Get paid for displaying your videos

If you haven’t come across our Silverlight Streaming service before now I would recommend taking a look. Why? Here are three reasons to get you started: 1) It’s free 1) Allows you to stream high quality video on your website for free 2) There is no branding associated with it ie visitors to your website…


Want to learn more about Windows Live?

For a developer, Windows Live offers a huge amount of potential, particularly for taking advantage of the success we’ve had with Hotmail and Messenger contacts (billions of records), and Windows Live Spaces. Plus the terrific service from Silverlight Streaming and how you can use our bandwidth to stream video and other content to your site….


Silverlight Streaming plug-in for Expression Encoder

We have just released a plug-in for Expression Encoder that makes it child’s play to publish videos to your Silverlight Streaming account. What does this actually mean? The answer depends on what you know: For people who already know what Silverlight Streaming and Expression Encoder are all about: This means that once you’ve installed the…