IE7 Beta 2 now available in multiple languages

After endless nights and countless slices of pizza, the IE team is proud to
announce the availability of Arabic, Finnish, and German versions of IE7 Beta 2
in addition to the

English versions we released a week and a half ago
. We are also on track to
deliver Japanese versions of IE7 Beta 2 on Monday, May 8th, at 9:00PM

You can download IE7 beta 2 from the following locations:




In addition, all language versions including English, can be downloaded from

To get support, all users can take advantage of the following forums:

Arabic users can also use the

Arabic Internet Explorer newsgroup

We are also happy to announce that phone support is available for
German-speaking users.

Germany: +49 1805 67 2255

Austria: +43 150 222 2255

Switzerland +41 848 80 2255

Monday-Friday 8:00 – 18:00

Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

Please remember to uninstall any previous IE7 builds before installing this
new release: Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs, Show Updates, scroll to the

Check it out and let us know what you think! 


 Tony Chor

Comments (86)

  1. nimbus says:

    Is there a plan for another beta for XP? If yes, when(just month is fine)

    When are you planning to come up with the final release on XP(month is fine again)


  2. compugab says:

    What about a french version of IE7 🙁

  3. ivan says:

    What about a Spanish version of IE7!!

  4. lhg123 says:

    Good job, IE7 team! I’m surprised you don’t have Spanish or French, though, because those are two major languages.

  5. Yossi says:

    Nu, why not a Hebrew version?

  6. Nir says:

    what about the Hebrew version

    hebrew and arabic are similar.. make a version of that too 😛

  7. Simon says:

    what about the Polish version of IE7??

  8. Why not determine the next language by an eBay auction? 🙂

  9. ray says:

    Why not have IE do languages in a much much much more sane way, .NET provides a nice way to this, it’s just an XML file which you provide, and then you can change a preference in the application to tell it to use that one.

    Nice thing about it, is that, then people can create the many different languages without having to rely solely on the developers to do it.

    Hardcoding languages directly into the program is so 80’s and early 90’s, this is the 21st century after all.

  10. 168 says:

    What about a chinese version of IE7!!

  11. Tony Chor says:

    We will provide the IE7 in all languages we have for Windows once we ship later this year, including all the langugages requested above (French, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, and Polish). These beta versions are simply the first ones we have localized and tested. We picked these as representative of some of the different challenges we face as we localize IE.

    As Dean mentioned in his beta 2 post, we’ll have a beta 3 release sometime before release.

    — Tony

  12. Johann de France! says:

    And the French version?

  13. Eduardo Valencia says:

    How about IE7 in spanish, the spanish community doesen’t count?

  14. Salvatore says:

    and Italian version?

  15. PatriotB says:


    IE 7 seems to take advantage of Vista’s MUI technology.  That is, all localized resources are in seperate MUI files located in a language-specific folder (en-US for example).  From what I understand, one of Vista’s goals is that all the binaries are 100% language independent, and all localized resources are in separate files that can be swapped out easily.

    Windows XP Professional has some kind of MUI technology as well, though I have never tried it out myself.  Supposedly you can set up your computer and switch back and forth between UI languages.

    In any event, Windows hasn’t had language strings "hardcoded" in quite a long time.  Yes, prior to Vista, they were embedded as resources in the same files as the binaries.  But I’m sure that the Windows development process has had tools to localize these very easily.

  16. sam says:

    what about the mozilla-based version?

  17. free Japan says:

    Japanese I am wondering.

  18. japan says:

    japanese waitng!

  19. Freud says:

    And why are you always attacking me?

  20. bob says:

    Oh my God! Why is everyone getting so annoyed about languages! They will release them when they can. Oh and I like the idea of using XML to make your own language file.


  21. Syd says:

    Thank you Microsoft. This is the biggest improvement to Internet Explorer in years.

    I think it is absolutely fantastic.

  22. Roland says:

    Thank you for your hard work!

    The German version came just in time – my uncle got his new DELL computer yesterday. And the first thing I did was installing the German version of IE7.

    One of the colleagues of my uncle had lost 17000 EUR (~ US $21600) in a phishing attack, so I’m very happy that IE7 now has the phishing filter.

  23. RUR says:

    And what about Russian?

  24. Todd says:

    I’m sitting here rolling my eyes at the ridiculous comments about "what about this language?", "what about that language?"

    Tony said it’s a kind of proof of concept, so just chill out, for crying out loud.  Maybe because this is a blog about languages you don’t understand English very well.

    OF COURSE they’re going to create all the other languages.  Do you think that the first beta with other languages is going to have everything?? Duh!

    I would just like to add that IE7 is really terrific, IMHO.  You can see nice progress with each release that comes out.  Kudos on the bug reporting system too.

    MS is doing everything with class and openness, and I love it!  Keep up the great work MS.

  25. Flying Dutchman says:

    Where’s the Dutch version?

  26. O says:

    …and what about Klingon?

  27. somebody says:

    What about a version of IE that would at least try to have a 1/100 of firefox features?

  28. ToNi says:

    Hi IE Team,

    that’s a great Job!

    Thanks from Germany

  29. Ismael says:

    In Spanish, man, in Spanish!

  30. Johan says:

    Firefox market share is interestingly enough very high (30%) in both Germany and Finland.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  31. Kim says:

    what about the Korean version of IE7??

  32. xxx says:

    IE Chinese?

  33. xxx says:

    what about the Chinese version of IE7??

  34. Marvin says:

    is it possible to associate back and forward in the page history with arrov keys? and how?

    Thank you.

  35. Julian "Link" Becker says:


    I am German so I tried installing the German version.. however it told me that my Windows XP Professional is an English version so I cannot use this beta. Okay, I changed the system language via registry temporarily, it installed but doesn’t work correctly so I reinstalled the English beta.

    Could I perhaps also expect a MUI pack for this Internet Explorer version (my Windows is MUI translated to German).



  36. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Marvin: Alt+LeftArrow and Alt+RightArrow go back and forward.

  37. appbeta says:

    And what about Chinese?

  38. Xepol says:

    Uh, why exactly do people who speak german get phone support?

  39. lee,hwang says:

    give me IE7 now in korean… 🙂

  40. Norwegian says:

    UÆÆ! You havent made IE 7.0 in Norwegian?? Me and my country are feeling so ignored.

  41. Daljon says:

    MS has done a great job so far on 7.0. I can’t imagine MS releasing any version of a language to fit any EU country at all. Not with the current attacks the EU have made on MS. Keep you the good work Team MSIE 7.

  42. Estrela says:

    goatava que me dissesse como posso fazer o dawload em PortugUês



  43. kalphegor says:

    and the Romanian version?

  44. Elvish?

    In time people… in time.

  45. ieblog says:

    We will release IE7 in all of our standard languages. This announcement is concerning the current Beta 2 of IE7.


    People in German get phone support (just as we also offer in English) because the resources were lined up from our support group to do so. This takes time. I’m not personally involved in that work but I know it is something that we wanted to do.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  46. Fduch says:

    Can users of German version change input language from german to english?

  47. Ian Davies says:

    Is there going to be a UK English version of IE7? Is there going to be a UK English version of Windows Vista? I’d love to be able to have ‘colours’ and a ‘favourites centre’ – surely it wouldn’t take very long to put together? We in the UK would be very grateful. Of course I appreciate that things like German and French and the rest have to come first, but given how similar US English is to UK English it would be great if you could make a version for us.



  48. paulfp says:

    … we did invent the language after all 😉

  49. Ron says:

    Don’t forget Australian! err…

  50. Gary Gray says:

    I installed Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2

    and found that I could NOT copy files to Desktop via menu on left hand side of Desktop

    most annoying….

    (only if I dragged & dropped or copy & pasted could I get the files to Desktop)


    I could NOT access any web pages that were attached to Emails

    MOST annoying….

    Either I am doing something wrong, failed to alter some setting to be able to do BOTH of above (being some what of a novice)

    As such I was unimpressed with IE 7 & I simply reinstalled IE 6

    Apart from that, the brief usage I had with IE 7 Beta 2, the features appeared fine.  This may seem minor to you but myself & OTHERS found both (ESPECIALLY Problem 2 – NOT being able to access Web Pages sent via Email) NOT worth the effort of having IE 7 installed.

    Is this a New Feature / Fault yet to be fixed or what?

    I would be interested in a REPLY to above email address (

  51. PK says:

    That’s right RON! i was going to post that request here to. We want an Aussie language version for IE please.

    it would go something like this.

    "G’Day mate. Welcome to IE7 and it’s bloody fantasic mate!"

    the AussiePower tools XP add-on will include this update/change

    "G’Day cobbers and welcome to this fair dinkum IE7 web browser, maaaate. We hope yoooose have a bloody good day, mate."

  52. Marvin says:

    WE COME IN PEACE! Martian Version??

  53. ITmedia で報じられている通り、IE Blog (マイクロソフトのIE開発チームのブログ)で Monday, May 8th, at 9:00PM PST = 日本時間5月9日午前1時 に IE7 Beta2 日本語版がダウンロードできるようになる旨公開されている。

    ブラウジングはPC利用の最も基本的な部分なので、なるたけ早く慣れておきたいもの。英語版UIが苦手な人もこれでOK。 …

  54. kozakr says:

    And what about a Czech version of IE7?

  55. IE lover says:

    Good job developers! Do you plan any other languages? Especially Czech 🙂

  56. boen_robot says:

    I was wondering… instead of getting IE team(s), would it be possible to implement all interface data in XML files? That way a user could easily translate IE7 into his/her language and/or edit some part of the interface he/she finds unusual.

    I’m asking for this, because otherwise, I wouldn’t expect any Bulgarian version of IE7 and Bulgarian is my native language after all.

    Besides, as far as I have read, MS Office 2007 is going to be using such kind of XML based interface. Wouldn’t it be great if other MS applications do the same?

  57. Leonardo Fontoura says:

    what about the Brazilian version of IE7??

  58. 翁超 says:


  59. viconet says:

    what about the china version of IE7??

  60. Bill says:

    Hi, I downloaded IE7 couple of days ago. Now links in my e-mails no longer connect direct to the internet and I have to copy and paste rather than single click. Is there a solution and has this happened to others?


  61. TK says:

    what about CZECH?

  62. Dan says:

    Please make an effor to ship 1 version that has ALL the language included, saving people trouble from downloading different versions.

    By releaseing only a few key languages you are annoying those who feel that their language our country was slighted.

    Also, please provide simple XML tools, rare languages are not going to be made by Micosoft but often have enough support.

  63. PatriotB says:

    XML language files… nice in theory but it wouldn’t work to well in practice.

    XML is not the most efficient storage medium, both in terms of size and speed.  The best you could do is, at runtime or language-install-time, compile the XML intermediate form that can be used efficiently.  But if you’re going to do that, why not just go ahead and make standard Windows resource DLLs?

    Also, XML may work well for strings, but other types of resources may need to be localized as well.  This includes resizing/positioning dialog boxes to account for different word sizes.  Also, images, sounds, or other resource data may need to be tweaked or replaced for cultural sensitivity or other reasons.

    Also, localization isn’t just showing appropriate strings in the UI.  It also includes things such as fonts, keyboard layouts, and sorting/collation methods.  These are things provided at the OS level and can’t be provided through an XML file.

    I doubt that Office would be using XML files for localization.  boen_robot, could you post a link to where you read this?

    Lastly, I would guess that, when the final version is done, IE7 will be released in all languages that Windows supports.  There have been efforts in recent years to extend this coverage significantly, to "rare" languages, through the ELK and LIP programs.  (LIP covers Bulgarian.)  Michael Kaplan’s blog has several postings about these programs:

  64. Jarka says:

    and czech version???

  65. Júnior says:

    When it will leave the version in Portuguese?

  66. r says:

    what about the czech version?

  67. hgzuk says:

    what about the czech version?

  68. mta says:

    I’m wondering why the "Open in New Tab" option in the pop up menu disappears.

  69. ieblog says:

    Are you running a third party toolbar like the Google Toolbar? Toolbars often take over the context menu and will change what you see there.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  70. gus says:


  71. I guess the IE7 team could learn a lesson from this post. DISABLE COMMENTS on some of these announcements!!

    What about this, what about that…  God! What about a bit of intelligence, what about spending 2 minutes to read the WHOLE post and some of the comments?

    HEY! HEY YOU! Yes, you there commenting right now! If you’ll ask "what about a Esperanto version" or any other weird language, get a life! You’ll burn in hell if you click "Submit"! >:-(

  72. mta says:

    Yeeeessss, Google Toolbar (beta) is the problem that causes the disappearance of "Open in New Tab" menu item

  73. megile says:

    yuo nice?

  74. Oleg maddox says:

    firefox pwns j00 IE7

  75. John Cave says:

    Superb layout and easy to navigate makes this the fastest and most reliable IE to date. The phising filter makes life on-line much more secure and pleasent. Well done to the whole development team at Microsoft.

  76. boen_robot says:

    I looked into a bit more detail about what I read for MS Office 2007 and it turned out that what’s happening would be some sort of Microsoft’s XML based format to save MS Office documents in. I didn’t saw the same for interface unfortunatly :(. Perhaps I got the prase "extensive UI" in the Office FAQ wrong…

    Technically speaking, XML could carry all sorts of data, including box sizes, some predefined values for more specific tasks, etc. as long as they could be written in plain text, so it’s not impossible to create such a thing.

    In terms of speed however I should agree. An option to choose from XML files, which would then "recompile" the interface sounds acceptable though, both for MS Office and IE 🙂

  77. Ryan Homer says:

    I am pleased that Microsoft has provided their software in multiple languages for quite some time now and that IE7 will be no exception.

    However, I hope that this does not take away too much attention to other important developments in the final product. For example, opening IE is quite sluggish as well as opening new tabs.

    I think it’s also interfering with my Windows Explorer and causing periodic short lockups. Can someone comment on whether IE is still heavily tangled up in Windows Explorer and if so, how come IE still takes so long to open up?


  78. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ryan, if you’re experiencing slowdowns, a likely culprit is third-party browser extensions.  If you start IE in no-addons mode, does it start more quickly.

  79. 中国 China says:

    Well Done! But why you don’t have Chinese, though, because it’s one  major language.

  80. Dan says:

    People have been complaining that the Japanese version of IE can not be installed on non-Japanese OS’s. How silly is that?

  81. SteveU says:

    IE 7 beta 2 crashes every 2 minutes under Microsoft Media Center 2005.

    it is not listed under add/remove programs and I was unable to find the uninstall program on my system after searching the whole system.

  82. Michael Stein says:

    Well Done,

    multiple tabs like mozilla or opera, but stop-button and refresh-button should be bigger or highlited

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