PIFEM 2010–The Best Way to Manage Lots of Email in Outlook 2010

[***Updated Feb 2013,  to included corrected/new URL to PIFEM Folder in my SkyDrive****] 

imageIn 2008 I released guidance on how to use Outlook 2007 features to prioritise and categorise a large number of emails.  The details were shared in my blog here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ianpal/archive/2008/06/03/email-task-and-time-management-with-pifem.aspx

I’ve now updated the guidance and materials for Outlook 2010.  The concept is still fundamentally the same, but there is new features in Outlook 2010 to make the management of information overload in your inbox even easier.

I’ve published the new PIFEM 2010 overview and setup instructions in an interactive OneNote Notebook. 

NOTE:  I’ve also also provided a static non-interactive PDF file if needed… but your preferred preferred way to read the material is in OneNote.

These OneNote and PDF files are shared in my Windows Live Skydrive at http://sdrv.ms/VHGeF7


Comments (11)
  1. Beau says:

    Your skydrive isn't accessible to the public.  Bad URL?

  2. ianpal says:

    URL is fixed.  Sorry about the confusion.

  3. JW says:

    Can't see any files in the Skydrive?

  4. Toad says:

    I''m getting the message "This item might not exist or is no longer available."

    Is the PIFEM OneNote file still available?  Thanks.

  5. Craig says:

    Bump.  No files found in Skydrive…

  6. WC says:

    Bump Bump…  can you repost the file?

  7. Believer! says:

    I just came across the original and would enjoy seeing the 2010 refresh…thanks!

  8. "This item might not exist or is no longer available"

    Could you re-upload it ?

  9. Ekgum says:

    Like to see it too.  Sky drive says item doesn't exist any more.  

  10. Dave says:

    I've set up as you described and started processing but hen realized if I file into a pst the search folders will not catch it! Any suggestions?

    Also how do you deal with tasks that are generated in minutes and so don't come in as emails??

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