May chat with IE team

Members of the IE team will be online for an Expert Zone chat this coming Thursday May 11th at 4.00PM PST. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered and hear from members of the IE product team. A transcript will be published after the chat and transcripts of other recent chats are available.

These chats are a lot of fun and we hope you will join us for the chat if you can.

 - Uche

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  1. GT: TOMCATS says:

    All I can say is great work.  IE7 beta has been a blast, and the new features are great!

  2. Brian Sexton says:

    It is great to see the Internet Explorer team interacting so much with the Web development community during the development of IE 7.  I am still disappointed with the levels of support for CSS and XHTML in the public betas of IE 7, but slow progress is still progress and you have definitely been making some progress, so now there can rightfully be a sense of realism in the hope that IE will offer more support for Web standards at some point in the future.  Keep working up that momentum.

  3. Fiery Kitsune says:

    I unfortunately won’t be able to make this chat… I have finals to study for.

  4. Microsoft Fan says:

    I wonder if this chat will have any impact on the direction of IE development at all. After all, every IE employee has to obey the instructions of the Manager. I doubt that IE porject manager will also take part in this chat. So what’s the point?

  5. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @MSFan: IE’s org chart is a lot more complicated than you might think, and managers do tend to participate in these chats, as well as reporting back to folks who were not in attendence. describes how the IE organization is set up.

  6. HanSolo says:

    Unfortunately i will not be able to make the chat.

    Those chats are a great idea, i hope they will discuss why the IE as the only browser in the market does not come with a download manager so that downloads can be stopped and continued. If you cancel a download in IE that means you have to redownload the whole file.

  7. POX on IE 7!!! says:

    Since installing IE7 Beta2, I have lost all functionality!!!  I cannot evenfind where all those files and folders are meant to be to uninstall it!!!!  Even with all files, folders and system files "unhidden", Add/Remove shows nothing!!!

    The POX on IE!!!  I’ll stick to Firefox [from whence IE copied the TABS function etc.!!!]

  8. HanSolo: If you cancel a download in IE that means you have to redownload the whole file.

    That is not entirely correct. Actually, IE supports resuming under certain circumstances:

    1 The partial downloaded file must still be in the cache

    2 The server must support resume

    3 The download must be continued from the same server

  9. @EricLaw: It would be very interesting to see that IE org chart or to get some actual numbers of the current size of the IE team.

    There are also speculations that the Mozilla or Opera teams actually dispose of more financial resources dedicated to their browser products than MS πŸ˜‰

  10. HanSolo says:

    @Viktor Krammer

    Compare this to what other browser offer:

    (e.g. FF, Opera)

    – download manager with redownload and

      partial download

    – shutdown the computer, delete the cache

      and still you can resume the download

    – the store location for the partially

      downloaded files can be choosen (not in one

      cryptic never to find place on your

      harddisk like in IE)

    Also why does the IE not offer to clear all traces, after shutting down the browser?

    Why are all the cached files kept stored on your harddisk (again: in some cryptic folders)even if you reboot your computer?

    Why can i not choose for each different website if i want the username and password stored? I can do that in all other browsers, in IE i can choose to store it on EACH website or to NEVER store it on any website (on – off, 1 – 0, black – white).

    The IE surely did try to make ground compared to the other browser options but is way behind in its usability and security.

  11. Shane Perran says:

    Looking forward to it.  I enjoyed the last one.

  12. Pete says:

    "There are also speculations that the Mozilla or Opera teams actually dispose of more financial resources dedicated to their browser products than MS ;-)"

    They probably can afford to since Google pay them millions to be the default search provider.

  13. Thanks for giving as the accasion to thank the IE team : their works are great!

  14. Is there an update in the works PLEEEEase? IE7 has to close every time I go to another window.  It is so frustrating to use, that I tend to click on the Firefox button instead and I’d really rather not have to do that.

    It would be nice to fix some of the bugs in this thing – or better if the Beta were working better.

    Joan G

  15. John says:

    Where do I list feature requests?  Here are some:

    o Provide combined list of all feed articles.  Allow sort by time received by IE, not just RSS date.  Some RSS feeds have wrong times due to timezone errors, so new articles from them show up far down the list, and are missed.

    o Provide ability to refresh all feeds at once.

    o I can’t find my links. I have a folder for them in favorites, and I have them turned on in options, but I don’t see a way to get to them from the toolbars.

    o Allow me to reorder my open tabs.  

    o I often need to switch between two tabs.  Is there a quick shortcut to do that?  What about providing a split window where I can see one tab at the top, and one at the bottom?

    o Allow me to see feeds and favorites at the same time.

    o Provide a popup, like with the Outlook client or Sharpreader, that shows new feed articles.

    o The blue on the back and forward arrows aren’t differentiated enough between when you can move forward and when you can’t.

    o A ‘Refresh all except images’ would be great.  Yesterday, I was following a constantly updating blog, and each refresh reloaded the images as well, even though they weren’t changing.

    These are just some of my ideas.  How do I get them to the people that matter?

  16. Fduch says:

    to John:

    – IE can refresh all tabs. Just right click on the tab. (But it’s useles since IE is very very very very weak can’t really load webpages)

    – "A ‘Refresh all except images’" it’s not the cause, it’s just simptom. IE’s cache just works bad. Combined with inability to SURELY load webpage or even just mage it produces… some MAD users.

    – Nobody will listen to your ideas. Maybe you have someone high at the top to talk to them? Then you’ll have a chance.

  17. John says:

    I don’t want to refresh all tabs.  I want to refresh all feeds at once.

    I think someone will listen to them.  Microsoft is becoming much more receptive to outside influence.

  18. Fduch says:

    sorry, I misread you

  19. Fduch says:

    BTW I think that feeds SHOULD refresh automatically. That’s part of what RSS is for.

  20. Mamadoue says:

    Hello! I’m French and I only want to know when the French’s version of Windows Internet Explorer Beta 2 will be available please.

  21. John says:

    True about feeds refreshing automatically for the most part.  However, I move around to different networks with my laptop a lot.  So I lose connectivity.  I want to be able to force an immediate update when I restablish connectivity.

  22. > I think that feeds SHOULD refresh

    > automatically. That’s part of what RSS is

    > for.


    [Opens Feeds menu]

    [Right-clicks "Internet Explorer Team Blog"]

    [Selects "Properties…"]

    Hmm, "Refresh"; "Frequency: 1 day". Looks like I can pick times ranging from "Never" down to "15 Minutes".

    Have you ever wondered if you’re just too busy complaining about the problem to see the reasonably obvious solution?

  23. Fduch says:

    When I complain myself I know what I’m saying πŸ™‚

    I just remembered I saw some issues with feed refresh on Connect.

    What can you say about MY complains?

    P.S. Did you see this ( ) or this ( ) before saying automatic refresh works?

    P.P.S. I don’t complain about feeds in IE since I don’t use them.

  24. Fduch says:

    It’s fun. My post got deleted, I even forgot to try to save this page…

    But that means….that they don’t ignore me!!!

    My post is gone, so I can post it again somewhere, someday. I’ll definitely improve my Q&A to cover more aspects of IE7 testing.

  25. Joink says:

    I was wondering if the z-index bug described here <URL:; is going to be fixed for IE7?

  26. Brian Coley says:

    Iam still trying to install IE7B2 and have not got past the first splash screen where it tell me to backup all my important files and close all programs.  

    What the hell is going on?  Is IE7B2 going to install a bug or virus on my system or screw up all my virus, firewall and spyware programs.  

    If something so horrible is going to happen that I need to back up my system first and then play games with IE7B2 you can keep it.  I don’t need that kind of hassle.

    No one seem to be able to give me an answer except to call an 866 number.  

    Something is not right and at this point I am not willing to take a chance on losing a couple hundred gigabytes of information to try out a Beta program than is obviously still going through testing.

    When the program is tested and ready for general public release then I’ll think about it.  But definitely not with a warning to backup all my files first.


  27. __hAl__ says:

    4 PM seems like a difficult time.

    Too late for europeans and to early for asian regions ?

  28. Sadowskin says:

    @ Brain C.

    Because this is a BETA version and THEREFORE may contain bugs. It isn’t a official release yet.

    I installed IE7 and tested it without any backup on a machine that didn’t have anything irreplaceable on it. It didn’t crash and worked just fine.

    No files were deleted from my system nor did anything horrific happen.

    After testing it for a few days I uninstalled it thru the control panel.

    The only thing changed is the IE icon that doesn’t change back to the old one ;-))


    Doing some webdesign I just wanted to see if the new version of IE was a good thing. And it WAS!

    I’ve been waiting so long to see the png transparency, tabs, rss and better css2 implemented in IE.

    I liked everything. Although ClearType is a bit weird at first… you get used to it.

    Also, I wonder about the anti-phishing, can I report some competitor’s site as a phishing site?

    That’ll put him out of business. hehe. ;-))

    BTW, does anybody know when IE7 is going to be in the ‘automatic update’?

    -cough- I mean a date, not a ‘when the testing is finished’ statement?

  29. PoTaToX says:

    Realy hope the IE Team wil fix those nasty slowdown, like on the vista homepage.

  30. mocax says:

    question: when’ll you guys implement dragging text into the URL and search bars?

    eg. I see a url in a webpage, highlight it, then drag it into url bar, it should load the new webpage.

  31. Ron says:

    That’s pretty cool Mocax, I didn’t realise Firefox could do that. πŸ˜›

  32. omz says:

    [ off topic ]

    >That’s pretty cool Mocax, I didn’t realise >Firefox could do that. πŸ˜›

    i didn’t know about this !! thanks for the "tip" very useful for me

  33. Jedimark says:

    Can we submit questions in advance. I will be in bed when the chat takes place!

    Anyway, can someone ask why this bug:

    … still hasn’t been fixed yet! It’s quite annoying and has existed in the past two builds of IE now.

  34. Guete227 says:

    So far, no problems.  A suggestion:  How about being able to vary the location of the Favorites section.  Maybe the left side, right side, or bottom??  Just a thought.

  35. justsean says:

    o Provide combined list of all feed articles.  Allow sort by time received by IE, not just RSS date.  Some RSS feeds have wrong times due to timezone errors, so new articles from them show up far down the list, and are missed.

    o Provide ability to refresh all feeds at once.

    o Allow me to see feeds and favorites at the same time.

    o Provide a popup, like with the Outlook client or Sharpreader, that shows new feed articles.

    This are all great suggestions. We’re looking into some of them for this release, and we’ll definitely be looking at them all for the next.


    -Sean (RSS PM)

  36. paulfp says:

    with the latest IE7 build, I seem to have problems with it forgetting my internet history every now and again.

    I get used to typing in the beginning of web addresses and the autocomplete doing the rest – but quite often since installing the new build, nothing comes up πŸ™

    Plus, i’ve had IE7 crash a lot of times, and had to do CTRL+ALT+DEL…. it’s only ever when I’m on wasting time though :p so maybe it’s a buil-in feature to make us do more work? πŸ˜‰

    Overall though, i’m very pleased with IE7. It just needs a few more improvements here and there and it will really be a market leader once again.

  37. __hAl__ says:


    nice bug that is. Though the simple workaround seems to not disable tabs πŸ˜‰

  38. JLewis says:

    Hello, I’m needing to get far more additional information on deployment commands, such as supressing reboot, and detail on the options available within the IEAK, including the policies – where might I find this info?

    Also, the IEAK 7 download on connect is not in sync with the version available on the public site, the public one is more current.

  39. Jedimark says:

    hAl: Heh, true… but I’m not the biggest fan of tabbed browsing!

  40. Serious Sam says:

    Hi again, finally back,

    Had a few issues with the good old laptop, namely the screen going down.  Finally just figured out that I could connect it up to my old PC monitor, so I’m finally back in business.  However, the end result is that while I’ve been keeping up – to – date with the blogs, I’ve literally only just got around to downloading IE 7 b2 earlier today.

    I have to say though, that my intial impressions are, on the whole, very positive.  Lovin’ the tabs, inline search facility etc., haven’t progrossed onto anything as advanced as the RSS, lol, but I’m getting there.

    I do however, have the odd sugestion, that I hope will help make things even better:

    1.  Firstly, while I’m pretty sure I remember this being sugested a while ago, I’ll throw it out there again, because I really think it’s a good idea.  With the built in search, while I’m pretty sure there are going to be keyboard shortcuts to allow people to have their results displayed in either a new tab/window, are there any plans to includce options that will mean it does this by default? (eg. within the search settings have something along the lines of simply open results within existing/current tab – default – have results open in new tab, have results open in new window).  Plus I remember someone also asking whether you could include am option along the lines of a ‘search whole list’, which would just do exactly what it says on the tin by opening the results for all the search engine a user has in new tabs.  This really would be such a cool feature, pleeeeeeease think about including it in the final release.

    2.  I was also just wondering if you guys where thinking of including a highlighting function, similar to those found in the major toolbars.  I have to say I got really used to using this on the uni machines, as it made researching soooooo much easier and saved me a lot of skim reading.  To anyone who asks why I don’t just download one now, I have to say, I’d rather not install something, which seems to double up on a whole lot of other functions (eg. built in search, tabbed browsing, phising filters, etc., etc.), just for the sake of one additional one, no matter how useful.

    3.  While I do on the whole like the tabs, I would definetly (as many people I believe have alredy pointed out) like to see some way to move them about.  I feel this could be very intuitively done, either on screen, or especially though that whole quick tab slidy thing (which I feel could also be slightly improved with the inclusion of a bit of additional ‘quick reference’ info, such as number of tab, etc.).  I it where possible I would also like to see the close function appear even when just hovering over them, which would mean I could close up tabs without having to switch between them.

    4.  Just more of a question than anything, and one I remember asking a while ago, but have you guys improved the pop – up blocking tech in anyway over IE 6 and if so how?  The only reason I ask is due to the fact that dispite having the pop – up blocker set to high within 6 (you know, the setting that blocks even users from opening links in new windows without a ctrl + before hand), it still seemed to let some pop -ups through.

    Sorry about the legnth here, promise my future posts won’t be this long, lol.  Just to wrap this whole thing up, so far I really feel you guys have done a very good job here – it’s very fast and responsive (although I have picked up on the odd time where it seems to load/refresh/scroll slightly slower than IE 6 would on the same page), as well as packed with lots of cool new functions.  So my final point here is, please keep up the very good work.

  41. Serious Sam says:

    Really sorry, but one final point.  The one thing I would personally do with the UI, would be to switch the positions of fav. centre and add fav. with the back and forward functions.  Don’t ask me why, I clearly have not usiblity testing data available to hand, but I really feel that this minor change would feel much more intuitive.  Not sure if anyone agrees, but that’s just my opinion.

  42. Quick question, someone asked, and I didn’t know, so I thought I’d ask the experts.  

    How many toolbars maximum can one install in IE.  Could one theoretically have half a page of toolbars in their browser?



  43. jannawai says:

    Pretty attractive UI + finally – tabs. Love lots of other new features too like cleartype and elimination of need for verbal commands in the toolbars. The way the Favourites Centre (can we have ability to rename this – not everyone spells like Americans) disappears after selecting a site is nifty too (that is so long as the Centre isn’t permanently open).  I think IE has caught and surpassed Firefox. Except in the ability to search Favorites.  IE7 has a search history of sites visited but more I need a search facility for the sites in Favorites.  I often know that I have a site listed but can’t remember in which folder it resides.  It’s a pain to have to go to Windows Explorer and do a search of Favorites for a keyword.  Can we have that facility in the Favorites Centre itself (like Firefox)?  Or have I missed how to access this function.

  44. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Joyce: As far as I know, no, there’s no limit to the number of toolbars you can have installed.

    @Serious Sam: Yes, we’ve fixed a number of problems with the popup blocker.  We’ve also added a cool feature for IE7: Find the URL of the sites bypassing the popup blocker and add it to the restricted sites zone.  Script from the sites is now blocked.

  45. Serious Sam says:

    Eric, thanks for the response and great news with the popup blocker, you guys really are doing an excellent job.


  46. Serious Sam says:

    Eric, thanks for the response and great news with the popup blocker, you guys really are doing an excellent job.


  47. Franz says:

    When I enter on this chat

    I have this message from IE7: "Do you want to allow this webpage to access

    your clipbard?" (I set IE7 advanced settings).

    I wonder why it wants to access my clipboard. A bug?

  48. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Franz: Good bug.  We’ll talk to the Chat team.

  49. Please note down my question as I am not sure that i will be able to make it or not.

    Q:Since toolbar development is getting very common.Why doesnt IE developers think aboout XML based language for creating IE toolbars like Firefox’s XUL language?Not everyone is master in C++/ATL and development toolbar in .NET language is a silly idea due to performance and requirment of 30MB of framework for a 400KB toolbar.Kindly do address this issue

  50. amazon says:


    This IE7 needs to be aborted, how do I get rid of it?

  51. amazon says:

    Yippee I’m free of it!!!

    Aborted finally after trying everything else, went to

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