Visit with IE team members at a conference in your area soon!

Members of the IE team will be traveling far and wide over the next month, attending conferences and speaking with you, our customers, about IE7.

Look for us at RSA next week and Blackhat Europe, South by Southwest, and Mix06 in March. We’re considering attending ETech, and we’re looking at other conferences through the rest of 2006, so hopefully we’ll get to your corner of the world.

Be sure to look us up if you have any questions about IE7.

See you in San Jose, Amsterdam, Austin, and Las Vegas (and hopefully San Diego too)!

 - Christopher Vaughan

Comments (14)

  1. Nick Presta says:

    No love for Canada? =P

  2. Nick, I was just up in Whistler last weekend enjoying all the new snow (and a much needed long weekend). But I’ll keep my eyes open for quality Canadian conferences too 🙂


  3. Shane Perran says:

    Canadians are people too! – I agree 100% we could use some conferences a little closer.

    Moncton is a great eastern canada hub.

    Toronto of course 🙂

  4. Compugab says:

    Don’t forget Québec City 😀

  5. Nick Presta says:

    Heh. Toronto would rock.


  6. Kevin says:

    Middle clicking on a thumbnail in Quick Tabs also closes said tab.

  7. Xepol says:

    Again, my area is Calgary, and *I* won’t be seeing you guys it seems.

  8. I hope you come back in Rome soon, Christopher 😉


    Vincenzo Di Russo

    Microsoft® MVP – Most Valuable Professional

    Windows – Internet Explorer since 2003

  9. __hAl__ says:

    you are very welcome here in Amsterdam.

    Can’t afford to participate though. Will problably have to check all the ‘coffee’shops to find any MS people then 😉

  10. Robert Nyman says:

    See you guys at SXSW. It will be good to meet you!

  11. Jerad clark says:

    SxSW seems to be an odd place for the MS IE team to be at.

  12. Vincenzo – I certainly hope to be able to make it out to Italy again soon! 🙂

    hAl – I’m looking forward to seeing Amsterdam, this will be my first time there where I wasn’t just passing through the Schipol airport

    Robert & Jerad – Chris Wilson will be on some of the tech panels down @ SXSW during the technical part of the festival. I and several others wish we could have gone & stayed for the art & music parts too however!


  13. ieblog says:

    I was invited to speak at the SXSW panel on the Web Standards Project, and will be their for the WaSP meeting as well.

    -Chris Wilson

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