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Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 1

This is the first post of a 4-part series:


  1. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 1 Planning

  2. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 2 Building

  3. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 3 Performance and tuning

  4. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 –  Part 4 Software and tools


As a Senior Consultant for Premier Support for Developers with a focus on SharePoint technologies, I mostly work with large environments and large code bases. Having fast development workstations able to support Visual Studio with 50+ projects in a solution and be able to support multiple SharePoint VMs is an absolute must for my work.

While I do not travel to my customer’s sites I work from my dedicated home office and am proud of this work environment. About every three years I build a new development workstation in order to keep up with the latest technologies. Currently I am due for a new workstation and would like to share this build with you.

 I spent some time considering whether to build a new physical workstation or use Azure VM. As one of my team mates said “Azure is my workstation.” I love Azure and its capabilities but still decided that a fast and powerful workstation in my home office is the best option for me.

After convincing my wife that “I really need” J a new workstation, I was given a budget of $4,000.

What I am looking for in a new workstation:


  1. Speed

  2. Overclocking with stability

  3. Low noise

  4. Windows 10

  5. Did I mention speed?


To save some of my budget I will reuse existing parts I already own:


  • 2 – 24” BenQ monitors
  • 2 – 22” LG monitors
  • Crucial M4 512 MB SSD


After extensive research and discussions with my friends here is are the specs I settled on:



By design, I limited my choices to three manufactures: Corsair, Asus and G. Skill. I am hoping this will eliminate any build conflicts. I purchased all items from NewEgg and am now waiting on delivery. With rebates and discounts I am right below my budget.

In my next post I will discuss the actual build of my new workstation. You can expect many pictures as well.