP2 running on Win2003 SP1) with IE7 B2, if you attempt to create a New e-mail or Reply you receive the following desciptive error:

     An unknown error happened.

  108. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @jerryguinn: The Google calendar site works fine in IE7 as far as I can tell– just hit Cancel when they tell you they don’t support IE.  

    @Hobo: Unfortunately, that message is generated by the OWA Server, not IE, so I’m not sure how to fix it.  

  109. Really would like more

    Style filters and Web page transitions to be developed.

    They are a real gem – but they do not appear to be pushed hard by Microsoft.

    They really add amazing effects to DHTML menus

    that in some ways are superior to flash menus

  110. JP says:

    User should be able to use Ctrl+A in the address bar to select all. I don’t know if you forgot that or what but anyway..

    Other than that – GG! ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. frozon says:

    beta ie always cannot open and freeze!

  112. mahadevan says:


    Can you take a look at firefox ๐Ÿ˜‰ and put all those feature and more?  This way nobody will go over to that camp?

  113. Max says:

    When you install the latest version of Google Toolbar (Supports IE7) – the ‘Open in new tab’ right-click menu option disappears. Eek! I loved that button!

  114. Alejandro Barreto says:

    Any word on why IE7 doesn’t accept input from my fingerprint reader? IE6 did very nicely. Is it some attribute that was changed perhaps when the multiple tabs were introduced? I keep dozens of passwords with my IBM embedded fingerprint security system and I used to use it all the time when IE6 was installed. For me, at least, and everybody else who uses one, this is a big issue.

  115. NA says:

    Good to see you take ccontrol here Anu ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Jeff says:

    The new toolbar layout takes a little getting used to.

    Inflexibility of arranging the toolbar positions is really annoying and there’s not enough room on the ‘Command bar’.

    Positioning of the Find dialog is annoying.

    Would be nice to have a tool to select all instances of a word on a page (like FireFox has)

    It was much better when I could decide how big I wanted the address bar to be.

    "View Files" in ‘Internet Options’ has changed to "View Trusted Files", but double-clicking one still gives a warning about being potentially unsafe. Why call them ‘Trusted’ files??

    IE7 (Beta 2) stuffs up the layout of the following site that displaed fine in IE6:

  117. rk says:

    i wonder why am i getting white patch at the logo part when i browsing one of my sites on ie ??

    this is the link :

    could it be the css ? i am not sure if i am asking this question @ the right place.

  118. yinal says:

    Hi, it would be great to have a working "BACK" button in IE7 beta 2 (7.0.5335.5).. run a "back button IE" search on any search engine you will read the details… I assume development team is awaere of this annoyance..

  119. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Yinal: Yes, the Mix06 build has lots of bugs.  Please install the latest build from to resolve them.

    @Max: We’re working with Google to ensure their toolbar doesn’t nuke our button.

  120. M says:

    Just woanted to say the IE7 Beta2 looks really fuzzy the websites don’t look as clear as the IE6. Is there anyway of changing that?

  121. Roy says:

    I am having problem with print docs from IE7. The process is the same until I hit print and nothing happens. I just see the little print icon down in the status bar.  Every other applicaion is printing ok except ie7. IS there any way to resolve it?

  122. You want feedback? My name is Erling Andersen, and I am a graphic designer.

    Often, I do take screengrabs of my screen when in both Internet Explorer, Firefox and Outlook Express – to design everything from websites to newsletters.  

    However, since I downloaded the newest build of Internet Explorer, I have been completely crippled (atleast in Outlook), as all the fonts have been literally destroyed by your horrific Cleartype fonts.

    I am pretty sure that every single webdesigner in the world will agree with me, when I say that Cleartype is a nuisance, and should be avoided at all costs.

    Microsoft has just given us another huge problem; now we have to make sure that every textfield we design stretches in its height; as we have to take into account that Cleartype-text will expand the weight of the font – as opposed to simply knowing that a 10px verdana is a 10px verdana.

    In addition to that, Cleartype looks like shit.

    Microsoft, you’re apparently getting a lot of negative feedback on this – and nearly not a single positive comment. Wouldn’t it be wise to follow in the footsteps of for example Firefox, and don’t enable this by default?

    Kind regards,

    Erling Andersen

    erling (att)

    Oslo, Norway

  123. Mike Bennett says:

    I like the new look, however I don’t like the security comment that I have to conitnually click past – "Your security setting level puts your computer at risk". It’s very annoying and unnecessary after one or two logins. Can it be turned off?


  124. Shederick Atteberry says:

    Thank You for this Great Explorer. Beats the pants off the Competitin.

    One quick question is IE going to Be for Windows XP Or just for Vista & Longhorn

  125. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Shederick: IE7 is available for Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows Vista (formerly known as Longhorn).

    @Mike: What settings did you change to put your computer at risk?

    @M: Your best bet is to use the online ClearType Tuning wizard.  If you don’t like ClearType, just turn it off using Tools | Internet Options | Advanced.

    @Erling: As described previously, IE uses ClearType with the option that does not change the size.  If you have a repro showing otherwise, please post a link.  

  126. Pauloft says:

    I think this new IE is fine. Microsoft is catching up, really. The look and feel is great – I love the tabs. I wish the use of the dropdown menus were more intuitive though. Seems the File menu is gone though.

  127. budo-san says:


    I’m from Belgium (Dutch)

    I like the new look of the IE 7 but find out that, some javascripts on my webpages don’t work nomore with the IE7

    they work well with IE6

    my impression is that IE7 also works slower than IE6

    hope to be helpfull

    wish you a nice day

  128. Dean M. says:

    I’m finding this the perfect opportunity to submit feedback:

    1) IE6 and Firefox can display raw XML files, but IE7 can’t. The only way to display XML files is to change the extension to XLS, which is rather annoying. When you open an XML file in IE7 it opens then exits the window/tab.

    2) In the Browsing History menu, there are two buttons: View Objects & View Trusted Files. When you click "View Trusted Files" it takes you to the Temporary Internet Files. It seems kind of odd taking you to the "trusted Temporary Internet Files". As for the other one, I’m sure you already know it takes you to the trusted Downloaded Program Files. It seems as if the buttons have been switched up. But that’s just me. And sorry for the lack of indentation.

    3) Phish (pronounced "fish" for those who haven’t figured that out already) Filtering. Everyone loves it. But it’d be nice if you could disable it for some trusted (secure) sites. If I’m totally off the button on this one, then I’m sorry.

    4) Why can’t you display the Temporary Internet Files from Windows Explorer? You can only access the files through that certain little button on IE7.

    5) I missed those big "back/forward" buttons. But I guess these are alright. I find it rather difficult to manuever to that small refresh button in the top-right corner. Seems like a target contest.

    6) I know there’s something else I want to say. But I just remembered what it was. But I already presses submit.

    7) I’m covered in hot butter.

    –Positive Feeback–

    1) I like the new look, and everyone loves blue!

    That’s all.

    Thank you.

  129. Dean M. says:

    Told you I forgot something ๐Ÿ˜

    The feature that moves the Temporary Internet Folder doesn’t work.

    It worked once, because I was testing it out. But when I want to move it, it says the folder has moved and it proceeds to log me off. I return, but I notice the directory has not moved. I have tried this multiple times, all, of course, without luck.

  130. PeaSea says:

    I am trying to find the right place to say this, and hope that this is it.

    IE7 is going cause serious problems for all web developers and generators of forms. Most code that generate forms turn off browser and server caching to ensure that the form changes to what the server has just sent when the user progresses from one page to another.

    It seems that if the server sends Cache-control: nocache to IE7, then IE7 in it’s wisdom decides to GET the page again. What seems to happen is this:

    The user clicks, IE7 sends a GET, is returned the page, gets the other pieces of the page and finally GETs the page again. This breaks the inbuilt assumption that is used by many scripts and programmed pages – the user clicks, the browser does a GET, the server returns a page, end of transaction.

    If the page is generated on the fly using costly database accesses, then IE7 is going to overload database engines all over the world with the second GET.

    Worse, consider a simple programming check trying to test whether the result of a POST follows a GET. Many scripts generate a random number on the fly, place it in a hidden variable, and expect that value to be returned by the POST from the user’s browser. This simple mechanism has existed since the start of the web, and is now broken by IE7.

    With IE7, the user does a GET and is returned a HIDDEN with a value on the form, and while they are considering the form, IE7 does a secret second GET. This cycles the server code, generates a new number  which no longer matches the value that the user is about the send with their POST. When the user hits the button, the returned page looks like someone sending spoof responses with some script.

    I’ve attempted to find documentation on all this, but looking for nocache or pre-check or post-check using search engines is a loss.

    IE7 Beta 2 is doing something that is radically different in behaviour from any browser that has existed in the past. It is breaking the transactional nature of the browser / server relationship. The cost to the world of putting it out with this feature is immense – it’s going to break a lot of code – and actually it seems to me that in my case – I am going to have to remove a lot of checking designed to stop people hacking in and POSTing random requests at forms.

    I am not going to be able to stop idiots posting rubbish at web contact forms with scripts because I cannot ensure that a POST follows a GET.

  131. Denis Bartelt says:

    I’m not sure, but german translation of IE7B2 causes sometimes too long words (right we got such ones)and let boxes explode – like that on the rss reader (right hand, search/sort box). Check german version it doesn’t look good and it’s annoying.

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