Troubleshooting Red ‘X’s in the Compact 7 Installation

Hey everyone, we have been fielding some questions about installation requirements for Compact 7. I had Kyle Roe write up some general troubleshooting instructions for you. As with all software installations, there are times when WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe cannot complete the install successfully. Great effort has been made prevent the installation from failing. Sometimes the installation requires…


Updating Windows Embedded Compact 7

Hey Everyone, I realize this blog writing is a bit late since we have already shipped the Remote FX update but I am still happy to get it out. Kyle Roe has put together an blog entry on how to update your Compact 7 installation. It also goes over some details on configuring WEDU so…


Windows Embedded Compact 7 Evaluation Download

Hey everyone, it is with great joy that I tell you Windows Embedded Compact 7 has been released. It has been well over 8 months since I last posted about the product’s status. I am happy to do so now and hope that you test the download and installation experiences. Your feedback will help us…


Windows Embedded Compact 7 Setup Public CTP

It has been over a year since I joined the Windows Embedded Compact team. When I started I was assured I would have my work cut out for me. Customers had informed us that the current setup was, to be nice, out of date. After diving into the Windows CE 6.0 installation and QFE process,…


Windows Embedded CE6 R3 Setup Experience

Everyone in the Windows Embedded CE community, I would like to say hello from the Setup team! I have recently joined the CE team and have been able to get my feet wet with the CE6 R3 release. It is my goal to help improve the developer’s experience around the setup process. This is going…


WiX Heat Extension: Setting Up a Custom Extension Project

As most of you already know, the Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) is made to flexible. Most of the tools have the ability to be extended by using your own custom assembly. This is great when you have a custom action, specialized UI, preprocessor or anything else you might need in order to get your…


Custom Action Using WiX: Reading From The Binary Table

Over the years I have seen this question come up a few times. Although there are some good examples inside the source code of the Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) itself, it can be hard to find. The question is “how do I read data from a MSI Binary table?” The easiest way I have…


Right Corner: WiX Heat, Left Corner: Thousands of Files

With the Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) v3.0 on the verge of hitting production more and more people are starting to take a look at it and see what new, cool tools we have. One, of many, new ones is Heat.exe. This tool is the replacement (in many ways) to tallow.exe from the previous release….


WIX Heat Wave Brings Changes

There has been some recent work to Heat.exe, within the Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX), which I think will have a significant impact on how people use the application currently and how it will be used in the feature. The features are brought forth from a great deal of user feedback and a general need…


WIX Now Runs on FIPS Enable Machines

As mentioned in my previous blog, there was a user request to enable the Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) to run on FIPS enabled machines. This in itself was not a large change. In order to enable it all that needed to be done was to switch the hashing algorithms that we use from a…