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The transcript from yesterday's IE chat is now available online. The chat was a lot of fun and donuts kept us going as we answered more than 120 questions in the hour available. In the photograph you can see from left to right Peter Gurevich, Amy P (hiding behind Peter), Chris Wilson, Max Stevens, Uche Enuha and Cyra Richardson with donuts in the center of the table as they all type answers to questions at a furious pace.

Busy IE Team Member

There's also a news article covering some of the answers in the chat at where they spelt my name incorrectly as Massey rather than Massy but that's OK. πŸ™‚

Watch the chat schedule at for upcoming chats. We typically hold the IE chats on the second Thursday of every month. We might have May's chat in the afternoon rather than the morning pacific time to allow other time zones an opportunity to participate.


 - Dave

Comments (38)

  1. one-day turnaround… much improved πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, product placement… how much did Pepsi pay for this photo? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Fiery Kitsune says:

    Wow, that was fast… The transcripts usually take days to prune and get through the red tape.

  4. ieblog says:

    Believe it or not, we’ve already been making that joke internally. I’m just glad no one is wearing an Ipod…

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  5. game kid says:

    "I’m just glad no one is wearing an Ipod…"

    Normally I’d have responded with "Every other player is better than teh iPod, MICORSOF IS T3H EVIL!!!"  However, I don’t have one, and a few days ago I had to fix a PC, the same one I tried to help install iPod software on.  The installer hung, it partially installed, and after I uninstalled it the PC started having CD-ROM errors (what business would Apple software have with the CD drives???).

    Let’s just say I now know what player I WON’T buy–and I like most of their stuff.

  6. Mike says:

    Hey I want one of those IE7 stickers!!!


  7. Glad to see human faces!

    The Ipod/Itunes software isn’t built very well and I fail to see the hype behind it.

    Al, any chance we could get a hint of an update of whats going on with the GUI? The new features are great but it would also be nice if the interface had the new features added in a way that keeps the GUI consistent with previous versions of IE.

  8. ieblog says:

    As the chat transcript mentions, our UI is going in the overall direction that Microsoft is moving towards. If you are on the Messenger 8 Beta, you will see changes there as well.

    Max mentions that there will be some tweaks to make things better. I’d suggest waiting for the final Beta 2 build and seeing what you think.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  9. Max [MSFT] says:

    Keep watching the blog as well, as my team and I are planning some posts detailing some of the updates for beta 2.

  10. Joe Medford says:

    Keep up the good ideas.  Is there any way we can get IE7 stickers, shirts, anything?  Man you guys are getting faster.  πŸ™‚

  11. PatriotB says:

    Well, at least UNLIKE Messenger beta (and Office 12 even!), you guys are using the standard Windows title bar.  (And taking advantage of glass APIs on Vista to make the nav band seem like part of the frame–a nice touch IMO.)  Messenger on Vista doesn’t even get glass at all, and it looks terribly out of place.

  12. kL says:

    Photo of geeks with no Firefox on it. That is soooo unusual! πŸ˜€

  13. I notice that "SV1" is still part of IE’s UA. Any chance that it could please be removed for IE7? It throws off statistic scripts that detect SV1 before IE in order to differentiate between the newer and older versions of IE6.  Leaving it in IE7 will throw off some of the statistics and so many sites will report high levels of IE 6 with service pack 2 but low to no IE7 visitors.

  14. Jason Cox says:

    "Hey I want one of those IE7 stickers!!!"

    Same here, maybe a nice big one for the car too.

  15. Internet says:

    Thanks for the information!

  16. Chris says:

    "I’m just glad no one is wearing an Ipod"

    The guy on the left looks like he has an iPod πŸ˜›

    Or it might just be something similar looking, dunno.

  17. Fiery Kitsune says:

    Bill Gates owns an iPod… He just doesn’t like being seen with it.

    The Pope owns an iPod… He just doesn’t have much music to put on it.

  18. Comrade Ghorkov says:

    Is it just me, or is everyone in that room using either the Toshiba Portege M200 or the Toshiba Tecra M4?

    Talk about Pepsi product placement, what about Toshiba?

  19. rch says:

    In my opinion, in IE 7 there should be a switch Show this page like IE 6. This can solve many promlems. First of all, this will solve the problem of the majority of developers, who WISH AND MUST test their pages in both browsers. Second, it will solve the problem with sites that use code tricks no longer working in IE 7. It seems that its your interest that ill-coded pages were still be rendered as right as possible in IE; so my idea will help in this. Sorry for ill-formed English. πŸ™‚

  20. Al Billings [MSFT] says:

    Actually, I don’t think Chris owns a Toshiba but I don’t recall. He had to replace his laptop recently.

    Most of the others have an M200, I believe. It is probably luck of the draw as a lot of us have Dell Inspiron 700ms or the like also. (I actually have Sony Vaio, one of the small, light ones, but an 700m at home.) The Toshiba M200 is one of the standard hardware configurations internally if you want a tablet.

    Because we are, of course, a ginormous company, we have a large approved list of hardware throughout Microsoft. You aren’t required to use things on this list (flexibility is important) but drivers and hardware support are much more easily available if you use standard hardware. When I wiped my Sony, this was very apparent.

    The Toshiba tablets are very popular because of this and because, generally, they are fairly nice laptops and not too heavy. The screens are fairly bright as well.

    There, more information than you ever wanted to know.

  21. Comrade Ghorkov says:

    Wow Al, thanks for the info πŸ™‚

    I recently bought a Sony Vaio (FE11M XPMCE) myself (in addition to my Tecra M4) but when I blitzkrieged the HDD I had hell with drivers and Sony don’t provide all the drivers on their website (and the webcam driver causes BSODs). "Fortunatley" the hard-drive failed this morning, so I can get a warranty replacement, complete with all the drivers this time.

  22. Curious George says:

    Hey Al, is there ANY way we can get one of those cool stickers??!?!?

  23. Al Billings [MSFT] says:

    We’re talking about finding a way to get them distributed.

  24. Nuno Peralta says:

    Hi! I want to talk about my opinion: i don’t like that we can’t move all bars… the adress bar can’t be moved, the links bar can’t be moved to same bar of favorites button… and… the protocol "view-source"??? i love this protocol… :S… look: the infinity security yellow bars… GRRRRR!! Please!! Noooo!! And… in my computer HTML files, i can’t see AJAX javascripts… why?? (in net files i can see, but in personal files i can’t!).. so… thanks!! Bye, good luck!

  25. Nuno Peralta says:

    Ah.. sorry… but… the BASE tag doesn’t exist anymore?? Bye, again! πŸ˜› sorry the bad english!

  26. AT Seril says:

    Today I’ve installed your Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2.

    Well, it looks like you just copied the AOL Explorer,

    but your browser looks ugly, unlike AOL.

    Especially when

    – the main menu is NOT cleartyped and

    the content of the browser is ALWAYS cleartyped;

    – some pages, those looked properly in IE6, now

    are displaying incorrect;

    – not posible to change tabs order;

    – this small tab to open a new one is really killing me…

    – it’s interesting whose idea was to put the main menu

    (File/Edit/View/…/Help) between Back/Forward and Add to Favorites buttons;

    – buttons Back/Forward look ugly on Luna theme;

    – not possible to add/remove buttons (eg History/New Tab/Home/Mail) on the toolbar;

    – it’s not worth to wait such a long time for your browser.

    Sorry guys, but you have to learn more from Opera, Firefox teams…

  27. microzila says:

    some wonderfull brainstorming here and it is a good idea to be a member of opera and firefox comunitys to hear the latest grumbleing

  28. Garry Trinder says:

    I do have a Toshiba, actually – I have the Tecra M4 tablet.  And an iPod, as I’ve mentioned on my own blog before (

    I think I was the first to point out Cyra’s perfectly-placed Diet Pepsi can in the photo.  

  29. ieblog says:

    You have a blog? πŸ™‚

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  30. Adrian Jones says:


    Great to see the transcript of the IE7 development team.. however when are you going to release versions supporting Server 23 Sp2 and also terminal server ?

    Very important as we move towards thin client computing …

    Sooner Full release would be good too !!


  31. Brian Morgan says:

    hay  where you receve that IE7 sticker, I would like  some for my laptop and car.

  32. Brian Morgan says:

    hay  where you receve that IE7 sticker, I would like  some for my laptop and car.

  33. __hAl__ says:

    [quote]Dave Massy (Moderator):

    Q: Firefox has built up quite a community of extension developers, are you looking at doing something similar for IE? Any developer and support programs in place?

    A: There are lots of extensions available for IE and as part of our work on IE7 we are going to make them more discoverable. To develop extensions see the documentation on MSDN[/quote]

    Interesting. Is this simular like a website as ? (which I do not particularly like) of more like: (which is a lot better but probably still rooom for improvement)

    Do you need featurerequests on it ? (if so give us a global idea of what you are thinking of doing)

  34. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Adrian: I believe the Beta-2 release for Windows 2003SP1 will occur simultaneously with the XPSP2 release.  It’s what I’m running today.

    @John: We may remove the SV1, but it’s a low-priority bug.  Scripts that expect SV1 to mean "XPSP2" are already broken, since SV1 is sent by Win2k3 SP1 as well.  A well-written user-agent script should account for the browser’s major version as well, and it’s strange to think that someone might give the "SV1" more credence than the browser major version.

    @Nuno: IE still supports the BASE tag.  See for correct usage information.

  35. Michael Ward says:

    The IE team look almost human in that photo… but I notice the devil horns have been airbrushed out!

    BTW, should Bill or any of the other big guys ever decide to stop IE development again then, assuming web browsers are still relevant, I trust that you’ll all move underground (literally?) and carry on developing.

    BTW, how difficult is/was it to bend the IE codebase in a more standards based direction when it was developed without current standards support in mind? (in that the current codebase dates back to 4.0 if I’m correct)

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