Free Screen-cast Video Demonstrations and Training for SharePoint

A colleague of mine, Ketan, mentioned these free Screen-cast videos for SharePoint – provided by the crew at SharePoint  Asif and Wendy have put together a great set of audio narrated videos showing how to leverage a bunch of capabilities from Office and SharePoint.  Check them out as an option if you are looking for some e-Learning for SharePoint.

collapse Experience Level: 1_Beginner

What is SharePoint?
An overview of SharePoint Products and Technologies.  Why would you want to use it...

What's new in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
An overview of what is new in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as opposed to the older version SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Creating a SharePoint Site
SharePoint comes with multiple site templates.  This video shows how to create a SharePoint site using those templates
Admin, End User

Adding Users to a Site
Security in SharePoint is a necessity.  Learn how to add users to SharePoint sites

Adding Web Parts to a Site
Web Parts are essential to providing componentize functionality in SharePoint.  Watch this video to learn how to add web parts to a SharePoint site
Admin, End User

Introducing Document Management
Document Management is a robust feature in SharePoint.  Learn the various capabilities that are offered out of the box by the document mangement features.
Admin, End User

Using the Recycle Bin
Learn how the two tier Recycle Bin works in SharePoint
Admin, End User

Alerts can be setup on SharePoint lists, libraries or individual items to send out an email notification when a condition becomes true (ex: a document is created, uploaded, modified etc).  Also, watch this video to learn how to subscribe others to alerts as well
Admin, End User

Subscribing to List or Library RSS feeds
RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is very prevalant throughout SharePoint.  Learn how to use RSS in SharePoint lists and libraries
End User

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Target Web Part to an Audience
Learn how to target web parts in SharePoint Server (MOSS) to a particular audience. Audience can be a SharePoint Group, Active Directory Group or a Global Audience defined within SharePoint.

Delete a SharePoint Site using SharePoint Designer
This screencast shows how you can delete a SharePoint site within SharePoint Designer. It also points out some limitations and the type of sites you cannot delete with SharePoint Designer.

Check In Multiple Documents at once in MOSS
The process to check in multiple documents at once in a document library - MOSS only feature

Publish Web Parts to the Web Part Gallery
Web Parts can be uploaded to the Web Part Gallery to make them available throughout the site collection. This screencast shows how you can take a Web Part file and publish it to the Web Part Gallery.

Convert Word Forms to InfoPath
Conversion of Word based forms to InfoPath forms using built in converters in InfoPath
Admin, End User

Creating Lists in Sites
Lists are used in SharePoint to manage and present like data.  Learn how to create various lists in SharePoint sites
Admin, End User

Enhanced Survey Functionality
Implement Surveys within any SharePoint.  You will also see how to use branching logic  within the surveys
Admin, End User

Using a Picture Library and Image Web Part together
Host your images in a Picture Library and show them using the Image web part
End User

Customizing Current Navigation in WSS
Learn how to customize the Quick Launch navigation in Windows SharePoint Services

Create Custom Lists
Create Custom Lists in SharePoint if you want to create a list from scratch.  Define your own custom columns and the type of data that you wish to store in each column
Admin, End User

Adding Columns and Data to a Custom List
Learn how to create columns and add data to the custom list
Admin, End User

Copying Lists between sites
Copying/Moving/Backing up lists.  With or without data

Exploring built-in MOSS Workflows
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server comes with many pre-built workflows out of the box.  Learn how you can utilize those workflows and create additional ones directly from the browser
End User

Introducing Search Center
Use the Search Center capability to search Enterprise data in your environment
Admin, End User

Security Overview
There are various levels of security that can be implemented in a SharePoint deployment.      Content can be secured at the site, list, library, folder or at the item level.
Overview, Admin

Understanding and using the new Features concept
The Features feature in SharePoint allows the site administrator to add/take away functionailty to the site
Admin, Developer

Introducing Meeting Workspaces
Meeting workspaces are similar to sites in SharePoint, but provide additional functionality such as a strong tie-in to Outlook and the ability to create and link meetings to SharePoint events list.  Learn about these things and more by watching this video
Admin, End User

Understanding Master Pages
Master Pages are used to create a consistent layout of pages on a SharePoint site.  Watch this video to better understand how they are used and where they are stored on a site

Get to know My Sites
The My Site feature in SharePoint helps to greatly enhance the user experience by providing them with a Personal site that they can use to share documents, links, pictures, their profile information and more.  This video explores the My Sites capability in SharePoint
Admin, End User

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Using the Disposition Approval Workflow
This Video demos the Expiration Policy feature of the Records Management functionality in SharePoint Server 2007. In particular, the Disposition Approval Workflow is implemented as part of the Information Management Policy to properly dispose of the document once its specified retention period has been reached.

Site Delete Capture - Recycle Bin for deleted sites
SharePoint out of the box does not contain the functionality to archive deleted sites. Use the Site Delete Capture feature made by available by Microsoft IT on CodePlex to implement the site delete capture functionality

Understanding and using Site Columns
Use Site Columns in SharePoint to create list column templates

Creating and using Blog Sites in SharePoint
Creating a Blogging site in SharePoint is now possible.  Use this type of site to host internal or external blogs
Admin, End User

Use Wikis in SharePoint to Whiteboard your Thoughts
Create a knowledge base using the Wiki capability in SharePoint
Admin, End User

Understanding and using Content Types
Content Types are used to store multiple template types and associated meta data.  Learn how to use Content Types by watching this video

Exploring SharePoint's Central Administration
Central Administration in SharePoint is where all the magic happens. This video will explore the various functionality that is accessible to the SharePoint Admin through the Central Administration site

Importing Profiles from Active Directory into SharePoint
Import user profiles from your Active Directory directly into SharePoint.  This allows for audience targeting features and people search

Backing up Sites with STSADM utility
The STSADM utility is a very powerful friend of a SharePoint admin.  Watch this video to learn how you can use this utility to back up SharePoint sites

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