March Chat with the IE Team

On Thursday March 9th at 10:00AM PST it will be time for the monthly Expert Zone Chat with the IE team. Members of the Internet Explorer team will be present to discuss the product and answer your questions. These chats are always a lot of fun with team members typing answers furiously to keep pace with the incoming questions. As always we’ll publish a transcript of the chat later for those unable to attend. Look forward to seeing you there.


 - Dave

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  1. Tom F says:

    Hi folks. Is Microsoft planning to match the anti-phishing capability (Google Safe Browsing) that will be coming in Firefox? See this story:


  2. Petknep says:

    Offtopic but w/e.

    There’s been an anti-phishing filter for a while. It is definately in the beta 2 preview.

  3. christian s says:

    hi guys,

    this is probably not the appropriate place to ask. if there is such a thing as a developer support forum somewhere please point me to it.

    my problem is the following:

    I am writing a small application in javascript and I want to use the getElementsByTagNameNS() method. since IE (so far?) does not implement it natively I have to implement it manually which is fine with me.

    I did this by doing

     document.prototype.getElementsByTagNameNS = function(){…}

    that works just sweet. but I need to have that method available on all nodes. so I thought about extending the node object as well.

    but neither an object ‘Node’ nor ‘Element’ is known to the IE.. how can this be done???

    thanks a lot for your help!



  4. Alex Lein says:

    @christian s

    I ran into a similar problem and I solved it two ways.  One was to create functions that returned elements the with built in properties and methods I required.  The second one was similar to this:

    Object.prototype.getElementsByTagNameNS =function() { … }

    IE seems to treat Nodes/Elements and Objects, and that was the solution i used.  I does run into some small problems however if you loop through an Object’s properties.

  5. Harge says:

    Any chance in future, of say… a weeks notice?

    Many of us need to schedule time for this, and well, now it is too late.

  6. Hi Harge,

    I’ll try and do that but you can plan for these as they are scheduled for the second Thursday of every month at 10:00AM. All the up and coming expert zone chats are listed at



  7. Mike Dallos says:

    I look forward!

    An I.E. 7 supporter!


  8. ieblog says:


    Spam comments will be deleted. Posting them over and over again doesn’t change this.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  9. So tomorrow at 10AM PST will be the March IE7 Chat.  I’ll still be hosting a SQL Server Application…

  10. Sherry says:

    Say can someone answer my question on the chat about how to disable the search feature for networked drives that are local.  I have disabled search on start menu but realize now user can search a mapped drive from the address bar in IE.  I must protect a certain drive because it contains program files that the user must have modify rights to.  I think I have removed access to that drive letter everywhere but IE.  I am using group policies to do.


  11. Kisara says:

    Well, I guess I’ll make the attempt to get on at school. 1:00pm est…*sigh*

  12. Sam Spade says:

    Tom F:

    "Is Microsoft planning to match the anti-phishing capability…that will be coming in Firefox"

    You’ve got it backwards… Firefox is trying to match IE7:

  13. Mike says:

    Though the transcript is probably over, I’d like to see a post on the ridiculous optional update for IE6 which makes you click on objects to "activate" them.

    I can understand what you guys were trying to do from a security standpoint, but the end result is the most poorly implemented solution possible.

    The fact that web page authors can bypass the "security" by writing the object / embed tags in JavaScript only adds to the insanity.

    It may be worth removing that update never to speak of it again, lest everyday users actually find and install it… what a mess it makes.

  14. Superman says:


    The ‘ridiculous optional update for IE6’ that you speak of, it was done more for legal reasons (see the MS vs Eolas dispute) rather than for security reasons.


  15. Jack says:


    On 03/08/06, I installed IE 7.0 BETA from msft website, especially for its multi tab feature. For some reason my "New Tab" under the "File" menu is diabled and so is the "tab" feature itself. I am wondering how can I enable it. Thx.

  16. Alex [MSFT] says:


    From the Tools menu, select Internet Options, then click the Settings button in the Tabs section (on the General tab). Make sure the box for "Enable Tabbed Browsing" is checked.

  17. Eivind says:

    Has a transcript been posted anywhere yet?

  18. Dave Massy says:

    Hi Eivind,

    The transcript has not been posted yet and it may take a couple of days to propogate through the system. I’ll do a blog post as soon as it is available letting you know where it is. It was a fun chat with over 160 questions answered!



  19. __hAl__ says:

    Why must it take several days for a transcript to be put up.


  20. Because some additional information is added for some answers. Also the little mistakes are corrected.

  21. Jack says:

    Hi Alex!

    Thx for your reply. I tried this option too and it does not work either. The ‘settings’ button does popup a window for setting the tabs, but it doesn’t work either. Surprisingly, just like the menu item, the ‘Tab’ icon to the left of the ‘settings’ button is also disabled.

  22. I don’t understand why the "raw" transcript couldn’t be posted while the edits are being worked out, and then the "polished" transcript posted later.

  23. Maurits,

    The transcript has been submitted to be published. It just takes a couple of days to work through the system and with a site as large as I think you can understand that there is a publishing process to follow for any content. No edits have been made to change any answers simply a few typos cleared up. We’ll have a blog entry as soon as the transcript is available which will hopefully be no later than early next week.



  24. milambyr says:

    Hello, I’m a web dev and trying to post this somewhere to bring it to your attention…IE 7 beta 2 has a lot of problems with contenteditable textareas, I’d go into more detail but I’m not sure this is the place.  Just thought I’d post it though…

  25. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    <<IE 7 beta 2 has a lot of problems with contenteditable textareas>>

    If you are observing that these do not repaint correctly, yes, this is a known issue and will be fixed in later builds.  Note that the bits on the web today are "preview" and not the final Beta-2, which isn’t due for a while yet.

  26. arun says:


    This may not be the right place to ask this. Excuse me please.

    I recently installed Windows live toolbar with IE 7B2 preview. IE7 performs very slowly now. It is very difficult to close tabs. Are there any reports or solutions available regarding this?


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