New IE7 Build Available from MIX06!

Today is the first day of the MIX06 conference. Internet Explorer team members are presenting this week on much of the work we've done for IE7. As part of the conference, we're handing out the "Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit" on CD. This toolkit has a roll up of the IE7 information we've published previously and some new features for those attending MIX06.

One of the other items on the CD is an updated build of IE7 for MIX06. This is build 5335 of IE7. In order to give something to those of you who didn't attend the conference and to address concerns or bugs that have been reported, we've made an updated IE7 build available to the public. This is actually an update from the build we put on the CD for the conference so it is the most up to date build available anywhere. It is build 5335.5 and it is now available for download at This build is for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and shows the current state of IE7.


When installing it, you'll want to uninstall your previous IE7 builds. To uninstall an IE7 build:

  • Click "Start," and then click "Control Panel."
  • Click "Add or Remove Programs."
  • Check "Show Updates" at the top of the dialog box.
  • Scroll down the list to "Windows XP - Software Updates," select "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview," and then click "Change/Remove."

If "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview" does not exist, run %windir%$NtUninstallie7b2pmx$spuninstspuninst.exe (where %windir% is your home Windows directory). You will need to have "view hidden folders" enabled.

In the rare circumstances where you cannot find that directory and IE7 is not listed in the Control Panel, IE7 setup automatically creates a system restore point before making any changes. Use System Restore to restore your computer back to your original install point. This is not 100% effective so please back up important documents prior to using System Restore.


As with the Beta 2 Preview, we are very interested in feedback and bug reports for any issues found using it. Please feel free to utilize any of the following feedback mechanism to send us your feedback.

  • Beta Client Bug Reporting Tool – You may install the Microsoft Beta Client Tool, which will help you fill out a bug report and include important logs and machine information to help us investigate a problem. This is the preferred way to report any issues that you run into with the new build.
  • IE Public Newsgroup – You may post any questions or problems to the microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general newsgroup, either through a newsgroup reader or on the Microsoft Discussion Groups site.
  • Email – You may send feedback and bugs to and it will be given to IE team members to review and act upon.

Other Information Links for IE7

The following three links are good places to go for more information about IE7.

Enjoy the new build!

 - Al Billings

Update: Fixed uinstall path directory name...

Comments (267)

  1. TJ says:

    The download on the IE7 page is still the January version!

  2. Blair says:

    Where can I find information about what is new in this build?

  3. TiTi says:

    After trying to test this beta, I remembered that Firefox doesn’t require Windows Genuine Advantage to install.

  4. ieblog says:


    We’ve followed the same links that you would use and extracted the files locally. We’ve confirmed that the bits up on the website are the March 20 bits. Please try again.


    Well, the build is being discussed at MIX06. We expect to say more about it during the course of this week. You should expect that we’ll discuss it more here as well.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  5. TJ says:

    Thanks. It is the new version now. Must have updated in the last half an hour. Looks like the web site was updated for the new version before the download was ready.

  6. Saeed says:

    Sadly i fall into the 3rd category as there appears to be no link to uninstall from Add/Rem programs and the run command errors out as well. Im not too keen on running system restore sice i have made many changes to the system .

    Any other tricks to uninstall old build?

  7. ieblog says:


    Other than making sure that you have selected the box for showing updates on add/remove programs, system restore is the only option.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  8. Is there a changelog for this release?

  9. There is an updated IE7 Beta 2 Preivew. Go get it!Also go visit the IE blog entry on the release.


  10. ieblog says:


    Not at this time. Since we released the initial Beta 2 Preview, there has been a large amount of work done in the codebase. Some things will be highlighted at MIX06 but there is no overall changelog available.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  11. Saeed says:

    Al Billings [MSFT],

    Yes i did check the show updates. Also made sure to select show hidden/sys files.

    A little history:

    I did see the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview button under add/rem and upon clicking it, i was prompted that this program no longer exists would you like to remove this icon from this list.

    So i moved to second remove option which didn’t work either.

    Manually browsed to %windir%$NtUninstallie7bet2p$ but the folder doesn’t exist.

    I doubt the sys restore option would work for me since i had it disabled.

  12. PatriotB says:

    "Internet Explorer Beta 2 Preview – released on March 20"

    Here’s to hoping future betas/previews have a bit more sensable naming scheme.


    "Beta 2 preview = Beta 1.5"

    "Beta 2 Preview – released on March 20 = Beta 1.6"

  13. Shawn Oster says:

    I’m in the same boat as Saeed.  No add/remove entry and no $NtUninstallie7bet2$ folder.  Did a full search as well and show hidden files is turned on.

    I also have System Restore disabled.  It’s one of the first things I disable when I reinstall my computer (maybe I’m just too trusting that way ๐Ÿ™‚

    What would prevent that folder from being created?  Would it help if we had a link to the old one and tried to install that?  I know some MSI stuff prompts you with the "Remove/Repair" dialog when you re-run the setup.

  14. Charlie Wood says:

    When I try to access a password-protected feed (Basic HTTP Authentication) with IE7b2 Preview (March 20) I get a messaging saying "Internet Explorer does not support feeds with passwords."

    Is this a temporary situation? Is this related to IE7 or the Windows RSS Platform? I ask because the user-agent for the requests in question is "Windows RSS Platform/1.0 (MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)"

    Will the shipping version of IE7 and the Windows RSS Platform support password-protected (and SSL-encrypted) feeds?

  15. Maarten says:

    I also have the problems Saeed is addressing. No system restore enabled here either.

    Now what? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. FusionGuy says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a function that allows one to open links in a new tab by right-clicking on the link and selected "Open in new tab"

    Would it also be too much to request that the tabs be movable like those in Firefox?

  17. rss says:


    Unfortunately, the Windows RSS Platform and IE7 will not support authenticated feeds in this release. This has always been the case — we just added the error message in the March 20th update.

    There is one exception: We do support NTLM or Kerberos authentication using implicit credentials (i.e. the login credentials of the user). This type of authentication is common within corporate intranets and so is meant for use in that environment.

    However, we *do* support SSL encrypted feeds.

    – Sean

  18. soap bowl says:

    must give this ago, im sure the few minutes it will take me to figure out how to get it running will be worth it.

  19. Just done some checking on CSS attributes I noticed were missing last time, and I’m very happy that some of them have been addressed – most notably, min- and max- height/width! Very welcome news.

    In the very rudimentary testing I’ve done, I see that you now support all selectors (at least to some degree). Again, congratulations!

    What I’ve noticed is still lacking are the following:

    :after and :before pseudo-classes

    outline and content properties

    display: table (-cell, -row, etc) properties

    Is there any chance these will be implemented before the full release?

    None of these are very critical, certainly not compared to getting the selectors in, but they would be nice – especially ‘outline’.

    Anyway, don’t want to end on a negative note, so congratulations on the work so far.

  20. ieblog says:


    We allow the opening of links in new tabs in that manner.

    For the others that cannot uninstall and turned off system restore,

    There is no magic solution here. System restore is the only option outside of reinstalling Windows XP (a clean install, not a repair) in these circumstances.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  21. ieblog says:


    To my knowledge, we are platform complete for this release. That means that these will probably not be available. I’ll defer to Chris Wilson or one of the CSS guys answering on this though.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  22. aapje says:

    I like the progress on the feeds section. White is much cleaner and refreshing is very easy now.

    One bug, you cannot remove a bookmarkfolder on rightclicking it and selecting delete.

    Also, I very dislike all the buttons having a tabindex (i.e. tabbing from the adress bar to the searchbar first selects the refresh button).

  23. Thomas Tallyce says:

    Well done, and thanks for making this release public. I think we all recognise that an enormous amount of refactoring work must have gone into this.

  24. G.T says:

    Uninstalled IE 7 Beta 2 and installed that beta 20Mar, and now IE crashes every couple of minutes.

    Then try to uninstall it, but the uninstall files are not there, I tried to use the installer, and the installer cannot uninstall, I looked for the uninstaller in windows, but that damn thing is not there, the uninstall folder is not there, and the restore point is disabled.

    What kind of stupidity is that, the installed cannot uninstall the product, ok, now what, format the machine?

  25. Elliot says:

    Nice, accessing favourites is much faster.

  26. Charlie Wood says:


    When you say, "the Windows RSS Platform and IE7 will not support authenticated feeds in this release," by "this release" do you mean the Beta 2 Preview, or the shipping version?



  27. G.T. says:

    on, not mad any more, was able to uninstall

    this path is wrong


    the folder name is wrong, missing an x from the folder name

  28. Comme annoncé sur le blog de la team Internet Explorer, à l’occasion du Mix 06 une nouvelle version…

  29. ieblog says:

    Thanks, G.T., I’ll update the link.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  30. BetaTestPig says:

    This build is poor quality.  Cannot open more than 4 tabs, switching between tabs forces flickering in the entire UI, random crashes and poor performance with recovering saved passwords.

  31. ieblog says:


    I must reply with the classic tester quip: It works fine on my machine.

    Seriously though, is there anything unusual about your configuration. Do you have special addons installed, etc?

    Charlie Wood,

    You ask:

    > When you say, "the Windows RSS Platform and IE7 will not support authenticated feeds in this release," by "this release" do you mean the Beta 2 Preview, or the shipping version?

    "This release" means IE7.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  32. Saeed says:

    [quote]"For the others that cannot uninstall and turned off system restore, There is no magic solution here. System restore is the only option outside of reinstalling Windows XP (a clean install, not a repair) in these circumstances."[/quote]

    Would you speculate for me plz if the final release will require uninstalling the beta preview or will it be able to install over what im unable to get rid of.

    I guess what im asking is: Is windows re-install inevitable? Either i do it now or later when the final is released…

    Note to self: Avoid betas even if they are CTP.

  33. TJ says:

    Love the new build! I see some nice touches in the UI (ex. tab bar 3D look, drop down menus re-organized, help text in a new tab, etc.). Seems to launch faster AND display web pages faster! Great work! Look forward to exploring more, can’t wait for the final release!

    Also, as I see some that are experiencing problems, word to the wise, backup your data when installing new software (beta or not) or use a test machine (real or virtual)! Or be prepared to wipe your system and re-install. No problems for me since the Jan. build of IE7 on a clean system! Stay clean and good luck!

  34. Justin says:

    For those that are having trouble uninstalling and have a second computer in the house … just copy the full directory — %windir%$NtUninstallie7b2pmx$ — from that computer to your other computer.  It worked for me (just transferred from the laptop to the desktop).

    Hope it helps!

  35. Saeed says:

    Justin, now thats a creative idea !! Im gonna hunt me a $NtUninstallie7b2pmx$ directory.

  36. Charlie Wood says:

    Sean, Al:

    Thanks. Bizarre. But thanks.


  37. Great job guys!!  I had the oppertunity to meet with Dave last week in Redmond, so I was excited to see this was public now.  And .. since I have to say it ๐Ÿ˜›   Any word on a Windows Server 2003 SP1 drop?  The 5259 build that us MVPs are using is a bit dated ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Patrick Elliott

    MVP – Windows Server System – File/Storage

  38. Saeed says:

    redxii dont go to sites that require a zillion "OK" clicks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. AJO says:

    Some nice improvements on the GUI. However loading a site takes longer then it used to with the previous build. I.e. freezes my IE completely when I do a find before the page has been loaded.

  40. ieblog says:


    Unfortunately, given constraints in time and what-not, the Server version will have to wait until Beta 2 but that isn’t that long away now.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  41. ieblog says:

    Remember: Swearing in your comment will get it deleted, as will attacking people.

    Appearances aside, we aren’t dumb so putting ** in the middle of a word doesn’t make it not swearing when it is a swear word.

    Let’s keep it somewhat clean around here.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  42. Thanks Al — I am only running the older build I mentioned on a couple of machines, and haven’t had anything major (aside from formatting issues that the previous xpsp2 build cleared up)  — I can wait ๐Ÿ™‚

    Patrick Elliott [MVP]

    Windows Server System – File/Storage

  43. tomek says:

    I got problems with unistalling too because previous beta 2 installer failed halfway through the process due to Zone Alarm Pro (I accidently didn’t allow it to run some prog the installer requested on next restart) plus I’d turned off system restore. This way I could neither unisntall the beta nor install it again. Anyway, a glimpse at update.inf enabled me to proceed by deleting one registry key and renaming iexplore.exe file in program files/internet explorer. Take a look at the section and you will be able to do the same:






       NotPresentOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"SoftwareMicrosoftUpdatesWindows XPSP%SERVICE_PACK_NUMBER%%SP_SHORT_TITLE_BETA2%",,0x10001









    Hope it helps.

  44. Samuel says:

    I was about to download the newest built until I read in the release notes:

    OS Updates–If you upgrade the Microsoft Windows XPSP2 Operating System, you can no longer run Internet Explorer 7. The workaround is to remove Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview, install operating system updates, and then reinstall Internet Explorer.

    Why is this the case? Does this have to do with IE 6 updates? This is the only thing stoping me from using this on my main machine.

    P.S. I know it’s a beta so please nobody remind me.

  45. redxii says:


    when are you going to get rid of activex control activation?

  46. Bill says:

    Does this build have the same issue with Norton Internet Security and Mcafee, where there will be a white blank page when the program is launched.

  47. Milo says:

    I don’t mind that sites on our LAN (10.1.1.*) are put in the Internet Zone.  But I don’t like that the Phishing Filter pretends to know that our sites aren’t safe.  Is there a reason why the Phishing Filter should even apply to private IPs?

  48. ieblog says:


    It isn’t a "whatever." Swearing at people in the blog isn’t acceptable. This has always been a policy here. We want to maintain a positive environment for both customers (that is you) and for those of us who blog (which is me and the others). It is hard to work together if people start behaving badly towards one another.

    In regards to your ActiveX question, we have no plans to get rid of it. It is there to stay.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  49. Moonwatcher says:

    After all, an RSS reader without support for feeds with passwords would be like a, well, like a web browser without support password-protected pagesno eBay, no Amazon, no Netflix, no, uh, Hotmail. Ridiculous, right? I decided to make sure.

  50. ieblog says:


    I read 164 feeds via a feed aggregator (some of them I read once a week but you know…). None of my feeds require any authentication to read. Very few feeds do.

    I believe that this was a tradeoff for implementing an entirely new platform for others to use on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  51. Gans says:

    AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 7.0.5335.5 ModName: mshtml.dll

    ModVer: 7.0.5335.5 Offset: 000d7713

    Of course there are bugs–it’s a beta preview. However, this one is like a crash happy psychopath compared to the last build.

  52. U. Claus says:

    can anybody confirm that IE developer toolbar freezes the new IE7_build?

  53. As part of our presence and activities for the MIX06 conference that kicked off this morning in Las…

  54. Ron says:

    Isn’t 11MB a bit large? Will this be smaller for the final release?

  55. JRosenfeld says:

    Just installed new build. Install went fine.

    I noticed that in add/remove IE beta 2 preview now appears as itself, under IE not in the list of Windows updates.

    Help and support can now access MS knowledge base, and its interl links work. Thank you for fixing that.

    However, as with the previous build my cookies folder does not show the cookies as .txt files, instead it replicates the contents of my Temporary Internet Files folder. The same contents are also displayed in the following 4 folders (making 6 folders in all with the same content!):

    C:Documents and SettingsLocalServiceCookies

    C:Documents and SettingsLocalServiceLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5

    C:Documents and SettingsNetworkServiceCookies

    C:Documents and SettingsNetworkServiceLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files

    I expect that if I use CCleaner or Index.dat suite to clear my contents.ie5 index.dat file that I will lose all my saved cookies, as with previous build. That is a nuisance.

    Is this by design or a not yet fixed bug?

  56. Dave Massy says:

    U. Claus,

    Yes. The current developer toolbar does not work in this latest build of IE7. We are working to make a newer build of the developer toolbar available that fixes this issue. It should be available in a few days.



  57. Sean G says:

    hey i had the older build of IE 7 and uninstalled it and went to install the new build and halfway through the installation i got this error:

    Error loading C:WINDOWSsystem32msfeeds.dll

    The specified procedure could not be found.

    and the install failed and i don’t know how to get around this to install the new beta.

  58. U. Claus says:


    Thank you, Dave.

  59. jace says:

    @ Al Billings:

    Thanks for trying to keep the comments clean. It is greatly appreciated.

    Also, this build shows lower memory usage than the previous one which seems like an improvement to me.

    Also, I love the startup speed. It’s great.


  60. Travis says:

    I have the same problem as Sean G… msfeeds.dll

    now it won;t install?

  61. OPC Diary says:

    IEBlog : New IE7 Build Available from MI…

  62. ieblog says:


    This is covered in the FAQ from the Beta 2 Preview that we put up before.

    Take a look at

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  63. Shawn Oster says:

    <quote poster="Al Billings [MSFT]">In regards to your ActiveX question, we have no plans to get rid of it. It is there to stay.</quote>

    Glad to hear it!  We have some pretty advanced functionality that only an ActiveX + Intranet can give us and we’d hate to have to rewrite.  Plus we are finally getting clients to understand that no, ActiveX controls aren’t evil when they’ve been properly signed.

    Now if only I can get this puppy off my machine to test out the new bits ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I’m at Mix06. Here’s a quick hit – from the IE team:&amp;nbsp;’New IE7 Build Available at Mix06′

    &quot;It is…

  65. Bryan says:

    Where oh were is is the ‘up one directory’ button?

    Please bring it back! (Even if it’s just one of the buttons we can add via ‘customize the toolbar’).

    Thanks for great work otherwise.

  66. Garry Trinder says:

    Peter Gasston,

    the CSS features you were asking about will not be in IE7.

    -Chris Wilson

  67. cooperpx says:

    I’ve installed the new build in my xp home licensed (vmware) VM. It went smoothly, however, I’m noticing different behavior from the two builds within seconds.

    – improper cascades being applied (specifically ‘background’)

    – seeing ‘1px dashed borders’ in some places where ‘dotted’ is expected and seen on like pages (same set of css)

    – seeing some new weird double scroll bar (vert and horiz) behavior on overflow (admittedly, this is coming from a javascript min-width hack based on ems)

    – dynamically resizing an iframe with 100% width elements is causing a scrollbar (where none should be)

    – my wanted digest auth fix isn’t in yet

    I wish I had cloned my VM prior to installing (was too excited). It’s a bitch re-installing the old build. Good thing I know about setting the date backwards on the machine! That’s a nice little tidbit of useful info!

    Anyhow, good luck with MIX06! Keep up the progress ~ you must break stuff before you can fix it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll look into making test suites, but my test environment can’t be shared with the outside.

  68. redxii says:

    You do know that I was talking about Eolas? Nice to see some people support them too. "Glad to hear it! "

  69. blogZero says:

    For those interested in testing the latest beta build (5335.5) of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft has made it available for download. This version is actually more recent than the one distributed, demonstrated and frequently blogged about at the Mix06

  70. Chris H says:


    Having just installed the new version, I noticed that ClearType isn’t being set from the start.

    Is this a mistake in thi build, or has the IE team changed it’s mind regarding this setting?

    – Chris

  71. Travis says:

    I tried all those suggestions about msfeeds.dll and still it will not install… which is strange because the 1st preview went just fine… only this one is having problems.

  72. Travis says:

    After using this suggestion on the forum it worked:

    After trying all of the fixes in this newsgroup I finally got the problem

    fixed so I could install IE 7. Open the file "updspapi.log" in your Windows

    folder. Search for the word "error". It should find the problem such as I’ve

    listed below. In my case the problem was the giffile entry in the registry.

    Changing the permissions to "Full Control" solved the problem for me. I hope

    this works for others..

    [*****My log file error *****]

    #E008 Setting registry value HKCRgiffile

    #E033 Error 5: Access is denied.

    #E065 Parsing AddReg section [Product.Add.Reg] in

    "c:43643982ddc133a0f9245351updateupdate.inf" failed. Error 5: Access is


    #E064 Parsing install section [ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install]

    in "c:43643982ddc133a0f9245351updateupdate.inf" failed. Error 5: Access is


    #E008 Setting registry value HKCRgiffile

    #E033 Error 5: Access is denied.

    #E065 Parsing AddReg section [Product.Add.Reg] in

    "c:43643982ddc133a0f9245351updateupdate.inf" failed. Error 5: Access is


    #E064 Parsing install section [ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install]

    in "c:43643982ddc133a0f9245351updateupdate.inf" failed. Error 5: Access is


    [2006/01/31 13:10:33 612.1]"

    [*****End of My log file error *****]

  73. Blair says:

    I was surprised that the S/MIME bug with Outlook Web Access wasn’t fixed with this build.  Is this on the radar screen for the next version?  I would think you all use OWA at least as much as I do!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. William J. Edney says:

    Microsoft guys –

    First of all, excellent work!!! I think you made the right choice on implementing fewer features, but fixing more bugs.

    So, now’s the time to go to all of these excellent web sites, like, and test and fix *all* of the bugs you find there. I’m not concerned that you didn’t do absolutely everything in CSS2.1. What I am concerned about right now is that you test the crap out of this thing and fix every darned bug you can find.

    I think I speak for a lot of the developers up here (at least the ones I know) in saying that we don’t care if this product ships early – in fact, hold the darned thing until you fix every bug you can possibly stand.

    You have a prime opportunity here in that its been so long since an IE release, the upgrade ‘uptake’ will be huge amongst the installed base. Better *right* than *early*.

    PLEASE! Test, test, test… fix, fix, fix.

    Thanks again for the *excellent* work.


    – Bill

  75. Gans says:

    Can you please resupply the first public preview.  This one crashes like every other webpage it seems and I can’t stand it. However, the last build was great in the stability aspect.

  76. codemastr says:

    At time, the "Classic Menu" i.e. standard menu that MS refuses to allow to act like a standard menu, is completely broken. Each word on the menu appears gray and is unclickable.

    The command bar is still broken, it always shows N-1 icons, the Nth icon ALWAYS appears in a chevron… why wasn’t that fixed?

    Maybe I’m missing it, but what did you guys fix since the beta 2 preview? I notice that there is now a 4th GUI style, the drop down for the Quick Tabs doesn’t match any other drop down is IE7… do you guys not understand ui consistency? We now have the blue back/forward buttons (which still give no indication of being pressed), the refresh/stop buttons that don’t match them at all, the rest of the buttons following the standard XP style, the Quick Tabs with it’s own drop down style, and even non-standard tabs… COME UP WITH A GUI DESIGN!

    I’ve really tried not to criticize too much, I like IE, but it seems like you guys are just ignoring us when we give UI suggestions. I still can’t customize the toolbars/menus the way I want, I still can’t reorganize tabs, etc… PLEASE come up with a UI that is what the *users* (remember, it’s USER interface) want. I’m not asking for any rigid thing that conforms to what only I want, I’m asking for configurability. Why do you guys insist on ignoring this?

  77. MusK says:

    Hi! Who should I write to, so You guys could know that Internet Explorer 7 (at least beta 2 preview) is slower than IE6? I like it but the speed of opening few (3-5) new tabs takes too long on my PIII 550MHz (512MB RAM)… The speed of loading web pages is fine (faster than the other browsers) but overall performace isn’t that good.

    What’s the recommeded system requirements (hardware, ie. CPU, RAM) for Internet Explorer 7?

  78. Ian O says:

    To those complaining wildly about uninstall issues: this always winds me up. I know why people get annoyed when Windows gets trashed, but this is still BETA software and carries a stated risk.  

    If everything was finished with 100% certainty and no-one was hitting any issues and snags,  then the thing would be out of beta and in final release, wouldn’t it! Some machines are still going to be crashed at this point.

    I’ll surely get flamed for this, but really, if you can’t or won’t use System Restore, or you can’t or won’t use an alternative backup method, what the heck are you doing running Beta release software?  Respectfully, it is intended for folks with the skill to solve problems and/or who can carry the risk and live with – or solve – the possible outcomes of a failure. The release blurb clearly states not to use this software on a critical machine.

    I think that a repair install of XP *might* help you guys out.

    Apart from some remaining dialer issues, my testing of IE7 is going well. Some of my early issues were actually a case of "read the instructions better" (manage add-ons particularly).  

    I like it!  Good work and thanks.  I’m a Firefox fan, but IE7 is turning out very nicely indeed.

  79. IQ70 says:

    Forward/Backward buttons on yahoo are broken.

    I can browse the whole news section on yahoo and the fwd/back buttons do not un-gray.

    what gives?

  80. Shawn Oster says:

    To Ian O:

    No one here is complaining about not being able to uninstall beta 2, we’re just asking questions.  I don’t see any flames, trolls, rants or whines about uninstalls.  I see honest questions giving little or no grief.  Typing a command into the Run dialog is still faster than doing a restore, re-image or even rolling back a VM so why not ask in a friendly way if there might be something else to try?

    Honestly I think it’s you that needs to calm down a bit and not take such an aggresive attitude, life’s short.

  81. anphanax says:


    What’s that o_O? It appeared in the address bar at one point, during my "testing" (which yielded several crashes, no idea what caused them).

  82. Saeed says:

    Ian O, Lord of the Obvious, Yes we are dumb users who didn’t know it was BETA yet had the nerve to post on a BETA blog.

    However what u seem to be forgetting is that the dev team here is asking for suggestions and bug reports. To me, this is a bug, if i cant uninstall an old beta to upgrade to a newer build. Its a bug if the beta is so badly integrated into the OS that there the last fail-safe to remove is to depend on a service like Sys Restore. Thats not an uninstall routine. Im surprised you have the nerve to bash people reporting bugs in a beta (a CTP beta for that) mr LotO.

    I think IE team is doing great, i use both Firefox and IE and both have unique qualities of their own.

  83. jace says:

    Ok, this is odd:

    I can ctrl-click the Home icon to get it to open in a new tab, something I could not do in the last preview.

    However, I cannot middle-click to do the same thing, is this a feature or a bug?


  84. game kid says:

    Now New York Times and digg RSS feeds work (SWEET!).  Also, Digg’s front page shows correctly, but comment and user pages are even more mangled (notice the odd tab layouts in  the pages).

    Also: Click on my name, zoom the page to a level besides 100%, then move the mouse over a link.  Those are big layout errors, and text in non-100% zoom is still badly spaced (compare to Opera 9’s latest preview which spaces zoomed text perfectly).

    Other than those, good work so far.

  85. game kid says:

    jace: "I can ctrl-click the Home icon to get it to open in a new tab, something I could not do in the last preview.

    However, I cannot middle-click to do the same thing, is this a feature or a bug?"

    Ctrl-click is a nice feature; lack of middle-click is something every button has there.

    Middle-click-to-new-tab actually would be nice on the Home button!

  86. game kid says:

    No, I take that back, Digg RSS DOES NOT work yet.

  87. slim says:

    "After trying to test this beta, I remembered that Firefox doesn’t require Windows Genuine Advantage to install."

    wouldnt be a problem if you werent a pirate

  88. Jim says:

    Hey guys,

    Before I install this, can someone tell me if it’s going to blow away my feed store I’ve already built up?


  89. Joe Manco says:

    Not like this is critical, but running across a few Myspace (I dont like the site…) profiles and hovering over the pictures and hyperlinks causes everything to go whacky (blink really quick)…never did that in any other build…

  90. Yagermeister says:

    Same problem trying uninstall previous preview as the others…Same issue we had when trying to uninstall in the last round.

    No uninstall files, system restore doesn’t go all the way back to when I installed the last build and yes, I removed the entry from add/remove but it did nothing…it just refreshed and was gone…a little too quick to be uninstalled ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Al, please send us some relief ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Fresh from the IEBlog (full post here):

    One of the other items on the CD is an updated build of IE7…

  92. codemastr says:

    With just *2* tabs open, IE7 is currently using 75MB of RAM! That seems a bit excessive to me.

  93. Khaki says:

    I had the same problem as Travis while trying to install the new build. None of the suggestions on the beta 2 FAQ worked so I tried Travis’ method with looking through the logfile. Mine said:

    #E008 Setting registry value HKCR.applicationbootstrap

    #E033 Error 5: Access is denied.

    I’ll try changing this to full control and will post back if it still doesn’t work…

  94. jace says:

    Very informal testing shows IE using 2 – 4 MB LESS RAM on two completely different desktop computers.

    Sames sites used in Before/After tests.

    Not very scientific, just interesting.

  95. Brian Moura says:

    Tried the March 20, 2006 IE 7 Beta 2 Preview build.  Same problem as before.  Doesn’t complete setup – dies after MSFEEDS.DLL stage.

  96. jace says:

    Forgot to mention that I was comparing the previous public preview with today’s in my before/after scenarios…

  97. Jack says:

    I’m one of the few who have problems uninstalling beta 2. There is no Internet Explorer entry in Add/Remove Programs even after enabling Show Updates. Also, %windir%$NtUninstallie7b2pmx$spuninstspuninst.exe doesn’t exist. It has been suggested that using uninstall routines from another computer with IE7b2 will work. Will anyone please post it so that the unfortunate among us can download and use it?

  98. Gans says:

    Um all I’ve heard about this browser from other blogs is that it crashes every other webpage. Why isn’t this being brought up? Can this be fixed?

  99. jc says:

    "Forward/Backward buttons on yahoo are broken.

    I can browse the whole news section on yahoo and the fwd/back buttons do not un-gray."

    I have the same problem, and it’s not just yahoo. Do a search on google, scroll down and click on "next" a few times. Now click the back button.

    Is there any chance of adding a drop down arrow for the search box?

    What is "belo interactive"?

  100. Satisfy Me says:

    As noted on the&amp;nbsp;IE Blog&amp;nbsp;today and across the web,&amp;nbsp;the Internet Explorer Beta 2 Preview…

  101. Tihiy says:

    Make PLEASE a choice if we want new tabs to open in last tab instead of next tab.

  102. Bill Gates kicked off the MIX 06 conference today in Las Vegas with his keynote. Some of the goodies…

  103. war59312 says:


    Dang this mug crashes (IE just completely closes)when middle clicking a link, almost every time. ๐Ÿ™

    And no errors or anything reported in the event viewer. ๐Ÿ™

    I also got the darn feeds.dll error once again. It needs to be fixed asap. :p Again I fixed using regmon and monitoring for access denied errors.

    Have to click roboform’s buttons twice. ๐Ÿ™

    So going to bug a few. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take Care,


  104. Disappointed says:

    I hope you ARE going to fix the amateurish looking back/forw-buttons and the "new tab"-button?

    Or is it just me? I think that anyone who has ever tried to make buttons for their website at some point has designed someting that looks just like those back/forw-buttons, but then discarded the design and went on.

    The "new tab" button looks like a left over from a failed VB-project. Please, please do something, otherwise people who don’t care that much about the technology will go to Firefox or Opera.

    Also the unability to move around or add/remove buttons is really annoying.

  105. Vasil Dinkov says:

    I am more than happy you have fixed the problems related to the display of lists!

    You’ve done a great job!

  106. A new Beta version of IE has been released. This build is for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and shows…

  107. Dao says:

    Nice progress. Most of the issues I reported for the previous preview are fixed. But some bugs remain:

    First of all, min/max-width/height are not working properly both for my thumbnails and the enlarged images:

    (You may need to compare this to Firefox, Opera or IE6.)

    Secondly, on the same site, my PNG background is misrendered:

    Thirdly, my :hover menu is still broken:

    Last but not least, <label><input/></label> (without the ‘for’ and ‘id’ properties) is still not working.

    That’s it. I’m sending this to, too.

  108. FLT says:

    Well, I love this new release, the JS codebase has been sped up (well, more optimizations are welcome), but I CANNOT CHANGE THE LANGUAGE INSIDE textarea boxes. Well, in the url field, I can. Please fix this.

  109. IEBlog : New IE7 Build Available – v5335.5…

  110. Xepol says:

    OK, just installed, and I am looking for new things.

    1. It did NOT turn on cleartype again, I am a happy boy, thanks for respecting the fact that I turned it off.  (I’ve tried vista this weekend and I found that cleartype is a great improvement in Vista of XP, so I might run it in vista.  Must have something to do with the 3d interface)

    2. Uh, am I the only one who’s IE7 defaulted to 170% after the install?  I might have thought it was me if it was one of the "click" zoom options, but I’ve never manually set it to 170%, so…..

    3. The new page that shows up on opening a new tab -> NICE!  Can I customize it?  Can I provide a default url for new tabs?  That would be REALLY cool.

    4. My home/rss/page/tools quick launch bar is sizing properly all of a sudden. Yay! Thanks.

    5. Still hate the "its here/its gone" features like the QuickTabs, its bound to confuse people and the constantly shuffling and resizing tabbar is pretty annoying.

    6. Still hate the way the tabs keep changing size.  If I want to close 3 tabs in a row, I can’t use the mouse without moving it around a lot (ya, I can and sometimes do use ctrl-w, but sometimes I’m already holding the mouse, or leaning back reading and the mouse is the nearest thing I can grab, as I often shove my keyboard under its shelf when I’m not using it for typing)

    7.  Zooming still causes graphics in tables to get weird edges.

    Assuming I find any other changes that make me rave or rant psychotic, I’ll comment on them as I find them.

    Wish there was a changelog, then we could all give it a serious workout instead of guessing what might have changed.

  111. Xepol says:

    Oh, hey, here is one that drives me insane every dang time.

    When ever I upgrade IE, regardless of the version (ie4, 5, 6, all the 7’s), it scrambles my links toolbar order.  This is REALLY annoying.  Any chance of some real persistence for this information?  Like an XML or ini file?  Then it might even survive a system reinstall, which would be really handy too.  It takes longer to get everything back in just so than it does to install the OS.

  112. Dao says:

    Oh yes, and I still need #menu a { float: left; }. Otherwise the menu gets completely srewed up. I just disabled this rule for IE7 (thanks to * html) so you can discover the defect.

  113. Michael says:

    I was under the impression that the bug about ClearType always being used in OE, regardless of the IE setting, had been fixed.

    Doesn’t look that way, though, so – was I mistaken, or did you simply forget to use that fix when compiling? (like a missing define or something…)

  114. Norberto says:

    Hi, on last previous build of Beta2 IE7 the autodiscovery for search providers work fine with this site:

    But now, in the new Monday 20 Beta 2 release the site is right detected but when we go to add the site to the list of search providers, IE7 responds with a message box saying "Internet Explorer does not support this type of search provider…"

  115. Steve Walker says:

    I had a major problem installing the new version (msfeeds.dll), but the tif registry setting was not the problem, it was .application.  The key is to look at updspapi.log (thanks Travis). It’s a beta and I can handle a few glitches.  

    Everything is working fine.  My major request is the ability to move/customize all of the toolbars and to put the stop and refresh button next to the page navigation buttons (or the freedom to move them)

    Kudos to the IE team!

  116. Steve says:

    Al et. al…..thanks muchly! This new build is looking good.

  117. game kid says:


    After uninstalling the previous build and putting on this one, my feeds are still saved and working.

    Check the feed-update intervals, though.  I think custom intervals might be broken.

  118. Matt says:

    Nice to see max width included in the CSS.

    One thing I noticed in the new build is that floating images in a paragraph with (max)width applied now causes the following paragraph to behave as if a clear was applied to it. So if my image is particularly long I get a lot of unwanted whitespace (unlike in other browsers).

    If I apply the (max)width to a containing div instead, all is fine.

  119. john says:

    Glad to see support for min/max width/height maxing its way into IE7!! Max width seems to work. Min-height seems buggy though. Doesn’t work on

  120. Brian says:

    My zoom in the bottom right-hand corner is gone.  That left tab to preview all my open windows is gone.  I can’t even quick-key to it anymore.

    But, I can see some of the CSS problems were resolved.  I also liked the old close button that was on each tab,  sometimes I click on the tab to see what it is, then close it right away.  It was nice when my mouse was already there.

    Alos, that little star "favorites" icon is gone.  Am I the only one.  I installed the version from: 3/20/2006?

  121. Toni says:

    For some reason my last comment did not end up here, so I’m just going to list the bugs I found after just a couple minutes of testing.

    – Previous/Next do not work properly

    – Feeds do not refresh properly

    – History/Bookmarks do not always work

    – Sometimes the address bar does not respond

    – Most of web pages did not load on one session

    – Sometimes the browser freezes when closing

    – Sometimes an error message shows up after closing

    So this release does not work at all with me. I don’t believe I have any addons which would cause this.

  122. Xepol says:

    OK, there it is.  The thing that is going to make me rant psychoticly.




    I know of no person on this planet that appreciates that stupid "click" sound.  In fact, I wonder if I could start a movement to report it as malware with windows defender.


    Yes, I hate that stupid noise that much, and I really hate having to turn it off over and over and over.

  123. Xepol says:

    UH, toolbar weirdness.

    When I turn off my google toolbar, my norton toolbar turns off.  When I turn off my norton toolbar, the google toolbar turns off.

    It looks like they are cross-wired somehow, so to get the google toolbar, I have to turn on my norton toolbar.  


  124. Eric K. says:

    In the General tab of the Internet Options dialog, under Search: Add Or Remove Search Providers, clicking the Settings button displays a dialog that lists the one single search provider, MSN Search (default) and contains five buttons:  Set Default, Remove, Restore Defaults, OK, and Cancel.  Right-clicking on the list of providers does nothing.

    If this dialog is called ADD OR REMOVE SEARCH PROVIDERS, where then is the ADD functionality?

  125. Caks says:

    Is anyone else having problems with opening multiple tabs or multiple instances of this new build? Because this new build is crashing almost every time I open a new tab or instance. I don’t see how this was approved for public preview.

  126. megalo says:

    I had exactly the same problem with regular crashes when opening a second tab or window.

  127. Ryan says:

    I’m saddened to hear that the implementation of the right click/middle click on a folder on the Links toolbar will not be implemented into IE7 at all.  Was it just too hard to code this into the browser since it’s kinda is attached to the Windows Explorer?  I hope to see this in a future browser release ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. Romashkin says:

    when trying to save target as… the window of Download Master appears… not standart Windows window… why so?

  129. Romashkin says:

    when trying to save target as… the window of Download Master appears… not standart Windows window… why so?

  130. Michael says:

    I’ve noticed that if I go from one bookmark to the next, favicons do not unload properly if no icon is present on the site I go to.

    In other words:

    I click on site A in my favorites. This site has a favicon.

    I then click on site B in my favorites. This site does not have a favicon, but still displays the icon from site A.

  131. When you guys say this is "layout complete" do you mean that no more layout features will be added or that no bugs will be fixed at all?

    I ask this because this build, like the previous one, has a bug in fixed positioning which is bad enough to render fixed positioning relative to the bottom of the window *completely* useless in almost all cases. Furthermore, it’s effectively a regression from IE6 because actually *ignoring* position:fixed would be an improvement.

    The problem is that fixed positioning relative to the bottom of the viewport ignores the possibility of a horizontal scrollbar. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, no workaround is possible because the bug disappears when the window is resized, meaning that if you added extra space to go under the scrollbar, that space would actually show up when the window was resized.

    My code, which previously worked ok in all browsers, is now going to have to actively detect IE7 and turn off the fixed positioning.

    Testcase here:

    I listed three bugs in that file of which this was far and away the most significant and hardest to work around. The other two have been fixed, this one hasn’t. Go figure…

  132. ieblog says:


    Bugs will be fixed. Beta 2 isn’t even out yet and we have a final release later.

    "Layout Complete" means we expect no more changes to the platform for layout except for bug fixes.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  133. Al, thanks for responding. Very glad to hear that there will still be bugfixes – and I very much hope that the fixed positioning thing will be one of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again!

  134. Tim McGhee says:

    Thanks for the tip on uninstalling the first IE7.

    I tried the second build and it still doesn’t have graphical folders for FTP and drag-and-drop use.  It’s a shame because for system folders it actually remembers the list view, which I liked.

    This time, however, I got rid of it immediately.  IE6 works fine and actually accommodates people who use FTP.

    I really hope this neglect of a critical function like this is not a sign of things to dome.  The fancy features are nice, but if you forget the basics, then you’re forgetting people like me.


    10,516 days

  135. Kellan says:

    Tim McGhee: Start > run >

    It’s not integrated into IE, but Winkey + r is easier anyway

  136. Frank says:

    Is there finally some svg support? Please!!

  137. Gans says:

    Ok, after uninstalling Google Desktop Search, IE7 doesnt seem to be crashing anymore when I open new tabs or new windows. Coincidence or conspiracy? Muahahah

  138. Fiery Kitsune says:

    Wow… It still renders Acid2 like Opera 5 did…

  139. Fiery Kitsune says:

    BTW, can you guys add site titles to the address bar pulldown???

  140. Kiz says:

    In print preview, the number (total) of pages appears misaligned vertically.  Don’t know if this is new or not.

  141. Xepol says:

    Eric K. -> Good call, I keep forgetting to complain about that.  Definitely the "add or remove search profiles"  should ADD somehow.

    Sure, I can (and do) hack my registry, but a simple dialog would be helpful too.

  142. Mike says:


    "Layout Complete" means we expect no more changes to the platform for layout except for bug fixes"


    So by fixing bugs you mean like all the remaining rendering bugs that a web browser should not have?

    Here’s a link, perhaps you and your team should look through some of the documents filed under ‘HTML’ and ask your projectmanager for some more time and money to fix the remaining bugs in your rendering engine:

    Seriously, MS IE has caused me a lot of grieve. Where’s the accountability?

  143. ieblog says:


    Your complaint isn’t very specific though it is sarcastic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’ve been pretty clear about the level of change in IE7 and that we aren’t going to be able to be 100% compliant with this release. I’m sorry that this disappoints you but there will be future releases. We have to make trade-offs in order to ship an update to the world.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  144. Michael says:

    Alt-A opens the Favorites menu, while Alt+A opens the Favorites Center. This seems like a pretty bad choice, since it’s inconsistant with standard behavior – and it’s not helped by the fact that Alt+F correctly opens the File menu.

  145. hAl says:


    Nice of you to list the w3c site.

    However adding features or not adding features is a matter of choice (often driven by time, money and resources). Leaving out features is not the same as having bugs.

    If IE7 would claim to feature CSS 3.0 compliance then it would be very buggy indeed.

  146. GC says:

    There’s only a couple of things missing that I’d love to see.  

    1. Super-drag and drop like Maxthon has where a dropped word/phrase is searched for using the default search engine and a dropped link is opened in a new tab.

    2. Ability to set auto refreshes PER tab (by right cicking the tab) with a time I specify.  Very useful for monitoring websites.

    3. Ability to add a list of proxies like Maxthon so I can easily change them.

    Add these and I’ll have no need for Maxthon ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. Ocellated says:

    What about virus scan? I’d love to download the browser and keep testing things out, but not if I can’t even run my antivirus program…

    Any word on whether it works with this latest build?

  148. Ryan Sanders says:

    It seems that the RSS has taken a step backwards from the last beta.  The feeds don’t automatically refresh anymore.  I have to do it manually.  & when I go to the feed pages, they freeze the browser ever so often as well.

  149. megalo says:

    When Google Desktop is active, IE7 crashes every time I open a new tab or windows. When I turn GD off, everything works fine again…

    Another new feature in IE7: Googlecide!

  150. megalo says:


    Just disable web history indexing…

  151. Computer Potato says:

    Why is Direct Animation being dropped.

  152. Nice job so far. A long-standing bug with images and borders needs to be fixed. If you place a border around an image that is within an <a> it will put a padding on the bottom of a few pixels. You can bypass this by setting the image to display:block, but it’s rather annoying to have to do it when it’s not needed.

    Another thing that needs to be supported is proper handling of display:inline on list elements. When you do display:inline on list elements they should be listed horizontally without any bullets.

    Another thing that would make everyone’s life easier is to support display:table,display:table-cell,and display:table-row.

    Yet another thing that needs to be supported is generated content by the way of content: in CSS. Please support this in the final version. It’s such a useful thing in CSS not to have it supported on the most used browser.

    IE7 fixes a lot of bugs and supports a lot of new things and I congratulate you guys on that, but some crucial things in CSS2 need to be supported.

    My website demonstrates these problems that I’ve told about here. I feed the website unstyled to any version of IE below 7 because frankly the website is unusable in older versions, and I can’t afford the extra bandwidth to make the website half-way workable in IE 6 and below, but IE7 is getting better to work with.

  153. MIX06ใซไผดใ„ใ€3/20ใซๅ…ฌ้–‹ใ•ใ‚ŒใŸInternet Explorer (IE) 7ใฎๆœ€ๆ–ฐใƒ™ใƒผใ‚ฟ็‰ˆใŒไธ‹่จ˜ใฎใ‚ตใ‚คใƒˆใ‹ใ‚‰ๅ…ฅๆ‰‹ใงใใพใ™ใ€‚

  154. Francis says:

    I’ve got an error with wininet.dll since I install ie7 and no more ie even 6 since that… can’t install or uninstall anything… nothing work now, I have to use FireFox now…

  155. Gans says:

    Yes Megalo, I brought that up earlier today and I’m glad you have been able to reproduce this.  It should be looked into. And like I said….coincidence or conspiracy? 8) I hope the solution isnt to use windows desktop search.

  156. PatriotB says:

    "Why is Direct Animation being dropped."

    It’s a shame isn’t it?  DirectAnimation was way ahead of its time.  Unfortunately, due to things such as (relatively) steep hardware requirements, it didn’t take off.  Development on it seemed to stop within months of it being released.  I’ve used DA in several of my apps and am sad to see it go.

    Of course, WPF is capable of many of DA’s features (and if I’m not mistaken, one of DA’s chief developers/researchers went on to work on WPF).

    So I’d imagine that it’s being officially dropped because:

    a) it hasn’t been updated in over 6 years

    b) only a tiny fraction of sites / Windows apps use it

    c) it would be a huge effort to do a security review of the code

    d) an alternative (WPF) is soon to be available

    I think we’d all prefer that MS put its effort into new things rather than scouring DA for security issues.  Unfortunate but true.

  157. Nas says:

    Hey, what’s going on with the Flash Support?  If you go to visit certain Flash sites there is this new non-sense for "click to activate and use this control"??  This site for example has hover states that are not active unless you do the "click here to activate":  

    Are you planning on keeping this for final release?  Please don’t!

  158. Joris Pol says:


    I have the previous build installed from internet explorer 7 and i dont have the uninstall option, neither the uninstall folder. What can i do now to remove the previous version?



  159. Mike says:

    So, let’s get more specific, basic HTML 4:


    <optgroupt label="I could really use this">

    <option disabled="disabled">So will IE7 have this?</option>



    It’s documented here:

    and has been for quite some time. You have no idea how frustrating it is to read that the whole <select> widget has been redeveloped for IE7, but somehow they didn’t implement these basic specs.

    Why this example? Well, it bit me just this past monday. I was making a nice select with optgroups and some disabled options, testing as I do in Firefox, worked great, clean and understandable widget for it’s purpose. I’m halfway only to realize IE can do neither of these. So I have to rethink completely the working of this bit of my page.

    You see how this does _not_ make my day? And how this drives me to comment in a sarcastic way? I am the one feeling the pain, and so far ie7 doesn’t look like it will releave me of it.

  160. Dao says:


    IE supports optgroup, though it’s hardly stylable (which I would consider a bug). By the way, you mistyped it.

    I’m not sure about disabled="disabled", since I’ve never tried it on <option>. But I actually don’t think it’s a problem …

  161. megalo says:

    @Gans: no need to uninstall, not even to deactivate Google Desktop. Just uncheck web history indexing in your GD preferences and IE7 will run smoothly…

    Did you hear that, developers? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  162. tupoolboy says:

    I really like where IE7 is going. One feature I would really like to see is a way to expand all favorite folders and leave them expanded (like in firefox).  Basically when you open IE your favorites look like a directory tree expanded(folder then all the links below, then next folder and all of its links and so on) Any ideas on if this is already possible or if it will be added in future builds?

  163. Tyler says:

    Ever since installing this beta build, running programs stored on our corporate LAN produce a dialog box stating "Open File – Security Warning:  The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software?"

    These are internally-developed apps, so they most likely will never be digitally signed.

    Is this related to the new beta build, and if so…how can I turn this off?


  164. * sigh * says:

    – Al Billings [MSFT]wrote:

    "We’ve been pretty clear about the level of change in IE7 and that we aren’t going to be able to be 100% compliant with this release. "

    Your perception of clarity, is not shared by some IT professionals.  Yet another beta: without a changelog; with a new twist to an already confusing beta  naming scheme; without a roadmap.

    This stuff is comp sci 101 folks.  

    I will endure IE 7.  I certainly won’t be choosing it.

  165. Netmeg says:

    Yikes, the previous version ran pretty well for me – the only page that didn’t seem to render properly is my account page on – lots of extra line feeds and white spaces.  But this version (from the 20th) is crashing all over the place, sometimes multiple boxes (do you want to send this info to MS) and sometimes it just closes with no warnings or error messages.  I just installed it yesterday, and it’s made my system seriously unstable.  Dunno why – I uninstalled the previous beta first, and got no error messages during that or the install.  I tried taking it off, but then my IE6 didn’t come back properly either now.  So for the short term, it’s Firefox for me, till I can figure out what’s going on here.

  166. Beau says:

    Dumb question.  I know it says Windows XP SP2 only.  Has anyone tried this on the Feb. drop of Vista?

  167. Still no min-height? Poor show ๐Ÿ™

    Also, what’s up with the back button in this new release??? You click back and suddenly it actually takes you about 5 pages back… and then the 4 in between it’s totally lost so you have to type the address again.

    And it happens all the time :S:S

  168. FusionGuy says:

    Possible to allow the tabs to be ordered, movable?  

  169. Dave Massy says:


    min-height and min-width are supported in this latest preview. Can you please give an example of where it is not working so we can investigatge?



  170. Brian R. James says:

    Is it possible to disable the address bar when using in the local or trusted zones?  

    Our corporate intranet applications need to be able to hide it.

  171. GGosling says:

    Just noticed that when I try and open the 1&1 webmail client from a favourite link in IE7 (5296) it states that there’s a problem with the website’s security certificate and gives me the option to carry on to the page or not.

    If I open the same favourite as part of a Tab Group it doesn’t bring that same screen up, but goes straight through to the logon page.



  172. JRosenfeld says:

    I found a workaround for the fact that clearing index.dat files with CCleaner or Index.dat suite loses all saved cookies: before clearing index.dat files, in IE 7, File menu, Import and export: export the cookies to a file. Then after clearing index.dat files, import them back.

    On a separate topic, could we have zoom as a separate button in the toolbar (with variable zoom, I’m thinking of what one has in Word, say); at present for custom zoom one needs to click dropdown menu on page icon, then click zoom, then if custom zoom is wanted, one has to type in the zoom required and click OK: a rather cumbersome procedure.

  173. JRosenfeld says:

    I have found a seventh folder where all temporary internet files appear on my system:

    C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGsystemprofileLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files

    This is surely overkill. IE 6 managed with just one location.

  174. Nas: please see

    Tyler: the most secure option short of getting your controls signed is to put the internal sites you trust in your trusted zone (your corp admin can do this by policy) and then allow trusted sites to run unsigned controls w/o prompting.

    Brian R. James: yes, I believe by policy your admin can allow the the address bar to be turned off in certain zones. Understand that we turned it on by default to increase security (to help users detect UI spoofing) so change the setting with care and understand the risk you’re accepting.

    JRosenfeld: can you send feedback to with the locations? I’m curious why we’re scattering TIF locations all over your hard drive.

  175. Seansan says:

    Hi there,

    I couldnt uninstall because it hangs @ updating registry so now I am stuck with an instable system.

    but …. to those who dont have uninstall files. Download the full package and see the files beeing unzipped in the root directory. Then copy the directory with the uninstall info in c:windows and quit install …

  176. iampowered says:

    Microsoft has announced the release of a new Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview. The new release was handed out on Monday to attendees at the MIX06 conference, Microsoft’s official conference for Web developers, designers, and business professionals.

  177. PatriotB says:


    The folders under NetworkService and LocalService are specific to those NT user accounts.  I imagine that if some service running as one of those accounts uses some part of IE’s networking code, it will create the Cookies/TIF folders.  On my XP system with IE6, these accounts do have these subfolders.  (It appears that you have one under the systemprofile (the SYSTEM account) as well–so you have some service running as SYSTEM using IE networking code, is my guess.)

    On my system, if I look at the contents of these folders with Windows Explorer, I do not see the contents of my user’s cookies/TIF.  I see the underlying directory structure and desktop.ini files.  You’re reporting that you are seeing the contents of your own user’s Cookies/TIF in every location.  So it looks like Windows Explorer is looking at the desktop.ini file and saying "Oh, this is a TIF folder, so show this user’s TIFs."  ("this user" in this case is the user you’re logged in as, not the NetworkService or whatever service account you’re looking at.)

    That’s why you’re seeing the same files in multiple places.  The actual files are really only stored in one place: inside *your user’s* folder.

    Note: The user profile folders for these accounts (NetworkService, LocalService, System) are hidden folders and you shouldn’t need to worry about what’s in them.

  178. PatriotB says:

    "@Gans: no need to uninstall, not even to deactivate Google Desktop. Just uncheck web history indexing in your GD preferences and IE7 will run smoothly…

    Did you hear that, developers? ;-)"

    I hope you’re referring to Google’s developers?

    My guess is that Google is using some undocumented method (e.g. groveling in the innards of the history folder structure) to monitor history.  (Out of the Wininet Cache APIs I’m familiar with, I can’t think of any that would enable up-to-the-minute indexing.)

    Of course I could be wrong.  Regardless, I’m sure Microsoft and Google are working on figuring this one out and it’ll be fixed soon.

  179. PJ says:

    I also have the same problem of not being able to uninstall previous beta2 since I had removed my uninstall folders.

    Is previous beta available for download so I can try to install and then uninstall?

    Will the new version require removing previous beta? I am trying to decide if I need to go ahead and reformat my hard drive or this issue will be moot in full version.


  180. Norberto says:

    Without doubts the implementation of OpenSearch standard in the last release of Beta 2 is plagued of bugs.  In addition to not recognizing the post method in attribute URL of the OpenSearch description file (only accept get methods), generating an error dialog box, either does not make honor to the attributes InputEncoding and OutputEncoding.  In certain aspects this release works much worse than the previous release.

  181. Doug Wright says:

    max-width doesn’t seem to work on images, although it does seem to work on block-level elements as expected.

  182. IceCube says:

    AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 7.0.5335.5 ModName: mshtml.dll

    ModVer: 7.0.5335.5 Offset: 000d7713

    Crashes every 20 seconds. What a sweet build.

  183. Deonna says:

    I installed beta version 7 and then it quit working so i uninstalled it to do a fresh reinstall.  The program won’t reinstall because it pops up an error that says, it’s already on my pc ~ that i need to go to add/remove prog. and remove it first.  which i did.  however, same error pops up.  Any clue how to wipe it off pc so i can do a fresh install? I’ve had to install Opera just to serf web.  This is annoying my brain!  Need a guru please!!!

    Thx, Deonna

  184. Stephan says:

    ok, it looks nice. i wish it had an auto-fill feature. didn’t test it too much because I noticed it makes my Outlook 2003 to crash. can anybody help or i just unistall ie7 and hope my outlook will work without having to reinstall it? thanks

  185. Gans says:


    You probably have Google Desktop Search installed because that’s the same error Megalo and I have already reported and the cause seems to be a conflict with IE and GDS. IE crashes every time you open a new tab/window.

    "no need to uninstall, not even to deactivate Google Desktop. Just uncheck web history indexing in your GD preferences and IE7 will run smoothly…" -Megalo

    If you don’t have GDS, then I don’t know what is causing it in your case.

  186. JRosenfeld says:

    In reply to:

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006 2:39 PM by PatriotB


    Thank you for your comments. In the meantime Christopher Vaughan asked me to submit more detailed feedback by email, which I’ve done, including screenshots.

    I understand about the NT user accounts and that they have their own Cookies and TIF folders. However, with IE6 they do not show the TIFs belonging to my account, nor should they with IE7. I did not change any desktop.ini files that were there before installing IE7, and normal display is restored when reverting to IE6. So there is a definite change in behaviour. If the desktop.ini files or related registry data were modified it can only have been by the install of IE7.

    Actually, as I have since found out, it is not that my TIFs are stored in those folders as well as in my own user account’s TIF folder. If I look at the folder properties, the ‘size’ and ‘contains’ information does not conform with the files displayed, but rather with what one would expect (i.e basically just their  index.dat and desktop.ini files and possibly some subfolders, depending on the case considered). Only my own user account’s TIF folder shows a size and number of files commensurate with the TIF files. So there is no duplication on the hard drive, the files are only stored in one location.

    The problem therefore is that Windows Explorer, instead of showing the actual contents of those folders, displays the contents of my own account’s TIF folder. Outside the display (in folder properties) it does have, and shows, the correct information.

    Similarly, if I copy cookies files from my user account’s cookies folder to some temp folder, the copies appear correctly as .txt files. Again the actual contents of my Cookies folder don’t seem to be displayed in Windows Explorer, but instead that folder displays the contents of the TIF folder.

    Windows Explorer behaves normally in every other respect, and as I say, the anomalies disappear when reverting to IE6.

    BTW On another forum at least one other person reported the same effect, so although it clearly does not occur with everybody, I’m not alone. I’m not worried about it, just reporting strange behaviour introduced after installing IE7 and reversible when IE7 is uninstalled. That’s the purpose of this blog, I think ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. kurono says:

    To the people who can’t remove it, this is the solution I took to remove it after reading the error logs during the installation.

    This is going to involve editing the registry, so if you have experience or confidence to do it, don’t!

    First, go to this part:


    If you see ie7bet2p, delete it. The installer should now install the new IE7 refresh no problem.

  188. Lubos Motl says:

    The new version works fine for me. What I would consider a bug is that in the list Tools / Manage Add-ons / Currently installed, the add-ons are no longer divided to enabled and disabled – all of them are unspecified which seems like a negative change to me.

    Also, I still hate that the standard ctrl/shift does not work for switching the keyboards/languages.

  189. Xepol says:

    Dang but it does flicker a lot.  I’m learning to hate this new build.  I hit one site that flickered like a flourescent light and when I refreshed a few times it kept doing it and then suddenly stopped.

    Bad code, wish I hadn’t upgraded from the original IE7B2P.

  190. Installed updated Beta 2 Preview after following the published unintall proceedure. once IE7 opens and the star con for History/Feeds etc is clicked the top bar of the window goes inop. Can not close IE7 without using the task Manager. The drop down from the star icon does not open. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it again. No differance. Uninstalled back to IE6.

    Better Luck with the next build??

  191. Mele20 says:

    When will history work? I can only see the sites I have visited today. I have IE set to retain the history for 20 days but it only keeps it for the current day.

  192. Dao Gottwald says:

    > Any clue how to wipe it off pc so i can do a fresh install? I’ve had to install Opera just to serf web.

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. TJ says:

    Been testing the new build the last two days. Here are a few possible bugs (also sent to

    1. After the downloaded installer is launched and left running on the first screen, attempting to close the Windows Explorer window behind it causes the installer to lock up and flicker the focus while making the "default beep" sound. Have to either end task the installer or it eventually stops flickering and works normally.

    2. On some web sites, the screen flickers when mousing over certain content.

    3. HTML Editor field is blank and doesn’t allow selection of any program. Somehow, the editor has been set to Microsoft Excel.

    4. Favorite shortcut called "IEBlog" under folder "Microsoft" lost the URL on two separate occasions. Deleted the favorite and re-created twice to fix.

    5. Manage Add-ons no longer indicates the status (enabled/disabled) of the object unless clicking it and the heading at the top is always "Unspecified"

  194. PatriotB says:

    Nas: What Christopher’s link isn’t telling you is that the "ActiveX Activation" change was made because of the Eolas patent.

  195. Nick Hanson says:

    Please take a look here:!8FA84D9B0831F62A!494.entry

    Note specifically the issue with the IE 7 beta breaking the Favorites Explorer Bar in Windows Explorer.

  196. Xepol says:

    Ya, what is with the patent office lately?  I sure hate the activex activation changes… A blind chimp would realize that adding an interactive control to a window is neither new or novel, nor are languages which control visual presentation…

    The are the very natural extension of what was already going on.

    I wonder if I could patent pressing the letter ‘e’ on keyboards if I would it properly.

    Either way, the way the activeX fix is implimented is HIGHLY disruptive and I hate Eolas for being greedy bastards, the patent office for being stupid or corrupt bastards on the take, and to a lesser degree the guy who decided that a dialog was required when a page launches with activex controls sometimes… 4 controls, 4 dialogs… ack.

  197. xfinx says:

    I am sorry, I can’t read all the comments so if I say something double, I apologise!

    1. I try to go to a website:, and instead  it opens a folder in my documents. (really annoying).

    2. Is it possible to use cache only once?

    3. Does min-height  (css) work? because I see something strange.

    Thank you for any answers…

  198. Dao says:

    I’ve noticed two additional CSS bugs:

    Firstly, the tables are clearing the float of the (cover) images:

    Secondly, the backgrounds of the inner boxes are messed up:

  199. Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. Unless I’m doing something wrong, min-height isn’t working on IE7 on my system, running Windows XP Professional SP2 (all latest updates), Pentium 4 3.26GHz, 1024MB DDR RAM on dual channel…

    The following code produces this output:






    <div style="min-height: 200px; background-color: red;">






    Display in FF:

    Obviously if I specify "height" then it works in IE, but I don’t want to do that as Mozilla then seems to set that as a sort of maximum height.

    Also, that issue with the history that I mentioned in my earlier comment – is that a known bug? I can provide more details if you need them (contact me at

    I’m keen to do whatever I can to help you guys make IE as good as it can possibly be, because whatever anyone says it’s gonna dominate the market so it’ll make my job easier if it’s as good as possible! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ~ paulfp

  200. Ahhh I’ve just realised it was because I was being lazy and had no DOCTYPE.

    It works with this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"


    <html xmlns="; xml:lang="en">

    Do excuse my retardedness….. not enough coffee this morning obviously! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  201. __hAl__ says:

    I must say that adding a picturelink to show the rendering issue as Paul did makes it much more clear for readers here what the issue is.

    (even if his findings weren’t really an issue)

  202. Craig says:

    I like IE7 a lot.  However, two things.  One has been commented on a few times, but no comment back from MS here or in the newsgroup.

    1.  Forward/Back buttons are now broken if you are navigating within a site (google searches especially).  This worked in the previous build.  PLEASE FIX.

    2.  You should be able to set the Classic Menu on top where it belongs without having to do the regedit fix.


  203. Netmeg says:

    I went back to the one from January 31.  This week’s release just killed my system, over and over.

  204. Valery Tolkov says:

    > Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview cannot be uninstalled from this user account. Please log on to the same user account from which it was installed and try again.


    Nobody except me did that. What can I do with this?

  205. hvymtl says:

    Has anyone had any problems posting to wordpress blogs using the new build. I can’t send upload images to wordpress’s built-in editor with the new build. Thanks!

  206. Thomas Tallyce says:

    > Also, what’s up with the back button in this new release??? You click back and suddenly it actually takes you about 5 pages back… and then the 4 in between it’s totally lost so you have to type the address again.

    I would concur with other users that there’s definitely some bug with the history stack. It often seems to forget the previous item, so is out by 1.

  207. The IE team released the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview build to coincide with the MIX06 conference….

  208. Mele20 says:

    What is going on with cookies? I can’t find any text files for cookies in C:Documents and SettingsMxxxxCookies. I see links to threads at sites where I have posted! And a bunch of gifs? And favicons, and a link I can click to this blog! But no actual cookies.

    I deleted everything in the C:WINDOWSTempTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5 and deleted the folder. What is that doing there anyhow? I looked in C:WINDOWSTempCookies and there is nothing there except index.dat. Evidently all cookies are only held in the Temporary Internet FilesContent.IE5 (as I did find text files there for cookies)?  After deleting the contents of that folder, when I login to a site, it no longer remembers me and I have to login over and over. No permanent cookie is being set now. Ugh.

    All I wanted to do was get rid of the cookies I don’t want on my computer any longer! Geez…that has always been a hassle in IE and so easy to do in Firefox. Now it is I can’t get rid of them if I want IE to set any permanent cookies.

    Also, I can’t empty the temp folder in Windows as it consists of about 50 of those stupid 0byte folders that you can’t get rid of, except one by one which takes forever, because one or two are "in use".

    I restored the stupid Content.IE5 folder because without it, I can’t get IE7 to retain a permanent cookie. I cannot delete the contents of that folder either. Cookies are so messed up in this latest beta that I think I will reinstall IE6 which I never use because there is no tabbed browsing but at least there is no content.IE5 folder and cookies are placed in C:Documents and SettingsMxxxxCookies as text documents and there are no favicons, links to threads and sites, gifs and other junk in there.

  209. joe says:

    > Also, what’s up with the back button in this new release??? You click back and suddenly it actually takes you about 5 pages back… and then the 4 in between it’s totally lost so you have to type the address again.

    I have same problem. The earlier version of B2Preview did not have the same problem

  210. __hAl__ says:


    Doe you use IE options pages to go to your cookies of do you use the windows explorer ?

  211. SimonD says:


    I installed IE7 Beta 2 Preview (20th March release) and Remote

    Assistance stopped working on my machine. A message pops up saying

    remote assistance failed.

    When i uninstall IE7 and revert back to IE6 Remote Assistance starts

    working again….annoying.


  212. JRosenfeld says:

    Reply to

    Thursday, March 23, 2006 9:15 PM by Mele20


    I have posted what I think is the same issue in this blog.

    From what I’ve been able to find out, the problem is not that the cookies and temporary internet files are stored in the wrong place, but that IE7 causes the contents of some folders (including the user account’s cookies folder) to be displayed wrongly in Windows Explorer.It shows the contents of Temporary Internet Files folder instead of the actual contents of those folders.

    If you open a command windows (click start, run, type cmd, click OK) and navigate to your cookies folder (using CD command), then type DIR, press enter, you should see the cookies.txt files are actually in that folder, even though Windows Explorer displays the contents of your Temporary Internet Files folder.

    Similarly, if you navigate to your temporary internet filescontent.ie5 folder, and use DIR, you will see that it does not contain the cookies, just the folders you expect there. It may show 0 files, because the index.ldat and desktop.ini files have system and hidden attributes set.

    If when at that folder you type

    attrib -s -h index.dat, press enter

    then use DIR again, you see that one of the files in that folder is the index.dat file.

    Similarly if you use -s -h desktop.ini, DIR will also show that the content.ie5 folder contains its desktop.ini file as it should.

    Again Windows Explorer is showing the wrong contents of the content.ie5 folder.

    I’ve sent in a detailed bug report (receipt acknowledged).

  213. David C says:

    Valery Tolkov : I’m also getting the "cannot be uninstalled from this user account" error, despite only having the one account.

    Any ideas?

  214. macbirdie says:

    Just installed the new release – Windows Help and MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2005 works back now (I can browse it without getting blank space on the right of tables of contents), thanks!

  215. Lou says:


    You mentioned

    >Unfortunately, the Windows RSS Platform and

    >IE7 will not support authenticated feeds in

    > this release. This has always been the case

    > — we just added the error message in

    > the March 20th update.

    As far as "Basic HTTP Authentication" for feeds, I just tested a basic HTTP authenticated feed, and it worked just fine within the latest beta IE7 (viewing it from the browser). Do you mean that the platform out of the browser will not support this? Or am I seeing something that I should not be seeing?

  216. Chris Wedgwood says:

    How can you have mangled the Forward and Back functionality so completely? Do you guys not test anything?

  217. ZER0 says:

    The DOM API and Script Engine seems the same of IE6; with also the same bugs ( the bug of document.createElement() that I’ve mentioned in an old comment, for example).

    So, my question is: The situation will change before the final release, or not?

    A lot of works was made for web designers (CSS bugfix, CSS improvements..), but nothing seems changed for web developers.

  218. yparah says:

    Can`t install IE7 Beta2 – got error message. How i can switch off update of IE?

  219. paul says:

    I have to say I gave Beta 7 a go but now I just want it to go away….

    I need to remove IE7 and reinstall IE6.

    This under most circumstances would be no major issue. I´d  goto add/remove programs and remove it. This unfortunately did not turn out to be the case & what should have been a quick 2 minute affair has turned into an adventure in googling.

    Finally I have arrived here & if theres one thing I have learned on my travels it that I am not alone. There are references to this problem all over the place.

    Surely there must be an easier way. A warning perhaps that IE7 can get ´stuck´ in the OS and may prove near to impossible to remove.

  220. Kyle-Hanner says:

    It hasn’t worked for me, I’ve gotten the error

    "Must be logged on to the same user who installed it" I am the only user on this computer.

    It does not have the uninstall files either, my computer is going extremely slow, and I tried a system restore to last week and it has failed. Any suggetions?

  221. Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version

  222. We just refreshed the IE7 preview build.

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