Starting multiple applications on boot with a time delay

I recently moved to a new state away from my team’s home office.  I will be permanently working from home – using my home desktop as my main work station.  I can’t code on my home desktop due to intellectual property concerns (this requires remoting into my work servers).  However, I can accomplish many of…


Why delete[] matters

Even as a senior software engineer, it seems like I still learn every day.  This is a small story about what I learned today. Office is an enormous collection of source code.  I have just about every data structure imaginable right at my fingertips.  Smart pointers, smart array handling, hashes, sets, and every other collection type. …


Surface Pro 3 Bluetooth Driver Fix

I recently bought my wife a Surface Pro 3 that replaced her old and dying MacBook Pro.  Unfortunately, she has experienced the same WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity problems as everyone else.  Obviously, this is quite embarrassing coming from someone who works for Microsoft and convinced a long time Apple product user to switch.  Thus, I…


Fiber/Thread Local Storage

Over the course of professional development you run into extremely helpful functions in the Windows API.  Today I ran into a set of functions that allow for storing a value specific to each thread.  See the following link for a description of how to use thread local storage. Note that a fiber runs in the…


Using registers for return value debugging in Visual Studio

Often, I find myself desiring to know the return value of function.  Normally, I can set a print message breakpoint on the following line after the function call: bool fFlag = pMyClass->FGetSomeFlag(); if( fFlag )  // <– Set breakpoint here   DoSomething( pMyClass ); However, this doesn’t work in all cases.  Suppose we want to know what the system call to ::GetTickCount() returns.  We don’t have a variable to…


My first mistake

I first started at PowerPoint during the lengthy bug fixing stage.  It was being thrown into a completely new environment, attempting to decipher another person’s code and the C++ was fathoms more advanced than anything I had ever seen.  I don’t know if other new hires have had the same experience but I felt like I got…


Editing controls within an ItemContainer for a ListBox (Silverlight/Windows Phone)

Normally, we place controls on a page, give them names, and edit their contents in the respective code file.  However, what happens if those controls live in an ItemTemplate for the ListBox?  We can easily bind a DataSource to the ListBox and access the data from there.  But, that doesn’t solve 100% of the cases….


Generated destructor debugging in Visual Studio

I need to add a disclaimer.  I understand that this method of adding breakpoints is common for debuggers like WinDbg.  The target audience here is for those that mainly use and feel comfortable with Visual Studio debugging. Often times, when I start investigating a bug, I know that a good place to start is when a…