More details on Pop-Up Blocking in XPSP2

There have been some questions about how pop-up blocking works in XPSP2 in the comments.

Jeff Davis, one of the IE developers who worked on this feature in XPSP2, has put together a post ( that gives more details on what we consider a user initiated click.   If you want to get better sense for how it works, please take a read through his latest entry - mouseDown + mouseUp = click.


Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I commonly use the "Open link in new Window" context menu. However, if the link that I wish to open is on the trusted sites list, then I get a security dialog stating that an untrusted site has requested access to a trusted site. I click to allow this, but IE detects this as a popup window and blocks it. You guys ought to look at storing the context of the click before popping the security dialog, then taking the appropriate action upon continuation.

    Other than that, IE is so much better. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous says:

    But what about us Win2k users (I also use Linux at times but that doesn’t matter!).

    I like Win2k like I do Linux, they’re both got their good points and bad points, so I see no reason to move to XP.

    I’d like to see this pop up blocking in other versions of Windows – although I suspect I’d still use Firefox as it has features I have come to depend on.

    But like I say, you are moving in the right direction and I’d love to see competition.

    another thing Firefox has going for it is it’s easy to update. Even though it doesn’t have as good auto updates as Windows has (but they’re working on it) the fact that it’s about 4 meg to download makes updating a breeze and the good thing is I can upgrade it without needing to reboot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone compared the pop-up blocking in IE to that in Firefox ( I’d be interested to hear which one does it better (my guess would be Firefox, since they seem to add thoughtout features more willingly, wherea Microsoft seems to want to offer only the minimum that users want (

  4. Anonymous says:

    have you considered the opportunity of including an "Open in same window" function for link context-menu when that link will be open in popup?

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