Beautiful Cornwall with the Nokia Lumia 920’s Camera

On a recent short holiday to Cornwall I used my Nokia Lumia 920 as my only camera. Two things impressed me about this: Cornwall is really beautiful The Nokia Lumia 920 has an amazing camera 🙂 Here’s a selection. What do you reckon?


Increasing the Text message font size on Windows Phone 8

My eyes are getting worse. Not sure if it’s old age or spending half my life staring at computer screens but it does mean that, especially at the end of a long day, I can struggle to read things without digging out my glasses. Happily Windows Phone 8 lets you bump up the text size…


Using offline maps on Windows Phone 8

One of the really useful features in Windows Phone 8 is the ability to use maps offline. I recently had the opportunity to road-test this feature in a trip to Lisbon in Portugal. It works like this: Before leaving home I downloaded the map for Portugal (more on this below). It’s about 140MB in size…