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There are two posts on the RSS team blog about the use of the Simple List Extensions, which have been implemented by IE7 and the Windows RSS Platform.

The first is Simple List Extensions in action, and it shows examples of live sites (like, eBay and Yahoo) using the RSS extensions to add sorting and filtering capabilities to their feeds.

The second is a longer post on Understanding Lists and SLE, which explains why RSS list feeds are useful and how they work (with diagrams!).

Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments.

 - Sean

Comments (20)

  1. Grant Hughes says:

    I keep getting a 404 error on all but the Simple List Extension specification page.

  2. ieblog says:

    Try going to them from the blog entry and not from an RSS view…

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  3. kL says:

    Oh, why RSS? It’s a poor standard abandoned by it’s creators.

    Maybe you could get involved in development of Atom? That could help push better technology instead of keeping alive and twisting old protocol.

  4. rss says:


    The SLE extensions work equally well in Atom (or RSS 1.0, for that matter).

    For what it’s worth, the RSS standard may not be advanced any further, but people are still using it it in droves.

    At the end of the day, users shouldn’t have to care what format a publisher chooses to use, so we support all formats.

    – Sean [MSFT]

  5. While I’m a Firefox user I like the fact that you guys took the (what five minutes?) to ensure that the feed’s title is the default name of the feed when bookmarked.

    Firefox fans should vote for this bug…

    Firefox fans following IE’s development should also spend some time voting on some bugs that should have been fixed a couple years ago…

    I’ve not spent any time on CSS in regards to XML/RSS but if styling information is associated with an RSS feed would IE display it instead of what I’m seeing by default?

    Thanks for the post Sean.

  6. Sam Ruby says:

    re: or RSS 1.0, for that matter

    Not quite.  As this data is in RDF/XML format, it can’t be included in RSS 1.0.

    I have a question.  Over time various mechanisms have been set up to provide feedback on this extension: a wiki, a mailing list, and various blogs.  Each time, I’ve tried posting to each without success.  What’s the best way to raise questions?

    I’m particulary interested in where cf:type, cf:id, and cf:read are documented.

    I also am interested in knowing if cf:sort is meant to apply pre- or post- normalization.

  7. Xepol says:

    Personally, I find the RSS features to be a little lame.  I have to visit the RSS feed section to see if anything has changed..

    Then, if something HAS been highlighted, I gotta go dig to see if something has been highlighted.  If I want to reread something, it better not be a busy rss feed or it may well scroll right off.

    Frankly, the RSS feature turned out just as I predicted.  Totally useless.

    Just talk the RSS Bandit people into a bundling deal and have a REAL rss feed reader, throw out the poor excuse for the RSS reader that currently exists. Which is really just a kludge of an older "update offline webpages" feature no-one ever used combined with a style sheet.

    Frankly, you should all be embarrassed for trying to pass this off as anything other than an wasted afternoon’s efforts.

  8. Mike says:

    I agree, the IE7 beta RSS feature is just ridiculous, unusable. There’s no "Refresh All" button, it refused to update the slashdot feed, even when i went to the rss file and hit Ctrl+F5.

  9. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Xepol: From the comment you left, I’m getting the impression that you haven’t looked into everything that the Windows RSS platform will offer.  I think you’ll be surprised at the number of features it will offer, and the ability of third-parties to use the platform in useful ways.

  10. ANT says:


    While surfing mainly on forums, the back button doesn’t work properly or

    even sometimes doesn’t work at all (always grayed)

    but you must be aware of that 🙂

  11. Lordmike says:

    Who is making IE for pocketpc? If not you guys, then do you know what blog I can turn to?

    I use Windows Mobile 5. 🙂

  12. ieblog says:


    Yes we know about the issue but you should go to the IE Feedback site that I blogged about recently if you want to search on known bugs.


    The mobile group does the IE for the PocketPC. The IE team is not involved in it. As far as I know, they don’t have a blog.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  13. carloshm says:

    maybe you can find information at and at

  14. carloshm says:

    maybe you can find information at and at

  15. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @carloshm: Thanks for the link!

  16. Albert G says:

    RSS is an old standard, yes.

    I know that maybe it’s quite old-fashioned, but it’s a good idea imho.

  17. rssreader says:

    Why am I getting this error:

    Internet Explorer does not support feeds with DTDs.

    Seems very fishy that the feeds on VMWare corporate site all have this error.

  18. Jack Bauer says:

    > Seems very fishy that the feeds on VMWare corporate site all have this error.

    Hmmm yes, it’s a conspiracy.

    …or maybe all the feeds simply have DTDs which IE7 doesn’t support?

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