PIFEM 2010–The Best Way to Manage Lots of Email in Outlook 2010

[***Updated Feb 2013,  to included corrected/new URL to PIFEM Folder in my SkyDrive****]  In 2008 I released guidance on how to use Outlook 2007 features to prioritise and categorise a large number of emails.  The details were shared in my blog here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ianpal/archive/2008/06/03/email-task-and-time-management-with-pifem.aspx I’ve now updated the guidance and materials for Outlook 2010.  The concept is…


Real Life Value of Software + Services

I’ve been travelling overseas this week to a global Microsoft conference in the US.  I sit here in the Airport departure lounge (offline) reflecting on my week. A couple of events happened – and both are real life stories of the value of Microsoft’s Software + Services (S+S) strategy. 1) The hotel I stayed in…


Email Delay Rules

As I mentioned in my email approach PIFEM one of the rules I have turned on in Outlook is to delay sending email by 1 minute. This allows me to catch any emails I didn’t mean to send just yet, or more commonly, I remember to add something else just after I press send, such…


Use SharePoint Tasks to Manage Meeting Actions

My manager Peter was asking my advice for how to help organise a weekly meeting that he organises.  It’s a number of managers that are the leadership of our team, and they discuss the operations and strategy for the team etc. One thing they struggled with was how to keep track of actions and follow…


More Ways Office can Save You Money

Gray Knowlton, Office Group Product Manager, just posted a nice blog entry Bits on Boxes about the cost savings of deploying Office 2007 versus doing nothing at all and staying on Office 2003.  He has some interesting stats such as 73% of all security vulnerabilities reported for Office do not apply to Office 2007. He…


10 Ways Microsoft Office 2007 Can Save Companies Money

In economic times like these, organisations look everywhere in efforts to evaluate the value and possible cost savings around the business. One software suite that is examined is Microsoft Office System.  Office is considered by some as expensive infrastructure, and not as a business value.   With that said, is there a case for considering how…


Impact of New Microsoft Office Interface (circa 1990)

I was reading the content of an article published in April 1990 of Software Magazine.  http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0SMG/is_n5_v10/ai_8411962.  The article is a software review of the new Microsoft Word for Windows.  In 1990 Word for Windows was quite revolutionary – it used a graphical user interface, and provided What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) formatting….


Outlook 2007 Training Videos

A customer requested a list of training videos for Outlook 2007 for their users that are coming off of Lotus Notes. One video was found by the customer to be very good:  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HA101672681033.aspx The list of downloadable demos for Outlook 2007 is here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/downloads/CH102260811033.aspx  For Outlook, the “Up to Speed” series is quite good. This…


Email, Task and Time Management with PIFEM

Well, for my first blog post I’d better cover PIFEM – which is an email management system that Angus Logan, Johann Kruse and I have been using with Outlook 2007.  It is loosely based on Getting Things Done (GTD) and the 4 D’s of email processing. Angus and Johann have blogged about it in the…