SharePoint Business User Adoption Kit

Microsoft just launched today, and I think can be an important resource for you to help drive adoption of your SharePoint 2010 Service! The site is dedicated to help you drive SharePoint adoption by delivering a rich set of experiences and content to engage and educate your business users. 

The three main goals of this site are to:

  1. 1. Inspire and educate business users to do more with SharePoint through helpful and engaging content.
  2. 2. Help you drive adoption through customisable adoption kits that Collaboration service owners and trainers can use with business users.
  3. 3. Take business users from what can I do to show me how while measuring video views, click through, and adoption kit downloads.


The Site Features:

  • 10- 1 minute scenario focused webisodes
  • 10- 3-5 minute scenario focused how to videos
  • 45 quick reference cards
  • 24 tips and tricks
  • Real end user stories

Through conversations with customers we learned that there was a strong demand for adoption kits, with each customer wanting something slightly different then the next. To make it as easy as possible to drive adoption we have also created two different yet highly customisable options.

  • Option A includes a lunch themed SharePoint site template and promotional materials for organisations looking for an engaging way to share the content on the website without sending their users outside the firewall. Also on this site users will  be able to interact with blogs, wikis, and discussion boards on topics centred around lunch.
  • Option B is a standalone kit, which includes all of the training content on the site, as well as  promotional material to drive users to the location the customer has chosen.

The Adoption Kits Include:

  • Lunch Themed SharePoint Site Template (Option A)
  • All content featured on the site
  • Adoption White Paper
  • Lunch themed and stand alone:
    • Table tent templates
    • Email templates
    • Poster templates

AND… by the way we are always looking for new customer stories to include on the site. If you think you have a compelling story you want to share with the world…. Let me know!

Also – another tidbit I found interesting was a YouTube Series of ~1 minute videos organised by Christian Buckley at Axceler that asks some of the SharePoint Experts around the world “What is The One Thing you need to know about SharePoint”?

For example – here is the one from Jeremy Thake: 

Jeremy Thake – co-founder of
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