Online Favorites for Internet Explorer – 2 laptops

I normally do my day-to-day work on a great HP NC8430 laptop.  I have had it for a couple of years and it has been trouble free for me.   It has a nice full size keyboard and big screen - it's fantastic for doing demo's, managing email, and doing spreadsheets/documents.

However, a large part of my job is also about travelling to customer and partner meetings where all I need is a PowerPoint  deck, maybe some documents, Outlook and OneNote.  I invested in an Asus Eee PC 1000H as a second lightweight laptop good for day trips to customers (it's also what I bring when I travel overseas).  I removed Windows XP and installed Windows Vista Ultimate on the Eee PC, and Vista runs just find on this very minimal spec'ed Netbook computer.  I also see that Windows 7 is being engineered to support small Netbook PC's as well - .

With the amount of Synchronisation technology available to me with Outlook, Office OneNote, Office Groove and Live Mesh - I can have all of my important content available on both laptops at all times.  I can just pick either of them up, and I'll have everything I need.

One thing I did need to setup was to share Internet Explorer favorites between my two laptops.  I didn't know about it until just recently - but Windows Live has an Online Favorites service that gets exposed into Windows Messenger, or accessible in a browser.  I can easily export my current IE favorites / bookmarks to Windows Live Favorites and then am able to access them from Messenger (the tab with the little yellow star - see the screen shot) on my Eee PC.  Easy.


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  1. hanny haryoko says:

    Hi my name Hanny,Today I have problem for internet explorer can not display on my webpage,so how Ican  online -because another connected like smn sony,and google,firefox online,only Internet explorer cannot online.Thanks for read for my quetion.

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