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Hi all, 

I just wanted to point out that we have also included an entry called 'Give Beta Feedback' under the Tools menu in the command bar that directs you to a webpage with the list of all the ways mentioned in Al’s feedback post of getting information back to us about Beta 2.

Check it out!!

 - Uche

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  1. Jason says:

    Let’s see. I click on "Give Beta Feedback", it takes me to a generic IE 7 support page at:  Scrolling down I see a link that says "This is the best way to submit IE 7 bugs to the IE team."  It takes me to a Microsoft Connect login page.  Hmm.  Well luckily I’m already a Connect member.  I sign in.  What’s this?  It wants me to register?  I’ve actually signed in, but it wants me to fill out additional information about myself.  Alright, I fill it out.  Then I’m left at a generic account page with no option to leave IE 7 feedback.  Hmm.  I go back to the IE 7 support page, click on the "This is the best way to leave feedback" link again.  This time it says the page is not available or I do not have access.  Well, so much for leaving feedback!

    I like IE 6 / 7, but I’m surprised how difficult you’ve made it to leave feedback on a public beta.  If it’s public, there shouldn’t be any special memeber requirements to leave feedback.  And if you are going to be exclusive about it, then at least say so in the web pages.  There was nothing that told me that I had to be a member leave feedback.  It doesn’t even tell me what I need to be a member of.  So I end up jumping around for 10 minutes for naught.

  2. I just had to remove IE 7 Beta 2 from my computer due to the fact that some of my secured sites I have did not recognize it and wanted me to update my browser. This became very problematic for me, as it necessary for me to get into those sites. I do like the new layout and its ease of use, but some businesses are not recognizing it so I have to wait until things are ready for general publication.  Good luct

  3. ieblog says:


    Please read my previous post linked to above on giving feedback. You have to join the IE program on the Connect website.

    Since I’ve received over 500 bug reports since Tuesday, I’m pretty sure it is working. Please give it a try.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  4. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Sandal: This is mentioned in the release notes.  To spoof sites into believing you’re using IE6, simply visit and run the IE6 spoofing registry script.  Restart your browsers, and sites will think you’re using IE6.

  5. > I’ve received over 500 bug reports since Tuesday, I’m pretty sure it is working

    Establishing a technical hurdle of this magnitude is going to monstrously skew the feedback you receive towards the "techie" end of the customer spectrum.

  6. Liquid Plummer says:

    I have to agree that giving feedback and reporting bugs is a very large pain. I can only hope that it improves over time.

  7. Sam says:

    The IE Beta 2 locks up when ever I try to access audio streaming. Uninstall and IE 6 works just fine.

  8. Claude Lanthier says:

    Hello..Mr. Bilings…when I click on  the "TOOLS" option…"GIVE BETA FEEDBACK" does not show up…I wanted to mention a small bug…when NOT signed into msn messenger beta 8….Every time you browse from one page to the next or reading and deleting e-mails…the little "MAN" icon in my taskbar start’s to duplicate and triplicate and so forth…. but if I "SIGN IN" onto the beta "8" this problem resolves itself!!!…oh if I drag my cursor accross the these "EXTRA" man icons…this removes them too!!!just a glitch I felt worth mentioning!!! Keep up the good work over there on "vista"…we all anxiously await it!!!Thank You

  9. Tim says:

    I’ve just noticed that I do not have ‘toolbars’ on my tools drop down menu, is there an option to turn it on?

  10. * sigh * says:

    Al Billings [MSFT]

    "You have to join the IE program on the Connect website."

    Why are you making it so hard?

  11. If knowledge serves, you have to join the Firefox community to sign in and comment there too.

  12. Campbell says:

    I’m not sure if this has been reported, but when I try to open IE7, it almost launches, then it quits, with no trace in task manager.

    So I don’t even get to see IE7!

  13. Xepol says:

    Ya, have you noticed that the menu option to "give feedback" does everything but let you give feedback?

    I like IE, enjoyed most of the beta so far, and like the idea of a feedback system properly integrated into the system.

    This menu option might as well, however, be labelled "waste your time and get the run around". It is about a useful as an email about a promising and profitable future in massaging poultry.

    Take me to where I can provide FEEDBACK.  No, I didn’t want a freaking faq, or the microsoft site or the trillion other things that it lets me do.  I want to provided FEEDBACK.  

    Connect lets me report BUGS and IMPROVEMENTS, but that isn’t the only feedback you get and should not be the sole way you receive communication. (and isn’t even the target of the menu option)

    You’ve made it too hard for the average person to submit feedback.  At least link DIRECTLY to the site that accepts feedback.

    Oh, and while yer at it, look up feedback, because its pretty clearly someone there has no idea what it actually means.

  14. ieblog says:

    What feedback are you wanting to submit that you aren’t? Do you simply want to send an e-mail or submit a form that sends an e-mail? E-mail isn’t actionable, really, bug reports and suggestions are.

    What is the goal that you want to accomplish, Xepol? And remember, any option that we make available has the probable expectation of tens of thousands of people using it to do the same thing so it has to scale.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  15. PatriotB says:

    Stop complaining, people.  What other Windows teams have public bug databases?  I don’t think there are any.

    And, the Ladybug system that the Visual Studio team uses requires people to sign in as well.

  16. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Campbell: Crashing on startup is usually caused by a buggy addon.  Try Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | IE (No Add-ons) to see if this is the case.

    @All: The Connect system is the only way that the (comparatively) small IE team can scale up to the huge number of beta testers.  The system keeps track of bugs, routes them into our database, and allows us to follow up with you to get more information if needed.

    That being said, if you want to send email and are okay with it potentially getting lost/unreturned, feel free to send it to me.

    @Xepol: We get tons of feedback beyond Connect.  We collect plenty here on the blog, and lots through newsgroups and working directly with partners and users.  The Bug database is meant for tracking exactly those things.  

    🙂 It’s worth mentioning that there’s one other mechanism for folks who are ~truly~ passionate about web browser development…  

    Join us:  

  17. john birch says:

    top job

  18. Bill says:

    "If knowledge serves, you have to join the Firefox community to sign in and comment there too."

    Yeah but they’re allowed to, because they’re Mozilla.

  19. mocax says:

    so how do I update IE7?

    I got 7.0.5296.0

    The help toolbar icon sometimes disappears, only reappears when I resize the window.

    And there’s no such entry in the Tools menu.

  20. Can not see evrything in security side . Please do better.

  21. UnexpectedBill says:

    Hmmm…I haven’t used the "Give Beta Feedback" link yet, but the discussion here on whether or not it should be open or not is interesting.

    Like some other commenters have said, I don’t think you’ll find too many actual bug reporting systems that are just open to the public. I tend to agree with this setup–it limis the amount of abuse and insertion of things that might not truly be bugs.

    Giving feedback, however, if that’s what the button is really for…should really be made a lot easier. While it may be a tired example, Mozilla Firefox has the "Report Broken Website"  option available on the Help menu. While you can provide an e-mail address, or specify that the site requires a password, this method of feedback can be anonymous.

    I have to think the IE team could do something similar, and maybe assign it a lower priority that items formally filed as bugs.

    But that’s my own two cents–so please consider it as such! 🙂

  22. Janet says:

    yes please create a simple, easy to get to, feedback option for us that are using beta’s

  23. ieblog says:

    Unexpected Bill,

    It would probably be good to read previous blog posts on the Feedback system.

    The system *is* open to the public. Right now, you need a Passport account and you sign up for a program. As has been discussed before, this is a limitation of the system. Eventually, it will allow for anonymous browsing of reports. This is not currently in place and, frankly, we don’t make the system, as has been clearly said. We are a consumer of it.

    The Connect site is the officially supported solution for doing this sort of thing (along with running Beta programs and similar efforts). It is constantly undergoing point releases and major efforts are underway to improve its overall features by the Connect team.

    For Post-IE7 versions of IE, we are investigating what can be done to integrate bug reporting into the product. This would be a new feature area and would have to be weighed against other features (like improving the UI, better CSS or other standards support, etc.).

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  24. Mark Devlin says:

    I like IE7 but I have a problem with the RSS feeds, which seem not to refresh properly. I tried to leave feedback but it was far too complex so I gave up. Why should I spend my time registering to help you improve your product? Isn’t the bug/error information enough? Please simplify the process.

  25. PatriotB says:


    IE6 and probably previous versions have always had the "Send Feedback" entry in the Help menu.  This takes people to a web site where they can send "low priority" feedback like you describe.

  26. Rainbow Randolph says:

    I see no such option in my menu…

  27. Cy says:

    I installed IE Beta 7 and the only problem I encountered was not being able to upload pics to my website.  I use Trilex Sitebuilder on Interland.  For some reason the pictures did not want to upload. It might be that Interland has a block on beta software.  I don’t know.  I did install the "spoof" and it didn’t do any good.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

  28. William Curtis says:

    Bug Report

    In Outlook Express, any links that come in the email do not work.  Instead of opening IE 7.2 and going to a Website, I’m directed to Windows Explorer.

    Help would be appreciated.

  29. Name required says:

    Is that a toolbar with a menu-style dropdown?  What’s the deal with that?

  30. @PatrioB: and it is there in IE7 beta 2 too. Just click ALT + H

  31. HAK says:

    Is there a possibility to import rss feeds from other software like rssreader? As far as I have experienced, the old export files can be shown with IE7Beta, but it needs manual import into the feeds list. Thanks., HAK

  32. Xepol says:

    Hey guys, I got 2 replies, and yet not one actually addresses the complain that the menu option fails do what it claims to.

    My point is that if it pointed to ebaum, google or just a random 404 somewhere, it would be of equal value.

    If it says submit feedback, point it some where that accepts feedback.  If you prefer the connect site, point it directly at the connect site.  If you want to use a submit form that gets printed out on an old dot matrix printer just cause, fine, but point it at that page, not some other page that eventually leads to that page.

    It is like creating a link that says "use msn search", and then pointing to google in the vain hopes that they’ll eventually wanted to the msn search site just because a link to the msn search site is buried in google’s index (if ONLY they knew how to search for the search engine!)

    Don’t make people hunt for the feature you just promised to deliver, DELIVER IT.

    Could I make this point any clearer?  

    How about this:  YOu have lablled a push door as pull.  It is a exit sign pointing to a brick wall. I could go on, but then I would sound like that stupid morisette song where she gets the meaning of ironic wrong…

  33. Sandra Large says:

    I like the much simplified tool bar of Explorer 7, have used the map feature already. Agree with all comments made about your feedback link, should be seperate from bugs etc. I only want to comment on the ‘user’ side of new version (as am older/new to computers/ user, and probably won’t be using everything. For example, keep forgetting to use the tabs!!!

  34. Alex says:

    So as a novice: should I get beta now, or wait for it to be mainstream?

  35. Russ says:

    i have no "give beta feedback" on my Tools dropdown…

    and on 3 forums i use daily, it won’t show the posts.

    going back to 6

  36. hans says:


    feedback will via connect site. but there is only report "bugs" I don’t think I meet "bug" here because my problem is RSS is not work at all and some website can not handle format probly and some website can not show up picture as IE6 did. -Does its should reprot as bugs?  

  37. John says:

    Where is the auto hide for the favourites and histiory screens?

    I used to be able to leave them open, but out of view till I went to the left to look for them.

    Another small point is that when the browser is run in full screen, F11, you cannot shut it without coming back to small screen first.

  38. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Xepol: "I got 2 replies, and yet not one actually addresses the complain[t] that the menu option fails do what it claims to."

    When I click on "Give Beta Feedback", there’s a section labelled "Leave feedback on Internet Explorer 7."  Sure, we give the user a variety of options for how they’d like to send feedback, but I think that most users agree that this is a good thing.

    As for why this section comes ~after~ the known issues– As observed earlier, there are a LOT of you, and not nearly as many of us.  In order to scale to meet the feedback and be sure that we see the "new" issues, we offer a list of known issues, both to help prevent dupes, and to offer known workarounds for problems.  

  39. Robert Muir says:

    It was a mistake for me to upgrade to the IE Blog or whatever you call it.

    So far it has been tortuous.  At one point I could not access files from my Microsoft Office applications.  Somehow if that was related, I fixed that.  It was a great inconvenience as I couldn’t even emails files from Microsoft Outlook.

    Now I can’t access my NY Times and Washington Post articles which I easily did last week before making the change.

    It looks as if you expect me to spend the day reading all the instructions and complaints that you received.  Some of the instructions use ‘computer’ phraseology that I’m not familiar with.

    Please tell me in layman’s terms how I can access my NY Times and Washington Post articles.

    Also, I would be happy to go back to the former Internet Explorer page or to a competitor’s as this is too time consuming.  You should at least have warned us that there would be considerable reading in ‘computer’ lingo that we would not fully follow, before we could be back to ‘normal’.

    So far your new IE seems like a ‘loser’.

    Robert Muir

  40. Gordon says:

    I understand the need to create an obstacle to prevent duplicates, but I’ve circled around and around the IE 7 feedback pages for two days now, and I still haven’t found a link for submitting new feedback.

  41. ieblog says:


    If you are on the home page for the IE Feedback program, it is the link on the left that says "Feedback" on it. That takes you to this page:

    There, before you may log an issue, you must search to see if it already exists. We have a lot of people logging the same issues that have already been entered so the requirement of a search is to try to keep duplicates down. Once you have searched, you may log a bug.

    Please follow the suggested best practices on the website and enter simple 1..2..3.. steps for reproducing the problem as described in detail. This cuts down on closing of bugs lacking information or the amount of back and forth conversationally to specify the issue for reproduction on our side.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  42. @ Mr. Muir… it seems likely that your NY Times and Washington Post cookies were lost in the upgrade process.  Simply "log in" or "sign in" to each of the sites in question and you should be able to read the articles again.

    Caveat: I do not work for or represent Microsoft in any way.  Just friendly advice.

  43. Chris H says:

    Just a quick suggestion:

    It seems that Microsoft is pushing ‘Microsoft Update’ as the replacment to ‘Windows Update’ (with every update post, it seems we are encouraged to install Microsoft Update).

    With that in mind, do you think you should update the link under ‘Give Beta Feedback’ from ‘Windows update’ to the newer ‘Microsoft Update’?

  44. I am at a lost in the giving feedback section.  I CAN’T FIND WHERE I CAN GIVE FEEDBACK!  After installing I opened up IE7.  To my surprise, IE7 hangs up.  I uninstalled IE DOM Explorer, then IE7 works.  After some time, I opened up some of my VB6 projects and here comes another issue.  It says ieframe.dll cannot be found!

    Good luck to all Microsoftians!

  45. Steve says:

    Ok, don’t have IE7 on this box, thus I can’t verify ATM if this is still broken… (hmm, note to IE team… need standalone IE7 for *rendering* tests) [yeah, I know, virtual machine setup in progress, but I digress…]

    Today’s rant:

    In IE6, the DOM manipulation methods leave a LOT to be desired.  E.g. actually having them work.

    Has there been some improvement in the IE DOM method support, to fix things?

    E.g. setting certain attributes with obj.setAttribute(attName, attValue);

    do not work.

    1.) the [class] attribute

    2.) the [for] attribute on label elements

    3.) the [style] attribute on ALL KINDS of elements

    4.) the [name] attribute on input elements

    PS I’m aware that proper support for adding W3C  DOM Event handlers is not in your scope for IE7 (PPS It *should* be!!!) but these simple attribute settings on elements should just plain work… there is no reason why this bug should not be fixed.***

    *** If you feel there is, please explain why to those of us waiting for the fix.



  46. I installed IE 7.0.5346.5CO because IE 6 was crashing.  It would use 100% of my CPU and wouldn’t respond to any mouse clicks.  Most of the problems I think we related to MSN Spaces or the MSN Live Toolbar.  At first I hesitated to install a beta on a beta but the problems just didn’t go away.  I am happy to say the download and install went flawlessly and I no longer have IE crash or CPU usage problems.  I have tried this on two systems so far with equally excellent results.

  47. boooggy says:

    well runonceex doesnt work after last beta….if i overwrite IERNONCE.DLL with the one from xp cd it works…..

  48. 1 says:

    I can not change language in the textareas

    by keyboard shorcuts! bad

  49. Steve says:

    I don’t even have the option to send feedback in my version 7.0.5335.5

    Good old Microsoft!!

  50. monty coon says:

    so far this is awesome no negatives in my eyes

  51. stevecla01 says:


    I love the new version – congrats on all the hard work. However, it’s either going to cost me £50 or £100 to my favourite charity. Please put a link to your blog in the Help per my request here –

  52. m.wall says:

    my first experience with trying to be helpful sucked…

    convulution dulls the sparkle of the new IE

  53. cooperpx says:

    I’ve just went through the feedback site for IE7b2. Wow, that’s a lot of junk in there. What a mess!

    Considering the scale of the incoming feedback, perhaps you guys should seriously consider making it easy on yourselves… and get a more fancy web interface in. It will help your average user locate their bug and make browsing an option (rather than forcing a sub-par search).

    I betcha the connect team is doing just that. Part of providing feedback is not just stating the problem. If I might, here’s some suggestions:

    1) each feedback item should have the ability to be related to (1:many) aribtrary ‘categories’. (you gotta sift/sort objects into logical groups before you can remove dupes).

    2) not all categories are visible to us

    3) allow the end user to ‘suggest’ what (singluar) category it belongs to, to help with a microsoft-ee sift

    4) new incoming feedback should be first sifted (categorized) before any real work begins, such as an import into your backend bug system or deciding ‘status’

    so, you could have categories:

    1) install issue

    2) stability (i.e.: leak,cpuspike)

    3) standards compliance

    4) layout

    5) dogfood

    6) backwards compatibility

    7) has test-case *internal category

    8) crash, security, etc *internal category

    9) feature request *internal category

    Hey, you want to pull a google? Let your microsoft-ee select text in the document and record the start and stop offsets of the original post along with the category relation. Thus, when visiting the feedback from a particular category, you could highlight what portion of the post is relevent via ajax or something.

    [ Actually, I suppose ‘pulling a google’ would allow the end user to do that on multiple categories. ]

    Then we users could browse and search… which is really what will be required as your average user is providing the titles.

    * technically, this involves likely just two more tables for your sql backend.





    – category rank would exist so that you could display the list of categories by a person-defined manner.

    ajax could retrieve the start and stop offsets from information in the url and highlight the text, if available on document load.

  54. Ed says:

    Hi, I cant send feedback through IE itself so might as well try here. here goes, when I installed IE 7, everytime I access my Hotmail account in Outlook Express, it repeatedly asks for my password eventhough it works when I access my account in HM website. Does IE7 have any effect in OE?

    u can contact me at:

  55. Greg Walden says:

    I think IE7 is absolutely the worst IE since man started to browse the internet with stones and sticks.  

    There was no need to redo the entire interface altogether.  Tabs are nice but the whole darn menu was unnecessary.  The home, stop, refresh buttons are scattered and that is bad, very bad.

    Also, I abhor the idea of Microsoft having to think they have to think for me.  Sorry, but I am a bit smarter and don’t need my software trying to assume I want this or want that.  

    My opinion!  Go back to the original look but keep the tabs.  Also, let the user think for themselves.  Don’t assume things for them.  That is not good.

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