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The transcript of last week’s Expert Zone chat is now available. The chat was a lot of fun and the team managed to answer over 160 questions during the hour. This month we were fortified by home baked chocolate espresso bars, next month I expect we’ll return to donuts to keep us going.

The IE Expert Zone chats take place on the second Thursday of every month at 10:00AM PST. The next one will be on April 13th and we hope to see you there.


 - Dave

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  1. During the chat, Vilius posted this question for which I didn’t have an answer: When I use Content-Disposition http header directly from server side language (e.g. PHP) and the web page is on HTTPS connection, I get Information Bar and a warning that this page uses non HTTPS content in HTTPS page. How to avoid this? (it was ok in IE6).

    We took a look at this, and with our recent build of IE7 we’re not seeing the warning. So, Vilius, if you’re out there, let me know what build you’re using, and what site specifically you’re seeing the problem on, and we’ll see if we can’t figure out what’s going on. But, ultimately, I’m hoping that it’s an issue we’ve addressed already.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the chat. They’re fast, they’re furious, they’re fun!

    -Christopher Vaughan

  2. On that note, I have noticed differences in how headers are treated, depending on whether they are "real headers" of the form

    Foo: Bar

    or "fake headers" of the form

    <meta http-equiv="Foo" content="Bar">

    See for example a bug in IE 6 I found dealing with HTTP Refresh:

    Perhaps the Content-Disposition bug is related?  Try a really long filename.

  3. PatriotB says:

    Christopher — IE6 has the same problem when Content Advisor is turned on in IE, and the page (served via IIS with ratings enabled) is served over HTTPS: it warns of mixed content.  I haven’t tested IE7 for this issue.

  4. Dark Phoenix says:

    While I was reading the chat log, I hit a question that reminded me of something I was interested in.

    Would it be possible to allow font-size resizing to affect text sized in pixels?  Technically, pixel-sized fonts are relative and should be resized, and the only reason pixel-sized fonts are normally avoided is because IE doesn’t allow them to be resized, breaking accessibility.

  5. Scoreboard says:

    I set non-default refresh intervals for most of my feed subscriptions in IE7 and exported them to use on another systems with IE7.  The refresh intervals either didn’t export or import, but either way they were all reset.  Can this be added?

  6. __hAl__ says:

    Is there any better documentation on how to write IE7 extensions than this:

  7. Thomas Tallyce says:

    Great to see that:

    "Q: .. min/max-height/width. Is it true that we will finally have support for these in IE7 ?

    A: Yes, we currently have this in our builds and are working on fit and finish and fixing bugs."

    "Min-height will be supported in IE7"


    "We definitely plan to return to regular and frequent releases of IE moving forward."

    "We are looking at regular and frequent releases of IE and continue to build a great team to deliver future versions of IE. Until we are through planning it is difficult to say exactly how frequent but it will certainly not be anywhere near the gap between IE6 and IE7 :)"

  8. Why nobody talk about why IE7 will not support “application/xml+xhtml”?

  9. alex.r. says:

    "Christopher [MSFT] (Expert):

    We’re aware of both SVG and Cairo and they’re both things we’re considering for future releases."

    Surely you’re not considering using an LGPLed library like Cairo in future releases?

    Or perhaps you meant ‘Canvas’ instead of Cairo?

  10. Hello Christopher. Thanks for the promised response 🙂

    I’m seeing it with IE7 beta 2 preview (5296) build. I can’t post the link to site, because it’s my webmail with restricted access. All I can tell is that this site uses latest version of Horde Framework and IMP Webmail Client ( If you happen to have access to one of these in your own environment, then go to folder screen and try to download a folder in a file.

    Mean while, I will see if I can hack some code and make it public for testing and let you know through IE feedback email.

    Thanks again for your time.

  11. JRosenfeld says:

    I hope that you will not forget to fix the incompatibilities between IE 7 beta 2 preview and XP SP2 (Help and support can’t access MS knowledge base, other links in Help and Support broken. Cookies, index.dat problems). I sent email report and posted on community forums about these.

    No point having a good browser if it messes up the OS.

  12. Alex.r: you’re right. My response should be read as "we’re very aware of what’s going on out there and do take the state of the web into account when thinking about future projects." 🙂

  13. Vilius: thanks, keep me updated!

  14. aapje says:

    I would like to be able to change the default background colour when viewing a feed in IE. Gray is just depressing, white would be just fine.

  15. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Vilius: Please watch your web Traffic using Fiddler ( and make sure that the prompt in question is really shown when there is only HTTPS and no HTTP traffic.  

    aapje: I’m looking at the Mix06 build and the feed background appears to be white.

  16. Eric: I already debugged the problem and emailed details to

    Will be waiting for your response.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. Rajat Kheria says:

    I was wondering why IE7 team is not including features like

    File downloader and resumeing downloads.

    Bandwidth control for different sites and downloads.

    I think this is a really desirable and useful thing…


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