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Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 4 Software and tools


  1. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 1 Planning
  2. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 2 Building
  3. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 3 Performance and tuning
  4. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 4 Software and tools

In this last part of Ultimate Developer Workstation build, I will share with you software, applications and tools I initially install on my development workstation. As a Microsoft FTE I do have access to MSDN subscription and most of the software installed on my workstation is obtained from MSDN. If you have MSDN subscription most of the application and tools used in my build are available to you as part of MSDN subscription (depending on level) or are free, with notable exception of JetBrains Resharper and Stardock Fences

Operating system and drivers

  • Windows 10 Enterprise x64
  • Asus applications + tools
  • NVidia latest video driver


  • Office 2016 x32 (MSDN)
  • InfoPath 2013 x32 (MSDN)
  • Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise (MSDN)
  • Visual Studio 2015 SDK (MSDN)
  • Expression Studio 4 Ultimate + SP2 (MSDN)
  • VS Plugins:
    PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio
    Web Essentials 2015
    Regex Tester
    File Nesting
    Git Tools
    NuGet References
    Developer assistant
    Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio 2015

Chocolatey install

PowerShell script:
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(‘https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1′))

choco install notepadplusplus -y
choco install FoxitReader -y
choco install fiddler4 -y
choco install keepass -y
choco install PowerGui -y
choco install RdcMan -y
choco install SharePointDesigner2010x32 -y
choco install SharePointDesigner2013x32 -y
choco install sharepointmanager2013 -y
choco install camldesigner2013 -y
choco install ulsviewer -y
choco install cksdevserver -y
choco install freefilesync -y
choco install webpi -y
choco install paint.net -y
choco install 7zip -y
choco install Curl -y
choco install TortoiseGit -y
choco install Resharper -y
choco install Winmerge -y
choco install GoogleChrome -y
choco install flashplayerplugin -y
choco install sysinternals -y
choco install resharper -y
choco install dotpeek -y
choco install javaruntime -y
choco install treesizefree -y
choco install adblockplusie -y
choco install vcl -y
choco install PowerShell -pre -y
choco install smtp4dev -y
choco install ilspy –y

Webpi commands

webpicmd /install /products:WindowsAzurePowerShell /accepteula
webpicmd /install /products:FTPServer /accepteula
webpicmd /install /products:ASPNET35 /accepteula
webpicmd /install /products:ASPNET_REGIIS_NET45 /accepteula

SharePoint tools:


So, there you have it. Complete build and initial configuration of my daily workbox.

I am looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions. Specially, would love to hear a way to automate installation of VS2015 plugins.

I had a great time building and configuring this workstation. For last 6 months, I am using this workstation as my main development and daily driver and it’s performance is flawless. This workstation is basically silent, totally solid with no issues experienced, easily handling full 5-10 virtual machine SharePoint farm and all my development tasks. Totally awesome and I am very happy with it.

Happy developing!