Please send us your feedback on the IE7 Beta 2 Preview

The information published in this post is now out-of-date and one or more links are invalid.

—IEBlog Editor, 22 August 2012

Hi, I’m Jason Watters, a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer Team.

As Dean just announced, the IE7 Beta 2 Preview is now available for download. We hope you are looking forward to installing and testing it as much as we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on it. We have several different ways for you to send us your feedback.

First, you can post any questions or problems you have to the microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general newsgroup, either through a newsgroup reader or on the Microsoft Discussion Groups site.

We also have two ways for you to submit detailed bug reports to us if the newsgroup isn’t your style. The first way to report issues directly to us is by sending email to To better equip us to investigate your issue, please include a detailed description of the problem and steps to reproduce the problem (e.g. for site issues, a URL to the website and if possible a screenshot of rendering issues). General machine configuration and installed toolbars or extensions can also be useful as well, and (if you know) whether the problem occurs in IE 6.0.

Also, please send your report from a valid email address so we can follow up with you if needed. We can’t commit to responding to each and every email we get, but all issues reported will be examined by the IE team in an effort to improve IE7.

The second way to report issues directly to us is the Microsoft Beta Client Tool, which is a client-side tool you will need to install. Although it may look specific to Windows Vista, it can be used for submitting IE7 bugs. On the first page of the tool, just make sure you choose "This install ‘is an Internet Explorer 7 update on Windows XP’" and set Area to ‘Internet Explorer’.

I hope you enjoy the IE7 Beta 2 Preview and we look forward to hearing from you!

 - Jason Watters

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  1. Anonymous says:

    STOP PUTTING genuine advantage into INSTALLERS!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    STOP STEALING Microsoft Windows and you WON’T have a problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t the feedback/bugreport tool built it?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Installing IE 7 overwrites IE 6. How exactly are we supposed to compare and contrast the updates you’ve made?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Running a legally purchased copy of Windows at work, genuine advantage can’t verify it and won’t let me install it.

    STOP PUTTING genuine advantage into installers!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Crashed my system within 1 minute of installing, and found several bugs already.

    E.g. have firefox as your default browser, and in IE7 open up a webpage on your local drive. This will result in IE7 loading the page in firefox and not in itself. Very strange behaviour.

    Many others have already noted that they are getting bluescreens upon startup as well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Peter, please use the feedback mechanisms recommended in Jason’s blog post to submit feedback.

    Please note that IE7 is not capable of generating blue screens, as we don’t ship any kernel-mode components. Blue screens are caused by things like device drivers (which, as I said, we don’t ship), so you should follow XP’s crash reporting mechanism to determine which driver is at fault.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like your company was smart enough to lock down systems so genuine advantage and other programs of that nature won’t work without IT approval.

    Good for them and shame on you for even trying to install beta software on a work PC. Call your IT department and check your key. The reason it can’t verify is because your key is being used elsewhere or a firewall is blocking the check.

    Don’t install this over IE6. Use Virtual PC and install it in a new instance of XP SP2, then you can run them side by side without the risk of running beta software on your machine.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mike: IT gave me the beta package. I have an admin account on my Windows machine. My key also worked last time I installed something requiring this backward functionality.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Require Flash for downloading the beta. Genuine Advantage only installs. No changelog, so we have to figure out what actually was fixed. A delightful scavenger hunt!

    Glad you guys are thinking of your customers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Shawn, I know the folks over on the Genuine Advantage are keen to make sure that legitimate Windows users are not inconvenienced by the GA checks. I would encourage you to go to with your machine and follow the steps they provide. If you have a machine that should pass the GA check and does not, they’ll want to know about it.

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing I nor anyone else on the IE team can do for you about this directly.


  12. jensenh says:

    I don’t see an x64 version, and the download version won’t install on x64. Yet, down at the bottom it say that it will run on x64.

    Is there a secondary download that I’m missing?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Right now we only have the 32 bit version for XP SP2. We’ll have x64 and Server 2003 builds at a later date.

  14. Anonymous says:

    "Customer" – If you do not have flash installed you are greeted with a static image that will point you to the installation page. Flash is not required.

    As for the comment about a changelog, this blog *is* the changelog. We’ve posted a lot of information over the past year about what’s new and different, including explicit information about changes that might affect app compat and how to test/change your site or app.


  15. Anonymous says:


    "this blog *is* the changelog"

    Not a very professional statement for a software company.

    reads as: "We changed a bunch of things, talked about them for many months over several posts and comments, so that should be enough for you to figure out what changed."

    What you should do, is post a list (even a bare bones list).


    1.) CSS (& related) Additions/Changes:

    1.a) PNG Alpha Transparency for 8/24 bit…

    1.b) Box model conformance to W3C spec fixed

    1.c) Select List z-order fixed

    1.d) …

    2.) JavaScript Additions/Changes:

    2.a) Native XMLHttpRequest Object added

    2.b) …

    3.) ActiveX security

    3.a) Broker added to manage…

    4.) GUI

    4.a) Tabs, tabs, at long last wonderful tabs!

    Or, better yet, do a seach, by date, of all the bugs marked fixed/added/implemented in your public bugzilla/similar bug tracking tool, and copy&paste the list as of (build date), to the site.


    This of course, would be the true, up to date list, at any given time.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This 5296 build has problems withe McAfee Virusscan. The Security Center (which is web-based) opens but it’s blank. With IE6 installed there is no problem.

  17. PatriotB says:

    Bryan – The release notes ( contain a good list of what has changed. Not everything, but most things. Hopefully a more detailed list will be on MSDN at some point.

  18. Anonymous says:


    Did you look at the Release Notes at

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m having some install problems with a DLL (msfeeds.dll) and I can’t find anything about it.

    This is also documented in your newsgroup by two other people:

    Not sure how to fix?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I like the RSS features. I think a agregate page for RSS feeds would be a big plus. I would be nice to be only one click away from recent feed headlines.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The zoom and alias improvements to text are great. I cannot wait to get this on my 1920 x 1200 notebook running 130 dpi at home. I’m guessing that images should look a lot nicer. Atleast I hope so.

  22. Anonymous says:

    "I’m having some install problems with a DLL (msfeeds.dll) and I can’t find anything about it. "

    add me to that list… but the feed back is hopefull

  23. Anonymous says:

    I too have install problems on 2 different machines – same msfeeds.dll error

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why go with 5296 when clearly 5299 was "around"…?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to post right away after using the browser to get my initial user-experience reactions across while fresh.

    1) The tabs – I really think a + sign would benefit the add new tab. It is about 60% intuative in my opinion and I am very comfortable in both a tabbed envirnment and a browser.

    2) I dont know how much emphasis should be put on the button placement but the buttons on the right seem to be throwing me off a little. HOME for example – I am used to having them to the left of my screen. If I can move them later it’s not a big deal. The RSS doesn’t jump out in it’s current location and it’s a button I would expect will get a lot of attention.

    3) The favorites buttons to the left are somewhat confusing. At first glance they seem redundant and they’re just not overly intuative. I would have 1 button for favorites centre (The Start) and the + could go on the add new tab 🙂

    4) The quick tabs – I love this idea great job.

    5) Internet Explorer Dev Toolbar – It’s a great add-on, giving my SharePoint Development background I use it *alot* and would love to see it standard in the browser.

    6) Favorites needs some work. No export functionality. It would be great to see the ability to add meta-data to bookmarks during the add process and later filter them using this meta-data.

    I’ll stop now before I sound depressing. I am impressed with the work done thus far.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for double post in, but my RSS favorites feed shows "Go Seahawks!" as the newest topic.

    Anyone knows, where I could find some info about new reg values? I want to add them to my reg file, but I cannot find out, what they actually do. Values: 180A, 180C, 2103, 2104, 2301. Following site was really usefull, but I do not think, that it will be updated sooner than in summer. :'(

    One more question, if I can ask. To add to the previous question. I have just noticed, that the released preview is the v7.0.5296.0 and the version, that has leaked to internet before was v7.0.5299.0. Does it mean, that 5299 is unstable and I should not have to use it? Thanks forward.

  27. Anonymous says:

    A feature request.

    In Firefox there is an extension called Greasemonkey. There is a scipt which automatically converts http links that are in text form (not clicable link e.g. and automatically converts it to a clickable link.

    Is it possible for future versions to add this feature?

    Keep up the good work

  28. Anonymous says:

    RSS Features:

    Can someone help me understand the RSS Features?

    As I see them implemented, they don’t seem to do much at all.

    Firefox Live bookmarks shows you the latest headlines, without having to open a new page

    Am I missing something? I hope!?

  29. Anonymous says:

    IE7 looks pretty good to me so far.

    Product Enhancement Requests:

    – Ability to rearrange the toolbars. ie. I’d like to move the Tab toolbar to the bottom, and put the Classic Toolbar above the Address bar

    – Ability to rearrange the tabs in the Tab toolbar

    – Mouse gestures

    The biggest thing that would convince me to give up Firefox/Opera for IE7 is stability of the program & no memory leaks. I’m going to leave IE7 open with 10+ tabs for a few days and see what happens to memory usage.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, one major area that Internet Explorer has alwas lacked hugely in is downloading! Even FireFox doesn’t do this well. If your download engine would only support RESUMING DOWNLOADS you would save tons of people time and grief!! At the moment I use a third party tool for this, it would be great if you one-up the FF team!

    You all probably like the Tabs being on the bottom too….logically it makes more sense to put them on top, and the related address bar on the bottom…I really think that was a brash decision just to avoid how FF did it… Just reverse the top tool bars and you’ve got a winner 😉 Or at least put in an option for it! (pretty please?)

    Good job though on everything else. Take care.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, one major area that Internet Explorer has alwas lacked hugely in is downloading! Even FireFox doesn’t do this well. If your download engine would only support RESUMING DOWNLOADS you would save tons of people time and grief!! At the moment I use a third party tool for this, it would be great if you one-up the FF team!

    You all probably like the Tabs being on the bottom too….logically it makes more sense to put them on top, and the related address bar on the bottom…I really think that was a brash decision just to avoid how FF did it… Just reverse the top tool bars and you’ve got a winner 😉 Or at least put in an option for it! (pretty please?)

    Good job though on everything else. Take care.

  32. Anonymous says:


    Firstly, great job.

    – I love the rss features.

    – The new shiney buttons look cool.

    I’m having a little trouble adjusting after years of using IE6 with the favourites bar permanently open! 🙂

    The address bar seems a little too high. Unless I’ve missed something, can it come below the normal menus?

    The search box is too far to the right.

    Also, the home / feed buttons look a little isolated on the right.

    I’d find it much easier is there were the normal pulldown menus,

    under that address bar + forward / back / refresh (needs to be bigger?) / home

    Under that search

    under that tabs. (all of those left aligned)

    Just my 2 cents!

  33. Anonymous says:


    I’m having problems with my two PC’s with the RSS feature. When I click any RSS link inside the RSS window, an error appears, IE freeze, and have to close it. Any suggestions to solve this? BTW, the rest of IE is very good.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, can’t anyone help me? I can’t uninstall IE 7 Beta 1. It’s not there in Programs list with Show Updates on.

    Please tell me what to do to install Beta 2.

    Appreciate any help!

    BTW I have a genuine Windows XP Home Edition SP2

  35. Anonymous says:

    A great change, really. Now the adress bar is on the top of the window. Wow.

    What a shame you IE developpers forgot the main thing : a web-browser is NOT a rss reader, it is not a plugins/extension basis : it is just a bowser, and thus has to do WELL his job of browser. Overflow is broken, boxmodel often is, float/clear is broken… When will it finally possible to use common html possibilities in IE ? (Well, okay, you made improvements on PNG and some other things like fixed position, but the Thing you packed today is far far away from my needs…)

    Keep going on developements, i would like so much IE to be a standard compliant and rich browser…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hey Moka, in the Add or Remove programs windows, check the option "Show Updates" and IE 7 Beta 1 appear now in the list. Bye

  37. Anonymous says:

    Bye 🙁

  38. Anonymous says:


    Are you still seeing sites with box model, overflow, etc. issues in the IE7 build we released today? There is no question that IE6 and our first beta of IE7 had problems, but we expect this build to be much better in that regard. Specific sites that aren’t rendering right would be helpful.


    — Tony

  39. ieblog says:


    If you don’t see it in your list to uninstall, try running:

    %windir%$NtUninstallie7bet2p$spuninstspuninst.exe. You need to have "view hidden folders" enabled.

    "%windir%" here is your main Windows directory (usually C:Windows).

    This is detailed in the release notes at

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  40. Anonymous says:

    IE7 (beta 1 & 2) + Digest Authentication = borked.

    IE6 + Digest Authentication = great.

    Each time you hit a page with just digest authentication (and qop="auth") you get a password and account box with blank values.

    Enter in the correct password and account, and you get your page. The problem is that IE7 will not remember your credential… hassling you on every page hit. Try that with a web app.

  41. Anonymous says:

    So is there a keyboard shortcut that puts the focus into the new search box the way Alt+D puts focus into the Address Box?

  42. Anonymous says:

    MGA must go.

    W2k support would be welcome.

    Cant stand not being able to move the "classic" toolbar over the address bar.

    Whats with the arrangement of the stop/refresh buttons?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hey Al,

    Thanks for replying. I’m trying to uninstall IE 7 Beta 1. It isn’t there on Show Updates so I can remove it. So can you tell me how to unistall it? or What command can I run?

    Appreciate your help,

  44. ieblog says:


    You run the program that I mention above in your main Windows directory (probably C:Windows):


    You need to have "view hidden folders" enabled or you won’t see the directory $NtUninstallie7beta2p$ in your Windows directory.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  45. Jeff Parker says:

    OK just some feedback, my initial reactions.

    It’s different. Much better than Beta 1. I gave up beta testing beta 1. It just wasn’t usable at all, the File menu bar there below the url bar just bugged me to no end to where I could not stand IE. I instantly went and turned it on in beta 2 and yep it still bugged me to no end so I turned it off. Now this took some getting used to but once I got used to using it without the Main Menu it kind of grew on me. I would still prefer to have the main menu though at the top as it is kind of my safety net, my comfort level, I have been using a main menu since, well since windows came to life. Please move the main menu back to the top. I am from the old DOS days I still get around better by typing. Which is why I can get used it though, things like ctrl + O still give the open dialog and pretty much most of the keyboard shortcuts all work. But please let that main menu bar go back up to the top. I like having File, Edit, View etc at the very top.

    Ok install. Genuine Advantage thing is getting genuinely annoying. When it came out I was like great that will help with making people have real versions of windows not some hacked up thing but now it is just plain getting annoying it is beginning to seem like everything I install from Microsoft anymore and now it is like you are punishing the people that actually buy it. People hate annoyances and we hate submitting information to Microsoft or getting things pushed on us. I actually went back to Excel to track my checkbook because MS Money kept forcing me out to MSN, but that is another story entirely. Anyway if there is someway to have the genuine advantage store on my local machine and then just access that it would be better that going out and checking all the time. I mean I understand what you are trying to do but it just needs to be improved upon and make it less obtrusive.

    The favorites star and the + sign to add to favorites, that would be nice if it was just a button where we could move it around where we wanted. Actually make the tab bar, and the favorites thing different toolbars so we can put them where we want I would much prefer to have the tabs scrunched over to the far left side. Also then put the Quick Tabs button off on the right of the tabs. I guess I just want more customization of IE. I want to personalize it more for me. You know while we are at it why not just make the thing skinable. One of the most common spyware tool in the past has been something that lets you skin IE or somewhat skin it. People use it every day, people want to personalize it. I use Windows Media Player 10 and I absolutely love it because I can change the look and feel of it at a whim. For Years we have been wanting to do this with IE as well.

    Full Screen mode, this well STILL ROCKS!!!! There is nothing I can tell you about how to improve it, it just rocks.

    Now the other thing I noticed, the dang balloons trying to help me. First off the Validate this site. There is no way to just shut the balloon off. It is like this annoying built in pop up. Pop ups must all die including help pop ups. Please give me a way not only to turn off popups but turn off all balloon messages, these are more annoying than anything else. Oh yeah and the validate this site doesn’t work through Microsoft Proxy servers. The Browser does but the validation doesn’t.

    Now, the validate thing allows you to click here for settings, this just takes you to the Advanced Options tab under options. I know other people have said this before. This needs to really be revamped. I have been using IE since IE 4 while I know the options very well they are still daunting to the average user. Especially when some options are checked to turn things on, some option are checked to turn things off, be consistent and less confusing. The options aren’t really grouped well together anymore. How about looking at making this a little more user friendly. I know I can live with it but can others. I went in there to turn off the validation thing. That seems to be the only way to get rid of the annoying validate balloon it turn off the validation. Since I did it I wonder how many others will just turn off the validation thing hence destroying their own security because balloons and popups are so annoying. Sorry but that’s just honest feedback and a chink I see in IE’s armor. If the only way to turn off something annoying is to shut off a security feature well you already know people will do that and then they will blame Microsoft for poor security. If you really must have the balloon tips to show off a new feature that’s fine, but put a button in each one like the old IE form input and stuff. "Never Show This Message Again."

    Also for some reason, Japanese characters are not showing up, they showed up in IE 6 on this VPC, so I know I have the language pack installed IE 7 just gives me squares. One more thing without the classic menu under the Tools button you really need to put a link to Windows Update. It is still there in the Tools Classic menu and even though I do have automatic updates on when using a VPC I know I haven’t used in a while I know I like to just go hit windows update after booting up. An unpatched VPC is as bad as a unpatched regular computer.

    Ok all this in the first 10 minutes of using it. However it is usable now like I said and very much improved. The UI will take some getting used to much like the new Office does. But I think in the long run it will be better. I do enjoy using it over firefox but now since I am comfortable driving this baby for things other than just testing I will use it, lets see if we can crash this baby. Then I will start submitting bug reports to the feedback site.

  46. Anonymous says:

    So far I’m impressed by what I see, I’ve noticed a few things that are a little odd, however.

    I’m not sure I like the favourites button.. it’s not very intuitive, as I had to hunt for several minutes before finding where it was located. If it could be moved over near the home button, that would help a little.. even a tool tip would be useful. Many people are used to the favourites link being right in the menu bar.

    Is there any way to edit the toolbars? I know in previous versions you could click customize and shift the toolbar buttons back and forth, but I don’t see any way to do that in the new version.

    The new tab button is kind of odd – in my version, it’s just a grey button until you over over it. Then you see the new page icon. Also, the add to favourites button is rather similar to adding a new tab – I would associate the "plus" sign as opening a new tab before I associated it with subscribing to a feed (especially since it’s no where near the RSS stuff).

    That’s my observations, so far! Good work though.. it will be nice to not have to pull out my hair to try and get my websites to view the same as Firefox! 😀

  47. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you use Ladybug for public feedback tracking?

    Microsoft’s Developer Division uses this and it is fantastic.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Got a lot of ideas so far, but want to keep using the program before a big post — wanted to get this out there right away, though.

    Please consider using CTRL-F4 for shutting the foreground Tab. It’s a convention used in so many applications that use tabs, e.g., UltraEdit.

  49. Anonymous says:


    First, I ran the command but it tells me that the folder isn’t avaliable. I enabled "view hidden folders" already and went to the Windows folder, but there is no unistall folders but one for Windows Installer (KB893803v2). The folder for IE 7 doesn’t exist.

    What else can I do? Thanks,

  50. Anonymous says:

    Everything looks nice. Good job. But. Need gestures. Cannot live without them. Please!!!

  51. Customer says:

    Christopher Vaughan [MSFT]

    "If you do not have flash installed you are greeted with a static image that will point you to the installation page. Flash is not required."

    Just because flash is installed, does not mean it runs every swf file automatically. Some of us think it’s faster and more secure to have flash blocked by default. Why not just use "Standard" hypertext instead of proprietary plugins. Are you afraid of spiders or something? Do you have standards phobia?

    "this blog *is* the changelog."

    Flying spaghetti Monster’s noodly appendage and Snakes on a Plane.

    You want me to comb through a year of blogs entries and comments clarifying misstatements, to compile a changelog? May I point you to an example of a respectable changelog? One that identifies each bug fixed and relevant knowledge base articles if any in simple text. One actually compiled by Microsoft employees.

    As for the MSDN link posted by others, why is it copyrighted last year, preliminary and subject to change?

  52. ieblog says:


    This is a Beta 2 *Preview*, not Beta 2. The link you post to is the Changelog for an entire service pack. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  53. ieblog says:


    Are you sure that you have it installed? It doesn’t show up in Add/Remove Programs and the directories are not under Windows. You downloaded and installed the IE7 Beta 2 Preview today and now cannot uninstall, right?

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  54. Eric says:

    Some secure sites are not accessable anymore. Online banking site for instance. (Wells Fargo)

    Also, my favorites pane no longer works. The links are there, but when I click them, nothing happens.



  55. Chris Musson says:

    Ignores the fact that I have "No Sounds" selected as my sound scheme.

    If I play with the zoom feature, then go back to 100%, subsequently changing tabs results in a terrible flicker where it appears to repeatedly render the title bar at different heights.

  56. ieblog says:


    In most of these instances (like bank sites), the bank is sniffing for the browser version and blocking web browsers or redirecting them if they don’t recognize the user agent string. The IE team is contacting sites as they are found but, if it is your bank, you may wish to let them know that their site doesn’t work.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  57. MoKa says:


    No, what I have installed on my computer is Beta 1, and it’s working fine. But I want to remove it now in order to install Beta 2 (at least that’s what the install package tells me to do).

    The problem is that Beta 1 is neither showing under Show Updates nor as a directory under C:/windows, and I can’t uninstall it. So do you have a solution for this?

  58. Chris Musson says:

    Running in with "add-ons" disabled, then going to "Manage add-ons" reveals the "ssv helper object" from Sun Microsystems is loaded and enabled.

    Running with "add-ons disabled", then going to "Mange add-ons" reveals a whole multitude of "add-ons" that are allowed to run "without permission"

    When running with "add-ons disabled", ActiveX objects such as "Confidence online for web applications" from WholeSecurity incorporated (a common cytrix security item) is loaded and enabled.

  59. Ryan says:

    MS Devs,

    Can there still be changes made to the interface and the way the "Links" toolbar and favorites interact? What I’m wondering is if instead of opening up your favorites, then clicking on a group of tabs to open, have a folder of favorites located on the "Links" toolbar and when you middle click or right click > open group in tabs happen or occur. Is this something that can be implemented at this point and time or has all the main features and what not been finalized? Thank you.

  60. Bruce Morgan [MSFT] says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ryan. It’s something we’ll consider for IE7.

  61. Ciaran says:


    Great work guys IE7 is very stable and an overall solid browser. A few problems though, I am using a USB modem and IE7 keeps detecting my connection status as "Working Offline" so constantly tries to connect to a connection that is allready active! I can resolve this in options though by selecting IE not to dial any connections. RSS functionality and management is absolutely superb and so is tabbed browseing. However I noticed that IE7 appears to be slightly slower than Firefox or even IE6. Looking forward to final release, Thanks!

  62. mark bowman says:

    Why are you redoing the menu bar? It’s much worse now and different then IE 6 and Firefox "just to be different". It holds no advantage over the "normal" way of doing things.

    Where the heck are my bookmark links?

  63. santiago says:


    I have two questions. The first, I think, has already been made tought not answered: ¿Is there a way to install IE7b2p along IE6? While I’d like to test my websites and everything, I can’t do without IE6. I only have one computer (for me) in the office, and IE6 will be the most used browser for quite a long time.

    The second is related to the system requirements. Or, better, how much slower than IE6 will it be? There are several old machines in the place were I work that could benefit from IE7. Is memory usage greater than before?


  64. Fiery Kitsune says:

    Why isn’t bug reporting utility INTEGRATED into this BETA?

  65. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @TheTOM: 180A and 180C are used internally and not documented.

    The following are new values:

    0x2103 Allow status bar updates via script (URLACTION_FEATURE_SCRIPT_STATUS_BAR)

    0x2104 Always show address bar on windows(URLACTION_FEATURE_FORCE_ADDR_AND_STATUS)

    0x2301 Run antiphishing check (URLACTION_ALLOW_APEVALUATION)

    @Nuno Santos:

    The McAfee issue is known and we’ll work on this for a future build. This was caused by stricter URL-scheme handling.

    @Shane: Re: "Favorites needs some work. No export functionality."

    You can export as you could in IE6, using the File menu.

    @InfoNote: "converts it to a clickable link."

    There are various GreaseMonkey clones available for IE. You can also use IEToys (, which will allow you to select some text and choose "Linkify and open" from the context menu.

    @mitch: Re: download resumption

    IE6 and IE7 will both resume downloads if the server supports it. You should take care to not retry the download until the connection is resumed, or else the download will restart at the beginning. This is an area we’re looking at for a future release of the browser.

    @cooperpx: We’ll look into this digest issue. Thanks.

    @Matthew: You can use CTRL+E to get to the search box.

    @Jeff: The anti-phishing balloon should go away after a few times. What type of proxy server are you using? Is it an authenticating proxy server? There’s a known issue we’re working on there.

    @Andrey: There are third-party plugins offering Gestures support. Here’s one that’s reported to work well with IE7, including source:

    @Eric: "Some secure sites are not accessable anymore. Online banking site for instance. (Wells Fargo)"

    What are the symptoms? Several banks are hardcoded to look for IE6, and we’re contacting them to request that they permit IE7 as well. You can temporarily work around this problem by faking the IE6 user-agent. See

    Thanks for all the feedback!

  66. Hey there I got two things I am not happy first for some weird reason my Mcafee Security Center will not open up. Let me explain more I can open the program but it will not show anything on the screen. I have everything up todate but I still can not see anything. I try to reinstall the MSC and when it is tring to reinstall the screen is blank. I never had this problem before I installed IE7. The next thing is that I own the Microsoft Fingure Print Reader and when I installed IE7 I lost most of my settings. That is pretty FREAKIN DUMB so what everytime I want to install a new version of IE or a new WINDOWS I will lose my settings.

  67. Mike says:

    Some freezing on different pages,other than that,I like it.Maybe allow the tool bar to auto hide in next version.Just an Idea

  68. riffola says:

    I wish I could Ctrl click a folder in the favourites menu or the Links bar and have all bookmarks contained within open in tabs.

  69. mitch says:

    Eric, Thank you for your reply. I have one other comment after using IE7 for a little while now. The find box could really use some updating, I know I hate to say it but again, FF has a good idea with it on the bottom out of the way. The best part though is that it starts searching as you type, no need to "press enter" or click "Find Next."

    Thanks again.

    p.s. Thank you for the tip for Ctrl-E. I think I actually might start using the integrated search box ;).

  70. mitch says:

    Sorry, last comments. Just a few UI suggestions. The "Quick Tabs" button is spaced a little strangely next to the "Add to Favorites button" and also, since your going with the "less is more" philosophy, why not put the "+" (Add to Favorites) button inside the Favorites pop out window?

    For that matter…it’s strange to have the buttons isolated on the left, next to the tabs…if you put the tabs up top and the address bar on the bottom, it would make more sense with the Bookmarks button next to the back/forward buttons. (probably not going to happen)

    For mom and pop, it might make sense to enable the Text to the right of the icons (Home, Rss, Print) to make it easier on them. Just like in IE6, we would then have an option to hide the text (for advanced users).

  71. mitch says:

    Riffola, You can do that by right clicking the folder and clicking "Open in Tab Group". Adding the control key for power users would make it easier though.

  72. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mark McKinnon: Unfortunately, the problem with the McAfee security center is a known issue and a workaround is not available yet. We’re working on this.

    @mitch: Yes, "Find on Page" hasn’t seen as much improvement as we would have liked for IE7. Stay tuned to the IE blog for more on this feature.

  73. DCV Chicago says:

    Came across a menu bug at:

    Each menu is the full width of the page, and they extend about halfway down the page, like a ladder.

  74. Hello,

    I’m having the same problem several people described above regarding IE7 Beta 1 Uninstall. I did some searching and it looks like a lot of people are complaining about this problem but I am yet to see a working solution. As I installed it months ago, System Restore is not an option.

    Can someone from IE team please advise how IE7 Beta 1 can be UNINSTALLED if it does not show up in Add/Remove Programs?



  75. John Doey says:

    Found the "classic toolbar" appreciate you adding it back.

    Scrolling is jerky on sites like and IE 6 is smooth on those site.

    Why can’t we move the buttons to where we want? At a minimum you should allow me to move the home menu to where I want.

  76. "# re: Please send us your feedback on the IE7 Beta 2 Preview

    Tuesday, January 31, 2006 8:44 PM by EricLaw [MSFT]

    @Mark McKinnon: Unfortunately, the problem with the McAfee security center is a known issue and a workaround is not available yet. We’re working on this."

    Does that mean MSC is turn off I really need to know ASAP if it is I need to know ASAP if I uninstall it IE7 will it bring it back.

  77. BTW the RSACI that you have in the content advisor has been ICRA since 1999 I think someone needs to fix that.

  78. I would like an option in Feed Settings (Tools->Internet Options->Content->Feeds) where I can set the default time to check for updates. The 1 day too long for me and I would prefer not to have to change that for all feeds I add.

  79. Bob says:

    If the user interface can’t be cusomized to something resembling IE6, buttons where I want them, address bar where I want it, crap I dont want turned off, then there will be one less IE user

  80. PEINAO says:

    please allow a password management system like Moz’s, i.e. no need to type in password

    BTW, can this current version work with the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader? Will the gold product work w/it?

  81. Nick Barling says:

    I was looking forward to evaluating WinIE7 Beta 2 in terms of CSS support to my clients’ Web sites. However, after installing the Beta 2 version it overwrote IE6. Undaunted, and knowing how you guys like us developers to suffer, I uninstalled it and tried the ridiclous suggestion of using Virtual PC to run a second OS with IE7 reinstalled.

    After downloading the trial VPC 2004 and sacrificing 128mb of RAM, VPC refused to recognize a perfectly valid full licensd version of XP Pro. I gave up at this point.

    I happly run multiple versions of FF, NN, and Opera without this nonsense.

    Please find a way that a developer can sensibly evaluate IE7 alongside IE6 without the need to butcher resources such as RAM and physical to virtual constructs just to view a different browser version.

    It is clear that CSS hacks will still need to be tiered to accommodate IE7, IE6 and pre IE6 with this new release. Let us hope that we can at least test these hacks so that our Web sites work in your browsers.

    The interface and tags look nice but it ain’t about only nice, is it.

  82. Billyjack says:

    I am a diehard IE guy. I had hoped that the new beta would have brought more functionality for the developer.

    Like easy on/off of tabs(maybe an icon button).

    Button for "view source" that opens up the code nicely formatted out rather than notepad.

    Able to put my toolbars where I want them(home,feed,print,ect)I can’t find a way to move them to where I want.

    Able to view in IE or Firefox for development of web pages much needed(Firefox already has).

    Everyone but me in our web department has moved to firefox mainly for this reason and we are a .Net shop.

    Come on guy don’t make me have to switch..

  83. Billyjack says:

    I found that if you uncheck "Use Smooth Scrolling". Tools,Internet Options,Advanced.

    My scrolling started working properly.

  84. I’ve only had this for a couple of hours, so I haven’t really tested it thoroughly, two thumbs up on the interface and type. The experience is much better.

    On RSS

    IE7 can’t read the following RSS Feed

    Automatic Download of Enclosures? How does this work, where are the files donwloaded?

  85. Peter Smith says:

    I share the same working Offline issue that has been mentioned earlier. Starting dialup connection, connecting, then start IE7, connect to website, then start Outlook Newsreader will bring up a no internet connection found dialog "Would you like to go offline?" incorrectly, as there is an internet connection.

    Tried reporting using the beta reporting tool above, but it wouldn’t allow upload to Microsoft for some reason (maybe related to this issue?)

  86. Peter Smith says:

    Feature suggestion. Windows Media Player hides its whole classic menu behind a single button. I would like to see a similar button on the IE toolbar, as having the whole classic menu displayed is a little untidy.

    It took me a while to realise that CTRL-F was find on webpage, this is not mouse accessible any more without the classic menu, I cannot mouse select Work Offline any more either, however I might not have found it yet.

    However, great release.

  87. Jamie Mitchell says:

    I’ve been running IE7 Beta 2 all day with no problems. Installation was painless and most functionallity seems intact. I have to agree, however, that the new toolbars are designed just to be different. I like the little bit of extra screen space but not at the expense of an interface drastically different from every other app on my computer. The location of the search box is identical to Firefox, so FF users will feel comfortable with that. Uninstall is available from the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel but only with "Show Updates" checked. It is, after all, an update to the OS. Finally, and really my biggest issue so far, is the scroll wheel on my MS Mouse doesn’t work in the Favorites sidebar (or whatever it’s called in IE). As I have many, many bookmarks, this is just a little bit of an inconvenience. Overall, pretty good. Like others, I’ll hold off final judgement until the release of Vista.

  88. Peter Smith says:

    Qantas airways (Australias big airline) online reward bookings does not allow flight bookings using this browser, detecting it as Netscape 6.0!

    If you’re talking to companies about websites, try them too!

  89. Kevin says:

    Help…i installed IE7 and cannot get to any web site i type in the address bar…nothing happens!!WTF…i can surf only by clicking on links within the first website that popped up..

  90. Mitchel Tyrell says:

    In your blog posting earler:

    You mentioned that computers connected to a workgroup and not a domain will not have an Intranet zone. After downloading the beta 2 preview, I noticed that the Internet Options still has the "Local Intranet" listed as a field with associated options. Why is it still listed?

  91. mitch says:

    The above url to creative’s website doesn’t work with IE7 B2 Preview, could someone either contact them? Or is it a bug in IE?


  92. Another thing, it seems IE 7.0 is not compatbile with Blogger. When editing, what you type doesn’t appear on the screen.

  93. The addition of XMLHttpRequest is very nice, but for really advanced AJAX applications (like to run without ActiveX alerts we need XMLDocument and XSLDocument as well!

    This is really important! XMLHttpRequest is only half of the AJAX toolkit!

  94. Mark says:

    The address bar is still always visible on popup windows. As a web-application developer it is annoying to have the address always visible.

    It would be nice if the address bar could be hidden as in IE6 – perhaps this could be limited to trusted sites only?

  95. Rolly says:

    If I start messenger and log in correctly and I have a new messages I click on tab and internet explorer starts but two pages are opened and hotmail tell me that the passwoard and username are wrong.

    But If I go on internet with and insert the correct username and password all work! IS A BUG?

  96. Robb says:

    Another MGA gripe. I’m the Admin for the entire network, I couldn’t have more permission if I tried, before someone tries to blame me for my problems.

    We’re a volume license site, all our keys are legit, the WGA site verifies that my box is legal, but the IE7 installer is unable to verify. Very annoying.

  97. Shane Perran says:

    1 addition to my user-experience reaction:

    where did the refresh button go?

  98. Ali says:

    Strangely enough, IE7 is not fully Unicode 4.1 compatible, not even 4.0.1 compatible, just like Office 2003 products. The bidi class of some characters including: +, -, / and FRACTION SLASH has changed in Unicode 4.0.1, but IE7, like Office 2003, behaves base on Unicode 4.0. Is there any plan to correct it?

  99. Shane Perran says:

    Thank you for the clarification on exporting favorites.

    Oddly I had no idea that you could do this in IE6 either.

    Perhaps a link to the same functionality via a button on the favorites centre? – It would seem intuative to me.

  100. Shane Corcoran says:

    Seems to be a problem with dropdown lists i.e. you cannot use the mouse to select items from the list using the down arrow is also problematic. Has anyone else seen this?

  101. Chris Webb says:

    Much better than Beta 1. Only major gripe – PLEASE restore the default color of visited links to a proper purple color – the new "light" purple is close in tone to the default blue – this is a usability no-no – it is hard to distinguish visited links from fresh – adding to cognitive processing time!

  102. FF user says:

    There is absolutely nothing about software that breaks systems as much as Microsoft’s "Genuine Advantage" malware that is actually advantageous to the customer. Truth in labelling laws should be applied. Then again, if lemon laws were applied to Microsoft products, Microsoft would have gone broke long ago.

  103. Darx says:

    Shane Perran:

    It’s next to the address bar 🙂

  104. Peter says:

    Looks great but…

    Can’t open Favourites using menu option, just makes ‘Bing’ sound

    Can’t open website from Favourites Center, will not open page by doubleclicking or by rightclick open. just does nothing

    Also be nice to have the option when right-clicking a link to ‘Open in new tab windows’

  105. Mark says:

    Found a bug in select lists. Adding an removing items from a select list with more than one row (i.e. size greater than 1) using the DOM does not change / add / remove the scroll bar.

    To re-create:

    var newoption = document.createElement("option");

    newoption.text = "test";

    newoption.value = "1";

    var add = document.getElementById("myselect").options.add(newoption);

  106. James Harvey says:

    Just crashed as I was writing some feedback – hitting the Submit button did nothing so I hit F5 to refresh and IE terminated.

    Anyway…just installed this onto a laptop and IE has insisted on using cleartype. The reason I don’t use cleartype is because I DON’T want to use it; this isn’t a choice the browser should make for me. Also, to disable it, IE requires a restart but this is not made clear in the options. Finally, IE changed my taskbar clock format.

    Are system changes really needed for installing just a single application?!

  107. James Harvey says:

    Just crashed as I was writing some feedback – hitting the Submit button did nothing so I hit F5 to refresh and IE terminated.

    Anyway…just installed this onto a laptop and IE has insisted on using cleartype. The reason I don’t use cleartype is because I DON’T want to use it; this isn’t a choice the browser should make for me. Also, to disable it, IE requires a restart but this is not made clear in the options. Finally, IE changed my taskbar clock format.

    Are system changes really needed for installing just a single application?!

  108. First impressions of IE7 look good, but I have issues with the user interface. The main annoyance is there are certain features of the UI that you can’t move (e.g. address/search bar, favourites button) etc.

    I find it really frustrating being forced to adopt a specific layout and would request more features that allow the customisation of the current layout.

    For example, I’d like to have my favourites appear on the right hand side, rather than the left (my brain is just wired that way). I’d also like to be able to move the address/search bar from it’s location at the top window, to the bottom of the window.


    Wesley Williams

  109. Conor Turton says:

    The arrow next to each favourites folder in the Favourites center is a bit misleading. Instead of opening the folder to list the sites in it as one would expect, it opens up all the sites in that folder in new tabs. I ended up with 30 tabs open the first time I made that mistake.

  110. Leo says:

    Need a way to set font sizes like Opera, Firefox.

  111. Henry Hensen says:

    Iam a Member of a vbulletin community – then i write a new post i use a WYSIWYG Editor. In the Message Editor u can click on some smilies – after clicking on a smilie the smilies does not show in the editor but on the top of the page.



  112. Leo says:

    Need a way to hide address bar, thanks.

  113. chl says:

    I want a cleanup utility for history, cookies etc when I close the browser as in NETCAPTOR. Firefox does it on request.

  114. Mike says:

    Seeing some float issues on CSS structured sites that display fine in IE6, FF, Opera, Safari. These sites Are built without any hacks. Seems some work still needs to be done on the float issue still.

  115. 30111987 says:

    Can’t move the toolbar above the address bar which is crap.

  116. jamz says:

    chalk another complaint up to cannot move toolbars…..

  117. 67567 says:


    The File menu is missing from above the address bar. This is like so standard. Since Windows 1.0.

    How can I put it back there? Us keyboard users need that!

    Thanks 🙂

  118. Paul Boag says:


    I think I have spotted a bug in the second Beta of IE 7 and was wondering if its me or the software. On my installation if you define a style a:hover in an imported stylesheet it does not trigger in the browser.

    Take a look at:

    A simple link with an inline a:hover style. Works like a treat.

    Now look at the same HTML and CSS but this time with the CSS styles held in a linked stylesheet:

    Again this works fine.

    Finally take a look at this. Same CSS but this time imported rather than linked:

    For me this doesnt work. I dont get the hover effect. Is this a known problem?

  119. orion says:

    best working beta i ever seen.

    pretty much bug free and workable.

    great work ie team this beta is ready for prime time.

    now some templetes and tools would be nice for this beta.

    as for the product itself i give it a thumbs up.

    some items i dont like but there a user preference item so i leave it at that.

    the look is very different not allways a good thing cause people dont allways like change so a ie 6 mold would be wise.

    ie is think is the best because of ms tools and add on the problem is no one knows about them and ms site is to blame and the leadership in mangement.

    the ie team can a great job and still it rests on the fact it must fit into xp and there where i think ms products fails.

    the lack of overall magement to bring deptpartments under one team.

    the web sites are horible no one but a IT can find info in them.

    i think ms needs to adresses this issue that there to much teach talk on one page and nothing on another.

    ie 7 i give a big thumbs up for two reasons.

    one is for the team who released the best working beta ever,no bugs or issues.

    great job.

    the 2nd is good product that moving forward and in testing and awaiting comments and trails.

    this is how you release a product great gob people.

  120. Joe Schmoe says:

    Separate the browser from the OS and maybe MS can make it as secure as Firefox. Until then, Firefox will remain the security officers choice of browser.

    Nice to see MS trying to play catch up instead of market smashing again.

  121. Brian Hillier says:

    Really like the new look and features, couple of things though.

    For the Feeds section, it would be nice to maybe get an icon next to the sites that have been updated but not yet viewed. Also I like the automatic updates for the feeds but it would be more useful to me if it would only check for these updates while IE is open only.

    With the Tabs, it would be nice to have some feature options on the last open tab. As I get in the habit of closing these tabs on the tab – I feel like there is something missing when I get to the last tab and then ave to go to the top of the program screen to close IE. Perhaps a close button or a revert to homescreen button on the last open tab?

    It would also be nice if I was given the option to open links into a new tab when clicking on them.

    And finally I would like more contol over the toolbar positions with some memory as to where I left them. This would greatly improve my experience.

    Soild build and has not crashed once. Great job and looking forward to seeing this product in full production.

  122. TheCreamFilling says:

    I’m sorry but I really have to laugh at your Quick Tabs feature. It basically begs the question, why not just have your pages in seperate windows? Although, you probably already know tabs are counterproductive and reduce usability. =)

  123. TheCreamFilling says:

    I’m sorry but I really have to laugh at your Quick Tabs feature. It basically begs the question, why not just have your pages in seperate windows? Although, you probably already know tabs are counterproductive and reduce usability. =)

  124. JRosenfeld says:

    Three unwelcome things I noticed:

    1. Favicons (aka site icons)

    On installing IE 7 I lost all the favicons (I used favorg that worked with IE6). Now the only way to get them back is laboriously to change the icon for each favorite in the favorites folder. They then appear on the Favorites list in IE7, but not on the tabs.

    2. Changes in cookies/temp internet files folder contents

    I noticed that in the cookies folder the cookies no longer appear as .txt files,but instead appear in the same way as in the temporary internet files folder; this prevents me from reading the cookie information; also files associated with a site (images etc.) also appear in the cookies folder as well as in the temp internet files.

    3. Index.dat files

    I am used periodically to clear the index.dat files for content.IE5 and History on restart using either CCleaner or index.dat suite.

    They still work, but now also clear all saved cookies (for auto login on various forums). This is very annoying.

  125. DTB says:

    Guys: Was stoked to take a peek at the Beta and it is totally buggy. Won’t load flash files in many site, many time it will not complete loading the site and will not allow me to log in to many ASP web based programs not only I use, but ones that we sell. A simple login in. What gives

  126. I have a simple javascript that changes the class of a DOM-element to another class. In Firefox and Opera the browser gets the style-information for the new class and applies it to the element.

    IE doesn’t seem to. But as far as I know the code is standards-compliant.

    It might just be me as I’m fairly new to Javascript. But I think it would make people’s lives easier. It would make mine easier in any case.

    Also, I had a "fixed" element in the bottom left corner where it should have been in the bottom right corner, which I thought was a little odd.

    It has position: fixed; bottom: 0; right: 0; where the other elements that are fixed on the right have position: fixed; right: 0; top: 0;

    Wish I had the DOM-inspector in IE to see what went wrong there.

    Overall: I’m quite pleased.

  127. Mike Simon says:

    First, let me say that all of my web sites are working well so far. Great job on the interface and a lot of the features.

    But…I hate the way ftp in the browser works. When I put an address in, it doesn’t attempt to login. For some servers, it takes me to the ftp root, but won’t log me in until I open it in an explorer window (from the file menu). For others, it doesn’t display anything at all (this seems to happen only with servers that have no anonymous login). I want to use ftp in the browser as I have in ie6, not explorer. The ONLY way it lets me login to my ftp server is opening the explorer window. If I wanted to use another app, I’d just download an ftp client.

    Second, we’re doing internal development with a fake certificate. I liked the fact that it came up with a warning, but I don’t want to see the warning EVERY TIME. There should be something that allows me to continue to that site without the warning. It adds an extra step every time I go into debug. I tried adding it as a trusted site and even unchecked the warning for bad certs thing in advanced internet options and it didn’t work. It’d be nice if there was something that allowed me to disregard the bad cert for a given site every time.

    I LOVE the tabbed browsing and especially love the multiple home pages. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It would be cool though if you changed the taskbar icon for browsers that have multiple tabs open. Sometimes I open multiple windows an it’d be nice to know which of those windows have multiple tabs. I don’t use the application grouping feature on the task bar, so this would be cool. If nothing else, a mouseover text box with a list of the tabs you have open instead of just the active tab.

    I like the fact that I can add a feed, but I’d like it better if it were easier to figure out how to do it without actually clicking on the link. It’s easy to use once you know how, but it’s super annoying until then.

    I LOVE the built in dom inspector.

    Overall I really like this new version. Thanks for letting us look at it.

  128. Justin says:

    please please please get a decent graphic designer. The back and forward buttons are poorly rendered and pixelated. The styling is really overdone. Will this stuff be skinable? Maybe this is a Vista issue because those screenshots are not looking so great.

    Other than that functionality is awesome. the CTRL+Q thing is a bit hard to do. I think you should just go for it an make it F9, no shame right?

  129. KevinB says:

    If I do not have a cd in the CD-Rom drive and click a drop down list in a website, I get a dialog box titled "Autorun de %s Autorun: autorun.exe – No Disk" with the contents "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:"

    Have Cancel, Try Again and Continue as options. If I click cancel a few times I can the select from that drop down list, but I have the same problem again if I try to select another list.

    If there is a cd in the drive everything works fine!

    Apart from that it looks like a great browser.

    Good work.

  130. john stalker says:

    1. install it separately to IE6

    2. make it easier to uninstall

  131. Martin Kliehm says:

    My first impression is total buggyness. Block elements don’t get a full width auto-assigned, but they do when I change them to inline or when I set an !important width. A collegue reports issues with position: relative, the silver bullet for screwed IE6 displays. Just one word: hasLayout. Argggghhh! Text inside (semantic) tables don’t inherit a font-size, again unless I set !important. And special characters like ö or „ get a wrong letter-spacing which totally screws up text. When I select the text, it is alright, but then the surrounding text is screwed.

    I already hate IE7, I’m sick of new hacks and workarounds because some people don’t get their job done properly. I was impressed with your expressed commitment to standards, but the actual product so far is a cruel joke!

  132. JDibble says:

    I’m the head of the quality assurance department at my company, and today I decided to test our app on IE7 to see if everything worked alright – it does, but I think the user interface for this browser is, frankly, terrible. Having looked at other opinions online about this interface "confusing" and "cluttered" were common terms people used to describe it.

    Here is a short list of the problems I have with it:

    1. Buttons that in previous IE versions were neatly organized together are now all over the place. The Back/Forward, Stop, Refresh, and Home buttons are better left next to eachother, as it allows for a better ‘flow’ resulting in the user being able to browse faster. I realize space is an issue, but useability should also be considered.

    2. I find it strange that the ‘Classic Menu’ isn’t on by default. This menu is pretty much standard to all applications across Windows, so one would think it should be there. Another complaint about it is that it is not on the top of the other elements, which is also standard to other Windows applications.

    3. The Search Bar – don’t get me wrong, it’s a great feature and I am glad you allow the user to plug in a different one from the default MSN one if they so wish, but what I would like is to be able to just turn it off and not have it displayed at all. I don’t generally use it, so just being able to put it away would be a good feature. Another option to solve this might be to have a button that opens the bar temporarily when the user wishes to use it.

    4. The Toolbar placement is a bit awkward since it’s to the right of the tabs. This is more of a subjective opinion than an absolute problem with useability.

    That’s roughly it. I can offer two possible solutions to the problem:

    1. Simply place items as I suggest in a static fasion. The following three lines represent the three layers of items(with the classic menu on there are three layers as there is now) with items organized from left to right.

    -Classic Menu, Toolbar

    -Back/Forward, Stop Loading, Refresh, Home buttons in that order, Address Bar, and ‘Links'(if turned on)

    -Favorites Center button, Add/Subscribe button, Tabs, Search Bar

    I think this organization would allow for improved useability while still meeting concerns regarding space.

    2. Increase the amount of customization that a user can implement. Allow the user to unlock the position of things and move elements – bars, buttons, ect – to the place they choose. For instance, if the user wants the Toolbar right next to the Classic Menu, let them put it there, or if the user wants to move the Back/Forward buttons to right side of the address bar instead of the default left, let them do that. In this way a user can put things where the user wants with little problem.

    Well, that’s my honest critique of the new UI, and I hope my suggestions are seriously taken into consideration. If things are left as they stand, I will not be upgrading to IE7 for my home computer, and will either stick with IE6 or make a full switch to Firefox. I also hope that the next version of Windows doesn’t have a similar interface, as that would discourage me from upgrading to that at any time.

  133. Geoff says:

    Considering that tabbed browsing is the headliner for the new IE7 why so short on configuration!? Look at Maxthon browser for configuration. I would like to have

    1. multiple rows of tabs

    2. ability to have fixed width tabs

    3. ability to drag tabs next to eachother (no browser does this that I know of)

    4. ability to rename the text on a tab

    5. open links in new tab instead of new window

    Maxthon has some other great features that would be nice in IE also. I LOVE that you can re-open closed tabs from a list of visited sites in Maxthon. Very handy!

    Other than a few more features and updates, I find IE7 to be a very good start. Much improvement over IE6. The consolitation of tools and toolbar elements is very nice.

    Tabbed browsing really needs to be extrordinary to beat the competition though. IE7 isn’t even close to being as flexible as the of other tabbed browsers.

  134. Sort favorites by name says:

    We’ve lost the ability to do an alpha-sort of Favorites?

    Please restore this feature.

    Thank you.

  135. Aaron says:

    Definately getting better.

    I have to say though that I’m not going to enjoy the current implementation of favorites. I’d much rather see more options for customizing it – such as having it work like a start button or something so that it opens and closes on request rather than having it just simply be open. I don’t like a cluttered browser experience and having it open at all is distracting.

    I also would prefer to see the ability to move the various toolbars and tabs around as desired. I think the MS office implementation of toolbars is a good starting ground. Turn em on – turn em off. Only show the ones you need and rearrange the order within the toolbar as desired. Let them be pinnable to any location in the broswer.

    Must be able to rearrange the order of tabs via drag and drop!

    Good start!

  136. E.Powell says:

    1) No min-width/max-width support. Years to implement this and you haven’t bothered. With the advent of CSS over tables to lay out pages THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Why you cannot recognise it’s importance I’ve no idea. If you ignore the developers/designers they will ignore you!

    2) The "security" bar – WHAT A MAJOR PAIN! Could you design a more irritating element? It triggers on loading a standard local XHTML and CSS page. WHY? What’s dangerous about that? Why deliberately not load their homepage and then tell them YOU think it’s a little dodgy, but if they click here a dozen times you’ll respect the browser settings and load it? MICROSOFT WILL NOT CONTROL MY BROWSER – I WILL.

    What’s even more annoying is the inability to turn it off. If you follow the instructions, as it says, IT DOES NOT WORK! Did anyone bother to test that? Click on the cross to close it and it comes back on a reload.


    3) Overall design of the browser: AWFUL! Why have everything split to the left and the right? Users don’t want to have to go into the left corner for basic functionality, and then have to go into the far right corner to access other simple actions, then back to the left for another, then across to the right. WHO DESIGNED THIS?

    Why was this done? To make it more difficult to use?

    Hide the standard toolbars? NO!

    Anti-alias the text (Clear Text) on default? NO!

    There were loads more issues, but I uninstalled it and wiped it from my machine as soon as I could. Of course, all my IE6 bookmarks were now alphabetical……

    What a surprise. NOT.

    Back to FIREFOX, who understand people!

  137. Padraic says:

    Well this seems like an improvement over IE7b1 to me, but there’s still some things I’d like to see addressed.

    First, I’ll start with the things I do like. The single pull down button for the back & forward buttons is nice. It was a little disconcerting at first, but it’s still much better than the old way. Having the seperate reload & stop buttons is nicer than the single one as well. And it seems that the reload button changes to a go button when any changes are made to the address bar now, not just typed changes. Having the additional search button also is nice. Though it’s nice to see that the original functionality of the pull down search engine button still works. The Quick Tabs button & pull down menu are also very useful. I had wanted little arrows to scroll along the tab bar, but this is even better. I like the magnifying option, though it doesn’t really work like I expected it to, so I doubt I’ll use it much.

    However, there are a bunch of UI changes I’d still like to see. First I do agree that the new tab button needs some accentuating. I think I’d prefer it if it stayed in one single location instead of following the right side of the tabs.

    Second, and this seems rather odd to me: there’s an add/subscribe button, aka "the plus" and it seems to work just fine as an add favorite button, but it doesn’t have any options for subscribing. I think it would at least make sense to have the RSS feed subscriptions available under that button given what it was named. It would also help eliminate another extra button from the toolbars.

    The toolbars are one of my biggest gripes with IE7 as it stands now. Mostly I’d just like to see more configurabilty to them. There are some specific things I’d like to see.

    Use Office style toolbar configurations.

    Decouple the back/forward buttons.

    Decouple the back/forward history button.

    Decouple the address bar.

    Decouple the … ok, just decouple all the individual items on the toolbars. But definitly the back/forward buttons from the history button. I have a five button MS mouse, I’d like to exploit it as much as possible.

    I like the features of the office toolbars where you can pick and choose what goes on a toolbar, including which pull down menus you want on the toolbar. I would imagine that most people don’t use too many of the items in the pull down menus so that would help them, but the Windows Update item is rather important.

    I notice that the system for search engines is rather similar to that of IE7b1, so it wasn’t too hard to convert my list of search engines to IE7b2. The ordering seems to be somewhat different however. It would be nice to be able to sort the different search engines in IE7 directly. Perhaps with some drag and drop mechanism. It would also be nice to add seperators to the list. This would enable us to sort out different types of searches, so we could keep our generic search engines (MSN, Google) seperate from shopping search engines (Amazon, Ebay.) I’m not sure I would want the X readily available as it is in the favorites/feeds/history sidebar, but that model could work rather well for the search selection button.

    I’m not terribly fond of the interaction with the sidebar. I prefer the type that Visual Studio uses. They operate in a similar manner when pinned, albeit with the tabs at the bottom. However I vastly prefer the method used in Visual Studio when a sidebar isn’t pinned. Having the list of sidebars on the side where all you have to do is wave your mouse at one of the tabs to get it to appear was a great improvement in my opinion. It meant that in general the sidebar took up very little real estate, but any one of the tabs in that sidebar could be accessed without even clicking on it. If you didn’t click on it, the sidebar would also retract when you moved your mouse back into the main screen. Perhaps this is an option that would confuse some people, but it would be nice to at least be able to choose to have a similar functionality for the sidebar. Also the sidebar is a little larger than I’d like when it does pop-up temporarily. It would be nice to be able to resize it at the very least.

    I think the favorites in the sidebar works reasonably well. I’ve never been a fan of it, since it generally sat on your screen permanantly, which I always saw as an annoyance. As it is now, having to click on a folder to see its contents seems a little foreign to me, however I don’t see that as much of a problem, as I’ll likely get used to it in a couple of days. Though I had half expected to see the general tree structure that we’re used to in Windows, with the plus/minus box. I’m not terribly sure how much I like the idea of the X next to each of my favorites. It seems to be a little too close to the links. And while I am reasonably used to the fact that MS likes to put the delete command right next to the rename command in the context menu, it just seems too easy to delete favorites accidentally. Perhaps a confirmation message would be nice. I do find it odd that in the side bar, if you right click on a favorite you’re able to select "Open in new tab", however that option is not available from the pull-down favorites menu.

    The feeds are probably still my biggest concern with the UI at the moment. I’m glad that they were moved into the sidebar, but they’re still lacking a lot of useful features. Again here I would like to see some sort of tree structure. So that expanding the main feed would display the list of headings that are currently available in it. It would also be nice to be able to expand the headings to read more about it. Many websites don’t put much in their headers besides a synopsis of the topic being discussed, and this would be an excellent way to showcase that. Also many of the headings have their own link associated with them, in those cases it would be nice to click on the heading name and be taken to the linked page. Given that the feed pages can be redownloaded automatically, it would also make sense then to have some means of notifying the user that the feed had been updated recently. I think this should be readily apparent by using some means of highlighting the feed in the sidebar. Either changing the color of the feed name or as in the Windows start menu, changing the background for the feed name. I think that same idea could be extended to the headings, however I also think that could look cluttered easily if done wrong. As it stands the feeds haven’t been well implemented from a UI standpoint, the XML page works, but is far from convienient. I certainly wouldn’t want to have one tab open in the browser for each CNN feed that I check occasionally.

    I do have a problem with some websites that are heavy on graphics. Sometimes only part of the images will come through, and the rest of them have the X page in the corner. While right clicking on each image placeholder and clicking "Show Picture" does work, it might be nicer to have a single button, or context menu option to attempt to reload all images that failed to load originally.

    I think the pull-down boxes for the search engines and the quick tabs are rather odd. I’m used to clicking on the button again to get the list to go away, but it just reappears here.

    An odd bug I do seem to get is sometimes when switching between tabs I get a blank spot, the size of a toolbar, underneath the tabs until the page is completely redrawn. It would be nice to have that go away. I think it had something to do with turning on and off the "Classic Menu", but it may have simply been related to moving the toolbars around.

    I think aside from those issues I mentioned above most of my other concerns have been well voiced in other places. Things such as compatablity and new standards compliance are always nice to have. It would also be nice to have more of the UI settings readily available. While a feature might be modifiable through the registry, its often nicer to just have an option in a configuration page somewhere.

    Overall, I think this is a vast improvement over IE6, but there are still a bunch of issues that need to be addressed before it goes gold. While I tried to offer my ideas as best I could, perhaps someone else could develop some of them more throughly, or in other ways improve upon them. Frankly, I’m tired of Firefox’s incompatibilities and would love to be able to switch back to IE and have an even better browser.



  138. Tom says:

    The negative:

    Favorites/RSS panel doesn’t work at all (causes program crash). The only way I can open links is by dragging them onto the browser pane.

    No advanced settings. Perhaps this is by design? Either way, if I click in the empty space where the advanced settings are meant to show, I have a program crash.

    Initial "" always fails to save my settings.

    Some sort of ClearType font smoothing has been set as a default, which naturally affects my Outlook preview pane.

    Zoom/Text size tools don’t do anything (though I can resize text using the more traditional method).

    UI: very scrappy (the forward/back buttons look like an ancient build of Flock, menu items moved around too much).

    Tabs: can’t drag tabs to reorder.

    Toolbars: can’t reorder or customize this at all.

    However, on a more positive note, I like the little open a new tab/close tab button on the side of the tab. I like the refresh/go button all in one. I like the Quick Tabs function. As someone experienced in using beta versions, I was surprised at how many problems I had with IE7 B2. But I can see that you guys have been trying to come up with something new, and I think that’s important. I look forward to a release candidate!

  139. lynn says:

    High DPI monitor results.

    I am running my inspiron 9300 at 1920 x 1200 but at 130 dpi so the text is readable. While IE 7 preview does a fine job of aliasing text, it appears there as been nothing done to change the rendering of the photos. It seems that the images are being just stretched to 130 dpi size with out using the new image stretch filter. If I click the zoom bar to get a 125% or 150% view, the images are much more attactive and not pixilated as they are at the 100% level. It would really help those of us that runt high res with higer dpi if the 100% zoom could use the new image scaling feature to get a better default view.

  140. hak says:

    I suppose you guys forgot that you were creating a browser and focussed on making the UI flashy.

    Try making IE7 a standalone browser instead of integrating it into windows.

    Since everyone already expects windows to scream, crash and fail even when it’s idle since startup and not connected to a network or peripherals, it would be easier to make windows compatible with IE7 than the other way around.

  141. Eric says:

    Whenever I start my browser, it takes me to and asked me to enter my personel settings. When I click the "Save Settings" button, it tells me there was an error and only gives me the option to continue to my homepage. I don’t want to go through this everytime I start my browser, which exceeds 100 times a day. Thoughts?


  142. George Hron says:

    I have an idea: I saw in the Longhorn build 4075 the feature: The IE handled the downloads by the BITS. It’s a very good feature. Umm.. I would like see this in the rtm, because it handled the bandwith very well.

    The preview version is very beautiful. McNaulty’s firefox vs IE7B2 bug i have too.

    The Beta2 is works for me on Windows XP SP2 HUN with February Security Updates .

    George Hron

    PS: Sorry, I don’t speak English very well. I’m Hungarian…

  143. Bob Smith says:

    I hate the skin.

  144. Xepol says:

    Hey, great to see that the quicks links toolbar buttons are fixed. It SUCKS that the toolbar is turned off by default.

    However, still, glad the buttons are fixed.

    HOWEVER, I would still like to see something that allows me to open a GROUP of tabs at once (not just the home page, but groups like "tech news", "news", "comics" etc etc etc) without also requiring me to open ALL sites at once (quick links with a drop down box, click on the main button, tabs open for all nested shortcuts, click on the drop box, select only 1 short cut, get just that site in the current tab)

    ANy hope or will I have to get offa my butt, figure out the dementia that is IE’s API (yikes, what a horrible architectural mistake!) and write one of my own?

  145. Murray Macdonald says:

    I have enjoyed using IE 7 Beta 2 so far.

    Features that I like include:

    > The Quick Tabs window with keyboard shortcut; (New)

    > Integrated search bar with ability to load multiple search engines; (Catch up feature)

    > Opening groups of favourites; (Catch up feature)

    > True full page viewing of pages; (New)

    Features which I hope you could build in to the RTM version:

    > Better on-page text find. Ie. as I type in a on-page text find, find the next instance;

    > A history of file downloads with save and origin locations and options to redownload files or clear download list;

    > When tabbing through pages to get a semi-transparent view of all tab pages to help in navigating to the correct one.

    Hope this helps!

  146. jace says:

    Please, please turn off Clear-type by default!

    Why not put the Add/Subscribe plus sign next to the Feeds Icon?

    Please make the Search area resizable. Also, the Stop button is ill-designed, it does not "afford" its function.

    Please please, one last thing, when I middle click something from the Favorites Center (or Feeds) DON’T close the flyout pane, wait until my mouse moves out of the pane region.

    If I left – click something, go ahead and close it. Hope that makes sense.

    There is a lot to like about this browser.

  147. Satriani says:

    A Download Manager is really missing!!! So please

    But, nice build

  148. Ben says:

    I’m really chuffed with the new Internet Explorer 7 i was a big firefox user but now after 1 year of firefox i have gone back to Internet Explorer. Well done Microsoft

  149. average user says:

    Initial impressions:

    1. Reminds me of Flock. Especially the back and forward buttons. Took me a while to find the refresh button, too, which was disappointing.

    2. There’s this little half tab next to the main window tab that I can’t get rid of and it is driving me insane. I’m assuming I can remove it, but A) it shouldn’t be there in the first place and B) removing it isn’t very intuitive. Secondly, I’m not even sure what it does. Dragging a link onto there just changes my main window. Hitting Control+T brings up a blank tab. At best, it seems to be extraneous.

    3. Tabs are wonky. Sometimes middle clicking brings one up, sometimes it doesn’t. Same thing with closing them. Also, when I first middle click a link, it changes the main window, then when I middle click a second link, it opens up a tab? I’m baffled as to what it wants from me.

    All in all, very underwhelming. It’s fast, but the usability is poor.

  150. Wayne says:

    First and foremost, well done a very good "feel" to the interface. Improved performance is evident but at what expense, I have monitored the memory and processor utilisation when using IE7.

    HTTP/HTTPS (including asp, php and aspx) memory usage is 10-60MB and processor usage is negliable which is on par with IE6 and Firefox. However when the webpage contains a shockwave or java element the memory utlisation jumps to three times that circa 180MB, which is not on par with the aforementioned web explorers. Is this intentional ? or could it be that the various plug-ins/add ons required not as yet fully compatible with the newer version of IE ?

  151. ZenWarrior says:

    After seeing IE7 fail in so many ways, I felt compelled to uninstall it. However, it will not uninstall. It froze at "updating registry" or something like that. Now after a couple of restarts, I’m being told I am attempting to uninstall it from a different account than I first used to install it. That is wrong. Dead wrong. I also received some message about a file missing. In other words, IE7 has been a complete disaster.

    I now have no IE of any form. That also means I now have no Maxthon — what IE7 should have been long ago. So in Microsoft’s attempts to catch up to the competition, they now have me with no Microsoft-browser capabilities, and I am having to post this with the targeted competitor, Firefox!, no less.

    So, how do I get my computer back? And no, Microsoft’s restore didn’t work, either. Surprised? (I’m not.) Just give me my computer back Microsoft and we’ll strike a bargain. I will never again buy a Windows product and you will never again have to worry about fixing your problems on my computer. Deal? Jeesh.

  152. Robert Baker says:

    In order to post to my FTP site I am required to do a login. However with IE7 the File > Login As… does not exist even though Help documents say it should.

    Any help with this?

  153. Chris says:

    So far so good guys, this is a MAJOR improvement from IE6, and actually will probably put Firefox on a back burner for me if the quality I see here sticks. The only oddity I have is when I alt-tab between programs, at times I’ll stutter the alt-key (my own fault of course) and this keeps bringing up and hiding the "Classic Menu" even though I have it hidden in the tools -> Toolbars menu.

  154. Ken says:

    The one thing that is driving me nuts is that a webpage that opens a new window (using

    <a href="…" target="_blank">) opens a new instance of the browser instead of a new tab. This seems to defeat the whole purpose of tabbed browsing.

    I really like the quick tabs feature, but its useless when you’ve got multiple browser instances running.

  155. Richard says:

    Hi, I am usher’s syndrome (low vision), I upset IE6 don’t have Charcter spacing positions that I can’t read

    I show you

    go IE6

    click Tools–>Internet Options

    click button "Accessibility"

    click all 3 uncheck under Formatting

    click Ok

    click Ok

    click View–>Text Size–>Largest


    some website not perfect spacing positions

    IE7 will clear spacing positions?

  156. jace says:

    Please add a simple pause button on the download dialog…, thanks

  157. Mike Williams says:

    In Firefox, you can right click on highlighted text and select "Search web for …" – this would open up a new tab and automatically do a web search on the highlighted topic. I use this feature all the time. Another feature that is missing, is the ability to right click on a link and choose to open it in another tab.

  158. Mike Williams says:

    Disreguard the second comment of my post, I guess it is there already – just didn’t see it at first.

  159. Gavin says:

    I have been using live messenger for about a week now with no problems after I installed IE7 it crashes every time I open it, must be some conflict. I also found that does not work at all with IE7. I would like to suggest that when I open a new tab, I can select an option to take me to my home page.

  160. Eric – I am seeing the same problem w/ the runonce page on one of my machines at work. We’re taking a look at the problem and will hopefully have a fix soon. Thanks for reporting.

    Everyone else – keep the feedback coming. Hopefully you understand that we cannot hope to follow up with everyone individually, but we are reading the feedback.

    Also, if you’re filing a bug report, please use the feedback mechanisms we’ve listed in our blog post (!



  161. Gavin says:

    Please let me chose where I want ot put the toolbars as this is driving me mad. Please allow rearranging of the tabs by dragging and dropping.

  162. Colin says:

    I installed IE7 Beta 2 and experienced problems typing an email in Hotmail. The backspace, delete, and space bar buttons fail to work properly. If I turn of the Rich-Text Editor the problem stops. Only when the editor is enabled this problem occurs. It also affects Yahoo Mail as well. I have since uninstalled IE7 after failing to find any remedy to the problem.

  163. Xepol says:

    OK, found that you can NOW add foldes to the quick links toolbar, and that is VERY cool, and I have already expanded my available quick links.

    I also found the "add tab group to favorites…", again interesting.

    HOWEVER! You can’t just replay the tab group. You have to manually create tabs and populate them one by one. This is basically means that the feature is 50% done. We need to be able to PLAY tabsets out into fully created sets of tabs.

    The same goes for the QuickLink toolbar. If it is a folder, instead of a button, make it a button with a drop down box. The drop down box exposses the sub items, the button itself launches all the sub items in individual tabs.

    Once you have that done, I would say that tabbed browsing has what it needs to really finish it off.

    Btw, Add to favorites? Nice change. I REALLY like the folders tree poping up like that. WAY better than the dinky little dialog from before.

    Now I need something to validate all my bookmarks & download their associated icons every one in a while (keep track of the 404s and when it sees x many 404 tests in a row for a shortcut, offer to delete it…)

    Still beta 2 is shaping up VERY nicely interface wise.

    Anyone else noticed that the search provider for google provided by MS appears designed to give your home page to google? What is up with that?

  164. doug swam says:

    online banking with does not work: invalid internet explorer version.

  165. arunsahni001 says:


    I quite like the new explorer but I have a couple of suggestions:

    the ability to force new windows to open up in a new tab rather than a new window.

    the ability to search simply by typing rather than ising Ctrl F (see mozilla)


  166. Larry says:

    Why can’t Microsoft implement the latest web standards? You can add the latest fad of tabs, but you cannot make your browser work with standard CSS. We web developers have to jump through hoops to make our pages work in your browser because it is non-standard in its rendering.

    You have a lot of smart people working for your company and a rediculous amount of cash in the bank, so why not do it right?

  167. vt says:

    I liked IE7B1 better. B1 design was just optimal — simple and convinient. Now there are a lot of color buttons, it looks like student’s shareware. The another thing is using clear-type by default. Not everyone likes cleartype and not every monitor can display it well. And finally – "contenteditable" is almost broaken. Typing something and see nothing. Was it tested? BTW, uninstall IE7B1 does not work for me either. So, my impression: too buggy for B2, probably, worse, than B1, because, probably, of feature hell.

  168. ask says:

    Why is the address bar locked to the top?

  169. CyberGuy says:

    Got excited after hearing it was released and tried it on my system at work.

    -Had to roll back immediately using System Restore – no uninstall option from Add/Remove Programs.

    -No apparent option to use both IE6 and 7 at the same time for testing.

    -Does not work with Siebel 7.

    -User interface is counter-intuitive. Learning curve is required to adjust.

    -Popup baloons are VERY annoying.

    x64 system at home. Will wait for Vista public release before trying it again.

  170. MSFT says:

    Why in gods name do you people have to change around your standards every time you release a product?


    And you guys had the gull to explain that it was all your great idea way back, but the only reason you didn’t include tabbed browsing in IE5 or whatever was b/c "you didn’t think people could handle the change".

    Yet you put craptarded skins on MSN Explorer, you never use standard shell toolbars or buttons in Office or MSN Messanger, and I’m not even going to get started about how there’s not even a menu bar at all on W.Media Player at default.

    You have to understand this: IF PEOPLE WANT CUSTOM THEMES, THEY’LL DOWNLOAD THEM. It pisses me off when you come out with these moronic pre-skinned apps because (1) I have to re-learn the GUI, and (2) they can’t be skinned or themed with the rest of the shell-standard apps.

    You have a REALLY big problem with not following standards, and your skins are just one area. What about how you think that your browsers don’t have to follow CSS rules and you end up single0handedly making more of a headache for web designers than every other browser put together.

    I really gave you guys a chance with this browser, but not anymore. You fail.

  171. Streamer says:

    Apparantly streaming audio and video doesn’t work anymore.

    Try a radio station like:

  172. micrshaft says:

    make all micrsoft software free……………….

    ass bandits

  173. rev23dev says:

    please re-add the ‘show blocked popup’ feature that was available in XP SP-2 beta’s. this was an awesome feature, and very necessary.

  174. I have installed it under windows XP tablet edition on my Gateway Laptop fine. When I attempted to install it on my main machine, I got a few errors in the two associated log files:

    17.406: Registering Uninstall Program for -> ie7bet2p, ie7bet2p , 0x0

    17.469: Unable to get File Version

    17.469: Failed to copy spupdsvc.exe to system32


    00:27.765: INFO: Process ‘update.exe /quiet /norestart /er /log:C:WINDOWS’ exited with exit code 61453

    00:27.765: ERROR: |Inst. IE >>> Internet Explorer installation completed with errors, exitresult=0x00000000, exitcode=0x0000f00d


    No clue what caused these errors. I tried repairing the .net framework 2.0 and disabling every posible non-essential service before running the install without any luck.

  175. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mike: "There should be something that allows me to continue to that site without the warning."

    If you trust the certificate, you can tell IE to that you trust the certificate. One of our MVPs did a nice writeup: ";

    Why we don’t just let you add the site to the Trusted Zone to bypass the warning?

    Say you trust your bank, and put it in the Trusted zone. Then say a hacker tried to attack your secure connection to your bank using a bogus certificate. If we didn’t warn you that the cert was bogus, you’d get robbed!

  176. Floyd says:

    Has some problems,while loading up newsburst the columns run together,also as posted in some of the above it will bring up firefox?

    Guys it is a good start but needs work,I’ll have to stay with firefox until you work it out.

  177. Don Taylor says:

    File, Edit, View . . etc needs to be on top, an option to drop the tabs to the bottom would be nice since I am used to going down there to flip from window to window already. Like the idea of the plus on the open new tab button, and love that when you open a new tab it is blank and doesn’t work like open new window in IE6 does. The option to use the classic interface would be great since I have XP pretty much reverted to the classic windows look (Dam change is hard!) Would also like to see that right clicking on the close (The normal close button in the upper right corner that is) will close the open tab.

  178. Frankie says:

    Cannot access online banking. Banks do not recognize this browser. Have seen this posted in many blogs and the same was true for me after installing. Had to remove for this reason. Bummer!

  179. Ralph says:

    First off, I admire the effort to put tabs into the browser. I really don’t like any browser that dosen’t support tabbed browsing. However, my wife disagrees and needs a simple button to turn off tabbed browsing.

    Quick view on the tabs is great. Love this feature.

    The interface is a mess and hard to learn and my wife will not ever put in the effort. An absolute dealbreaker. Why not have a fully customizable interface. The Classic menu needs to be at the top. Other browsing options such as back, foward, stop, reload, home, and refresh should be grouped together. Again, not a problem if we could drag and drop to set up the interface.

    We need the option to display text with icons (parents aren’t great with small icons).

    The tabs needs to have their own full row available at the bottom. The way it’s set up now is too cluttered. If space is the issue, a shortcut to alternate quickly between full sreen mode and normal mode will solve the problem.

    Need an option to automatically open links in a new tab.

    The Favorites are hard to use. Firefox does it better as does Safari on Mac.

    Make the Browser completely standards compliant.

    These things are important. I hope you can implement these changes. Keep up the good work.



  180. Gabriel says:

    The Sanskrit on my site looks terrible yet. Since IE3 I cannot recommend IE to view the Sanskrit characters properly. Hopefully I will with the final release of IE7 without resorting to Unicode Sanskrit fonts, which can "only" be seen on Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server.

  181. RGriffith says:

    To be honest, I like most of the new features and the new look. However, we need options/preferences to make it "our own". I like to really shorten the address bar and move the search bar too. Then we could possibly move the new home, RSS, print toolbar onto the very top also just right of the new search bar. Then we’d have almost an entire row for TABS. Otherwise I love it…Keep up the good work.

  182. Simon says:

    Hi i like the feel of IE7.

    can we have the option to rearange all the toolbars please ?

    Also it would be good to have the option of pop up’s appearing in a new tab

  183. Jo Caswell says:

    Installed it yesterday, and so far am pretty impressed. Only three gripes so far:

    1. the tabs positioning at the top of the screen is annoying as hell for me. Would be great if we could move them to the bottom of the screen.

    2. Clicking a site from favorites opens it in the current window, unless you remember to click CTRL. Again, there should be an option to change this – I want my favorutes to open in a new window by default.

    3. I hate the address bar being at the top. Again, being able to move it would be fantastic.

    Other than that…good job!

  184. anime4christ says:

    Genuine Advantage doesn’t work on WINE usually, so that forces me to use Windoze only.

  185. Roger Bradley says:

    I’d just like to say how impressed I am with IE7. I understand it’s only a Beta 2 but the design is brilliant.

    I’ve just gladly returned to Windows after 12 months of using Linux only. Firefox made IE6 look dated, but IE7 now makes Firefox look dated.

    The clean modern design is a winner. A breath of fresh air after the lines of boring rectangular toolbars. Which you can have in IE7 if you want. It’s great to have the choice.

    So far I’ve not experienced any problems, but will provide feedback if I do.

    IE 7 loads a lot faster than Firefox.

    Just one issue;

    the option to view and edit the log-ins / passwords IE saves and to protect the file with a strong password / encryption would be a welcome addition

    Otherwise full marks.

  186. sparky__ says:

    i just want to know why ftp: dosent work in the browser any more?!?!!

  187. sparky__ says:

    Oh yeah.. the fixed address bar and tabs are quite annoying.. and it keeps forgetting my changes to the other bits anyway.. i click fix and the all move about not how i set them.

  188. sidjjj says:

    would like to see a feature in IE7, where while browsing a page one could select some text from the page, then right click SEARCH . This would then run a search against your default search engine, msn lycos google etc & open up the results of that search in a new tab.

  189. David says:

    Installing IE7 broke my banking software, StarMoney 5.0. I feel you should contact them and work the issue out, since this is certainly the most popular banking software in Germany, so quite a large user base. Might also be worth figuring out what the problem is (StarMoney is hosting the rendering stuff) since other software might suffer from it too.

  190. Zeke says:

    The install went perfectly on my PC and its opening sites properly, but the big issue i have is speed

    Page load times seems to have increased dramatically, and also when i hit the back button IE7 seems to choke up for nearly 15 seconds and then starts to reload the last page.

    In Beta 1 going back a page loaded in record time, what went wrong?

  191. Daniel Berthiaume says:

    I Love te new interface, the tab and the tab tumbnail work like a dreams. The integrated search engine is amazing. Never did I though Microsoft would let me use google.. nut you guys did!! Thanks!

    The new favorite windows work well, more intuitive than the menu. Talking about menu, we do not miss the old menu bar, all the option are easy to access without having too many button on screen.

    The only thing I would like if for the MSN button to open the current instal of msn on my computer, but insteed it will open the version 4.7. The version install with windows XP.

    The finish up, if this is what you did with IE, I can’t wait to see Vista and Office for Vista!

    Kept up the good work, I’ll post again if I find some small bugs!

  192. DP says:

    Follow standards, IE causes nothing but problems with being a web developer.

  193. Moataz says:

    When IE7 beta 2 is installed, the Flight simulator 2004 stops loading at all. And also I realised that outlook 2003 will not send or recieve messages, or at least it will not finish the operation. These as far the only two programs that had problems when I installed IE7, and I will keep testing. Any help with these programs??

  194. Dave says:

    I normally use Pluck but would like to switch to IE7’s RSS. Pluck does a nice job of showing all of your feed headlines at once. This saves the pain of having to click on each feed to read each headline. To me, this is a must have feature.

  195. msc says:

    after install it screws up mcafee security centre, and virus scan. The gui goes white and will not function at all. You cannot even uninstall Mcafee for this same reason. When the system is restored Mcafee needs to download lots of files to recover itself. (gives and error that missing files or not installed correctly).

  196. Soum says:

    The "Find on Page" dialog box gets in the way of viewing the text on the page. A single toolbar/statusbar-mounted textbox with word-wheeling would be much better. And when a large number of tabs open, instead of scrolling the tabs out of the page, they, along with the page icons should be resized so that all tabs stay on screen. And an option to group together all tabs from same website would be nice. And a way to undo closing a tab will be more than welcome

  197. Jamie says:

    So far I’m really enjoying the IE7 Beta 2 Preview, but there are some things I would like to see in the final release.

    – XP Icons for the XP version of IE7 would be nice, even thought the current ones are nice they are very Vista-ish.

    – The new tab button should always show the picture/icon of a new tab, not just on mouse hover.

    – The Favourites Centre should close only when you left mouse click a link, if you middle click a link to open in a new tab is should remain openso you can middle click more tabs.

    – The Find On Page feature needs to cycle through the results like the Firefox find feature. The dialog popup to tell you no results were found is frustrating to say the least.

    – When you pin the Favourites Centre to the side of the browser it should remain like this when its closed and reopened, and there should be a button to unpin it again.

    – The Stop and Refresh buttons should be a single button, like in first beta, and the Go button should be seperate button next to it.

    – The Feeds (RSS) button needs to stay greyed out on websites that have no feeds, and if they’re is multiple tabs its should only change to reflect the tab being viewed.

    – The tab order should be rearrangable by dragging and dropping them into a different position on the tab bar.

    – Tear off tabs would be nice. So if you drag off a tab and pull it down to the taskbar so it becomes a new window.

    – Single Window (I’m aware of the irony after the above point!) mode would be really nice, when you click a link in MSN Messenger for example it opens a new window no matter how much I play with the tab options.

    – Tabs should be rearrangable via the Quick Tabs pane.

    – The icon in the title bar needs to change from the IE logo, to the IE webpage logo (the white page with the E on it).

    – A view source application that colour codes the code (no pun intended) of the webpage would be very handy for people like me who like to pickup tips and tricks and prefer not to struggle through notepad.

    – An Email button on the toolbar like in IE6 would still be welcome.

    – Perhaps an option to strip the CSS from a page (IE: View it without a style sheet) would be handy for those visually impaired.

    Hope to see some of these changes in the final version perhaps.

  198. Rovert Prohaska says:

    My company uses skinning on IE to differentiate between various IE sessions running under different user contexts (for testing purposes only). We have been testing our sites with IE7, but our old skinning techniques no longer work.

    Can we skin IE7 with our own custom bitmaps?

  199. Rovert Prohaska says:

    When I type ‘My Computer’ in the address bar, it creates a new window IN THE USER CONTEXT OF THE DESKTOP not the user context of the IEXPLORE.exe process.

    This is different from how IE6 behaved and has an impact on how my company use and test our programs.

    We are not as concerned that there is a new window created, but we need the user context to remain the same.

    Or, perhaps this change is not a bug, but a security design change?

    Thanks, Rovert Prohaska

  200. Richard says:

    IE7 is great, I am usher’s Syndrome (low vision & deaf), I use hold CTL + wheel run "zoom" but Where hold key and wheel for Size Text? would add "Shift" + Wheel for Size Text?

    also some border is white and Icon is light / white, would make theme or skin for icon and border? that I found click "Favorite" is white border, please go display –> Theme change "Windows Classic" and "High Contrast Black" then you look IE7 ok


  201. jace says:

    Re-ordering tabs would be really nice!

    How about making the Favorites icon, the white star with the orange backgrond, "sparkle" subtly when feeds have new content?



  202. Joe says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, I can’t find the ability to search a page of HTML (i.e. View menu -> Find..). Am i overlooking somehing?

    It would be nice if IE 7 stopped interpreting proprietary HTML tags and attributes and stuck to the W3C’s standards. Any chance of that?


  203. Hey out there I took IE7 off my computer it really messed up my Mcafee Security Center. I am not going out to the net without Mcafee.

  204. roy degler says:

    I love it. Tabbed browsing- now I have two choice (firefox and ie7).

    I am having to adjust to the different locations of the icons on the toolbar. I like having multiple home pages. Really like that each opens in a tab when I open the browser.

    I have used it now for two days.

  205. Jeff L says:

    Found a rendering issue with the label element in IE 7. Read more here:

  206. Mark J says:

    When multiple home tabs are set you can’t click the home button to revert back to each original home page. Instead clicking home brings up a fresh set of tabs. So if you have 4 home tabs set all of a sudden you’re looking at 8 tabs. This feature is annoying. Clicking home should refresh, ideally, just one tab and make that the actively viewed tab on the page.

    Also in yahoo mail the backspace button doesn’t delete. It simply moves the cursor back and when you begin to type everthing now after the cursor gets erased. Not cool.

  207. Mike Simon says:

    Since installing ie7, I keep getting a program (with my firewall, zonealarm) trying to run a DLL and hit the the internet. Does ie7 try to connect in the background using rundll or something?

  208. Sidebar Geek says:

    According to Microsoft-Watch, there’s been a more-than-usual report of issues with the Beta 2 Preview…

  209. hadi farnoud says:

    Firefox is still better in whole world! do not try to copy paste FF features

  210. bak says:

    I have tried to import opml files without success. I have tried to import a single opml (feed) file and a file that contains multiple feeds. When I run the import wizard, it does not import any feed at the end of the exercise. It says "no feeds were imported." Is there any special thing to do to make it work or do I have to import all my feeds by going to every one of those sites to add them?


  211. Isilay says:


    After to install IE7 beta 2, I cannot open history of messages pages in MSN Messenger.


  212. Lars says:

    If you want feedback, let me run the beta!

    Work PC: Laptop with genuine copy of Windows XP that Genuine Disadvantage won’t let me install on because I was in a hurry when I installed Windows and didn’t have time to spend looking for the license key.

    Home PC: Gentoo Linux x64 edition, VMware Workstation. It won’t let me use my Windows XP Home virtual machine because I bought a new CPU (naughty me), so now I have a copy of XP Pro 64 edition supplied by work. Guess what – IE7 beta not availabled for 64 bit.

    Once again, I’ll give up trying to like a Microsoft product. I have a 64-bit operating system, a browser that comes with source code so I can actually compile and run the thing, and I don’t have to get on my hands and knees to look at a sticker on the back of my PC when I install software.

    If my website visitors ask me why my site doesn’t work in IE, I’ll tell them why, and suggest they install Firefox.

  213. SP says:

    I’d be nice to see something like the "Download Statusbar" extension thats available for Firefox would be nice. I find it annoying to have downloads pop-up in another window.

  214. There’s certainly a lot of feedback coming in on our preview of beta 2 of IE7. See the post at;nbsp;for

  215. ieblog says:

    Rovert, you say:

    "When I type ‘My Computer’ in the address bar, it creates a new window IN THE USER CONTEXT OF THE DESKTOP not the user context of the IEXPLORE.exe process.

    "This is different from how IE6 behaved and has an impact on how my company use and test our programs.

    "We are not as concerned that there is a new window created, but we need the user context to remain the same.

    "Or, perhaps this change is not a bug, but a security design change?

    Yes, this is a security design change for Explorer.exe and Iexplore.exe. You will find if you are browsing your hard drive and type in a URL, that you will get a new IE window as well.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  216. Zero says:

    I’m quite liking IE7b2, but there’s one serious thing I hate about it, which I liked in IE7. It’s only a very minor thing too, yet sooooo irritating!

    In b2, tabs aren’t a uniform size. This creates on problem – if you keep closing a tab from somewhere in the middle, the position of the x resizes.

    But that’s a minor one to me. The one that bugs me is this:

    In b1, there was an ‘x’ on the far right of the tab pane. It was always in a constant position, and would close the current tab.

    B2 seems to have devoured this simple but useful feature. I now have to get in the habit of ctrl-f4, or moving my mouse because of the x shifting every time I close a tab.

    Please bring back the x!

    Also, would it be at all possible to be able to have a button which will enable/disable the downloading of images, so we don’t have to go into the options menu every danm time?

    Last thing I’d like to say is PLEASE do not conform to the W3 ‘standard’. Their ‘standard’ for the box model is utterly stupid (width = width + padding, not width = width) – they can change their standard, not Microsoft conform to it. This is one thing Microsoft most definately got right.

    Otherwise, it’s all going good (apart from the odd crash, which is to be expected for a beta).

  217. ieblog says:

    Mike Simon,

    Do you have any RSS feeds saved? The RSS aggregator runs independent of the browser so it may be polling your feeds.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  218. DKW says:

    Here are just the critical problems we’ve found while testing QuickBooks Online Edition with IE7 Beta 2:

    1) POSTs now retry? Also after 30 seconds? This is so bad that I have to believe it’s just a bug. Until this is fixed we have completely disabled IE 7 access from our production environment.

    2) The retry timeout for GETs appears to have been reduced to 30 seconds. This will prove to be quite troublesome. Luckily we already have server-side code to deal with this.

    3) Modal dialog’s window dot dialogWidth/Height properties are wrong if the dialog was created with values smaller than the (new in IE7) dialog size. These properties retain the values that were passed into the create call even though the dialog window is larger.

    4) Modal dialogs generate two on-load events. The second appears to be fired after the address and status bars are re-added to the dialog.

    5) Sometimes timeouts generate an error page, sometimes an empty page is synthesized.

  219. Paul Seale says:

    If you guys are going to remove (or ignore) the * hack – then you are going to need to fix the code we are hacking.. in this case the number one pet peave I have is the min-height.

    Fixing this is essential. If you do not fix it – nearly everything we put together will be broke – or will take forever and a day to develop work arounds for.

    Please, Fix the min-height command. I beg you.

  220. Buthole says:

    IE7 tries to have a ton of functionality, but does a bad job. It’s like "jack of all trades, master of none".

    FF beats it in every way. Main thing: MAKE IT COMPLIANT WITH HTML & CSS STANDARDS.

    I don’t give a crap how bad you screw up the interface with your bright colors (b/c I won’t be using it), as long as you make it standards-compliant.

    Once that happens, everyone will all be on the same track so web designers don’t have to make all kinds of hacks and workarounds just to get pages to display right.

  221. Ron says:

    I installed IE7 and now XP will not startup. It just stays at the loading page. I can start in safe mode so I uninstalled IE7 but it still will not start. luck. HELP!

  222. Mako says:

    As a FF user, I must say this is a great improvement over ie6. I’m enjoying using this version, but my main complain is the memory usage, sometimes is too high (about 80mb).

    Also I have one feature request: I would like to see something like the "find text while typing" feature of FF.

  223. SomebodyElse says:

    two reasons why i prefer opera over ie:

    1. mouse-guestures

    2. instant forward/backward without reloading the page

    add these two as an option and i’d have a reason to switch…

    everything else seems to be addressed by ie7… good job!

  224. Valy Greavu says:

    I strongly agree to put genuine advantage into INSTALLERS 🙂 Buy software, because alot of people work for that, and they must be paid!

  225. Shane Perran says:

    While I’m sure you guys don’t need advice on how to gain or recapture market share I have a question about UI adoption and reclaiming the users that have been using FireFox exclusively for the last while.


    How much thought/emphasis is being put on creating the (option) to display things as users have gotten used to in other browsers?


    When using FireFox I reach to the far right to close my tabs. If I now switch to IE7 I find myself ‘trying’ the to do the same but I then have to move over to the tab to close it.

    If people have to learn new habits all over it’s going to be harder to convert them I would think.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Shane /

  226. Sindre Solheim says:


    nice IE – i liked it!

    But MSN Messenger can’t connect when I inntalled it??!

    I need MSN Messenger – help!!

  227. Phil Readmore says:

    It would be awesome if Live Favorites were natively supported by IE7.

  228. M says:

    Al Billings,

    Yeah, I have a few. That’s probably what it is. I just hate allowing rundll access to the internet because it’s just an invitation for hackers to use a secondary dll like that (which doesn’t really identify the caller) to do whatever it wants with that connection. Any way you guys could work out a more centralized way for the app to access the net?

    Another interesting problem I’ve encountered is this one:

    if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {"UniversalBrowserRead");}

    It’s breaking on the "…" because I was formerly using window.XMLHttpRequest as an identifier for non ms browsers because netscape/mozilla has some trouble with allowing ajax calls in some situations.

    I’m posting this because although I’m sure that everyone is aware that that the new ie7 is using window.XMLHttpRequest, this should serve as a reminder to them to make sure they’re not using it as an identifier for other browsers.

    Looks like I’ll have to go back to using document.all vs. document.layers 🙂

  229. Mike Simon says:

    This page ( defeated the popup blocker.

    I like the popup blocker function, but somehow they’re able to get by it (with several windows).

  230. terrence says:

    In testing the IE7 beta 2, I was terribly disapointed to find IE7 still does not implement addEventListener or removeEventListener element methods for binding event listener functions or the W3C DOM2 event object. Microsoft contributed to writing the corresponding W3C DOM level 2 standard seven years ago and needs to finally implement it.

  231. Steve says:


    Good point, but DO NOT use document.layers!!!!

    This is old Netscape stuff that has been dropped.

    Do proper checking for feature support, versus the document.all or similar tests.

    e.g. Opera will return true on document.all, yet it will handle many DOM methods just fine.

    If you *need* to test for Opera, use:


    If you *need* to test for DOM element creation, then use:


    or for the paranoid:

    if(typeof(document.createElement) == ‘function’){…}

    so, for AJAX, you would do…


    [I recomend in a try/catch block, so that you can downgrade to use ActiveX, if the native version isn’t supported, or bail, if no support at all.]

    BTW: Has there been official word on this blog (or tests by those with the Beta) on whether the native WIE7 XMLHttpRequest supports expandos, prototypes and such*?

    If not, this could be a big downfall for object/capability detection, since the other browsers offer a true native JavaScript Object.

    *It has been reported that this is the case ATM. e.g. that:

    var foo = new XMLHttpRequest(); = ‘this is my expando’;

    XMLHttpRequest.prototype.test = function(){

    if(confirm(‘Are you sure about this?’)){

    //do something…





  232. Ryan says:

    In the Internet Options, on the Programs tab, in the Manage Add-Ons section, it says:

    "Enable or disable browser add-ons that installed in your system."

    It should say: "that ARE installed…"

    Can one of you Microsoft guys post the reason that the Address Bar is locked to the top of the browser? I don’t mind it, and I know there’s a security reason for but I can’t remember what it is…and if you post the reason, maybe it will stop some of these people from bitching about it.

    In the Internet Options, on the Advanced tab, under the Multimedia section, "Use Clear Type" should be turned OFF by default.

    For the little Print/Print Preview button over to the right of the tabs, you should be able to specify which of those two functions are first. Right now, when you click on it, it brings up the Print box, but what if people want to see the Print Preview before they Print? Then they have to click the little down arrow and specify… It would be nice if we could switch the order of those buttons so Print Preview is first.

    Dragging and dropping the order of the tabs would be a nice option.

  233. Jommyf says:

    I have been using the Beta 2 Preview since it was released and i think its great

    Well done guys

  234. Ryan says:

    One more thing…we need to be able to right click the Favorites and choose "Sort by Name".

  235. IE7 lost the top of monitor screen tool bar

    IE7 blocks JUNO

  236. Mark says:

    I’ve been having a look at IR7 and at the risk of repeating the comments from others I would like to make the following points:

    I’m not sure I like where the favorites and add to favorites buttoms are. They look out of place and I think should be moved to the right of the tabs. What I do like is that when you click on favorites it opens up almost like a menu and disappears when you select the favorite you want to go to. Much better than the previous way Favorites were handled.

    2. I don’t like where the Classic Menu sits. Surely for consistentcy it should sit above the address bar (as in every other Wondows program I know). I’m a creature of habit and I expect the menu to be just below the title bar at the top.

    Ok. I haven’t used IE7 long enough to come up with anything more useful but I do have a request. Having looked in the help file (which clearly has not been completed yet as I see things like "[step1} and "[step2]") I was looking for how to use the zoom on a particular part of the webpage. I can’t find in the menu so am I missing something?

  237. Robert G says:

    Just want to echo most of these comments about customizing IE toolbars, address bar. Also, and this is a biggie to most of us, WHERE is the EMAIL button/icon??? Can’t understand this one at all?

  238. Robert G says:

    Also, and this is a small complaint, but when I double click a previous search string in the search box, shouldn’t it highlight all words? Instead I have to hold/click to select all words.

  239. Robert G says:

    You know what? I was just helping my daughter with her AOL account and a followed a link for AOL Explorer and downloaded it. I have to say the AOL/IE combo is VERY, VERY well done. Address bar is in a good location, and many other features are well done. Can’t some of those ideas be used on IE??? Check it out!!!!

  240. msvista says:

    Here is the list of Vista December CTP issues so far:

  241. Jamie G says:

    Would be nice if you could have it so that it was combined with msn messenger so that when someones online theres an icon or something in the corner, and right clicking on it gives you the options to chat with them etc, so you don’t have to have the msn messenger window open all the time.

    Also it messed up mcafee security suite. Annoying to say the least

  242. Chris H says:


    I haven’t used IE 7 B2p much, but in that short space of time, I’ve been very impressed. I’ll break down the good and bad points I find with the new browser.

    The GUI is certainly different, and I’m 50 / 50 on it at the moment. It’s compact, which is good (more space for the main web page content) but splitting the back / forward and reload / stop buttons is quite annoying for me, as I did like the ability to quickly go back and forward and reload any given pages as need with the mouse. The stop button is one I never use personally, and could do without it. Having the top menu appear below the address bar when called on is a downside for me too, as it just seems out of place where it is, although hiding it is handy (again for space), when calling it back, I’d prefer it at the top, as its out of the way while still being accessible, and it seems you don’t allow moving around the browser buttons at the moment (which I hope you do) so I can’t alter that. Also, Adobe SVG viewer use the alt button to bring up a ‘grab hand’ to grab an SVG image with the mouse, which of course now causes the top menu to pop up in and out.

    The tabs are great, although are slow to open a blank tab after pressing the button. The quick tabs feature is excellent, although being able to organise the order of the tabs from this page would be a really nice addition. The way you work with too many tabs on the tab tool bar is also great, limiting how many can be seen, although I wouldn’t mind seeing tabs which have custom icons (from the web site) shrink to just their icon, rather than also showing part of the title, so more tabs can be shown in the same space, while being easily identifiable by their icon, as their titles are redundant to me if the page title is also in the main browser title bar. If you were to implement such a thing, then allowing me (the user) to pop the tabs to the left (down the side) rather than above would also be welcome (again, just a personal preference, which may not be for everyone).

    The print preview looks great, so nice work there. I’m not sure how well it works with web site CSS print style sheets; but I’ll look at it later in some depth

    The full screen mode seems fine to me, and the way the top menu disappears and reappears is a great addition.

    The zoom feature is fantastic, and the default 125%, 150% then back to 100% is really good.

    The RSS feed reader is also fantastic, and I can easily see myself using this as a main feed reader, although, I would find the ability to show / hide the right side menu a great addition, as when zooming in, it can cover the content (even more so for me as I’m on an 800 x 600 res, which doesn’t leave much room anyway, but my eyes are what they are). Also, as it apparently lets the web author apply style sheets, so a toggle to turn them on / off would be nice also, just in case the author chose styles which make the content hard to read. Finally, a toggle to show / hide the content of each feed entry would be nice, such as a plus / minus icon beside each heading, to save space and make picking the particular entry you want to read easier. It would also be nice to be able to click on the feed within the Favourite Centre, and have it expand to show the heading of each feed entry (in the same way the favourite folders expand to list the sites contained), rather than just load the feed fully. Also when using the favourite centre, under the feed section, the delete button reads "Delete this from Favorites" when mouse’d over, rather than perhaps "Delete this from Feeds"?

    It seems FTP no longer works, as when trying to FTP like I did a couple of hours ago in IE 6, I just get an ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’ page.

    Finally, maybe unrelated, (but I believe Eric Lawrence made the Fiddler tool so he maybe interested), after installing the preview, and opening up Fiddler, Fiddler prompted me that an update was available. Clicking on the link opened Firefox as expected (my default browser), but after downloading and installing it, it opened up IE 7 in a new window for the welcome / thank you page, as opposed to a) opening said page in my default browser b) opening up said page in the current IE window in a new tab.

    Again, this is just a personal opinion of what I’ve seen and how I’ve used the current preview. All in all, I’m impressed, and liking what I’ve seen so far. Keep up the good work.


    – Chris H

  243. DaGees says:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"




    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

    <title>Untitled Document</title>

    <style type="text/css">

    html {

    height: 100%;

    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;


    body {

    height: 100%;

    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;




    <body marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0">



    In the above situation, when specifying height:100% for both html and body, and specifying a doctype, I can scroll down a little, and that shouldn’t be possible.

    In IE6 and Firefox it isn’t possible to scroll. I have a clean version of IE7 beta 2.

    Btw, it would be nice to select everything inside the searchbox when dubbleclicking or tripleclicking it (so I can clear the text without having to select everything by dragging)

  244. jerry says:

    please change that toolbar goes above the address bar it is very enoying

  245. Eduardo Valencia says:

    Please,ust please,add this,and i’ll love IE forever

    -Merge separate windows into tabs

    -Download manager

    And please if u need more time to comply with CSS 2.1 standards ,we won’t be mad,i can assure you,just make a godlike browser please

  246. eduardo valencia says:

    add resume download too,and go ahead of the FF team! 🙂

  247. Eduardo valencia says:

    this page doesen’t load in IE7

  248. Jasper says:

    -Resume Download would be very convenient: it would make IE7 a far better browser than what FireFox could ever achieve.

    -I’ve been having trouble viewing MSNVideo with IE7 B2. The animations don’t load and videos don’t load – they only show the advertisement.

    -IE7 won’t let me change my settings on my Internet Options even though I’m the Administrator.

  249. Josh says:

    Just want to share some of my findings on IE7 here.  The first look at the IE7 doesnt impress me much.

    – the first thing i did after i have installed

    was trying to move the address bar.. but CAN’T move.

    – There is no good position to place the tool bar which is on the same line as tab on the right.  that pissed me off!

    – Can’t rearrange tabs!  What a shame!

    – No skinning & themes.. uhmm.. every browser got it these days

    – UI is buggy. from time to time, i get the gray rectangle under tab bar. dont know what that is but everytime i click on a link it comes up.

    – finally, To the IE team, DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL OPERA and see if you can match the feaures and user experience.  if you can then IE is going to be the best browser in the world!

  250. Josh says:

    I am going to uninstall IE7 now.  it is not flexible and lack of features and especially, that menu and address bar really need to be fixed, otherwise, noone gonna use it.

  251. I have just installed the beta release of IE7. The FTP service which used to work is no longer available.

    Do I have to change settings?


  252. Yugo says:

    I like the new interface, but I’d like to suggest some improvement:

    1) it would be better to have refresh and stop buttons near the back/forward ones.

    2) I would extremely appreciate the possibility to put a toolbar besides the address bar, and to disable the search box. So I could have address bar, google bar and links in only one row, not two!

  253. jace says:

    Please allow middle-clicking the home button to open in a new tab, thanks!

  254. Sebastian says:

    I can no longer stream WMV’s in embedded players on both IE 7 5296 and Firefox 1.5 or Windows Media Player. What’s going on?

    I think it might be related to some "Windows Media Core" component?? (that IE 7 asks me to install)

  255. lionel says:


    First, sorry for my poor english.

    2 bugs like IE6:

    – When using showModalDialog method, when I fill a textarea with scrollbar, the text is bad displayed when i use keybord to move cursor and scroll my text.

    – When scrolling with mouse in showModalDialog popup, <select> controls become hidden.

    an 1 comment : What is this terrific url toolbar on top in popup ? (and We can’t go to an url when focus on it)… Please, use the status bar to display url, and kill this bad toolbar.

    Thanks for read me

  256. Duskywolf50 says:

    I have play with IE 7 and love the way of design and there few thing need to add. One- New Tab I would like add home page everytime I click new tab. I haven’t find a way to adjust this. Second- I do not want have a search on my bar- how can I get it off? Because I already have search engine on my home page anyway. Oh I almost forgot that there no sort for my favorite folder to make A B C order to make thing easier for me search for specific website address. Those IE 7 are near to prefection. Nice Job.

  257. jace says:

    Please add "Pause" button to download dialog (code functionality too :-D)

  258. mentat says:

    Every morning I turn my computer on, fire up firefox, open my favourites and choose my startup folder and select "Open in tabs" this opens all the web pages within this favourites folder up in their own tab and gets me started for the morning, I can check all my "Favourite" websites out from there, I need this feature!! please can you implement this 🙂

  259. fusionflare says:

    When I used IE7 to access Windows Update it either closed itself automatically or went into bug report mode (which would also close the window too).

  260. A Concerned Gamer says:

    This may or may not belong here, but I couldn’t find a better place to ask…

    Was it just me, or did IE7 take a huge toll on system resources?  I specifically noticed this, not in IE itself, but in gaming (specifically World of Warcraft, among others).

    I could play several games just fine when I had IE6 installed.  After installing IE7 and rebooting, there was enough drag on the system that several games froze for about a half second every 4 or 5 seconds.  Even without any IE windows open- merely having 7 installed seemed to drag me down significantly.  I tried several things to optimize my system, but the only thing that worked was going back to IE6 (and I’m running an Athlon64 3400 with a gig of ram, so it’s not like I’m playing on an antique or anything).

    I’m afraid I don’t have hard numbers to back anything up, as I was in a hurry when I decided to try removing 7, but when it was installed, several games were virtually unplayable, due to the slow frame rates and general system drag that IE apparently caused.

    I realize that this was a beta, but any idea if the final release will exhibit the same behavior?  If so, I’d imagine a lot of the gaming crowd won’t be installing…

  261. Sjoerd says:

    Improve the Javascript engine and memory leaks.

    Fix bug like:

    – Dynamic radiobutton ‘name’ change doesnt reflect to the radiogroup

    – Radiobutton must have a name attribute

    – Remove javascript property’s from the ‘attributes’ property of an element, they arent attributes, but propertys!

    – Give an attributeNode a context (the element, parentNode), it’s handy when you have an attributeNode which needs to be removed.

    – And a lot more know Javascript related problems!

  262. Jamie Anderson says:

    Are any of the IE developers checking QuirksMode ( for "bugs" with IE7 and site layout?

    This site attracts the attention of a lot of web developers, and there are a number of layout bugs reported.

    There’s a recent article by the site author, who worked through all of the "bugs" known for IE5 and IE6. Of those, 58 still exist in IE7.

    Perhaps a PM can work with the site author, and can classify these items in order of severity (ugliest and/or most prevalent first). This would be seen as a Very Good Thing (TM) by the web developer community.

  263. Brian Honey says:

    I had to uninstall the IE7 preview in order to access Quickbooks Online. Now IE6 runs "normally" – except that any Internet shortcuts, even web addresses that I type directly into IE6 – now open directly in Mozilla Firefox.

    I have IE6 set to check to see if it’s the default browser, and have used the Program Access and Defaults tool to specify all Microsoft – but nothing is working.

  264. Possum says:

    Every time i try to go to a new website the dialer keeps popping up i dont know what could be causing this but please let me know if there is some setting i need to change. It keeps popping up and when i click connect it comes right back. When i clicked connect automatically it popped up and went away so many times it cause IE& to crash and shut down. Thanks for any help

  265. Kosila says:

    There are some features that I find aggravating. Some of these issues have been already brought up.

    1. I can’t move the "back" and "forward" buttons nor can I move the address bar.

    2. I can’t get rid of the search box. If I want to search, I will visit a search website.

    3. I can’t move the "home" button up to the first line. This causes a huge top bar, which I hate.

    4. I can’t get rid of the tabs (I usually like them hidden unless I’m using them).

    5. The "back" and "forward" graphics look bad. For example, the outline is not sharp. It would be nice to have graphics with dark bold colors instead of washed out pixilated graphics.

    6. There is a HUGE privacy flaw! Follow these steps to find out why:

     A. Visit a website.

     B. "Delete Browsing History"

     C. Close the window.

     D. Open a new window.

     E. Right click beside the tabs, and then click "Restore Last Tab Group".

    Your privacy is gone! The last website you visited is exposed.

    Thank you. I will use Firefox until these issues are resolved.

  266. Craig says:

    Spoof IE6 for htose sites that think you are using "an older browser"

  267. Kool says:

    i have a problem with Nortons Liveupdate Feature, Since Installing ie7 it no longer connects, it just says connecting, also automatic liveupdate no longer works, and when i have ie set to connect, it tells me to connect when i am already connected, and if i tell it not to it asks me to connect or work offline alot.

  268. I cannot add my internal internet development site to the popup blocker’s ‘allow’ list. Could you change the regular expression it uses to validate site names to accomodate this?

    i.e. http://dev1server  is NOT a valid entry for the popup blocker in IE7b2. It won’t allow me to enter it…

  269. fusionflare says:

    IE is using 99% of my system resources…@@

  270. IE7b1 will not uninstall says:

    Like so many others here, what is up with the uninstaller for IE7b1?  Running IE6 at home, last night installed IE7b1p with no problems.  Still evaluating.  Got to work and tried to installe IE7b2p and was told to uninstall IE7b1.  Only "remove" button shows and that just removes the listing – no uninstall option.  Until IE7b1 is gone, can’t install IE7b1p to test.  Has anybody been successful in getting past this hurdle?

  271. Tools icon gone says:

    All of the sudden, the "Tools" icon is gone from the shortcut items from the right side of IE7b2p.  Without that icon, nothing can be changed, can’t even lock/unlock the toolbars.  Ideas on how to bring it back?

  272. sparky__ says:

    anyone been on with ie7 yet? you get a bit if header and footer and thats it lol its absolutely mashed … works fine on firefox.. and ie 6!!!

    I’ve been told that downloads follow some fairly stringent web standards.

    Someones done a big c**kup here.

  273. Bryan says:

    I cannot download anything through IE7b2.  I get the "IE was not able to open the internet site  The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found." error.  I have tried on a sharepoint site and a standard http download link.  I can still download from tested site in FireFox and could with IE6.

  274. PMD says:

    Beta 1 installed just fine. I deinstalled beta1 after there problems with some key websites at work.

    I have not been able to install IE7B2. I have combed the MS forum and found several identicle issues. I have

    1. reviewed the updspapi.log file and changed the permissions on the .tif and .tiff keys. This got rid of the msfeeds.dll error.

    2. I then updated the permissions on the .hta key since it was indicated as an error in the updspapi.log file

    Now I just get an error saying the installation cannot complete.

    I am stumped. Here is the end of the ie7bet2p.log file entry. Any ideas


    LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halacpi.dll failed: 0xe0000102

    16.614: Num Ticks for Backup : 2874

    16.734: ArchiveRegistrySettings: ArchiveRegistryNode failed

    16.734: DoInstallation: ArchiveRegistrySettings failed

    19.118: DeRegistering the Uninstall Program -> ie7bet2p, 2

    19.118: Internet Explorer 7 Setup canceled.

    19.118: Update.exe extended error code = 0xf00d


  275. Elson Junior says:

    Please I need help with this! I installed IE 7 beta 2 and now i cant uninstall because i dont have the $NtUninstallie7bet2p$ at noone place more! Can anyone give it for me to download? I have all updates installed of ie 6 sp2 and other softwares… microsoft updates free… please help me !! I dont wanna format my pc :'(((

  276. JRosenfeld says:

    Having tried IE7 beta for a week or so, despite its many excellent features, I have decided to uninstall it for now. It broke too many things I use regularly including:

    1. Help and support center search unable to access MS knowledge base, some other links in Help and support were broken.

    2. Cookies folder, instead of containing cookies.txt files had same contents as my user nametemporary internet files folder. Also, the same files appeared in the cookies and temporary internet filescontents.IE5 folders of LocalService and NetworkService accounts. Clearing index.dat file with CCleaner or index.dat suite also deleted the saved cookies.(I have reported this by email, receipt acknowledged)

    3. Although possibly not the fault of IE7 directly, the WYSIWYG message editors on at least two user forums that I use were broken ( and

    I did find the tabbing, feed reader and other features very nice and look forward to trying the next version, in the hope that the above bugs will have been fixed. In the meantime, I will use IE based tabbed browsers such as Deepnet Explorer (includes a rss feed reader, antiphishing, etc.) or Slimbrowser (good tabbing).

  277. Eric Thornton says:

    3 things bug me right now with IE7 although overall it is definitely an improvement.


    With IE6 or IE7 forget about it, these kind of links fail.

    2) On an .ASP page this code doesn’t work with IE7 but it does work with IE6:

    <% Server.ScriptTimeout = 240 %>

    What happens is that IE7 seems to always time out after 30 seconds (page cannot be displayed, etc).  When you’re executing a script through a webpage sometimes it takes a minute or more to finish.

    3) This code no longer works in IE7:

    <img width="150" border="0" dynsrc="somemovie.wmv" start="mouseover">

    & issues with <embed> videos.

    It seems like in some instances, Media Player and IE7 were both trying to open the video and and everything went to hell requiring a cold reboot.

    So there you go!

  278. Raivo says:

    After the text in the search box is deselected, neither ctrl+A (when the box has focus) nor ctrl+E (at any time) select all the text in the box.  The same issue arises with the address bar and ctrl+A and alt+D (both only when the bar has focus).

  279. Steve Saxton says:

    Using IE beta 2 whilst administering any SharePoint site is proving to be impossible.

    To reproduce they the following:

    On a site swap to edit mode go to ‘Modify Shared Page’;

    Select ‘add web parts’;

    Select ‘Browse’

    The browser now sits there waiting for around 10-15 seconds.

    The window then goes white and the tab changes to “loading” and the status bar says “web site found, waiting for reply…”

    After a further 10-15 seconds you get the new white “You page could not be displayed”

    Also the MS Partner Portal does not function at all with beta-2

    These all work fine under IE6 and IE7-beta1

  280. KYDave says:

    I like about 90% of the ‘new’ Internet Explorer.  Overall, I’d give it a 9.  I only counted off for two issues:

    1) I use the Google Deskbar heavily… at least I used to.  It doesn’t seem to work anymore in 7B2.  Note that I’m not whining about the Google Toolbar or the Google Desktop.  The Deskbar is a very handy search box that lives in the taskbar and opens results in a min-browser.  Clicking on a result then opens that link in a regular browser window.  Unfortunatley, since 7B2, the Deskbar opens the mini-browser with results, but clicking them opens a ‘Can Not Display’ window – it appears that the URL for the link has been truncated to only include http:/    and nothing else.

    2) as others have requested, the ability to movecustomize all the barsmenus would be a great improvement.

    All in all, very well done!  However, if the Deskbar thing still doesn’t work in Gold Release, I most likely will not upgrade.  Worst case: I’ll jump ship and use something else.

  281. Kennalyn says:

    It would be nice to hit the print button and not be prompted for printer selection.  

    Perhaps there is a way for me to change this?

  282. Steve C. says:


    If you want this feature, fine, but I would ask the IE team that this *NOT* be the default!  I have seen more wasted paper in my lifetime from the print button in MS Word than any other application.

    User: "It didn’t print, so I clicked it again."

    (meanwhile another printer is whipping out extra copies RLC)

    Personally, I have *NEVER* wanted to directly print something, without (A) a print preview, and (B) printer selection/options.

    BTW: NEVER = 16 years and counting.

  283. Mchateau says:

    Iuse Opera 9. it is ten times better. IE looks more professional, and cleaner, but lacks some obvious featers!!

  284. Thierry D says:

    I have a web application that runs overs HTTPS, and uses Javascript to provide a rich text editor to users. Invariably, IE7 displays:

    This page contains both secure and non secure items. Do you want to display the non secure items ?

    This is very annoying because this message is displayed each time the page loads. Could it be a yellow message on top of the web page instead?

  285. mynth says:

    <label for=""> does not work if there is only image within label tag.

  286. Shane Perran says:

    Figured this may bring a smile to the developers faces:

    From Jeffrey Zeldman

    IE7 beta’s standards accuracy is already very good and getting better, and, despite what you might have heard to the contrary, Microsoft’s engineers are working with the community (and in particular with The Web Standards Project) to identify and fix CSS bugs and errors and to compensate for hacks.

    Read the "Don’t be a beta hater" article below:

  287. Kim Nielsen says:

    I use xp sp2

    The installation crash when it reach 49%, missing file: msfeeds.dll

    is it possible to get a copy of the missing file.

  288. ieblog says:


    This problem is discussed in our FAQ post at That should help you solve this issue.

    – Al Billings [MSFT]

  289. anime4christ says:

    Does not work on Linux at all because of a few ver nice "features", sorry, but I’ll ignore IE7 when developing websites.

  290. nobeta says:

    As I read a lot of posts on this blog the only thing left to say from my point of view is:

    If a billion dollar company with a quasi-monopoly isn’t able to release a standards compliant program after having spent years of research since the last major update, this only means it isn’t willing to do so.

  291. Daniel Berthiaume says:

    My second post here with a small suggestion, I notice that when clicking on a http link in a e-mail or document, (Outlook or Word), it open a second Internet Explorer program insteed of opening a second tab in the already open session.

    Nothing else to complain about so far!!!

  292. Rob says:

    It still can’t work with DOM standards since 1998.  It still can’t work with xhtml.  It still can’t do CSS2.1 properly and it will never be as good as Firefox/Opera/Safari.

  293. Mark Bride says:

    Desktop and Graphics heavily pixelated. Icons within a window, fine. Uninstalled IE7 Beta 2 and works beautifilly again.

  294. AG says:

    Have been using IE7b2 for about 12 days now. Its been a good experience. there are a couple of things that the team may like to add….

    1) Some way of knowing at the taskbar about the number of tabs in the window already open.

    2) some coloration for every new tab, it really makes it easy to read and click on the rt tab

    3) the current fonts and backgrounds make it difficult to read the title of the tab. Can we do something about it.

    4) The Menu bar is lower than the address bar, it is inconvenient, at least to old computer users.

    5) The icons are unclear at least for refresh, back and forward. they should really be together.

    6) Some more tab options, like force opening of new windows to be converted to open in new tabs kind….

    Please look into it.

    Best! AG

  295. sparky__ says:

    I hope they fix some of these issues soon, else they haven’t half shot themselves in the foot. They’ve gone backwards!! People will drop them in droves. And the inabilty to have ftp in the browser better be a bug not a "security issue" else im gunna stick with v6 or move on to a better browser. I’ve heard of so many css issues that works fine in 6 but sudenly not in 7. All the reasons i used to stick with 6 are dissapearing in 7. And splitting up the forwards/backwards with he refresh and stop buttons is crazy!! It’s like playing tennis navigating your pages.

  296. Michael C. says:

    The New Tab button needs to be static on the screen. Having the position of a user interface element shift and slide around the browser depending on how many tabs a user happens to have open at any one time is inadvisable. Users look for consistency; look at all the requests for the classic menu bar to be back up at the top where they are used to it being. Same with the New Tab button, except instead of adjusting to a new position once (as with the classic menu bar when moving from IE6 to IE7), you’re now forcing the user to adjust to a new position every time he opens a new tab, dozens, or perhaps hundreds of times per day.

  297. Mark B. says:

    Impressed with this new beta.

    Several points to note:

    – No "Sort by Name" context menu on "favorites" or "RSS" feeds.

    – Clicking into the search box fails to highlight the entire content by default.  Requires manual selection, this wastes time.

    – Nice to have – On clicking the "Home" button it would be nice if it checked for the existance of already opened home pages, this would be useful for maximising the use of the multi-home page function.

  298. Toadkillerdog says:

    Can you make a configuration option so that I can always open clicked links in new tabs or new windows (my choice).


  299. chm user says:

    all links with anchor "#abc" is broken in chm.

    e.g.: mk:@MSITStore:E:Inet.Chm::/workshop/author/access/accessibility.htm#acc_elements

  300. moo says:

    all external img is displaying correctly but its urls is shown in "blocked" list, while none of them send any cookies.

  301. Nick McKay says:

    Regarding the comment from Steve above:


    Using IE beta 2 whilst administering any SharePoint site is proving to be impossible.

    To reproduce they the following:

    On a site swap to edit mode go to ‘Modify Shared Page’;

    Select ‘add web parts’;

    Select ‘Browse’

    The browser now sits there waiting for around 10-15 seconds.

    The window then goes white and the tab changes to “loading” and the status bar says “web site found, waiting for reply…”

    After a further 10-15 seconds you get the new white “You page could not be displayed”


    I am experiencing exactly this behaviour. However, in my case each delay is 30 seconds. I consistently get the "Page cannot be displayed" error after almost exactly one minute.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Other than that, I am enjoying the new browser a lot.


  302. yo mama says:

    I was appalled at the blurry so-called "Clear Type" fonts MS decided I desperately needed.  They also make text in Outlook Express almost unreadable!  After un-checking the ClearType box and restarting IE7, the blurry font remained in OE!  

    A big uninstall for IE7.  I won’t be trying it again soon either.

  303. S. DeWitt says:

    The dial up box repeatedly appear and disappear during the loading of a web page. How do you get rid of this "feature"?

    Also, what happen to find on this page?

  304. ZER0 says:

    The document.createElement() method has the same bug as in previous versions.

    I know, this is a beta, so I hope will be fix before the final release.

  305. Steve says:

    @ZERO: Not that I don’t doubt you (gosh knows there are a wee number o bugs in IE6), but what is the bug in document.createElement();?

    Just wondering if it explains some of my development pains!


  306. Marquerite Echols says:

    This Beta will not allow my send/receive to bring in my mail…and it’s slow also….

  307. Tony Conner says:

    I have been working with content advisor in ie6 to control internet access on our network of about 200 pcs.  The problem I keep running into is the advisor will pop up to block sites on the approved site list, it will allow the user access and they have to keep closing the pop up box.  I have been testing this in ie7 and it seems to be better, but some sites still cause this problem.  It seems to be related to an issue covered in KB# 329160.  Any help on this would be great!

  308. IEBlog says:

    We received reports this morning that a security researcher had found a bug in the IE7 Beta 2 Preview…

  309. Paleo says:


    a Microsoft acaba de liberar para download de todos os interessados, o Internet Explorer 7…

  310. Foi anunciada ontem a disponibilidade do Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 para Windows XP. Dito isto encorajamos…

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