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I just wanted to post a quick follow up to Dean’s post about RSS in Longhorn.

My name is Sean Lyndersay, and I’m a senior program manager on the RSS team. After Dean’s announcement, we turned on our RSS Team Blog, and kicked things off with a post about the Simple List Extensions.

The RSS Team Blog will be the place to go for all things related to the RSS platform features in Longhorn. If the post has something to do with IE, then we’ll cross-post as appropriate.

The other great place for feedback is the Longhorn RSS wiki, hosted on Channel 9.

One more thing: During the Gnomedex keynote (and the Channel 9 video), Dean and Amar showed a couple of sample applications which represent some ideas we have about how developers can use the RSS platform capabilities to enable new scenarios. The point I want to make is that these demos do not represent product plans. They were just ideas that the RSS team cooked up to show the value of the platform.

So, for all your IE information, keep an eye on this blog. For more RSS information, keep an eye on the RSS team blog.

- Sean

PS. Dean’s last name is Hachamovitch – seems like a lot of news outlets got this wrong. Dean is accustomed to people getting his last name wrong, but I thought I’d just point it out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The expected release date of IE 7 was the first part of this summer, when does the first part of summer end? Has there been a formal date set for the release of IE 7?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t it be called Syndication Team and Syndication Blog?

    Or is there a purposedly exclusion of atom?

    No troll intended but if your goals are to piss off half of the developers population, goal achieved!

  3. Anonymous says:

    More blogs to read, cool.

  4. Anonymous says:

    First, excellent work with RSS. Have you guys decided on a date of the release of Internet Explorer beta 7 yet?? I know the summer but any word on the exact date yet? And if not can you already release it. . . Thanks :). . .

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why are comments disappearing?

    And why are the comment counts so screwed up?

    And why is every comment by User ID 1001?

    Can’t you guys even program a blog correctly?

    I thought you’d been screwing up standards all these years out of malice… maybe there’s a simpler explanation?

  6. Anonymous says:

    rock on sean 🙂 looking forward to some very cool syndication features…


  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I wonder what the release date is, like the other folks in here.

    Whatever the official plans are, please include the IDN support with the new release.

    Thanks for Listening,


  8. Anonymous says:

    What RSS formats does will Longhorn support?

    “Longhorn” will support all common RSS formats, including: RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom 0.3. We will support Atom 1.0 when it’s released.

  9. Anonymous says:

    According to the Joel on Software discussion board you’re firing the Longhorn VP!

    Is this true? As a shareholder MSFT could do with trimming some fat.

  10. Anonymous says:

    An RSS team blog does seem like way overkill for such a simple feature, it’s good that you’re thinking of ways to make better use of this technology but the whole point of RSS was that it’s a really simple way of syndicating content so it can’t be that difficult to implement. Atom is more advanced and hopefully you’ll support that too.

    But one thing to be wary about of bringing RSS support to the masses is whether it’ll bring loads of servers struggling under the load. Just imagine every longhorn user with an RSS feed polling popular sites every hour or so (I’d imagine you’d have at least one feed already subscribed to so that you can show off this technology to people on install).

  11. Anonymous says:

    Give us please the Release date of the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 🙂

  12. Since Atom isn’t a formal spec yet, I can’t see any reason for IE to support it. Yet.

    It would be nice if the support was ready-to-go on day zero of Atom’s finalization, though.

  13. Anonymous says:

    on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 2:48 PM Dean [MSFT] said:

    I wanted to recap the main themes I read in the comments and use them as a roadmap for the topics that we will post about over the next few weeks.

    3. Standards, standards, standards… say something!


    Well? It’s been a lot of weeks. Isn’t about time to make a token blog entry about it?

  14. ieblog says:

    Comments haven’t been appearing instantly until now because all of the MSDN blogs recently moved to a new server with updates to the underlying blog software. We had to reset some of our settings for how commenting works.

    Everything should be showing up immediately now. Please do remember to follow commenting guidelines. Abusive comments or ones with profanity will be deleted.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wow, just think…if Microsoft deletes every single bad comment here, nothing will ever get fixed.

    Best regards,

    Willie Wilson <webmaster@codernet.net>

  16. ieblog says:


    We trust that users are adults who can behave as such. Swearing at Microsoft or the IE team, being abusive to other commenters here along with team members, etc. are clearly outside the realm of the acceptable.

    I think that we can understand that. If people are not able to abide by that, they can always go post in their own blogs and send trackbacks to our posts. Your blog is your own business but we expect people to be adults here.

    Al Billings [MSFT]

  17. Anonymous says:

    How do you do a trackback?

  18. Anonymous says:

    nice update but…

    …A post on CSS and standards compatability! for the love of god! I’m getting a nasty feeling, web devs will be stuck working (and unfortunatly supporting for the next 10 years) with a disfunctional browser.

    stop getting so worked up about RSS when you(the IE team in general) can’t even make the basics work properly.

    I truely hope you’ve got a good suprise for everyone waiting for standards compatability

  19. Anonymous says:


    Its about time you guys gave us updates on it.

    I believe, unless the rendering is fixed up, all the hoopla about RSS is in vain as many of us will keep exhorting our users to use more standards oriented browsers.

    And oh yes, When oh when will IE7 Beta be released?

    FYI, Summer’s sunny days are already over here in India. Its rainy season here(Monsoon) and thats like a whole other season!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Microsoft is overkilling RSS? This RSS EVERYWHERE! mentality can’t be a good thing. It seems like it might be abuse of technology, and could open up security issues if a lot of careful thought isn’t put into it. I love to see enthusiasm for new technologies, but this might be a bit too enthusiastic. RSS is a very handy tool for letting you know that a website has been updated, but using it for everything under the sun just won’t work well, and think of the bandwith consumption of frequent polling of soo many feeds!

  21. Anonymous says:

    It is good that Longhorn/IE will feature support for syndication formats, particularly if it will be supporting the more robust Atom format; however, I would argue that this feature is not nearly as important as support for W3C standards, many of which IE has little or no support for.

    PLEASE ensure that proper support for HTML, XHTML, CSS (and yes, much of CSS3 is ready for implementation), PNG, HTTP, SVG, and others are given priority over syndication technology that is already well-catered for by dozens of established services. Make IE the best browser ever before worrying about feeds.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please get all the new people from Claria to join the IE team.

    After all, you seem to be hiring, and I’m sure you have a common set of values.

  23. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ 7 of 8.

    I agree, a match made in heaven. You both deserve each other.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why have the "Expert Zone" chat transcripts not been updated for the last 5 months?

    Too lazy to care? Don’t tell me that you’re all busy, I’m sure uploading a chat transcript needs 50 people to sign off but I’m sure you can afford it.

    And why don’t you advertize the chats on your blog? Afraid some people with real questions might come and spoil your party?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why is RSS such a big deal? RSS is *Simple*, that’s the whole point. I can write a decent rss parcer in a couple of hours (and I have), and a nice API shouldn’t take me more than a day, as long as I have a handle on the language I’m working with. I’m no rocket scientist and I’m sure the tool over at microsoft have more knowledge and experience than I do so please boast about some real featured.

    What I’m worried about is that IE7 is going to be all it’s made up to be, that is IE6 + PNG + RSS. Dean Edward’s IE7 was more sofisticated that that in just about every way. I’ll probably be stuck using his scripts for at least a couple more years now.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Not long now until summer’s over…

    You’re obviously trying to ‘pique’ our interest by not giving a release date yet, but what you’re probably doing is just p**sing off a whole bunch of folks…

  27. UnexpectedBill says:

    There’s something I’m curious about, and perhaps one of the Internet Explorer team members could answer it…

    There has been lots said about RSS lately, rendering improvements and how IE7 will run on Windows XP Service Pack 2. But what about Windows Server 2003? Will there be an IE7 for that? How about an IE7 beta release for WS2003?

    I have a "testing ground" Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition system that I usually use to evaluate new software or service packs before applying them to any of the live computers…so destabilizing an important system wouldn’t be a problem for me.

  28. Dave Massy says:

    Hi UnexpectedBill,

    At http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2005/02/28/382054.aspx you’ll se a post that confirms we plan to make IE7 available for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

    As we get closer to beta we’ll give more details of the beta and which platforms we’ll the first beta will be available for. I know everyone is keen to see IE7 but I’m afraid we can’t confirm a specific date quite yet.


    -Dave Massy [MSFT]

  29. Anonymous says:

    You guys posting here are aware that summer is a season with a start and an end date, right? How can summer "almost be over" (as it seems people are saying) if it started about ten days ago?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yet more classic Massy spelling/grammar 😉


    which platforms we’ll the first beta will be available for


  31. Dave Massy says:


    It’s a trademark of my posts 🙂


    -Dave Massy [MSFT]

  32. Anonymous says:

    RSSCalendar.com has been using the enclosure tag of feeds to include VCal and ICal attachments for some time now. It works very well.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Huh wrote:

    >> I thought you’d been screwing up standards all these years out of malice… maybe there’s a simpler explanation?

    Whatever can you mean??

    7 of 8 wrote:

    >> Please get all the new people from Claria to join the IE team. After all, you seem to be hiring, and I’m sure you have a common set of values.

    They already have a wonderful relationship, I’m sure. Where would those fine Gator folks be today if it wasn’t for IE’s helpful BHOs?

    BTW Gator was downgraded by MS Antispyware yesterday to reflect their upright ethics. They’ll fit right into Microsoft’s culture!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I thought I might go back to IE once it had tabs, so I downlaoded the MSN Toolbar.

    IT SUCKS. It really really sucks.

    Do you guys know the meaning of QA?

  35. Anonymous says:

    It’d be unfair to blame the IE team for the MSN toolbar, they had nothing to do with it!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I hope this question is appropriate, but where are you from, Dean?..

  37. Anonymous says:

    To Dave [not from MSFT]

    It would be unfair to blame the IE team?

    They are part of Microsoft too, its not our problem if everyone there is more interested in feature duplication and empire building than delivering a good product.

    I don’t care if it happened because of lack of communication, panic response to Firefox, or because they thought the moon was green. Microsoft tabbed browsing sucks.

  38. Anonymous says:


    This is a blog for the IE7 team, and whie they are all part of Microsoft, this is their space for commenting on IE7 and it’s features. Holding them accountable for another team’s development is like holding ambulance drivers responsible for a building burning down. They all work for the city right?

    @IE7/RSS team

    I’m curious how the RSS/Atom feeds will integrate into the IE7 browser. What kind of UI will you be setting up?

  39. Anonymous says:


    u can sensor my comments all u like but u know there’s a p.o.c. exploit publicly out there, deleting comments here wont make it go away!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Little out of subjet post, about IE7 but not RSS, to the IE7 team:

    Molly (http://www.molly.com) posted that WaSP and the Visual Studio/ASP.Net teams have created a task force to work together for/towards standards. She said (in the comments) that WaSP was in touch with you guys but didn’t comment on the future of IE7.

    Would it be possible to have your comment in light of her blogpost? No need for ribbons and sugarcoating, just the bare truth about how you see your work with WaSP nearby, major MS products teams moving towards standards and such things?

    I’m not asking for "we don’t know" or "you’ll see when it’ll be released", I’d some facts, or at least what you, as devs, are working on implementing.

    BTW I also think that a Hyatt-like type of blogging, every few days to show your progress on specific issues (such as standards, for example), would be really appreciated by the people who are regularly checking the IE7 blog.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ditto to what Masklinn said. Molly writes:

    "No, I can’t make any predictions regarding IE’s future. Microsoft will have to comment on that."

    "as much as I know you want to ask the IE question, I have to tell you the answer is going to be exactly what I’ve said in this response."

    So? And, assuming we actually get substantive information, I’d also like to know why it took a "task force" to get it.

    Hyatt does a damn good job, and now even more of the Safari team are posting to Surfin’ Safari. We can even see CVS checkins as they happen.

    If Apple, a company famous for its secrets is being this open about its browser development, why can’t we have the same thing from Microsoft, a company with many times the resources and manpower of Apple?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Guys, please stop asking for a release date. I think microsoft find it rather embarrasing to give release dates and never meet them

    They said it would be released in summer. I know summer hasn’t got long to go, but hey, there is always summer 2006 or 2007. Or maybe they meant the southern hemisphere summer. Microsoft have to wait for all teh new version from opera and firefox to be released, so they know what to put in beta 7

    Frankly it will have to be something amazing to get me to stop using Opera.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t people stick to the subject. That´s RSS if you didn’t get it…

    Why don’t you discuss standards, CSS, JavaScript, MSN Toolbar and other stuff in other blog entries?

    It’s gettig so tiresome to scroll through the page to look for interestin comments.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Tabs, RSS… as a web developer this really means nothing to me if I have to endure another round of broken CSS and JavaScript support.

    C’mon you guys, stop kidding around. The developer community is shifting to Firefox. We *don’t* seriously care about tabs OR RSS (we have Firefox and Thunderbird for those respectively). Respect web standards or lose our respect. Period.

    Yeah, I agree with the previous post, Opera is an awesome browser; it comes with native SVG support! Woo hoo!

  45. (I had to call this post something and given this pic, I couldn’t resist…)

    (er, that’s Attention…

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