Toolbars in IE7 Beta 1

Yesterday, rumors were circulating stating that the IE 7 beta 1 release causes the Google and Yahoo! toolbars to vanish. As Dean stated in Scoble’s blog, we support Google’s and Yahoo’s (and anyone else’s) toolbar in Beta 1 and will do so in the final release.

In our internal testing, we have not encountered these problems in the released version of IE 7 tech beta. (There was a bug like this in earlier builds, so it’s possible that the report came from someone who had access to our pre-beta builds.) In addition to our own testing, we’re working with Yahoo!, Google, and others to make sure their solutions continue to work with IE 7. It’s our intent that all toolbars should continue to work well, whether the toolbar was present before the upgrade from IE 6 to IE 7 or if it was installed after IE 7 was installed. It’s possible that some people are having problems with IE 7 and their toolbars; this was not our intent and we want to know about these issues quickly so we can resolve them before final release. This is why we have a technical beta program before releasing the software broadly.

Another rumor was that we were setting MSN to be the default (and only) search provider. This is not true. The drop down list in the search box has five search providers: AOL, Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN, and Yahoo!. For clean installations who do not have a search provider already set (Windows Vista users primarily), MSN is the default search provider. For upgrades, we respect the user’s address bar auto search setting and set the default accordingly. If it’s one of the providers in our list, we set the default to that provider; if the search provider is not on the list, we add it to our list.

The user can then change default search providers easily via Search Settings dialog (available from the search drop down). This also changes the user’s auto search provider (we keep them synched). In addition, users can remove search providers via this dialog. In Beta 2 users will also be able to add new search providers as well.

We are absolutely committed to working with third parties building on top of Internet Explorer’s functionality, whether it is toolbars or search providers (or anything else for that matter). If you’ve found bugs with anything in Beta 1 (whether or not it’s toolbar related), please let us know! Additionally, we’d love to hear your feedback about about the browser as a whole, whether you love it or hate it. We really appreciate all the comments we receive and we’ll continue to make changes based on what we hear.


Tony Chor

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My toolbars work but I can’t move them anywhere. I have a9 and stumbleupon toolbar installed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about mulitple versions of IE on one system – can we do that now? For example, can I keep IE6 when I install IE7?

    {please say yes, please say yes, please say yes…) 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    On my installation of IE7 Beta 1, Google Toolbar is still visible, and Google was retained as the default search engine. Glad to hear that we’ll be able to add more search engines in Beta 2, because I’d like to add Wikipedia, as well as a separate Google Image Search.

    Being able to rearrange the tabs bar and address bar again would be nice. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how they dislike the new arrangement.

    The Favorites menu is sometimes wider than its contents. It is also not scrollable, so anything below the bottom of the screen is inaccessible. Deleting an item from the Favorites menu causes IE7 to crash.

    An explorer bar for Feeds would be nice. I presume this is coming in Beta 2.

    It would be nice if each tab had an "X" icon to close them like in FireFox, rather than having to right-click on them and then Close.

    This isn’t a requirement in my opinion, but if the RSS feeds could be displayed as Live Bookmarks that would give you an advantage over FireFox. By live bookmarks, I mean that in addition to being a link to the feed, it dynamically creates a submenu of the articles in that feed.

    Two other things that would be nice to have: a built-in DOM inspector, and a download manager.

    Looking forward to more CSS bug fixes in Beta 2! You guys need to exceed CSS support by all other browsers if you want to secure that top-browser spot again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You know, if this wasn’t a closed beta, you wouldn’t have to rebut rumours like this, people would be able to see for themselves that they are unfounded.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am not a tester, but I hope it will be possible to middle-click links to open-them in a new tab, and to middle-click tabs to close them, like in Firefox.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two things that have to be fixed:

    -Put the menu bar back on top. The menus don’t apply to the tab, they apply to the whole browser.

    -Same thing with the mini-icons next to the menu bar, either lose them or put them back on the toolbar.

    -Please put the tab close button on the tab, like Apple’s Safari. Firefox 1.5 will have the close there as well, it just makes sense.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I almost forgot, Microsoft Update doesn’t work properly in IE7. Maybe one of you Microsoft guys could pass this little tidbit along to somebody who can fix Microsoft Update?

  8. PatriotB says:

    "I am not a tester, but I hope it will be possible to middle-click links to open-them in a new tab, and to middle-click tabs to close them, like in Firefox."

    Middle-clicking tabs to close them is a very dangerous default setting. I advise the IE team to not implement this. If anything, make it a feature that defaults to off and could be turned on by advanced users.

    I do agree that a close button in the tab would be helpful. I’ve seen tab-based MDI programs use that approach and it works great.

  9. ieblog says:


    Side by side installation is not an option. IE is an OS component and if you upgrade to IE7, it replaces the previous version.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  10. Anonymous says:

    Outlook web doesnt render correctly. We have Exchange 2003 Sp1 running on Win2k3 – i am running the IE7 beta on XPSp2 – Outlook web left menu doesnt show up correctly.

  11. Anonymous says:

    it’d be great if the tabs used in IE took a page from the new VS.NET (beta 2?), in that they can be moved around (top, side… bottom is really neat, from what i’ve heard)

    the File Menu below the tabs keeps throwing me off… as many have already said.

    not a huge issue, but i was really hoping that the "tabs" bar would have the blue "gel" look that i’ve seen in the Vista screenshots… if you’re going to come out with a new version of IE, why not keep it a little consistent… esp. if only XP SP2 users will be allowed to upgrade to IE7? thought that would be really nice, since it looks good and is a little different… i envisioned something like the ‘tabs’ in WMP or something 😉

    a download manager would be a nice addition, as well as a more robust debugging app to better help developers.

    an inline search feature would be great… one of the most useful things in FF, and i use it all the time — definitely prefer it to the popups.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This new IE7 UI is annoying. Menu bar is below the main address bar, and can’t be changed. Tab bar wastes space when you don’t have any extra tabs open. Links toolbar has severe spacing issues between entries. Address & tab toolbars cant be combined with each other or with other toolbars (standard, links, etc.).

    I hope these UI problems get sorted out before the final release–right now the interface is worse than IE6 and much worse than modern browsers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why is the beta Windows XP SP2 only? I’m interested in installing it into a Virtual PC, but the only VPC I have right now has Windows Server 2003 installed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    On the Links toolbar, when you delete all the items, and then add favorites to that folder, the changes don’t affect any of the other tabs, just the tab that you’re in, and any new tabs that you create. Not sure if this was the desired functionality, but I would like to be able to access new items on the link toobar with windows that are already open.


    PS- I think its a great browser so far…

  15. Anonymous says:

    "Side by side installation is not an option. IE is an OS component and if you upgrade to IE7, it replaces the previous version."

    Hum? I can run IE7B1 and IE6 (not at the same time) on Windows XP SP2 without trouble.

    Just don’t install IE7B1 but extract the files into a folder and create an empty file named iexplore.exe.local in this folder.

    So, following your advice I should have 4 workstations or virtual PC emulators (IE 5, IE 5.5, IE 6 and IE 7B1)? No, the best method is to code for IE 5 since there is not a lot of difference about HTML and CSS support. But more easier: don’t serve any CSS file to any IE browser and welcome to the 21th century.

    Of course as a beta is intended to get feedback I will scream also: CSS 2.1!

  16. Anonymous says:

    + Side by side installation is not an option. IE + is an OS component and if you upgrade to IE7,

    + it replaces the previous version.

    What he forgot to tell you is that this is more a philosophy that technical limitation. I’m currently running IE 5.01, 5.5, and 6 on the same machine, though I had to follow some round about hack to do so.

    If MS gave a damn at all about the development community, they’d incorporate this hack into a nice little package so that we can test how our sites look in each of their products.

    This release, beta or not, just confirms that although their devs may like to think otherwise, MS business practices take precedence over silly things like developer communities.

  17. Anonymous says:

    now that I have IE 7 installed I am not able to launch trillian 3 pro. it crashes everytime I try to start it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s been said before but I’ll say it again.

    CSS. Please… For the love of God and all that is holy.

    Otherwise, congrats on the png, peekbo, and guiotine fixes… now do the rest. 😛

  19. Anonymous says:

    To all you guys bitching about the toolbar and menu bar position changes: give it a week to get used to it. This is a *brilliant* UI simplification. Navigation is primary, as it should be. Redundant buttons go away, as they should.

  20. Anonymous says:

    As quoted by another tester:

    "I almost forgot, Microsoft Update doesn’t work properly in IE7. Maybe one of you Microsoft guys could pass this little tidbit along to somebody who can fix Microsoft Update?"

    I found these ‘so called fixes’ @another site, and it did not work for me as both WUv6 & MSUpdatev6 continue to scan, & scan…:(

    ere for the guys with problems:

    # Extract IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe with WinRAR (or anything that works) to a temporary directory.

    # Open updateiecustom.dll in a hex editor.

    # Navigate to hexadecimal offset 0x1034h(4148 decimal) and change 0F 95 to 0F 94.

    # Save and execute update.exe.

    # Enjoy.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m liking it so far, running on XP. My $.02

    – I would like to be able to move the address bar.

    – I want to be able to remove the default search field as it is redundant if I want to use a browser bar for searching, like MSN or Google toolbar.

    – To subscribe to a news feed, I have to view it as ATOM first, then as RSS for IE to not render it as XML.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for tiny CSS improvements, but that is absolutely not enough.

    Where is support for new selectors? At least those simple, but very useful ones like tr:hover, input[type=submit] and ul>li.

    Why didn’t you fix <abbr>? (c’mon you’ve lost the cause on <acronym>!)

    You could add support for setting CSS2.1 display:inline-block on <div> and put shame on Firefox.

    New toolbars arrangement doesn’t deserve major version number bump. So far you’ve got IE6.1 beta there.

  23. Anonymous says:

    What about the rumours of a proper implementation of CSS…?

  24. Anonymous says:

    "Side by side installation is not an option. IE is an OS component and if you upgrade to IE7, it replaces the previous version."

    Wow, does that mean, that by installing IE7 beta you make your Windows system to be beta quality?

    On the other hand, I have IE3-IE6 runing on the same machine, so I am sure IE7 will join this


  25. Anonymous says:

    Even if you can’t make it ACID2-compliant, we’d still very much like to see it support at least as much CSS as Firefox and Opera already do.

    IE has been holding back the web for far too long because of these issues.

  26. Anonymous says:

    First, here are my comments:

    1. When I first installed it, and then finally used it, I got a popup that said "tabbed browsing was disabled because it was already installed" (not verbatim), which is true since i had just dl’ed the ie6 toolbar. But I wasn’t really sure what was going on, so i decided to fully uninstall ie7, get rid of the toolbar, and then reinstall. Just need a comment on why it was "disabled" and if it really was disabled.

    2. I most certainly agree with an "X" (close button) on each tab, instead of right clicking to close it or moving my mouse all the way to the right to use the "X" button there.

    3. I also think having the menu not at the very top would be against conventional Microsoft standards, isn’t it..I mean, it is a menu bar, shouldnt it be at the very top. Usually, what I’ve done in the past, is re-arrange my toolbars, so that one of them is on the same level as the menu bar. I mean, i still can, but there should be no reason why we can’t move the menu bar around, at the very least, if we’re going to stray away from convention.

    4. I most certainly like the "blank tab" that acts as the "new tab" button.

    5. In my opinion, I don’t like the huge back and forward buttons. They just don’t seem to fit with the whole UI, especially, when all my other icons on my toolbars are set to small, with no text.

    6. I love the new search text toolbar, which I’ve set to google…I’ve even not re-installed the google toolbar, just yet.

    Now, for some suggestions. (I hope I’m posting this on the right thread):

    1. In the ie6 toolbar, I really, really, really liked the fact that you can save your tabs. But for some reason, the ie7 doesn’t support it. Now going back to my point #1 above…why did ie7 recognize that the tabbed toolbar was already installed on ie6, but for some reason, the ie7 version doesn’t implement the saving of the tabs.

    2. I think that when you click on your favorites link, that it should open up a new tab..unless there’s a setting for that now.

    3. Ability to re-arrange the tabs.

    4. Now, here’s something that I think would be really cool. Sub-Tabs. Say you’re in a tab, viewing a page, and you click on something that opens it via "_blank"…well instead of opening a new window, why not have an option to create new pages under "subtabs" underneath the current tab. Not quite sure how you’d implement, but sometimes you see sites with lots of links to images, and you click on several of them, and you simply just get lost in all the windows that’s popped up..and having to close them one at a time, might be better managed with having them in subtabs, and having the option to "Close All Subtabs".

    5. Lastly, I think a redesign of the Favorites feature. I don’t really have any concrete suggestions, maybe just for you guys to brainstorm it over, to make it friendlier and more streamlined.



  27. Anonymous says:

    just a little peeve, but I think it’s important for the browser to have a Stop button. Other than that great job. I especially like the phishing filters now I won’t have to get calls from my mom saying she entered her credit card number in some random site

  28. Anonymous says:

    I found a bug in IE7’s SSL implementation (Bad Record MAC on a self signed certificate generated by a Netscreen Device) Does anyone know how I’d report it?

  29. Anonymous says:

    First impressions are good, so keep it up! I’ve had Firefox as default browser and I can’t get IE 7 to be default! I check the box saying that IE should check if it’s default browser but it doesn’t do that when starting.

  30. ieblog says:

    Please remember, if you use profanity in your comment, it gets deleted.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  31. Anonymous says:

    My first impressions:

    The UI is just plain awful. Really REALLY awful. What was the thinking (if indeed there was any thinking) in putting the menu and toolbars below the tabs? (To me it makes it look like IE7 is just a container window for multiple instances of IE6.)

    Changing something on one tab (toolbar layout, etc.) isn’t reflected in any other open tabs. Same goes for the history/favourites/etc.

    Locking the toolbars also sometimes causes them to move from where you’d left them.

    Windows Update doesn’t work. On two machines I’ve tried it on it gets stuck on "Checking for updates for your computer…"; on a thrid machine it got past that bit, but the list of updates somehow ended up in what is normally the left-hand navigation area.

    It would be handy if the "Send feedback" menu option actually took you to somewhere that allowed you to send feedback about IE7, rather than the general "Contact us" page. (Well it actually takes you to a page with a single link to take you to the "Contact us" page, which is just bizarre.)

    Printing is *much* improved, but the preview occasionally displays a blank page.

    CSS compliance is still awful, and it only fares marginally better than IE6 on the acid2 test.

    The full screen mode is much better than previous attempts.

    The feedreader is a nice idea, but as far as I can tell all it does is apply a stylesheet to the feed so for the most part it’s no easier than visiting the site the feed is coming from.

    It’s not quite as bad as my first impression suggested, but it’s got a long way to go before it’s in a position to compete with Firefox, Opera, or Safari. I’d say IE6.5 would have been a more reasonable name for it…

  32. Anonymous says:

    i just whipped up a quick mockup in photoshop of what i kinda thought or expected IE7 to look like (XP)

    in case you were interested.

  33. ieblog says:

    As people have pointed out, some have found ways to have multiple versions of IE installed on their system by extracting various files and putting them in their own directories.

    To be 100% clear, this is not a supported option. There is no guarantee about the effects of doing so on the stability of your system or of applications that use various IE dll files (such as mshtml.dll).

    So, please remember that you do such things at your own risk and it is not a supported scenario. The beta can be uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs. That is the supported method of reverting to the previous version.

    In other words, just because you *can* do something doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  34. Anonymous says:

    "i just whipped up a quick mockup in photoshop of what i kinda thought or expected IE7 to look like (XP) "

    In that design and any design where the address bar is directly above the browser window, the address bar is spoofable. Even if an identical bar appeared below the real address bar, that IS a spoof, as the majority of people will use the wrong bar to go to addresses – resulting in very easy phishing scams.

  35. Anonymous says:

    "In other words, just because you *can* do something doesn’t mean it is a good idea."

    What the hell? What else do you expect us to do?!?! If MS doesn’t provide developers with a way to test against historical rendering engines, they will have to find their own solutions. Simple as that. Provide an "official" solution and developers will love you.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Is there going to be CSS updates in the final IE7 version? I’ve heard IE7 supports basically the same things except for a couple of CSS bugs fixed, I like the work done in IE7 but as developer I’m interested more in what the browser can do, and the beta seems too similar to IE7 in that regard

  37. Anonymous says:

    "In that design and any design where the address bar is directly above the browser window…"

    You don’t think that seeing two address bars would tip people off? Users may be naive, but they’re not idiots…

    Practically every single Windows app anyone has ever seen has the menu bar directly below the window title. What, other than really irritating people, has been achieved by moving it below the tabs?

    So far the gut reaction of everyone I’ve shown IE7 to has been "what the [bleep] is the menu doing down there?" When I then tell them that you can’t move it back to where you expect to find it they go slack-jawed in mind-boggling incomprehension. Once they find out that the address bar has to stay at the top they come pretty close to having an embolism…

    Seriously, this UI layout is terrible in every conceivable way. The abstraction is all wrong, it defies all the conventions that people have come to rely on, and it just creeps me out.

    (And BTW, I tried the "Fix WU" DLL editing trick, and it’s sort of improved matters, but not to the point where I can actually get the blessed thing to work.)

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the toolbars do indeed work. What I really need it to have are Live Bookmarks. Please Please Please!

  39. Anonymous says:

    "resulting in very easy phishing scams."

    hadn’t really thought of that, to be honest… but somehow feel like i still need more explanation on that one.. *blink*

    ideally, you’d be able to move the Tabs bar to the bottom, top, sides, or wherever like you can in VS.NET (beta 2, i believe)… be nice to have the "tabs" bar at the bottom of the browser window, for instance…. heh.

    i like the "gel" look, too… and am not sure why you’d even want to go with the regular *old* tabs style for IE7 on XP…. but that’s just me.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Now, that I have posted my rant for "Live Bookmarks", here’s my thoughts on the beta:

    1. No matter what you say, neither spoofable address bar nor the difficulty in implementing tabs is a good enough reason not to implement tabs the "standard" way. Come on! Tabs were invented by an IE-based browser (NetCaptor). Can’t you please find another way to do tabs, (hint: Maxthon, MicroGarden toolbar etc. etc.) where they can exist right above the page, not above menus and other toolbars!

    2. Add "Live Bookmarks", which would nicely compliment RSS support.

    3. Add atleast Firefox level CSS support to shut those suckers up once and for all.

    4. Add Favorite links that can grab RSS feeds and create drop downs, i.e. "Live Bookmarks".

    Besides all that, it’s going to be great to get people back to using IE (including myself if you fix what I described)!

    P.S. Remember, Live Bookmarks are the future.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Complain, complain, complain. Is that what the development community has been reduced to?

  42. Anonymous says:

    if only there was a way to segregate the helpful, constructive posts, from all the negative, unconstructive ones…

  43. Anonymous says:

    I also would like to disagree with the placement of a menu and buttons underneath the tab. The organization just seems un-natural.

    The blank tab item is a very good idea.

    I like middle clicking for a new tab.

    Excellent job with the search box. Looking forward to adding in IMDB or

    I would scrap Control+W and just make Control+F4 always close the active tab. I assume you had to use Control+W because Control+F4 drops down the combo box if it has the focus? It would be nice to override that behavior… but then people would accuse you of violating standard keyboard shortcuts and call you nasty names.

    Just my 2 cents. Actual cash value: nothing.

  44. PatriotB says:

    I’ll throw in my two cents and agree with the numerous opinions that the menu should be movable above the tabs. However, I know that this isn’t such an easy decision because of the overall changes to Explorer (Windows & Internet) coming in Windows Vista.

    The various teams need to get together and really hash this out. In Windows Vista’s Explorer, they want to have the Aero Glass-style title bar, breadcrumb bar, and search box, and these window segments aren’t customizable or moveable by the user. In Windows Explorer, the old menu and toolbar seem to be always hidden by default and so it isn’t as big a deal. However, with Internet Explorer, the new layout isn’t really jiving with what people are expecting.

    The IE and shell teams need to really sit down and hash this one out so that both Explorers have a UI consistent enough with UI conventions but still with the ability to be innovative.

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous: I see a large number of questions about what CSS2 will finally be supported, XHTML, etc., but I have yet to a valid answer!

    1) Is IE7 FINAL going to have support for application/xhtml+xml, more generally XHTML?

    2) Is support for empty <script> tags finally going to be implements? IE won’t render a page AT ALL because it craps itself when it see <script type="text/javascript" src="whatever" />; instead of dumb workaround has to be applied which is sticking SOMETHING inside the script tag <script><!–whatever–></script>.

    3) Will support for child selectors, all pseudo-elements, position:fixed, be supported,? I really hate having to hacks to get features to work in IE that require no hacks in other browsers…

    These are the main issues that I, as a web developer, care about the moust, but there are many other questions/issues out there. I could go on and on with the questions, I just want to see a valid answer to these questions for once! Could you please take the time to at least answer this?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Toolbars work, though not completely, like spell check (while correcting by right clicking) of google toolbar doesnt work.

    Also, Windows Update dont work with the new IE. It searches for the updates for a while, then screen messes up, like review opens in upa wrong frame/divider. And that search keeps searching.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Also, any way to get rid of the top right search box ? And get the toolbarsabove the address bar ?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Tell me, why can’t we have multiple versions of IE installed on the same system? Why can’t you give us that? If you’re all about listening to your users, why not listen to the desires that will make their lives easier. Obviously the average Joe doesn’t need two IE versions installed but the developers NEED them. Yes, we want them but they’re absolutely necessary if you want to do any sort of meanigful testing.

    Why should we have to use two completely different systems or wait until someone hacks a stable scenario just for two versions of the same program? Would you rather developers use a hacked-together scenario or a stable one? You folks at Microsoft are the ones that can make us happy with a stable scenario.

    Seriously, if people can do it in their spare time, why can’t you give us the option?


  49. Anonymous says:

    Just been using IE7 for the last couple of days and have already installed it on my other machines… can’t live without the tabs. 🙂

    I think I kinda get what they are doing with the menu bar position – I’m guessing it’s to make it consistent with the new Windows Explorer. In Windows Explorer there won’t be any menu bar, but the top bit – Back / Fwd, Location, search – looks like it will be similar across many parts of the OS. That’s my theory anyway.

    The main problems I’m having with IE7 as a user are;

    1) Closing tabs just feels really clunky right now. Definitely needs the little ‘X’ inside the tab (perhaps just on the selected tab… or on hover perhaps?)

    2) Re-ordering the tabs might be nice. Drag to new position? Not essential though!

    3) The fact that you can’t close the final tab feels a bit strange. I think you should be able to close the final tab, leaving a blank workspace. Obviously the address bar would remain.

    4) Interface… it looks a bit better in Windows Vista but all the same, it’s a bit messy right now ESPECIALLY in Windows Classic style on XP. MS – could you take a really close look at some of Apple’s best work – for example Safari and iTunes and see if you can get IE7 working as beautifully as they do? Why not consider designing IE so that it looks the same (or similar) on all platforms like Windows MediaPlayer does? I love well designed interfaces and I use IE all day every day so PLEASE make it pretty! 🙂

    5) Firefox is not the perfect browser, so try not to copy it too much. MS has a really good opportunity to evolve the web browser here. The best part of Firefox in my opinion is the functionality and standards support. Definitely not the user experience. The FF interface is the sole reason why I still use IE6.

    6) I’m not liking the small ‘blank tab’. Sorry.

    And as a developer;

    7) CSS2. Essential. Sorry to be so predictable!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Still can’t have more than one version of IE on a system? ::sigh:: Not good.

    But thanks for the info, Al!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad to see the IE7 team is working with toolbar developers and has incoporated other search engines into the product. Seeing as you can only remove search engines in Beta 1, I posted a small regedit on my Space yesterday to allow the creation of other search providers.!1pblmMr_hmyvbBjvNahNPCsg!1907.entry

    Overall I’m impressed by the Beta. Although there is still work to be done, the team has done a very good job so far in my opinion. I’m looking forward to Beta 2 very much 🙂

  52. Anonymous says:

    I agree with a lot of what are probably very repetitive suggestions and criticisms as well as encouragements. Only one I can think of that has not been address (although I did tire of reading about 30 posts in). Why is the initial tab width so big? Will this be corrected in beta 2 or is there an actual reason for it?



    Good luck with future betas

  53. Anonymous says:

    Ditto on the constructive criticism, I think the IE folks will listen and learn.

    Folks, I think we need to give the UI choices a try. All were deliberate, I am sure, so I think that much of the negative response has more to do with change than an actual evaluation. Try it for a while.

    I also think that FF should be a limited inspiration — there are many thing that could be done better for UI. Would love to see IE leapfrog the competition here.

    I think a huge help will be the ability to move all the UI elements, similar to Avant Browser. Maybe they begin locked in the most "tested and preferred" position for that great majority of users who will not customize the UI. But, unlock the toolbars and let power users move any of it.

    Love the Manage Add-ons.

    The bookmarks manager is a great place for improvement. An Explorer-inspried window would be great, where bookmarks are managed like files. It’s a well-understood UI metaphor…


  54. Anonymous says:

    Well, I just found out that the Hex Tweak posted above (on a reputable site) was to eliminate the WGA (Windows Genuine Authentication requitement) when installing as I have a legal key, this Hex Tweak apparently serves no purpose for trying to get WUv6 or MicrosoftUpdatev6 to function properly with IE7_Beta…Apologies…

    I assume that with my Automatic Updates turned to ‘On’ that when/if a ‘Critical Update’ becomes available that my systray icon will notify me that it is D/L and will be available for installation when it finishes…?

    Will have to explore the IE Communities to see a MVP’s response to the WUv6 issues…

  55. Anonymous says:

    After having played with IE7 beta for another day…

    Tabs: C’mon IE team, this is your chance to INNOVATE – make me a believer that the fire hasn’t gone out in the hearts of Microsoft inovators!!!! Make me excited about the Windows platform! 😀

    Here’s some ideas…

    1.) I like what many other people have been suggesting – hover on tabs for an "X" or …

    2.) Here’s something better – make the tabs behave like icons in stardock or OSX’s dock where you move your cursor over them and they ‘bubble up’ a little to perhaps provide you with your close "X" and a larger font displaying the title of that page. If there was a tab on the left it would start small and slope upwards. Tabs on the right would start bigger and slope downwards. Running your cursor over them would give you a groovey-experience as they bloated to reveal their functionality (a close "X" and perhaps a dropdown to allow you to add that tab to a master-tab [see below])

    3.) Allow for groupings of tabs such that you could click a "news" master-tab and all your current tabs would sort of collapse themselves into a single "current" master-tab and the "news" master-tab would expand itself out to show your favorite (saved) news sites. You could then click back and forth between various master-tabs and see those pertinent for a specific scenario (news/comics/tech/development/humor). Each time the current set of tabs would collapse itself into its own master-tab set if it had been saved as such (or a default "current" master-tab if it hadn’t been saved) and the new master-tab would expand out as appropriate. There would also be some sort of coloring scheme to distinguish between regular tabs and master-tabs and master-tab-child-tabs and ordinary tabs.

    4.) saving tab configuration (master-tabs, current working tabs, etc) for when you next open the browser

    5.) Be able to drag-drop tabs from one master-tab to another. Be able to drag-drop master-tabs into others???

    Other wishlist items…

    1.) How ’bout a Netcraft (like) toolbar option that would display the trust/risk rating of a site and/or where that site was hosted…(more info than your phishing funcitonality just detailing if this site is believed to be a phishing site)

    2.) CSS support…yeah you know you’re working on it (I trust)…

    3.) Adblock equivelant … I can’t keep whining enough about this…it’s slicker than snot!

    4.) Text-search in the frame of the browser (ala firefox) no pop-ups – we’re done with them.

    5.) Ability to manage RSS feeds in an intuitive manner.

    6.) Ability to read multiple (user-specified) feeds in a single window (all tech, all news, all humor, all sports)…

    7.) Links toolbar used to display "link" buttons w/ only the text needed to display that button’s property text now it’s a default width and kinda annoying…please fix

    8.) I have to agree it’s pretty annoying to have to set different options/settings/state for each tab [ex I’m in the context of one tab and I choose to display the "history" sidebar. I then open another tab navigate somewhere and choose instead to display the "favorites" sidebar. Clicking on the original tab will display the first ("history") sidebar instead of "favorites" – bad – should retain a ‘browser-state’ not a ‘tab-state’ …I consider this a bug. Please fix]

    9.) I agree w/ the fellow who mentioned not relying on ActiveX objects for the XmlHttpRequest object. In developing ajax funcitonality for some of the features I build it’d be nice to have a consistent clientside interface. I guess that goes for alot more than just that, though…Consistency on scripting syntax/objects/standards would be wonderbar

    10.) I like the delete browsing history option – very cool for privacy minded browsing-folk

    11.) Open the script debugging feature [View–>Script Debugging–>Open] will cause it to crash (but not IE – congrats someone’s using try/catch statements!)

    12.) I like the ability to view a rss feed directly (auto-format with the css) but I’ll reiterate my desire for #5,6 above and also configuration (user-specified css to control text colors, # of feed-instances, etc)

    13.) built-in search bar is handy but I miss the toolbar-specific functionality (google-image-search or what-have-you). Also, Can you make this configurable so a user could send the input to whatever site (a dictionary site for a defn or a thesaurus site for a synonym or a stock quote site…) You could include some of the google deskbar configuration so a user could specify their own target site and querystring param with a user-specifed keyword/shortcut

    14.) I like eye-candy. Make the browser look ‘hot’. Make Paris Hilton say "that’s hot" and mean it about your browser. Give me the eye-candy in XP SP2. Pretty shouldn’t be relegated to the Aero interface, should it? Make my browser sexy, please.

    15.) In reverse-engineering web sites I like to view the source of a page – make this sexy – with expando/collapsing elements (like when you view an xml document in IE). Allow me to R-click on images and save them from the source. Maybe even have an on-hover option that allows me to download javascript/css source files or view them in the current browser window. Maybe even have an on-hover option to view images from the source file (I hover over an image src="blah" and that image shows up in a ghost format that is with the alpha value set very low?) Use syntax highlighting like in firefox – don’t just drop the src into notepad. Make it configurable in terms of font-size, colors, etc…Make being a web-developer a pleasant experience in IE!!!

    16.) AJAX testing, like w/ web-services where you have that dummy page to provide input you could do something similar for an ajax target page (postback page) and test out your server-functionality???

    17.) Make it easy to debug scripts in IE. It sucks in VS.NET 2003 but I haven’t messed around with VS2005. I trust it will be rock-solid and intuitive, right? Here’s to hoping.

    Thanks for all your hard-work…I know it’s frustrating to get this much feedback when you’re so close to release. 😉

    Enough rambling…



  56. Anonymous says:

    "We are absolutely committed to working with third parties building on top of Internet Explorer’s functionality, whether it is toolbars or search providers (or anything else for that matter)."

    Then why aren’t you listening to the web developers? CSS!

    "We really appreciate all the comments we receive and we’ll continue to make changes based on what we hear."

    Well I don’t know about you, but I just read a whole bunch of comments on your lousy CSS "support," and I sure hope "make changes" about that.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Eric, good stuff. Regarding points 5 and 6, you may be describing something that could do well…

    – M

  58. Anonymous says:

    1.) I agree, the menu/toolbar placement is horrible – put them back!

    2.) What about drag/drop tabs? Sometimes people like to reorder things, wouldn’t it be nice if you could grab tab #2 and move it to position #1?

    3.) I agree, let me turn off the built in search bar!

    4.) Move the refresh, back, and forward buttons somewhere more logical… how about back where they used to be?

    5.) When the title is too long to fit in the tab, how about a … and a tooltip?

    6.) Put an X on the tabs!

    7.) I’d say some of the Google toolbar features should be builtin. For example, auto highlighting of search terms.

    8.) I HATE that the phishing detection makes me send info to MS. First, this will slow my browsing experience (what happens when the MS site is down?), second, my browsing is my business, not MS’s. Why can’t this be done like… every other security program? IE downloads a database to my machine and checks that. Imagine if a virus scan required me to contact Norton each time!

    9.) How about making a "subscribe" feature for feeds where I can be notified of updates?

    10.) When you right click on some of the areas on the statusbar, you get a bunch of options, popup settings, phishing settings, etc. How about a tooltip over these regions so people actually know what all of them (6 now) do?

    That’s it for now. Overall I like it, but it needs some serious work before the final!

  59. PatriotB says:


    Your #13 can be done with IE6’s address bar today, via TweakUI. It would be good for them to move this to the search box and make an easy way to set these up (not with TweakUI).

  60. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of a simpler, less cluttered interface than in IE6. But the new menu bar position is horrible. If this IE is intended for use on Windows XP then, please conform to normal Windows XP UI guidelines. Do something funky on Windows Vista, if that fits in better with the new Vista UI elements. In other words, you need to either:

    – make the IE UI sufficiently adjustable that it can fit in with ordinary XP or Vista UI; or

    – make two versions, one for XP and one for Vista. In this case, the XP IE must, must, must have the menu bar immediately below the Title Bar.

    I’m also anxiously waiting for a "Save my Tabs" feature – hopefully that will be in Beta 2?

    I regret I don’t have any dev-oriented feedback yet – the UI issue is just too overwhelming. In fact I might have to roll back to IE6 on my main box, just to have a usable browser.

    Sorry to sound negative but the menu bar location is horrible, far too horrible, it’s unbearble. Likewise the ugly green back- and forwards buttons. They’re making me nauseous.

    Good luck with the project.

  61. Xepol says:

    Ok, my experience with the toolbars so far:

    1. The address bar is no longer a toolbar, and I freaking HATE IT. I want it where I want it. If it was more efficient for me to have it to be at the top, I would have already had it there.

    2. The toolbars are VERY unstable. They turn on and off at will. I had to uninstall MSN toolbar because it would not stay off (and because it had its own tab system that you’ve broken, so it was useless, as I use Google bar to search)

    3. THE LINKS TOOLBAR BUTTONS ARE ALL MAXIMUM WIDTH!!! THIS IS UNUSUABLE!!!! I get like 6 buttons across as 1280 display with small fonts. Not working for me at ALL.

    4. Old bug -> Lock the toolbars causes them to automatically re-arrange first. THIS IS USELESS. LEAVE ‘EM WHERE I PUT EM. Yes, I realize that this is technically a comctrls issue, but this control was pretty much invented for IE, so its pretty much an IE team responsibility. Yes, you can leave them unlocked, but that makes it easier to drag them around by accident.

    All in all, I would call the current toolbars a significant step BACKWARDS. Because of the problems, now my google toolbar which used to sit nicely beside the top row with the menu has to have its own full row (same with MSN Toobar, but that is a long standing issue). My links which USED to have its own full row now has to be jammed over to the far right so it ONLY has a popup menu. THis is very clunky, and very hard to use. I do not enjoy my current experience, and if Firefox started up faster on my machine, there is a very real posibility that I would using it now.

    Incidently, for tabbed browsing -> TAB SETS! Let me click on a single button to launch a WHOLE set of tabs to replace the current tabs. Folders in the LINKS menu would work, inside the folder could be the shortcuts to all the tabs I wanted open. When you find a folder in the shortcuts folder, create a button with a drop down button. If I click on the main body of the button, launch ALL the tabs. If I use the drop down and select one of the links inside the folder, then just launch that site in the current tab. That would be fairly simple to implement (It should take you what, about 2 maybe 3 hours??), and would provide significant usability benefits for tabbed browsing.

    Btw,thanks for making sure I’m not forced to use tabbed browsing when I don’t want to. It is more useful than I original expected, but it is still nice to fire up a seperate window for a totally different browsing task.

    Oh, BUG REALATED TO TABBED BROWSING. When a page closes the browser window, it should ONLY close the current tab, not the whole shebang (loosing me 8 open tabs last time, AUGH) or the window when its the only tab open.

    Anyways, if someone at the IE team wants more detail about the links enhancement for tabbed browsing, contact me directly. I’ve linked to my domain -> You can do a whois to get my address.

    Xepol from

  62. Anonymous says:

    Because I am in the mood (ok, I’m bored) I figured to write this "list" on how in my opinion you could improve IE. Hopefuly someone from IE team might actually read it and make his own opinions.

    * As for me, the toolbar is OK like it is right now, but a lot (a _lot_) of people have expressed negative opinions about it. The way I see it, you are trying to seperate as much as possible into the tab, because the tab is, after all a seperate document and should be treated like this. To make both camps happy, would be very wise to make the toolbar movable, but let the default position as it is in the beta 1.

    * The ‘Edit with Notepad/Word/…’ menu option under File should really be under Edit (that’s where I would look).

    * There should be an integrated text editor for viewing the page source instead of using Notepad. Nothing fancy is needed as everyone would copy/paste the source into their preffered editor anyway, but it would be really nice if you would integrated a text editor capable of syntax highlighting and displaying line numbers. I reckon this is a 15 minute job as you can take Notepad, add line numbers and syntax highlighting and pack it into IE. You can take the syntax highlighting from VS editor (I think it supports HTML tags).

    * Make the scroll invisible when not needed. I don’t know why the scrollbar must appear whn it’s not needed.

    * Make a decent Find function. That message box is practically useless and very ugly. Take a look at Firefox and the way it uses a seperate toolbar for it. Instead make it appear under the current File/Edit/View/… menu like that ‘a popup has been blocked info bar’ (as opposed to beeing where the status bar is as in Firefox). That way you get rid of the old Find msgbox and replace it with a nicer, wider tolbar that appears when you press CTRL+F – you get to have more Find functions and most importantly it’s not sitting in the center of the screen. Also why do you use both F3 and CTRL+F for the Find dialog? Use CTRL+F for invoking the Find toolbar and F3 for "find next". Also don’t forget that the Find function should search on the fly (as in Firefox) instead of clicking Find everytime. And don’t forget to someone let the user know it didn’t find that text on that page instead of that annoying popup window. Firefox does this very nice with colorizing the background of the input field, you could do it better by displaying an icon on the left (besides the input field) that would not only change color when it would find that string, but also when hovering over it, it would show how many hits it found (nice huh?). I reckon it should be grey until you press Find, red when it didn’t find anything and blue or green when there were hits. Maybe even change saturation acording to the number of hits it found (bluer/greener (more saturation) is more hits whereas more greyer (less saturation) is less hits).

    * Why in the name of god are favorites saved as these stupid ‘[InternetShortcut]’ files? Sure, clicking on them will bring you on that page, but don’t you think people find it easier to launch IE (either way it will be launched) and go their favorites through IE menu? I get it, you don’t want to brake compatbillity. Then I propose to leave favorites as they are and store an XML file in every Favorites subfolder where their further information is stored. Like, how they are sorted, the date added/modified and how often they will be synchronized (and any further info you might find useful). Sorting Favorites in IE has always been a nightmare, because they are always sorted aphabeticly on every other computer or a reinstall of Windows. With an XML file with this info and in every folder this becomes solved and we are all happy. Btw, make the XML file hidden as it will only confuse people and might delete it or give it some important name and an icon (like Favorites Info.fvi with a fancy icon: people don’t delete files with icons :p) Or you could only have one XML file in the Favorites root folder, but then if you’d backup favorites by doing a CTRL+A inside the Favorites folder, the hidden XML file wouldn’t be selected and therefor lost). Or you could make the Favorites folder a special folder that would store this info "in itself". Or you can store this info inside those text files (The Favorites themselves), but there would be more disk writing/reading necessary when moving them around – If you’d have 50 favorites in 1 folder and moved the lowest one to the top it would have to rewrite data on 49 files as oppossed to only 1 file if you’d use an XML file as described. You decide.

    * The new Organize Favorites window is very nicely done, but it seems you didn’t take advantage of it. Why on earth does clicking Move has to open yet another Favorites window Almost identical of the previous just so you can move Favorites around. Make them movable damnit, and make it work simple. And what the hell is up with that ‘information bar’ below? Do you realize that it display the folder’s name in it? I just clicked on that folder, don’t you think I know how it is named? Instead you can use this very valuable space to display information that the user finds interesting. Like the web address of the selected link, the date the link was created, how often it shall be synchronized,… But don’t forget to make this info editable. No one wants to open another window just to edit the web address of a link when it can be perfectly done on the fly. Also make advanced options on sorting the favorites – like sort by name, ascending, descending, sort by date created,… some sort of an option to save the way the favorites are stored would also be nice – for example, if the favorites are not stored by a standard (date,name,asc,desc,…) then remember the way they are stored as Custom (or something). Also make the damn window remember its size and position – it resets everytime I open it.

    * While we’re at Favorites; Is there a good reason why mouse3 clicking the link doesn’t open it in a tab? This option is not even available in the context menu. While we’re at the context menu, remove thse options as they are completely useless – Print (wth? can I load the page first?), Create Shortcut (I have no words, really), Sort by Name (leave sorting in the Organize Favorites window.

    * When blocking a popup the little page icon on the tab should change to something, so you know a popup has been blocked. Some people say it already does this, but not for me. Left clicking on that icon should bring up the popup menu (Display popup, Allow popups,…) and that menu should display some relevant popup information (like the title of the site blocked, the address, anything, so I know I don’t view an add but something useful). This is useful for people like me who have hidden the status bar and don’t like that yellow infobar that appears when there are popups blocked (btw, that stupid info bar pushed the page down a little). Maybe even enable mouse3 clicking (middle button) – when that icon is mouse3 clicked the popup is displayed (no need to left click, display popup).

    * I like what you did with the Stop/Refresh button but again, I see a lot of users frustrated. Maybe you could get away with it if you’d put it along side the back/forward buttons. Frankly, until I read people complaining about it, I didn’t even know it existed. If I and many others didn’t find it how can a mom or a dad find it? I also like that context menu for back/forward – the way it combines both back/forward history into a single menu.

    * Internet Options; there is so much I have to say about this that it would take days, maybe months. So I will try to strip it down to only the most relevant stuff (or until I feel like it :p).

    -General: Why is there a Use Blank option under Home page (should be changed to Start Page, because it’s confussing)? have you ever met anyone on this planet that doesn’t have a start page set? Even if that 1 person still wants a blank start page wouldn’t he could have deleted everything from the input field and press Accept? Settings under Temporary Internet Files shouldn’t include ‘Check for new…’ because it is useless and some people change it only to find out some of their sites "don’t work" wihtout any clue why. Colors and Fonts options are probably useless, because I haven’t heard of anyone that would change the default font (but I guess ther’s no harm keeping them).

    -Security: Nothing more to add or remove here I guess.

    -Privacy: Why are the popup optins udner Privacy? There’s already The Popup menu under Tools and popups don’t have a lot in common to privacy (in most cases anyway).

    -Content: The one things I really miss in IE is the option to remember usernames/passwords for each site the way Firefox does it. When I visit IE should automatically insert my user name and password. Like when I enter my username and password IE should ask me if I want IE to ‘remember this info _for this site_’, ‘no’ and ‘never for this site’. Firefox does this very nice and I should also be able to organize that data. Maybe I changed my password for some site, so it would be nice to have some sort of an organizer in IE for this. Also the organizer should allow to add/remove sites that I don’t want to be remembered and/or after how many days IE will forget this info (for security reasons). As for Feeds, there’s still much to do. I think Feeds should need a seperate menu dialog that appears only if you any feeds added (bookmarked). Opera does this nicely. Also it would be very nice if you could change the look of the feeds (though a stylesheet)?

    -Programs: There should be an option to browse for a program you might want to add for some task. For example I want XYZ.exe for newgroups and it’s not displayed there. There should be Browse… where you can search for that program.

    -Advanced: I won’t even go into that tonight as I am way too tired and there’s alot about Advanced that I don’t like or it’s useless. Some of that stuff should be in regular menus (like tab options) and ost of it should be stripped out and burned.

    * Disable ALL error messages by default. In fact disale all annoying messages by default except for popups, phising and other security issues. We don’t need to know if some stupid site has a Javascript error. It’s annoying and no one cares about it. Developers can enable this in Advanced if they want.

    * IE should not re-render the page when going back or forward in history thus saving a lot of time loading. Let’s say 2 or 3 back-sites and 1 or 2 forward sites should be remembered and not re-rendered. Opera and Firefox (Deer Park) already do this and is a welcome feature. Especially when going back when you just wanted to view a site quickly (that’s one of the reasons why I always open a tab if I only take a peak on that page).

    * A decent error page. Come one, that ‘ This page cannot be displayed’ is so out of style it’s begining to hurt. And lots of sites immitate it so you don’t even know if the site doesn’t work of if it’s their error page. Use some colors (but not too much) and style. Instead I have to watch this depressing error page when I am already angry because the site doesn’t work.

    * Add Favorite should bring up a slghtly modified Organize Favorites window. Upside should be info about the page you are adding and other stuff (title,…). They must all be editable! I hate it how I can’t add a site to Favorites in IE wihtout editing the location of it. Instead I must add it, go to Favorites and right click and select Properties and edit it there. What a waste of time.

    That’s it from me tonight. I could still write about endless improvements you could add, but I don’t feel like it. In the end this post won’t actually be read by anyone with power to do anything with it, so I think it’s enough. I didn’t discuss any security/CSS stuff because then I know you won’t take me seriously 🙂 Just try to support some CSS PROPERLY and everything will be alright.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I want to install multiple different versions of IE on a single machine. To be more specific, I want 3 different MSHTMLs, 2 URLMONs, and, oh, 6 WININETs. Really? With a an even dozen I get one free? Oooh. I’ll take two SHDOCVWs then!

    I also want to install 2 different TCP/IP stacks under all that.

    Which combination should HTML Help use? A different one from Outlook Express. And definitely a different one than AOL Explorer. Oh, and when I point an Office application at an intranet site? Another. Quicken? Any combination other than what MS Money uses.

    Amazing. Maybe after Microsoft implements this you can complain that they didn’t work with the W3C on it so you don’t have CSS tags for choosing among all these combinations. You twits.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Set the "right handed menus" option in XP Tablet PC Edition and you’ll see that it behaves strangely and incorrectly.

  65. Anonymous says:

    An IE Blog was a fantastic and brilliant idea on behalf of Microsoft (and the developers of IE) – including the web developer community’s input into the development of a browser is the only way to go, considering Firefox is on the heels of the current version of IE.

    In regards to the beta… the bugs will get fixed in time, no doubt, but the idea to put the menu bar below it’s default postion (for every other piece of sotware on the market) was a bad idea… At least have the option to switch it back to normal.

  66. Anonymous says:

    和Vista一起泄露出来的IE 7 Beta版估计已经有很多朋友下载试用过了,试用这个版本的朋友都普遍反映Google和Yahoo的工具栏无法正常加载,对此IE小组在他们的Blog上做出了如下回应:

    在我们的内部测试中,放出的IE 7技术测试版本并没有遇到上述问题。(早先的一个版本有过类似Bug,所以报告这个bug的用户很可能使用的是一个Pre-beta版)


  67. Anonymous says:

    I found a bug when dealing with the auto-resize image feature. If you view an image, it gets resized to the window (as it should), but if you click the button that pops-up in the lower right corner to make it full-size, then hover again to make the button pop-up again, then use the scroll wheel (yes, I know this is a run-on sentence) to scroll down, a "ghost" of the button scrolls up with the image. Not really a MAJOR bug, but it’s kind of annoying then to have to use the scroll-bar to scroll to get rid of it. Anyway, great beta so far!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Since I’m not one to "subscribe" to something that should be actually be free, I will keep it short and simple.

    Developers are screaming CSS, tabs, and what not … I agree with most. The only thing to keep in mind is that it only takes one developer to install FireFox on his "mom’s" computer and "brag" about how much "more secure" it is safer and how much nicer it is … then all of a sudden you have one mom tell another mom, and well… I imagine you get the point. It’s like telling one mom about a great deal at the mall, all of a sudden then whole block knows and FireFox is spreading like wild Fire (Fox) |pun intended|. All mom’s aside, FireFox has gotten to the point it is now because it’s one of those "from the people for the people" things you hear from those, as my friend calls them "puter geek" chat rooms.

    From comments I have read on this blog, it appears that FireFox is still kicking some massive rear … come on IE guys … how hard can it be to match up to some "open source" competition with all them smart guys over there on the IE team.

    — Just my comments, if you don’t agree with me please don’t bother flaming … no one gives a hoot, it’s one of those "NEXT!" moments —

  69. Anonymous says:

    > have you ever met anyone on this planet that doesn’t have a start page set?

    I use the blank home page.

  70. Anonymous says:

    At The Register, a piece by Andrew Orlowski about the Internet Explorer 7 beta says: (1) &quot;Users with search toolbars from Yahoo! and arch-rival Google have discovered that these vanish&quot;; and (2) &quot;The default search engine is MSN Search&quot;. Both…

  71. Anonymous says:

    I really like making the Stop and Refresh buttons the same button and contextually sensitive. This has been in Apple’s Safari for years now, and its a great way to reduce wasted screen real estate.

    To the complainers, just think about this, you don’t need a Stop button when the page is done loading, you only need Refresh.

  72. Anonymous says:

    "To the complainers, just think about this, you don’t need a Stop button when the page is done loading, you only need Refresh."

    That’s not why I complained. The idea of one button is fine, just put it back where it has been since like IE 3!

  73. PatriotB says:

    "To the complainers, just think about this, you don’t need a Stop button when the page is done loading, you only need Refresh."

    There are actually good uses for a separate Stop button. For example, web pages that have background music or animated GIFs — when you click Stop (after the page is loaded), the music stops and animated GIFs stop.

    Plus, you should be able to click Refresh while the page is still loading, rather than having to Stop first and then Refresh.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Because I forgot a couple of things in my previous post and because I am in the mood now, I will continue with my ramblings on IE7 and how to improve it.

    @dh: Obviously I was exadurating in that example, but most (all, really) of it still holds. It is a waste of space and only adds confusion to have a ‘blank page’ button. The same operation can be done simply be deleting everything from the input field and I strongly believe that most people who do use a blank start page actually delete the address.

    Again, I must say that these are all my opinions and could be dead wrong, so I hope the IE team at least sees them and makes their own opinion on them. Hopefully something from these posts will go into the next beta.

    * There should really be a download manager. I understand that the IE team is probably against it (and I can’t blame them), but what I have in mind is a simple solution without over complicating things. The current download message box would be exapnded when there are more than one downloads running. This can be done simply by adding an additional progress bar below the first download together with the filename, size, speed, download location and web address. I crammed all that into the download window which expands when more downloads are active (will post pic if I find space to upload it). What I find confusing on the download window is how it displays file path to where you are downloading the file. I almost always download to desktop or some folder is My Documents, but I always have trouble finding the file, because it just says something like "C:Docu…". Even worse is that IE doesn’t even display the full path in a tooltip when you hover it. The open folder button should be ditched and replaced with an icon that sits near the ‘Download to:’ text. It has to clickable and represent the folder icon (when downloading to desktop it should be a desktop icon, when My Pictures, you get the idea…). I think an icon should be next to the filename to represent the filetype you are downloading. This is useful in so many cases I won’t even discuss them here, but it could also replace the Open button and provide more space/less bloat on the download manager window. The icon should behave exactly like a normal windows icon – that means right clicking on it (when finished) opens the context window identical to the one in explorer (for that filetype). A ‘pause’ function could also be implemented although most servers don’t even allow you to pause/resume. If you do choose for a puse function don’t make it a text button as it will only introduce bloat once you have 3> downloads running. Be creative, go for a pause and resume icon (the ‘II’ and ‘>’) next to the filename. Or better yet, you could add ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ to the context menu when right clicking the icon that represents that file.

    There are tons of things that could be made for the download manager. I was toying around today in VS resource editor, designing it the way I think would look best, but didn’t really complete it. If there is interest between IE developers I would be more than happy to send you a screenshot or the project file (or an exe that behaves like I described).

    * I think I mentioned this in my prevous post, but after some more IE7 use I am more convinced the ‘Refresh’/’Stop’ button should reside with Back/Forward buttons. After running through some forums there are more and more people who didn’t even know what that button did.

    * Firefox has this neat feature that when you right click on a search field (say in Google) you can choose ‘Add a keyword for this search’. What this does is that if I do this for Google and type keyword ‘g’ for that input field, then I can search with Google by typing ‘g something’ in the address bar. I know IE does something _similar_ in its address bar, but this is just miles better as you can add any site that uses a search input field. For example I have Wikipedia (keyword w), (d) and Google (g) set up for this and it gives a great deal of flexibility as I can quickly CTRL+T to open a new tab and type ‘d blabla’ and I already have all results for ‘blabla’ in

    * Although this most probably won’t see the light of the day (probably ever) it would be incredibly great if you could make some sort of extension feature. Yes, I am thinking about how great Firefox does this and about the endless possibilities it provides. I won’t say anythign more about this because I am firmly convince it won’t happen. But if it does, do it well as it can be a great security risk 🙂

    * Why don’t you use more "on the fly" searching in IE? I already covered the Find dialog in my previous post, but right now I am thinking about the History bar. I will again have to compare it to the Firefox equilivent because it does the same thing so much better. You guys make some really slick UI designs in IE, but there are also some things that give me a headache trying to figure out why it is the way it is. For a clear example look at the History bar. After opening it, first it displays a folder named History which includes… you’ve guessed it, history links. Why in the name of god do all history links have to be displayed in a History folder? For the record: I perfectly understand how IE handles history links in Windows, but this isn’t about it. The only thing that this folder does in IE is to provide more crap on screen and at the same time it manages to shift all folders under it, to the right. The only purpose of this is that you have to make the History bar even wider, thus taking up even more of your browsing screen. I understand that links are under different folders named as the site, but to display the history folder is useless. (Un)fortunently the stupid History folder is only visible when you view the history by date, but that’s what most of us probably do right? Going back to the Find thingie; Leave the View button but ditch the Search button and replace it with an input field that sits below the View button (or next to it). Don’t use any Search and Stop buttons damnit! Why do I have to press Search if I can search on the fly (ala Firefox style) and it’s even more powerfull because I don’t have to click Search 100 times to find the site I want if I make a type somwhere (just delete character by character and eventually you’ll find it). Just for your information, this same stupid folder "thing" is with the Favorites Explore bar.

    * A neat thing I found in AOL Explorer is that it can display thumbnail pictures for sites loaded in tabs. When you hover your mouse over a tab it displays a little pictures of that site. How useful this is, is debatable, but I will mention it here, maybe you’ll think of a better way for doing this.

    * I’m not sure if I already covered this, but even if I did this deserves a repost, because it’s just so annoying. Why can’t I middle click on a favorite to load it in a tab? Also why can’t I middle click in the Favorites Explore bar neither? Do me a favor and don’t steal my mouse focus when middle clicking a favorite (which will open in a tab). Maybe I want to open more tabs from favorites. This saves me from going 3 times into the Favorites if I want to open 3 favorites in 3 seperate tabs.

    * I like the Researche Explore bar, but it would be even more useful if you’d add something similar to that "Add a keyword for this search’ thing I mentioned somwhere up. That way I can add Wikipedia to that bar and maybe the "w blabla" thingie in the address bar isn’t even necessary.

    * What does the Discuss funtion do? I admit, I have no idea, because I have yet to find a page that supports it (and I do surf a lot). Maybe ditch it if it’s not used by many sites.

    * I like it how the focus is most of the time on Cancel rather then Open or Save in different dialogs. Too many times has it happen that a stupid dialog would appear while I would be typing and I would accidently click Open because I used the arrow keys and enter/space. What I think would be even better is that the Open button should be greyed out (non clickable) for (let’s say) a second. Yes, this is again a Firefox thing, but just think about how many times have you been typing while a dialog appeared. If you use the arrow keys and space thinking you are moving between characters, just to find out you set focus on Open. Pressing Space executes that button. Maybe all buttons should be greyed out for a second after they appear. That way you can be sure that no one will accidently Open, Save or Cancel a dialog that might appear unexpected. If you’re wondering – you can still close the dialog by clicking x even if the buttons are greyed out.

    * I haven’t tested it thoroughly, but it appears that you can’t middle click a popup window (actually you can, but it won’t appear in a tab). Thank you for this as it is probably a very useful feature, especially for me because I don’t have the status bar display I don’t know what I’m clicking. One more thing: Does middle clicking send the refferer or is it like opening in a new window. I think the most obvious choise would have to be to include the refferer when opening a page in a tab.

    * Opera has this nice feature called Notes. It provides a small space for storing notes. I think they haven’t used it correctly (who the hell stores notes in a web browser?). I think IE could include this but improve it by storing notes only for the site you are currently at. For example I am at and I want to post a comment and the comment system isn’t currently working. Then I can open the Notes window and paste that into it so I can post it when it works. There are far better examples of this which I can’t remember right now 🙂 I’m sure you can think of some.

    That’s it for tonight as I am again tired as hell.

    Btw, does anyone from the IE team actually read my comments? 🙂

  75. Anonymous says:

    Just on the usability side of things. I’m from a western european culture and hence dont look at the top right side of my screen. In general that area is dead zone.

    Most of the work I do in the browser is done using google toolbar, simply because the text field is in the top left corner – right where I’m so used to finding the file menu and save buttons on most screens – so i’m used to moving the mouse there.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to split the address/search facility into two floating toolbars so we could then move them into the appropriate positions suited to each culture rather than screaming at the dev. team for putting it in the wrong place.

    Ditto with tabs, I dont really like menu’s being between tabs and the content. Its not done on tabbed dialog boxes, [other] browsers so why do it here. Its just putting visual spam between two important pieces of information (the tab name and the content its attached to).

    Also, I’m thinking about forming a ‘save the refresh button’ club. Can we have it back please, along with the cancel button too – and dont you dare put a mr clippy link in its place 🙂

    Please dont use dual functionality buttons as suggested in another post, use users find it hard to figure out what the normal ones do without them changing functionality on us 🙂



  76. Anonymous says:

    @Varg Vikernes

    > have you ever met anyone on this planet that doesn’t have a start page set?

    When i open IE i want it to open up at quickly as possible. Same thing when I boot up windows i want it to finish loading as fast as possible. I don’t want 50 programs starting up that I won’t be needing right about then anyways. And let me tell you there are A LOT of people like me. I can’t stress it enough how annoying it is when you start something up and you know it could start up faster but the options limited you by having it. You might be wonder why would IE start up slower if there was a star page? Well, try it yourself! ;-P

    Have you ever noticed how IE sometimes can lock up for a sec or two while loading? Or how annoying it is when a slow webpage is loading and you click with your mouse on the address field and start typing a webaddress just to be interrupted by a popup javascript dialog or a javascript stealing focus (’s search input box) or when you don’t have Internet access and IE starts by loading up only to find out it cant load and then trying to "search" for it only to end up erasing everything you just entered in the addressbar.

    Think about it.

    By the way Varg, thanks a bounch for outlining all the features of Firefox. You know I’ve been using it since v1.0 and I didn’t know why i felt more at home with it, but after reading your two posts I am sure why i love it so much 😀 And besides having firefox around puts my worries at ease somewhat with what Microsoft will do with IE7. What i mean is that if ever what Microsoft makes of IE7 and if i don’t like it i always have Firefox to fall back on 😀

    By the way dude, I am sure the IE team will read your comments and give it some thoughts. I agree with most of the stuff you wrote and there has to be someone like Kenneth Qvarfordt @MS too so they just MUST do something 😛

    Sorry about any bad grammar and such.. it’s 4:07am here 🙂


  77. Anonymous says:

    I’ve played around with it a bit and here are a few comments/requests.

    I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt about the new UI’s toolbar placement. Somehow it is growing on me… I think.

    On the countrary to the n people above me, I really dislike the idea of having a close button on each tab. When you have 80 of them open you’ll understand why. It is also easier for me to throw the mouse on one corner than start aiming for each tab…

    There is one critical "feature" missing, namely a "open all links in tabs" field in the right click menu of a favorite folder.

    For example, I like to put all my news sources bookmarks in one folder. Right clicking them in Maxthon then allows me to open all that folder’s content in tabs with barely two clicks. It’s extremly useful so I’d really like IE to have it too.

  78. Anonymous says:

    "On the countrary to the n people above me, I really dislike the idea of having a close button on each tab. When you have 80 of them open you’ll understand why. It is also easier for me to throw the mouse on one corner than start aiming for each tab… "

    I agree. However, if you need 80 tabs open at once, I suggest you seek counseling for your severe Internet addiction. I’ve been on the Internet since the early 90’s, I use it daily for both fun and business. I have never had a need to browse more than 10 sites at once. So lets be realistic, ok? There are probably 5 people on the entire Internet that feel the need to have 80 websites open at once. And if IE is going to tailor itself to those 5 people, rather than the other billion people, they’re going to lose many more millions.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Where is the STOP button ??

    I know ESC works as an alternate to STOP, but it would be nice to have it on there……don’t you think ????

  80. ieblog says:

    MiniSports, it’s right there next to the addressbar. It is also the refresh button at other times.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  81. Anonymous says:

    Good, I was beginning to think my XXXToolbar and CoolWebSearch would stop working, thanks guys!!!

  82. Anonymous says:

    I have a concern here. My concern is that if the search engine is not in your list and you add it and accept it, that that search engine may be spyware. Though now that I think about it, if it is malleable, then it is malleable. You may want to integrate some form of antispyware into IE.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Please add middle click to open links in a new tab, and it should work from favorites, and links as well. Also, the ability to open all urls in a link folder, in sepearate tabs with one click is a must.

    The links have spacing issues and seem to be tab based, this is bad.

    Otherwise, so far so good. But at this point Firefox stays as my default.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Why not just maintain a list of scumware, like Spywareblaster does, and make it so IE downloads the updates silently everytime the browser is launched, that way it just sets the kill bit in the registry for those installer signatures.

    I’m sure CoolWebSearch and the makers of those porn dialers don’t have the resources to sue Microsoft, and even if they did, Microsoft standing it’s ground to protect their users might win them some points, unlike ehat happened with Windows Antispyware, it’s just watered down garbage now.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I *REALLY* would like the ability to move the file menu and address bar around relative to the other toolbars. In fact I found this so annoying that I uninstall IE 7. I’m hoping this isnt a new security feature of some sort.

    There also seems to be a bug whereby the "Links" toolbar entries are all the same width, meaning you can’t fit anything like the same number on your screen that you could in IE 6.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Contrary to some rumors, IE 7 will not include any ad blocking technology.

    This is not fair because if Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 has ad-blocking tecnology why Internet Explorer 7.0 is not going to include the same technology??

  87. Anonymous says:


  88. ieblog says:


    What are you commenting on exactly? IE7 has a popup blocker. Our versions continue to move ahead and we shipped this in IE6SP2. It’s still there in Beta 1.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  89. Anonymous says:

    "I agree. However, if you need 80 tabs open at once, I suggest you seek counseling for your severe Internet addiction."

    hehe, don’t worry about me. I don’t need 80 tabs to be always open. Let me explain, I have a bookmark folder containing 80 different webcomics I like to check regularly (and another containing a bit less news websites). So I usually just ask maxthon to open all the links in tabs and then close them down if nothing new/finished reading.

    It’s quite an efficient way of keeping up with my required daily dose of humour.

    Now, I have no idea how many people are like me or if I really am a lunatic, so as long as I have the "open all links in folder as tabs" option and maybe a keyboard shortcut to close the used tab, then I’ll be happy.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I said that because Paul Thurrott’s said this:

    IE 7 will not include ad blocking. Contrary to some rumors, IE 7 will not include any ad blocking technology. However, most existing toolbars and ad blocking-type plug-ins should still work in IE 7.

    This is why I said to keep the pop-up blocker technology in IE7 for SP2 and make it more stronger for IE7.

  91. Anonymous says:

    IE7 security changes: Rob Franco of Microsoft provides guidance on some of the security work being done in IE7. The first beta, now in private release, adds additional constraints on some uses of URLs and browser scripts. Rob also describes…

  92. Anonymous says:

    In Beta 2 or the final release, can we expect to be able to move tabs and the main address bar & back/forward buttons? It’s strange having File, Edit, View, etc at the bottom of the tool bars rather than at the top. Also, it would make a little more sense to have the tabs right above the browser’s content area. Those not being moveable is the only problem I seem to be having. Other than that, it’s a great piece of software.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Query strings when trying to get frames to open within their frameset don’t work when viewing the page offline – once the page is uploaded and is on a web server – it operates properly. I know the code works as it works in IE6 and Firefox offline properly.

  94. Anonymous says:

    I just got IE7, and I like it, so far. The tab feature was long overdue, and I like it more than the tab feature in FF. My one complaint is the favorites menu. With Firefox, you can utilize horizontal rules to separate folders and links. This makes it very easy to quickly look at the favorites menu and pick out the link you want (e.g. because they’re all separated by category by horizontal rules).

    My second suggestion is to allow the user to name the window as it appears in the taskbar. That way, you can have open multiple windows for different uses (e.g. one window for orders, one window for product admin, one for news, etc etc) and be able to move quickly between windows. As it is, the URL of the open tab isn’t really that useful (and if the URL is complicated, it’s downright confusing)

  95. Anonymous says:

    Age: 54 Male (Average PC user)

    IE 7.0.5112.0 b1


    **THE 1st NIGHT** AFTER 12.01AM FRIDAY 5th AUGUST, 2005

    *Problems I have found*


    1. If you open a html page on your local disk, or your local home/start page, STANDARD BUTTONS and LINKS are not ticked on the

    TOOLBAR, and NOT VISIBLE. You must enable them. However, if you open any number of NEW TABS both items are checked and visible.

    *If you choose to open page as BLANK, then both items are ticked and Toolbar items showing. Same if you use the Default page –


    2. If you File> Open> Browse for a file on local disk IE 7 b1 opens it in A NEW WINDOW. And leaves the original browser window behind

    – BLANK. It should be loaded in the current window.

    3. The FEEDS button has to be placed on the Toolbar via right click> Customize. A lot of ordinary people probably never customize much

    at all. So, if you want it to feature; best put it on.

    *Not that I know much about it. RSS. I don’t see much point.

    4. I notice that the IE Icon that I placed next to Firefox in the ‘Quick Launch Toolbar’ has moved it’s position back out of sight, letting Quick Time Player’ move in. Toolbar was ‘locked’.

    **NOTE: Tonight, (night 2) when I started up – the Icon is retaining its correct position. Must have settled in.

    5. Also, I always drag to maximize the IE window to full screen, (so I don’t have small view) but IE7b1 has started up in the small window.

    ie. It hasn’t remembered I dragged to maximize. ( not clicked the MAX button.) That’s just a Reg key multi item I would think.

    * You can Right Click the IE Taskbar Icon select Properties and select RUN: Maximized. But if you click a downloaded page on your desktop or elsewhere, it will open in the small view, and has to be maximized.

    6. Clicking NEW Tab opens blank, not a dupe of your home/start page. So, you need to click the Home button if you are opening multi-

    pages from links in your home/start page.

    7. My keep History setting was set to 8 days and these settings were transferred. However, History of pages visited early this morning (

    after 12.01am Friday have not been kept, although it is keeping local HD pages I visited starting up tonight. (before 12.01am – still Friday)

    It’s about to go 12.01am Saturday….


    I like the layout of the browser very much. I think it’s near perfect. Don’t fiddle with it too much.


    *You could do knockout NEW ICONS. Adds double wow factor. Wow to browser, wow to icons..

    (The double WOW factor is what to aim for > not the lesser wow factor.)

    Personally, I would like, but can live without..

    1-1. A HOME action either above the BACK button or below the FORWARD button on the RIGHT CLICK POP UP MENU.

    2-2. Clicking on a blank area of the TABS bar a NEW ITEM – Send TABS to bottom. So the whole tabs bar would be at the bottom of the


    3-3. PLEASE let me choose more than one HTML EDITOR? (Notepad) I read my email newsletters offline and transfer links to my local

    disk home/start page. I need my WYSIWYG editor to click start from IE. [You can get an extension for Firefox that lets you choose many and set a default.]

    4-4. But what I really, really, really miss from Firefox is the Extension>> InFormEnter

    Please, please put this in IE. If this guy is the only one in the world that knows how to code this – hire him. He wouldn’t be getting much at Mozzie. [It solves the loss of focus problem, with say – TypeItIn.]

    5-5. What’s Phishing? FRAUD SITE. And that’s what it should be named.

    6-6. I was asking for a built in download manager a long time ago. But I have Free Download Manager AND am happy that it’s integrated in IE 7 b1 via the Right Click Menu.

    7-7. .::.Uses Microsoft Agent Technology.::. I did a MASS script and saved in to html and loaded it. GOOD TO SEE and hear Peedy again!

    IT WORKS. This has been sadly overlooked for Outlook Express all these years. Taking animated email. Perhaps I just miss MS Movie

    Maker. *All you ever get in a standard install of Windows XXXX is Merlin (Sometimes called Wizard) and basics with NO voice engine. He can only THINK bubble and NOT TALK. (I guess that means Active X is ON.)

    ** Problems.. A. Ofcourse the browser opened with small view. B. NO TOOLBAR ICONS WERE VISIBLE. (See Item 1 at start of this text.)

    8-8. I have TICKED in Internet Options> Advanced> Always expand ALT text for images AND Enable Personalized Favorites Menu. But I

    don’t know why.. (It takes about 3 seconds to close this Menu, even if no changes are made. Whereas it only takes 2 seconds to start IE 7.)



    Acer Notebook Extensa 2303LC

    Intel Celeron M 340 processor

    (1.5 Ghz, 400 Mhz FSB, 512KB L2cache)

    15.0" XGA TFT LCD

    40 Gig HDD

    DVD/CD-RW Combo

    512MB Ram (I added 256)

    OEM: MS Windows XP SP2 installed

    Net: 56K dial up (connect at 44K)


    ==My install post to one of the online Forums==

    IE 7.0.5112.0 b1

    Well I just installed Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 and IT’S JUST TERRIFIC ! Don’t know if it works..HEY.. you see a car you assume that it

    works, right. Trouble is when you ASSUME, you make an ASS of YOU and ME !

    I love the way it’s laid out.

    The install file is a Win Cab file about 10meg compressing about 28meg. Takes only about a 1 – 2 min’s to install. (Backs up Reg, etc)

    Used ‘EndItAll’ (PCmag online) to close most running programs. Three of the running programs are spyware checkers – WinPatrol, Ad-

    Aware and MS AntiSpyware beta.

    (Don’t bother, just accept all Reg changes.)

    Having previously downloaded from MS, I didn’t have to connect to the Net during installation. There is 1 file and 3 dependents on my HD already. (Gen. validation, etc.)

    If you don’t have anything watching for spyware you will not get any pop-up warnings of Registry changes. I get three lots.. And I fell for one, and should not have, as I am installing software from a known source. ( ie. Microsoft, albeit under the counter, but from a respectable Net site. )

    >INSERT ms_antispy_alert.gif< *RED ALERT! SEVERE THREAT CoolWebSearch is trying to install….

    Anyway, I must have denied the iFrame.dll, or whatever it’s called, and now I’m in the sh*t…

    >INSERT false_coolwebsearch_removed.gif<

    >INSERT winpatrol_ie7b1.gif<

    Uninstall IE7b1 and start again, ACCEPT ALL REGISTRY CHANGES from all 3 of my AntiSpyware checkers.

    >INSERT adwatch_reg_change.gif<



    My old IE6 toolbar…………….

    >INSERT ie6_screenshot.gif<

    My new IE7b1 toolbar…………….

    >INSERT ie_7_beta_1.gif<

    You can even change the DEFAULT search, which is set at 1st to MSN.

    >INSERT ie7b1_msn_search_default.gif<

    >INSERT ie7b1_set_search_default.gif<

    I LIKE IT…Now all I have to do is a 56K dial-up and find out if it works or NO.


    I only say to Microsoft; could you PLEASE let me choose more than one HTML EDITOR? (Notepad) I read my email newsletters offline and transfer links to my local disk home/start page. I need my WYSIWYG editor to click start from IE. [You can get an extension for Firefox that lets you choose many and set a default.]


    Note: The Tools>Phishing Filter is TURNED OFF on install. You may need to turn it on. I don’t have any spare money, nor a mobile phone

    or credit card. To humanity, I don’t exist!

    What’s Phishing? FRAUD SITE. And that’s what it should be named.

    **Phishing Filter bottom of browser pops up 1st site you visit – asks do you want to….

    *The 1st time you open an additional Tab, you get a Reg change as well. According to my pop-up anti-spyware. Just accept, and tick

    remember decision.

    *You get another Reg. change when trying Favorites 1st time.

    Flexbeta site seems OK. Browser is very fast. Microsoft updates site works well. Says I need a new version of Windows Update. Download.

    Lucky I got a 40 Gig HD. 🙂 It’s 443KB – coming down now. Four Tab site currently open. WORKS perfectly. Firefox, tip & tricks and are open with Flexbeta and MS updates. ALL LOOK GOOD. And fast.

    Just a bit of trouble remembering my log-in. Have been using Firefox.

    Making TABS available to be position at the bottom of the browser would be good for me. I AM NOT A LAZY SON-OF-A B*TCH!


    Just starting up after dinner, I notice that the IE Icon that I placed next to Firefox in the ‘Quick Launch Toolbar’ has moved it’s position back out of sight, letting ‘Quick Time Player’ move in. Toolbar was ‘locked’.

    Also, I always drag to maximize the IE windows to full screen, (so I don’t have small view) but IE7b1 has started up in the small window.

    ie. It hasn’t remembered I dragged to maximize. ( not clicked the MAX button.) That’s just a Reg key multi item I would think.

    Clicking NEW Tab opens blank, not a dupe of your home/start page. So, you need to click the Home button if you are opening multi- pages from links in your home/start page.



  96. Anonymous says:

    I have developed an address bar replacement which depends on the functionality that the IE address bar can be switched off or at least be minimized somewhere. Please allow the user or 3rd-party-developers (through the API) to turn the address bar off.

    It would also be nice for developers to build toolbars that can float above the tab bar or that can be placed at the bottom of the window.


  97. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see some nice user interface tweaks.

    – I would like to right click on most links outside of my browser and select open in tab. This would work in Outlook, Favorites, shortcuts etc.

    – The tabs should show the URL as it does now, but the right click context menu needs to be re-ordered. The "Close" item should be at the top of the list.

    – I miss the slick little "Set a group of favorite sites as My Tabs" from the MSN toolbar (firefox does the same but it is implemeted better by MS)

    – Favorites is still a mess but I dont think you can do much there unless you want to move them to a XML format and have a little conversion process during RUNONCEEX to inport the old favorites configurtion from the users profile

    – Please fix the Links "buttons" (sure that you know this one already)

    – Toolbar placement and Search settings are not retained (sure that you know this one already)

    – I really like the little create a tab beside the last tab you have – dont lose it.

    That is all for now…

  98. Anonymous says:

    Make the Organize Favorites Window remember the last user defined size and position.

  99. Anonymous says:

    I too thought that moving of the File Menu down under the Tabs was kinda odd at first…but I have been using IE 7 now for 3 days and it is growing on me. In fact I don’t mind where it is since I dont use it much. I think most of the people are who are anti the new look IE are typical of most people who hate change. How do you expect to move forward without change. If you don’t like it…use your consumer choice and use another product…IE Team I think you are doing a good job so far…ovbiously it would be great if there was more customization.

  100. Anonymous says:

    "Complain, complain, complain. Is that what the development community has been reduced to?"

    When a program used by millions of helpless people is being developed by a corporation without the human resources to listen to experienced developers, what are developers supposed to do?

    Oh, wait. I can answer my own question. They can go make wonderful open-source alternatives so that all that complaining can turn into action, action, action.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I don’t where else to post bug reports, feature requests etc., so I’ll do it here:

    It looks as if IE7 suffers the same problems as IE6 with respect to wildcard SSL certificates.

    If you have a certificate for *, it works fine with, etc. But when there are two names in front of the top-level domain, e.g., it complains that the name in the certificate does not correspond to the name of the website.

    Any chance that this will get fixed in IE7?

  102. Anonymous says:

    I was really looking forward to IE7 coming out, not for me to personally use, but all the hype about css support actually existing. Well, after seeing all the comments that css support isn’t there, I think IE is doomed. I run a tech business, and deal with a bunch of small business users, and everyone I’ve dealt with tell me how much they love Firefox. I see tabs in IE7, which is an improvement, but it sounds like the UI is suckier, and I still am going to be stuck with hacking my websites to work in IE after it looks good in real web browsers.

  103. Anonymous says:

    You can do better with CSS2 support at least top firefox in this area; I doubt you could reach Opera’s support.

    I say that for as a developer it took me a long time to harness CSS for I was skeptical at first but now that I see its power in giving a developer the advantage to render the same web page per different media its hard not to use it and use it well.

    Other than furthering your CSS support, the tab browsing still feels heavy. Middle click for a new tab should be an option. ALT-ENTER in the search bar should open the search in a new tab. I like the blank tab idea… but will everyone other than technical people understand what it is?

    Better RSS support… give me a way to check a feed in the favorites or add a button for a sidebar that let’s me check the feed like the SADE addon in Firefox.

  104. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t had any problems moving the toolbars around the way I want them, but I can’t get them to remain there in all new tabs I open or if I open a new instance of IE7.

    I’d like to see my toolbar re-arrangements stay there once I set them.

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