Updating Windows Embedded Compact 7

Hey Everyone, I realize this blog writing is a bit late since we have already shipped the Remote FX update but I am still happy to get it out. Kyle Roe has put together an blog entry on how to update your Compact 7 installation. It also goes over some details on configuring WEDU so you can get automatic notifications. Please visit Kyle’s blog to find out more details.

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  1. Sue Wolber says:

    How can I automate this installer for our automated ce-image build process?  Different versions of our product will require / support different QFE levels.  Currently for CE6 we smash a desktop to a "golden" image with CE6 R2, then depending on which product we are building for we install the appropriate QFE levels from basic R2 to R3 and current QFE's, then build images and automate testing them.  We'd like to do the same for CE7 build process but a GUI-only installer is not an option.  How can we automate the WEDU process for the desired QFE level?

  2. @Sue, you absolutely can automate the Compact 7 installer. We are hoping it is a bit easier for you in this version as well. The WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe supports silent execution. If you run the executable from a command prompt with -? or -help you should get a window with information on how to execute the installer and what command line switches it honors. Second, you will need to get the update content and place it in a central location for your machines to access it. We call this the layout of the installation bits. If you place the layout on a network share you should be able to copy the original RTM release out to that location from disk. Next, for every release you just copy all contents over the RTM layout. Only the WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe and WindowsEmbeddedSilverlightTools.exe should actually overwrite any content in the layout directory. You can then run the executable and tell it which level you want to install at. I will admit our documentation on levels could you a touch up. Basically, level 1 is considered RTM release. Level 2 would be considered 'Update 1' and so on. Please let me know how this works out for you and if you have any further questions.

  3. Sue Wolber says:

    Hurrah we can automate!  

    1) get exe from here: http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx  

    2) run   WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe -?    to get command line param info

    3) if you use powershell use quotes around the comma-separated-params eg:

    > C:WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe "-addOption=PB,ARMv5,x86,DOCSEn-Us"  -logVerbose

     if you use a DOS prompt the sample works as-is.

    4) logfiles are put in %temp%

    THANKS Brian!

  4. Susan Wolber says:

    Hi Brian,

    I'm trying to automate the WEDU install for the latest QFE, using -installLevel=4.  No luck!  GUI doesn't error but on command line I keep getting a certifcate error.  If I remove the cache directory and try again, I get a certificate error on a different file.  Seeing this on multiple machines, both are Win7 64-bit and have no issues on updating back and forth installLevel 1 to 3.

    The log has error info like:

    Windows could not validate the certificate for file 'C:UsersswolberAppDataLocalTemp{A92C79A0-BE6C-442B-B983-1439596C135F}UX2OSprocessorconfigARMV5checkeda5c3.cab'. HRESULT 0x800b0100

  5. Hello

    I have also a problem with installation.

    I oppened a question in Forum.


    I hope you can help me to find a download for this Files for the offline update.

    To do this every month by hand is very time-consuming.


  6. Hi Brian,

    After many tries I finally got an offline layout in WEDU to work (finally figured out you have to turn off WEST to get update7 to download).  Then I went to change our scripted call to command-line WEDU to use the local copy of offline layout… but there's no command line option to tell WEDU _where_ the offline layout is!  ARRRGGGH!  This makes offline layout completely useless for me!

    Also the -retry option crashes WEDU 🙁  Try adding "-retry 10" with -quiet and WEDU crashes on startup, never runs.  Sigh.

    Any chance these can get fixed?


    Sue Wolber

    Agilent Technologies

  7. Hi,

    Is there a way to get information about the actually installed updates for WEC7?

    I want to include that information directly inside my OSDesign build so the OS can display the information.


    David Mercier

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