How Did Microsoft IT Upgrade to SharePoint 2010?

imageWith its SharePoint 2010 deployment nearly complete, Microsoft IT has developed helpful perspective on what worked and what steps could have been performed better. The Microsoft IT SharePoint engineering team is sharing its experiences with you to help reduce planning, deployment, and management of a SharePoint 2010 migration project.

The content is a 10 minute video that has the two Microsoft SharePoint Operations  leads (Sam Crewdson and Nate Bruneau) describe the steps on how we upgraded our internal SharePoint 2007 farm to  SharePoint 2010.

In particular, they describe their IT upgrade philosophies, and discuss their Pain Points found and Lessons learned, and they go into a detail around how to enforce 5 principles they believe are important during the upgrade:


  1. Detect issues early
  2. Communication Plan - Keep site administrators informed
  3. Perform the upgrade with no data loss
  4. Minimise down time during the upgrade
  5. Minimise impact to end users

Find the video here: 

Nice work guys, and thanks for sharing!

Comments (2)

  1. Powershell4SharePoint says:

    Great guys to work with! Of course Tom Snyder is not to be forgotten here as well.  

    I remember working on the ITWeb upgrade with Prakash when I was on the ISEG team at Microsoft.  These folks are so good at what they do, it was a genuine thrill to be surround by subject matter experts like Nate and the rest of the crew.  Nate taught me so much about PowerShell, thanks Nate! We (under Nates direction) used it extensively in automating the upgrade process for ITWeb at Microsoft which Prakash was tasked with. (Prakash works down the hall from Nate).  Great to see them both here. One thing I tell our enterprise clients when traveling around the country for CompuCom on SharePoint consulting projects is that I never saw any great pain in the upgrades to 2010 whle working at Microsoft. Keep in mind the size of these Portals.  MSW, ITWeb, Finweb, HRWeb, they are just massive in content and the amount of users on these systems. Sure there were bumps in the road but when we built out the servers and put the code down which was handed to us from our Devs, the process was alway so smooth.  It should give companies migrating to SharePoint 2010 plenty of confidence that it can go smoothly if planned well. That experience and training under these two has proven absolutely invaluable. Thanks Guys!

  2. David Kennamer - SharePoint Administrator says:

    MSIT is the leader in all things SharePoint in part due to people like Sam and Nate (and a shout out to the whole team). Thank you for sharing, it is appreciated greatly.

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