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On last Monday, Venkat mentioned some of the improvements made for the new version of WinINET.dll shipping alongside Internet Explorer 7.  For developers in the audience, I’d like to note that the Windows Network Developer Platform blog is a great source of news about WinINET and other networking modules within Windows. Of particular interest to developers working with WinINET are the post on API Validation changes and the post on System.NET support for Internet Explorer proxy settings.

- EricLaw

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  1. Mike_J says:

    I wonder where to locate the browser freezing problem for some web sites. It is either related with UI, network, or file system etc.

    Another issue is connection notification. OS should give notification if the network connection is not the default setting. Sometimes I don’t know which network I connected with(wireless particular)if I don’t check the broadcast icon.

    (Tablane makes browser different.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Silly Slashdot. I was already off ranting about IE usability, but upon closer inspection Slashdot creates links like this:

    <a href="URL" title="URL DOMAIN" rel="nofollow">TITLE</a>

    I was pissed how you need 8 clicks to add favorite from Slashdot link properly, but it happens Slashdot abuses the title field by using it for domain of the linked site.

    Anyhow there’s still something IE TEAM could do.

    If user selects a passage of text, then right clicks a link and chooses to create favorite, the passage of text selected would come the default, avoiding the copy paste operation. If however a lot of text (say over 50 chars) is selected, then ignore it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is there a publicly available roadmap? Can we(your customers)know where IE is heading? Meaning, when are you going to release a Beta? A real Beta. One we don’t have to fork over thousands of dollars for. One that actually has all these wonderful fixes that you say are already done. A beta that you actually will want bug reports for.

    Notice: I didn’t talk about when you ship, because you have trained me like all your other corporate zombies, to know that…

    "You’ll ship when the product is ready"

    Just put out a beta. It’s been 5 years already.


  4. PatriotB says:

    I’ve been quite supportive of the IE team’s recent improvements and blog entries. However I must echo some of the sentiments of the previous poster.

    IE 7 Beta 1 contained so few changes it shouldn’t’ve even been released. I’d say the biggest change that IE7b1 brought was the new compoment named IEFRAME.DLL, which seems to replace the previous DLL’s SHDOCVW and BROWSEUI. Aside from a couple posts about the new tabbed browsing, this architectural change hasn’t been mentioned, let alone elaborated upon.

    IE 7 Beta 1 contained ZERO changes to the MSHTML type library. Zero changes to the web browser control’s type library (aside from its being moved into IEFRAME). Finally with Vista 5231, MSHTML got some new interfaces and such.

    Hopefully IE 7 Beta 2 will arrive with a bang, and not with a whimper like Beta 1.

  5. Anonymous says:

    With the lack of any useful information on this blog I thought I would do some venting at Microsoft software (for amusement).

    I opened a regular 26 line HTML page in Microsoft Werd 2003 and then saved it, I made no changes. Then I opened the source of said HTML page and there were precisely 95 lines of new code.

    Not only did it add new code but it REPLACED my code with with old HTML 4.0 markup and a weird invalid doctype.

    Here’s some of the CSS it added:






    Such dedication to perfection.

    I’ve done this because I’ve seen people use Word to make web pages before and while it may display as intended in IE or Word, it doesn’t display how it was intended in anything else.

    I had to try to edit a Terms and Conditions page that was saved in Word, let me tell you it was a long page and I basically gave up after an hour or so trying to remove all the garbage. There are still 187 HTML errors in that page.

    Please tell the MSO team to remove ALL HTML related features from all MSO programs! It creates more trouble than it’s worth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Use FrontPage’s cleanup feature to remove the extraneous tags from the HTML you saved in Word.

    …And don’t use Word to edit HTML.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Chris H, thanks for the response. Monthly, I’m still not too sure if that’s long enough. It’s just that personally, I don’t really feel it sends out a good message when you initially come into this blog from an outside source (maybe even for the first time ever). It’s just that when you do, and you’re scrolling down, you’re seeing entries that you might be interested in, or have some genuine feedback on and you simply can’t add it, but the entry is still right there on the first page.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope the freezing will stop soon … It freezes me 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ditto here on freezing. Needs to stop! 🙁

  10. Anonymous says:

    We’re working on a few posts right now, so expect new content soon.

    I don’t think they’re talking about the weather… I think they’re talking about IE beta hanging. 😉

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhh, my apologises, very red faced right now, lol.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys (and by that I mean the IE team), since we’ve now got people starting to talk about the weather, I really feel it’s time you started thinking of putting up a new blog, or something, get the discussion flowing again, lol.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Serious Sam >> I believe the ‘post a comment’ link sticks around for one month.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi again, I was just browsing the web and came across a review of IE 7 within the October CTP version of Vista (as you do, lol). I feel this might be useful to you guys on the IE 7 development team:

    I don’t know if you guys are already looking into some of the stuff covered here and the review acknowledges that this is certainly not the final version, but I feel it does boast some pretty useful suggestions, especially when it comes to the phising filter.

    P.S One last point on the blogs themselves, could you put a link for the post a comment function at the bottom of the page. This will save people who have scolled down to read the comments (which can be quite a way, especially in topics already boasting 100+, 200+, 300+ comments), from having to go back up again to post their own. Yes, I am aware of the ‘home’ function on most keyboards, but I still think this would be a timesaver. Plus, it should be your job to make it as quick and convinient for people to leave feedback as is humanly possible and little things like that really do make a big difference

    Thanks. Hope all this stuff helps.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I know this comment might be a little of topic, so I apologise in advance, but my feedback relates to the actual blogs themselves. I would just like to know how long the ‘Post a Comment’ field stays up.

    The only reason I’m asking is because I find it funny how this field has been removed for your blog on the orange icon:, which was odviously put up in responce to the one from the RSS teams, but they still have their post a comment field.

    I understand that you can’t be reading new comments in blogs posted years ago, but I feel that any blogs still within the first page (that’s coming straight in from the IE 7 ‘homepage’, if that makes any difference) should still have the ability to upload comments. So right now that would be all the way down to the xml blog:

    The main reason I’m asking for this is because there are topics that I would like to submit feedback for, but I am unable to.

    The other request I would like to make is for some kind of feature telling people how long they have remaining to upload comments. So if it gets within a week of the cut of point, a comment would appear saying: ‘You only have one week reamaining to post your comments’ and then count down from there.

    If you already have something similar to this and I’ve just managed to miss it, then again apologies. I just feel that this would be a good feature for letting people know how long they have left to get their last comments and thoughts in.

    Also, before I forget I’ll make anouther request for some kind of a preview function to give people some idea of how these comments are going to turn out once they’ve posted (hopefully with a spell checker too, lol).


  16. Anonymous says:

    zzz: By the way, as for links on comments, try the link(s) here: [] Right-click, "Add to Favorites", [OK] button. Gets added to Favorites in 2-3 clicks–or do you have spyware or viruses on your PC in the way of that, too?

  17. Anonymous says:

    To zzz: That’s not abuse of the title attribute AT ALL. Slashdot does this to prevent people from clicking links on Comments that may lead to troll sites, by showing the domain and allowing people to think about whether they actually heard of said domain.

    zzz: "I was pissed how you need 8 clicks to add favorite from Slashdot link properly"

    I right-clicked on the Slashdot logo, chose Add Favorites, pressed OK on the dialog afterwards. 3 clicks (2 if you tab to OK and press ENTER instead).

    That post shouldn’t have even survived the moderation delay.

  18. Avtar says:

    Will Internet Explorer 7 host JScript.NET/8 engine on the client side?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love these new features. Thanks for posting the link to the Windows blog !!

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