I want to try IE7 for XP already

Every day, I get lots of email asking for a build of IE7 for XP. If you have an account on the internal Microsoft corporate network, I have a link I can send you.  

For everyone else, we need a better answer than “We’re hiring; please come join us.” (That said, we’re hiring; please come join us.)

We’ll post an updated pre-release build of IE7 for Windows XP publicly – no MSDN membership required – during the first calendar quarter of 2006.

We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to try a pre-release version of IE7 and tell us how it works with their web sites, their applications, their add-ons, and how they use the web overall.

Looking forward to the feedback,

- Dean

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 pieces of feedback:

    1) Make it easier to leave feedback and report bugs. I’ve searched to no avail. I’ve clicked "Send Feedback" from the help menu but I get a generic Microsoft page.

    2) Add an option to prompt on exit when multiple tabs are active and the user clicks close. I’ve lost several sessions on accident, which would have been prevented had I had the option to enable that feature.

    Other than that, this is an excellent product. I’m extremely happy with it. Keep up the great work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will this pre-release contain the final changes to the rendering engine Trident. I’d like to use this to know that my web-sites will not break

  3. Anonymous says:

    3. Fix the bug where refreshing a "Cannot find server" window can sometimes bring the page you want, but without updating the title.

    4. If a link has a target="name" attribute, and a window with that name is already open, you should switch to that window… rather than silently loading the link in the background. This causes major problems for novice users.

    5. I hate the new refresh/stop button. If a bit of ajax/javascript is downloading stuff, or if I want to stop any animated gifs, the button will be on ‘refresh’ when in fact I want stop. Just stick to 2 buttons… please

    6. I hate the zoom button for large images. You have to pause and wait in the corner of the image before it will appear. Just use a zoom cursor like Firefox. And use a better resize algorithm, the current one doesn’t cut it.

    Too many more, I should really start writing them down.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please reconsider keeping support for DHTML Scriptlets. Sure, they’re deprecated in favor of Behaviors, but that doesn’t lessen then pain in rewriting a component just to use the new browser version.

    It’s easier for you to KEEP support for them than for us to LOSE support for them.

  5. Garry Trinder says:

    Mitchel, this will not be the final final set of changes to Trident’s rendering engine; we will be continuing to fix bugs and responding to feedback about what’s broken. However, the bulk of the changes will be in this release.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If my windows is in French language, will this release install?

  7. Anonymous says:

    IE 7 beta on XP doesn’t support the windows live scan. Any workaround?


  8. Anonymous says:

    So, first quarter 2006.

    Is this like "Summer 2005"?… I’m gonna guess we’re looking at:

    March 22nd, 2006. for the public Beta… and ??? 2008 for the final?

    I shouldn’t moan, I want to test my sites/apps with IE7 to see how much stuff broke.

    Otherwise, my only question is… what version of JavaScript / ECMA Script will IE7 be *fully* supporting?

    E.g. I want to know if core functionality of various Objects will be there e.g. Array.push() (Array.* in particular)

    Also, will addEventListener() work properly? or do we need to stick with the legacy attachEvent()?

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Mitchel, this will not be the final final set of changes to Trident’s rendering engine; we will be continuing to fix bugs and responding to feedback about what’s broken. However, the bulk of the changes will be in this release." – Chris Wilson

    Ok, keep up the good work. Would you be able to publish the list of bug fixes that you did knock out for the beta so that I can know what to expect?

  10. Anonymous says:

    "IE 7 beta on XP doesn’t support the windows live scan. Any workaround?"

    I’m guessing it’s because IE7 is only avalible to select testers now and the script that’s used to detect browsers doesnt have IE7 on the allow list yet. Just my guess.

    And Dean, good to hear.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Have been reading this blog for while and must admit I would love to try the IE7 Beta.

    Unfortunately, I have to sign in with a .NET Passport – and I just hate .NET, it made my WinXP act funny. Furthermore, I must accept 5-6 different cookie sessions just to get to the registration page for the .NET Passport service.

    Seems like I can wait until first quarter 2006 to get a publicly available copy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Will IE7 still crash when rolling over links? http://estorm.com.au/gallery/tests/crash_ie_for_fun.htm

  13. Anonymous says:

    All I have to say is I hope the new IE 7 operates faster than Firefox, is more secure than Firefox, has extensibility like Firefox, and uses less memory than Firefox.

  14. Anonymous says:


    >>All I have to say is I hope the new IE 7 operates faster than Firefox

    There are 2 measurements of speed, one is actually speed as in how fast JavaScript can execute the other is how fast a table appears. The latter doesn’t mean the browser is faster, it’s only a question of saving CPU vs redrawing a table.

    >> is more secure than Firefox

    When teamed with Vista, IE will be more secure than FireFox because of the reduced rights feature. IOW any new holes with IE7 on Vista won’t be able to read or write files to sensitive parts of your HD or read cookies. Firefox on the other hand, is it the mercy of hackers.

    >> has extensibility like Firefox

    I’m going to say FireFox might win, their plugin support is great

    >> and uses less memory than Firefox.

    IE will probably win this one, time will tell.

  15. ieblog says:


    When I use a test build of IE7, I see no crashing. πŸ™‚

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please make it faster!!!!!!!!

    IE 7 beta 1 for XP SP2 – I’ve been running for several months now and it is so SLOW to start up. In general it’s very laggy, even compared to Firefox 1.07 and 1.5 on the same hardware.

    Please also fix the resource leaks that occur when it is used with google’s toolbar with multiple tabs open (each time you switch back and forth between the existing tabs, more GDI objects are used – even though you are just using existing tabs!)

    I can send full bug details if required – I’ve already logged them somewhere.

    Just send me the email to send the report to.

  17. Anonymous says:

    One relativly minor problem that I’ve noticed in about every version of IE is the way it handles address with a port specification if the protocol is left off. I had to run my personal site on an alternate port for a while, and I noticed that if you opened IE and typed into the address bar simply ‘aoeex.com:8008’ it would kick back and error page due to a dns error. Adding the protocol though, ‘http://aoeex.com:8008‘ made it work fine.

    I don’t know if it’s been reported/fixed for ie7, but perhaps worth looking at as other browsers handle it ok.

  18. ieblog says:


    If you have bug details, please send as complete a set as possible via the feedback link in the sidebar. We do get the feedback sent that way and can act on bug report.

    Thank you,

    Al [MSFT]

  19. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t mean to be disparaging, but really, waiting till next year for another beta?….

    This is getting to be such old news….

  20. Anonymous says:


    Full CSS support!

    Completely W3C-compliant everything, especially DOM!

    Support for Win 2000, Me, and 98.

    Then I’ll be happy.

  21. Anonymous says:


    Agreed, but the new year is 3 weeks away with holidays and end-of-year activities in the middle of things.

    IE Team, with that said, I can’t wait for the new beta!

    Either way, I have noticed how fast Beta 1 was compared to Firefox, and even with Firefox 1.5 which is indeed faster than its predecessor, it’s nowhere near as fast as IE is during a cold start.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the feedback Al.

    Another question, has the border bug for fieldsets been fixed yet? For example, use this code in IE6:

    <form action="this.asp">

    <fieldset style="border:1px dashed #000;">

    <legend>The border had better not cut through this text</legend>

    <textarea cols="50" rows="8">Another bug is that the padding and margins seems to be removed when the border is modified. Why not use standard borders to avoid these types of bugs?</textarea>



    More questions coming soon, though it would help if I had my own copy of IE7 beta2…

  23. Anonymous says:

    I thought that IE 7 would have another beta before the end of the year? So it’s not coming out until early next year? I am confused about this IE7 for XP release. Please help, thanks.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Now you are talking about a "pre-release" version? What’s with the semantics? What’s wrong with the word Beta? What are we supposed to read into that? Can you at least provide a list of what will be in this "pre-release version"?

  25. Anonymous says:

    What about Beta 2… Isn’t that released to testers tomororw?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been testing IE7 on XP since it was released in July, I was wondering is there going to be a stand alone up date soon. I’m also testing vista 5231 build and i noticced that the version of IE7 in that build is newer and has a greater feature set than the 5112 build i have right now. I would love to be able to test it on XP.


  27. Anonymous says:

    I have to strongly agree with Mike on the Refresh/Stop one button deal. There is nothing worse in UI than to make the behavior of the same button differ on the situation. The user will then have to think in which situation they are. I’ve been in plenty of situations where I’ve wanted to stop a page from loading, I don’t want to hit refresh at that time. A little bit of space is nothing compared to the loss of functionality.

  28. Anonymous says:

    "Support for Win 2000, Me, and 98."

    Thankfully they’re not listening to you. 98 and Me support has been over for a long time and are poor excuses for operating systems.

    Windows 2000 support would be ok, but it’s not going to happen since microsoft has ended mainstream support for it. Why not use firefox?

  29. Edge says:

    Hopefully you guys also release an x64 build of IE7 for XP.

  30. Anonymous says:


    Can we have a build for Windows Server 2003 please…like tomorrow???

    This really should have been issued before now.

    Many of us develop on this platform and it would make life a whole lot easier if a Server 2003 build was made available sooner rather than later.

    I’m sure many on this blog will agree?

    thanks in anticipation


  31. Anonymous says:

    Bob, tell that to all the visitors of our websites. It’s not about having IE7 to use as a tool, it’s about being able to test with it to make sure its users will see what we want them to see.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have been a big fan of MSFT and IE, they only question/problem I have (since most have already been asked) is, what is hapening with the favorites. I have not found one brower that has any good way to sort or find your favories(40-150 favorite places). I have look at all the browsers and they(the favories) mostly all look and act the same way.

    So what improvements will be made here if any? Thanks Keep up the good work.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hey,i’ve been trying to tell MS about a new feature that could be useful

    Regoup separate IE windows into tabs,sometimes,even with tabs in FF,the browser opens up different separate windows,i hate that πŸ˜‰

    and hey i haven’t tested IE7 yet,how in the name of god can do that?

    my email is eduardval@hotmail.com



  34. Anonymous says:

    Hey JoeM,

    Have you ever used Firefox? It doesn’t sound like you have because the default Bookmarks Manager is as easy to use as Windows Explorer – http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/8890/bookmarks1cc.gif

    p.s. why do you recommend IE on your site? Any particular reasons?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ron Yes I have used FF 1.5, Opera, etc. it is still not as good as it could be, there is so much that can be changed.

    For my website, I code in IE first and "if" the code can be modified to work in FF then I will try. It is designed to tell my users that there is no guarantee the site will display correcly or even work if you do not use IE. 98% of all users to all my sites are IE browsers. I have a couple thousand hits across all my site a month.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for this news πŸ™‚

  37. Anonymous says:

    Dude. What are you afraid of? Just post it tomorrow? You have it working right? Internal Microsoft people are using it right? There are more smarter people outside of Microsoft than there are inside.

    That’s not a slam on Microsoft it’s just the truth. SUN gets this. Google gets this…….

    Learn to love the Internet. Throw it over the fence… slap ALPHA all over it.. and get some good feedback.

    In the mean time I’ll be playing with and using the latest FireFox nightly builds.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Feature request:

    In Firefox, I have about:blank as my start page. So when I open the browser, the address bar has focus, and I can start typing a URL.

    In IE, I have to press ctrl+tab, or F6 to move focus to the addresse bar.

    It would be nice if the user has about:blank as the startpage, to have the addresse line take focus when the browser is started.

    Thanks for reading.


  39. Mike_J says:

    To JoeM

    For Favorites handling, have a look Tablane browser(IE based http://www.tablane.com). It gives you the most flexible way to handle your Favorites.

    Favorites can be shown in Folder tree, Menu, Outlook-list(many sorting style), Web page and Web page with thumbnail formats. You can email whole favorites or just a folder of the favorites in HTML format or XML format.

    The Favorites can be broken down into many collections(this is the key to manage massive Favorites)

    You can use any character in the Title for a Favorite, not like IE that the Title limits to File name convention.

  40. Anonymous says:

    JoeM: Surely you should build for standards then make it work in IE? I understand your logic at the moment as you have more IE visitors but it’s more trouble for you in the long run as IE7 will be standards compliant so you’ll have to rewrite everything to work properly…that is unless you’ve been working with a Strict doctype for IE6 in which case you might be ok.

    But to MS, still think these blogs are a brilliant idea and hoping IE7 is as good as it sounds. Vista looks good too πŸ™‚

  41. Anonymous says:

    "It would be nice if the user has about:blank as the startpage, to have the addresse line take focus when the browser is started."

    I don’t really see the point of this, why not just launch the web page from the Start–>Run dialog box if you don’t want to start at a ‘default’ home page?

  42. Anonymous says:


    Just out of interest, have you defined any type of update cycle for IE 7 once it has been officially released?

    While I agree any security update should take priority, will their be any other type of updates, such as non-security bugs in the rendering engine and / or features being fixed on a weekly / monthly bases?


  43. Anonymous says:

    Is there anything I can do to install IE7 on my italian windows xp sp2 version?

    I’m MSCP.

  44. Anonymous says:

    JoeM – ever thought that you might not have many Fx or Opera visitors because they’re put off by your site not working well in their choice of browser?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see a small X button on a tab.

    I want to be able to close a tab without right clicking it and then selecting close.

    And maybe add an advanced option to open ANY web page even locally in a new tab and not to open a new IE.

    Apart from that it’s really nice and coming on well.

  46. Anonymous says:

    since I’m creating a site from scratch, it is really important that I test in IE7 as soon as possible to avoid re-doing work.

    Hoever, I don’t want to loose the ability to test in IE6.

    Will both run on the same system?



  47. Anonymous says:

    Al, if IE actually has legitimate fans. You are scaring them away by shunning the example the Mozilla Corporation is setting.

    Firefox just simply works. When I use IE7 it’s like poking a dead horse with regard features.

    *is not an MSDN tester of any sort*

  48. Anonymous says:

    Michael Knox,

    You can middle click on a tab to close it, similar to firefox.


  49. Anonymous says:

    Sushovan De thanks for the info. Finally I will not close more tabs, then I wanted. By the way, do you know some more shortcuts or tips like you mentioned, please?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Back in the day there were a few download repositories offering IE7b1, I downloaded it, installed it, and, for what I do with a browser, it worked great until the menory controller on my mainboard crapped out and I replaced said mainboard. XP did not recognize the hardware so I did a repair install and everything worked fine except for IE7b1.

    Trying to start IE now results in a "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close…." error. I tried a reinstall of IE7b1 to try and correct the problem – no joy, the install reports that the program is already installed, and I cannot reinstall IE6 as that install reports that a more current version of the browser exists.

    I have tried to remove it via add/remove Windows components as it does not show up in the add/remove programs – even with "Show Updates" checked – no joy experienced.

    I suppose I could do a completely fresh OS install but I really do not want the hassle of reinstalling all the software and utilities I currently run – the time/frustration simply does not outweigh continuing to use either Firefox or opening "My Computer" or Windows "Explore" window and using that as a web browser for things like Windows Update at this point.

    What is the best way to deal with this other than

    (a) continuing on with Firefox and the Windows "Explore" when necessary until the public release of IE7 comes out

    (b) spending a bunch of hours during spare time to try and find an IE7b1 release newer than the one I installed

    The odd thing about it is that I know IE is in there somewhere, otherwise browsing in a Windows "Explore" window wouldn’t work.

    Any ideas or potential solutions other than those I listed are appreciated.



  51. Anonymous says:

    Considering the age of this blog, I suppose it’s far too late to submit feature requests, but I’d at least like to be figure out what the new features are going to be. My current pet peeve is the complete lack of JavaScript debugging support (other than the uninformative and often just-plain-wrong error messages when scripts crash). I’ve had to resort to Firefox for debugging scripts. Will IE ever get this essential developer tool?

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen this question on almost every single post about IE7 Beta releases and still no one has ever addressed it. Is it such a hard question? All we want to know is, do you have any intention of supporting AddEventListener properly? Yes or No?

  53. Dave Massy says:

    Hi Drew,

    We are unlikely to get to support for AddEventListener in IE7. It’s definitely something we’ll look into for a future release though.


    -Dave Massy [MSFT]

  54. Anonymous says:

    >> Dick Adams:

    There are many options you can use to debug javascript in IE, check out this entry:


  55. Anonymous says:

    Listen, I Know That IE7 (Pre-Realese) Is Comming In ’06 But I Saw Some1 Have IE7 By P2P Networking, And It Was The Spanish Version.

    Good Thing He Got Rid Of It, Before He Got Himself In Trouble.

    I Can’t Wait To Get IE7, So I Can Dump My "MSN ToolBar" Because IE7 Has Tabbed Browsing And Phishing Filter Already Installed.

    Please Let Us Know What Date The Pre-Release Realeses, Okay!

  56. Anonymous says:

    My friend has found an english version, which can run on non-english Windows. I use the "original", because I have english Windows, but if you want to try out, link is in the first post at this forum (rapidshare): http://www.p2pxp.info/smf/index.php?topic=405.0

  57. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think about this garbage named IE7. The future is now, try Firefox 1.5 and you’ll love it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Stupid Question: why not just open source it and make the tree public on CVS?

  59. Anonymous says:

    Firefox needs to go to hell, It loves the fire.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Bruno for an user, like me, it is important only one thing: how does the browser looks like. And I like the way, that IE looks like. I tried Firefox and Opera, but I realy do not like their look. By the way, their speed is equal to IE and the security doesnot matter with mine settings, I passed all browser tests with the same results. I know, that for now, IE is more vulnerable to attacks (JS, PNG, …), but I could not use a browser, to which I would not trust. πŸ™‚

  61. Anonymous says:

    I’ll keep bugging until someone addresses it or responds that it is not a priority while it def seems it should be, if not the top one πŸ˜‰

    Performance, IE can be better, Performance, IE could scale, Performance, IE should be the fastest on NT..

    Originate something that will blow them all away.. PLLLEEEASSEE..

  62. Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind the lack of a beta as long as you implement the entire CSS 2/2.1 spec.

    What is the point, and where is the professionalism, in releasing a browser that is half finished? You’re not doing your jobs properly unless you implement the whole spec.

    I will pre-empt your lack of an adequate response to this (retrospectively for the past six or seven years) and ask a very simple question: why are you apparently intent on releasing browsers that don’t /quite/ work?

  63. Anonymous says:


    my AutoCad 2005 dont work with IE7 (errors during registration and staring applications)

  64. Anonymous says:

    I still don’t why you guys are bothering to try and fix your HTML rendering engine. Why don’t you just use one of the other ones, which are much better? If you feel that licensing the Mozilla one would be a humiliation, you could always pay Opera or use KHTML.

    Some of the comments here are strange: why is it so important for IE to be better than Firefox? The most important is standards support and updating your browser more often than every six years.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy with my version of Firefox. I think there is no need for an updated Internet Explorer.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Can you please provide me the URL on MSDN for the download?

    Kind regards,


  67. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a downloadlink for the beta!

    I will testing it!

    I like Microsoft products!

  68. Anonymous says:

    TheTOM.SK: "I know, that for now, IE is more vulnerable to attacks (JS, PNG, …), but I could not use a browser, to which I would not trust."

    You think that IE is more vulnerable, but you won’t use another browser because you don’t trust it?

    I think the improvements MS is making to IE are fantastic, and if they were to any extent spurred by Firefox, that’s fine. I’m sure they will in turn be spurring the Mozilla developers to improve Firefox. Just think, soon both browsers may be so good we won’t have anything left to argue about. Won’t that be nice?

    Microsoft, the most important lesson is kaizen: continuous small improvements. Never let the browser wither on the vine for half a decade again.

    My only fear is that the browsers will become so secure that they will reject us humans as the weakest link in the chain, and we will all be forced to use lynx or resort to telnetting to port 80 to access the web.

  69. Anonymous says:


    .tom read that page and I wonder, if you will be that happy. I am not attacking Firefox, I recommend it along with Opera to my friedns, because they are good browsers for newbies. IE default settings allow newbies to instal many spyware, even with improved security of IE in SP2. It is simple, more users the browser have, more attacks and malicious software will be created for it.

  70. Anonymous says:

    David Conrad, I am a common user and the only thing, that is cool for me, are tabs and RSS. That is why use IE7, even when it crash a few times a day. I have IE set at High and along with my firewall, which can block JS, referrers, …, I feel safe. I disabled PNG for some time, but then I have realized, that if someone really wants to hack me, he will hack me dispate the fact, what I disable or block. I do not care about about CSS and etc, I just want to run IE, a radio via activex and browse the net, but I like some "small improvements" that Firefox has, like managing password, favorites and etc, but I do not like when some software force me to do/see something, I do not want. Like in Firefox are bookmarks, which cannot be deleted and other "small" things. Well IE is for now, the only browser I like/love. I think about, that I will keep beta 1, because in beta 2, favorites menu has to be put above tabs. :/

  71. Anonymous says:

    "Bob, tell that to all the visitors of our websites. It’s not about having IE7 to use as a tool, it’s about being able to test with it to make sure its users will see what we want them to see."

    Well in that case just simply shell out the bucks for XP. Why should microsoft devote time for developers without XP? I’d understand users maybe, but developers? There’s no excuse for them. Developers without XP are a tiny, tiny minority in the browser world.

  72. Anonymous says:

    No doubt a lot of time, research, and money went into the interface changes and while as a developer I welcome a lot of under-the-hood things I’ve noticed or read about, our informal, unscientific, and free interoffice poll resulted in the following

    "Top IE7 Things We’d Like Changed"

    Faves list sometimes shows all even if the list is several columns long, sometimes shows the "down" chevron to "show more"…when we click "down" chevron, ie tends to instantly quit.

    No individual "close tab" button – X on each tab would be nice!

    Inability to move address bar (old habits die hard…why not default things to locked and let us unlock and move things? No intuitive way was found).

    "Links" buttons are fixed width – wastes space if you previously shortened site names to cram several links onto the bar

    Buttons are in too many different places (back/forward, other buttons like home/history/print, reload)

    Explorer shell integration – no right click to open in new tab in current ie window.

    Clicking New Tab button opens blank page – why not open to whatever is the default page? Couldn’t find a way to control that behavior, either.

  73. Anonymous says:

    While people are making suggestions, I’d like MS to reconsider not integrating IE7 with the XP shell. I find it really annoying that I can’t have my FTP connections opened in tabs. Instead they launch in the standard shell. One of the main reasons I chose IE over Firefox/etc. is because I like that the same interface is for my web and local files. However, IE7 removes this nice convenience.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Fix the Favorites! If I save more than one favorite with the same Page Title one overwrites the other. Ability to save to Favorites without having to navigate to the URL. (I have URLs that initially give "Cannot find server" error because the server is down or whatever – but I still want to save it in my favorites so that i can check on it later)

    Fix the "Find" box to remember the last n searches – frequently surfers need to find specific terms on pages that they visit.

    Again, most of new IE7 discussion wishlist seems to be more of developer oriented such as support for CSS standards and workarounds for wrong implementation bugs of the standards. The user interface seems to be ignored upon (apart from everyone saying things about tabbed windows etc. while the most basic functionalities are overlooked.) -> Typical example: In excel, why isnt a way to "lock" a row or column by right clicking on the row header or column header? Why go to the trouble of freezing and unfreezing panes? In excel, why isnt there a way to quickly go to a specific row? Why do I have to press Ctrl+G and type "An" where n is the row number to go to that row??

  75. Anonymous says:


    That’s impossible at the moment, because IE saves its Favorites like "IE blogg" with URL "http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2005/12/06/500599.aspx&quot;

    Where the filename on your computer will be "IE blogg.url" and you can therefore not have 2 of one, since you can never have 2 files with the same name in any system (atleast not the ones I use, which is variations of BSD, Linux and Solaris).

    Only solution I see is that we only see "IE blogg" twice but is saved as "IE blogg(1).url" and "IE blogg(2).url".

    Oh and this is an IE blogg only, not an Office related. You need to find the Office blogg if you want to complain on how Excel works.

  76. Anonymous says:

    How about making it possible to move the tab and address bar around? Why does Microsoft insist on thinking they know where I want things placed?

  77. PatriotB says:

    codemaster wrote: "While people are making suggestions, I’d like MS to reconsider not integrating IE7 with the XP shell. I find it really annoying that I can’t have my FTP connections opened in tabs. Instead they launch in the standard shell."

    Unfortunately it’s not going to happen. The shell/IE integration has been completely revamped for IE7, in order to support (among other things) tabbed browsing. SHDOCVW.DLL and BROWSEUI.DLL, the two main components of Internet/Windows Explorer, have been essentially replaced by IEFRAME.DLL in IE7. However the traditional shell view in Explorer.exe will still be using the old DLLs. If they didn’t do it this way we probably wouldn’t be seeing IE7 on XP at all.

    The alternative would have been to have Explorer.exe use IEFRAME.DLL as well. (Or, to have the changes not be in a new DLL but just to redo the existing SHDOCVW and BROWSEUI). Then all your explorer windows would take on the radical "new" look of IE7. However it was probably much easier, safer, and better for compatibility to develop it completely separate. And, I’d be willing to bet that the antitrust settlement played a big part in determining what they could do.

    Interestingly, many people have called out for "less" integration with Windows. Well, IE7 will definitely be less integrated, in this regard. It is unfortunate for those of us who appreciate the integration.

  78. Anonymous says:

    All I want for Christmas is news that IE7 will support CSS 1px dotted borders. A small thing, I know, but you’re killing us designers out here with this dashed nonsense.

  79. Anonymous says:


    I have a Christmas present for you. Current builds of IE7 do address the issue of dotted borders looking like dashes πŸ™‚



  80. Anonymous says:

    I don’t suppose we will be seeing nightly builds in this pre-release version will we?

  81. mishoo says:

    Besides obvious stuff like proper DOM2 and CSS2/3 support, I would love to see a fix for the DHTML memory leaks related to closures. No serious JS application can avoid closures, and these leaks end up killing the browser. πŸ™

    If it still remains, this bug will drag IE down–especially because it isn’t obvious.

  82. mishoo says:

    Ouch, I just saw this:

    "We are unlikely to get to support for AddEventListener in IE7. It’s definitely something we’ll look into for a future release though."

    If you won’t have addEventListener, I presume you won’t have more DOM support that you have now…

    What means "future release" in the above quote? Next 7 years? πŸ™

  83. Anonymous says:

    I’m actually quite happy with IE not being integrated into the OS. The idea of browsing the web with the same app that I use to browse my hard drive has bothered me for some time. Removing the integration also allows an easier updating mechanism for the browser (correct me if I’m wrong here) because fixing a bug in a web browser shouldn’t also introduce a bug or insecurity in an operating system. In this aspect Windows has been getting it wrong for some time, and I’m happy to see that things are going to be changed.

    As for why there are no public releases of IE7 yet, well, see above comments from users not able to understand why an app breaks after installing the program – they completely overlooked all of the warnings that this browser is in an early testing state and is not ready for release. I’m sure the IE7 team has enough on their hands without adding end user support requests on top of everything else.

    I do wish that the toolbars were movable. I understand that the arrangement is going to be standard in Vista but from a UI design standpoint it seems to break every rule of window usability. Having the menu appear below the address bar and tabs is a really strange choice, and I for one see zero benefit in rearranging everything like this.

  84. Anonymous says:

    ζˆ‘ζƒ³η”¨ IE7 ζœ€ζ–°η‰ˆγ€‚

  85. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys,

    Just a quick suggestion on how you could further up the security for IE 7, before its final release. How’s about, when you release the public beta for IE 7, you start offering monetary rewards for any security related vunerabilities that people find within it. I’m guessing that this would odviously be after the vulnerability has been verified by you guys and that the amount of money would be dependant on the potential scope and rating of the said vulnerability. However, I’m sure that giving people a cash incentive would make them more willing to report.

    I’m not sure if you were already planning something like this, or how good of an idea it really is, but it’s just a suggestion at any rate.

    P.S Happy new year to everyone!

  86. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I, too, am looking forward to testing this out. When you say first quarter, do you mean mid quarter or end?

  88. Hello everyone Dean just posted a message on the IE Blog about IE7 for XP .. enjoy!!

  89. Every day, I get lots of email asking for a build of IE7 for XP. If you have an account on the internal Microsoft corporate network, I have a link I can send you. For everyone else, we need a better answer than β€œWe’re hiring; please come join us.” (Tha

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