Skydrive to offer 25GB online space for free

You may have noticed a whole ton of announcements about Windows Live yesterday. There is plenty of very cool stuff – I love the new groups feature for example, pop aggregation on hotmail, the great new home page, having video preview pics and videos/picture linked to emoticons…..and lots more. But one thing I want to…


Using any email address for your Windows Live ID

Did you know that you can use any email address to sign up for a Windows Live ID? Which means you can use any email address to access Hotmail or Messenger for example, or SkyDrive or Spaces or any other Windows Live Service. So if I have an existing email address such as then…


SkyDrive out of beta, and increased to 5GB of space

This is more great news – SkyDrive is now out of beta, and we’ve increased the amount of free storage space to 5GB. Read all about it here.


Windows Live Developer Tools add-on and Visual Studio 2008

As you know, Visual Studio 2008 is now released and some of you may be wondering whether the add-on for Windows Live development works with the released version of VS2008. The short answer is yes, although there is one small tweak to the web config file required as described here. The team are continuing to…


Under the covers of the Windows Live QuickApps

I have mentioned the Windows Live QuickApps previously as I feel they’re a really good way to get hold of operational source code of real working web applications to use in your own development projects. However it can be difficult for the uninitiated to get to grips with the code and how it’s been implemented…


Visual Studio 2008 RTM now on MSDN subscriber downloads

In case you didn’t see this elsewhere, if you’re an MSDN subscriber you can download Visual Studio 2008 right away. And .NET 3.5 of course. All very cool. While there are a whole host of new features (and the Moth’s blog is a great place to read about some of these, for example this link)…


A New Job

Well the time has come for me to move on to something new. I’m still going to be working for Microsoft but I have been really fortunate to be accepted for a new role as the Windows Live Commercial Lead for the UK. What does this mean? There’s a really long answer to that question…


Want to learn more about Windows Live?

For a developer, Windows Live offers a huge amount of potential, particularly for taking advantage of the success we’ve had with Hotmail and Messenger contacts (billions of records), and Windows Live Spaces. Plus the terrific service from Silverlight Streaming and how you can use our bandwidth to stream video and other content to your site….


Silverlight Streaming plug-in for Expression Encoder

We have just released a plug-in for Expression Encoder that makes it child’s play to publish videos to your Silverlight Streaming account. What does this actually mean? The answer depends on what you know: For people who already know what Silverlight Streaming and Expression Encoder are all about: This means that once you’ve installed the…


Cool things you should know about Windows Live #5 – SkyDrive

What is it? I have blogged about SkyDrive before but I’d like to include it in this series for completeness. So what is it? Think of it as a USB stick on the web. It’s 1GB of free storage that you can use however you like – but generally I find it really useful for…